COUSINS CALLING – Anshar via Tarashtan – 12-25-19 – via

Anshar from Inner Earth via Tarashtan, December 24th, 2019

Per Staffan December 25, 2019
Agartha ( Channeled from Inner Earth)

Cousins Calling | Anshar via Tarashtan


Cousins Calling!

Heartfelt greetings from the Anshar of Inner Earth. You may count us among your human cousins. We are of you and for you.

Our group has evolved from you. We came back here to accompany you through the passage from enslavement to freedom. Our very existence depends upon your success; and you can scarcely imagine the depth of our solidarity.

We have long remained beyond your sight, but that time is ending. We wish now to expand our contacts and communications with you in preparation for the meetings to come.

Today we’ve asked this writer to speak on our behalf. And the first message we’ve asked him to deliver is that we are seeking more telepathic communicants. At this auspicious moment in your collective development, many of you are capable of clearly hearing and conversing with us. If you feel so inspired, please join in the process of listening to us, conversing with us, and perhaps even sharing our messages with others. Each of you hears differently, with different terms of reference. And each of you has unique experience and insight to bring to our exchanges: even if we may only discern them through your questions. We have much to share with you and much to learn about you. And there is much scope for us to work together for the benefit of all.

May our teams begin to assemble!

Our second message won’t be news to most of you. It is about the remarkable progress that you are making. In three-dimensional reality, your world looks to be a mess, and all your prospects badly compromised. But in four-dimensional reality, the old powers are collapsing and victory has become inevitable. In fifth-dimensional reality, your liberation has already been achieved, and you and all your diverse supporters now celebrate exultantly. Yes: you are losing; you are winning; you have won. Each statement is true, depending upon one’s point of view.

We wish to remind you that you can easily choose the level at which you view your world and how you conduct yourself. When you key into the fifth-dimensional wavelength of victory and exultant celebration, you may enjoy yourself more while easing the collective transformation. We do respect your choice in this. We wish mainly to remind you that you do have that choice. Sometimes, in the midst of turbulent change, it can be forgotten!

Now for our third and final message of today. We hope you will read it closely and reflect on it in the coming days. Our third message is about messiahs and saviours.

You don’t need a messiah and you don’t need a saviour. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

The great need and opportunity of your time is for each of you to awaken to the infinite power and presence within yourself. This is the way to God, because God lives within. Anyone standing before you proclaimed to be your way to God will seek (or be used) to corral you and lead you away from freedom and fulfillment.

Please don’t fall for this again!

Remember that every true teacher or prophet who ever came to you endeavoured to reveal the unlimited power within you. It was only after each great helper passed on that a control-minded group would invert and modify the original teaching in order to prevent liberation.

All good things begin within. We succeed when we balance outward attention with inward attention. As you proceed to clean out corruption and restore goodness all around you, you must also clean out corruption and restore goodness deep within you. These outward and inward aspects of transformation are interdependent and must progress together.

Be your own saviours, therefore. Freedom, health and happiness will reward your courage and responsibility.

We stand by, ready to help. We are ready to talk to you now. And we look forward to meeting you in the next leg of your journey!

We are the Anshar of Inner Earth. You may count us among your human cousins. We thank you from the depths of our being for your existence and your emergence.

– Tarashtan


ZORRA CALL – Short Update and Message! – 6-30-2019 – via Blog Talk Radio

ZORRA CALL – Short Update and Message! – 6-30-2019 – via Blog Talk Radio

Zorra* Zaraya * Jane

Dear beloved Goddesses and Gods

Our call will be short and sweet. Many of you have asked to have another call since the RV/GCR has not manifested as quickly as had expected. Unbeknownst to you it was still moving forward. Much has been happening behind the scenes. There have been delays for a number of reasons including the Cabal interruptions or interferences and changes in the direction of the process. We are indeed talking about a gigantic Global Event with 209 countries involved and the many, many people involved!

Indeed this journey has been very challenging and has definitely tried our patience, to put it mildly some would say. But stay the course and forge ahead for we, with the huge help of our Galactic Families and Ground Crew have won this battle!!!

Love to All,  Zorra, Saraiya, Zaraya, Jane/Quazar


New Dimension – Zorra Call – Updates, RV / GCR – 6-4-19

“Encouraging and informing people to get ready for the coming ascension of Earth and its inhabitants to a higher dimension; and for the arrival of the Galactic beings from various star systems. “

6-8-2019 “Zorra Call” Updates and What happens after RV/GCR?

Zorra* Zaraya * Jane

The Smokey God – Hollow Earth Revealed


Published on May 16, 2011

Stephen Sindoni narrates a novel written in 1908 by Willis George Emerson entitled “The Smoky God.” It is the story of Norwegian sailor Olaf Jansen who explains how his sloop (vessel) sailed through an entrance to the earth’s interior at the North Pole. For two years Olaf Jansen claimed that he and his father lived with the inhabitants of an underground network of colonies who, Emerson writes, were a full twelve feet tall and whose world was lit by a smoky central sun. This is by far one of the most notable stories of the hollow earth ever written

Zorra Call – Life In Hollow Earth – Zorra * Zaraya * Jane, special guest Dr. Quila, Q&A – 2-2-19


Published on Feb 2, 2019

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DIANE ROBBINS – Message from the Hollow Earth – Library of Porthologos – 10-21-18 – via Operation Disclosure



The Library of Porthologos Is in a Huge, Carved-Out Cavity

Thanks to
The Library of Porthologos is vast and round, situated within the inside of the Hollow Earth cavity. We are in a huge, carved-out cavity. We are not out in the open as you might imagine. Mother Earth keeps her inner grounds pristine by providing living space within her interior body and not out in the open spaces.

Our inner caverns are perfectly suited to our living style and when we want to swim in the oceans or climb the mountains, it is but a short trip to the center of the Hollow Earth cavity in our electromagnetic vehicles that levitate through the vast tunnel system in just minutes of your time. You will all experience this soon, as the time of our emergence will bring us to you and we will escort you to our homes within the Earth. All is lit up in the softest and clearest of light, and the temperatures are perfectly suited to our health and strength.

All our lives we’ve waited for this moment to connect with you on the surface, and now it is here. Our hearts are brimming over with love for all our lost brothers and sisters, and we yearn to connect to each and every one of you again. Our hearts are one.

Our Haven Underground

There are so many Catharians gathered around me, Mikos, as I dictate this message to you. We are out on the grounds that surround the great Library of Porthologos. We are sitting on grass that is as soft as a cushion, breathing in the fragrant, oxygen-filled air that keeps us eternally young and vibrant. This pure air is “nectar” to our lungs, and keeps our bodies free from disease.

The oxygen on the surface has reached such low levels that you are being oxygen starved, which opens the way for pathogens to invade your body. We, here in the Hollow Earth, breathe clean, pure air, and drink the purest of water, which is still as pure as the day Earth was created.

We are so fortunate to be living in this haven under the ground. We sit here, propped up comfortably on our pillows and stools, just breathing in the air and smelling the scents of the enormous flowers blooming all around us. This is a wonderland of beauty, and this beauty is reflected in our souls.

Our bodies respond to our environment, and out-picture what surrounds us. And what surrounds us is magnificent to behold. We are surrounded by trees and flowers that emanate strength and health, and we in turn feel this strength and health, and our bodies conform to this picture. So our bodies mirror our surroundings. They mirror the perfection of our environment. We, in turn, mirror perfection back—thus completing the cycle of perfection that is never ending. Because of this perfect cycle, our bodies can remain in a perpetual state of perfection, never sickening, nor aging, nor dying. It is a closed cycle of perfection.

It is noon here now, and we bask in the full spectrum light of our Inner Central Sun, as it hangs in our “sky”. Our sky is the very center of the Hollow Globe, and our sun doesn’t move, as your sun appears to. Ours just hangs there, “dead center”, held by the forces of gravity pulling around its circumference so that it is perfectly balanced and remains in place.

The inside of the Earth is concave, and spirals up and across and around us. So our picture of “heaven” is from a different perspective or angle than yours. You look straight “up”, and we look “around” us. So today, as always, the sun is shining down upon our gathering here on the Library Grounds. Our work here in the Library is not work as you term it, but joy to our hearts. We do what we love, and we do it in leisure. We have no time clocks to punch, and no time clocks to tell us when to stop. We each know what we want to accomplish each day, and we stay as long as we want or until we complete our work. However, we don’t set long hours the way you do on the surface. Our workday is short compared to yours. In terms of hours, our workday is less than half the hours of your work day. So should we want to work “overtime”, we have the flexibility of doing so without it infringing on the other areas of our lives. And our lives remain always balanced, because our schedules allow us the time to do so many other things each and every day, above and beyond the hours we spend on our “jobs”.

We live perfectly balanced lives of ease and comfort, and have created everything we need to develop our talents, expand our minds, and strengthen our bodies. We have music and dance conservatories and theatres everywhere. We are always dancing and singing together, fine tuning our talents and evolving them to do more and more creative things.

Our lives are filled with creativity, and we delight in what we create. For what we create is shared with all, so that we all benefit from each other’s talents and abilities. We all teach each other and we all learn from each other. We thrive on cooperation, we thrive on sharing, and we thrive on giving as much as we can to each other, which means that we end up having all that we’ve all created. So our gifts are multiplied—our blessings are multiplied—and we reap the abundance of our civilization underground. Nothing is hoarded or “owned”, as you do on the surface, for it’s not necessary, nor even logical, when you understand that we are all a part of the Earth, and therefore everything belongs to everyone, and yet nothing is owned by anyone, because everything is free for everyone to use.

Sharing is the key—not owning. Just change your words and you will change your ways. And changing the way you do things will change your lives—and will bring them back into balance, so that you, too, will have the leisure to develop your creativity and talents and explore the Earth, rather than devour her. For once you explore the intricacies and beauty and magic of Nature, you cannot abhor and destroy her, you can only emulate and love her, and know beyond a doubt that she is you, and you are her. For whatever you destroy outside yourself, you destroy within yourself, for Nature out-pictures you, as much as you out-picture Nature.

Just look around you at the devastation of Earth’s forests and oceans, and it will show you the parts of yourself that you are destroying inside your very own bodies. The Earthquakes that are becoming so prevalent on the surface are now surfacing within your very own emotional and physical bodies.

Everything you do to the Earth, you do to yourself. Remember, there is only one consciousness. You and We are part of the one consciousness. As you destroy a part of the one, the other parts are affected.

You are not separate from the Earth. You are the Earth; you just don’t know it yet. But as you wake up from your deep slumber of millions of Earth years, you will remember the connectiveness of all life, and how the health of one is connected to the health of all. Surface humans cannot survive if they destroy their surroundings and wage wars on their own species, just because they live on different parts of the planet.

We, here in Porthologos, are so grateful to each blade of grass, to each petal on a flower, to each leaf on a tree. For the harmony we feel is the same harmony that the flowers and trees feel, and which enables us to grow in stature and accounts for the enormity in size of our trees, which tower above the ground like your skyscrapers, because nothing is holding them back. They and we are free to grow in size, free to expand ourselves, because everything is in a state of expansion, not contraction, as you witness and experience on the surface.

When you are “open” to life, you can only expand. When you are in struggle and lack and fear, you can only close down and diminish your stature, for fear of being seen or fear of standing out among others. You squelch your power, squelch your intuition, squelch your feelings, trying to fit into the mold of the lowest common denominator of the people around you. This stunts not only your physical growth, but your soul growth as well. When you open to the fact that you and the Universe are one, you will awaken to all that you are and begin to expand your horizons and literally grow in size—height and width.

Your mind and body are connected. If you think small, you grow small. If you think life only exists on Earth’s surface and nowhere else, then you’ve shortened yourself, which shortens your physical height, just as your thoughts have shortened your vision. Expand your thoughts, and you expand your world; expand your world, and your body responds in spurts of growth and renewal.

If you only knew all that you are, you would be living like Kings and Queens, in palaces of gold, not on dirty, littered city streets. You’ve dethroned yourself, and you don’t even know it.

Wake Up, Surface Dwellers! For if you don’t, the Earthquakes within your souls will blast you back into consciousness of who you are—and that might mean the devastation of your current living conditions being turned to rubble.

Although it’s hard work to dig yourself out of an earthquake, once you’re free of its rubble and you see that everything you “owned” is gone, you will awaken with the shock and realize that all you have is yourself. Suddenly, from within the depths of your Being, you find the strength and wisdom that was buried inside you. Earthquakes clear density, so sight is restored and vision returned, enabling you to see and be all that you truly are.

Our vision has always been clear, since density does not cloud our vision underground. We see clear and far, because nothing obstructs our vision. We can see out among the Stars, even though we’re under the ground, because nothing impedes our sight.

When you clear yourselves of all belief systems and negative thoughts and negative feelings, you too will feel the clarity and harmony within yourselves, and will be able to see all that has been kept from you by your governments. You will be able to “see through” all their deceit, and the truth about life on other planets and life within the Earth will shine through your eyes and be fully exposed to all.

We are still sitting here beneath our sun as I bring this dictation to its end. We thank you for taking our message.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

NEW ZORRA CALL – * Zaraya * Jane – Jared & Zorra – A Time for Change – 9-30-18 – Truth about Re-carnation

Zorra New


NEW ZORRA CALL – * Zaraya * Jane – Jared & Zorra – A Time for Change – 9-30-18



NEW ZORRA CALL – 9-8-18 – Guests Jared Rand, Dr. Quila – Zorra* Zaraya * Jane – via Blog Talk Radio

Zorra comes in at 7: 00

Zorra New


NEW ZORRA CALL – 9-8-18 – Guests Jared Rand, Dr. Quila


Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses,

We have a wonderful show today that will be filled with great high energies of Pure and endless LOVE!

We will have our beloved Zorra and Saraiya speak their messages for all of us. In addition, we have beloved Jared Rand who will join us.  Then we have another special guest, Dr. Quila who will talk about some products that is all about improving your health frequencies.

Our radio show will begin at 1:30 Pacific, 2:30 Mountain, 3:30 Central – 4:30 Eastern.

Guest call in:  516-418-5563 and if you are unable to get into the call, it is because it is full. Go online to join in.


LOVE TO ALL  Quazar, Zaraya, Zorra, Saraiya



NEW ZORRA CALL – 9-1-18 – Updates, Special Guests, Q&A

Image result for zorra hollow earth



Zorra* Zaraya * Jane


Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses,

Zorra’s Quote for today:  “Do not look to the past. Do not look to the future. Look to NOW.”

Let’s look deeper. The real reason for concentrating on NOW is to to help us become more Conscious and Aware. It is part of the process of Awakening. Here is a very brief description of the stages of Consciousness from this particular point of view.

The first stage is unconsciousness. This is the stage that the mass population occupies. They call it the Matrix. They are immersed in their daily routines which they repeat day in and day out. They are conditioned and programed. They are aware only of 3-4D reality and that it is “real” because it is all they know. It is like living in a box. This stage has lower density vibrations.

The second-third stage is Consciousness. This is where one comes to an awareness of duality and you desire to change your life for the better. You understand who you are with all of your fears, your flaws, all the negative or Shadow side as well as your Light side. You choose becoming more loving and compassionate instead of being judgmental or unkind. You take action for the betterment of mankind. You are now realizing your God power and that you can create what your desire. You have moved into a  higher level of vibrational frequency.


The fourth stage of Consciousness is Enlightenment or Full Consciousness and Awareness. This is Self Realization. You are One with everything and everyone around you and vice versa. You are perfect pure love, bliss, joy, peace and harmony.


Love to ALL – We are ONE

Jane/Quazar, Zaraya, Zorra and Sariya


Inner Earth Civilizations Exist and I Can Prove It – Agartha & Hollow Earth – by Universe Inside You – 6-18-18


Published on Jul 18, 2018

Help my quest for Truth:… or here: T-Shirts:… The word “Agartha” is of Buddhist origin. True Buddhists fervently believe in this subterranean empire, which they say has millions of inhabitants and many cities, including the capital Shamballah, where a Supreme Ruler dwells. They believe the Dalai Lama is his terrestrial representative, and his messages are transmitted to the lamas for thousands of years, These terrestrial inhabitants have lived here, sheltering humanity after terrestrial cataclysms.. The Russian artist, philosopher, and explorer, Nicolas Roerich, published that a Tibetan lama revealed the capital of Tibet was connected by a tunnel with Shamballah, the heart of the Subterranean empire of Aghartha.  And that the entrance of this tunnel was guarded by lamas who were sworn to keep its actual whereabouts a secret from outsiders those who are led through this underground passage travel deep into the earth through areas where it becomes so narrow, it can be difficult to pass through. Written and Narrated by Elisabeth Firestone: Editing and Production: Stefan Dimitrov Note: Many materials were used under Fair use for the purpose of this video. Please accept my apologies for not giving credit to all producers, but the materials are way too many for me to display here. 💜 Subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video. Thank you 💜 ☀️ Official Website: Playlists: Everything from Universe Inside You: Ancient History and Aliens: Spiritual Knowledge and Understanding: Personality Tests: Esoteric and Occult Knowledge: Nikola Tesla – Universal Knowledge: Galactic Civilizations – Extraterrestrial Races: The Law of Attraction: Join our Spiritual Kingdom on: 🌺 Facebook Page: 🌺 Facebook Group:… 🌺 Google+:… 🌺 Twitter: 🌺 Instagram:




ZORRA CALL w Zaraya, Jane – Updates – 8-4-18

DUANE:  Zorra comes in at   52: 00   –   Huge quantity of News Updates.  Taking notes might be helpful.


Published on Aug 4, 2018

By Zorra * Zaraya * Jane Our email: goto Website: Our Mission At Zorra of Hollow Earth, our mission is to bring new, inspiring messages, information and healing to inspire and assist humanity raise their vibration and consciousness levels.

Admiral Byrd’s North Pole Flight to Agartha


Published on Jul 19, 2017

*The North Seal Project has since been CANCELLED* Narrated by Jeff Agartha In Admiral Byrd’s diary from 1926, Byrd apparently informs readers of having entered into the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and having traveled 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, waterways, green vegetation, and animal life. The outside temperature recorded was 74 degrees F. His airplane was welcomed by machines of a type he had never actually seen before. His hosts informed him that he had actually been allowed to enter Agartha because of his high moral and ethical status. They claimed that to be the protectors of Earth – to protect its inhabitants from the scurrilous activities of the power brokers and nefarious government agencies with impure agendas. After the visit, Byrd and his crew were guided back to the outer area of the Earth. The inquiry that still stays is that Admiral Byrd did make a trip past the post but this flight wasn’t in February of 1947. *VISIT OUR FLAT EARTH TSHIRT SHOP…



DIANNE ROBBINS – Everything in the Hollow Earth Is Constructed of Crystals – 5-11-18 – by Operation Disclosure



Everything in the Hollow Earth Is Constructed of Crystals

I am Mikos, here to talk about our connection to the Universe, and your connection to all life everywhere. We love our Earth, and as we live inside her, we are privy to all information that ever was — and to all events currently taking place on the surface as well as on other solar systems in our Galaxy. We capture, or record, these events in our Crystal Projectors, and file them away for safe keeping in our extensive library.

All our records are ancient, by your standards, as your lifetimes are so short compared to ours. But these “ancient” events existed in our lifetime, since we are eons of years old in the same body, and therefore occurred during our lifetime.

The evolution of Crystals is ancient also, as they have always existed and are the witness to all events on Earth. They, themselves, have recorded all the events on Earth and stored them within their crystalline network of “nerves” that can hold voluminous amounts of information.

These Crystals are very evolved Beings, whose mission it is to record all that transpires on Earth, so that all that has transpired can be played back on our Crystal Projectors and learned from. For all life is a learning experience, and without the knowledge and wisdom of the past, how do you expect to learn and advance your evolution? Your books are all filled with misinformation, compiled by mankind’s opinions and beliefs and theories, that has little resemblance to actual conditions or facts. So all you learn doesn’t give you a clue as to the real nature of Earth, the Universe, or “you.”

Whenever we want to learn something and apply it to our lives, we go into the Crystal Recording Room and play back the sequence of events that will lead us to the information and wisdom we need to resolve any problem or increase our understanding of events and our lives.

For although you can’t see out, or hear the Earth calling to you, or feel the love of the trees as you scurry by them in your frantic pace of life, know that all life, everywhere, is aware of your plight and has come to your rescue to wake you up out of your deep Slumber of the Ages so that you can regain your conscious remembrance of who you are, why you are here on Earth, and the important part you play in bringing Earth out of her density and into a higher realm of Light where you will experience real “freedom”, firsthand.

Your Crystals can help you make this jump in consciousness, in a miniscule amount of time. Just hold them close to you, and they imprint their wisdom into your heart in “no time” at all, and raise your vibration to a place where you can readily access all the knowledge and wisdom that has been gathered throughout all time. Your Crystals, no matter what size they are, can move you all into a higher state of awareness.

We, in the Hollow Earth, are surrounded by our Crystals in every “walk of life” and every place we go. Our homes, transportation, work places, cultural complexes, everything is constructed of Crystals and surrounded by Crystals. Our buildings literally glow with Crystal Light, and our body’s glow increases as we advance in our evolution. For love and wisdom and awareness IS Light — and the more Light you contain within your beings, the greater the sheen of your glow.

So surround yourselves, your homes, your computers, and your work places with Crystals. Hold them and talk to them, and you will feel their consciousness being transferred to yours, and adding their Light and wisdom to yours, so that you can better access and understand the world around you, and glow like a beacon to your family and friends, who will feel the comfort of being near you — the comfort that you will radiate out to all in the radius of your energy field.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

INNER EARTH CIVILIZATIONS? – IVAN @ Galactic Connection – Unravelling of the Mystery Behind Our Planet’s Massive Inner Ocean – by stevew – 4-19-18

Inner Earth Civilizations? Unraveling The Mystery Behind Our Planet’s Massive Inner Ocean



Inner Earth Civilizations? Unraveling The Mystery Behind Our Planet’s Massive Inner Ocean



One of my all-time favorite books is without a doubt Journey to the Center of the Earth, written by world-famous Author Jules Verne.

The story written by Verne involves a German professor called Otto Lidenbrock who was convinced that there are volcanic tubes that lead toward the center of our planet.

Lidenbrock, his nephew Axel, and their guide Hans descend into the Icelandic volcano Snæfellsjökull and encounter many adventures along the way, including prehistoric animals and dangers. Eventually, they resurface in southern Italy, at the Stromboli volcano.

In the book, Verne describes a MASSIVE ocean that exists inside our planet.

He explains how: a vast expanse of water, the beginning of a lake or an ocean, extended beyond the limits of sight.

Further, the view followed its mass outlined on the misty background of the horizon. It was a true ocean, capriciously contoured by the terrestrial shores, but deserted and with a terribly wild aspect.

The book was a science fiction bestseller, and despite many people believing that something like this may be possible, the idea remained firmly a science fictional idea.

Now, what if what was once thought to be a mere fantasy of the writer, was, in fact, closer to reality?

s it even possible that there really is an underground ocean beneath or feet?

An article published in the journal Nature points in that direction.

As it turns out, scientists discovered a while ago, a diamond-rich in water with traces of a mineral called ringwoodite (in honor of its discoverer, the geochemist Alfred Ringwood).

The diamond originally came from an area that separates the upper terrestrial mantle from the lower one, that is, between four and six hundred kilometers beneath our feet.

So, what does that has to do with Verne, Inner Earth, and an ocean beneath our feet?

The fact is that the diamond found was associated with water molecules in a significant proportion (1.5%), which leads experts to propose the theory that this zone of transition of the mantle is very rich in water.

In fact, scientists have proposed that there is so much water beneath the surface of our planet, that we can cover the surface of our planet entirely in water. The existence of this ‘underground ocean’ would explain the great volcanic and tectonic dynamism of the planet

Graham Pearson, a researcher from the University of Alberta (Canada) says that the ringwoodite found “provides confirmation that there really are pockets of water in the depths of the Earth.”

That, however, is a theoretical confirmation, of course, since due to lack of equipment and technology it would be impossible to obtain physical evidence from the mantle directly.

That kinda’ sucks since, despite the fact that humans have made it to space, landed on the moon and explored distant alien worlds, we’ve still not explored what exactly lies beneath our ocean, and what mysteries may be hidden beneath the surface of our planet.

Alfred Ringwood proposed that the mineral that bears his name could be found in the transition zone of the mantle, originated by the high pressures and temperatures that are found beneath deep beneath the surface.

But if we can’t go down there, how did scientists find the diamond?

Experts believe that the diamond surfaced in a volcanic eruption in a kimberlite wash (an igneous rock formed from magma and that is the deepest).

It was only three millimeters wide and lacked commercial value, but it was sold to scientists who were looking for other types of rocks, and who came up with something that was priceless: inside the diamond, there was a microscopic trail of ringwoodite

But not everyone is convinced that a massive underground ocean exists and not all scientists believe that the result of the diamond analysis should be extrapolated to the theory of a massive underwater ocean based on such a small sample of ringwoodite.

Moreover, some scientists even admit that even if there is an ocean beneath our feet, it would not be in liquid form but under a molecular variant called hydroxyl, with only one atom of oxygen and another of hydrogen instead of the two.

David Wilcock and Earth’s Inner Civilizations

In 2015, an article appeared on Coast To Coast AM, where author and researcher David Wilcock discusses Earth’s Inner Civilizations.

Wilcock told C2C that an alliance of ancient civilizations currently resides inside the Earth, and they may soon reveal themselves to the ‘outer’ world.

During the formation of all watery planets in the universe, he explained, hollow cavities form below the surface of the crust and have their own biome that features bacteria which gives off natural light.

“What this means is that you can actually live inside caverns in the Earth that have visible light,” he marveled.

Based on his research, Wilcock said, “it appears that these cavities are used so that more advanced civilizations have a place they can live while they’re managing what takes place on the surface.”

Over the span of the planet’s history, he explained, various advanced societies, such as the Atlanteans, took refuge underground in order to survive tumultuous times and ultimately settled in their new subterranean location.

While the presence of these civilizations has been a part of UFO lore for decades, he contended that the government has direct knowledge of their presence due to accidentally discovering them via clandestine projects aimed at building secret underground bases.

“They’ll have these tunnel boring machines and sometimes they break through into someplace they’re not supposed to go,” Wilcock claimed, “and there’s already people there.”

For the full interview with David Wilcock click here.




NEW ZORRA CALL – 12-0-17 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame


Zorra, of Hollow Earth


Published on Dec 9, 2017

By Zorra * Zaraya * Jane Our email: goto Website: Our Mission At Zorra of Hollow Earth, our mission is to bring new, inspiring messages, information and healing to inspire and assist humanity raise their vibration and consciousness levels.




NEW ZORRA CALL – 11-19-17



Commentary by Saint Andrews Twin Flame .com 

Full page of Zorra Summary.

Published on Nov 18, 2017

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NEW ZORRA CALL – From Hollow Earth – 11-4-`7 – by Blog Talk Radio – Details of Coming Disclosure – Ships Release Healing Force


Zorra of Hollow Earth

NEW ZORRA CALL – From Hollow Earth – 11-4-`7 – by Blog Talk Radio


Zorra* Zaraya * Jane

Zorra* Zaraya * Jane


Dear beloved Masters,

One day someone asked a question to a teenager “How do you deal with difficult situations?” The teenager said, “Life happens. You accept it and do the best you can and handle it.” This is what most people do throughout their lives.

You are the Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Starseeds or whatever you call yourself. If you come to this site, you are part of the family that is awakened or are in the process of awakening.

When one is awakened, you perceive this reality as being part of the duality that it is but are able to transcend it. When you are able to see it from your Higher Self (your God/goddess Self) you then become the observer of events and not pulled into the energy of duality and the illusion.

It is about perception/thoughts. Think about Sananda Jesus who was born into a human body to experience our world. He showed the way, that we too can follow his example. The Buddha did the same. Both masters and there are many more who are the perfect example of being in this world but not of it. Rise to the great Masters you are!!

You can do the same. Shift your thoughts and heartmind to know the Truth that is evident within YOU. You can be the most creative, loving and harmonious and empowering being. Make a difference first within yourself and the change in your the external environment will follow.

We look forward to our gathering this Saturday with all of you!

May harmony, peace, joy, love, laughter and healing be with each of you,

Saraiya, Zorra, Zaraya and Quazar

?(Jane and Billie)

Inquiries about the AGE PIll’s





The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha – By Dr Joshua David Stone – by The New Earth .org – 10-31-17 – A Journey Into Hollow Earth –



Aghartha In The Hollow Earth!
By Dr Joshua David Stone

The biggest cover-up of all time is the fact that there is a civilization of people living in the center of Earth, whose civilization’s name is known as “Aghartha”. This may be hard for some of you to believe. I know it was for me at first, however, I now have an absolute knowingness of the truth of this.

To begin with, the Buddhists, in their theology fervently believe in its existence. They believe it to be a race of super men and women who occasionally come to the surface to oversee the development of the human race. They also believe that this subterranean world has millions of inhabitants and many cities, and their capital is Shamballa. The Master of this world was believed to have given orders to the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who was his terrestrial representative. His messages were being transmitted through certain secret tunnels connecting this inner world with Tibet.

The famous Russian channel, Nicholas Roerich, who was a channel for the Ascended Master, El Morya, claimed that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, was connected by a tunnel with the inner earth, Shamballa. The entrance of this tunnel was guarded by lamas who were sworn to secrecy. A similar tunnel was believed to connect the secret chambers at the base of the great pyramid at Giza, and Agartha.

The Indian epic, the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita are the two most famous texts of India. The Ramayana tells the story of the great Avatar Rama. The Bhagavad Gita tells the story of Krishna. The Ramayana describes Rama as an “emissary from Agartha”, who arrived on an air vehicle. This is quite extraordinary in that both the Buddhist and Hindu religions separately refer to Aghartha.

The first public scientific evidence occurred in 1947 when Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew directly to the North Pole and instead of going over the pole, actually entered the Inner Earth. In his diary with other witnesses, he tells of entering the hollow interior of the Earth, and traveling 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation and animal life. He tells of seeing monstrous animals resembling the mammoth of antiquity moving through the underbrush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization.

His plane was finally greeted by flying machines, the type he had never seen before. They escorted him to a safe landing place and he was graciously greeted by emissaries from Aghartha. After resting, he and his crew were taken to meet the Ruler of Aghartha. They told him that he had been allowed to enter Aghartha because of his high moral and ethical character. They went on to say that ever since the United States had dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagosaki, they had been very concerned for their own safety and survival. They had decided that it was time to make greater contact with the outside world to make sure we didn’t destroy this planet and their civilization with it. They had been allowed in for this express purpose, as a way of making contact with someone they trusted.

To make a long story short, Admiral Byrd and his crew, upon their visit, were guided by their hosts in their plane back to the outer world, and their lives were changed forever.

In January, 1956, Admiral Byrd led another expedition to the Antarctic and/or the South Pole. In this expedition he and his crew penetrated for 2,300 miles into the center of Earth again. Admiral Byrd states that the North and South Pole are actually two of many openings to the center of Earth. I can’t but help think about Jules Vernes famous science fiction book, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, which many of you may have read or watched the movie version movie.

Admiral Byrd also states Inner Earth has an inner Sun. Admiral Byrd’s theory is that the poles of the Earth are convex, rather than concave. Ships and planes can actually fly or drive right in.

The American press announced Admiral Byrd’s discovery, however it was immediately suppressed by our good friends, the Secret Government. Ray Palmer, the editor of “Flying Saucer Magazine” did a detailed story on Admiral Byrd’s discovers. The United States Government either bought, stole or destroyed almost every copy and then destroyed the plates at the printing press.

I have been told that the exact same thing happened in respect to an article done on Admiral Byrd’s discovery by the “National Geographic”. The magazine was released and the U.S. Government gobbled up almost every issue. If the story wasn’t true how come the Government was so uptight?

Another interesting fact is that the United States Government does not let planes fly over the poles. All flights are directed to go around the Poles, and any airline pilot flying in these areas will tell you this. Another interesting phenomena is the fact that the icebergs are composed of fresh water and not salt water that drift from the Poles. Another interesting question is why it is warmer nearer the Poles than it is 600 to 1000 miles away from it.

In Dr. Raymond Bernard’s book called “The Hollow Earth” he tells of a man who confirmed Admiral Byrd’s story. Dr. Nephi Cotton of Los Angeles reported that one of his patients, a man of Nordic descent, told him the following story:

“I lived near the Arctic Circle in Norway. One summer my friend and I made up our minds to take a boat trip together and go as far as we could into the North country. So we put a months worth of food provisions in a small fishing boat and set to sea.

“At the end of one month we had traveled far into the north, beyond the Pole and into a strange new country. We were much astonished at the weather there. Warm, and at times at night it was almost too warm to sleep. Then we saw something so strange that we were both astonished. Ahead of the warm open sea we were on what looked like a great mountain. Into that mountain at a certain point that ocean seemed to be emptying. Mystified, we continued in that direction and found ourselves sailing into a vast canyon leading into the interior of the Earth. We kept sailing and then we saw what surprised us… a Sun shining inside the Earth.

“The ocean that had carried us into the hollow interior of the Earth gradually became a river. This river led, as we came to realize later, all through the inner surface of the world from one end to the other. It can take you, if you follow it long enough, from the North Pole clear through to the South Pole.

“We saw that the inner surface of the Earth was divided, as the other one is, into both land and water. There is plenty of sunshine and both animal and vegetable life abounds there. We sailed further and further into this fantastic country, fantastic because everything was huge in size as compared with things on the outside. Plants are big, trees gigantic and finally we came to giants.

“They were dwelling in homes and towns, just as we do on the Earth surface, and they used a type of electrical conveyance like a mono-rail car, to transport people. It ran along the river’s edge from town to town.

“Several of the Inner Earth inhabitants, huge giants, detected our boat on the river, and were quite amazed. They were, however, quite friendly. We were invited to dine with them in their homes, and so my companion and I separated, he going with one giant to that giant’s home and I going with another giant to his home.

“My gigantic friend brought me home to his family and I was completely dismayed to see the huge size of all the objects in his home. The dinner table was colossal. A plate was put before me and filled with a portion of food so big it would have fed me abundantly an entire week. The Giant offered me a cluster of grapes and each grape was as big as one of our peaches. I tasted one and found it far sweeter than any I had ever tasted outside. In the interior of the Earth all the fruits and vegetables taste far better and more flavorsome than those we have on the outer surface of the Earth.

“We stayed with the Giants for one year, enjoying their companionship as much as they enjoyed knowing us. We observed many strange and unusual things during our visit with these remarkable people, and were continually amazed at their scientific progress and inventions. All of this time they were never unfriendly to us, and we were allowed to return to our own home in the same manner in which we came… in fact, they courteously offered their protection if we should need it for the return voyage.”



Anne De Hart with Sananda – A Tearful Goodbye to Zorra – 10-28-16

Good Morning!

It’s Just Us
Our Tribute to Zorra

Dear Ones, 
We have been told, 
“There is one thing that we can always count on:  Change.”
“All good things must come to an end.”
And even as we speak, I am hearing “There’s a New World Coming…” playing in my head. It started as I was taking a little snack to keep me going through this newsletter.  And yes, I, with you, am in tears now.
So many thoughts were in my head as I stood in the kitchen (I never sit down to eat) contemplating – and receiving – enlightenment and inspiration that will heal us all.
And once again, I look for the right words to begin…
First of all, I honor you, dear Zorra – Father God – Beloved Friend. Mentor. I speak to you now, from my HeartMind, and I know you hear me.
Such good times we have had, as you began with us in 2011… just babes then… in awe with every word we heard. We had 5-hour conference calls in those early days.
And we remember your most inspiring teachings:
“You question this? – How does it make you feel?  If it makes you feel good – happy -joyous – it is of God. – If it does not – move away.”
“Most important, is Love. Love overcomes all. There is nothing more powerful than Love.”
“If it has eyes – do not eat it. – Would you eat your brothers and sisters?”
And now, more than ever – we treasure your wise teachings.
You have taught us well. 
The question today is:  “How well have we learned?”
We knew the time would come when we would part. And so it has. 
Many of us have been with you, now into our sixth year. You have become part of our life – always with us as we anticipate the next call.
And many of our readers have just recently discovered Hollow Earth Network – HEN – and now have the comfort of feeling that they have finally found “Home.” – And we, your brothers and sisters, open our arms and hearts wide, to embrace and welcome you. – You ARE Home. 
We have all been growing up together. I am in awe to know the level of Love and Integrity of those of our HEN Family – a level of Beingness I have not found elsewhere in my 83 years. I bow and honor you – I embrace you – I serve you.
And now… to today. What a strange place in which we have found ourselves. It came unexpectedly – as it should. In Wednesday’s love letter, I documented information received. As you, I at first rebelled – defended – and then began my due diligence. Individually, I opened the subject to each of four of our highest energy readers – highly acclaimed healers – loved by so many. And without pre-knowledge, just reading the portrait, each of their responses were as one. – I also received emails from a very few, who on their own, expressed the same awareness and concerns – telling me I should – I HAD to tell their brothers and sisters. And I have also heard from some who, as I, have loved our dear Zorra and his Earth children intimately. And it all boils down to the same answer:
Dear Hearts – we no longer have access to our Beloved pure Zorra. Energies have changed. Much is in the air. Transmissions are not as openly available. 
Yet, we know, “Nothing happens by accident.”  As dear Jeffrey told me, “This has happened so that you would put this lesson out..”
And this supported my own Inner Guidance: “We are in our final tests before Graduation. And do we go to our final exams, holding the hand of our teacher? Does our teacher accompany us to the finals, before Graduation?”
Dear Ones – as our Beloved Sananda has said so many times, “We are all in this together.” We have been acknowledged – HEN – throughout the Universe – as “The best of the best.” We were hand-picked for this Mission – because we had a history of Survival. 
And where do we find our Selves today?
This HEN Collective is more powerful and able, than most of our family believes. Our biggest handicap has been – dependency on our teacher – not wanting to let go of His hand. Yet, we have been taught the great Teachings – we have heard them many times. And now we find our Selves here – with each other. Yes, we are here to pull each other through. We are here FOR EACH OTHER. We honor our Collective Oneness.
This is our proving ground. This is where we rise to the occasion. This is where we acknowledge that we HAVE achieved that which our Beloved Zorra asked of us. We come forward in our Power. We make Him proud.
Dear Hearts – our Power is LOVE. Love for one another. Love for our Selves. And we honor our God / Goddess within. Without this crowning Glory – Zorra’s Mission would be in vain.
It is time that we BE that which we came here to BE. Not children, whining for our Daddy – but all grown up now, the full accomplishment of This Mission.
Could it be, that, as Jeffrey commented, “This happened so that you would put this lesson out…” meaning, in The Plan of Prime Creator, all of this was “in the works” to bring us to this point – to put us in this Graduation Test – that we may show what we have learned?”
I truly believe that this was all pre-ordained; that we are forced to “go it alone” – relying now on each other – that we may show the Universe we HAVE arrived. We are here, as the Earth Collective, in full force, well taught, and now fully able and functioning on our own.
And THAT is Our Tribute to Zorra. He hears our HeartMind. He welcomes our thoughts.
Dear Hearts, I do love you with all my Being. I dedicate these days ahead to the fulfillment of each of our Missions. And, as our Beloved Sananda said from Peg’s keyboard, once again: 

“There is way more than one lesson in all of this and each person must find their way  home…
To respond with anything but love for yourself and for all others that are among the HEN family is most assuredly a test of each person’s growth. The new world that awaits each of us does not condemn or blame, it knows only love and acceptance. Know that you have indeed learned yet another lesson in discernment and personal power and move forward, do not look back, do not have regrets or let any other negative emotion take from you the lesson learned!”   ~  Sananda

ZORRA FROM HOLLOW EARTH – Guest: Dr. Susan (Health Evaluation Tool) – Guest: Taansen (Viewing life in Earth’s Golden Age) – ZORRA: (Creator of our Milky Way, New Intel) -10-15-16



Today’s call included Dr Susan, speaking about her unique health evaluation tool; Taansen shared his time travel experience viewing life in Earth’s Golden Age; Zaraya reviewed the books and their help in our Ascension; Fred and Gina updated us on the and its impact on global awakening. and Zorra joined us at:  2:06:00.



Zorra joined us at 2:06:00. “Who” IS Zorra? – Why do our Earth probes of other planets and the Sun give wrong data? – We can intermingle and experience past events on Earth and other planets through the “holodeck-type” files stored in the Porthologos Library under the Agean Sea, in Hollow Earth. –  How can we connect with our “roots?”  – Are churches a refuge, or an entrapment? –  Are solar flares real? – What kind, and color, of humanoid species, insectoids, serpentine, are found on other planets? – Does “higher education” educate?
A Blessing coming… What did the astronauts really see and who did they really communicate with on the moon? – Who IS “Father  God?” –  How Zorra has infused his new portrait to work as a contact point for our healing and empowerment. Saraiya, Zorra’s Beloved, joins. – The RV? It’s impact on Humanitarian Projects. Our Leadership responsibility with humans and the Galaxy. You have done this before. – Healing Pulse – RV countdown. – NESARA – Republic? In place at Denver Airport in underground facility.


2 PM Pacific – 3 PM Mountain
4 PM Central – 5 PM Eastern

Because our Saturday show was so squeezed tight – Zorra was not able to accommodate all the hands raised. We are therefore having this special show on Sunday afternoon dedicated to strictly Q & A.

Zorra’s portrait has been embued with his essence.
It is now a contact point for healing and empowerment, a connecting tool.




Special announcement by Ted Mahr – a November  symposium in South Korea with Zorra/Zaraya and Quazar. Know people in South Korea? You can help the setp-up!

The first part with Zorra was SO interesting!  Zorra tells not only about the RV release – but goes into The Gathering, which will help new people understand what lies ahead. Then, Announcements, Disclosure, Healing Ships, – and Landings!  – Next, Taansen, our Special Guest, tells how to clear credit card and other unsecured debt.  – Then, just before the individual healings, Zorra sings a new song, in Lemurian, of course!  “Glorious Reunion with the Surface Dwellers!” – Imagine… they actually are singing a song about this! – And then, lots and lots of individual healings… into 1 hour overtime!  4 Hours!! – Wow!  What a call!


hollow earth




Well, did we learn anything?  Wow, did we!  Not only did we go into every aspect of the RV… but so much more!  – The Yellowstone volcano? – WW III? – IT Preachers announcing “The Rapture?” –  Make contact – get a Wealth Manager now! – They will “know” now – No “United ‘States” – One Country! – Danger from asteroids? It would have been an “ELE.” – “Extinction Level Event!” – Yellowstone – Fukushima? – Ultimatum to military aircraft to stop, or…! – Who “stopped” the “California Earthquake?”: – Look up! The constellations have relocated! – Earth and Solar System relocating within Milky Way! – When will we have “endless daylight / no shadows?” – Galactic Announcements! – All weaponry will cease – Disclosure happens when? – How announce Healing Ships? – After all on planet ARE restored to full health, restoration of lost limbs – Healing Ships leave and then? – Who will walk the surface with us?

Check out BREAKING NEWS page…!

Hollow Earth Network – Zorra



Zorra begins at 16:00

Introduction to the reality of Hollow Earth.  Interview with Zorra   –   amazing information!


This launch broadcast for this new website and show occurred July 30 2016.

And our first speaker was our Beloved Zorra, interviewed by Quazar (Jane Stevens).

This one-hour presentation includes segments with Zaraya (Billie Faye Woodard), as well as Zorra’s interview.

This one-hour interview is one of the very best over-all visits we have had with Zorra – now into our 6th year.

Show description:

Today’s show will introduce the first in a series of introductions to many in our Lightworking community. I have been told by various sources that we are transitioning into one Earth Collective and it is so important that we all KNOW one another – enabling and supporting one another, as One.


We greet you and welcome you to, today, receiving personal information from two well-known sources:

Zorra, from will introduce himself and the importance of our two civilizations connecting and knowing one another. Yes, a highly evolved 6th Dimensional civilization is peacefully living within our planet and has been concerned over our waring activities which could endanger their existence. Yes, they have aero ships – and yes, they are in direct communication with the Galactic Federation of Light, Sananda and Ashtar. Much is soon to be revealed to Earth’s humanity – not only regarding the global currency reset, but also a change in government. Zorra is well acquainted with these upcoming changes and will give us welcome new insights.

Genii Townsend will introduce The City of Light in Sedona, Arizona, as well as give an expansive view of many global cities of Light – as we evolve in Earth’s Ascension. This is a whole new area to many of us, and we look forward to, once again, learning of another aspect of our Lightworker Community.

We invite you to join us, as, each week, our community grows in knowledge, love, and understanding.

Thank you for joining us.

Anne DeHart

Alexandra Bernardez

ZORRA SPEAKS FROM HOLLOW EARTH – Easing concerns about Michael Love’s Message – 7-16-16


hollow earth




SUMMARY POINTS,  somewhat random:

Zorra comes in at:  1: 45

ZORRA  Re:  AA Michael vvia Michael Love:  RE:   155 days power grid blackout 2016  –  Grid will fail – will be replaced with alternate power. Message came out when there was much confusion about Mother Gaia’s future.

Zippers, quakes go don as far as 400 miles, which is where center of gravity is.

Below 400 miles is  Inner Earth. The main time of major loss of life
is at the Time of the Gathering.

Earth dos not have a molten core. It hsa a Centra Sun.

There will NOT be Earth heaving to cause millions of people to die.
Current timeline is shifting in direction of lesser quaking.

The Pole Shift IS NOT going to happen.

There is NOT going to be massive devsatation,

as portrayed Michael Love Message.

Mount Shasta Volcano has a city beneath it  –  Telos.

Yellowstone Caldera, has a city neneath it.

There will be an Earth Police, also Galactic Police.

The Dark Ones will be transferred to Earth 2,

which is on the other Side of the Sun.

You will never have a nuclear war.
You will never be able to fire your missles.

When Creator gives the word,

all weapons, large and small, will become INOPERABLE!

No firearms will work. None of this will be allowed.

Most people of hollow earth speak through mental telepathy.

Earth once had a time when all of its people were on the matrix of telepathy.

The Annunaki stopped all human from using telepathic powers. All were forced into verbal speech. This was later referred to as the House of Babel.

RV is going to be Digital, not hard currency.

You are a magnificent Being of Light!




CALL OUTLINE – Don’t miss the very end!

Anne DeHart

Dear Hearts, all I can say is LISTEN! The first hour-plus, we heard about the gold program and Geoffrey explained more about The Lemurian Plug, highly endorsed by Zorra.
Then, Billie/Zaraya explained the credibility of his military history – which Zorra then came in with more detail  – leading into the WHOLE ROZWELL INCIDENT – what the public does not know, what the “Grey’s” are really like, what caused the crash, who was there at the scene, including Zorra. 

Then… oh my… yes it is a 4-hour call, and the very best was right at the end – but it was all good! Zorra puts to rest the concern about the Michael Love posting, so be at peace. All addressed. RV update and Presidential Level of security BEFORE exchange.  

About the White Dragon “bounty” offered to collect cabal and where they will go.- The election? – Did “whales” really exchange last year? What happened to their money? – Dunford? – Karen Hudes? – Can Galactic Federation interfere when genacide is planned? – Nuclear war? – When will hand weapons cease? – Putin a Lightworker/Galactic? – Obama? – Trump? – Clinton? – Scalar Wave Healing – Delta Meditation, – Tachyons? – When Nibiru passes? – How is 3rd Wave doing?  

New and very exciting information regarding Navy Sonar and war games… DON’T MISS the very end of the call!!  



Regarding Ted Mahr’s Galactic Conference in Olympia, Washington –

Both Zaraya and Zorra experienced much acknowledgement and recognition from past associates – who do we know that Zorra healed visibly? –
Ted Mahr tested ocean water in California, Washington and Oregon.
Results?  “NO RADIATION!” Also verified in Japan. –
Zorra told of Mars’ blue skies, lakes –
and NASA has now admitted to the “orange filter.” –
Good news for Cetaceans… Naval sonar has stopped!
Whale hunting stopped. Ceased rounding up dolphins –
Sea World no longer exploiting them for “entertainment,” releasing them.. – No “Killer shock wave from Sun! – Mt Adams major underground city/space port – RV: updating current negotiations – Obama current status –
Neil Keenan comments not regarding current Dunford Republic –
Orlando clarification, some actors, some ascended –
Why would healed status revert? –
DNA video will be posted showing we are all One –
Joan of Arc is…? – NESARA… “IS!”
How exchange in Europe? –
How valid is Corey Goode / Wilcock? –
When is Obama’s Mission done? –
When will Muslim global infiltration cease? – Q & A  

After the call, telephone replay: 1 641-715-3589 +771358# Ref No: 49#  

NASA Caught HIDING Something At North Pole! – Hollow Earth? – 5 -20-16

ZORRA FROM HOLLOW EARTH – Surprising News Avout Mars, Moon, Survivors of Challenger Explosion (1:39) – GALACTIC EVENT: Solar System is Moving Deeper toward Center of Milky Way – Constellations Changing Positions – RV Update – WAVE 3, Influx of Creatice Consciousness, Manifestation Abilities, Being in Your Full Knowingness – Expect Nausea, Dizziness,Tiredness, Disorientation – We are at the Threshhold of 5D! – Meditation by All People Needed – Movement of Large Celestial Body Over Earth – Earth Changes will be directed away from Population Centers – “We want to eliminate Fear from the Planet” – World will get a Jolt from Prime Creator! – – 5-28-16

hollow earth





REPOST – HOLLOW EARTH CITIES – Subterrainean Bases .com – 5-29-16

Hollow Earth Cities   –   Subterrainean Bases .com
Recently, America watched Stephen Spielberg’s TV pilot, a remake of Verne’ s “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” A maverick team of scientists aboard their melt-proof ship enter the inner Earth through a bubbling volcano. When things cool off, they find themselves exploring a vast and sunny inner landscape . . . a magical and inviting world with ample room to fly. Their adventure resembles the real life account of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. His story, set in the 1800s, is told in Willis Emerson’s biography entitled “The Smoky God.” Olaf’s little sloop drifted so far north by storm that he actually sailed into a polar entrance and lived for two years with one of the colonies of the Agartha Network, called “Shamballa the Lesser.” He describes his hosts as those “of the central seat of government for the inner continent . . . measuring a full 12 feet in height . . . extending courtesies and showing kindness . . .laughing heartily when they had to improvise chairs for my father and I to sit in.” Olaf tells of a “smoky” inner sun, a world comprised of three-fourths land and one-fourth water.
The Agartha Network
Think of Shamballa the Lesser as the United Nations of over 100 subterranean cities that form the Agartha Network. It is, indeed, the seat of government for the inner world. While Shamballa the Lesser is an inner continent, its satellite colonies are smaller enclosed ecosystems located just beneath the Earth’ s crust or discreetly within mountains. All cities in the Agartha Network are physical and are of the Light, meaning that they are tradition of the great mystery schools of the surface, honoring such beings as Jesus/Sananda, Buddha, Isis and Osiris . . . all of the Ascended Masters that we of the surface know and love, in addition to spiritual teachers of their own long-standing heritage. Why did they choose to live underground? Consider the magnitude of the geological Earth changes that have swept the surface over the past 100,000 years. Consider the lengthy Atlantean-Lemurian war and the power of thermonuclear weaponry that eventually sank and destroyed these two highly advanced civilizations. The Sahara, the Gobi, the Australian Outback and the deserts of the U.S . are but a few examples of the devastation that resulted. The sub-cities were created as refuges for the people and as safe havens for sacred records, teachings and technologies that were cherished by these ancient cultures.Capitol Cities
POSID: Primary Atlantean outpost, located beneath the Mato Grosso plains region of Brazil. Population: 1.3 million.SHONSHE: Refuge of the Uighur culture, a branch of the Lemurians who chose to form their own colonies 50,000 years ago. Entrance is guarded by a Himalayan lamasery. Population: 3/4 million.RAMA: Remnant of the surface city of Rama, India located near Jaipur. Inhabitants are known for their classic Hindu features. Population: 1 million.SHINGWA: Remnant of the northern migration of the Uighurs. Located on the border of Mongolia and China. with a small secondary city in Mt. Lassen, California. Telos translated means “communication with Spirit.” Population: 1.5 million.

Spotlight on Telos

English: West Face Mount Shasta

English: West Face Mount Shasta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can over a million people make their home inside Mt. Shasta? While we’re stretching our imaginations, our neighbors, the Japanese, have already blueprinted underground cities in answer to their surface area problem.

Sub-city habitation has, for thousands of years, been a natural vehicle for human evolution. Now, here is a peek at a well-thought-out ecosystem. The dimensions of this domed city are approximately 1.5 miles wide by 2 miles deep. Telos is comprised of 5 levels.

LEVEL 1: This top level is the center of commerce, education and administration. The pyramid-shaped temple is the central structure and has a capacity of 50,000. Surrounding it are government buildings, the equivalent of a courthouse that promotes an enlightened judicial system, halls of records, arts and entertainment facilities, a hotel for visiting foreign emissaries, a palace which houses the “Ra and Rana Mu” (the reigning King and Queen of the royal Lemurian lineage who are Ascended Masters), a communications tower, a spaceport, schools, food and clothing dispatches and most residences.

LEVEL 2: A manufacturing center as well as a residential level. Houses are circular in shape and dust-free because of it. Like surface living, housing for singles, couples and extended families is the norm.

LEVEL 3: Hydroponic gardens. Highly advanced hydroponic technology feeds the entire city, with some to spare for intercity commerce. All crops yield larger and tastier fruits, veggies and soy products that make for a varied and fun diet for Telosians. Now completely vegetarian, the Agartha Cities have taken meat substitutes to new heights.

LEVEL 4: More hydroponic gardens, more manufacturing and some natural park areas.

LEVEL 5: The nature level. Set about a mile beneath surface ground level, this area is a large natural environment. It serves as a habitat for a wide variety of animals, including those many extinct on the surface. All species have been bred in a non-violent atmosphere, and those that might be carnivorous on the surface now enjoy soy steaks and human interaction. Here you can romp with a Saber-Toothed Tiger with wild abandon. Together with the other plant levels, enough oxygen is produced to sustain the biosphere.

LANGUAGE: While dialects vary from city to city, “Solara Maru,” translated as the “Solar Language,” is commonly spoken. This is the root language for our sacred languages such as Sanskrit and Hebrew.

Mt. Shasta California, from the south near Dun...

Mt. Shasta California, from the south near Dunsmuir, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GOVERNMENT: A Council of Twelve, six men and six women, together with the Ra and Rana Mu, do collective problem solving and serve as guides and guardians of the people. Positions of royalty such as are held by the Ra and Rana Mu are regarded as ones of responsibility in upholding God’ s divine plan. The High Priest, an Ascended Master named Adama, is also an official representative.

COMPUTERS: The Agarthean computer system is amino-acid based and serves a vast array of functions. All of the sub-cities are linked by this highly spiritualized information network. The system monitors inter-city and galactic communication, while, simultaneously, serving the needs of the individual at home. It can, for instance, report your body’s vitamin or mineral deficiencies or, when necessary, convey pertinent information from the akashic records for personal growth.

MONEY: Non-existent. All inhabitants’ basic needs are taken care of. Luxuries are exchanged via a sophisticated barter system.

TRANSPORTATION: Moving sidewalks, inter-level elevators and electromagnetic sleds resembling our snow mobiles within the city. For travel between cities, residents take “the Tube,” an electromagnetic subway system capable of speeds up to 3,000 m.p.h. Yes, Agartheans are well versed in intergalactic etiquette and are members of the Confederation of Planets. Space travel has been perfected, as has the ability for interdimensional shifts that render these ships undetectable.

ENTERTAINMENT: Theatre, concerts and a wide variety of the arts. Also, for you Trekkies, the Holodecks. Program your favorite movie or chapter in Earth history and become a part of it!

CHILDBIRTH: A painless three months, not nine. A very sacred process whereby, upon conception, a woman will go to the temple for three days, immediately welcoming the child with beautiful music, thoughts and imagery. Water birthing in the company of both parents is standard.

HEIGHT: Due to cultural differences, average heights of subterranean citizens vary. Generally 6’5″ to 7’5″ in Telos, while nearly 12′ in Shamballa the Lesser.

AGE: Unlimited. Death by degeneration is simply not a reality in Telos. Most Agartheans choose to look an age between 30 and 40 and stay there, while, technically, they may be thousands of years old. By not believing in death, this society is not limited by it. Upon completing a desired experience, one can disincarnate at will.

ASCENSION: Absolutely, and much easier and more common than on the surface. Ascension is the ultimate goal of temple training. Why have they stayed underground all this time? In part, because the Agartheans have learned the futility of war and violence and are patiently waiting for us to draw the same conclusion. They are such gentle folk that even our judgemental thoughts are physically harmful to them. Secrecy has been their protection. Until now, the truth of their existence has been veiled by Spirit. When can we visit? Our entrance to the sub-cities depends on the purity of our intentions and our capacity to think positively. A warm welcome from both worlds is the ideal and must be expressed by more than just the lightworking community. Currently, a few hundred brave subterraneans are working on the surface. In order to blend with the masses, they have undergone temporary cellular change so that, physically, they don’t tower above the rest of us. They may be recognized by their gentle, sensitive nature and somewhat mysterious accent. We wish to introduce you to Princess Sharula Aurora Dux, the daughter of the Ra and Rana Mu of Telos.

Sharula has been officially appointed Ambassador to the surface world by the Agartha Network. She is 267 years old and looks 30. This article is courtesy of her firsthand experience. The purpose of her Ambassadorship is to prepare the way for the merging of the two worlds . . . to bring the ideas, the information and the new archetypes that will help unite our planet. Sharula has come to present a blueprint for peaceful change to those who will listen. The Agartheans have reached a point where they cannot progress spiritually unless this merger takes place. In essence, we are one planet ascending, not half a planet. It is God ‘s will that we take the next step together. The sooner we invite this unity, the sooner the magic will unfold. The Hierarchy has made the emergence of the subterranean cities a priority project. They are asking us to do our part in welcoming our brethren. The timing depends very much upon our receptivity and our graciousness. A successful merger is estimated within the next 10 to 20 years. Beloved, there is nothing to fear and everything to gain. The gifts the Agartheans bring are many. The secret of immortality is your birthright.

The freedom to live in abundance is also your birthright. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted a hydroponic tomato and had a little fun on the Holodeck.

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