Huge Energy Alert and New Clearing Affirmations by Jarrad Hewitt – Expand Yourself As Love, Gratitude, Humility, Compassion – Babaji Through Anakin Rama – 3-22-16

Huge Energy Alert and New Clearing Affirmations by Jarrad Hewitt
This is maybe one of the largest Energy Updates in some time. There has been a LOT going on in the past week. At the collective level, its as if one scared person jumped out of the bushes and scared another person, who then freaked out, actually scaring person one even more, who then panicked more, which scared person two more… and round and round it goes, as the energy of fear and not knowing escalates.
This energy translates to “tentacles.” Picture an octopus, with all of it’s arms flailing about. The octopus in this story is scared, and so it is trying to grab on to anything it can, and it doesn’t mean anyone any harm; it’s just scared. Well, at the collective conscious level, an ant hill got kicked in the past week, and the energy became scared. Some of this energy is very ancient and old, and it woke up not knowing anything other than terror. If you’ve felt fight or flight energy, you may have been tapping in to this cosmic awakening. At a personal level, it represents all of our really old stuff coming up to release… and in the process, some of it is like that octopus, wanting to grab on to whatever it can because it feels so scared and afraid. And it means no harm. It simply does not know who or what it is. It is representative of the parts of us which don’t choose the Light.


So I wanted to take some time tonight to remind you of your true Light – wherever you are, and however you feel, and to remind you that with regard to anything you choose to release, just call upon your I AM Presence, the True Light of The One, and direct ALL energy, ALL fear, ALL limiting beliefs, All Lower frequencies, etc, be lovingly taken into The Light for healing.

I mentioned above that collectively, a lot of fears are “up.” What that represents is all the energy that doesn’t know – the energy that is scared… The energy that is fear. So if that’s you, or you’re feeling that in any way, just remember to breathe. Breathe and call upon YOUR I AM Presence, knowing “only God in action”, and Direct All Energy into the Light.

There’s a lot of energy on the planet now that is lost. It’s scared. And it’s the scenario of person 1 and 2 from above, coupled with non direction, fear, and not knowing what to do or where to go.
This may sound very strange to some of you, but you don’t have to save it or bare it. Neither do I. Nor does anyone. Not jumping in with the energy feeling you have to save or be saved ends the cycle, and stills the field. It means you are not allowing the little booger energy to stick to you because you are directing it all to the light, as opposed to “taking it on,” or “passing along” the struggle. It also means you are sovereign in your space and don’t have to take on anyone else’s “stuff,” and in kind, you aren’t letting your own energy run willy-nilly or cording in or attaching to someone else, or flinging your or any other energy at anyone else.
It is pure direction and Light in Action.

Really commit to and feel the words below:


I Direct, Acknowledge and Claim on behalf of myself and ALL Energies: I direct all of me to be on board with who I AM and my open heart of love – now made manifest in the world. I allow all that I AM to permeate my beingness, so that my heart leads the way – shining bright for every single atom and beyond, all that I AM, to ignite with pure spirit, pure love, pure passion, pure joy, and pure knowingness of all that is. I take full responsibility for the creation of all that I AM, and I release and direct into the light of Source for healing any and all fear and limitation, as well as chords/cords, contracts or agreements.



I recognize, claim, and affirm that I am the creation of me. I acknowledge, affirm, claim, and choose to know that I AM the creation of me, and I choose to create myself with and through love, Joy, peace, simplicity, and Pure Divine Inspiration and flow.
I choose to stand firm in the knowing that I AM THAT I AM and that any energy I may have been carrying, creating, or giving my power away to – including but not limited to the energies of sabotage, anger, rage, destruction or any lower vibration or energy in any shape or form is released and transmuted, and I choose anew. I choose love.
I invoke the formula – including all of the rays flames and lights and direct that I am Divine Love and the creation of me and my world as Divine Love in its highest and most loving and abundant form – free from my own perception of what that is. Any stories, attachments, energies, fears, collectives, contracts, cords/chords, beliefs, non-beliefs, etc that are not serving me in the knowingness that I AM THAT I AM, I now knowingly and consciously direct that these all be transmuted by the True Light of All That Is.
For any and all energy present or not present in my hologram and totality beyond the known and unknown planes, spaces, dimensions, and creations, I invoke Divine Love and claim and know that any fear around transmutation equaling obliteration/death/destruction is hereby balanced by invoking the creation formula, which I now do.
I Am That I Am,
and I hereby claim responsibility and love in all aspects and for all aspects of my life and world.
I am the creation of me. I am the highest answer, and I am healed, and everything is balanced around the knowingness and beingness that I am.

I acknowledge and affirm that loving myself is joyful and that I am Divine Love expressing as gratitude, love, joy, and abundance which I now define and know as the wholeness that I am. I am committed to One Happy Prosperous and Healthy Whole and that makes me happy! And it’s easy, simple, quiet, and complete now and consistently.”

“I am stable, creative, free, peaceful, and joyful in the creation of me as an open heart, full of love and joy.

And so it is

I also made a Bonus track for everyone this week – just to help with whatever is up. I first started to make it just for my CCU group, but I get that it will really help shift and anchor in peace and stability so that more and more can BE in their hearts as joyous creation.

I set it to the gentle music I used in “Release Everything” which is also on Youtube, if you’d like to listen.

This track is all about Balance, Sovereignty, Stability, Connection, and Joy.

If you’d like to read the full list of energies present, you can click here.

Enjoy the track (download here).
Lots of love,
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Expand Yourself As Love, Gratitude, Humility, and Compassion by Babaji Through Anakin Rama

“My loved children,

The importance in life has been to experience emotions and sensations. To learn what is life in a dense frequency.

The adventure has been to experience all my creations, everything what I have done.  My spirit which is indeed in everything, being everything, every second, every minute, every breath that you have, is me.  As part of the one, you are all my children, my creations.

You took the decision to experience in this density.  Now it is the time to be more aware of what is happening in this story.

You have lived thousands of human lives, and in your spiritual evolution you are in the inflection point to have this giant quantum leap, not only in the frequency of the mother Gaia, no.  You are spirits that are doing everything in your knowledge to ascend; you are in the preparation to graduate from this experience.

It is the time when the most advanced spirits have to leave the selfish being, and instead of thinking only  to ascend you should think to emerge in one energy. Expand yourselves as love, gratitude, humility and compassion.

Expand yourselves as a nuclear bomb to the universe in only one energy.

Be ONE, means to think, to love, to manifest as one unit.  That’s the reason why in this point of your life it is very important to converge in only one feeling of universal love.

To achieve to this point, there is still some way to go, due to the separation in beliefs and even so, in selfishness that many beings still have.  You as masters in your different groups, need to teach how to be humble.   If you think about it, it seems easy.  The reality is that not all of you can be humble.

Do you think is possible for you to become a strong spirit with a humble heart?”


Channeling by Anakin Rama