Transcript: Galea, Communications Officer ~ Part 1 – Channeler: Linda Dillon – Host: Suzanne Maresca – 6-2-15

SaLuSa 2

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal


Suzanne Maresca: Today we will be welcoming Communications Officer, Galea, to the show to continue our Galactic conversations, and we are very much looking forward to the connection. I really cannot think of a more keenly anticipated happening than that of meeting up with Star Family in person. And I want to thank you, Linda, for making these conversations possible until we can all relate directly with one another by whatever means. Good morning!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi! It is my pleasure to be the ‘vehicle’ for these conversations. And you are right, I cannot think of anything that is more widely anticipated and welcomed than meeting with our Star Family.

Suzi: Yes, yes indeed. And that seems to be evidenced by the growing number of followers on the Heavenly Blessings Facebook page. I want to make a note here that we will be discontinuing the InLight Universal Facebook page shortly, and that Heavenly Blessings, Council of Love, CVN and the Golden Age of Gaia all have pages that you can continue to follow our work on if you wish.

Everybody is pretty excited about these conversations and the connection, however we can get it. It’s like we are hungry for it.

Linda: Absolutely. I think it is sort of indicative also that there have been so many more sightings. I think there is probably not a day goes by that somebody on Facebook doesn’t send me a picture or a short video clip of another sighting. It’s not that our Star friends aren’t making themselves known. It’s just a matter of the frequencies, the vibrations, however we tend to think of that – becoming more attuned to each other’s energies that we can really have that full Unity.

Suzi: What that brings up is all the talk lately about the Earth-based space fleets and that if we see a ship… that’s something that I want to ask Galea actually. If we see a ship, what are the chances that it’s an Earth-based one or an extraterrestrial one?

Linda: You are hitting me with something I am not even aware of. What do you mean, and I bet you some of our listeners aren’t aware of this either! What do you mean by ‘an earth-based’ ship?

Suzi: Well, the hidden space fleets that are a result of either stolen technology from captive extraterrestrials or negotiated technology. There is other information coming out from other channels that I just want to have clarity on, because if we look up in the sky and we see a ship… We are told that our governments have these ships that they might use to… not that I want to generate fear or anything like that; I have no concern about this. But basically, if we can get the information that all of that is discontinued and incapacitated, that would be awesome.

Linda: There are a number of ‘portals’, I guess you would call them, portals that are located on Earth that are like space-ports for our Galactic and Intergalactic friends. I know that one of them, for example, is in the Gulf of Mexico – it is a huge space-port located in the upper portion of the Gulf.

So you will see ships that seem to literally emerge from the water or go into the water; the same in Sedona actually. I used to live by Bell Rock, in the village of Oak Creek just as you are approaching, and that is a portal for especially the smaller explorer ships to come on in; that’s where they enter and where a lot of the transfer comes, and then they emerge through Cathedral Rock. But yes, that’s going to be good question to ask.

Suzi: I’ve heard about Mount Shasta and also off the coast of California where things have been seen.

Linda: They are all over the place.

Suzi: So if we can have assurance that these are beneficial ET friends, that there really is a Ring-Pass-Not and that we really do have that type of protection. This will all be good to know.

Linda: Absolutely. Well, I am sure that she has a lot to talk to us about and that the line of communication will be wide open. And I think probably one of the things that is indicative of that is that they have asked – ‘they’ being our Star brothers and sisters and the Archangels – have asked to begin our meditation this morning with an attunement to actually open up our halion chakra point to facilitate closer connection and communication with them.

[Meditation from 7’15 to 17’40]


Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you. I am Galea of Neptune, Communications Officer, Second Tier, yes, Officer of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. It is my honour, my joy, my pleasure to greet you this day on behalf of all.

This is something that I have yearned for. Let me explain. My dream, my desire, my work has been to assist thee, to work with the beings of all ilk, of all frequency, of all vibration, of all rays, of all paths. My desire is to work with the humans of our beloved Gaia, this planet of Love, of splendour, of diversity, of such incredible beauty.

I am at your service!

Suzi: Thank you.

Galea: This is a dream come true.

Suzi: For me too!

Galea: One of the things… where I would like to start in the greetings that I bring forth on behalf of so many this day is our desire to be in a deeper form of unity with all of you. Yes, this entails communication, fellowship in all kinds of ways.

We of the Galactic and Intergalactic Forces, of which there are many, are in what you have termed Unitive or Unity Consciousness. So there is not distinction in the sense of separation. There is a unified joy, respect, honouring, collaboration, cooperation, mutuality in our undertakings.

And our undertakings have been in alignment, oh, for thousands of years. And what is our undertaking? What is our mission and purpose as you would phrase it at this time? It is to be part of and to assist, to cooperate, to help in whatever ways we can in your Shift, in your awakening, in your expansion, in your Ascension and the full Ascension of Gaia, the completion of the Ascension of Gaia.

And from that, to assist, to cooperate and to work with the further Ascension of other beings, other planets, other galaxies into the Unity of Love and the higher existence in the realms of Love and the Mother, that others may experience the full dimensionality that is available to Gaians.

We are at your service. Now yes, I know Commander Ashira has recently shared with you our deeper understanding of, shall we say, some of the difficulties or challenges of being upon planet. But let me, on behalf of the Unified Forces and far beyond, express that this slight difficulty does not deter us in the slightest. We have been committed and are committed and will be committed to our Union, to our Unity and the fullness of that expression until it is done.

So we are at your beck and call. Are there ways in which we modify or adjust frequencies, one of which we have just completed with you? Yes. We’re surprised we did not think of this earlier! But, sweet one, we want to be at your beck and call. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, thank you Galea, and thank you for joining us. It is really lovely to meet you and have this opportunity. I feel like my job is similar to yours and I’m just now realising that as you speak. Facing challenge with commitment is exactly what steadfast lightworkers are doing at this time and it’s not easy for us either. So it’s really nice that you guys understand how it is down here.

If I may, first I would like to find out if you are able to relate anything about your own Ascension to what we are going through. We are told that ascending with the physical body has never been done before. Are there any remarkable similarities?

Galea: There are similarities in so far as we, I… I want you to come to know me so I will speak in the ‘I’ with the understanding that you also know that it is a ‘We’.

Suzi: Yes, beautiful.

Galea: I am in a physical form, what you would think of as a humanoid form. And so do I embody what you think of as Ascension Consciousness? The answer is ‘Yes’. I am old, even though, as this channel has expressed, I appear in the fruitfulness, in the blossoming of youth. I am no spring chicken!

So our awakening, our expansion to a higher realm of consciousness and Love occurred a long time ago – what you can think of as thousands, thousands of years ago. We did not do this in form, although there were a few who maintained a remnant of form. Now let me explain. And I can only speak from this very old memory to share with you from my heart to yours.

We had evolved to a very high level of consciousness upon planet Earth. The similarity would have been during the time of Lemuria, some beginning forms of Atlantis, where the body contained and operated at a very high level of intellect, creation, creativity, but also with an adjunct, a parallel level of very high connection to Spirit, to One, to the Divine Mother actually.

But we wanted more. And we wanted more individually and collectively. We/I chose – and it was not a decision easily taken for our bodies had reached the point which you are looking forward to of being able to maintain a perfection – but I wanted more. I wanted to be in the absolute connection and splendour, the Love of All, to feel the expansion not only with the Mother and her Love but with all energy and creation, with all planets, all beings, all the myriad of life forms and existences. It was my next step.

And so I left by choice – we do not have the same death experience that you do – I left my form to have this experience of Unity, of such expansion, with the desire to then re-anchor back into a new form, but with this level of connectedness and understanding, of wisdom. And that is what I and we did. Now a few beings – and of course, when I say ‘a few’ it means in your terminology ‘many’ but it was not my path – put their bodies, if you can think of that way, in like a deepfreeze and re-entered.

I chose to have a new form, and to enter into that form with this level of expanded awareness, so that I would be in body and I would have this knowing. Now, are there limitations to the body? Yes, sometimes, but not in the way that you currently experience in the human form, because in our realm we have the Unitive Consciousness.

So we can go, for example, every day – when I refer to time, I will work in your framework of understanding of day and night, of your current cycle of 24 hours – every day, every night actually, we join in our meditation chamber which is large enough and sacred enough to hold all beings and visitors on board ship, to join back into that collective sea of Oneness. It sustains us; it feeds our body and soul. And then we hold this, we anchor this in our bodies. That is what we want to do with you.

Suzi: Ohhh, believe me, I would like that too!

Galea: You have an open invitation to come to our meditations, and you may invite us. I would be pleased to come to your bedroom, to sit in front of your alter, to go to a mosque, a church, a meditation group – it matters not – a UFO group, and simply sit with you. You may not initially fully see me, but you will certainly perceive us – because I won’t come alone! And yes, if you see a stranger standing at the door knocking, please let me in! [Laughter]

But that has been our Ascension process and that is what we are assisting each of you. This is not simply a collective undertaking. We touch, we engage with each of you.

Suzi: We do look forward to the changes to our bodies and I would love to have some confirmation that we’ll experience that at some point shortly, or will it be many years? I mean, can we look to you for what our future physicality experience will be?

Galea: Now, I have been instructed [laughter] in how to speak with humans, but I can tell you this. And I do not say this… you will never find me coming from a place of desperation or urgency, but having said that, you don’t have long. And I do not mean that devastation or destruction comes to your planet at all. I mean that you simply are within what you would think of as a limited timeframe.

And yes, you will experience, and many of you are already experiencing, these changes in your physicality. It does not need to take long. What bars you from this is you keeping believing that it is going to take a while. This in fact is one of the more simple adjustments. So say “Yes” and let your body morph, dear heart.

Suzi: Oh absolutely, yes yes yes. And I do feel the changes.

Galea: You can witness the changes. Look in the mirror, sweet angel!

Suzi: I do and I have noticed. Well, you know what, that brings me to one question. So are Lightworkers and sensitives being actually targeted to adjust our thought frequencies to leaning towards hopelessness, nothing is changing and all that sort of thing? It’s not the way that I feel, but every once in a while I get a hint that there’s pressure on us to… obviously through the media, but there’s other ways to try to get us to focus on things that are awful, instead of all the great changes that are happening. Can you speak to that at all?

Galea: Are you being targeted? Yes. Now, when we speak of our ground forces and the number of ‘boots on the ground’ so to speak, we are referring to, of course, Galactics who have been stationed in a variety of capacities upon the planet and working with adjustments to the collective and to the individuals.

Are the Lightworkers/Loveholders targeted? Absolutely, because from our perspective – but also, sweet ones, from your perspective – you have volunteered to be part of our ground forces.

Are you ahead of the wave? And yes, we are fully aware because we are also experiencing, slightly differently, but still experiencing the Mother’s Tsunami, Third Wave. But part of that blossoming, part of that elevated consciousness is also the ability to look at what you think of as completely hopeless, dire strait situations, and to within that, to see the Light.

You have an expression ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. Well, in fact, ‘the end of the tunnel’ is us. It is connected to our ships, to our frequencies. And so, do you get to experience, to see, to witness… because the role of Lightworkers/Loveholders is the witness, the observers, not the judge and jury? You have the capacity to maintain that equilibrium, that balance, rather than participate in the continuity of the devastation.

So yes, you are seeing both ends of the spectrum. It is part of what you do.

Suzi: Yes. Can we assume that any fleet members on Earth right now have a specific mission? Are we likely to come in contact with any of you in our day-to-day lives or are your away teams all doing specific and anonymous work?

Galea: Oh no! Yes, there are some who are doing undercover work. Now undercover work, because of the negative nature of ‘covert activities’ upon the planet, has a negative connotation. When we say ‘undercover work’, we simply mean that you get to see whether it is a frequency adjustment, the introduction of new technology or the adjustments to the collective. The bombs that don’t explode, for example, you don’t always see, but you see the results of our undercover work.

But having said that, many of you are encountering us on a daily basis and have been for years! You see us in the grocery stores… we have our favourite spots, you know, because the frequencies are more amenable, they aren’t as harsh for us to attune to. But you see us in a variety [of spots]: you see us in the quiet places, upon the hiking paths, but you also see us in the urban centres, particularly the places upon the planet that are being anchored as future Cities of Light.

So you see us in the post office, you see us in the bank, you see us in the drive-through, you see us in the grocery store, you see us in the movie theatres – you see us everywhere! Look to our eyes, look to the feeling of warmth or tingliness that you experience as you encounter us, or even brush by us.

We are not adverse, particularly with Lightworkers, to engage in what appears to be casual exchange or conversation, the price of tomatoes – one of our favourite foods by the way!

But what is truly happening when we are having these exchanges, if you pay attention with your heart rather than your mental construct, you will feel and know that you are really talking to us. And this is going to become more and more obvious every day. Not twelve months from now, not next month – I am saying every day!

Suzi: Well, that’s wonderful. I have a dear friend who has postulated that we are not going to have face-to-face with you guys for ten years; that would make me very sad and it’s not what I feel. But I would like to ask you, Galea, how you deal with or process this period before contact happens?

The folks that I know and love and the human collective are truly hungry for connection with you, and it could be a bit emotional for us. I have a feeling that you guys are sort of feeling the same way, so how do you deal with that?

Galea: Softly, very softly. And understand – and I will simply speak for my ship, the Neptune – that there are many of us on board that have family, friends, our dear hearts upon planet, both consciously and unconsciously, and that we are waiting that full reunion with. Now many of you, thank goodness, come to the ships at night. And even when you come to the healing ships, there is at least a level of connection.

Do not think for one of your moments that we do not experience emotion, because we do. How do we deal with this sense of separation or of timing, this infinite, irritating question of timing? Oh, we say we practice patience [laughter] but there are times when the impatience rises to the surface, when the emotionality breaks through, when the longing and the tears flow, when we feel excluded because we are not accepted and recognised in our Unitive Consciousness that is already in place.

The yearning is difficult, and sometimes we even in our impatient moments, extend the invitations and say, “Just come home.” But you who are positioned on Gaia are very stalwart. You are so much stronger than you think. And so we settle for heart connection, for spirit connection. One of the things we do in our unitive meditation at night is we connect with you.

But has it been elongated further than we had anticipated? Did we think, our science, did we know that the frequencies could be more adjusted, yes. But the petulance and the insistence of, can we say – and I do not say this in a critical way – but a fragment of the human collective to insist on clinging to the old. They are stalwart as well, and often when we penetrate them, they say “thanks but no thanks”.

Suzi: That’s amazing.

Galea: It is frustrating. But, we are not… Let us tell you this. We have been active for thousands, and particularly hovering above Gaia for hundreds and hundreds of years. We are not going anywhere!

Suzi: Yeah, I get that and I’m not either! Just to switch gears with a kind of a silly question before I get on to the real meaty thing about the spaceships.

Cleaning [laughter] – do you guys have to deal with house cleaning? I’ve just been wishing for a magic wand like Mrs Weasley has in Harry Potter to clean my house that way. I have very little interest in many 3D things these days and house cleaning is one of them. So could you speak to that silly question?

Galea: It is not silly at all. We weren’t particularly fond of it either! [Laughter] Now, our ships are more organic than what you have thought of as your ‘houses’, shall we say. Now your houses are actually – whether it is an apartment or a cabin, it doesn’t matter – are more alive entities than you think of. But part of the human consciousness has not come to a level of understanding the fullness of that.

But when our ships were designed, our science, our understanding of this partnership was brought to bear. So they are self-cleaning. We could not have dust, for example, in the air or on our furniture, or dirty clothes. That would simply not do!

Suzi: Oh no, it doesn’t do!

Galea: So it is automatic. And it is the same with what you think of as many of your, can we say ‘mundane’ tasks such as food preparation. Are there people who prepare food for the sheer joy of it? And are there people, beings upon our ships that actually eat food for the sheer joy of it, for the camaraderie of sharing a meal? Yes. Is it part of what is required? No.

Suzi: OMG, that is great to hear. I’ve just had this vision of putting my hand on a scanner and the replicator sensing what nutritional needs my body has, and it then producing something in a delightful form that gives me exactly what I need.

Galea: That is correct. So think of it… your closest thing would be a cross between a microwave and a dumbwaiter. And it is not just what your physical body because we address all the bodies. So it isn’t simply nutritionally what you need, because you are also getting that from the air you are breathing, the adjustment of the various compounds.

But it is also what you desire, what you feel like. And that takes into account colours, textures, rays, scents, tastes. So you basically programme… and you can either place your hand on the screen or telepathically do this, and it will give you or send you what you want.

Suzi: I love that. That is very good to hear. I am sure you’ve been instructed to not give any information about timing… We are all getting pretty weary here and we are all really hoping for a break, like really soon…

Galea: Well I can tell you, you will have a break from housework very soon!

Suzi: Bless you! [Laughter]

Galea: I know how to make friends and to win allies! [Laughter]

Suzi: Oh, that’s a beautiful thing.

Galea: I would be most distressed if I was told that my duties, which I adore, now included house cleaning!

Suzi: Oh my gosh, we have a lot to look forward to. And so far, at this point, we are going on pretty much sheer faith and also, of course, what information from a daily practice of stillness and meditation… it’s key for me.

Galea: It is key, period.

Suzi: Yes, yes I agree.

Galea: And we are going on faith that you will allow us to fully join, to make our presence not merely known because it is already known and has been known for many years. We are talking about the building of community. We have faith, trust, hope, knowing – which is what you are missing – that our community, our, can we say our integrated, diverse community will be in place very rapidly.

Now, let us speak of these Earth ships. They are not available to harm. They are not available for the abuse of power. Has some technology been shared with the earthlings? Yes. Everything, from technology to higher vibration has been shared – not the fullness of it, but a great deal of it.

But the energies of what you are thinking of as ‘earth-ling created ships’, Gaian ships that are intended to deceive or harm? They are not in play. Now what is in play and what has been granted to the earthlings – and notice I am saying ‘earthlings’ rather than those who have assumed their full citizenship as Gaians – we make a distinction.

But what has been granted to earthlings, and what they are experimenting with and playing with are some of our ‘old technology’, some of our smaller ships, but they are doing it to make the appearance of ships in the sky commonplace. It is part of the plan for the collective acceptance of our existence.

So it is part of the plan. But insofar as these ships and stolen technology, dear heart, we have much better security than you can imagine.

Suzi: I am so happy to hear that. I didn’t feel like we were in danger, but there are messages coming out that say different things and people wonder. So, thank you for clearing that up.

Galea: So let us explain this. Now we have talked about Lightworkers, our ‘feet on the ground’ being exposed to the full spectrum. So the fear of Earth ships doing nasty deeds, and at the other end, the visitation from us… You are seeing the spectrum so that you can dismiss and begin to discern what is of Truth, what is of value and what is not. And when it is not, toss it in the recycle bin. Let it do the spin cycle so that it re-emerges as sheer Light, sheer Love.

Suzi: Oh, that’s lovely. Well, thank you, Galea, so much for joining with us and I hope that you’ll be back again with us.

Galea: I would like to come back and really speak of many things.

Suzi: Yes, that would be wonderful.

Galea: Thank you.

Suzi: Oh, thank you. I Love you, I Love you all and you are so welcome in any part of my life anytime.

Galea: I will be there. Look for me. I am enjoying the foxes!

Suzi: Oh my gosh, me too! Oh, thank you.

Galea: Go with my Love, and I send you all of our Love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript: Archangel Gabrielle – Today’s New Realm – The Role of the Empath – Channeler Linda Dillon – Host Suzanne Maresca – 4-26-15

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal


Suzanne Maresca: Today we will be hearing from Archangel Gabrielle on the subject of what may seem at times like extreme energetic sensitivity. Many of us have been experiencing heightened awareness of our surroundings, and the experience can leave us wondering how to integrate the feelings that come with that.

We will also be discussing those who came into this world with the ability to feel the hidden emotions of others. Before ways are discovered to discern one’s own emotions from that of others, the energies can feel quite overwhelming. I didn’t catch on that my daughter was an empath until she was about nine years old and that realization improved our experience immeasurably.

There’s so much to talk about on this particular topic because it’s like we really are changing and growing in every moment. I have certainly wondered how we are supposed to navigate this with our increased sensitivities. It’s still very dense and difficult here.

But I also feel that part of the integration of who we are puts us… I just have this vision of a shield of knowing around us, that this is not all there is; that we have a physical form but this is not all we are. And we are certainly not subject to energies; it’s what we give power to. So this will be an interesting conversation.

Linda Dillon: This will be a very interesting conversation; and I think it’s a very timely conversation because we can’t on the one hand say that we are lightworkers, love-holders in the middle of our Ascension process, and then want to turn off the very gifts that come along with that.

SM: Exactly. If I may, I know you have an announcement to make as well, but I’d like to announce a new show that InLight Universal is launching tomorrow night at 9 EDT. I’ll be hosting and the show is about creating a space for heart-centred expression and sharing. Really, it’s an opportunity for all of you brilliant listeners to come and shine your light as well. We are all expanding our awareness and our aspects and skills and this is a way to share what’s in your heart.

If you want to be part of that, it’ll be posted later on how to participate in that. So just check out the InLight Universal site or Golden Age of Gaia. And you have an announcement too, Linda…

Linda: But I also wanted to say, Suzi, that I think it’s brilliant that you are creating a space where people can simply call in and have conversations, because I think one of the difficulties that I know you hear about and I certainly hear about is that as lightworkers, love-holders, we so often feel isolated; that we either live in areas or neighborhoods or cities or towns or families that really don’t want to hear, or aren’t interested in the same things, topics that we are interested in really talking about. And in fact, we can drive them crazy wanting to talk about it.

So having a platform and having a place where you can talk and have this kind of a conversation is wonderful. So congratulations on your new venture.

Suzi: Thank you. I’ve been very guided and I feel perfectly placed.

Linda: You are, we all are! And my announcement is probably at the other end of the spectrum and it’s about a webinar series that I have been very guided to do, and tried to avoid, but with absolutely no luck! It is brought to you courtesy of the Divine Mother and it is on Core Issues. And let me tell you, dear friends, that if you think that you have cleared your core issues… if I was a gambling person, I would say, “Not!”

And with this Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love, our issues are coming up again, because we are transforming…we are completely transforming our energy, our grid. Our very DNA is transforming. So if there’s any of that deep seated, dark … I’m not talking about vasanas or surface issues, of the things that you’ve worked on clearing for the last 20 years. I’m talking about the real core stuff!

And this is the thing. It’s coming up and it’s what you have always known is there, and it has barred you from fulfilling your fondest dreams, aside from serving the Mother, aside from creating Nova Earth, aside from being lightworkers… you know, the real basic stuff like, “What’s in it for me?”

Well, let me tell you. All of you that I talk to and hear from who want those sacred relationships, who want to bring some kind of financial security or abundance into your lives, or good health, or good family relationships… all these things that you’ve been working on, and you feel like sometimes you are just banging your head against the wall. You can see it out of the corner of your eye but you haven’t ever really been able, in physical reality, to wrap your hands around it and to own it.

Well, guess why? It’s your Core Issues that are barring you from doing it. So this is going to be a really intense webinar series: a very interactive forum, deep meditations, probably a lot of laughter and a lot of tears, and four sessions over five weeks with yours truly in a classroom situation on the computer.

The webinars are recorded so you can go back and look at them time and time and time again. We are starting on May 9th, and it’s Core Issues. And I for one say, “It is time for us to let all of this go.” So come to the Council of Love site, and read up. See how you feel, look inside, and if it’s there, please sign up! Thank you!

SM: Thank you! That is a labour of Love, Linda, because I understand you are following the direction from the Mother and it is pretty much hard to say “No.” It’s not impossible, but I’m also focused, and I know that there are so many of us focused on bringing this all up and eliminating the things that keep us from realizing our potential.

And sometimes, even when we’ve done the clearing, there can be a little residue left over in terms of habits and memories, and a lack of something to replace the cleared thing with – like a good behavior to fill the bad behavior space. We just don’t know sometimes…

Linda: Yes, and the thing is, if you are continuing what you have termed ‘the bad behavior’, it’s because you haven’t gone deep enough and really looked at what’s inside that’s keeping that pattern going. It’s just time to let it go.

I’ve had great discussions with Isaac, my husband, about this. I wanted to call it ‘Purging Core Issues’ and he says, “Oh, that sounds so negative and so harsh. Why don’t we try ‘transforming’ or ‘transmuting’?” But it’s getting rid of this stuff.

And, of course, at the end of a class, once we clear all this stuff, what we’re doing is bringing us into this new theme, this current theme of balance, of really being the embodiment not only of the Mother’s Love but of our Love, of who ‘We’ are.

So it already is a wild ride because how the Council works with me is they walk me through a course, every little step of the way before I get to teach it and share and facilitate the process. So I have been in the thick of this ever since Mother Mary appeared by my bedside and said, “Do it!” It has been a wild ride for the past week!

Let’s talk briefly about what it means to be an ‘empath’, because I think both of us have huge, personal insight and experience. And while, of course, it’s always wonderful to talk to Archangel Gabrielle – and I know She has some insights for us – it’s also important that our fellow listeners understand that we’re right in the thick of it with them as well.

I know that one of the things I’ve experienced, because I am an empath and telepathic, is that for a long time, when I ran into people and once they knew what I did – what’s interesting is that they didn’t really want to get close to me because I think they thought I was going to ‘read’ them.

And, just like you, that is the last thing on my mind or in my interest. I think like many empaths, I have a ‘no trespassing’ sign posted on me, and I post a ‘no trespassing’ sign on other people, because I don’t really – unless there’s a purpose and an invitation, or you have contacted me – I don’t want to read your energy.

I do read the energy when we have something terrible happen like a plane crash or a nuclear spill, or something in nature… I really feel it. But I’ve learned over the years to keep my shields up so that I am not like that sponge and absorbing anything because that’s not how you want to live.

But at the same time, as I was getting ready for this and Gabrielle said, “You know, coming in as the Creator Race, coming in, in our Mastery, it is part of our Angelic Starseed Self that we do. We are empathic, telepathic, because that’s where we’re going. So it’s not something you really want to completely eliminate or shut down. You just want to make sure you’re not carrying it in a way that’s hurting you.

SM: Yeah, and to learn to navigate and know what’s yours and what’s not. Sometimes we make an assumption that other people can see and feel what we can see and feel, and that is absolutely not true.

And without any guidance, an empath in this world would feel… Oh my gosh, it would be just so difficult if you have no support around you and you’re feeling everything. Thank God for the internet because people can do searches and find things that way. A lot of people have found the Golden Age of Gaia site just doing searches, looking for something that makes sense in this world.

But once you understand that you are picking up on other energies, you can start to practice the discernment of knowing what’s yours and what’s not yours. And that’s actually good for everybody, no matter what level of sensitivity you have.

Linda: That’s very important, because that’s one of the reasons why I have that ‘no trespassing’ sign. If you’re an empath and you have difficulty navigating this – as I think about how I do that, let me talk about that briefly. You and I both, Suzi, live in places that aren’t in the middle of a city, and we have both psychic and private space, nature, around us.

Isaac does, I would say, 95% of all our shopping. I thank God I have him because one thing I do not deal well with is grocery stores, with the lights, with the energies, with the whole situation. If I have to go to a mall, for example, I choose a time like a Wednesday morning when no one is there. I have my list. I am in, I am out [laughter] and I am done!

I think I shop for 99% of my clothes in one small store where I know the sales lady and I don’t have to deal with anyone else! [Laughter] So I’ve made these unconscious adjustments in my life. I don’t go to rock concerts because the energy is too bombarding… anything like that.

So you have to sort of adjust your way of navigating so that you don’t feel that you are being bombarded or invaded, and learn to put up that shield of protection.

SM: As I witness my daughter and the things that she goes through, I realize that I may not be as empathic as she is and subject to it. But I am at least as sensitive, if not more so, but in different ways. Being that I was born at the time that I was, into the family that I was… I’m not sure what made it so that I could maybe withstand a little bit more than she does in terms of going to a mall.

I’m not really sure what the mechanism is, but I do feel it has something to do with the expansion of my awareness, of why I’m here, what I’m here to do… shifting into the whole Oneness idea, being One energetically with everything – it really helps me a lot.

Like if I go out on the hammock and I’m meditating and there’s leaf-blowing going on, or somebody using a chainsaw even, or traffic going by, I don’t even put in my earplugs because I’m just thinking of all the sounds as just part of my reality, and it sort of fades away and doesn’t bother me.

Linda: Good, because if we are part of the Unified Grid… increasingly they refer to us as ‘Gaians’, not as ‘Floridians’… [Laughter] What do you call people in New Jersey?

SM: [Laughter] I could make a joke but I won’t…

Linda: [Laughter] … but if we’re in this Unified Grid, like you say ‘of One’, then the more that we’re in that energy, we realize that the ebb and flow of the higher vibration will carry us through, and that the lower… what I tend to call ‘the drama energy’ will disappear. So take heart!

SM: Take heart, that’s right! Oh my gosh, everything is changing. It just feels like another world from two weeks ago even, specifically before the equinox; I feel like everything has changed for me…

Linda: Everything is shifting every day.

SM: Every day, it’s true, whether you’re feeling it or not. Perception really is everything.

[Meditation from 18’20 to 22’05]

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Archangel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Archangel of Communications. Welcome, my beloveds. Welcome to this Council and to this time of enormous change, for it is a time not only of sea change, it is a time, yet again, of Tsunami.

And so, for those of you who are empathic, sensitive, telepathic, it is an increase in this wondrous ability. Yes, of course, as with all gifts, you learn, you come to understand in the Truth of your own magnificence how you employ this gift, the same way you learn or remember how to employ your voice, your vision, your 3rd and 4th and 5th eyes.

Sweet angels, the abilities that you have brought to the planet during this time of change are far greater than you are even imagining in this moment, and they are opening and expanding increasingly. So there is not a chance – let us put it, that it is highly unlikely in the intention of the Mother, that your talents, whether it is sensitivity, empathic or telepathic, are going to be shut down or shut off. That is not the way.

You come forth as New Race; you come forth as the reembodiment, the reincarnation of the Creator Race. What does this mean?

We have spoken of it before, of the talents and the abilities to create and co-create. But part of knowing how to proceed is also being able to key in, to understand the fields – not necessarily even of the individual, although there are times when that is desirable – but to be able to key into the pulse, the mood, the emotional awareness, the mental acuity, the readiness factor, the spiritual elevation, the spiritual maturity of the human race to proceed.

And then, because you have this information, you are able to communicate to the collective, to groups, to individuals, where they exist, where they are stationed, where they are anchored. If you begin speaking French to a baby, chances are they will learn to speak French and they will adapt. Languages and telepathic communication are already present in the infants.

Think of the number of situations that you encounter. Children know. And it is only through what you have termed ‘the socialization process’ that this wondrous ability to communicate has been turned off. Well, it is not in the highest good of the collective or the individual to turn off this spectacular talent.

How you manage this ability to communicate, because that is what empathic knowing is – if you are communicating field to field, field to larger field, field to the entire unified field, field to the collective, field to the Universe, to your Star brothers and sisters – this is how they communicate.

So what you are doing is able to adjust how you speak, how you communicate, body language, eye language, smile language, in all of these ways, because you have the advantage, dear hearts, of knowing. Not assuming, but of knowing where people are: what their difficulties are, what their blockages are, what their thoughts are, what their troubles…or what they assume to be troubles, are.

And you may send until it is perfectly second nature. You are sending to them what is appropriate, welcome, and that is a very important clue: what is welcome and what is available. Now, it is not intended unless consciously invited… you are not inviting that energy unless it is a perfect, welcome again -match to come within your field.

Yes, the channel has spoken of posting a ‘no trespassing’ sign, and actually that is something that I in fact taught her until it became second nature, and that is what I suggest to many of you: you put up your shields that Michael has given you, you enfold yourself in the cocoon of pink and gold, and you use every ability to stay within your bubble, within your Seal of Solomon, so that you are not feeling in any way compromised. That is not the gift. And what is happening is this turning the gift of being empathic or telepathic or sensitive into a curse or a nightmare, and that was never the intention.

So the energy that is coming within you, because you are heartfelt individuals; the empaths are heart-centred already. It is not that you need to learn to become heart consciousness. You are already there. So what you are doing is you are doing the outflow. And you have a very clear stop-gap for the backwash or the inflow, because it is not necessarily for your highest good. You receive what you want to receive and nothing more and nothing less.

Now, I know that you will have a number of questions about this, dear Suzanne. Where do you wish to begin?

SM: Oh [laughter], I thought you would be going on for more! Okay. Well, I imagine the question on our minds collectively is how long this can go on that our sensitivity is increased while this world is still entangled in chaos? Like it’s more than just feeling other people’s emotions; it’s everything that’s going on.

And as we have more sensitivities, it can become a little more difficult. But what needs to happen feels to me like an integration of all our parts; that we truly understand that the full power of the Light is ready to come through us when we can successfully release all that no longer serves, all that does not have Love as its core. But maybe that’s different for everybody?

AAG: It is not different for everybody. In fact, it is identical for everybody.

Now let us explain. And that is why we say, “This is not going to stop or reverse.” And the sensitivity – and let us simply use those three terms interchangeably – the sensitivity is only going to grow as you become higher or more interdimensional, as you become more anchored in your heart awareness and consciousness, as you embody and become the living flower of the Mother, the blossoming tree.

These sensitivities are only going to increase. Now, is there chaos and mayhem upon the planet? Yes. But we are not suggesting that you allow, yes ‘allow’ that energy to enter into your field. So what you are doing is staying in the highest vibration, the vibration of Love, and the vibration – can we use that term, because many of you will understand it – of ‘self-containment’.

So that what is going on out there with the progression of the human race – as they resolve and come to an understanding that the mayhem does not serve them – that you are not participating. In your outflow, you are sending the energy out because you are observing it, you are the observer, you are the discerner of that energy.

It is not that you are blind. We would never suggest that because that would be in denial. But what you are doing is you are observing, you are discerning, you are sending targeted energy and Love where it is needed, but you are not taking it in.

That emotional trauma-morass-chaos-mayhem is like a cancer that has need and is being healed. And it is being healed by the Mother’s energies, by the increase of her gifts of Clarity and Purity and Grace. It is being healed by each of you that send Love. But you are not going there because it does not exist. What you would be doing is throwing yourself into a past reality that you have only recently escaped. That would be the most foolhardy thing you could ever do.

So what you do from your bubble is you observe, you discern, you send, but you anchor in the Unified Grid of Love, of One, of the reality of your true Self, and the truth of the collective.

So, we have not talked about this before, but what you are doing when you are entering into that Unified Grid is you are also connecting with the Higher Self of all of those beings that are perhaps still acting out. So you are connecting with the collective in an entirely different realm and dimension. And that is where you wish to be.

As a sensitive, if you enter into that foray, into that war zone, it will hurt you. It is that simple. You will feel like your circuits are being blown apart. You will feel the pain, the suffering, the anxiety, and that is never our recommendation.

Even those of you who work with our beloved Michael, Mi-cha-el, and travel with him in your night work, you go and you send and you insert Peace, and you anchor Peace, and you infuse the hearts of those that are engaged in various forms of violence. But you do not inject yourself and start participating in the violence. You would never get back to your bed! That is not the way in which to proceed.

When you are healing – I use this example because so many of you do healing work – you allow yourself to be the vessel and the energy passes through you, picking up your bright delight, and sends into either the environment, the individual or to Gaia herself, but you send it… you do not ‘pull out’ in the sense that you bring it into yourself, the disease, the agony, the sorrow, the pain. You would never do that.

So when you think of yourself as sensitive or as an empath, what you can start to think of yourself as is a Master Transmitter. Many of you are beacons – most of you. It is your second nature. You are beacons and you are anchors; you are pillars of Light in this time of transition, but you are transmitters. Yes, at times, you are also transmuters, but you are absolutely, as empaths, transmitters, and the transmission is outward.

You may collect pertinent collective information, but you view it only as information. What is extracted before you bring it in, before you allow it even in the edges of your field, you extract emotion, you extract ego, you extract what you can think of as recalcitrant, resistant or ‘dark’ energy. So all you get is information. Is this clear?

SM: Yes, it is. Something else that’s occurred to me is that it’s only what is true right now is what matters. So in this moment, if you are not experiencing… like the situation around the world: what is true for you in this moment is what to pay attention to.

But that also brings me to, say, environmental things that would be impinging someone’s sensitivities, for example, smells and loud sounds. We can protect ourselves to a certain degree, but we don’t live in caves and there are other people around us that have practices and things that might bother us. Would you have anything to say about those sorts of things, sensitivities?

AAG: You yourself, sweet angel, have indicated a wonderful way because it is the Truth of the Angelic Realm. When you conjoin into the One, the… if we can call it ‘the disturbance factor’… will go from 10 to a 1 or 2. Now will it completely disappear? No. Because it is also part of your beingness, those irritating smells, irritating sounds, discordance. Discordance is abrasive, and discordance is exceptionally abrasive to the empath.

And so what you are going to do is, as much as possible, is you conjoin into the reality of the One, of that Unified Grid, and you avoid situations that you know are going to bring about that discordance. Now, you live in a world – silence – unfortunately…it will be restored, but as you have said, dear Suzanne, we are talking about the ‘Now’. Silence used to be quite literally golden.

There are very few places upon your planet of sweet Gaia where there is true silence anymore. And even in the places of the grandest beauty, in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the Himalayas, in the deepest forest, there are still sound waves that were not there and that were not intended to be there. So that will come.

But to address your question – the irritating, abrasive sound, smells, even the observation of certain behaviors, has need to be toned down – put mufflers, cocoons, all around you. That is why I have suggested: see yourself in a cotton candy cloud and you are inside the cloud, that you have this soft, absorbent material all around you.

So not only are you in your bubble, your bubble is filled with the cotton candy, your shield of titanium is outside your bubble, and then there are many more layers of the cotton candy outside of that, so that those sounds are passing through many, many layers to come from a 10 to a 1 or 2. Because they cannot, in this moment. Are they dissipating? Yes. Have they dissipated? No.

SM: Right. Well, to what you’ve spoken to, my feeling is that one of the first things that sensitive people need to do is to embrace their sensitivity and say, “This is who I am and I love who I am, and I accept this; and I know I will find ways to navigate this world and be my beautiful, sensitive self.”

AAG: In all ways, it is about loving yourself. And to be a sensitive, to be an empath, to be telepathic is a gift. And it is… think of it as being a step ahead on the evolutionary chain. You are wanting to go to the higher dimensions where telepathy and the unified Love and the field is all there and available, where your 3rd and 4th eye are completely activated, where your vision and your auditory channels are wide open.

But to be in that space, in this very moment, you are a step ahead of the collective. But you are part of the evolutionary jump. So for you to not enjoy it as the gift it is and to Love yourself as the extraordinary being that you are, as the transmitter that you are, would be very sad.

SM: Yes. And what’s coming to me too is also to shake off the labels that have been put on us through life. Maybe our families were uncomfortable with our sensitivities, and we’ve been ridiculed for it and all that sort of thing. That needs clearing too. Anything that anybody’s told us about how we are, if it’s at all negative, to be able to transcend that and clear it. So the clearing and the acceptance of our Divinity is key here.

AAG: It is the acceptance of your Divinity, the acceptance of your magnificence, the acceptance of who you are. In another conversation that you have had with this Council, and you have talked about physical adjustments – of becoming younger, of becoming the beauty of who you really are – and the first step in that has always been the embrace of who you are in this very moment.

So the beginning point for all beings: empaths, sensitives, telepathics begins with the loving of who you are in this moment.

Now let us talk of something else that is exceptionally important, and I would be remiss if I did not bring this to the forefront.

For the empaths, for the sensitives in your New Realm where we are asking, inviting, begging you to step forward into action, to be the observer-participant… and that applies to all beings, all lightworkers, all love-holders, and we hope, the entire human race. For how else do we create Nova Earth? But, let us speak of this.

For the empath, the most important elimination, restriction of all, is the elimination of drama. It will never work. You will be in a world of misery if you do not, first and foremost eliminate drama. Drama has been the addiction of the human collective in the old third, and it has taken many faces and had many qualities. And they have all been aberrant.

So, one of the first things that an empath must defend, eliminate, exclude, expel from their lives is this drama. Now there is wonderful drama that they can become, you all can become re-addicted to. And you have spoken to the channel about this as you began today.

The daffodils peaking their yellow heads up through the ground, the leaves on the trees unfurling – this is the drama and the beauty of Gaia. This is the gift. But the drama of pain and suffering and sorrow and hurting and greed and lust and lack and cruelty… there is no place for it in the human collective, period.

But to the empath, to even glance in that direction… it is going to destroy you. So you must, and you will not hear us say ‘must’ very often, you must let it go.

SM: Yes, indeed. Well, this has been very wonderful, very very fabulous. I was wondering if you had anything else to say in closing?

AAG: Sweet Angels of Light, Starseeds, Earth-keepers, empaths, sensitives, let this be one of my final comments.

In the human collective, there is still this quality that is not charming and it is called ‘jealousy’. There are many who are jealous of your qualities. Now we are transforming this, you are transforming this, to admiration. Admire this wondrous capacity that you have and know that it is shared by the Angels, the Archangels, your Star family, the Ascended Masters and the Mother Herself.

Admire who you are and share freely. Be the transmitter that you came to be. Do not sit in exclusion, but sit in temperance of what works for you. And shield, cocoon, and send, not receive!

Go with my love beloveds, and go in Peace.

SM: Beautiful, thank you Gabrielle.

AAG: You are welcome, sweet one. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

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Heavenly Blessings – Saint Germaine on Intimacy – Channeler Linda Dillon – Host Suzanne Maresca – 11-19-14


Click Here To Listen To Saint Germain  and the Broadcast of Heavenl Blessings

Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon welcome the ever-popular Saint Germaine to the show to continue our fascinating discussions on the sacred nature of human sexuality.  Who better to remind us of the joy and connection available in our physical reality?

Saint Germaine has logged quite a lot of Earth time in human form, and we may just get a fresh and surprising (or not!) perspective from him about the role of the masculine in embracing the unfolding power and potential of human physicality.

Tune in for another leading-edge interview with the Keeper of the Violet Flame.

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Mary Magdelene – Sacred Nature of Sex – Transcript of Heavenly Blessings – Channeler Linda Dillon – Host Suzanne Maresca – 10-29-14



Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today marks for me the fruitful beginning of a conversation that I feel is vital to the evolution of human consciousness. Mary Magdalene will be joining us to bring a greater understanding of Sacred Partnership and the role of the physical human body in connection with our divine nature.

This is far from a new topic but we’ve reached a place in the expansion of our awareness that will hopefully allow for a discussion of the sacred nature of human sexuality to become a normal and relaxed one. For too long physical pleasure and intimacy has been made into a source of guilt and shame, while in truth our bodies are innately gifted with the ability to be directly connected to Source through ecstasy.

I’m delighted to be embarking on this journey here and now and if I had any doubts about taking the discussion to our show the Divine Mother put that to rest at the conference in Tahoe earlier this month. So, thank you Linda for all your work around that gathering, it was truly wonderful to meet so many listeners and to share our hearts and experience with one another. And it’s great to be back on the air. Good morning!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody and yes, it was incredible to meet so many listeners and followers of both the Council of Love and the Golden Age of Gaia, and really just to be with our soul family. We did work and it was really important but it’s just the fact that we get to be together as well, that was really phenomenal.

And I’d Love to make a little announcement if I could…Everybody who came to the Gathering was told, and I’m here to reassure you, that you would be getting the link so that you could watch the Gathering and do the meditations and continue with the work because that’s really important. It’s not just about 3 days and now I’m done, it’s so that you could watch the video and continue on.

facepalmNow, there’s been a delay in terms of the video company, Pashley, getting it to us. There was a mix-up in the mail, but we’ve been reassured that we will have that video by Wednesday afternoon. We plan to have it up and available to all the conference attendees by the weekend. It will also be available to purchase for those who didn’t register for the live-stream, who want to watch it and receive all those blessings because it’s already encoded in the video. So, don’t think that we forgot. It’s just been a little screwy in terms of the delay.

SM: It has been and I would like to invite conference attendees to write to me through the Contact Us on the Golden Age of Gaia blog site. I was so caught up in being in the moment that I really didn’t exchange contact information with very many people.

LD: Who was it that used to say “keep those cards and letters coming in”? (Laughter) So, that’s what we’re inviting you to do is write to us and tell us, too, what your burning issues are, what your core issues are and what you’d like to see us talking about and listening to.

This isn’t just me sitting in a room and meditating and receiving messages from Mother Mary or Sanat Kumara about what they want to talk about. It’s also not just Suzi and I coming up with a theme du jour, it’s building community. We really want to hear from you.

SM: Yes, beautiful. Alright, are we going to jump in here with a meditation?

LD: You know, it sounds like a plan.

SM: Fabulous.

LD: Away we go…so, welcome back everybody, welcome back Linda and Suzi.

fuschia roseLet’s begin by taking a nice deep breathe of that deep rose color, not a red rose but a deep pink, almost fuchsia, and breathe it in through your nose and breathe it out through your mouth as you sink into the chair, the floor, your bed, your car seat, wherever you are and let go. Let go the day, of your to-do list, of what lies ahead, what lies behind, and just be.

Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, relax your hands…put them on your lap…and feel yourself sinking in to wherever you’re sitting so that you feel like you weigh 2000 pounds, that you couldn’t move if you wanted to. And breathe that pink, that deep, rich pink; the sweetheart rose, the color of sunrise, the flush of a baby’s cheek.

And with each breath feel yourself going deeper and dropping into your heart. Now feel your heart, that beautiful place of emerald green, this morning turning into that pink rose, and feel it unfurl and blossom.

Open it wide. Breathe in that fragrance that is the blend of Mother Mary, the Magdalena and Gaia, and your beloved pink, your pink flame. Open it wide, wider, and feel that stem of the rose. Go down into your heart, your solar plexus, your Halion bridge, down into your umbilical, your pubic, and your root and feel each of these areas opening and blossoming and awake. And continue and feel that stem of your rose go down into the heart of Gaia, or as the case may be, up into the heart of Gaia, and feel that deep anchoring, not only to the Divine, not only to the Archangel Gaia, but to that earthy Mother, to that sense of being in your incredible body.

Take a moment and love your body, love this physical form that you have chosen, that you have designed in concert with your guides, with the Mother, with the Council of Love, with the Company of Heaven. Love yourself, not just your soul but your physical form.

Now, come back up to your heart and feel that blossom expand even further and allow that Love to be spread out, to be beamed out to every living person, every flower, every animal, every being upon the planet, no exceptions, because Love never judges. So beam and as you beam open and receive.

The continual and final message of Universal Mother Mary while we were together in Lake Tahoe was to prepare to receive. So, open your heart and receive.

Sacred UnionGreetings, I am the Magdalena, I am Mary, but I like and I choose to be called the Magdalena as well, for it is how I am known throughout, above and below. And I welcome you, my beloveds, this day and I embrace you, I enfold you, I reach out to you, I receive you and yes, I come this day to continue our conversations on the very nature and essence of Sacred Union, of Sacred Partnership, with yourself, with your beloved other, with the Divine, with your family.

These are inseparable, it is not merely a continuum; these are the pieces of a whole. You do not have one aspect of sacred union, of partnership, without having it all. Oh, have you thought and limited yourself in this manner? Yes.

Now, let us begin. Why do I deliberately choose to use this word? As you know, the Council has been redefining words and the understanding of many words in your languages, plural, because there has been grave misunderstanding.

I use this word ‘sacred’ because so often there is an actual or subtle belief in your psyche, in your emotional body, your mental body and certainly in your physical body, that ‘sacred’ somehow means ‘holy’ and that ‘holy’ somehow means ‘chaste’ and that ‘chaste’ means somehow not to engage in the physical realm.

My beloved family, why, why on Earth or Arcturus or Electra or Cee Cee Cee or Venus, why would anyone assume a physical form, particularly for the purposes of Ascension in this time, in this place, and then wish to divorce themselves from the physical reality of being in a body?

The physical vessel is a sacred creation; it is a co-creation with you, with the Mother, with your guides, with many. But the purpose is to know joy and to know Love, in all its forms, in form. There has been too much, and I speak of this from a very personal perspective, too much denial of, what we would say, organized religion, perhaps with the purest of intent…we do not judge, we simply discuss…but there as been too much denial of the physical reality.

There has been this, misconstrued is the nicest way to put it, misconstrued belief that the purpose of the body is to overcome the temptations of the body. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many throughout history…well brief history – 2000 years…have tried to portray me as a whore, as a wanton woman who was saved through the chastity of my beloved husband, Yeshua. Why was this so?

Well, one of the reasons, and there were many, but one of the reasons, in my training as an adept, as what you may think of as a priestess…that is not a term I would use…I was taught and I came to Gaia with the full knowledge and understanding of the joy of being in form, of the blessings of being in form.

Jesus & The MagdelenaThe Universal Mother has spoken to you about her grand passion for her beloved husband, Joseph. I will tell you the very first time I saw my beloved Yeshua, yes, my heart began to race and I felt that sense of desire, of passion for this man.

I did not merely love Yeshi because he was the son of God, because he was a savior, because he was a king, because he was chosen, in fact, in many ways that was part of the challenge of our relationship. Yes, we had and have a very deep soul contract but we also had a very sacred soul union.

But I did not long for this man, this human being, because of his position or the fact that the path that he walked and that I would walk and had already been walking. It was not merely about our sacred work as you would term it.

Our relationship, our sacred marriage was about the fullness of being on Earth, in loving one another in every sense of the word, of loving and honoring our sacred selves, of having a family, of sharing the joy and the sorrow, the laughter and the tears, the physical and the spiritual, the tangible and the intangible, the ordinary and the sublime. It was not limited, otherwise it would not have been a sacred partnership.

One of the areas that was, in many ways, overlooked with the marriage between Yeshua and myself was the patterning, the laying down, the example of what sacred union would look like, what it would feel like. It was not meant, and it did not, exclude sexuality or our physical form. How could it?

That would be like saying ‘yes, they lived upon the planet but they did not eat, they did not drink, they did not break bread or drink wine together.’ That was part of the joy, not only amongst us but with our friends, our family; it would have made no sense at all.

Part of being in form is knowing your divine connection and knowing your divine connection is not merely or restricted to spiritual practice, it is also in the physical reality, it is in the emotional body, it is in the mental body, and yes dear hearts, it is in the physical form.

To ignore your body and what that means in terms of physical intimacy in relationship; that is critical. You cannot separate, you can try, and therefore you are absenting yourself from one of the greatest joys.

So yes, we come to talk more and more, not exclusively but more and more, to bring your attention to your physical form because this Ascension is about being in physical form. And if you are not fully inhabiting your body, if you are constantly trying to get out and deny your body, then what is happening is you are only half-way present and you cannot be fully inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional, doing your physical work, your spiritual work, your family work if you are not present.

Let us start there. Yes Suzi, you may begin my dearest friend.

SM: Aha, you know, I have so many questions! I’m just wondering how gently we need to step into this dialogue because so many of us have deep conditioning around sex and intimacy. But conversations that I had with folks at the conference told me we we’re more than ready to launch into this. It’s time, and if people have discomfort around this, we can look at that as a road map for healing our sexual wounding.

friendsEarlier you asked why we would look at our bodies in such a way but it’s been a mission, it seems, of religions to make us feel that our sexual nature is a lower form of expression. It just seems to me that it would be a really great way to perpetuate the illusion of separation.

In my personal experience our physical bodies are a perfect conduit for connecting to the Divine through orgasm and ecstasy. So, what I would really like to know is if you have any suggestions as to how people can undo their conditioning because there’s so much shame and guilt around it?

MM: But understand and that is one of the reasons why we can have this conversation. Guilt, blame, shame, fault, all of these were constructs of your old 3rd dimension. Now, do you really wish to carry them into the renewed 3rd of physicality, into the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th? Of course not.

Now, what this sense of orgasm, which is very brief when you think of a day, orgasm is usually about 27 seconds. It is not that long is it? So why such a fuss? Well, I will tell you why, and it is the same conversation that we have had for thousands of years.

Now let us begin with singular orgasm, so yes, we will use the word masturbation. If you are having to pleasure yourself and you have that moment of ecstasy, everything falls away and you feel that connection, not only to the Divine, you become that spark of light once again so you remember. And what that does, dear heart, is it disempowers those who say, “I am your conduit to the Divine.”

So, of course they have to suggest that this, in fact, is not a legitimate way to connect. So, the way that that has been done is to say, “No, I speak directly to God and he tells me that such an act of bliss, of orgasm, is, in fact, dirty and a sin so you’d better stop doing that and go through me.”

Now this is the patriarchal that was then also passed along to the feminine, to women, to say, “Now, don’t you think of doing this either.” So, of course, since they did not want women to be empowered, and that was their greatest difficulty with me, I knew the sense of connection, spiritually, mentally, physically, every way.

And I also knew, as do you, that when you conjoin with your partner, with your sacred partner, because there is nothing casual about sex and intercourse, it is such a blending of energy.

twin-flamesMany of you spend time meditation, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for hours, sometimes for years, going into the cave to seek that merger with the divine, and yet when you engage in sexual intercourse what you are doing is you are merging with the energies of your partner and in that moment of bliss you are also merging with your twin flames and you are returning to that spark of light and merging with All.

So, it is a reinforcement, it is a signal to you that, in fact, there is no separation and that being in your body and taking joy, not only in sex but in brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, feeding your body, loving your body, loving each other’s bodies, that there is a joy of connection to the divine, not a disconnection.

So, to answer your question about how does one rid themselves of this guilt and shame or a fear. You did not mention thus but I will…in allowing oneself the ecstasy or bliss there is also that moment of surrender. There is that relinquishing of control and this is a point of great fear for many.

So, how do you let go of it? Give it away; it is that simple. Give it to the Mother, give it to me, give it to Gaia, give it to your guides. Look at it. Do not simply say, “Okay, now I am giving it away” because that does not work. So, look at what the function of that guilt or fear or that shame really is in your life and the role that it plays is to deny you joy, connection, Love and bliss. So it is a form of self-punishment.

SM: Exactly. May I ask you about your training? You said you came in to this life as an adept, so you were fully trained already?

MM: I was aware, the veil between my, shall we say, my oversoul and my being was fully open and yes, I was trained in many ways and in many traditions. I have said before and I do not think that many have fully heard me, is that when Yeshua and I came together it was a pact, a soul agreement, but I was already a full and open channel and I was already, what you would think of, as the specialist in ritual.

So, it was a perfect complement to our union. Not that it overrode the human aspect of being in relationship and family, but because I had had, from a very early age, about 4, had that open conversation directly with the Mother. I had the insight, I was very clear in my path. Some of my training was more to make me culturally appropriate for the times and for what lay ahead, but it was not training that brought me to be in the place of being in open communication with home.

Then the sacred rituals, which are so important, yes, many say now I do not need rituals, but certainly in that lifetime, the culture, and particularly Judaism, was very deep in ritual. So there was a strong belief system that things were done in a certain order; and this was true of many of the sects as well.

So yes, I was trained in various schools, what you would think of as mystery schools, to know the rituals and also…and that would include the ritual of physical body as well.

SM: May I ask you if there are many in form on the planet who might have trained in those schools with you, that maybe carry the responsibility of bringing the Divine Feminine back and the nature of our Divine sexuality?

MM: Yes there are. I was not a loner and yes there are many in the circle, can I say, of my sisters in particular.

But, of course, many incarnate now as men and yes, most are upon the planet.

SM: Wow. Will there be a time when we become activated and ready to spread the word? I mean, it feels a little awkward at this point but I really feel this is a vital message for people to get and understand.

MM: It is a beginning, dear heart. This is the beginning. Do you not think that the Mother, in her announcement or discussion has not opened that door? And it is time. You see, there has been so much beautiful work, strict adherence to reaching that sense of reaching, of yearning, of trying to connect and to ascend and many, to this day still think of Ascension as leaving your old body behind.

divine humanThe Mother has been very clear and I will be very clear, it is about bringing it all into your body. And you say, “Well, I do not know if I can carry all that.” Dear heart, you are constructed to carry all that and when you think of the term of orgasm, of that sense of bliss, yes you return to the spark of light but it is also a precursor, a sample if you would, of what it feels like to live and to be in physical divine union at all times.

SM: Right. Alright I have a question and this is somewhat personal, I’m just wondering if the rituals have changed? Because before I started reading about any of this I’ve been feeling it and practicing it with the Sun in my back yard in my hammock. It’s been a wonderful time and there’s so much information it seems like a wonderful manifesting tool. You talk about the importance of ritual but I feel like I’ve been doing this without even knowing what the rituals are. So, has that changed? Are we in a more direct access place at this point?

MM: One of the things that I taught, in addition to ritual, because I would prepare, for example, when we would have a gathering, whether it was in the middle of a field or in a sacred home setting, one of the things I would always teach is to develop your own sacred ritual.

What is ritual other than doing something in a sacred manner, of suggesting and connecting and the universe with all that is divine and holy and saying, “Now I join with you”? Do not think sweet angel that your hammock occupation is not a ritual because it is.

So, the key is not to follow what somebody else, whether it is me or the church or anybody tells you it is a sacred ritual, the way to do something. That is one pathway, but the point of ritual is for you to find what works for you.

Now, let us be practical because we are talking this day about physical intimacy. We are beginning to speak about physical intimacy and I am sure all of you have noted this: Sometimes a ritual for one couple will be to hold hands and to look into each other’s eyes ~ and perhaps it is always the prelude of a sweet dinner together or a glass of wine. For another it is jumping on one another as soon as you walk through the door. For another it is a lengthy prelude of a weekend together building up to the crescendo of intimacy.

It is a ritual, it is a mating ritual and is different for each person. So, why would sacred ritual not be different for each individual? It is the same for families; for some it is a ritual…Sunday dinner…there is an entire ritual in the laying of the table, the family coming together, what foods you cook, how you eat.

For others the ritual is Friday night spaghetti. For others it is we go as a family to the movies or we have a conversation every Saturday morning around the kitchen table. Each family has their ritual in how to come together. And these are sacred rituals and are borne out of what works for you.

SM: Right. Perfect. Thank you for that. I have a kind of a difficult question here and it’s about sexually transmitted diseases. It feels like there’s a lot of fear, that people don’t want to engage with one another for fear of sexually transmitted diseases. They’re all over the place and you can have it without even knowing it and pass it around and…are these things created specifically to keep us from this sacred knowledge?

MM: This is a difficult question as you have put it. Now, there are many aspects to this. Now, I begin by saying as you know when I suggest to you that sacred sexual intimacy is so much more than what people have thought of as sex, that it is a blending and a coming together of your entire field with another.

Kundalini_paintingIt is a merger that does not really have any other point of comparison in physical form. And that doesn’t matter whether it is heterosexual, woman to woman, male to male, it is still a sacred union because it is a heart union. So, sex without the heart is meaningless and in fact it can be risky, not sexually transmitted risky, but risky in terms of you are involving your field with another without truly considering what that means.

So, am I suggesting that casual sex is something that is encouraged? No I am not because it is sacred. Now, better to have sacred sex by yourself. Now, let us talk about the issue of transmitted diseases; yes, of course, there are pathogens, et cetera, but what are these? Oh, if you were a scientist you will tell me all the suggested ways, but truly they are ideation, they are beliefs that have morphed into form and it is a, what you can think of as a two headed hydra.

On the one hand, it prevents you from engaging in sexual activity that is not beneficial to you. On the other hand it is punishing you for what you want to do, which is absurd, And actually there is a third head to this hydra and that is to give you the fear factor, that in fact I truly want to engage but I don’t dare. So, you are held hostage by the fear.

Now, you are almost, and when I say you I mean the human collective, the vibration at which disease can flourish is actually quite low. So, if your vibration is low, and I do not say this, do not judge yourself, the vibration at which sexually transmitted diseases and many diseases can exist is an extremely low vibration. Now, because I say it is a low vibration it is also voracious.

When you are at a very high vibration, appetites, for example, are not veracious. When you are at a lower vibration, and I am talking energetically now, when you are at a lower vibration the appetite is veracious and it sinks its claws into your physical body. And so what happens is it feeds into your guilt, your fear, your shame, it holds you in the old 3rd dimension.

Now, is this some kind of plot on the part of those who wish to control? Not necessarily. Is there great money to be made by the various pharmaceutical companies? Yes. So, there is not a true human desire on the part of humanity to cure and eliminate these diseases whether it is AIDS or herpes, which by the way is probably the most virulent, voracious infection to cure. And so, it holds you in a lower place.

The solution, until such time as you have learned as a collective, not to simply know what drugs to use but to simply not allow the existence…and you are almost there…of such disease…dis-ease…is to practice safe sex but to not allow things like guilt and shame to bar you from your joy.

That would be like saying, “I do not like my body, it is slightly overweight, therefore, I will starve myself to death.” That makes no sense; the key to that is to eat more green, to connect more deeply with Gaia.

SM: Right, Ah, beautiful. I so appreciate you coming here to talk about this topic, it’s really important and I was wondering if you have any closing comments?

sister friendsMM: Dear heart, this is probably a surprise and I hope not a shock to many of you; I do not hold myself in a place of ascended master or saint. I speak to you as sister and for some of you as mother. I want you to know and embrace the joy of being in form; it is such a magnificent gift.

You are the carriers of Nova Earth, of the future, not merely of this planet but far beyond. How would you ever do that if you are not in joy of being in your body and that means all of your bodies, the physicality included?

So, I reach out to you as sister and I encourage you to not practice denial ~ practice fulfillment. Let go and truly embrace sacred intimacy because it is a gift. We have spoken of the issue of merging but what we have not really touched upon is the enormous gift that your partner gives you in that merging as well.

It is not merely you giving, it is the infinite ebb and flow of give and receive, it is that perfect balance. It is you saying, “My heart is open enough, vulnerable enough, and strong enough to truly engage in becoming One.”

And in that union is the creation, not merely of new life, of the continuation of the species, you are creating new life in each one of you and in-between you, you are creating beyond your imagination such an expansion of energy that it touches every heart upon the planet. That’s what Yeshua and I were doing.

SM: Beautiful. Would you be willing to come back to discuss in more detail…maybe things that we can do on the topic?

MM: I would be glad to for this is a conversation and it is my time to step forward and have it with thee.

SM: You’re most welcome, most, most welcome.

MM: Go with my Love sweet angels. And if you wish help with this issue, turn to me. If you wish to know what your sacred ritual is, turn to me, I will help. Go with my Love.

SM: I Love you.

MM: And I Love you, I Love all of you. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

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Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-21-14
© 2014 Council of Love