David Boyle about DISCLOSURE – Putin, Galactics – ET First Contact Radio – Host Maarten Horst – 3-21-15

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Accurate, insightful, complete information about current world affairs regarding possible UFO / ET Disclosure from the Kremlin, DEFCON 3 in the USA, and how the Galactics met with President Putin. Also, Sacred Geometry is discussed and the nature of Vortexes in nature, Chakra’s, Galaxies and a lot more.

Suzanne Lie – ET First Contact Radio – Host Maarten Horst – 1-31-15

Maarten Horst

ALKESH – Created Film: Conflict In Space – Maarten Horst (ET First Contact Radio) – This is Historic Broadcast (8 Secret Services Tuned In To Listen To ALKESH) – Contact w Sirians – Conversing w Sirian Mothership – Mothership is Living Breathing Organism, Consciousness – Causal Plane ( 2 Causal Beings working on our Ascension) – Sirians Preparing To Meet Earth Humans – Etheric Chronovisor in every room of Motthership – Earth People Need Preparation For First Contact – Our Capacity For Love Will Save Us – Universal Consciousness Is Everywhere – Mothership is Consciousness, Based on ( + – ) Energetic Duality – 10-9-14

Maarten Horst

Very insightful, uplifting and informative interview with ALKESH about the documentary: “Conflict in Space.” Listen very carefully from the beginning to the end because the information is detailed and complex. Take time to get this!

Conflict in Space can be watched here:


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Maarten Horst – In-Depth Interview with Alkesh – About Comet Ison and our Ascension – 2-4-14

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In-Depth Interview with Alkesh About Comet Ison ~ Maarten Horst 4 February 2014

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I just posted something from an earlier radio interview between Maarten Horst and Alkesh (here). At that time, I had only listened to the first of two interviews from Alkesh with Maarten, but the information Alkesh was delivering was so incredibly amazing and resonated so strongly with me that I felt compelled to go on to the next one. It took me a long time to get through it as I had motherly 3D “duties” to perform, but I was determined to get through it, and then post it here.

Please take the time to listen to it if you haven’t yet done so. As I mentioned in the earlier post, there are two radio interviews, as well as an article that was translated and published in the forum. Here are the links again:

Forum article
First interview
Second interview.

(**Update: Transcript now available here.)

Maarten admitted that the information had him at the edge of his seat. I would also be at the edge of my seat if I were sitting down instead of moving around when I was listening to it! A partial summary of the second interview follows:

  • Comet-ship Ison created a portal from our Sun to the Sun near the Galactic Centre (Galactic Central Sun?). This forms the conduit for a massive influx of energy at the time of The Event
  • 200 stars at other side of GC have over the past 100+ years (since 1898) been emitting high-frequency Cosmic energies that have been collected and modulated by ships placed strategically, and then transmitting these energies to the Sun near GC. This Sun is now ready to transmit this unbelievably powerful and intense energies to our Sun which will then beam to the Solar System, upon receiving an impulse from the Black Hole. The timing will be determined by Divine Will of the Creator
  • After The Event, the “split” (in awareness) will occur among the population on Earth
  • After the “slingshot” from the Sun, Ison now plays role of a lens, intensifying and concentrating astral energies from the constellations
  • Three phases to be performed by Ison on Earth: Phase 1: 27 Dec 2013 – 15 Jan 2014 ~ Ison enters Earth’s space, forming 90-degree angle between Earth and Sun, and activates changes in magnetic field of Earth through magnetic induction, also directs focused energies from constellations to Earth’s magnetic field. This is like an “imprint” for the new birth of Earth, leading to new identity and destination, when it starts to pulsate in harmony with the Galaxy.  Phase 2: March ~ Ison forms straight line with Earth, Sun and Moon, allowing Earth to receive exclusively powerful astral influences from constellations that enriches vibrations of Earth.  Phase 3: July ~ Harmonisation with Galactic frequencies and magnetic field of Earth resonates with Moon, in alignment with Universe. Earth’s frequencies finally synchronises with those of the Sun and Moon. Ison therefore “re-sets” Earth’s frequencies to what they should have been, if not for actions of negative forces
  • Source/origin of The Event is etheric, but will activate atomic structure at quantum level when it occurs ~ we will see surreal halo around objects in daily life
  • Night ~ sky will have Auroras
  • Day ~ sky brighter than usual; both night and day skies filled with scintillations and enchantments
  • Individual reaction depends of “where” we are in terms of whether we accept or reject this “initiation”
  • “Nothing remains as before”
  • Divine Gift of Divine Grace to us for evolving without giving up physical bodies.


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Alkesh – In Depth Interview about Comet Ison and The Event – Host Maarten Horst

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-This is the second, in depth interview with ALKESH-


ALKESH explains in detail. Listen very carefully! Note there was an interview before this one:


It all started with this video:


During the last show on Sunday, ALKESH and I made an in-depth interview and went deeper into the information the the mothership ANAIS has given him and shared details about The Event and how Comet Ison will trigger it.

See More at: