Saint Germain – Shut Your Minds Against the Ignorance and Inharmonious Suggestions of Human Beings Everywhere – 12-23-14

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Volume 3 – Discourse #25


  1. Thou Mighty, Infinite, Active Presence of the Christ everywhere!

  2. We bow before Thy Majesty and Power.

  3. Assert Thy Dominion in the heart and mind of every individual throughout the land, causing Thy Wondrous Perfection to express everywhere.

  4. I bring you Greetings of Love, the Comprehending Consciousness and Mastery from the Great Host of Ascended Masters who have looked with favor upon My humble efforts to dispense the Light; and who bring to you Their Love, and clothe you in Their Mantle of Light this Christmas Day.


  5. O Love Divine! in Thy Magic Power of Transmutation, we assert Thy Power in cleansing and purifying the world of human mistakes and human creations.

  6. Thou art the Eternal Victory—the Golden Pathway of Attainment for every student of the Light, and through Thy Transcendent Power, the Kumaras start forth Their Mighty Radiation for the Blessing of the earth and mankind for the entire year of 1934.

  7. Thus will mankind find many desirable changes taking place—greater health, happiness and prosperity being restored, a deeper sense of Love, and a greater desire for Justice in the hearts of mankind everywhere.

  8. In many channels, human selfishness will be greatly transcended through the feeling of Pure Love which will generate within the heart, enable them to govern the human sense, and cause them to involuntarily desire to bless.

  9. It is My Wish that every one of the students send forth this Truth in conscious Radiation at least once a day: “God, the ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ is governing with Invincible Power everywhere in the hearts and minds of mankind.”

  10. Those Masters from Venus who visited the Royal Teton and who will again visit It this New Year will start forth a definite Activity to consume the subtle attempt to generate and bring into outer activity another war.

  11. Shamballa is loosening Its Powers, which for many years have been drawn within Its own compass.

  12. The Golden City, Whose Rays are sent in all directions like the spokes from a wheel, is performing a Service for mankind that It alone can do.

  13. If mankind could know and understand these activities for what they are, such marvelous changes would take place in the outer world as even the advanced would hardly conceive possible.

  14. On New Year’s Day, the Cosmic Wheel of progress will have reached a point where, in personal activity, much of the free will of individuals can be set aside.

  15. This brings a Joy and Hope unspeakable to the consciousness of Those serving from these Transcendent Spheres of Activity.

  16. Thus, O Students of Light! can you understand the magnificent Assistance that is yours to be had by stilling the outer and reaching forth for It.

  17. I plead with you, Dear Students, shut your minds against the ignorance and inharmonious suggestions of human beings everywhere.

  18. I say to every one of you: Freedom in every way stands at your door—if you will but keep your personality harmonized and refuse to accept inharmonious, sinister suggestions from the atmosphere and from those you contact in mortal form.

  19. It is imperative that this be done if you wish to bring into your world, joy, beauty, opulence, and Perfection of every kind.

  20. It is not Our intent or desire to intrude a single thing upon your free will, but oh the Joy that leaps within Our Hearts when We see the students taking hold, comprehending and applying these Transcendent Laws—which We know mean their certain Victory.

  21. And may I reiterate what We have said before: there is no single thing so vicious in the human activity as that personality or suggestion which would try to turn the student from the Truth and Light which would be his Freedom.

  22. In connection with this Mighty Cosmic Activity, the student should work with great determination, consuming all past and present inharmonious creation.

  23. Every time your thought and desire reach forth in this manner, great currents of energy will come to your assistance to sustain and help you.

  24. This is part of the present amazing Assistance sent forth to the earth.

  25. The Silent Watcher has waited for two hundred thousand years for the Cosmic Wheel to reach this point—the coming New Year.

  26. Again I assert that never in the history of mankind has such Transcendent Activity been ready to rush to your assistance.

  27. I plead with you, O Beloved Students!

  28. Is it not worth all your determined effort to act in accordance with this Great Blessing which makes your struggle for Freedom from human self-creations so much easier?

  29. Beloved Students! How deeply My Heart rejoices to see within you the intense desire for the Light and your determined effort to apply these Unerring Laws, which will as surely give you your Freedom as you apply them.

  30. I wish to thank all the students for their joyous desire for the limitless distribution of Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence.

  31. In this great desire, Beloved Ones, is a service that you can little comprehend as yet its far-reaching Blessing.

  32. I feel greatly blest this day of devotion to the Christ, to feel the Love from the many pouring out to Me; and I assure you, Blessed Ones, that I shall come back to you with all the Loving Power at My Command to assist, enlighten, and bless you.

  33. In the special Service that Jesus has decided to give forth, you are surely blest indeed.

  34. Try to feel this Wonderful Truth with the deepest intense feeling you can command.

  35. Open your arms, hearts and minds to the Glory of this Radiation, and as you can do this more fully and completely, you will see how quickly all disturbing and limiting conditions about you will disappear.

  36. I plead with you, Beloved Students, do not continue to limit yourselves by human concepts.

  37. Declare and feel your amazing ability to use these Laws and direct this Mighty Energy to your Freedom and Perfection.

  38. Try to realize that your human form is not a dense creation, difficult to manipulate.

  39. Try to feel it a transparent substance that follows your slightest direction.

  40. Speak to your body!

  41. Command it to be strong, receptive only to the Ascended Master Consciousness, to be a Perfect Expression of the Divine Power of the “Mighty I AM,” and to take on Its Beauty of Form and Expression.

  42. Review in your experience the powerful determination you have had at times to accomplish success in the outer activity of things, and then realize how much more powerful your determination can generate to attain your Eternal Freedom.

  43. Believe Me, Beloved Ones, when I say to you: there is but your human creation that stands between you and your Freedom from all limitation.

  44. That creation is no greater an obstacle than you accept it to be.

  45. If you take away from that creation its power to limit you, any hour, any day, you may joyously step through that veil into your world of the “Electronic Presence,” so beautiful, so joyous, so filled with the Dazzling Light of Its Glorious Presence, and move there forever in the Light of Eternal Glory.

  46. Then as you step back through the human veil for service in the outer activity, you will still continue to feel the Glory of the Transcendent Being which you are.

  47. Then naught of your own outer conditions or those about you will touch you or affect you in any way.

  48. My whole Being thrills with this Joyous Anticipation for you, as I know with a definite certainty your attainment.

  49. To any who would let the suggestion of the ignorance of other human beings turn them aside from the Path, I wish to say, just remember what awaits you—what it is within your ability to achieve and be.

  50. Remember again, again, and again, that as you grow into more and more intense acceptance of your “Mighty I AM Presence,” the outer problems which have seemed so terrifying will surely fade from appearance.

  51. Thus not only is your problem solved, but every step gained in this way does not reappear.

  52. Instead, it becomes your Eternal Freedom.

  53. If it is financial freedom you crave, I plead with you to take the outer activity of your mind off the appearance and place it upon your “Mighty I AM Presence,” the only Giver of all the Mighty Opulence there is.

  54. Stand firm and determined in this, and you will have all the money you desire to use.

  55. Life does not limit you!

  56. Opulence does not limit you!

  57. Love does not limit you!

  58. Therefore, why allow your human limiting concepts to bind you longer?

  59. Beloved Children of the Light! Arise! in the Mighty Glory of your True Being.

  60. Go forth! a Mighty Conquering Presence.

  61. Be! “the Light of God that never fails.”

  62. Move! clothed in the Light of the Transcendent Glory of your God-Self—and Be Free!


  63. “Mighty I AM Presence”! Transcendent in this Christ Activity!

  64. We give to Thee our eternal thanks and gratitude for Thy Love, Glory, Freedom, and our conscious ability and power to accept the Fullness of Thy Glory made manifest in the outer activity of our lives; that we stand with firm determination in Thy Light, directed by Thy Wisdom, and forever sustained by Thy Transcendent Love, anchored within our hearts.

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Andrew Bojarski   –   Channeler, Healer

Saint Germain – The Easiest Way to Overcome Disturbance is to Turn Away from a Thing—and Forget it

saint germain - in suit

Saint Germain

Volume 3 – Discourse #22


  1. Thou Infinite, All-Loving Presence!

  2. We feel Thy Peace, Thy Love and Thy Wisdom pervading all—everywhere.

  3. Knowing there is but the One Mighty Presence of which we are a part, we know Thou art omnipresent, pouring Thyself forth, filling every need on demand, lifting the consciousness of mankind unto Thee, and holding it anchored there until the “Light of Eternal Life” fills all Beings with Its Radiance, carrying them forward with that Inner Impulse to eternal, permanent recognition of the “Great I AM.”

  4. I bring you Greetings from the Great Ascended Host and especially from Nada, Cha Ara, Chan, and Diana, Goddess of Fire.


  5. As the consciousness of the students is raised into the activity of the higher, or Fire Element, everything in their Beings begins to act with an intensity that many times they do not understand; and as they begin to work more from the Fire Element standpoint, the more necessary it is to keep up the guard.

  6. The training which We are endeavoring to give forth to bless, protect and enlighten the students is to train one’s self to be on guard at all times; and while all should understand and with every effort use the “I AM Presence” to maintain Self-control, yet if something happens unexpectedly, to stand serene in spite of it.

  7. Use the Statement frequently: “‘I AM the Presence’ on guard.”

  8. If something unexpected happens, just say: “We will dismiss this,” and go on in that joyous happiness.

  9. Try not to have any feeling, but to know: “‘I AM the Mighty Presence’ governing everyone’s activity.”

  10. Whenever there is a Center of Light of the Intensity of this focus, there is always the disturbing element that would seek to enter through someone.

  11. If you are working about the house, keep using: “‘I AM’ proof against any sudden disturbance.”

  12. This sets up a certain armor that will keep the atmosphere harmonized.

  13. Use often: “‘I AM the Presence’ which nothing can disturb.”

  14. Always hold yourselves in a joyous, calm attitude, regardless of anything that takes place.

  15. For one you wish to help, say: “Here, pal, through the ‘I AM Presence,’ we give you the strength to control that.”

  16. The very marvelous manner and radiation of your two classes this week was the most remarkable thing I have ever seen in classes of students.

  17. The great Love and Harmony within the hearts of these students, maintained a sufficient length of time, makes almost anything possible.

  18. It is a rare thing.

  19. Here are three classes in which the same Love and Harmony is maintained.

  20. Do you feel the Great Wave of Peace and Joy that came like a breath of a spring morning?

  21. I will explain, so you may see how far-reaching is that wonderful, Loving Care.

  22. The Great Master whom Jesus contacted and who enabled Him to gain the Victory is the same One who was My Teacher, and It was His Radiation which came just now.

  23. He wishes Me to tell you that:

  24. “As you pass along the Pathway of Light, you will find the easiest way to overcome disturbance is to turn away from a thing—and forget it.”

  25. You may have this Master’s Name later.

  26. To wrong activities say: “That is not correct,” and then quickly pass it off.

  27. This avoids a disturbance which builds.

  28. As we reach into the Light, we are one Great Family.

  29. Knowing that there is but the “One Great I AM Presence” everywhere, you, being the individualization of That, there can only be the one Great Family, Children of the One God.

  30. In the very first place, let this be understood: if a worthy individual is critical, say with very definite certainty: “There is no one who wishes to intrude this upon your free will. We do not mind sincere questioning, but we do not tolerate criticism nor argument.”

  31. The Messenger must refuse acceptance to the discordant things by pouring out the Love Element, so the discord may be consumed.

  32. The Messenger must be fortified or else the work is left half undone.

  33. No class or work of the Messenger can be sustained if the Messenger allows argument or discordant feeling to generate.

  34. It is very difficult for the average individual to understand that the quickest way to stop any kind of disturbance is to stop discussing it.

  35. The thing in your own aura is the only thing that needs attention.

  36. The thing recorded in your atmosphere can only come through your feeling.

  37. The spoken word, unless there is a sense of condemnation or anger back of it, will not record inharmony on your Inner atmosphere.

  38. Of the two undesirable conditions, it is far better that one explode and get a thing off his mind than to hold the feeling within of resentment, or of being hurt, for that is what registers on your Inner Atmosphere.

  39. From My standpoint, I see what is registering in your feelings, and therefore on the Inner Atmosphere.

  40. You know how a carbuncle forms. Well!

  41. Let me tell you that in your mental world exactly the same thing takes place as the physical carbuncle expresses on the physical body.

  42. It is most important to do something to keep yourselves from harboring a feeling against persons, places, things or conditions, for these build and record on the Inner Atmosphere.

  43. If the desire comes: “I wish so and so would do this or that,” check it immediately and say: “There is only God in Action there.”

  44. When a feeling is registered in your atmosphere, it is anchored there until you dissolve or consume it.

  45. It is always the feeling that makes the Inner record.

  46. There is no use consuming a thing if you do not break the habit of generating the cause.

  47. One can easily conquer this by saying: “‘I AM’ in command here.”

  48. Do not let your feelings run rampant.

  49. Many times individuals are brought together for the sole purpose of compelling them to correct these subtle activities which most people pay no attention to whatsoever.

  50. This is a matter of stilling the outer in order that the Truth may be received.

  51. This is so vital in the individual’s Self-correction.

  52. As you rise in consciousness, the energy is waiting like an avalanche for expression; and if the energy is not controlled, it will rush in and cause you to do things that you would not have done for the world. Whatever energy is given into your use is to be sent out harmoniously.

  53. That is the Natural Law of your Being.

  54. If one does not understand that he is to govern the energy flowing through him and he contacts a discordant element, the energy flowing through becomes qualified by that discord, and he should immediately either check it or requalify it with Love.

  55. In my experience, if I met a discordant element, I simply said: “Here! I shut my door—you stay out.”

  56. The Universal energy flowing through you is naturally harmonious.

  57. Shut your door and then figure out who’s the matter.

  58. People resist persons, places, conditions and things because they have not mastered themselves.

  59. The students must maintain this Self-governed harmony within themselves long enough to let the momentum be created—which becomes the permanent guard.

  60. If one will maintain harmony within himself, I tell you, he will draw all good things unto him.

  61. The unfailing prompter is that the moment one expresses some kind of discord, he is to realize that he is the one to blame.

  62. There needs to be no written thing to warn anyone.

  63. The moment there is something discordant, it is the prompter warning you to get busy on yourself.

  64. Each individual is his own guard and prompter at all times.

  65. There is only One Power in the world that can correct anything, and that is the “I AM Presence” in each one.

  66. If you refuse to recognize that you are the creators of your own disturbance, how can you ever correct it or be free from it?

  67. There is no person, place, condition or thing that warrants your ever being disturbed, with the everpresent “I AM Presence” beating your hearts each moment and Who is ever All-powerful.

  68. If one will correct himself on these discordant feelings, he will let the “Great I AM Presence” flood his world with all Perfection.

  69. If the individual will not correct himself, how can he ever gain the Eternal Victory?

  70. The “I AM Presence” is the All-power of the Universe to make this correction.

  71. Let the “I AM Presence” flow until It washes everything clean.

  72. When your attention is fixed firmly upon the “I AM Presence,” which you are, it is as though your body were a fine sponge through which this Pure Energy is pouring, cleansing it of all imperfection.

  73. If you will stop the discord, the “Stream of the ‘I AM Presence’ ” automatically cleanses away all impurities.

  74. You thus have an Unlimited Power in your hands to intensify your right commands.

  75. Even from the scientific standpoint, knowing that the cells of the body are renewed in less than a year, if the discord could be shut off for one year, the mind and form would express Eternal Youth and Perfection.

  76. Either from a sense of false pride or something, humanity will not face the Truth that the cause is within themselves.

  77. The habit of always blaming the other fellow for what has happened to you is the thing that blinds you to the Truth and prevents Self-correction.

  78. A wonderful illustration of this is in the beautiful child-form.

  79. Until the child is old enough to begin to register the discord about it, its body is beautiful and expresses Perfection.

  80. This Perfection of form would always be maintained if there did not enter into the consciousness of the child the discord of the outer world.

  81. There are those who would say to me, “What about the child that is born sickly and disturbed?”

  82. In most cases, that is a condition brought over from the preceding embodiment, or in rare cases, where there is intense discord between the parents, this may be intense enough to register upon the child; but if you will notice in cases of that kind, as the child begins to grow and develop, it will show less and less of that disturbance.

  83. That is absolute proof the discord was not of its own creation, but was imposed upon it by the parents, because the soul was strong enough to rise out of it.

  84. In this particular point, one should understand the amazing conditions of suggestion by which individuals are constantly surrounded.

  85. For instance, let us take the environment and association of individuals who have been in the habit of going together.

  86. In that friendly association, each one is susceptible to the suggestion from the other.

  87. If it be discordant, then that association will be broken up sooner or later by one grand row.

  88. However, seventy-five per cent of the individuals moving about in the outer world are not aware that they are taking on suggestion—either from association, environment, or conditions out-pictured before them.

  89. The correct attitude of the student who becomes aware of his “I AM Presence” is immediately to take the firm stand that: “‘I AM’ invincibly protected against any imperfect suggestion.”

  90. Thus one can build about himself an atmosphere which will immediately repel all suggestions that seek to intrude wherein there is a destructive element.

  91. I think it necessary to call your attention to your old copy books which said: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

  92. There is no way to gain Victory and Dominion over limitation except to keep at it until you accomplish it.

  93. If you question your accomplishment, you are postponing your Victory that much longer.

  94. Those students who really begin to understand that in the recognition and use of their “I AM Presence” they have the Universal Power at their command, then they know it is impossible to fail in their application, because the more they use It, the more of Its sustaining Power they have.

  95. Every time you feel a Christ Manifestation, say: “I praise Thee and accept the Light of Thy Presence, the ‘Full I AM Activity.’”

  96. Take this attitude always, and then you shut the door to any undesirable creation from those who have passed on.

  97. Always remember that you are the Master of what shall come into your thought world, and unless you realize that you are the Master, you are susceptible to all kinds of thoughts and feelings.

  98. For others, know: “‘I AM’ the Presence taking……. into ……. accomplishment.”

  99. If you give attention to a condition of disturbance, you are giving power to something else but your “I AM Presence.”


  100. Thou Mighty, Infinite “I AM Presence”!

  101. We rejoice in Thy Ceaseless Outpouring, Thy Enfolding Presence, protecting and governing the Life of these beloved students.

  102. Help them to enter into the Fullness of Thy Presence with no uncertainty, that they may bless mankind wherever they may be or go.

  103. Intensify Thy wondrous Light within the outer activity, that each one may become a great channel to heal, to bless, to prosper, and to enlighten.

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Andrew Bojarski   –   Healer, Channeler

Saint Germain – Any Kind of Knowledge or Power is Absolutely Worthless Unless Used – 12-14-14


Volume 3 – Discourse #20


  1. Thou Infinite Presence! expressing Thy Perfection everywhere, we welcome and praise Thy Perfect Manifestation in our lives, homes, and worlds, that Thy Radiant Light may forever consume everything unlike Itself, that Thy Wisdom may always direct, Thy Love always enfold, Thy Light always illumine Thy Perfect Pathway, and that Thou dost hold us firmly in Thy Glorious Radiance, now and forever.

  2. I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, with Their Joy and Love for this cooperation, and for that which can but bless, illumine and awaken.


  3. Oh that students, or any individuals who know of the “I AM Presence,” could but realize that there is no greater consciousness, no greater activity the conscious volition can set into action than the recognition and acceptance of the “I AM Presence.”

  4. No matter what the angles of Truth are from the thousands of avenues by which mankind reaches out to gain greater and wider understanding, every one leads to This which you now have the gracious privilege of knowing and understanding and using.

  5. Any kind of knowledge or power is absolutely worthless unless used.

  6. Those who will apply and enter into the use of the “I AM Presence” with deep feeling will see and feel within their own Beings, as they again come in contact with other channels of understanding, how transcendent the knowledge of the “I AM Presence” is in comparison with all other ideas of Truth.

  7. “I AM” holding fast to this idea for the students’ sake, so they grasp fully the Mighty Truth, that when they say: “‘I AM’ whatever I wish to be or manifest,” they are actually setting into visible physical activity the Mightiest Presence and Power of God which “I AM.”

  8. This differs from any other Statement that was ever put into a group of words.

  9. There is no other Statement or group of words in existence that actually sets such power into motion to accomplish any given purpose to which the conscious attention is directed as does this Mighty Expression.

  10. This is why Jesus the Christ coupled It with the most important Statements that He made.

  11. If the students of this Radiation will meditate or contemplate the Statements that Jesus made upon His own Ray to them, it will help them to grasp the fullness, the stupendousness of this more readily.

  12. I wish every student of this Radiation to fix firmly in his mind that concerning these Instructions, there may at no time be a charge ever made for Them.

  13. The student is always free to make Love-gifts as his heart directs, but to make a definite charge—under the Law by which these Instructions are given—would close the door immediately.

  14. Just the reason for this I may not explain to you at this time.

  15. It is not that the laborer is not worthy of his hire, but this Work comes under an entirely different Activity of the Divine Law, which I will one day explain to the students.

  16. Feeling as I do the earnest, most worthy desire of some of the students to come physically within this Inner Circle, or Radiance, so to speak, I shall endeavor to explain how it is not possible to be done—beautiful and loving as the desire and radiation of the beloved students are.

  17. This Beloved Sister and Brother have gone through thirty years of strenuous, conscious preparation for this Work.

  18. The Electronic Circle within which this Radiation must focus would have to be entirely rearranged and readjusted.

  19. It might require some years to again bring it to this point—lovely and beautiful as the radiation of the others is.

  20. Each individual has his own distinct radiation and vibratory action.

  21. While the invisible mechanism, shall I call it, for this Work is in one way very powerful, yet in another way, it is as delicate as a gossamer veil.

  22. I assure you, Beloved Students, that either My Personal Presence or My Consciously Directed Ray is always present whenever either this Beloved Sister or Brother is giving forth these Instructions.

  23. Here let Me urge you that at no time is it wise for any student under this Radiation to give forth verbatim these Instructions to one who is not yet under this Radiation.

  24. Extracts, verbal or otherwise, may be given forth for the help of others, but We do not wish anyone to be so unfortunate as to say he is authorized to give this forth when he has not had permission to do so.

  25. This channel must always be kept clean, pure and unselfish, and these Instructions may not be commercialized at any time.

  26. The application within the Instruction which is given from time to time, if used sincerely, with true feeling and confidence in the Instruction, will cause the student or the teacher using It to become such an invincible magnet for the Opulence and Riches of God that there will be no need to commercialize the Instruction for the sake of a livelihood.

  27. For any individual—whether at first he has the full understanding of its meaning or not—who will be conscious that: “‘I AM’ the omnipresent, limitless supply of God’s Riches and Opulence in my use,” will sooner or later come into the full conviction of this Mighty Truth.

  28. I understand fully how important the financial support of the individual seems to him, but I say to you beloved students that financial support is always as the shifting sands until you begin to consciously apply the use of the “I AM Presence” as your Omnipresent, Limitless Supply of either money, Love, Understanding, Light, or Illumination.

  29. So try to receive the full conviction of the Radiation of this which I give to you, that you may use It with a certain, unwavering consciousness which will give you forever your freedom from all financial strain.

  30. Knowing that the “I AM Presence” which you have set or are setting in motion is the same in every other individual on earth as It is in you, and as It is in the Universe, giving you the power and intelligence to make this declaration, then you know that whatever your conscious application implies, It is acting everywhere, just the same as within the present application that you make.

  31. Heretofore I have hesitated to give you this very definite application, or explanation of this application, but your earnest demand has impelled it forth.

  32. I send with this a certain specific Radiation which will enable you to use it with absolute confidence.

  33. The student should always remember it is only by conscious effort that he can keep his mind at peace so this Inner Power may flow through unhampered to the accomplishment of his desire.

  34. As a child in school you were given certain problems to solve, for instance, we will say, in mathematics.

  35. At the same time you were given the means by which to accomplish it.

  36. If you did not make your application as directed, you of course would not receive your correct answer.

  37. Consequently, you kept at it, kept trying and trying until your answer was proved.

  38. If you did not understand how to go about it, you went back to your teacher for instruction and found what was required.

  39. So it is in the Instruction which is now given you.

  40. This application never has and never can fail in the accomplishment of anything to which your attention is directed—if you will but continue to apply It with determination and stick to It until results are in your hands or presence.

  41. Now here let Me call your attention to a most powerful Explanation which Jesus the Christ gave you in His own Words: that in all the teaching He received through the various avenues, and I assure you, some of them were very great, it was only His instruction, conscientiously applied, that finally brought to Him, or revealed to Him from Within, the many amazing, magical Statements, one of which was: “‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life.”

  42. It was this Statement which He used that enabled Him to give the example to humanity which will last throughout the centuries.

  43. Whatever demand you make of the Universal, All-knowing Presence wherein you use the Words “I AM,” it must bring the same definite, certain results that His Statements brought Him when He declared: “‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life.”

  44. Try earnestly to feel the mighty importance of this.

  45. Here let Me caution and assure you with great emphasis, that no matter who or what you are, what place you may be in from the growth standpoint, when you make application with the Words “I AM,” you positively cannot fail to accomplish that to which you apply Them—if you will hold fast with unwavering determination.

  46. Beloved Students, I feel the Great Love sent to Me and never fail to respond to it.

  47. Always first give your Great Love and Adoration to your own “I AM Presence,” the Master-Self, then to those who may be able to assist you.

  48. Many of you are making wonderful strides.

  49. Go forth with certainty in your hearts, always being aware: “‘I AM’ the Conquering, Victorious Presence in any achievement I desire; that ‘I AM’ now the Full Dominion of every application that I make; that ‘I AM the Presence’ always within every demand, supplying, and fulfilling it.”

  50. There is no mental state that shuts the door against the very thing you are striving for like a feeling of distress about it.

  51. On the other hand, the proper attitude is to joyously take the stand that: “‘I AM the Presence’ which enables me to see or hear with the Inner Sight and Hearing”; and at no time to let one’s self become disturbed because another is using a faculty different from one’s own, but rather rejoice in it.

  52. The teacher or student should be quick to realize that no ignorance of the outer activity of the mind should have any power at any time to disturb him, even though directed at him personally.

  53. At all times, turn to your own “I AM Presence” and demand to know and see clearly the plan that you should follow.

  54. The Masters’ Pictures and the Instruction should be considered a sacred thing to the students.

  55. Adhere always to the time-worn Statement: “To know, to dare, to do, and to be silent,” because when students begin to discuss these things with unsympathetic individuals, they scatter the force instead of holding it within for their own Illumination.

  56. I say this with all the vehemence of My Being: let the student forever remember that it is impossible to have a selfish desire or intent when reaching to the “Master I AM Presence” for Love, Wisdom, Power and Illumination.

  57. As an illustration, I might say, and I am sure he will not object, that this good Brother is the only student I have ever known who has completely governed that impelling force to become a teacher—which always asserts itself somewhere along the pathway of the student.

  58. It is not that the desire is an unworthy one, but in so many, many instances, the students, attempting it too soon—before they are sufficiently fortified mentally—meet with obstruction which they are not able to stand against, and they become permanently discouraged from further effort, defeating the wonderful work that they might have accomplished later.

  59. The most important thing in any student’s Life is the Love and Adoration to his own “Mighty I AM Presence,” with patience to the extent that he becomes so anchored in his Mighty Presence that he is always fortified by It.

  60. An individual who is a stirring-stick can do more damage in one hour than you realize.

  61. Anyone whom you can once get to apply the “I AM Presence” earnestly will never backslide.

  62. “I AM” determined to keep the “I AM Presence” before the students so they realize that they are using a Mighty Intelligence, Power and Love—and that they are setting It into action.

  63. Jesus came of His own Volition and gave to the students the Way He accomplished the overcoming of the last enemy.

  64. It takes enormous strength to stand your ground.

  65. There is nothing can give you permanent success in the outer activity except the conscious use of the “I AM Presence.”

  66. Stand adamant against the thing that would sway you off.

  67. Take the stand often: “I know what I am doing and I am doing it.”

  68. You may sometimes have to say very strong things in order to shut off interference, but do not be susceptible to it.

  69. Decide what you want to do and then say: “‘I AM the Presence’ doing it.”

  70. The use of the “I AM” prevents the development of anything out of balance.

  71. “I AM” is the All-Balance, because It is the Power and Governing Intelligence of all Perfection.

  72. Its very Activity compels the Balance.

  73. The “I AM” Command is the activity of the thing that is already there, impelling it into the outer activity.

  74. There are several in America now who, if they would take Jesus’ stand: “‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life,” and live in it day after day, would raise the body as sure as the world.

  75. You cannot use the words “I AM” with anything and not couple with it the power to do the thing.

  76. There are two things retarding to a student’s spiritual growth.

  77. One is when the husband or wife does not agree with one’s efforts, and the other is outside suggestion.

  78. You have your “I AM Presence” which is All-Intelligence, so make yourselves adamant against suggestions of any kind—good or bad.

  79. Sometime We will devote an entire Discourse to the wise handling of the psychic.

  80. There is not one out of ten thousand who understands that the awakening of the sight into the psychic plane is not a spiritual thing.

  81. When people begin to see on the psychic plane, they are but using the physical sight a little expanded and do not know it.

  82. In the psychic realm, the suggestions given offer just enough Truth to anchor interest and hold the attention, until psychic forces get a good hold on the person.

  83. This always comes through the fascination of the phenomena.

  84. When one focuses the attention upon the “I AM Presence,” it will draw him into the fullness of the “I AM Presence.”

  85. The inhabitants of the elements are used for all activities of Nature, but they do not prevent other forces acting, and they are not the only activities in Nature.

  86. There are times when these Great Cosmic Beings direct their attention to Nature.

  87. Every thought sent forth by an Ascended or Cosmic Being contains within it a Perfected Form.

  88. If that Being’s Idea is on the manifestation of snow, or whatever it is, it would take on the Perfection which was within His Thought, because all thought carries form.

  89. Say: “‘I AM the Presence’ entering into and revealing to my outer consciousness this activity.”

  90. Then the outer mind would get the full Inner Activity and bring It into your outer activity.

  91. When people enter into the psychic plane, everything is distorted, and they have no definite proof of the Truth.

  92. Those beings in the psychic plane who seek to get others under their control begin to prophesy, and it is one of the first things they do.

  93. No one can take a stand against a Messenger of the Light and not receive the reaction into themselves, because the Light repels all that is unlike Itself.


  94. Out of the fullness of Thy Mighty Opulence, O “Mighty I AM,” we feel Thy Flowing Energy.

  95. We feel Thy Enfolding Love.

  96. We feel Thy Qualifying Presence, hastening all who turn to Thee into Thy Perfection.

  97. We feel Thy Glorious Presence enfolding them in Thy Mighty Mantle of Peace, enabling them to maintain Perfect Self-control, sustaining them in Thy Mighty Perfection, that they may manifest Thy Mighty Presence—now.

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Saint Germain – God is the Principle of all Life – Each Child of God is an Individualized, Conscious, Active Part of that One Great Principle of Life, – Love and Power




Volume 3 – Discourse #18


  1. Thou Mighty, Illumining Presence which “I AM”! in gratitude and praise, we enter into the Fullness of Thy Presence today; and forever receive Thy Limitless Blessings, Thy Strength and Courage, Thy Joyous Enthusiasm, all of which is Self-sustained.

  2. We know there is but One Presence!

  3. “I AM that Presence” of all Activity, all Wisdom and Power, and in the Freedom of that Mighty Presence we stand serene, unmoved among all outer things which seem to point to the contrary.

  4. “I stand serene in Thy Great Forever; I claim Thy Great Dominion in my place! I stand in the Radiance of God Eternal, ever looking Thee full in the Face.”

  5. I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, and also Their Blessings for the happy enthusiasm which has been entered into.

  6. We shall endeavor to sustain you in that joyous enthusiasm as the Hub of this Radiation, because all the students will feel and act It.

  7. Far more has been accomplished this week than was anticipated, and We enter with you into the great rejoicing.

  8. The loving blessing of each student unto the other is most commendable, and this simple thing will open the door, oh so wide! to receive the fullness intended for them.


  9. I would be so pleased to have every one of the students, just at this time especially, use the Statement, with all the enthusiasm they can command: “‘I AM,’ ‘I AM,’ I know ‘I AM’ the use of God’s Limitless Opulence.”

  10. Here I wish to explain that when there is a group of students in accord, working from the same principle, and they use this Statement, they not only bring into their own world and use this Great Opulence, but they bless their associate students with the same thing, because “ ‘I AM the Presence’ in each one.”

  11. This is the mighty power of cooperative action which everyone should use.

  12. The students who maintain a loving blessing to each other are really held in the “Embrace of the Great ‘I AM Presence,’ ” and when they acknowledge Its action, they are commanding the same blessing and action for the other students that they are for themselves.

  13. This is the correct attitude to be sustained, and if maintained sincerely in the heart of each one, no one within this Embrace will want for any good thing; but the student who allows any feeling to remain of unkindness to the others will shut himself away from this Great Radiance and Blessing.

  14. Now let us enter into the keynote of what you touched this morning—the simple understanding of God’s Will and free will.

  15. God’s Will is the Opulence of Goodwill—the birthright of every one of God’s Children.

  16. When you are reaching to the Light in the use of the “Mighty I AM Presence” with sincerity, it is not possible for you to do otherwise than call for God’s Will to be done.

  17. As Children of God the Father—who has given His Children free will that they may choose—they must understand that it is for them alone to decree what shall act in their lives and world.

  18. Having free will, the student must understand that God can only act in his Life and world according to his conscious direction.

  19. God is the Principle of all Life, and each Child of God is an individualized, conscious, active part of that One Great Principle of Life and Love and Power.

  20. God has given into the keeping of every one of His Children this Marvelous Consciousness, which is Omnipresent, eternally elastic, as it were, which can be drawn into a focal point to write with the Pen of Light, or expand to encompass the earth.

  21. Consciousness is always subject to direction through the use of the free will.

  22. The most unfortunate understanding established by the orthodox idea that God acts of His own Free Will in the Life of the individual or a nation, is positively not true.

  23. God can only act through the mind of His own individualization, which is clothed with the personalities that you see about you.

  24. These personalities are but vehicles of use and expression of this Mighty Individuality—which is God’s Will and your free will—and it only comes into use by your conscious direction.

  25. I say to you that every function of your body is sustained through conscious action, although you are not aware of it; but as you reach deeper and deeper into the Consciousness of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” you will come to understand that it is impossible for any outer action to take place without Self-conscious action.

  26. A simple proof of this is what any of you may test at any moment: I wish to do some physical act.

  27. Preceding that activity, there always comes the thought to do it; otherwise the hand or body would not move in action.

  28. That which people have chosen to call involuntary action is the thing that has mystified their understanding of their own Being.

  29. The students should take this humble explanation and meditate upon it often, for it will clear the mind of any obstruction.

  30. You are Self-conscious, Free Will, Acting Beings.

  31. This is really of vital importance to these blessed, earnest students.

  32. I love every one of them, both men and women, even though the ladies’ husbands might object.

  33. In both of your classes this week, the Individualized Presence of Jesus the Christ stood in your midst.

  34. At ……. , in the form of “The Tree of Life,” each student being a branch.

  35. At ……. , from His “Pillar of Dazzling Radiance,” within which was His Visible, Personal Form.

  36. At ……. , His Form was within the “Tree of Life,” but not visible—not to mention others of the Ascended Host who were present.

  37. There were also Nada, Cha Ara, Lanto and Myself.

  38. I wish to say to that class of blessed boys with the one pink rose in their midst, that I joyously hold them all in My Fond Embrace, so they may use and inhale the Radiance of My Being.

  39. They have Freedom and Dominion within their grasp, if they will hold fast to these Instructions and apply them.

  40. Further, I wish the students to understand that the Stream of Life flowing through the mind and body always comes into them pure and unadulterated, containing within It all the strength, courage, energy and wisdom that can ever be desired; but by the lack of control of their thought and feeling, they are unknowingly requalifying this Pure Essence with the outer ideas upon which the attention has been fixed.

  41. To form the habit every moment the mind is not otherwise occupied of being Self-conscious that: “‘I AM’ the only Intelligence acting,” will keep that Mighty, Wonderful Stream of Life from being discolored, and I shall say disqualified, by the wrong conceptions of the outer activity of the mind.

  42. This is the simple secret of really all Perfection—if one can but comprehend it.

  43. This Great Life comes into everyone’s use Pure and Perfect, but through lack of understanding, the outer mind is constantly requalifying It with discordant conceptions, and thus human beings change Its otherwise Perfect Action into that which they find expressed in limitation and discord in their outer activity.

  44. This should make clear to the students the simple activity which they should Self-consciously maintain in order to keep this marvelous, Perfect Life that is constantly flowing through their minds and bodies in Its Pure, Fragrant State; for I tell you truly, that those who will follow and maintain this idea will find the emanations from their own bodies becoming rarer than the lily or the rose.

  45. Further, in the consciousness of this Perfection which is constantly flowing into their use, they can know It as Perfect health and beauty of face and form, until Its Radiance shines forth like the sun.

  46. O Beloved Students! When it is so simple, requiring so little consciously sustained effort, is it not worth all it requires on your part to enter into the Fullness of this Life Stream and receive Its Fullness and Blessing?

  47. In the Oriental activity there was a secret society—in fact, it began in China—maintained gloriously in the Light until the one then in charge at the head of the order, thought, in one of the war ravages, that his daughter whom he loved so deeply, was killed by an Englishman—which, however, was not the case.

  48. But it brought about the breaking up of the order, and the pictures of “Fu Manchu,” of which I think there have been four produced, are the picturing of this to the outer world, showing how the “Light” may be distorted by something starting the feeling of revenge.

  49. This one known as “Fu Manchu” was, at the beginning of that activity, a wondrous, beautiful soul; and it shows how sometimes the ravages of war and the lack of control of the thought and feeling in the individual bring about such distortion in the Life Stream.

  50. In connection with the South American Activity, which the present work has drawn joyously to Their attention: until this Focus of Radiation began, it was doubted by most, except Nada and Myself, the possibility of establishing such a Focus in this busy Western World; but They did not know what I did, the fact of our long association not having been revealed to Them.

  51. So I said on My own Responsibility: “I shall try it out.”

  52. Now I have the full cooperation of all who might have questioned.

  53. The Master from Venus and Lanto also stood with Us.

  54. I said to Them: “The time has come when there are those outside of the Retreats who can be made True Messengers of the Light.”

  55. Thanks to you, I have been proven right.

  56. Now, of course, I ask you all to stand with Me in the sustaining of this.

  57. It proves that it is possible to establish this Mighty, Active Presence in the midst of a hailstorm.

  58. I have always maintained this, and most of the time I have stood alone; but the ability of the students to grasp the use of the “I AM Presence” is making tremendous things possible; and I say sincerely for your encouragement, that with this marvelous condition maintained which has come to this point, it is not impossible to have various Ones of these Ascended Beings sit in your midst—as visible as your own physical bodies—and speak to you.

  59. This is not just a matter of the desire of the students for it, but rather the preparation of the students for it.

  60. Until recently, of course, this good Brother has not known it—but for thirty years he has been being prepared for it.

  61. Half of that time your (Mrs. G.W. Ballard’s) preparation was going on in the invisible, and it has been a remarkably beautiful thing to all who have observed it.

  62. Q. The other night while in deep meditation, I heard the words: “into the City of Delhi.”

  63. A. Which really means “into the City of Light.”

  64. Q. On Monday, November 29, 1932, I heard, in the morning before the Discourse, and again today before the Discourse, the Words of Jesus: “Ye have been with Me in my sorrows, ye shall now behold Me in My Glory, and see the reward which My Father doth give Me.”

  65. A. And so shall it be in your outer experience.

  66. The very Words which Jesus used from time to time, all may use—and will use sometime, somewhere with fulfillment—for the Words He used at all times were “Life’’ and contained within them that Ascended Life, or Perfect Life.

  67. Q. How is the political situation?

  68. A. There will not be nearly so much accomplished by the element that sought entrance as they anticipated.

  69. The old saying that if you give a calf rope enough, it will hang itself, is true with certain forces.

  70. Sometimes when they think they have won an easy victory, they have sounded their own death knell.

  71. The accomplishment of the past few days drew the attention of many in the Golden City, who, as We projected the Vision and Sound Rays today, came to look and behold the accomplishment.

  72. I say this for the encouragement of the students: While We are giving forth the Work today, Those in the Golden City are sending forth to the students Their Glorious Radiation.

  73. It has been a great joy to Me to prove that in the Land of America for which I have worked so long that there were those who could receive what you are receiving and giving forth at this time.

  74. There are those Masters from Venus who have seen this with Me for some time.

  75. The Kumaras’ Field of Action was in other ways, but They are now observant of this accomplishment.

  76. There is no radiation goes forth anywhere in the Universe except through conscious projection.

  77. The Radiation projected from the stars, so-called, to our earth does not and cannot come into contact with the earth without the conscious direction of the Cosmic Being who is the Conscious Directing Presence of that star or planet.

  78. This conscious direction is what makes the Radiation from one planet to another reach its destination; but the Radiation thus directed does not carry any adverse aspect to any individual there.

  79. The Universal, Cosmic Laws of the earth, which impel growth through the law of experience, hold within themselves that which you know as resistance.

  80. If there were not that which the individual knows as resistance, he would not make conscious effort, and this would make it impossible for advancement in understanding, or the return to the Father’s House from which the children of earth have strayed.

  81. Resistance has nothing whatever to do with discord.

  82. Resistance is a Natural Law.

  83. Discord is a human creation.

  84. There is no discord in the Universe except that which the personality creates.

  85. Take the dynamic consciousness: “‘I AM’ the Pure Mind of God in everyone present here.”

  86. This shuts out human desire.

  87. Take the consciousness: “‘I AM’ the governing Presence of this.”

  88. The desire first comes in the mind, and if you take the consciousness: “‘I AM’ the Pure Mind of God,” it consumes the thought and keeps the human mind clear from the desire entirely.

  89. When the liquid precipitates in the hand, instantly qualify it as Liquid Light, and it will manifest as That.

  90. Give the command for that quality before beginning the precipitation.

  91. One student should not expect to see the same activity as another; the students are not supposed to see or feel alike.

  92. There is not a moment in the day that we do not visualize something, because the power of vision is acting all the time.

  93. Keep all out of the mind except the picture you want, for that is all with which you are concerned.

  94. Do not let the attention become focused on the seeming emptiness.


  95. In great devotion, in the fullness of our Hearts of Love, in the fullness of our adoration to the “God Presence which ‘I AM’ ”—the Ascended Jesus Christ—we pour forth our

  96. Gratitude and Praise for the sustaining Presence, the good of every description held within this Radiance of which we are receiving hourly.

  97. Thou Mighty Presence! As we find ourselves held within

  98. Thy Mighty Embrace, we become imbued with Thy Radiant Intelligence, Thy Marvelous Strength, Thy Invincible Courage to hold constantly within Thy Mighty Light.

  99. We thank Thee.

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Andrew Bojarski   –   Channeler, Healer

Saint Germain – It is Useless to Argue any Point – Volume 3 – Discourse #7 – Andrew Bojarski

251734_10150284088839924_776086_nVolume 3 – Discourse #7


  1. I bring you Greetings from the Great Host of Light who watch attentively the Outpouring of Divine Radiance, whose Great Love, Peace and Light always enfold you, as Messengers of the Light, giving always strict obedience to the Great Light.

  2. Let each one feel Thy Omnipresent, Watchful Care, Thy Sustaining Love, Wisdom and Power.

  3. Let the rejoicing of Thy Heart fill their hearts, every one—even to overflowing—with Thy Substance and Pure Electronic Force that brings with It Thy Immeasurable Infinite Blessings.

  4. Fill their hearts and minds with Thy Peace, with Thy Silence, with Thy Poise.

  5. Teach them obedience to the Light.

  6. Teach them obedience to the Great Cosmic Laws.

  7. Even as Thou hast before Thee the Cosmic Crystal, send forth Thy Rays, anchoring them in the hearts of God’s Children.

  8. Thou Mighty, Silent Watcher!


  1. Obedience of all manifestation is the first demand of the Great Host.

  2. When the Command went forth: “Let there be Light!” obedience was the first activity, consequently Limitless Light was at hand.

  3. It is so with all outer activity of the One Active Principle, God.

  4. The first activity of the outer should be to give Perfect Obedience to that Inner Presence.

  5. Thus is it enabled to receive harmoniously the unadulterated Pure Essence; and so it should be with friends, with relatives, with associates, and with all outer contact of individuals.

  6. There should always be this wondrous grace of Love, Light and obedience.

  7. It matters not the age of the individual.

  8. Still the outer expression often, for its need is obedience to the Great Inner Light.

  9. When the impulse surges forth to argue, criticize, or feel a resistance, it is your signal that the outer is intruding itself to demand attention.

  10. Then is the time, by the power of your free will, to command the outer to be silent and obey the “I AM Presence.”

  11. It is useless to argue any point.

  12. Silence the outer, and then in loving obedience, give the Instruction.

  13. In this way It can come forth unobstructed.

  14. When students have entered the conscious path, the slightest intimation of disturbance or resistance of any kind should be followed instantly by silencing all outer activity and declaring: “‘I AM’ the obedient, intelligent activity in this mind and body; ‘I AM’ the governing power and do govern it harmoniously.”

  15. It matters not upon what plane or in what sphere of activity the Son of God—that is, the Son or Daughter of God—acts, obedience to Its Laws, or the Divine Laws of the sphere in which he is acting, is always imperative to his steady, onward progress.

  16. Someday, I hope in the near future, We shall take up for consideration the elements of outer activity which are most disturbing, and the effect of their activity upon the body.

  17. I do not wish to do this however, until the students are strong enough to hear the Truth of this activity without a single twinge of resistance or self-condemnation—because to start an activity within the individual of either condition would be a mistake upon My part.

  18. I spoke some time ago about the student keeping on guard to watch that in an unguarded moment he did not find himself unknowingly entertaining some feeling of resistance, criticism, or some activity which he later discovered had been acting.

  19. Every student should constantly use, many times a day, for it only requires a minute, and silently declare: “‘I AM’ the Invincible Guard, established, sustained and maintained over my mind, my body, my home, my world and my affairs.”

  20. Keep conscious that this Guard, being the “I AM Presence,” naturally has Infinite Intelligence.

  21. This will establish an Intelligent Guard and activity about you that does not have to be constantly repeated.

  22. Again we come to the point where every time we use the expression “I” or “I AM,” we know that It is the full Power of Love, Wisdom and Intelligence acting.

  23. Use frequently: “‘I AM’ the full Liberation of Divine Love acting.”

  24. Now as a preparatory activity for the day, I would suggest that the students, with great joy and firmness, after having refreshed themselves in the morning, would silently declare—knowing that the Power of the declaration is Self-sustained: “‘I AM’ the governing Love, Wisdom and Power with its attendant Intelligent Activity which is acting today in every single thing that I think or do.”

  25. “I command this Infinite Activity to take place every moment and be the sustaining Guard about me, that I move, speak and act only in Divine Order.”

  26. Then during the day, whenever you think of it, take the firm consciousness: “‘I AM’ the commanding, governing Presence, moving everywhere before me during the day—commanding Perfect Peace and Harmony in all activity.”

  27. In this manner you will lock the door open for the continuous Outpouring of this Inner Intelligent Presence, which will transform your world and keep you from contacting inharmony of any kind, enabling you to have that steady flow of Inner Peace and Harmony in all outer contact.

  28. It matters not what the manifestation may be within the body or without, the student must take his firm stand that his body is the “Temple of the Most High Living God.”

  29. This is an Unquestionable Truth, and this attitude consciously maintained will more rapidly bring the body into the Perfect Activity which was intended from the beginning.

  30. I say to the students in all sincerity, there is no possible way of attaining a quality or a desired attribute without claiming it.

  31. The outer has drifted into a limited consciousness of declaring it did not have the desired quality, and of course it could not manifest it under those conditions.

  32. The thought of the student often is, “Well, I have been holding this idea for a long time, but it doesn’t manifest; it doesn’t work.”

  33. This is positive proof that somewhere in the consciousness there was lurking a doubt—possibly unknown to the individual.

  34. I tell you that no matter what appears on the surface, if you will continually, with firm determination, claim the quality, condition or things you desire, and go right on claiming them with that firm determination, they will find expression in your use just as certain as you do this; but I cannot urge you too strongly always to keep on guard in this matter, for the outer, when you have tried a thing for a few hours, days or months and it seems not to have appeared immediately, begins to say: “It’s no use, if it were going to have acted, it would have by this time.”

  35. Such a thing as failure is absolutely impossible when you have set the Power of the “I AM” —God in you—in action to accomplish a given purpose, if you hold unwaveringly to it with determination.

  36. Many times I have seen students nearing wonderful achievement, wonderful Victory and Freedom, and this outer attitude of “not yet being accomplished” would rush in, get their attention to such an extent that it would either retard greatly their progress, or shut the door indefinitely.

  37. The student should compel himself or herself to hold before the mind this Truth: that when the “I AM” Power and Presence is set in motion, It can no more fail in Its Accomplishment than the Universe stop its activity.

  38. For this “Mighty I AM Presence” to fail in Its Accomplishment would mean that the Universe would instantly be thrown into chaos.

  39. Such is the Certainty and Power of the “I AM” accomplishment.

  40. It simply cannot fail unless the outer obstructs the way.

  41. Every student should guard with great watchfulness that he does not use the “I AM” in negative expression, for when you say: “‘I AM’ sick, I have failed, ‘I AM’ not accomplishing this thing as I should,” you are throwing this mighty energy into action to destroy the thing you wish to accomplish.

  42. This always happens whenever you use the word “I,” for that is the release of the Universal Power.

  43. Knowing that the “I AM” is you, then when you say, “My head aches, my stomach is out of order, my intestinal tract is disturbed,” you are throwing the energy into those parts to act according to the thing you have decreed; for when you say “MY,” it is the same energy acting, because there is only one person who can say “I” or “MY,” and that is you, decreeing for your world.

  44. Any expression which can only be used for yourself is including the energy and activity of the “I AM Presence.”

  45. The correct attitude to take if some organ seems to be rebellious is to instantly declare and hold fast to it: “ ‘I AM’ the only and Perfect Energy acting there.”

  46. “Therefore, every appearance of disturbance is instantly corrected.”

  47. This is the important point to keep before the student.

  48. If, through habit, you have thought that certain remedial agencies gave assistance, then use these sparingly until you gain sufficient Mastery to govern entirely by your “I AM Presence.”

  49. I assure you that even though you think that this remedial agent has given you relief, it is still the same “I AM Presence” that has given the remedial agency the power to give you relief.

  50. For instance, I have watched the medical world for many centuries, and when one individual of so-called authority says that a certain remedy is no longer of use, it is but a short time until it disappears entirely.

  51. The question within the mind of all thinking individuals is that certain herbs or remedial agencies have a certain natural chemical action corresponding to the element within the body.

  52. I say to you, what gives or makes the chemical affinity?

  53. The Power of your “I AM” which enables you to think!

  54. Thus when you come to go round the circle of activity, you will find that there is only One Intelligence and Presence acting, and that is the “I AM”—God in you.

  55. Now why not look this Truth square in the face?

  56. Take your stand unwaveringly with the “I AM Presence,” God in Action in you, and know that It is the only Life in you and all things or remedies to which you alone give power.

  57. Is it not much better to go directly to this “Great I AM Presence” and receive Its All-Powerful, Limitless Assistance which cannot fail, than to give power to something that leads you around Robin Hood’s barn to get assistance from something in the outer to which you have given the power?

  58. I know it is not easy for students to turn away from old, old habits or dependence upon certain remedial agencies; but a little thought and meditation upon this fact will simply compel the outer reason and dependence upon these outer things to give way completely before the “Great I AM Presence.”

  59. There is no way of convincing the student upon this most vital of questions, except he apply the Wisdom and Knowledge with unwavering determination until he proves for himself the active Truth of these simple things.

  60. There is no one who can tell to what degree the student can apply this, for only he alone, by trying, may know.

  61. Many times the Inner accumulated energy is such that the student is amazed with the results when he begins to apply this.

  62. The Oriental phrase for “I AM” is “OM.”

  63. That means the same thing that “I AM” is beginning to mean to the Western World.

  64. For Myself, I like very much the use of the “I AM” because Its very expression indicates “God in Action in the individual.”

  65. “OM,” as understood by the Orientals, is a Universal Presence, and not nearly so apt to give the student the consciousness of the “I AM Presence” acting in the individual, as the use of “I AM.”

  66. This largely explains the reason for the condition in India today.

  67. Hundreds of thousands in India, through the confusion of many castes, have fallen into the error that the intonation of “OM” was all that was required in their lives.

  68. While this brings a certain activity in hundreds of thousands of cases, it does not bring the energy of that activity into the individual’s action, and so is of little benefit.

  69. The method of the Ascended Masters throughout the ages from time immemorial has been the conscious use of the “I AM Presence,” the recognition and full acceptance of God in Action in the individual, which more and more brings into the individual the Full Intelligent Activity of the God Presence—the Godhead.

  70. Those Orientals who have reached great attainment, which many of them have, have become aware of this True Activity through their sincere meditation.

  71. Perhaps the simplest, most powerful single thing that the individual can keep himself reminded of is that when he says “I AM,” he is knowingly or unknowingly, setting into action within himself the Full, Unadulterated Energy of God.

  72. Energy becomes power through conscious use.

  73. The fact that individuals are in human embodiment is the command to raise the world of the individual into Perfect Activity.

  74. When the consciousness of the individual is raised, everything in the world of that individual is raised into the Inner Activity.

  75. “O Mani Padme Hum” really means God in Action in the individual.

  76. Use the “I AM” instead of “OM” at all times, because many of you have been embodied in an Indian embodiment.

  77. At one time you knew that use, and to prevent it calling forth a lesser use, use the “I AM” now to take you to the Full Height.

  78. Whenever you say “I AM,” you are setting the Pure Energy of God into motion, uncolored by human concepts.

  79. This is the only way of keeping the pure energy of God uncontaminated by human qualification.

  80. Enormous results can be had in a short time by the determined use of these affirmations:

  81. “‘I AM’ this Pure Inspiration.”

  82. “‘I AM’ this Pure ‘Light’ right here in action.” (Visualize this through the body now.)

  83. “‘I AM’ this Pure Revelation of everything I want to know.”

  84. Hold the reins of power forever within yourself.

  85. People are afraid of just embracing the Great God Power and letting It operate.

  86. What is there to fear in God?

  87. Its operation is Pure and Perfect, and if you do not reach out to embrace the Great Pure God Power, how can you expect to use It and have Perfection?

  88. You must claim It for your own.

  89. To say: “‘I AM’ the Ascended Being I wish to be now” immediately enfolds the outer in that Raising Presence.

  90. “‘I AM’ my Eternal Liberation now from all human imperfection.”

  91. Realize who “I AM” is.

  92. You have to use terms of explanation up to a certain point.

  93. Know: “This body is the Temple of the Living God and is ascended now.”

  94. The human side is such a doubting, criticizing Thomas.

  95. All instruction is but to give the individual student a chance to prove it within himself by applying and using the explanation of the “Law” given.

  96. Say often: “‘I AM’ the Governing Power of this activity, and therefore it is always normal.”

  97. There is no human being in the Universe who can recognize this “I AM Presence” for another.

  98. In your recognition of this “I AM Presence” as who you are, every step you gain is a permanent accomplishment, and there can be no retrogression.


  99. Thou Infinite, All-pervading Presence, whose Active Intelligence governs all who look unto Thee, fill each one who seeks the Light with Thy Mighty Inner Light.

  100. Hold each one closer and closer in the “Great I AM Presence,” that It fills the world of everyone with Thy Great, Great Perfection; and that the consciousness of each individual desires only that Great, Great Presence and Perfection.


  101. All jewels are a high activity of God’s Substance.

  102. The more intense the fire, the greater the purifying power.

  103. Gold does not long for nor adhere to anything else; all other metals or alloys cling to it.

  104. Gold is this way because it is of a pure element.

  105. In all kinds of fuel activity there is at some point a golden flame.

  106. All consuming of outer substance at some point is always red, for the red color is the throwing off of the imperfection and impurity.

  107. If the impurity were not there, the substance would go from the outer immediately into the golden flame.

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