HILARION – Trust In The Process – by We Signed Up For This – 5-2-18

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MAY 1, 2018 AT 9:08 PM

Source:   Era of Light 

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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The already intense cosmic energies have recently turned up a notch. This is creating a further heart opening effect within people and facilitating the process of healing at an even deeper level. You who are feeling this intensity are the brave ones, the ones who have been able to jump off the edge of a cliff into a totally unknown reality. It is here you abide as you acclimate your physical body and senses to this unfamiliar territory.

It is in this new reality where you are discovering long lost skills – one of which is transmitting and receiving telepathic communications from other incarnates upon the planet. This is proving to be a long process as most of humanity does not even know that it is a possibility and therefore, when one of you pioneers in the Lightworker community is the recipient of a telepathic communication, you tend to doubt the validity of the experience, even though you respond in kind in answer to the transmission you receive! This will change as the subject matter being discussed proves itself to be a valid experience.

Many of you are experiencing the need of an extended withdrawal from the outside world in your sphere of influence while you integrate this new development and come to terms with it. This is perfectly acceptable and can be viewed as a normal response to the new skills and aspects of self that are coming online, so to speak. It is a method and way to tune into and integrate the new reality you have recently entered. Remember that you are one of at least two individuals on the planet who is matched in frequency levels so that this skill can come to the fore.

You are in effect, practicing with the other individual to open a new pathway or channel to this form of communication between humans. Trust in this process as it unfolds – as with any new skill, practice makes perfect. Consider yourself at the forefront of a new way of living. Telepathic communication is a way of the future for those on planet Earth. When it is happening for you, try to tune into the energy level of the one who is transmitting to you, this will help you both to gain clarity on both ends of the communication.

This is truly a wondrous time to be in the physical body here on Earth! There is much that is occurring at the higher levels that filters down to Earth real time reality. Eventually, this will become an almost instantaneous process of manifestation of whatever one desires. This will result in a more illumined and enlightened way of living for all of humanity.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion.




HILARION – Humanity’s Resurection – 1-11-17 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame – via Jahn Kassl



Hilarion: Humanity’s Resurrection
Before ascension, the resurrection of mankind will take place, and before you will complete this journey, you will resurrect in this world.

I am MASTER HILARION – resurrected living human consciousness that is one with God. I am amongst you – now and forever!


Beloved humans,

you can see how the world is changing, and you can see how you yourself are changing. The emergence from the cocoon is happening right there in your everyday life. You are amazed by it – and sometimes melancholic. In the midst of these challenging times you are confronted with yourself, and it isn’t always easy or simple to keep perspective and persevere. But yet you accomplish a lot, yet you achieve great things, and yet the power of your love is increasing by the day.

Now that in some places so much anger, jealousy and hatred is unloaded, you have the opportunity to answer to that with human kindness. And you have seized this opportunity, because more and more people drop the “eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth”-mentality.

One can see all over the world now that humans join together and unite in spirit. The split in society is overcome internally by more and more people.

Even if “huge successes” haven’t happened yet and if you believe that you are stuck not getting anywhere and taking on a Sisyphean task, it becomes more and more evident and clear that things are moving in a completely new direction in a positive, luminous and peaceful way.

Water is mightier than rock
So far many believed that the mentality that is stronger, more aggressive or reckless would prevail and be victorious. However, it now slowly turns out that the ones who are peaceful and loving triumph.

Some of you are unaware of this development and therefore become desperate. They lose confidence and faith in the Golden Age.

I am telling you: The Golden Age is emerging right before your eyes and within a human life span. There is no doubt: water is mightier than rock.

The resurrection of human beings who are completely devoted to God is ongoing. And the leap in consciousness is now leading to the following:

1.) In the midst of hopeless situations the wind turns and something unexpected happens.

2.) Your courageous behavior and the manifestation of your light no longer have life-threatening consequences.

3.) Peace and love reach more and more human hearts, so that the fruits of your labor become visible more and more evident.

But what about those individuals who remain incorrigible and unswervingly continue on their path into darkness?

These individuals will be offered opportunities to turn around until the very end, and by the time all those opportunities have passed them by idly, they will restart or continue their incarnation in a galaxy far away.

See achievement, not failure
The clear trend that you will turn this earth into paradise and bring mankind closer to the divine is emerging. This trend is irreversible.

So now you need to focus your attention on all that you achieve each and every day that is positive, luminous and kind. Don’t look at what you fail to do, but look at the light you create.

What you missed or failed to do is part of your transformational process, but it should never dominate your thoughts or block positive actions. Realize who you really are. Your everyday life continuously shows you where you are exercising humanity and humanness.

Neither judge light nor darkness, but notice the light that comes into the world through you with increasing awareness!

You have come a long way, and now it is time that you rise above and extinguish all self-limitation.

Many things in this world cannot be realized only because an individual has doubts, hesitates or displays too little self-confidence.

Say good-bye to these delusions today, liberate yourself from them. Simply send them off and start a new life. A new self-awareness is the most important thing now, because what is to come should be welcomed and not resented. To make this happen it is necessary to see what you have already achieved and why some intentions are still failing.

Not by rising from the dead, but by bringing to life your complete human power on this earth, you shall resurrect. And this resurrection of the individual will turn all future events in the right direction.

Did you understand this, beloved human? Can you internalize this? If so, rise up! Never again allow yourself to be deceived by this matrix and kept from your true power. If so, rise up and remove all self-limitations once for all.

Heaven stands by you, and I will accompany you until your resurrection has taken place and you have entered life completely.

I love you endlessly.



» Source – Channel: Jahn Kassl

HILARION – Realignment and Recalibration – 9-3-17 – via Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama – Era Of Light




I come on the wings of love! The Earth has passed through many significant cosmic portals and this has opened up new possibilities for the human lifewaves to move forward on their personal journey in relative peace and harmony. To help anchor these higher energies into the crystalline core of the Earth, we have impressed the Scribe with a selection of decrees that we ask those of you who feel the call, to work with these each day, at least until the new year begins. It is very important now that a new Earth template is available, to imprint this new template with the most sacred vision and purpose – which is to awaken each person to their highest potential as individual Holy Sparks of the Divine – to bring about a wholeness within and a unification with All That Is. Click here.


If enough of you, the powerful and diligent ones, can answer and heed this call from the spiritual realms of Light, it will bring a greater stability to the planet as it continues the transformation process. As the planet Earth transforms through the changes that occur – so too, does humanity and all the inhabitants upon her. Each sentient being is embodying more Light and luminosity within their new operating systems. All on the planet are becoming more radiant in their various forms and as this process continues, the old system and its ways will fade from the collective unified field of consciousness. There will come about many new solutions to the situations that need changing in the new reality.

A realignment and recalibration is taking place within each person. We ask you to heed the impulses of your physical vehicle and follow its guidance. Let go of outer distractions as your body requires – for there is greater need for the restorative powers of the sleep process. You will find it easier to assimilate and integrate the new energies. Do not be concerned too much with the appearance of your physical vehicle during these times as the recalibrations take place, for these take a temporary toll on the new human operating system. One can notice the appearance of aging of the human body during the transformation process. This will continue until every cell and particle of each physical body shines with greater Light.

During the current purification process, do not lose sight of the highest outcomes you intend for yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. Make up affirmations for yourself that have great meaning to you and repeat these daily to manifest these outcomes into your reality. As each of you does this, it grounds that reality into the New Earth. You are the ones who must make this a daily act and intention – do not rely on anyone or anything else to do it for you! As you make this a daily part of your life, you will take back your personal power and sovereignty and eventually, you will discern this power manifesting for you in wondrous and creative ways.

This is your higher purpose in these times – to create the new template of Earth and imprint it with your highest love, Light and intentions. Daily persistence is required from humanity to anchor these higher intentions into the new Earth reality. The field of consciousness in the new reality is wide open to be programmed and set with a higher standard of conduct and intention for planet-wide enlightened and harmonious living with peace for all!

You have lived, loved and lost many people and things during the course of your lifetime and because of this, you carry the necessary compassion and empathy within you. You can make a difference in the lives of those who have recently lost so much of that which they held dear. Pray for the highest and most benevolent outcomes to all who need it. Your loving prayers and intentions are very needed during these times. Your united voices asking for this each day is vitally needed. The Divine can work powerfully upon the planet when its Presence is requested by its inhabitants, for you are the Divine Holy Sparks of love and Light manifest upon this world.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion.


» Source – Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – August 2017   – by sananda.website


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The winds of change continue to blow through every part of the planet. It is a symbiotic process. Humanity is beginning to notice that their entire planet and all her inhabitants are a part of a greater whole, and that whatever one person does, says, or thinks has an impact upon the entire population and the systems that have been in place. No longer can a person deny their responsibility to live a more ethical existence. Humankind must now awaken to this awareness.

These times call for more alertness and awareness in the citizens of every country, for every country is being cleansed and purified by the forces of nature that surround them. This can impact their lives in very challenging ways and these challenges bring the need for these ones to dig deep in order to endure them. In this process, the people redefine that which has true importance in their life and let go of that which no longer matters. Life is seen from a different perspective, a perspective of humble gratitude for the precious gift of life that each has been given so that they can have the experiences that help their soul to evolve and grow to a fully awakened Divine human.

Awaken they must! It is what their eternal soul has chosen and it can be a pleasant and joyous experience or it can be a time of intense challenges and change, depending on what still needs to be learned through their experiences. Humanity needs to see the universal perspective rather than the small lens of their individual perspective.

The mainstream media will continue to turn out the same stories, recycling them over and over again, ad nauseum. They continually stay on the same track and the initial motivation behind it all. They are hoping that people won’t notice that they really have no new news to report in their politics only genre. The reporters who work for the mainstream media are trying to hang in there and persist in their constant repetitions of the same story – which has the world’s population yawning in exasperated boredom.

The Light has come and it is here to stay! It is the time! As it gets ever brighter, it exposes everything that is not in resonance with it. Those who wore masks to hide their true nature are finding it increasingly difficult to do so. They are being seen as they really are more and more often. This is because the planet has entered the era of transparency, the era of unity consciousness and those who have wielded power under the old paradigm know that they cannot do so for much longer.

This Light that comes in ever increasing intensity has been changing everything and everyone from the inside out. The adage “As above, so below” takes on its true import now. Individuals will find all illusions they have been living under simply fading away as though they never existed. The Divine truth takes hold in every aspect of human life. The citizens of the world will hold each other accountable for every dishonest act that is attempted and eventually each person will begin to self correct that which they deem needs changing in order to reflect the love they hold within them.

Peace and goodwill will become the normal way of interaction between people and each will strive to keep clarity at the forefront in the decisions they make, for now they will know without a doubt that their actions, words, thoughts and deeds reflect back to them much more swiftly than before. Each person will make the choice to stay in their luminosity as they move towards manifesting their highest and greatest potential. They will rise like the phoenix to the truth of their Divinity and their oneness with All That Is.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama. All rights reserved to the author/scribe and www.therainbowscribe.com.

Hilarion – The Rainbow Scribe – July 2017 Update

The Hilarion Connection©Update – July 2017

Beloved Ones, I come on the wings of love!

The matters of the Earth continue in their

reformation and renaissance.

All that was before is being changed

and this, of course, brings tumultuous energies

at times as events unfold.

Seen from the soul’s perspective,

this is… via Hilarion – July

via Hilarion (The Rainbow Scribe) – July 2017 Update — Blue Dragon Journal

Hilarion – June 2017 – Oracles and Healers

The Hilarion Connection © Update, June 2017

Beloved Ones, I come on the wings of love!

As your world continues to makes changes in all areas of human existence,

many people are finding it difficult to hold on,

to feel a foundation around them and under them, so to speak.…

via Hilarion – June 2017 — Oracles and Healers

HIlARION – Soul’s Original Intention – The Fairy Dimension – 5-5-17

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I, Master Hilarion wish to share with you a most recent experience from my journeys upon the inner planes of the Creator’s Universe. I am the Chohan and overseer of the 5thRay of Light which is an expression of the Creator’s qualities represented by an orange light. The 5th Ray of Light supports soul discovery and enhancement as well as weaving the divine with science both on the Earth and the inner planes. Along with my passion of guiding souls who come from the Earth and the Creator’s Universe to my ashram, I also enjoy travelling the Universe of the Creator to discover more about this Creator energy which is at the core of each being; labelled the soul. I discover how the soul can be enhanced and how I can guide others to connect on a deeper level with their soul. I am drawn to areas of the Creator’s Universe where light technology is created and experienced. I am always interested in how we can integrate light technology into new developments in science, experiments and inventions upon the Earth. I am especially interested when beings draw upon the divine inspiration of the Creator when contemplating science as this always creates new and unique possibilities for all. All that I discover and connect with I channel into the 5th Ray of Light so others who connect with or visit the 5th Ray of Light may benefit from the energy and inspiration.

The Elemental Dimensions

One of my most recent journeys through the Universe of the Creator enabled me to discover more about the soul. When I speak of the soul, I am speaking in general, including your soul, my soul and every soul in existence. My intuition guided me to the Elemental Dimensions, which I like to label the magical kingdom because the Elementals exist more than many within the spiritual dimensions as limitless expressions of the Creator.

Incredibly unique and diverse are the Elementals and those existing within the Elemental Dimensions that they encourage us to perceive the Creator in a completely new, exciting and diverse manner. It is very exciting to be given such freedom within, when entering the Elemental Dimensions. The freedom is always present within; however, the Elemental Dimensions support you in exploring the Creator with greater depth, freedom and expansion. It can be completely mind-blowing. There is a reason why many have forgotten the Elemental Dimensions and try to create an illusion of the Elementals having a low vibration. Entering and connecting with the Elemental Dimensions is often too much for many, they cannot cope with seeing the truth of the Creator so vividly, magnified and in such detail. Some beings discover that everything they once believed can be shattered, because of the expansive nature of the Elemental Dimensions and because of lack of understanding and grounding, they can become lost within the Elemental Dimensions. I, Master Hilarion, have a few pointers that you may wish to retain should you find your soul guiding you to the Elemental Dimensions, these allowed me to enter and return from the Elemental Dimensions.

  • When entering the Elemental Dimensions, there is a need to always first create an intention for your visit. It is important that the intention is specific. Examples, ‘I wish to heal my heart chakra.’ ‘I wish to discover my soul to assist me in my life and spiritual growth now.’ ‘I wish to gain wisdom to assist me in being of service to nature and the Elemental Dimensions.’
  • Ask for the most appropriate being from the Elemental Dimensions to step forth, greet and connect with you to be your guide through the Elemental Dimensions. You may not have previously linked to this being before however, this being is the most appropriate to work with you.
  • Then say, ‘I now allow my soul to direct me within the Elemental Dimensions, my pathway is clear and understanding dawns with ease for me. I am grounded, my mind is open to the truth of the Creator.’
  • Imagine a green and golden orb of light, like a bubble hovering above you. With your intention draw the bubble to your third eye chakra. Allow the green and golden light to merge with your third eye chakra. You will then enter the Elemental Dimensions.

The Fairy Dimension

To continue my story, I, Master Hilarion, entered the Elemental Dimensions with my intention at the forefront of my mind. ‘My intention is to discover and enhance the soul and its presence for all.’ It was a Fairy who came to greet me. The gateway through which I walked was a creation of weaved branches filled with green and golden leaves which appeared as droplets of honey suspended from the branches. She, the Fairy was there to greet me. I could tell she was of feminine vibration, not because of her appearance which was pink and green flashes of light, but because of the energy, she emanated to me. A warmth and comfort surrounded me as I found myself being led through a magical woodland. The Fairy who invited me to call her Yosha stopped me every so often and asked me to look at a plant, tree or the view before me. I would see that it was like a picture painted from light so detailed and creative. Then there was a flash, and it was as if I was seeing behind the picture. I saw the energy constantly moving and vibrating which was forming the picture. With another few flashes, I saw the being who had created the vision before me (a Fairy), their original intention and then I saw nothing only the formless light of the Creator so bright it was breath-taking. Yosha, stopped me many times until the energy and truth of each transition filled my senses.

In the distance, I could see a large ball of light suspended in the air. As we moved closer, I saw that the ball was moving, vibrating and constantly changing. The ball was created by millions of Fairy beings gathering together as if they were having a meeting that they were very excited about. Yosha guided me to walk straight into the ball of light composed of Fairies. I hesitated before doing so asking my soul for reassurance and then I moved forth. It was as if I had walked into another dimension. I found myself sitting on grass surrounded by large rocks of deeply coloured Rose Quartz. Millions of Fairy beings flew in the sky above me and around me. Akin to orbs of light, as I caught sight of one it was as if my third eye extended and moved into embodiment with the Fairy. I found myself flying as the Fairy, understanding their purpose, gifts and qualities. No sooner as I realised what was happening I was back in my own being observing them once more. It was an unusual experience which brought me joy and great understanding. The type of understanding and knowingness that cannot be expressed with words once it has been grasped.

The Wisdom Imparted

Yosha appeared before me. By simply acknowledging her I became her as if my soul was merging with her soul. I heard her voice and vibration pulsating through me. ‘In the truth of the Creator’s Universe, there are no boundaries between souls. Souls merge all the time throughout the Universe of the Creator. The energy you are now doesn’t belong to you. It remains as you recognise it now because of your intention. Is there a core within you which belongs to you alone, describes you and identifies you? The answer to this is both yes and no. Your soul was born from an intention, a vision, thought or expression of energy. That energy merged with other aspects of the Creator building a truth and wholeness. More qualities, energies, love, light and intentions appeared forming the soul more fully. Your essence is born from the synthesis of the Creator’s light. You are a creation of synthesis. This means that there is an original intention within your soul which has been magnified, empowered, expanded and explored. This original intention when discovered and accessed is akin to a key which allows you to exist in harmony with your soul, fulfilling your needs and evolution. The greatest purpose of a soul is Creator synthesis. Each soul has a different synthesis intention to discover, explore and express the Creator fully.

Accessing Your Soul’s Original Intention

Accessing the original intention of your soul can enable your manifestation and creation abilities to be magnified and empowered. We, the fairies, wish to share with you Hilarion a prayer of truth which we invite you to share with others.

‘I invite my soul, soul group, guides and the Creator to hear me now. I wish to discover my soul’s original intention. The intention that acted as a seed for the energy that I am now as my truth and highest essence. Please filter with clarity into my mind, awareness and heart my soul’s original intention. I know that this intention will be simple and may not even seem that profound as everything that is the Creator is always simple. I am willing to accept the simplicity of my soul’s original intention. I invite myself to become aware of my soul’s original intention in the coming week. Thank you.’

(Take a moment to rest and receive, continue to take moments to rest and receive throughout your week.)

Hilarion, remind souls that when they access their original intention, whether they are conscious of it or not, it can bring great realisation about life, the spiritual journey and purpose. Then when they manifest projecting their energy from their soul into their reality, they will have the power of their soul’s original intention which will advance their manifestation skills and encourage them to experience fulfilment.’

Yosha, continued for some time and I, Hilarion simply sat enjoying the energies, light and activations which were taking place within my entire being.

With gratitude and love, Master Hilarion.

» Source – Channel: Natalie Glasson