SANANDA – You Are Ascending with Mother Earth – via Ann Dahlberg – 11-17-17 – by Love Has Won



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Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Sananda and I walk in the midst of you all now. I can see your work and I can see your sorrow and I can see your joy. There is much happening now, both within you and on the outside. Earth has started its process of transformation and things are shaken up a bit here and there. There are many who are tired now. The last portals with light that have opened up have a strong impact on your bodies. The same is true for the planetary body of Mother Earth. You rise in your frequencies. The body starts to vibrate in a different way and that which does not belong to this vibration is cleared out. New cells are constructed with a larger capacity to assimilate the higher vibration in your body. This can tax your stamina, but you adapt slowly but surely to the higher frequency in your bodies and it also impacts your senses. You become more conscious and responsive to what it is that is going on around you. You also get a clearer picture of your body and the abilities that you have. You are no longer just a body. You are body and soul with access to a higher heart and a higher mind. This changes the picture of your world fundamentally and a new approach to life is starting. You discover that everything is life and that you are a part of this life. It puts quite different demands on you – how you relate to Earth and your fellow humans. It does not work to continue as before. A change must take place. You are not asleep any longer, but you are conscious and awake.

The question that arises is: What can I do to change the world I live in? Feel free to have grand visions, but take small steps by small steps so that you do not become overwhelmed and everything falls flat. Consider that work is also done in your bodies and that the soul knows which steps you should take so that it becomes as good as possible. It is better to take small steps with great results than large steps with small results, or leading you to have to start all over again. You find yourselves in an intensive period of new creations on Earth and this is also reflected in your aura and your bodies. If you need to rest you should do that.

Follow your intuition and let the soul prepare the way for you. You need your strength and energy to move forward with yourselves. Your inner strength gives you an outer strength. You do not do much good if you do not have the force with you. Rest can sometimes be imperative and can give you the breakthrough that you were waiting for and worked for. Stillness is not just stillness. There is also a flow in the stillness. This flow can carry you far. It is in these still flows that the foundation is constructed for that which then rises up and that is manifesting almost by itself. How do you imagine that the new Earth is being constructed? Yes, from many still flows a flood is forming that is then emptying into the sea. This is what has happened with humanity now. That which has grown within the collective of humanity has now formed a flood that has grown ever mightier and is now approaching the sea.

Feel and understand that a new era is here dear children on Earth. You have opened up for a new life in light and love. There is another vibration in the air, in the ground, in the water and the sun is shining clearer and brighter than it has done for a long time. You are ascending now dear children on Earth. You are ascending with Mother Earth and your life is already starting to look a bit different. You discover more and more of your follow humans that wake up and follow their hearts. You are no longer alone. You are forming small or large flocks of fellowship. You share your light and your joy in the face of the new that now stands in front of you. You spread your seeds of light and the flood grows larger and larger. You have succeeded with turning darkness to light and we are so proud of you happy for your sake.

You have a bright future in front of you and the applause for what you have just achieved sound like thunder in Heaven.

I love you so dearly and walk by your side now.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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JOHN HOLLAND – ACCESSING YOUR HIGHER MIND – 10-13-17 – by Open Hearted Rebel


By John Holland, OM Times, Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

The more we stay connected to our higher mind – which we also call the universe, the source, or spirit – the more we strengthen and build that crucial bridge between ourselves and our higher consciousness. While we are all born connected to this divine awareness, we have a tendency to pull away from what was once natural. It’s reasonable to assume that when we become disconnected from our higher mind, the source that once nourished us will be replaced with another source or substitute.

In other words, the connection could be with food, alcohol, nicotine, co-dependency to someone or even work – hence the term workaholic. Many of us spend our lives trying to fill that void which was created when the link was broken.

It is possible to get reacquainted with your higher mind again. As you develop the ability to raise yourself above the conscious mind and all its impulses and distractions, you’ll find that place of stillness and peace and possibly… some answers. This is the part of yourself where you can gain a sense of the bigger picture. It’s the place where mundane details seem less important. It’s also the part of you that wants nothing more than to assist you in being happy, and to put you on the right path for your own psychic and spiritual development.

When you face difficult situations in your life, try to remember to consult with your higher mind. Let yourself and your higher mind communicate with each other once again. After all, it’s always been there and always will be part of who you are.

The following exercise will assist you to access your higher mind. It will also be beneficial during those times when you need a little extra guidance. It will empower you to connect with your higher consciousness, and to get out of your head. The all-intuitive higher mind is there to assist you and put you back on the path of clarity and purpose.

John’s Lesson

Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and relax.

Bring your awareness to the bottom of your feet. Let your breath assist you in transferring the relaxing energy up through the bottom of your feet. Slowly, work your way up your calves, your thighs, your abdomen, chest, your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face, right to the top of your head. Now at the top of your head, I want you to imagine there is one big funnel starting to form, which reaches out into the universe. Think of it as a vortex of energy reaching upward.

Let your awareness constantly flow up and out of your head and into this funnel that’s opening up above you. All the information you want can be accessed and brought to you. You may want to imagine a shimmering ball or cloud of white light above this funnel. Now reach up with your mind, as if you are floating and blending with this brilliant white light. Slowly merge yourself into this space, as you continue to reach up and out of your body with your mind.

Take a few moments with this energy, and feel what it’s like to be calm and centered; to be one with your higher mind.

Asking a Question of Your Higher Mind

Now it is time to ask your higher mind a question. For example:

  • Is there someone you would like to get along with but you’re not sure how to go about it?
  • Is there a question about your job that you need guidance on?
  • Are you wondering what is stopping you from reaching your goals?

You can even ask if there’s something that your intuition has been trying to tell you. Ask your higher mind how you can be more receptive when it’s trying to communicate with you. You may want to ask, “What steps can I take to improve my life and spiritual development?”

Ask one question at a time, and wait for a response. Take whatever answers come to you. You may receive a symbol, words or even a feeling. Don’t be surprised if your higher mind also chooses to make known a certain area of your life that you’re neglecting. Sometimes you don’t always get what you asked for – but what you need. Remember what you have received so that you can bring the information and answers back into your conscious mind.

It’s now time to bring your awareness back into your body. Don’t worry, as you’ll be able to go back to this special place anytime you wish. Slowly take a breath and let it assist you in coming back to the present. Feel yourself shifting down into your body, entering through the open funnel. Move your fingers and toes, and slowly open your eyes to become fully aware of your body and the room around you.

Maintain Higher Mind Awareness for Answers

Don’t worry if you feel as though you did not get an answer immediately. You may get the answer another way or even a day or two later, or maybe even from someone else unexpectedly. Be open to letting your higher mind speak to you in various ways. I often teach this technique in my workshops, but in the early stages of development, I encourage my students to start off by asking small questions at first, so they can familiarize themselves with the meditation, and learn to differentiate their conscious thinking from their higher minds.

With practice, you’ll be able to seek insightful guidance anytime you wish. By using this simple meditation exercise, it will give you a sense of transformation and inner-wisdom, and could possibly be the key to open the door to an old friend – your spirit.

About the Author: John Holland is an artist, author, public speaker, and psychic medium. To learn more about John Holland, visit

Tiara Kumara – Higher Mind Connection – Build a New Thought Structure – by Golden Age Of Gaia – 11-25-15



November 25, 2015 by

The bottom line here is that you are dynamically coded as brilliant and you can be restored to this original perfection. Only through a new system of thought can this happen!


Click here for embedded audio file


Build a new Thought Structure

At all times, you live, move and have your entire being inside the body of God, as universal awareness. You are molded out of a blueprint of perfection and are innately designed to be intelligent far beyond what the human brain can imagine. This instinctive influence is even contained in every one of your cells, some of it lying dormant as DNA encoding.

The bottom line here is that you are dynamically coded as brilliant and you can be restored to this original perfection. Only through a new system of thought can this happen!

You have never lost the capacity to have supreme intelligence. It was just over-ridden by another system, a “free will” system of thought. You can choose right now to delete this old system by restoring your original, more intelligent thought structure, as one with Divine Mind. This will catapult you into much higher potential to where your “thoughts” can aspire.

The animal has never lost its instinct for the very reason that it is incapable of building an adverse thought structure. For example, when a bird migrates to a certain destination, sometimes for thousands of miles, it never loses the direction. It is not thinking whether or not it can accomplish the task. The guiding instrument is right within its tiny brain cells.

Humans are far more capable than animal or birds; yet, we have allowed ourselves to adapt to a very foreign and distorted way of thinking. Throughout human history, we have been hypnotized into believing in negative conditions and their outer appearances.

Stressful conditions have absolutely no power except that which we give to them. The moment we cease feeding the condition with our energy, it no longer has life and thus, it ceases to exist altogether. In our refusal to accept limitation or any form of negativity in our life, we make grand departure from the paradigm of limitation.

From this moment forward, choose to just STOP all thinking from this old thought system that perceives limitation, of any type. You have all that you need within your own inner powerful self as one with your Higher Mind. To think any differently is to invite in the experience of limitation.

Absolutely refuse any and all appearances of limitation in your life. Refuse to perceive it as ‘limitation’. Then, you will no longer abide within it.

All you have to do is to simply shift the way that you think. Striving, struggle, hard work, suffering; these all come from the old system of thought and of believing in limitation.

Remember, you are made of Divine Essence. 
You are one with Divine Mind. 
You are divinity through the form. Everything is a blessing. There is no other recognition. It is all God. All is Divine Presence. See only the blessing in all that is appearing. Refuse to qualify it with discordance at any level. When you recognize the blessing, this is acknowledging perfection. You become that perfection.

It is to seek and know your Higher Mind and to be attuned to that voice of the inner guru, first. When that is accomplished, everything else that you require is received as a matter of your human birthright. Keep the attunement channel open to your Higher Mind, knowing positively that this is the one point from where all success originates and where all success emanates.


This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS: Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness. Free enrollment with more than 60 podcast episodes.


presented by Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation
I AM Avatar Education

Keith R. Holden, M.D. – The Higher Mind – Nonlocal Intuition – Divine Synchronicities – What Does It All Mean? – 11-9-15


By Keith R. Holden, M.D.,    –   Thanks to The Mind Unleashed

Here I want to introduce you to the part of human consciousness I call the Higher Mind. Some call it the Higher Self or Soul Self. Your Higher Mind is an energetic aspect of you that projects out of your physical body like an antenna, and connects with the unified field of energy. The unified field of energy is what scientists are hoping to explain one day by a Unified Field Theory, but haven’t yet developed a mathematical model for it. This unified field is the combination of energies that connect everyone and everything, including the energies of the spiritual realm with the energies of the earth plane.

Scientists are studying energy and its components they call particles, with tools like the Large Hadron Collider in Europe. They’re trying to discover all of the particles of energy in the hope of figuring out how the energies of everything interrelate.

Your Higher Mind is the part of your consciousness that you are really tapping into when you do spiritual practices. Your Higher Mind, as part of your Divine soul self, only knows the truth, and is literally a spiritual channel. You don’t have to consider yourself spiritual to tap into this aspect of your consciousness. You can even consider yourself an atheist, and it still works quite well. This is because our universe is based on energy, and this part of you is simply energy. It doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not, though belief in it may create resonance in energy fields to optimize its function.

Some people are so disenchanted with religion and spiritual movements, that they have a personal bias against any terminology that has the slightest air of anything religious or spiritual. Believe me, I truly understand. But when I use terms like “spirituality” and “Divine” in this article, I’m only referencing awesome energies in our universe, unexplained by science, that are available to us to facilitate our paths in life.

Nonlocal Intuition Versus Local Intuition

Your Higher Mind is an aspect of your consciousness that you can use to channel nonlocal intuition. Nonlocal intuition comes from an unexplained knowing, and has nothing to do with pattern recognition or memory retrieval.

In contrast, local intuition is derived from pattern recognition and memory retrieval, and is the type of intuition the traditional scientific model studies. These traditional studies look at how your conscious mind and subconscious mind work together to bring up old forgotten memories, and to see patterns in situations, so as to help you intuit something.

Local intuition, or intuition confined to the body, is very different from nonlocal intuition, or intuition channeled from outside of the physical body. Here some of you skeptics may start to tune out and write me off as some type of quack. That’s your choice, but I’ll challenge you to use healthy skepticism and release your personal bias. You might just learn something new:)

As a physician trained in the scientific method, I understand it pretty well. As a human being with an open mind who has personally experienced phenomena I can’t scientifically explain, I also understand that science does not have all of the answers. Science is limited by the current technology available to us at this point in time. In addition, the sacred god of science is also heavily influenced by personal bias, even in some of the most well designed scientific studies. So because of that, I have to combine a little philosophy with science in an attempt to explain the unexplainable. Let me tell you about a crazy experience I had that can’t be fully explained by science.

Nonlocal Intuition in Action

I often go to Sedona, Arizona, a place I consider very spiritual due to its unique natural settings. I love nature knowing it is chock-full of Divine energies. Sedona has some of the most beautiful red rock hills in the world, and is a mesmerizing place to behold. When I go to Sedona, I set an intention to connect with the Divine, and so it was no surprise to me that it was here where I was introduced to some supernatural energies of the Divine.

On my first ever visit to Sedona, I met a beautiful, loving, and highly spiritual person named Nataya. Nataya is a clairvoyant artist. When she paints, she goes into a flow state by aligning with the spiritual channel of her Higher Mind, and she gets messages. These messages are for the person she is doing the painting, and contain information that she can’t logically know. Nataya is unconditionally loving and nonjudgmental, and her intention is pure. Because of this, the messages she receives are pure and full of unconditional love. In some way, these messages are meant to facilitate her clients’ highest purposes in life.

Nataya calls these types of in-the-flow paintings “totem paintings,” as she resonates strongly with Native American spirituality. So while she was doing my totem painting, which turned out to be a butterfly, one of the things she said to me was, “I see you going to Germany to get a medical device.” I thought to myself “Okay, but I don’t have any plans to go to Germany.”

The End Result

I returned home, went back to work at my primary care clinic, and was working the evening shift. There was a family practice resident working that evening, who is a good friend of mine to this day. He came up to me at the end of the shift, and said, “Hey, I hear you are into alternative medicine,” and I said, “Yes, are you?” Daniel, who is German, told me that his parents have an alternative medicine clinic in Germany. I later found out that it is a world-class alternative medicine clinic that draws patients from all over the globe.

As we were chatting, he wrote down two website addresses on a piece of paper and handed it to me. One was the web address for his parents’ clinic, and the other was a web address for a pulsed electromagnetic field device, which his father helped prototype. Over the next few days, I studied both of these websites, and then began an intensive PubMed search to see if there were any peer-reviewed research articles on low-level pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. To my surprise, there were hundreds of published studies, with the bulk of these studies showing beneficial effects on animals and humans.

Shortly thereafter, I purchased the device, and incorporated it into my medical practice with good results. So Nataya’s message to me was mostly correct, with a minor issue being that I didn’t go to Germany to get a medical device. Germany came to me.

My use of and writings about this device later led to me being asked to speak at multiple medical conferences for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. So in essence, Nataya’s channeled message helped facilitate my higher purpose by expanding my tool chest as a practicing clinician. Her message also helped lead me to teach large audiences at medical conferences, which was a major goal of mine.

Divine Synchronicities

The series of coincidences I just described can’t be explained by chance, so I call these synchronicities. In my opinion, synchronicities have some type of Divine facilitation. How could Nataya have known that I was going to incorporate some type of German medical device into my practice? There is no way she could have concocted that message to me based on memory retrieval from her subconscious mind or through cognitive pattern recognition.

Our Universe is Teeming with Energy

That message came to me via her Higher Mind – a spiritual channel – from the Divine unified field that connects the energies of everyone and everything. If you look out into this unified field with the naked eye, you’ll see lots of empty space. The paradox is that there is no empty space in our universe because all space is teeming with energy. This is because our universe originated as energy, which is the story of the Big Bang Theory.

According to scientists, a few seconds after The Big Bang, our universe was nothing but intensely hot energy particles and gases. As our newly birthed universe began to cool, mass started to form, and planets were created. I don’t want to take anything away from the spiritual component of the birth of our universe. Ultimately, it’s at the merger of science and spirituality where we’re going to find the true answers.

All Energy Contains Information

So I hope you are beginning to understand that the part of human consciousness I call the Higher Mind is where the energies of the earth plane merge with the energies of the spiritual plane. These energies contain information, including information from the unified field as Divine messages to facilitate our higher paths in life.

Ask any scientist who studies energy, and she or he will tell you that all energy contains information. Examples of this are how the sun’s rays contain energy, which tells receptors in the leaves of plants to initiate photosynthesis, and tells receptors in our skin to initiate the production of vitamin D.

Ultimately, it all boils down to energy to theoretically explain how currently scientifically unexplainable phenomena happen in our universe. More important, the revelation that consciousness is energy goes a long way in explaining parapsychological phenomena and even life after death. Our universe is energy based, and because of that, we are all energetic beings. When you as an energetic being learn to work with and channel these energies, you can do some amazing things.

[Author’s Note: In a course I teach called “Power of the Mind in Health and Healing,” I categorize the different layers of human consciousness. Some of my process is philosophical, but it gives me a way to categorize consciousness so that I can teach it, and demonstrate different ways to work with each category.]

Featured on Waking Times.

Featured artwork by Cameron Gray

Lisa Gawles – The Higher Mind and Lower Mind = Whole Mind – 7-11-14

calm center


Lisa Gawles

What an amazing time in life!!  I can liken it to Being the eye of the hurricane and watching everything whip up and circulate around you, yet, there is this inner calm.  This sunshiny place of amazement and awe… of absolute Love!!

There are so many places I can take this sharing today, so many things to talk about, but I think I am going to skip all that, since we are, at this very moment, undergoing yet another absolute change in the field of life… again!!

Lets talk today about the preciousness of duality, our experience within it, and how valuable it all is to our ongoing moment of soul expression.

I had always waited, quite impatiently I might add, to the day, the long term field of chaos would just not exist in my world again.  When duality would cease to be the experience here on earth, as an outward experience.  But I am so fully realizing that the game is not to do away with duality, but to master the true energy of it as a full experience.

With duality comes challenges (growth) and surprises (unwanted experiences from the human level lol) and chaos.  All the things that simply do not and cannot exist in our True home, that place I call heaven or spirit.  Our job thru this earthly experience is to bring Heaven into our core energy, center, heart (pick a word.)

But what does that even really mean to us?

Well, July has been a prime example for me personally.

First let me bring back that new feeling, energy thingie I wrote about a few days ago that I am calling Shambha-lini.   In its pure form that it is in now, has not existed on earth in so long a time we have no collective memory of it.  It was released in that thingie I call the water world.

In the past I have had the most amazing, generous souls gift me so many things that expanded my heart in amazing and humbling ways, yet what I felt this moment with that fridge, was beyond any previous experience.  But I am understanding more, in the only way I can truly understand it without being completely wrong, thru my own experiences.

So, as I understand this “water world” energy, it is the pure energy of the whole earth and the wholeness of our soul, prime creator, god, whatever word works for you, flooding our heart-scape with pure feeling.  It only becomes felt when in the experience of…. something.

I thought it had to do with more than one person together in an act of unconditional love, but I was wrong!!  Boy oh boy was I wrong.  Let me share…. (smile)

About a month and a half or so ago, I developed this scaly, oozy, thingie on my right areola.  At first I paid it no mind because I have had bouts of psoriasis since I was 17 years old.  I assumed the spot on my breast was that.  Until it grew and was nothing like psoriasis at all.   The week after I came back from my adventures in Colorado, that spot doubled in size.   I started to look up what it could be online, since I knew it wasn’t psoriasis and the creams I had for that didn’t even touch it.   My google search flooded me with websites on Paget’s Disease of the Breast.  I quickly called my Oncologist and scheduled an appointment.  The one thing I thought I didn’t have that often goes with Paget’s disease, is a palpable mass near the scab site.

I seen my oncologist, someone I really don’t have a full on trust with and not the oncologist I started out with when I had active melanoma either.  He sent in his PA (physicians assistant) to start the process of checking on my boobs and she was in the same place as me… that does not look good.  My oncologist agreed it was no psoriasis, and claimed he did not have the equipment to do the biopsy that was needed for that kind of lesion.  They also did the lightest breast exam I ever experienced, thru my clothes, to feel for lumps.  Nuttin.  He said I needed to see a dermatologist, he had no idea what it could be.  But took out his prescription pad and prescribed me antibiotics and an anti-fungal medication just incase .

I have been here before.  The two doctors I had seen for that thing that was growing on my back did nothing and suggested I see a dermatologist for it.  No worries.

I went home not feeling thrilled.  Like that nagging feeling you get way down deep.  Several days later, I get a call from the dermatology department and the soonest they can fit me in was August 11th and as I voiced my dismay they said they are actually booked thru December, but my oncologist my need sound urgent.

Every day my lower mind was kicking me in the butt.  I should not wait until the 11th.  I got flashes of my original journey, had someone noticed it might be cancer, I would have never gotten to a level 3 melanoma.  I was remembering my father’s journey, had his lung specialist at anytime in the three years he had that benign mass in his lungs kept checking…

I figured that was just my mind doing the fear dance.  I did kept doing a nightly breast exam on myself, the way I was taught, laying flat down with a pillow under my shoulder.  I felt nothing.  Until 2 nights ago I accidentally did my breast exam with two pillows under me (I was watching TV and was propped up.)  Holy shit, there are several lumps right at the site of that scab.  When I laid flat, they went away, when I put the pillows under me, they were unmistakable.  Shit.  I had no idea different positions could reveal different things.

I woke up yesterday morning focused souly on my boobs.  I couldn’t tap into the field of readings for nothing.  I called my oncologist, he wasn’t in.  My lower mind for this past week kept reminding me how important a mammogram would be.  My oncologist didn’t even think about it.  The last time I had one was 4 years ago where they did find deep fluid filled cysts in the same breast (right side.)  He never really asked key questions either…  My lower mind was adamant about finding a woman’s center.  Sure enough there is one in Albuquerque.  I called, they heard the urgency in my symptoms and we scheduled for this coming Tuesday (the 15th.)  I asked the lady if it would be helpful to bring all the notes from my cancer journey to date, so said absolutely.  I spent hour copying and organizing my notes from UNM Cancer Center and all the imaging they gave me.  Took me hours but at the end… OMG, the feeling was indescribable.  Euphoric even.

I sat here for a long moment feeling madly in love with my lower mind.  Its presence here.  Its purpose in our lives.  It is the body’s care taker.  The parent if you will.  It is driven, task oriented, detail oriented and soooo protective of the body system, which IS its divine design!!  I ignored it for over a week.  Yesterday, I gave it full reign over my day and it got things done and felt accomplished.

I fell in love with my lower mind in a way I never ever have before.  As I was sitting here just being in gratitude of the whole day, not a reading got done, but the determination within my lower mind… flourished with ease and grace.  I was enveloped with that feeling that came with my fridge love people.  Shambha-lini.  The love was so intense, so expansive my eyes leaked like rain.  It was raining outside too (literally.)  Suddenly, I was prompted to look outside, and there outside of my front door, across the horizon was a rainbow.  I wiped the love drenched tears from my eyes, grabbed my camera and went outside to take pictures.  Not only did I capture the rainbow, but these massive storm clouds, dark outside and the intense illumination of light at the top… I cried even harder.  The love, the knowing, the beauty of life itself expressing itself in unmistakable ways.

We think we are supposed to avoid the storms of life, hell no!!  The storms are as valuable as the sunshine itself.  How else shall we have the rainbows.



Our ongoing gift unto ourSelf and all of life is when we harness the amazing power of our lower mind with the expansiveness of our higher mind, even the things that one could view scary becomes a moment of bliss and anticipation.

If all of yesterday wasn’t huge enough to celebrate, this morning when I woke up…. very late, my laptop was completely dead.  It took 20 minutes to get enough charge in it to power up.  My phone battery was completely dead.  My mind was filled with super grog energy.

So far the day of readings have been very much like the storm yesterday.  I can see clearly, but the rain has intensified in the field and there is nothing we are able to see… yet.  A full on reboot of Life energy is underway!!

Celebrate it all!!  I love you soul much!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of stormy rainbows and bliss!!!

Lisa Gawlas



Lee Harris – May 2014 Energy Forecast – Extraordinary Heart within your Higher Mind – 4-30-14

LeeHarrisEnergy·68 videos

Lee’s May 2014 Energy Forecast

Full transcription found at

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Transcription from Jean Haines Blog


Monthly energy forecasts and articles from channeler and energy worker Lee Harris.

May 2014 Energy Forecast – The Extraordinary Heart within your Higher mind

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.)

Hello and welcome to the May 2014 Energy Forecast.

We are, as usual, outside on the hill. And one of the reasons I wanted to record these forecasts in nature is so that not only do we have the peace energy that gets exuded to support the forecast, but also so that those of you who don’t have opportunities to go into open nature very often get to experience some of that energy while you are watching the video.

I don’t need to say that things are intense because you hear me say that every month. And it is true that at the moment there are incredibly intense energies at work on Earth.

But there is a split experience within that. One side of the split is that the human way of processing those energies is showing up as very intense, chaotic and sometimes problematic, because people are being pushed to purge and release and feel and go into the depths of themselves like never before.

So whether it’s irritation that you’re feeling because somebody is doing something that’s annoying you, or whether it’s just you in your own energy experience feeling irritable feelings or difficult feelings. Feelings of deep anger or grief or sorrow in intense ways. This is the human experience of how these times universally are catalyzing us to purge and burn through it all.

The other side of the split experience though, is there is now an incredible height of being available to us.

So for example, when out in nature like this (Lee gestures to the open space around him), the beauty of it for our human systems is there is no human energy around here. You are out in an open space, or perhaps you’re in a park where there are just a small amount of people, but in more open spaces we can begin to expand in response to the expansive energy of nature.

So if I had six people standing here next to me, saying certain things and thinking certain things, it would feel very different to me than if they were removed from the space.

And as a sensitive person, you tend to notice human density. You tend to notice the lower areas in a person as well as the higher areas.

So if these people were processing things and feeling heavy, my attention would go there. But if you remove those people and you’re out here in the middle of nowhere, you just feel space and your own expansion.

Now, if you’re stressed out in life, if you’re running a lot of energy right now, what you’ll find when you go to that park or when you first go out into nature is you might first feel a little crazy when you get out there. Your feelings are going to come up; your thoughts are going to come up. Because suddenly all of the space around you allows you to see the tightness and the holding inside you that you are releasing. And a ‘pre-expansion purge’ begins.

But as you start to develop a practice with this, as you regularly go into nature, you will start to notice that your body will understand that it gets these regular moments of spaciousness so that it can release whatever it needs to. Thus when you return to your office or your busy house or your busy life, you will have less stress running through you because your body will understand this regular pattern comes for you where you get to release.

So that’s the experience of nature.

And some of you watching/reading might be in a tricky situation where you live in a very busy city with little open space. But you can experience the same thing by just going to your room and meditating or creating a sacred space for yourself. And remember, a sacred space can be anything. It can be you meditating on peace and sitting there quietly, it can be you dancing around your room to some heavy metal music, if that’s what moves your energy and makes you feel good. It is different for each of us in any given moment.

But these moments of solitude and these moments of coming back to who you are inside this body are vital for wellbeing. Taking a moment to ask ‘how am I feeling?’ And ‘where am I inside this body?’

Because with everything going on in the world right now, you will be infused constantly with everyone else’s ideas, feelings, energies and reactions to what is going on. And as I’ve explained many times in the videos, these energies affect us.

You can’t have somebody near you, feeling something, and not (at least to a very small percentage) feel or interact with that energy and then walk away taking some of that in.

But if we have these regular moments of space and solitude in our lives as a daily practice, we are able to release these energies.

And then, when you are cleared, you get to experience the height of what we are experiencing right now.

We are now experiencing on Earth an extraordinary energy of ‘higher mind’. Higher mind is a mind that has as much heart energy within it, as it does brain, thoughts and thinking.

Now of course, we also have the third eye located here (Lee points to his third eye) which is our sensory and intuitive thinking.

This is the part of you that knows in advance that somebody’s about to phone you. You’ll have a thought about your mum, and suddenly she’s there on the phone. You sensed her connecting with you in advance, and this is why.

The third eye is the part of you that might see visionary opportunities for yourself, or get images about what you could create. And then you the human being may go through some areas of doubt, or disbelief around whether that vision is possible so that you can move toward it.

But the higher mind is a unification of all of these chakras, so the heart is very involved. This is because the higher mind brings you into universal intelligence and universal intelligence is very, very heart based.

So this month in May, higher mind is an opportunity, but it also means that the ‘energy of mind’ will show up a lot. Many people are going to be arguing opinions, differences – yes, this has been going on for a while – but you’ll see it quite potently this month.

And your choice when confronted with these issues, is to decide what resonates and what doesn’t, based on what feels GOOD rather than heavy or difficult.

So in May, ask yourself;

What and who do I want to engage with?
How do I want to play in life?
How do I want my life to go in terms of my human relationships and dynamics?

Because you’re allowed to choose.

But you see the way we’re trained as human beings and the way we’ve been programmed, we don’t think we are allowed to choose.

We tend to believe we can’t say X to a person in case it upsets them, or we can’t say Y to a person in case it offends them. Or, I couldn’t go and do Z by myself because I might feel lonely.

This is our programming revealed to us.

So observe yourself making choices, and look at all your “mights”.

Look at the questions you have around your behaviour that you can examine, rather than use your beliefs about behaviour as stop signs.

If a person is going to get upset because you need to say something to them, is their upset truly your responsibility, or is it something they already arrived at you with? Something they are carrying from before they met you?

Now, I’m not saying go and whack everybody in the face aggressively with your opinion. (Laughter)

But what I am trying to highlight here is that, at this point in time there are huge crossroads going on in personal relationships. And they don’t have to be dramatic changes that mean that you break friends with someone, or you leave a relationship.

But this tends to be how we’ve been trained to act. We tend to have an idea that external action will make us feel good inside. When actually, this is the age of heart-led communication – which will lead to outer changes in less explosive ways.

So we’re all being invited now to speak more from our higher mind with our full hearts.

So, yes, maybe you are going to upset your friend slightly because you are going to say X,Y or Z to them. But remember, the only reason you probably know you’re going to upset them is your third eye senses about this person tell you so. And your knowledge of how their patterns run tell you that they don’t like being told that they did something that upset you.

But that’s their issue. That’s something they’re carrying. They need to learn to let go of that. Because all of us can learn to be ok with feedback from each other about how we’re doing.

So ask yourself where you are making yourself a slave to the emotions you fear you will catalyze in others. Emotions in them that aren’t your responsibility to help them stay trapped in.

I know for many of you listening, you will have learnt over the years to shut your mouth very tight so that you no longer offend anybody or make anybody blow up. And I understand too that would have been something you did for self-preservation, both for you and them.

Because in the past, maybe there was a volatility that you experienced in yourself when you were delivering it; or more importantly, people were less emotionally available than they are now. So they would push back hard against you if you said something that they didn’t like.

But this really is the age of communication – higher mind and heart based communication. And so many of you are feeling a little bored and a little frustrated with what’s going on around you. The way to change that is to change the dialogue that comes out of your mouth.

And you can play with this and experiment. If you don’t normally say things a certain way, try it and see how it goes. You could be dead tomorrow, which is something I’m always reminding us. (Smiling) So why not on your ‘pretend’ last day on Earth, change the map a little bit?

This is important because there is a victim mentality that can play out in the psyche right now around ideas such as ‘all of this stuff is being done to me’ and ‘there are all of these things outside me I should be scared of’.

You can change direction, and you can change what you experience in your life.

So, May is a great opportunity to regularly take that space, clear your energy field.

And then from that space, your higher mind and your heart intelligence is going to invite you to do things a little differently. And that is good for everybody, because we as human beings get stuck in patterns.

So those of you that are afraid to be the leader or the catalyst of others, because of past experience, recognize you’re older, wiser and more heart centered and compassionate now than you were then. Plus, the other people on the receiving end are more capable than ever of hearing it and this is a very different time than several years ago.


So for those of you that are bored and frustrated, look at where you’re not speaking your truth. Look at where you’re not using your words to redirect things.

So, that’s all for this month; I hope you have a great month everybody.

I have just in the last few weeks release a couple of recordings that we’ve been having some great feedback for and I’m very proud of them. They are designed to give you an opportunity to have space or rebirth yourself.

The first one is ‘7 Days of Peace’  – seven 10-minute meditations that you can use each day to help you invoke peace in your life.

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So if you’d like to listen to trailers, you can listen to ‘7 Days of Peace’ here and ‘Adventures in Sound’ here. (In the video, Lee points to a location you can click on your screen to access the trailers. For this transcribed version please click on the links in the text above.)

And I will see you again in June.

Big love everybody.
Take care.

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