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QAnon: Preface A Patriot has surfaced

that is giving many hope

and he goes by the name of Q.

Let me start off by saying that the Q Anon /

Q Clearance Patriot posts are so vast in scope,

to summarize ‘everything’ is nearly impossible.

The posts paint a huge picture…

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MOTHER SEKMET – Finding Your Own Inner Strength – 12-18-17

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Dear children of Earth, of ascending Gaia, hear me.

I am your Mother Sekmet.

Much has been written of me but eroded away

through the sands of your time and history editions

. It matters not.

My message tonight, today, for you dear ones,

is that of hope …

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The GoldFish Report No. 142 – SAINT GERMAIN – MESSAGE of FAITH, FORGIVENESS, HOPE – Dr Werner with Winston Shrout and Louisa – 10-12-17

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Published on Oct 12, 2017 

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On The GoldFish Report No. 142 – Dr. Werner and Winston Shrout share an urgent message and reminder to humanity from Saint Germaine of FAITH, FORGIVENESS and HOPE for our present time. Dr. Werner explains the emotions we feel not only carry a frequency that resonates throughout all the organs in our body, but that we also project those frequencies out into quantum and manifest them. Winston reminds us to be mindful of what we send out because we create more of that reality because we are such powerful beings. Dr. Werner encourages us to have an “Attitude of Gratitude” and Winston reminds us to view events with “Loving Detachment” and not falling into the emotional trap and much more in this Inspiration Message of Love and Hope. You can address questions to Dr. Werner at 435-986-0025 or email him at Again, the links for the Parasite Cleanse, the St. Germaine Prayer and 12×12 Affirmation for 24 Strand DNA is here .… . ….

SELACIA – Choosing Hope in Dark Times – Using What You Know Intuitively — Forever Unlimited – 7-8-17

Choosing Hope in Dark Times –

Using What You Know Intuitively

Posted by Selacia – July 5, 2017

Planetary energies in these moments are pushing us to

redefine ourselves and what it means to

be powerful agents of change.

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Suzanne Lie -The JOY Of Hope – 11-14-16


Suzanne Lie

The higher message is come in like an invisible rain that your body feels but,
you, your consciousness, can’t quite interpret.

You, the human, feels an invisible message is caressing your heart and stimulating your mind.

Then you, the human, realize that you know something that you did not know before. That is, before you thought that maybe something loving, something special, was whispering into your imagination.

This special message feels like a first drop of rain after a long drought,
or a warm fire after being out in the freezing winter.

Yes, the winter has been long, and it threatens to offer another storm.

But, you refuse to participate in a frequency of reality in which that storm will be waged.

You know that “change is afoot,” as Sherlock Holmes would say.

But you do not know how that change will occur.

Will you even recognize it when it is in front of you?

Or will you walk right through the change and never know that an opportunity was missed
because you were “searching” rather than “being.”

A new operating system is being downloaded into the body of Gaia.

This operating system is planetary and is not influenced by mere humans.

In fact, most humans will not notice the soft breeze, the random thoughts,
and the quick moment of euphoria that you feel when there is no apparent reason.

How does it feel to be a bird and to lift off from the ground with the power of your wings?

You do not have wings, but you do have imagination, and imagination is fifth dimensional thought.

If your imagination can assist you to think fifth dimensionally,

your perceptions of reality will follow that thought as it travels

beyond the confines of third dimensional life and into your new reality,

as well as into your heart and mind, to grow those wings.

But your wings are not of feathers.

Your wings are of light and are invisible to those who are blind to the mysteries of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

Those humans are too busy seeing, hearing and living within the 3D Matrix that traps their imagination in worry and confines it in the dark fog of doubt.

Yes, there is doubt in your physical life because you are being squeezed into small packages of reality that some one else is creating.

Then, that some one else reminds you that there is something wrong with you.

They say that all you do is daydream and look off into that which is invisible.

But it is only invisible to them.

To you it is visible. To you it is real.

You see it, you hear it, and you wish to hold it in your heart and remember that hope is yours/ours to create!

No one, and no thing, can pry that hope from our heart and mind.

In fact, any one who would try to steal our hope would not be able to even perceive it.

Hope can only live as long as we remember that, “We are not alone”

We are forever guided, protected,

and loved by our own multidimensional expressions of SELF.

The fact that we can remember the difference between doubt and hope

allows us to “read” the energy trails that stream into us, around us, and through us.

We are the hope that we create

We are the hope that we accept

We are the hope of the ONE within the NOW that guides us through the storm.

We are the humans who are wet from the invisible rain of Light and Love.

We are the humans that are brave as a bull and gentle as a lamb.

We are our Multidimensional SELF within every cell and atom of our earth vessel.

WE ARE HERE NOW to follow our Hope

into the love that guides us HOME to our true SELF.

WE ARE HERE NOW to share our Hope with those who need it,

And even with those who dare not ask for it.

The joyous part of HOPE is that:

The more we give Hope to others, the more we give Hope to our SELF.

The joyous part of HOPE is when we give to others!

Hope is the gift that we give away

And it circles back into the Heart and the Mind of the Giver.

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– It is Time – Heed the Call to your Highest Potential – Jenny Schiltz @ Channeling The Masters – by Pauline Battell – 11-21-15

It is Time, Heed the Call to your Highest Potential

Posted on November 21, 2015 by

Many of you are feeling hopeless in these moments. The energy is unrelenting and the amount of clearing we are doing mentally and physically can be exhausting. The energy of the collective is thick and can feel quite like walking through pea soup. This is hard on us sensitive souls. I was meditating and the thought came to me that I wish you could see what I see, because you would feel hope. So I have decided to share my unique perspective.

As many of you know I hold sessions and readings and am blessed to come in contact with the most amazing people.  These are the healers, the authors, the caregivers, the energy anchors, the parents of the new ones, earth healers, artists and so many, many more.  It is the people who are awake and practicing holding energy and those just awakening. It is these people that give me hope for the world, for you see change is here. It is us that must focus on it, bring it to the forefront.

The amount of healers on this earth at this time is simply astounding. It is through them that I have had my definitions challenged and my eyes opened.  I have often thought of a healer as one who does intentional healing upon another, but that is so, so limiting. A healer can be the check out person who smiles at every customer. It can be the mechanic who fixes machines that then provide people what they need. It can be the crossing guard who learns every child’s name that is on their route. It is the ones who bless all around them or save a spider from being squished. It is the ones that constantly reach beyond the beginning layer of energy UP to the highest layers and fill themselves with joy.  These amazing people are all around us, we just have to see them for their incredible worth.  Likewise, we must see our own worth, see our own contribution even when we feel lost and overwhelmed. So my definition has changed; to me a healer is one who does whatever it is with LOVE, for all around are healed in some form just by being near them.

So many are awakening and feeling that call for something more. It is as if an alarm clock is buzzing within, telling them it is time. IT IS TIME. It is time to heed the call to reach our highest potential, to put aside the fears, the worry and doubt and go for it. One of the themes I have been seeing in my readings is that we all have so much to give, the limit is only what we make it. Yet, we get in our own way. We allow beliefs, definitions, and thoughts to stop of in our tracks. We allow the big picture to overwhelm us and steal our power. It is like my 7 year old telling me she wants to be a psychologist, but says she can’t go to college for 8 years; when she shouldn’t worry about that now.  Her focus needs to be on learning to read and going one step at a time.

Everything in life is simply small steps, taken one at a time. It’s taking those steps THROUGH the fear, doubt and worry and throwing yourself a little party when you do. It’s about seeing how much you have learned and grown and not focusing so much on the outward expression of it. Its about seeing the lesson in the experience and leaving behind the pain. It is about honoring your humanness and your spirit. It’s validating what the human feels and then allowing spirit to shift your focus. We look at others who have accomplished the goals we want to accomplish and see only the end result. We don’t see how they struggled, the fears they had to silence, and the doubt that ate at them in the quiet moments. We don’t see all that they had to overcome within themselves; because if you did, you would know that you can do anything too.

I have so much hope for humanity and this world because of all of you. If you could see yourself as I see you, you would be amazed. Your potential is limitless, your love so very strong. Now its time to get out of your own way and follow your heart, living fearlessly.

So much love to all of you!


P.S. I thank everyone who shares this site for the benefit of others. Facebook has blocked me for a bit so I rely on all of you. Thank you again.


**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it* go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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Serapis Bey via Julie Miller – Hope Does Matter – 3-28-15

Serapis Bey: Hope Does Matter. Received by Julie Miller,, March 27, 2015

No matter how much talent, ability or skill that you have it is not enough to get you to the outcomes you wish to achieve. Of course having decent skill, talent or abilities will help you to a point, but if you don’t believe in the direction you are going, the best ideas will only take you so far. You can have the best engine in a car made for driving, but if you don’t drive it, it will not take you anywhere.

There are many different views, understandings and perceptions on what delivers you to your goals which include being; optimistic, empowered, tenacious, determined, meticulous, drive and having a healthy self-worth are just a few helpful means that will help see you through your goals, but one mean that is often undervalued that is particularly essential is hope. If you don’t believe in your goals, dreams or ambitions, no amount of skill, talent or ability will bring you the kind of success you are aiming for.

Even now, in your modern, fast-paced era, hope often gets ignored. Many dear souls compare hope to someone who is naïve, wishing for a dream to come true even when pushed against the proverbial wall they push forward sometimes tentatively but smile optimistically. Hope does matter.

Hope is not some new-fangled concept recently introduced: positive thinking and being hopeful for certain conclusions to occur have been consistent throughout many actions and pathways, where people existed and evolved.

Those with pure hope in their hearts demonstrates that they have the determination and the backbone to achieve their goals and dreams, understanding that each goal they are aiming to reach will have their own unique strategies to overcome. With hope, you have the will and determination to get to where you are going, even if the path getting there is narrow and different than others.

Have you ever pondered why hope is so essential, especially now when all the information you need is literally at your fingertips? Just because your era is must faster and more technologically advanced than previous eras, life is still difficult and challenging. You have many difficult encounters and obstacles to overcome.

Having just goals is not enough dear ones and you know this. When you engage your goals, even your tasks with a hopeful and optimistic attitude, you are permitting yourself to tackle any problem enthusiastically with a firm mindset that you will succeed no matter what crosses your path. It is your determined and hopeful spirit that helps to enhance the potential of you fulfilling your goals, dreams and even your tasks.

Hope is a dynamic, feel-good emotion, it is motivating and empowering. Understanding the value of hope provides you with the comprehension that your emotions and feelings follow right behind your cognitions, instead of your cognitions following your emotions and feelings.

Hope, dear ones, provides you with the feel-good inspiration to learn new things and to aim for new goals and to engage positively in the progress of your goals and to remain focused and on track. You can see this with many of your star-athletes, or even from celebrities that started out on nothing but a dream; because they had hope, the persevered every setback and achieved.

Even though there are many people that reside on this fine planet that have a strong sense of hope and believe in themselves and in their dreams, and goals, there are also many dear souls that lack hope and these folks when faced a difficult challenge while on the road to master a specific set of goals tend to quit if they stumble or make a mistake.

It is unfortunate, the many dear souls that lack hope often portray themselves as being helpless, lacking control over their situation. In addition, they lack a healthy self-worth and don’t understand the importance of believing in their goals or the kind of future obtaining their goals and dreams can bring.

Regardless if you consider hope to being a mere trait or state of being, understand dear ones it is also greatly related to all the positive outcomes you have already encountered and will encounter in the future. Hope has been connected to divergent thinking, academic achievement, and thoroughness.

Hope brings you to making higher quality ideas that ultimately brings you to a higher, and more lighter way of living and being. You are more productive and perform at a higher rate when you are motivated, and it is hope that fills each motivation of each goal or dream that you are enthusiastically pursuing.

Before beginning any kind of test, meeting, or even situation that requires you to perform at your best or to persuade your ideas to be heard, begin by believing in yourself and what you can positively bring to every new situation. Even if you are writing a test, having an interview or needing to discuss something with your doctor, spouse, or even someone else; you must believe that you have all the means to do well, seeing each opportunity as your time to shine.

Hope has before been compared to other means of mental and emotional vehicles, such as self-worth, optimism and enthusiasm. When your self-worth is healthy, you believe you can achieve anything. If you are optimistic and enthusiastic, you are demonstrating that everything will fine, no matter what. Being optimistic, enthusiastic and having a healthy self-worth are all vitally essential and add to your ability to be hopeful and that you will attain your goals, dreams and fulfill your tasks. When you have hope, the pathways to your dreams and goals widen and provide you with all the plans needed to achieve every step of your goals.

The motivating aspect of hope predicts your well-being and self-worth and the direction hope moves you towards inspires optimism and enthusiasm. We know you like to daydream about your current ability as being the greatest judge of any future success. Remember dear ones, hope will take you there as it is hope that builds up any ability you didn’t think you had or was weak and shows you another way. Hope is an essential part to achieving all your goals, dreams and even your tasks. When you believe you can, you will make things happen.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Steve Beckow – A Fellow Lightworker – Why Does the Wounded Light Worker Keep on Going? – 11-9-14

Woman 22The author looks back on the trials she passed through in life and what sustained her.  She requests anonymity.

Why Does the Wounded Light Worker Keep on Going?

A Fellow Lightworker

The number one thing that has kept us going is that Spirit in some form always comes through with a sign, some action, insight, a word or knowing, giving Hope, giving us a way, a reason to not stop at every boulder in the “road” of our immense journey of pretending we could be separate from Love.

As I sit here now under a darkened sky, I still hear little rain feet walking on my roof, and I remember that the sun is still shining somewhere behind those clouds. It’s part of the journey…of remembering.

Also I feel the love in my heart and soul, burning steadily…always there, reminding me I am connected.

It has not always been so, but looking back, we always see more clearly where God /Love entered to show us hope, the way, the next step … and why the next breath. In this sharing, it’s my desire that anyone still needing hope might find it here, for it’s everyone’s story; just different players and script on the carousel of life. And the overcoming belongs to everyone.

As a young child… it was the huge forest where we lived, where I would go and hide and let it swallow me, calm my body, and fill me with love and safety after a hard spanking and rejection, where I could dream again of the fairy tales and be the rescued princess.

Sometimes it was to be rescued by angels that would come, like the time my body was full of fever and would retain no water. Mother was gone. Then came the angels who told me, “You don’t want to be here, do you? Come with us.” But my Spirit had other plans, and I heard a male voice in my head say, “Get up and go to the kitchen. There is a warm glass of milk on the counter. Drink it slowly.” So I did, but it didn’t taste like milk. However, it did stay down so my body could live. It was years before I realized there was no one home at the time, and that that was a miracle.

It was ice cream after a tonsillectomy where they had to tie me down because I thought the anesthesiologist was trying to kill me. So I fought all the way.

It was the warm fur and purr of the cat who climbed through the window by my bed to comfort me when I was sick with the measles.

When I was four years old, it was what my Mother said when I told her I was going to run away from home and find a place that treated people with kindness. Her reply was, “Just let me know when you’re ready and I will help you pack.”

When at age 10, in the face of a horrible nightmare of the Papa trying to kill me, I left my body sitting up in bed, screaming so my Mother came and offered to have me to come sleep with her. And the even greater release from fear the night when my much injured Papa (physically and mentally) finally found his rest and took his leave. I awoke to a feeling of deep peace that filled every cell of my body, and I knew he was gone. It was the greatest hope that MY life could go on.

Two years later, it was the all-night agony and deep tears of regret, without any sleep because Mother had passed the day after a stroke. Somehow this over-emotional charge had made some changes in my brain. In the morning, I walked like a zombie down the stairs. Now I know it was what we call a deep trance state. The tears were gone, the agony had turned to a warm feeling in my heart, as I walked down to sit on my rock by the little stream in our yard.

I had my connection to Spirit. I wrote my first poem and it was amazing. It kept on feeding me with hope every time I read it after that. For the first time I remember I actually talked to God. I thanked him for taking my parents, and told him I had no one to take care of me now, so He would have to do it. Then out of my mouth came, “And by the way, God, I have to know the truth about life and death.” That was what I pursued in my life thereafter. I lived in constant hope of discovering it until I did.

It led me to and through many good, helpful therapies, workshops and trainings to recover my child self. I found the truth teachings of the Masters, a visit to an Immortal one in India, and then to an Ancient School of Wisdom.

Along the way after that, the body had many challenges for survival via injuries and disease. It included almost checking out twice. The first time was after a hysterectomy. In those days, no one knew much yet about something called Candida yeast overgrowth, but that was what was in the tumors in the uterus. With it gone, the yeast invaded my entire body. I lost a job because my brain stopped working like it should, and it was a road downhill physically after that.

Without the hormones and the yeast getting stronger, depression and death urges rose to the height of suicide plans. I just could not feel any connection to love, to Spirit. It was the biggest “dark night of the Soul” I could imagine.

As I tossed and turned in my bed, searching for a reason to live, I remembered I had a Soul mate somewhere. I had also been taught that the male has the qualities of strength and courage, so I called on my Soul mate, and felt an instant connection. I thanked him for coming and told him I was in need of his strength and courage, and would he please help me, or I might just be checking out of my body very soon.

I saw a golden light and felt the love awaken in my heart again. Tears of joy and relief ran down my cheeks. It was not long after that I remembered it would be a great risk to leave this body because it has such a beautiful singing voice, and there was no guarantee I might get another body that could sing. So I gave up the pursuit of checking out.

However, the Candida yeast did not check out. In the year to come, it took me to the point of death again, although it was not with emotion or a desire to leave. It just was. That was when my Master Teacher sent an amazing experience my way.

One night I was awakened just enough to hear footsteps coming down the hall, then my bedroom door opened. In my altered state, I saw the death figure; a white skeleton inside a black-hooded robe. I knew what it was, so I said a big “no” to it, and it faded away. Later in my contemplation, I realized this event was so I could say “no” to death because I had said “yes” before.

After this, I was led to a holistic healer who was doing research on Candida yeast infection, and helped me get rid of it. Two months later I had a dream where I was feasting with others in attendance with the Babaji I had visited in India. He came to me and gave me the most hopeful message of all time: “Last Nov. 16 – 17 you almost died, but We have grander plans for you.”

This became the eternal “carrot” that always led me on and kept hope in my heart, no matter what I went through on the way to this now. That included two car wrecks, a broken rib, knee, and brain concussions (all healed now).

So now it’s my hope that anyone reading this, can know even deeper that the will to live is always stronger than the will to die, because life is eternal, and truth does lead us on. Here, with our blinders veiling from us the truth and light we truly are, the invisible power of Love holds the wand of the conductor of our lives. And all that God needs is our willingness. And all we have to do is ask for help. Even when it cries out from the silence, we’re always heard.

Surely when you close your eyes to remember, there will a sunburst through the dark clouds, a warm summer night with stars filling the heavens, music so soft and sweet it wiped away all the tears and brought us a brand-new day. It’s the Love inside us, weaving golden threads of hope through troubled times. Sometimes it seems to be invisible, but if you are reading this, you lived, and it worked. Love always works.

So keep going. The Masters, Galactics and Archangels keep feeding us with the greatest hope of all: release from the separation programming and the rule of the Dark Lords, a world of peace and freedom. It includes going back “Home” with a transformed body instead of leaving it to the worm once again. Yes, it needs our focus to manifest, but it is the biggest carrot of all.

To this day, if my energy should jump below the fourth level of love, I nibble at this giant carrot of hope, and know in my heart, it’s already happening, and I see myself already safely in the oneness, in the eternal arms of Forever Love.

I drink deeply of its Truth and Joy. It has never deserted us, for our Creator is very wise, and put truth inside us where it could never hide for very long, and could never leave.

Music of the Heart (1999) – Music and Trailer

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Sheldan Nidle’s Update – Hope For Humanity – Spiritual Hierarchy – Galactic Federationof Light – 9-24-13


Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to share some reflections on what is happening on your world. The dark cabal’s debt-based economic system is truly ‘on the ropes’ and continues to induce a rate of debt formation that is quite astounding. In effect, it has reached a point where the weight of debt is beginning to gouge into the infrastructure of the system, threatening to rip it asunder, and it has become clear that the dark can no longer hold the center together. It sees the moment approaching when a new system must take over and recognizes that this signals the end of its time at the top. The global currency revaluation in many ways represents this turn of events and indeed, we consider the revaluation to be the ‘kick of the mule’ which is to jettison these haughty ones from power. We also know that a totally different type of economic system is waiting for just such a moment in order to come on line. Our allies are at the ready and are shortly to force the demise of the old, decrepit, wicked system, thus throwing open the gates to a reality filled with the glory of the Light and which will transform global consciousness.

Heaven’s sure and steady hand has been guiding the multitude of changes which is driving your new reality into manifestation. Those who have long intended your harsh society to be replaced by a more Light-oriented one are jubilant about what is now to happen. We, too, are greatly looking forward to your present unwholesome regimes being terminated. As you know, the dark cabal was determined to make endless drudgery a permanent condition of life on Earth and has been pulling out all the stops to derail your rise in consciousness and all that the Light stands for. For so long you unwittingly participated in the dark’s deceitful scenarios, believing that there was no alternative and no end in sight. Now, all that is history. We were summoned here by the decrees of Heaven to move these hapless ones aside at the divine right time, and that magical moment has now arrived! Everywhere, the signs of transformation are evident for those who see clearly what is being written and expounded upon by your various economic pundits. The time is now!

We are being emphatic today for a purpose because you need to know that we are committed to the truth and to action. The dark ones’ philosophy of trusting their ability to somehow muddle their way through every difficulty will not work this time. Forces dedicated to the cause of the Light have made sufficient progress to bring the illicit and ill-gotten house of cards down once and for all, and we are ready to assist when and where our help is asked for. All is ready to go and we are so proud of what our allies have accomplished. Your world is straining at the seams with multitudes of good deeds and natural events that are arranging the pieces so that they can burst into a florescence of freedom across the globe. Gaia is very happy that your growing consciousness is making it harder and harder for the dark to continue its cruel and illegal games with you. The accelerating levels of Light have summoned forth the required conditions for a legal, bloodless coup which is to gleefully eject these killjoys from power.

We are celebrating what is about to happen. The dark cabal has always been confident in its ability to hoodwink you into accepting deleterious policies which lead to war and needless suffering. Now you are turning their dreams of permanent control into a nightmare, in which your growing rebellion signals the inevitability of their self-inflicted doomsday. Our allies have maneuvered the cabal out onto a ledge from which there is only one way down! The new governance is to bring an end to a long series of cover-ups which hid the truth from you about a variety of new, liberating technologies; about our benevolent existence; and the fact that Gaia is hollow and supports an advanced, 5-D society within her sacred living interior. Ultimately, full consciousness is our common goal. The aim is to return Gaia and indeed the entire solar system to their former pristine, higher-consciousness state. Once achieved, you are to complete what the ancient Lemurians nearly accomplished. Then you can turn your attention to the matter of ensuring a permanent galactic peace.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to comment on what is happing to Gaia and to you. You are transitioning from limited to full consciousness. You are being prepared to move into the spiritual wonders which is full consciousness, by integrating your full spiritual essences and learning about who you really are. This blessed process is somewhat painful and opens you up to experiencing subtle intimations of what you are to be in the very near future. There is so much to learn and very little time in which to absorb it into your Being. To help you to complete this process, you will need some very special hands-on guidance. Our mission is to assist you by presenting information in large but very digestible chunks. We Ascended Masters have all had to do this over the course of several lifetimes, but you have only this one in which to become enlightened. We welcome you with open arms and fully intend to take you over the finish line!

As Ascended Masters of surface humanity, Spirit has assigned us a most wondrous and grace-filled task. Each of you is a grand spiritual essence that was born into a reduced capacity of mind in which it is hard for you to grasp what we are trying to describe. Full consciousness is when the entirety of physicality and of Heaven merge into coherence within you. Then, each thought you have is reflective of this coherence, allowing you to be cognizant of and at one with the Creator and an amazing divine plan. You can then confidently use your abilities and talents to unfold physicality and to know the whys and wherefores of any event in your past, present, or future. This happens because these illusory linear-time constructs of the third dimension are now merged into the one eternal now moment of 5-D where they can easily be read. To realize this ability, and many, many others, you need to learn about the physics of physicality and Spirit.

The attainment of this essential wisdom took us many lifetimes of very spiritually dedicated lives to accomplish. Now Heaven desires you to likewise integrate this wisdom, but you are to do it with a great deal of spiritual and physical assistance. This assistance will begin with the essential foundation of new governance and a great liberating prosperity for each one of you. It is time to be, to learn, and to accept many things: secrets hidden by the dark will be disclosed; great wealth will be shared; and branches of your human family, long denied easy access to you, will come to envelop you in a home-coming that is central to your achieving Heaven’s grand decree. You are enormously blessed because you represent a group of humans who are shortly to transform your entire solar system and indeed, the whole of this galaxy. You are destined to spread a great Light across the galaxy and to integrate it with what is now sweeping throughout this grand Universe!

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. Incredible events and shocking announcements are about to take place. These will transform your world and permit you to become fully conscious Beings of Light. Ahead of you lies a new reality and most importantly, a new state of Being! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Calling For Unity – Healing Of Our Planet

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Your choice to love transforms the world. Let us together hold the planet in love.
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Archangel Metatron – Pleiadian Message – May-28,30-2013

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Archangel Metatron ~ Hope, being in peace and going with the flow ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont…
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“Make A Wish.” Pleiadian Message For May 28, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.
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Dalai Lama – Hope

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaks about the need for hope in our lives in this clip from his Keynote Address at Tulane University’s 2013 Commencement held at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on May 18, 2013.

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What a Wonderful World – Playing For Change

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Playing For Change is proud to present a new video of the song “What A Wonderful World” featuring Grandpa Elliott with children’s choirs across the globe. In these hard times children and music bring us hope for a better future. Today we celebrate life and change the world one heart and one song at a time!!

This video was produced in partnership with Okaïdi childrens clothing stores. Okaidi designed a special line of PFC T-Shirts to be sold in over 700 Okaïdi stores worldwide this holiday season. Okaïdi has committed 1 euro per T-Shirt sold to go to supporting the PFC Musicians and PFC Foundation’s music education programs. We thank them for their generous support of the Playing For Change Movement!

Archangel Michael – Pray for Peace ♥

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Dear ones how many times a day you send the prayer of peace to your world? How many times dear ones? I hear you dear ones and I know not so many of you do send your prayers. Beautiful ones, I am asking you today to take a few moments of your precious time to stop and send your prayer of peace throughout the world. Your beautiful world indeed is in a great need of peace and harmony and if you all can contribute to the world peace by taking a few moments of your time you can make a great shift on your planet.

Our Innocence, Tribulation – Our Rainbow Is Near

Maya Angelou – Gather Together In My Name

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Born April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri, Renowned poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, playwright, producer, and director…

Maya Angelou – And Still I Rise

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In addition to her well-known autobiographies, Maya Angelou has steadily written poetry over the years. In this video Professor Angelou recites her poem, “And Still I Rise,” from her volume of poetry And Still I Rise, published in 1978.

Spring 2013 – Upcoming Flower Garden

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I have driftwood roses still blooming and pansy. In the spring you will see a beautiful full flower garden, Tulips, daffodils, Hyacinta, and many more beautiful flowers for the spring. Thank you for watching this short video.

Never Give Up On Yourself!

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Nicholas James Vujicic born on 4 December 1982 is a preacher and motivational speaker — born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. He struggled as a child, eventually came to terms with his disability and started his own non-profit organization Life Without Limbs — at age seventeen. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide, on life with a disability, hope, and finding meaning in life..

Sophie’s Miracle

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5-month-old Sophie, our miracle girl, after 3 weeks of physical therapy, is supporting her own weight, and beginning to walk on her own! |

Even though she’s had remarkable results from physical therapy, the doctors all now agree that she will need surgery to remove the mass from her spine in order make a complete recovery. Please donate to help us pay for Sophie’s treatment:…

or mail a check to:
Westside German Shepherd Rescue
1845 Pontius Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Watch Sophie’s other videos:
Sophie’s First Steps:
Sophie and her Big Brothers:

Sophie was abandoned at a local high-kill animal shelter and slated for immediate euthanasia because she couldn’t walk. Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles saved her not a minute too soon. Our vets discovered a mass on her spine in the neck area. She has been undergoing physical therapy (including hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage, and laser therapy) to build her strength and coordination.

We are so encouraged and excited to see her rapid progress, because prior to this, she wasn’t able to even support her weight at all. We are hopeful that she will eventually regain the use of all 4 legs and run and play the way any puppy should. Please help us continue to give Sophie the love and support she needs to make a full recovery.

Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes. Sophie is just one of many dogs that Westside has saved.

Westside German Shepherd Rescue recently lost its major source of charitable funding, and is struggling to survive. We depend entirely on the donations of caring animal lovers like you. Please visit to see how you can help.

Music for this video: “Ordinary Miracles”, written by Alan & Marilyn Bergman, and Marvin Hamlisch, sung by Nancy LaMott

David Wilcock – The 2012 Enigma