Higher Self Teaching – On Abundance and Manifestation – 2-11-15

Fran ZepedaFran Zepeda
 February 2, 2015

Received January 30, 2015 from Higher Self, supported by Lakshmi, Lady Nada, and Yeshua:

Abundance is a matter of intention, in full alignment with your soul purpose, and keeping in mind and heart the knowing that all you desire is at your fingertips, that all is present in your immediate Now for the taking. It becomes manifest with your full alignment with your intentions, for the highest good of all. Believing it is so, believing it is possible, is key.

Nothing is impossible. It just requires a sustained living in the energy of the intention — feeling, seeing and abiding by all the elements that make up your desire, as if it is happening now in this moment. You live constantly in that energy and it becomes manifest.

Dear ones, it is not that hard. Take away the restrictions that you cannot have it. Take away the limits you have imposed upon yourself, and live, breathe and abide in the energy of your highest dreams as if it is happening right now. It IS. It is merely not manifest in the physical until all conditions are right and all is aligned to match the vibration of the intention and for the highest good of all.

It is introspective in nature — fully living in your intentions and according to your own soul purpose. Take a moment now to illuminate your deepest desires within your heart. Allow them to take shape within you now. See yourself walking, talking and experiencing what you would want your daily life to be. Write it down and then refresh it every day with more detail and flourish, as you meditate on and visualize it, made more real by all your feelings and emotions and senses in deep alignment with what you want to create.

What emotions would accompany this new life? — Joy? Peace? Fulfillment? What divine aspects would accompany this new life? — Love? Harmony? Grace? Freedom? What do you see, what do you feel, what are the details in this vision of your new life?

How are you connected to it? Are you going within, each day, to explore it and then asking your Higher Self and guides for what action to take to make it more real? Are you listening for insights? And Inspiration? Are you paying attention to any opportunity or new idea that beckons to be explored? Are you constantly bringing yourself back to the vision of what you would like, and etching more details into it?

Take off the shackles of what should be, or how it should be, or when it should be, and allow the forming of your creation to flow in freedom and synchronicity, fueled by your deep desires and intentions.

Be bold, and bare your heart wide open to accept what you desire. Accept and allow the energy of what you want, and aim to match that energy in your heart. What do you have to step out of or let go of to clear the way? Ask yourself: If you were in the energy now of what you want, what would be taking place and what would it require you to own about yourself? To discard? To accept and forgive about yourself?

Be creative and limitless with the sketch you have in your heart of your desires. Let it take you deeper into it each day in your meditations and visualizations, so you begin to feel the energy of the intention present and growing stronger when you go about your day, it never leaving your thoughts and heart.

Be loving with yourself. Play with the ideas as if you are building a castle or a village out of building blocks like a child would. What would be there?

Allow yourself to laugh with Joy as you survey your work on this vision. And keep it within your heart throughout the day, always keeping it with you.

And you are limitless now — you are a magnificent creature of creation. You are happiness sublime because now you know that nothing is impossible and nothing is out of bounds in your New World of Creation.


Thank you to my Higher Self, Lady Nada, Yeshua and Lakshmi.

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Higher Self Teaching via Fran Zepeda – On Wholeness – 2-1-15

lotuadeepblueThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

All are Whole to begin with, from the beginning of time. It is just from there an add-on of experiences, a retreat back, and ultimate revealing and illumination process to bring forth the dormant and to transmute the illusion and parts that do not live fully in Love.

And it is that process that you all are going through, the revealing, illumination and acceptance of all parts, all aspects of you to make up the whole, to illuminate and transmute all that is not fully in Love. In that there is a revealing process of that which is not Love, that which is not the True Divine You, that which is covering up the Full Illumination of You.

And the process is long for many, it is difficult for many, it is necessary for many to linger at areas where they are not truly authentic, for to cling to those unauthentic parts has been for some purpose necessary to protect, or to bring one to the revelation of the nugget of truth that has been hidden.

And in that process, it is more enriching than having everything illuminated and apparent at once, for it is a journey wherein one can explore and decipher and realize who they truly are in intimate experience and expression.

This journey is the jewel in your life. It is the gem of your existence. It is your essence becoming manifest in sometimes slow but always deliberate means.

Sometimes one will become astray – or go astray – from their journey, for it may be too glaring and provocative to enter into that wormhole of truth. However, that too is part of the journey to Ascension and complete Enlightenment, to realization of your Wholeness. Mind you, it (Wholeness) is already there but just has not been fully realized. Two different things these are.

What sews and connects together all your parts in your Wholeness, is Love. It is the glue and the motivation and the foundation of who you are. It is the tool to illuminate and transmute all that is not of Truth and Authenticity within your Wholeness.

Having Compassion for yourself is the helper in this process. For it is what leads you to fully love and accept yourself. Forgiveness comes with that; it is the oil lubricating your Compassion and Love for yourself.

And Grace is a key player in that. For in fully realizing your divinity, and accepting your Full Divinity, it is only a matter of time before your True Self will be presented to you in loving form, in complete Wholeness.

Life becomes beautiful and whole when one allows the Grace of God/Creator to enter into one’s life in immediate and open allowance, becoming one with that aspect of oneself, to allow it to bring forth all the parts of oneself to fruition and Wholeness.

This is a gradation, and gradual process, however for many it is speeding up. As all aspects of Creator are accepted and integrated into one’s Being, and as all parts and experiences of the incarnate you become illuminated, healed and integrated into a cohesive whole, all sides of the coin – all aspects of each illusion and miscreation – are being revealed as their true core and being, transmuting to the divine love it really is – your True Self thus merging and emerging as more powerful and complete than when those miscreations were first formed. They were for a purpose and the purpose is revealed.

Ponder this when you think you are not whole. For the Wholeness becomes manifest in illuminating that which does not appear whole in the first place.


Thank you to my Higher Self,

Fran Zepeda

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