Hollow Earth Network – News Summary – 10-1-16

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Yes… Zorra is back on his 2-week schedule starting tomorrow – Saturday! We have lots of good news and updates.

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FRI  SEPT 30 2016  



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Mark it down, on this day the USA, Inc/Federal Reserve Bank’s fiat United States Dollar (USD) finally died, and the Republic’s new United States Note (USN) was born.  The gold-backed Chinese Yuan/Renminbi was born internationally (technically October 1 in Asia at noon EDT). And the European Banking Cabal public surrendered the global financial system.



THURS SEPT 29 2016

9:34 PM Pacific  – PING-PONG

Currency value reset “pings” are being received by all central bank, private and public banking institutions as of 1pm EDT. This includes the Republic’s version of the Federal Reserve Bank and Wells Fargo Corporate.
We are hearing that several “pings” are being received every ten minutes or less since that start time. Bankers are now waiting for those revaluing rates to settle, so we can PONG!



This subtle press release will automatically invoke the gold standard embedded in the UN’s Paris Agreement (because it is expected to simultaneously ratify) and begin our final release protocols for both the global currency reset / Republic’s revaluation of USN currency.




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We are blessed, once again, with Zorra’s presence, from Hollow Earth.  Zorra will open the show, moderated by Quazar, with good news updates for Hollow Earth, Surface Earth, and our beloved Galactics!  



Next, we will hear some fun and uplifting news from Jon Bliven of the US Division of the international Keshe Foundation. This will be exciting!


And our final speaker, Tom Paladino, will amaze us with the wonders of Scalar Energy Healing!  Not to be missed!


It’s going to be an exciting and fast three hours!



Inner Earth, Holllow Earth is preparing for their Emergence.

Shortrly after Disclosure>

These Beings will be shrinking their body size so as not to frighten Surface Dwellers.

Their Auric Fields are quite pronounced.

The Republic is about to be announced by General Dunford and President Obama.

NESARA will also be discussed.

Charter of USA, Inc is abolished.

You will notice differences in local and state govts.

Post Offices will beissues new flags to fly.

The RV is completed.

Nuclear power stations  to be powered down, Dismantled.


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Yes, we will have a “regular” Zorra Show tomorrow, including the Healing Pulse.  It is scheduled for two hours – but we sometimes run over. And I am sure we will learn a lot about Earth’s Ascension, our Ascension, and, of course… the Global Currency Reset and RV!  See you there!

I am setting the show up now, so watch for the live links, coming up!


To talk with Zorra: 1  347-637-2383 + to raiase your hand, touch 1 on telephone keypad –
Remember – if you touch 1 again, it will lower your hand.

Telephone, listen only:  1   641-715-3580 + 771358#

After the call, telephone replay: 1  641-715-3589 + 771358#  Ref No:  45

ZORRA SPEAKS – FROM HOLLOW EARTH – ReValuation Underway – BROADCAST SUMMARY BELOW – Practice 5D Skills of Manifestation – Prime Creator Prevents Nuclear Exchanges Anywhere – No Death; Your Being Ascends – Get Your Answers from Mother Nature – Bible Influenced by Annunaki – 7-4-15

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And how be you, Beloved Masters?

Today’s Call Notes: Zaraya reads post WWII U-Boat 209 handwritten letter confirming “Hollow Earth exists.” – ZORRA: RV underway w/some US Int’l Rate exchanges – Must we wait for New Republic? – Dragon Families update – Where is Cass Elliott today? –  The F-16 over Washington DC – Corley Goode/David Wilcocks series coming – Spiritual view of suicide – ZAP’s Fukushima predictions? – Can we help Lyme Disease? Others? – HEALTH PROGRAMS  Mothers! NO Inoculations! – Arthritic Pain/Pulse/Gone!  Powers of Headband / Ships – Mosquitoes/fleas? – Can help Bell’s Palsy? – Poison Ivy, sunburn, shingles? – Sun / cancer? – Vessels entering Sun – Soon 2 Suns! – Sun is a planet! –  Is Nibiru a danger to us? – Why star people love Planet Earth – Abductions?? – SARYYA: Why you volunteered!  – Have we been “implanted?” –  1st time listener not able to walk UNTIL Zorra’s live healing on this call! –

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Blog Talk Radio Shows began in July, 2013.

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HOLLOW EARTH NETWORK – Getting Healthy For Ascension – Healing By Zorra – 3-31-15

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HOLLOW EARTH NETWORK   –   Getting Healthy For Ascension   –   3-31-15

 Zorra, from Hollow Earth

The Galactics’ technology tells us 90% to 95% of the surface population will be qualified for Ascension. And for the first time, this mass Ascension will be done – taking your bodies with you!

Already, your bodies are changing from carbon-based to crystal-silicon!  Many have noticed their taste in food is changing – dramatically! As your bodies change, they require a fresh new diet. Many are dropping weight, unexpectedly… also, a good sign.

And some are still dealing with difficult body conditions.

I and the Galactics have approved a select group of food supplements that are already impacting people’s health.  Pain is leaving. Lab tests confirm system improvements..

Ascension is an inside job. Only you can create your Ascension. And your bodies are a big part of it. Let’s take the first step and find the easiest route for each of you… and get started!



Health Programs

ZORRA’S BACK – Hollow Earth Network Broadcast – Zorra comes in at 38:50 – Summary Points Below – 2-14-15


Plants Have Medicinal Properties   –   Your Immune System is Strong   –   Do not be in fear of Bio Attacks   –   No Decimation of our Planet   –   We Are On Ascension Timeline   –   Prepare for the Landings in 2015   –   Give forth Attitudes of Complete, Endless Love   –   This Eliminates Majority of your Problems, Situations on your Earth   –   Change your Auric Field   –   Love is Answer for all Situations   –   Galactics, Prime Creator happy to see reaching out to Each Other   –   Cobra speaking about An Event that is Coming   –   The Great Awakening Planet Earth   –   Knowing Who and What you are    –   Forces of the Dark are moving into the Light (ongoing)   –   The love, inside your Beings, is issuing out all over the Earth, Balancing the Energies   –   The Light is Cancelling out the Dark   –   Each new Equinox quaduples the Light Energies entering Earth   –   There’s going to be less and less Illness   –   You cannot have  sickness in a Positive Shield   –   Miracle of HGH to slow aging   –   When you have reached the point of Ascension, in a snap – You Are Going!   –   The MAIN EVENT brings Ascension WITH the  body!   –    You are Limitless in your Beingness   –   Letting Go, Releasing   –   Staying detached from 3D thinking   –   Everthing is Love, We are All ONE  –      –   2015 is going to be full of Wonderful Events   –   Abundance coming forth in 2015

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ZORRA’S BACK   –   Hollow Earth Network Broadcast   –   2-14-15

Welcome back, Zorra!

It’s been a month since Zorra’s Final Call of January 8th.  And he did say he’d check in on us “…in a month or two!” – I wonder if he missed us as much as we missed him?  🙂


We’ll all be getting together on Saturday, February 14th

9 AM Pacific – 10 AM Mountain – 11 AM Central – 12 PM Eastern

It will be a full 3-hour call!


Download Link for this broadcast.

In the meantime, make it a habit to check in on OUR

BREAKING NEWS page: www.HollowEarthNetwork.com

ZORRA BIDS US FAREWELL – Christmas Ascension Stories – You All Have The Tools – It Is Time To Use Them – You Have To Live Love – Unconditional Forgiveness – Galactics Have Surrounded Earth With Protective Force Field – Nuclear Weapons on Earth are Inert, Neutralized – Use Clearing In Front of Mirror – Most Civilizations live in Interior of their Planets – There will be a Great Gathering – Earth Surface will be Reformed – Our Population will live in Inner Earth – Emotions, Duality, Free Will – Account of How Earth’s Surface got to be Populated – Beings of the Dark took over Earth – They created Duality on Earth – Prime Creator decision / Creation of the Veil – Now The Veil Has Been Lifted – Be the Galactic Beings You Are Meant To Be – Feel the Endless Love We Have For You – You have the Ultimate power of Prime Creator – Let The Joy Flow! – 1-7-15

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Click here to hear the Broadcast

Recomend that you begin at  30: 00

Zorra comes in at  1:42:05



This broadcast was sabotaged for the first 2 hours of the Show.

We got to listen to the last hour.

Hollow Earth Network had 4 guests talking about health remedies and information about the Revalued Currencies and how to trade them in.

Then Zorra comes for the last half hour.  The headline above tells  Zorra’s Message.

A download link will be provided shortly.


Zorra has agreed to return TOMORROW, Jan 8th.


It will be a 2 hour program.  It will be a Great Program. Try the link above to find him.




As we enter the fourth quarter of our fourth year with Zorra, we learn that Zorra and Prime Creator have determined that Zorra’s scheduled shows shall end.

Zorra briefly commented on this possible decision on last Saturday’s show and said he would update us. We have now learned that it has been decided, and on Wednesday, January 7 2015, Zorra himself shall gently awaken us to our new reality –  the wisdom that we shall recognize and implement the Power we have always had, but did not acknowledge.

Zorra concludes his almost four-year Mission, awakening the surface population to the existance of this advanced, benevolent and loving civilization living within our Hollow Earth and soon to emerge on the surface and walk amongst us.  Through Zorra, we have also grown to know the Galactics and learn that they, too, will soon be here amongst us… mentoring us … a long-awaited reunion with our Star Families.


Hollow Earth Network Show – Zorra, Nancy Tate, Kathryn E May – 12-27-14

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Click Here To Listen To The Broadcast

What is everyone asking? — And Zorra’s answers?  Here is a brief outline…

Invocation. – Nancy Tate channels HORUS, from the Porthologos Library in Hollow and Inner Earth who tells how we have changed our future, set in place for Eternity. Our choices, as a group caused…??.  Are Agarthans coming to the surface? Will we go into Hollow/Inner Earth?  And does Gaia support us? — GAIA SPEAKS of her feelings about the surface people. — ZARAYA speaks of current RV status / today’s window. —  Zorra strongly reprimands us!  Why? — Tools given, and should be in use! – “Prime Creator and myself: making a decision regarding you… ” Q & A:  Deb: Where did I go wrong? –  Barbara and how these calls saved her life. Don’t leave us!  –  Tartus (Peter) has shown you the Quantum Beings you Are! – Christine: on dog and cat planets… carniverous? – Vivian: Jesus’ “second coming?” Zorra:  He is here now, seated on throne in New Jerusalem (the ship) and will soon walk among you, but not as Jesus, as Himself, SANANDA. – William: We can’t see the stars… can you help? – Malvin: Is Buddha incarnate in Japan? – She wrote Santa and received her Blessing –  Headband instructions –  Alice’s three testimonials!

Zorra, Father God – Visions of 5D Manifestation – Telepathic Communication – Multi Extra-Sensory Perception – Knowing Everything – Remembering Who You Are – Coming Back To Magic – Prime Creator has sent forth Archangel Michael, in Human Form, to Oversee the UN, New Governance – New Inventions Coming – Medical Breakthroughs – Live Your Higher Dimensional Consciousness – Cures Coming for Cancer, AIDS – Missing Limbs Restored from your DNA – 12-3-14

hollow earthHollow Earth





It is I, Zorra – from Hollow Earth. And how be you, Beloved Masters?  Tonight’s show will be for one hour.

Tonight, I will, once again, speak to you from my son, Zaraya’s body which I will inhabit, as we trade bodies. I can then speak to you over your telephone system.

Tonight we shall get together with a look at upcoming events. As you know, although I and Saryya, live in Hollow Earth, we have aero ships and often orbit your surface, overlooking areas of intense activity. We not only witness today’s historic events, but have also witnessed major past historical events, like the great flood – the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria… even saw WHO started WWII..

We also interact with the Galactic Fleets and the Ashtar Command, as well as the many visitors from not only your galaxy, but other galaxies and universes. We interact with the huge motherships, also in orbit – hiding in clear sight: Elenin, the huge mothership from Sirius is hiding right in front of your Sun. At the point of Disclosure, she will move away from the Sun and you will see “two Suns.”

And The New Jerusalem, home of Sananda/Jesus, Commander in Chief of the Galactic Federation of Light, is usually hiding right in front of Venus. The light we know as the Evening or Morning Star, is actually the light of The New Jerusalem, which assumed its place in Earth’s skies when it arrived as “The Star of Bethlehem.”

We invite you to join us tonight as we discuss your future events. We also hope to answer your written and voiced questions.

I’ll be speaking with you soon.  Zorra


Zorra – Hollow Earth Network – HUGE NEWS COMING! – Topic Summary Below – 11-12-14

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Click Here To Listen To The Broadcast 

Tonight’s call was extremely informative. 

Opening with Invocation: Violet Flame and Pillar of White Light of Protection. – ZARAYA tells of shape-shifting into Mer body, swimming with cruise ships; saw Ashtar’s crew vacuuming ocean of pollution. QUAZAR tells of huge portal just opening. ZORRA: About dark’s intrusion into last week’s call by four warlocks – What IS a warlock?  A witch? What is Magic? Druids? Merlin? The Titans?  SARYYA: Maganificent things beginning to happen! Portals! Being trained in our sleep. Hollow Earth commonly uses magic as shape-shifting, manifesting; anything is possible. Use of Containment to stop cabal? “Yes, and…” – ANNE: Interim President of New Republic is now in Oval Office?  ZORRA: Coming Announcements: NESARA; No IRS; No DEBTS – Republic Interim President, St Germain, Ashtar, Prime Creator, Ascended Masters all in 48-hour meeting in White House AS WE SPEAK. Area 51 now “owned” by New Republic Militrary. A-51 tunnels reopened to Hollow Earth. Tunnels to surface now opened by forest fires allowing Emergence.. All International borders: check points coming down – people will just walk from couintry to counmtry in US and Europe – A peek at things to come; worldwide changes – On Mars, joint civilization since 50’s: : American, Russian, Chinese. Coming Announcement from White House: “Republic is restored.” – At end of 48-hour meeting? Prime Creator’s Announcement. – HEALING PULSE, joined by Arcturians, mass healings. Releases from prisons, asylums. Captors awaken, aware: “This is wrong!”


Hollow Earth Network – Ashtar Command Communications – Unusual Information

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Peter Olson – Many of One – Architecture of Love, Creation in the Universe – Hollow Earth Network

Hollow Earth 2

Peter Olson


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Welcome to Many of One, with Peter Olson.

How did LOVE evolve?  When did Creation begin?  Where are we now?  Where do I fit in?

Hollow Earth Network members are invited to join Peter Olson’s weekly radio discussions and Q & A, as we expand our knowledge and understanding of Truth.

We invite you to visit Peter’s website:

http://www.ManyOfOneNew.com/2014+ CONTENT

For Peter’s reading recommendations for next call:

http://www.ManyOfOneNew.com/2014+ HOME

We look forward to meeting you as we, together, visit and discuss new insights, new understandings… new discoveries!