Dolores Cannon – Parallel Dimensions and Illusion of Time – 7-7-17

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MichelleWalling – Illusion Of Time – Past, Present, Future – 9-7-16

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Video By Anthony Peake
Commentary By Aug Tellez

Anthony puts down a lot of concepts and a lot of references. I’ve been wanting to give a run down of many videos I’ve posted for a while. This is as good, if not one of the best videos I could have chosen.These concepts are central to the understanding of the extra-dimensional universe beyond Cartesian limitations of time and space. We are not actually violating these limitations, we are studying the true space which found and determined through perception, not some externally measurable quantification.

All you have to use is a brain and a mind. Sit down and focus on the nature of time, what is required, what is contained therein and through and what is beyond the basic functioning we experience through the brain.

Here is the EBTV interview with host Evita Ochel and returning guest Anthony Peake in a dialogue about the illusive nature of time:

“Zero-Point Field, Pineal Gland, and the Out of Body Experience”

  • 3:10: Time is one of the most mysterious things to exist.
  • 4:15: Do I travel through time or does time travel through me?
  • 4:25: Everything else we know of we can quantify…There is no time to measure time against. There is no metric of time to be technical about it.
  • 5:00: Marcus Aurelius-“Time is a river.” What he had realized is the only reason we know that a river flows is because we have river banks. And it’s the river banks that tell you the river is flowing. However with time, there are no river banks, it’s just a flow.
  • 5:31: Henri Burgson-“There are two forms of time. Long time, ‘duration’, external 3-dimensional world-time. Inner time, ourselves that we perceive.
  • 9:30: Movies and novels suspend time. Whereas in  [linear] reality time flows A to B. In movies you can have flashbacks, you can have flashforwards, you can have multiple viewpoints from the same position…Going backwards and forwards all the time into alternative times. Of course then you have the question is there just one time or are there many times? Are there many of us having this conversation in different universes perceiving the universe in different ways.
  • 14:30: John Cramer: “Reality itself is created by electrons moving forwards in time and encountering positrons moving backwards in time. And of course the point they interface is the present moment because that’s when they impact with each other and that is what creates the reality.
  • 19:20: The illusion of movement and the “frame rate” of the eye.
  • 20:00: Imagine a creature that sees the universe in one frame per year, in which case the planet Earth would not be a sphere. It would be a spiral a kind of spiraling round cylinder and in the middle of it would be the sun which would be a tower of yellow light. Now which reality is the correct one? Is the reality that we see the correct one. Or is the reality of the creature that has the critical fusion facility of one per year? And the answer is because there’s no relative correct view point of time, there’s no relative correct view point of anything, it’s all subjective depending on what our senses tell us. Now if it was the case then that there was a creature who could perceive you over a 70 or 80 year period. For that creature you wouldn’t be Evita today as I’m seeing you in bits of 12th of a second. What you would be would be this long snake-like creature that would start really tiny as you start as an embryo and it would getter bigger and bigger and bigger and then as we get smaller and smaller and then we die it disappears at one end. Ok? So that’s one huge long snake-like creature. And what you are at any time or moment in your life, you are a slice of that long creature. It’s what the Hindu’s call the “long-body”.
  • 21:50: Hermann Minkowski: Block time, “Time doesn’t move, we go through it, we perceive it in chunks and bits.”
  • Imagine a scenario that your long-body, instead of being a long, thin snake, became like the old idea of the ouroboros with the snake eating it’s own tail and it’s a circle. This comes back to my concept of cheating the ferry man, because if that were the case you effectively be immortal but you’d still be continuing round and round. It was just be within an enclosed situation [wheel of time].
  • 22:45: Julian Barbour: “All the evidence suggests that time is an illusion and the only real reality is ‘Platonia’.
  • Plato: “Everything we perceive in this world is a reflection of a much more complex world, the world of the forms. Reality, we perceive it because our senses have to perceive it in that way, because we’d go crazy.”
  • When I see a table the table I see is an imperfect reflection of a real table that exists in the platonic world.
  • 23:40: Schizophrenia, time and reality.

Where this talk goes is directly an extra-dimensional perspective of existence which has been tested through experimentation with advanced technology. Change your mind, and the universe changes to reflect that. Change the perception of time through the spiritual-physical system, the universe literally moves around and time itself is manipulated. This is an eternal recurrence, it is not a specificity regarding some mental acquisition. It is a natural element of existence and creation. The universe is recreated over and over again every instant and so the shift is whether we are aware of our physical role in this along with that simultaneous recurrence throughout the whole. We must connect that individual perspective to that eternal recurrence.

The  shifting of the perception of time to a new scale of limitation is the shifting from one Universal society to the next. The present is the surface of an etheric liquid which connects all spaces and is capable of transferring information.

Without the river banks how would we know the river (time) is flowing?

The river banks are in the physical brain of the awareness of the body. Consciousness is united with the perception of time. Linear time is body/brain consciousness. The brain has the ability to focus information in a way that will denote a linear perception of time, this is the river bank. The brain also has a way to transcend that and perceive through an overunity of parts connecting with the “ocean” view of time without river banks. Transcendent time is an aspect of awareness that is not restricted by linear consciousness, it is expanse and simultaneous with other instances of the self. The river is not inherently different from the perspective of moving water carrying waves out in the ocean or in a stream. It is different from the perspective of the non-moving land which is a reference point. There is no true, total reference point for the Universe unless we create one from which to view.

Illusion of Time – Past, Present, Future All Exist Together

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The illusion of time : past, present and future all exist together.

This video is taken from the documentary “The Fabric of The Cosmos –… for nonprofit educational purposes.

The Arcturians – Releasing The Habit Of Time

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The Arcturians channeled by Suzanne Lie…

Kepier and I had been working with the same 4D visitors for quite a while, when something very special occurred. The Arcturian came to speak with the visitors. Without ceremony or introduction, the Arcturian spoke in its usual, loving way, “The reality in which you have ascended into the fifth dimension already exists. Therefore, there is no chance of your failure.

“We Arcturians see no separation between that reality and the one you believe you are living. Therefore, all you need do is shift your perception into the frequency of your Multidimensional SELF who is aligned with that ascended reality. You are experiencing a lifetime in which you believe you are ascending in a step-by-step manner.

“We have come to you in your NOW to inform you that you can simply shift your attention to the ascended reality in which you already live. It is not your challenge to change your world. Your challenge is to change your own beliefs. Your long journey through the physical realm has taught you that change is an extended, sequential process. However, all change into the higher worlds is immediate.

“We, your Galactic Ancestors, have also taken physical incarnations. Therefore, we understand that shifting back into the fifth dimension is not easy. We did not wish to take an earth vessel during this “Earth time,” as we knew that we could be more helpful from our true Expression. However, we wanted to intimately participate in Gaia’s ascension. Therefore, we have implanted our Galactic and/or Celestial Essence within the core of your human expression.

“During our experience of physical incarnations, we were also “trapped in time.” Because of our experience, we know how difficult it is to escape that illusion. The secret is, instead of focusing on the step-by-step shift of your sequential world; focus on changing your mind and your beliefs.

“We realize that your measured ascension process has allowed you to gradually adjust your thinking out of the “3D time-trap” and into a new way of perceiving reality. We tell you NOW to release that prop. During your myriad earthly incarnations, you formed the habit of believing that which you needed to tell yourself to avoid being afraid. Unfortunately, this meant that you where not telling yourself the TRUTH.

“In order to re-align your consciousness with your SELF who is already ascended, you believed you needed to live the “time” that you believed it would take for you to “deserve” and/or “achieve” this alignment. We tell you NOW that YOU have already deserved and achieved that which you seek. Thus, you no longer need to give yourself time to be good enough to ascend.

“How can you fail at something which you have already done? You do not need to create a ladder into the fifth dimension, which you can slowly climb, rung-by-rung. Of course, you can choose to retain that third dimensional thinking. However, as with all third dimensional thinking, the ladder is an illusion you created that is consistent with your third-dimensional, sequential thinking.

“Therefore, it is not your greatest challenge to change your reality. Your greatest challenge is to change your thinking! In order to change your thinking, you will have to find your way out of the “trap of time.” Through all your third/fourth dimensional realities you have been trapped in time. It took time to grow into an adult. It took time to learn what you needed to know. And, it took time to get where you were going.

“Third dimensional time and space are intertwined. Hence, it takes time to move across space. Therefore, you have the habit of believing that you have to wait for something to come to its conclusion. This habit has been exacerbated by your long wait for this long prophesized ‘time of ascension.’

“Since you have waited such a long time for this opportunity of personal and planetary ascension, you might think that ascension will take time to occur. In fact, the realization that you could have instantly shifted into your fifth dimensional SELF could make you angry. Why have you been waiting so long for something that has always been there?

Therefore, we will explain what it is you have really been waiting for. You have not been waiting for the ascension, because that reality has always existed. You have been waiting because you have been trapped in time. In fact, what you have actually been waiting for is the current energy field, which is greatly facilitating your ability to leave the trap of time.

“Once your consciousness has fully absorbed and integrated the high frequencies of light that have been gradually entering your earth vessel, your consciousness will expand beyond the belief in time. Of course, to our galactic perspective, your infusion of light has not been slow, nor has it been sequential. It has been constant and perpetual.