Jesus through John – What you see and identify as Your-self, is but a Tiny Fragment of the Vastness that You Truly Are! – 7-13-17

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday July 13t


Life is for living, and to do that you need to use your human competences and abilities, which are different for each of you, and that is part of your human life and learning experience.  With some people you feel very much in harmony – “on the same page” – while with others there often appears to be no point where you can meet and exchange meaningful ideas.  And even with those with whom you feel most in harmony there will be disagreements and confusions.  However, these are not conflict situations unless you choose to make conflicts out of them.

You tend to do that when you are in fear, fear about shortcomings or inadequacies you perceive in yourself and for which you judge yourself negatively, sometimes quite harshly.  As I have often told you, being human can be very unsettling and disturbing.  You chose to experience separation from Source, and by doing so you imposed severe limitations on yourself which can be extremely frustrating as communicative interactions between you and others break down due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation.  Deep within yourself you know that this isnot how things should be, you have an inner but hidden memory of knowing everything you ever wish to know, and being without it or separated from it is intensely irritating and frightening because consequently you often see yourself as incompetent and fear others will also see this, and judge and reject you because of it.

You do need to remind yourself that you are, and always have been and will be, an infinitely beloved child of God, perfect in every way because what God creates can only be perfect.  What you see and identify as “yourself” is but a tiny fragment of the vastness that you truly are.  Your human body is but a tiny receptacle into which you have poured a very small part or aspect of yourself to enable you to experience separation, aloneness, abandonment.  In doing so you chose to severely limit your knowledge of who you are in Reality.  But you were created perfect, in joy, and although that knowing is hidden from you in human form, you all do have a very deep longing to return to Oneness with Source, your eternal and natural state.

That split off part of yourself developed your ego to help you survive in the physical realms, and you gave it free reign to use your body and all its competences and abilities – physical, mental, and emotional – which it has done.  It seems that you have given your power away to it, especially when your emotions run wild in fear, panic, or anger.  However, this definitely is not the case.  You can override it any time you choose to do so by standing back from the situation, pausing, and observing it.  The emotion will not dissipate immediately, but you will realize that you do not have to act on it, that you have a choice.  Frequently you choose to act on it – often irrationally – in the moment because it appears to satisfy an intense need.  That need is the need to be seen, recognized, honored, accepted, and LOVED!

Of course you want to be loved because Love is your nature.  Feeling unloved is extremely painful, and that is the feeling or sensation that separation provides in abundance.  Most of you look for love in relationships – parents, siblings, friends, work associates, sports team members, and life partners – but for any of those to work for you you have first to find the Love that resides eternally within you.  You are Love, and although you can find temporary solace in human relationships, you will only find longterm solace, comfort, and contentment in a human relationship when you have discovered the infinite abundance of Love that resides within you.

For most humans growing up is a time during which they experience a lot of negative judgment and non acceptance.  Humans need to be touched often and lovingly from the moment of physical birth, and as they grow and develop, in order for them to uncover or discover the Love residing within them, but mostly hidden until lovingly awakened by close relatives.  When this does not occur they either learn to toughen up, pretending to themselves and others that they have no needs, or they choose to be hurt and needy victims – actually both facets tend to alternate within them depending on the situations in which they find themselves.

Eventually, however, everyone receives a wake-up call to alert them to the fact that they are spiritual beings.  The material life a human leads can never provide true satisfaction.  No matter how much “stuff” one gathers, whether material – toys, houses, cars, works of art, memorabilia that appeals to one – or emotional – admiration, adulation, respect, honors – in the end it is never enough!

Your nature is Love, the Love of God with Whom you are eternally One, and the apparent lack of Love (because I assure you it only seems that you are lacking It) that you consistently experience as humans is excruciatingly painful and terrifying.  You built the illusion to experience this, but you had absolutely no idea how painful it could and would be.  And the wake-up call you receive, although different for each one of you, always includes the painful awareness that life as a human is not and never can be enough.

The Love you all seek resides permanently within you, so cease seeking, go within, be quiet, and allow It to embrace you.  It most assuredly will if you allow It to do so.  Most of you have great difficulty in quieting your minds sufficiently to become aware of the Love within because your egos are most vociferous in their efforts to convince you to focus fully on the physical environment that the illusion supports.  Patience is required, but your modern age is all about rushing, about so much to be done in so little time.  But in truth very little needs to be done in a rush.

To meditate, contemplate, relax, or unwind is to release the need to rush and, in so doing, discover that you do have enough time for all that really needs to be done to ensure your healthy survival as a human.  It is the rushing and attendant anxieties that cause you to develop illness – physical, mental, or emotional – and of course you should never judge or blame yourselves for illnesses.  They are just more intense wake-up calls to persuade you to go within where you have everything you need to find peace, satisfaction, and joy – Love!

When you find the Love within It shines out brightly from you and draws others to you.  Love is irresistible, but often you mistake temporary human experiences for Love, and as they do not last they can cause you grievous pain and suffering.  Go within, Be Still, and allow Love to embrace you as It most surely will.  Then peace will envelop you and you will discover that you do have the strength and persistence to allow yourself to be the Love that you have been seeking.  When that occurs your fears and anxieties will become far less demanding or intrusive, you will deal far more easily with the problems and issues with which your human life presents you, and then you will find that those fears and anxieties have in fact dissolved as Love guides you in every moment.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Malechite – Light and Love, Soul Self Identity – 1-26-16



Malechite   –   Light and  Love, Soul Self Identity   –   1-26-16


There will be a worldwide economic downfall in the months to come that will result in each and every Soul being compelled to revaluate his or her self concept in order to assess his or her self-identity for Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension! All answers will not be as straightforward as most Souls would like, but the activation point will be produced by realizing that one’s True Self is a Soul designed to become a Co-Creator and Co-Facilitator of the Universe in Unity with God!
Although most people on Earth will be more concerned about the economic downfall than the uniqueness of his or her Soul, the shift into Fifth Dimension Consciousness on Mother Earth will be an event for every Soul! You were primed and prepared early, dear Ones, to expand your own consciousness in order to demonstrate, role model, and guide all Souls into the Fifth Dimension! Most Man of Destiny Souls evolving to become Man of Light Souls in the Fifth Dimension will be too shocked to promote his or her own self growth, acting as if he or she were trying to survive on a sinking ship rather than a Soul preparing to enter the Domain of God! The shock will eventually yield when they will realize some people are being “successful in a New Way!” This will be the Legion of Light, dear Ones, serving to guide every Soul into the Fifth Dimension!
The economic downfall will endure for more than a year, as the period from February 11, 2016 to March 27, 2017 will serve as the gateway for all Souls to make their internal adjustments for the Fifth Dimension. Some Man of Light Souls will acclimate easily while others will expire at the enduring work caused by responding to the age old question of “Who am I?”

Our True Self-Identity is a Soul naturally attuned with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! All Souls express their attunement with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe through their own unique and individual expression of Joy of Living. Our Joy of Living, dear Ones, is the expression of our uniqueness and individuality for which we were Created for by God! By expressing our own unique and individual Joy of Living in the days to come, we will be assisting God in the process of increasing and expanding all Mother Earth with the Light, Love, and Harmony the Universe for the Fifth Dimension! The Re-Creation of Mother Earth will primarily involve Lightworker Souls but as Man of Light recovers from his or her initial “state of shock,” they too will be activating into his or her True Self-Identity as a Soul!

But that will more likely occur after March 27, 2017, when the Triad of Unity, composed of God, the Legion of Light, and Man of Light, will finally begin working in unison! For the many Man of Destiny/Man of Light Souls on Earth, the issue will not be the realization that he or she is a Soul, for religious services remind him or her of that, but the incorporation of his or her status as a Living Soul into the everyday experience! Right now, there are many conceptual and linguistic boundaries limiting his or her ability to conceive equality for all genders, nations, cultures, and religions, much less the concept that he or she is a Spiritual Being on the days not designated for religious service!

The “hard skills” of some occupations will still be required for the New Way of Life, but it will be the long discounted “soft skills” that will come into prominence during the gateway of internal adjustments for all Souls from February 11, 2016 to March 27, 2017!

The “soft skills” of “effective interpersonal communication skills, being a ‘team player,’ and social etiquette,” represent the manifested traits of a Soul well versed in the protocol of Brotherhood Spirit! Brotherhood Spirit, dear Ones, is the Spirit of Sharing and Cooperating through every person realizing his or her True Self-Identity as a Soul becoming a Co-Creator and Co-Facilitator of the Universe in Unity with God! Man of Light Souls will eventually recognize him or herself as a Soul while practicing in Brotherhood Spirit and seeking his or her self-identity for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Once he or she has recognized him or herself as a Soul, there will be more learning and that will come in learning to follow the Mantra of the Universe – “Align, Apply, and Activate,” align with God Source, apply the Spiritual Essence of Love, and Activate in God’s Will! Then and only then, will every Soul be synchronized in the same Harmony Vibration – to Re-Create Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension!

Nancy B. Detweiler – Who Am I – The Magnificense Of Who You Are

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

While living on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality, we are taught to think of ourselves as the physical being named Nancy or John or Judy. We are also taught to think of ourselves in terms of how we earn a living … a counselor, an accountant, or real estate salesperson. Who we think we are can depend upon how successful we and others think we are. In fact, the level of success we have achieved often determines how worthy we feel, the level of our self-esteem, and our ability to learn from our mistakes.

 In Truth, none of the above defines who you are!

 So … who are you? Let’s find out! It is helpful to do this exercise with a partner, so you can take turns reading for each other. Be sure to allow time to consider your answers.

 EXERCISE: Find a comfortable place to sit … close your eyes … take several deep breaths and relax……….

 Begin your exercise with a prayer that all insights you receive be in accordance with your Highest Good and Divine Will. Relax into the assurance that this is true……….

 Focus your attention on your physical body …….. how does it feel? …….. is it tired? … aching? … hot? … cool? …………………..

 Ask: Who am I? Am I my physical body?………………

 Focus your attention on your emotions …………………. what are you feeling at this moment? ……………. Are you feeling impatient? …….. Are you feeling concern over duties waiting? ………….. Are you happy? ………….. Sad? ……………

 Ask: Who am I? Am I the emotions I am feeling? …………………………

 Focus your attention on your thoughts ………………. what you thinking? ………… a hundred different things? …………….

 Ask: Who am I? Am I the thoughts I am thinking? ……………………

 OR ……. Am I that consciousness that is observing my body? … my feelings? … my thoughts? …………………..

 Focus on this consciousness ………………… Do you know it is present with you even if it seems to disappear when you focus on it? ……………..

Who or what is this consciousness that knows how your body feels? …….. what you are feeling? ……… what you are thinking? ……………..

 Is this consciousness who you are? ……………………

 Is it not a Higher Part of the you with which you are familiar—your body, your emotions, your thoughts? ………………….

 Does it not know the familiar part of you on an intimate level? …………….

 KNOW that this Higher Part of you is your Soul or Higher Self. IT does not hurt when your body hurts ………… does not feel sad when your emotions are projecting sadness ………….. does not think discouraged thoughts when your mind dwells on discouragement ………………

 KNOW that this Higher Part of you is simply Observing your body ……. your emotions …….. your thoughts or Lower Intellectual Mind …………..

 You are a multi-dimensional being!

 Your physical body, emotions, and earth plane thoughts make up your Lower Body.

 The consciousness that observes you is the rainbow bridge that connects you to your indwelling Father/Mother God ……… It is your Higher Intuitive Mind that grants you access to all knowledge……………… You can ask questions of your Higher, Intuitive Mind, then listen as you receive the answers………………. It is not dependent upon your five physical senses to lead you to Truth or verify Truth.

 Your Higher Intuitive Mind simply KNOWS … there is no need for proof. We like to say, “I just feel it in my bones.”

 You are not dependent upon reading the word of God … or having an intermediary between your Lower Self and your indwelling Mother/Father God ……………

 Your physical body is a vehicle for your physical experience only … it will return to dust … YOU are much, much more than your physical body.



        Chart taken from SOUL PSYCHOLOGY: Key To Ascension, Joseph David Stone, Ph.D.

Page 197.

The following story depicts how sad it is that religions have taught us so little about who we truly are.

A Tragic Misconception

Taken from Adventures of the Quest, Richard & Mary-Alice Jafolla

In a desert land of Arabian horses, an orphaned foal was raised by a family of camels. As the young colt grew, he did everything the camels did. He plodded tirelessly across the hot sands. He toted large burdens of cargo on his back, and he watered his parched mouth at every oasis. Once he kicked up his heels in a sudden impulse to run, but then only swayed at a lumbering pace, because-that’s the way camels are supposed to run, aren’t they?

After many years of camel life, the Arabian steed grew old and tired. One day, as his weary eyes looked out across a sea of land, he saw a magnificent horse galloping at full speed like the wind, his shiny mane streaming out from his noble head.

“What a beautiful animal!” exclaimed the elderly orphan. “What is it?”

“That’s an Arabian horse, fastest and most beautiful of all the animals in our land,” answered one of the camels.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to run like that?” mused the old horse. But he put it out of his mind, and died thinking he was a camel.

Thus the tragedy of forgetting who you are.

You are a child of God, thus a God-child.

Live like a God-child.




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