DANIEL SCRANTON – Purging Lower Frequency Energies ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – 11-10-18



Purging Lower Frequency Energies ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been observing you and waiting for the perfect moment to give you a bit of good news that will assist you in keeping your feeling of hope alive. In the recent months on your planet, there has been a tremendous uptick in the releasing of lower frequency entities, emotions, thought forms, and other energies, and all of the aforementioned released energies have been in a sort of limbo state where they cannot affect humanity.

They have not quite returned to Source, but they also have not been allowed back into the human collective consciousness. So you haven’t just been moving negative energies around. You’ve been purging them.

And now they are in a place where they can have their own process of evolution without attaching themselves to any of you. You see, nothing is ever truly destroyed in this universe, no matter how ugly or distasteful it is to experience. There is always value to everything in existence, and these energies will find their way.

But this good news for all of you means that you can expect to download more of the high frequency energies that have been coming from all across the galaxy, and even beyond the Milky Way. You have the unique opportunity to replace what you have purged, and so we are recommending that you let your guard down. Put down your shields, and open yourselves up to receive. It is safe to do so.

And with that expectation that you are receiving higher frequency energy and information, you can rest assured that only higher frequency energies can come to you. We are guaranteeing that, and we are excited to see how many of you open yourselves up to receive and the effects that all of those downloads will have on the human collective consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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Message From The Pleiadian Collective – Assimilating Higher Frequencies – 11-8-18 – r=Rose Rambles dot org

Channel by Galaxygirl

Good morning, we are the Pleiadian Collective

sending you our greetings

through this one this day,

this most blessed day of exceptional light codes

and light streams from the central sun

that are engulfing your forms

at this Now moment.

We see you humanity

and the many gigantic leaps and strides …

via Message From The Pleiadian Collective ~ Assimilating Higher Frequencies ~ November 8, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

DANIEL SCRANTON – Let the Frequency Guide You to It ∞ The Creators – 10-2-18



“So, many of you have taken your lives to places that you did not think they could go, and you are thankful for how far you have come in this lifetime. And that is a wonderful thing. It is wonderful to acknowledge that you are doing very well and to give thanks. There is so much more. More than we can tell you about, more than you could comprehend from where you stand.

So, we want you to feel satisfied. We want you to enjoy the lives that you have created. And we want you to get ready for so much more. So when you are considering your life and when you are asking yourself, ‘What is it that I want?’ we don’t want you to even think in terms of what it is you are used to. We don’t want you to look at the current reality in order to find aspects of it that you would like more of, or that you would like some of. For that is not where you are headed.

Therefore, instead of thinking about the life that you want for yourselves, and who you want to be with, and so on, give yourselves the opportunity to explore what it would be like to feel something that you have never felt before, to elevate your frequency beyond what the third dimension could allow you. We want you to get ready to feel, rather than to look at the environment around you and have a feeling response to it.

There is so much about the world you have experienced that is lovely. And we want you to know you have the totality of that experience now within you, within your consciousness, because you are all connected. And now, as a collective, you are moving. And where you are moving is not so much a place, with different rules and a different structure — it is a frequency. So when you are pondering your life and where it is going, we ask you to tune yourselves to a frequency that you cannot possibly imagine.

So how do you do this? You let go. You let go of preconceived notions. You let go of the idea of limitations, and you allow that frequency to envelop you, to take over that which you have been trying to manipulate and control. You will find that the ride is so much better when you release your hold on where you have been.”

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Higher Levels Are Being Activated NOW – The New Divine Humanity – 10-21-17

Originally posted on The New Divine Humanity:

The Divine Council of Overseers are activating

Higher Frequencies unheard of to you in Human Form, now.

The Frequency sound is audible to your Light Body.

Your response is through your DNA.

This initiation is downloading through your Blueprint as you read.

via Higher Levels Are Being Activated ~ NOW — The New Divine Humanity

MEASHENU @ In5D – Higher Consciousness Beings To Call In For Healing – 10-15-17

Higher Frequencies

by Meashenu,   Guest writer, In5D.com

Today I’m going to share some of beings that are great to call in for healing to help you along your ascension path. I’m not going to go into Archangels & Ascended Masters with this list, mostly because there’s already plenty of information about them online. If you are at a beginner level then I do recommend starting with the Archangels, Angels, & Ascended Masters first. You should always call in your higher self & all your own spirit guides as well with any healing. You may already have a being or several of the beings listed here as part of your spirit guides team. If not, you can still call them in and work with them!



Arcturians are great for emotional & physical healing support. They also are known for having healing chambers that they can bring you into for healing as well (energetically). Although their specialty is emotional & physical healing, they really can cover all aspects of healing in their healing chambers. The chambers can do everything from emotional, physical, mental, spiritual healing to giving DNA upgrades. They also like using forms of Liquid Light type energies to help with healing. Liquid Light has many uses, but can be very beneficial to use after an entity or implant has been removed to fill and heal the space that is left behind/torn.

The Dolphins & Whales are the Arcturians as well. Those are the physical forms they chose over a humanoid form when they went to the Sirian systems. You can call in the Dolphin & Whale energies and they like water healing energies & sound type energy frequencies to assist with healing. The sound type frequencies they emit have been great for blocking certain frequency type attacks that have happened over the last few months as well.


Sirians are great for mental & spiritual healing. Because not all of the beings on the Sirian system have been good natured, they have had to learn more into how to help heal the mental & spiritual sides of the beings there. So feel free to call them in when you are looking for mental or spiritual support.


The Pleiadians are great with entity & implant removals and are easy to connect with and call in. Pleiadians also have a special technology group. That group is called Simious. They are kind of like a tech support group that when you call on the name Simious with intention, they will send out whoever is available to assist you. When you come across something that is of a higher technology than an implant & needs more of an expert to remove it, they will be best suited to help with that. Pleiadians are all around good healers, so whatever you are going through if you reach out to them or have one as a guide you will be in good hands, just as with any of the others mentioned here.

Mantis Beings

Mantis Beings are fantastic healers as well & they are experts at entity & implant removals. Generally these beings are on the much higher frequency side, so they are the most difficult of any listed in this article to connect with. If you are more on the advanced side you can reach out to them and they will help you.

Calling Them In

For the Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, & Mantis Beings you can call them in by saying with intention something like “Please send the best suited Sirian for me at this time that is of Love & Light only.” You can replace Sirian with whatever other type of being you want to call in. I also have said specific types of beings specialize in this and that, however, all of these groups can really help you out with all types of healing as needed.

I will be sharing more information about various types of beings in the near future. There are a lot of Starseeds incarnated at this time that are one of the 4 beings I shared here. There are also many from these groups helping us in spirit form from higher dimensions.

Love & Light



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URGENT MESSAGE FROM PRIME CREATOR! – YOUR MISSION IS HERE, NOW! – We are in Final Moments of Ramping Up Frequencies – Holding your Space, Your Light – Huge Revelations, Unraveling 0f 3D – Commentary and Channeling by ALEXANDRA MEADORS – 11-4-16


Galactic Connection



NEW HIGHER FREQUENCIES HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED – Lisa Transcendence Brown — Lakshmi Vishnu – Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

Since the 11/11 Stargate/Gateway opened a couple nights ago, NEW HIGHER FREQUENCIES HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED/introduced now. These frequencies are not playing…. They are seriously cutting deep, cutting through any thick veils of amnesia/unconsciousness, these are game changers for us all. These basically cut the loop cycle for many. They cut through the bull, if you […]

via NEW HIGHER FREQUENCIES HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED – Lisa Transcendence Brown — Lakshmi Vishnu – Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

D.L. Zeta – Breaking Free! – It’s Time for Liftoff – 3-28-16


D.L. Zeta   –   Breaking Free!   It’s Time for Liftoff   –   Celestial Vision   –   3-28-16



It’s time for souls to break free of denser energies and achieve liftoff by aligning with the vibration of unconditional love, the highest vibration in the universe. It’s through love that we chart a course in life that allows us to live more fully in the new time on planet Earth.

The new time is here. It’s a location alive and well in its own timeline. We’re free at any moment to step into the new time and begin living the visions we’ve experienced time and again. Many of you have experienced periods of heightened perception, expanded consciousness and peak states. These moments keep you moving forward on your path as you seek to experience more high-vibrational frequencies.

Higher Frequencies are your Natural State

These higher frequencies are your natural state. These are the frequencies where your higher self exists. It’s not that your higher self resides in a remote, lofty location in consciousness, but that you exist in isolation and separation – a condition derived from physical-based programming, mind control and parasitical influences. The moment we adopt physical-based perceptions (what we see is all there is) we are weakened, our frequency is lowered and we are easier prey for parasitical thought viruses that convince us we are small, separate, weak, victimized, poor, and disempowered – all variations on the same theme included in the programming of free-floating thought viruses. These keep us enslaved in a world of seeming endless pitfalls where we are shut off from our intuitive knowing, our impeccable guidance, and the synchronistic flow that comes from constant telepathic communion with our higher self.

You are able to transcend anything that pulls you down, holds you back or limits your connection with your soul. History is full of those who have accomplished amazing feats. These come from communion with one’s soul.

When you move through life awake and aware, you naturally make choices that lead you to experience high-vibrational realities. It’s through awareness and conscious choices that you are able to exist along timelines of the New Earth.

You Came Here with a Blueprint for this Lifetime

You came here with a blueprint that reflected your lesson format, the karma you came here to heal and resolve, and visions for what you will do in this lifetime. You brought with you gifts, talents and abilities. You came here to share these and to continue to hone them. You came here to once again face down limitations and programming and step beyond a purely physical-based perspective so you can move through your earthly existence here as spirit incarnated on earth. It is through the growth of your consciousness that you help unite heaven and earth. You came here to join with others to anchor the higher frequencies of love to the earth plane in order to help shift all life and all consciousness to the next level.

Love is the Highest Frequency

The New Earth is being anchored into collective consciousness by a record number of souls incarnating who hold the blueprint to transcend the limiting beliefs of physical-based realities while in physical form. These souls shine a bright light on the Earth plane. They bring awareness to old, outdated beliefs and ways of being. Human rights, animal rights, and care of the environment are at the top of their agenda for this timeframe. Understanding of these issues will undergo quantum leaps as higher frequencies of love are anchored to the Earth plane. This has been taking place in recent decades and is now accelerating. You might point to the brutality and violence that is still prevalent on planet Earth. It seems that as the vibration of love expands and casts a wider influence so does the frequency of hatred and abuse. This is the hastening of the shadow, the resistance, the obstacle field that naturally arises in response to higher frequencies. Love is the strongest and most powerful force on the planet. As you remain in the frequency of love, you help anchor higher and more powerful frequencies to the Earth plane. These frequencies trump all lower vibrations.

Love, Kindness and Compassion are Soul Qualities

Love for ourselves, love for all humans, all animals, and all life forms is a reflection of our connection to our soul and higher self. The person who radiates love, kindness and compassion is expressing the nature and the qualities of their soul. Those who harm others, those who harm animals, the environment or any form of life, are acting from an impulse that disconnects them from the radiant life force connection with their soul.

Ascension is the Movement Back to your Soul





Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Hold Your Light Steady – Crystal kingdom being Reprogrammed to Higher Frequencies – 6-9-14

hilarion2Hilarion, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, June 9-16, 2014, at http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2014.htm

Beloved Ones,

The energetic downloads are intense and powerful, and will lead those who are attuned further into their missions and destiny. Many there are who are finding the transformation process a difficult one, and it is helpful to allow for times of rest and nurturance when feeling overwhelmed.

The Earth continues to move into a less dense level, and this will have a profound effect on all her inhabitants. There will be less stress within the human system and more increased feelings of contentment, joy, and peace. As you hold your light steady you are assisting the greater field to align to the light pouring from the celestial realms.

Rest easy within your hearts, knowing that however difficult these times feel to you in the present moment, you will emerge victorious. The more of the incoming light that you can assimilate and absorb, the easier it will be for you.

The crystal kingdom is being reprogrammed to the higher frequencies, and this will also have a catalytic impact upon the whole of the Earth and all upon her. Daily attunement to the crystalline grid is essential in order to be receiving the codes that are available to be activated with the DNA/RNA of the human body system.

Life is unfolding into a higher level of consciousness and humanity is being supported by the universe in unseen ways. Affirming daily your intent to be aligned to, and connected with, your divine essence will facilitate the process. The I AM Presence of every human upon the planet is endeavouring to bring in the greater light within each soul.

These are the days that require a steadfast vision that will raise the frequency field to a new level, and your powerful intent and visualization can accomplish miracles. Believe in your power to create change in a non-violent and loving way and maintain this vision in your daily existence.

You may be feeling the effects of the old systems as they begin to reset and start anew, many of which are bringing vast improvements for all upon the planet. Your patience is required as you meet with pockets of resistance from the old paradigm thinkers and doers. By remaining attuned to the greater light, this will feel easier than before.

The Goddess energy is growing in power and might and a balance between the masculine and feminine within is required to maintain one’s graceful transition into greater light.

Have faith in the process you are going through, and trust that you are being assisted in all that you are experiencing. This will be evident by the synchronistic and affirming validations that take place in your personal process.

Listen to the whispers of the angels and watch for signs of the hidden realms, for it is now becoming easier to discern. Interact with delight in the beings that surround you. Observe life opening to new perspectives and a closer connection with All That Is. Find the wonder and magic in nature, and know that you are an integral part of all that is unfolding.

Work your magic, Dear Ones, and continue to bless everyone and everything that crosses your path. Along with the seeming chaos of the crumbling paradigm that is now taking place, there is much to be grateful for. Focus on this, for it is gratitude that will bring more of what you are grateful for into your daily life. You can and you are, doing it!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tarn-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. http://www.therainbowscribe.com http://www.movingintoluminosity.com Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.



The Arcturian Group – Light of new and higher frequencies is now streaming in – Channeler Marilyn Raffaele – September 15, 2013

http://www.onenessofall.com  /  Fran Heal Blog
Greetings dear ones from the Arcturian Group.  All is proceeding nicely in the evolution of your world.  The Light of new and higher frequencies  is now streaming in, strengthening your ability to see through current events and revaluate your priorities in new and higher ways.  You are doing a fine job.  When a soul chooses to spiritually evolve,  that person’s Higher Self is then enabled to  draw to them whatever necessary spiritual lessons or awareness the individual is ready for.
Allowing yourselves to  listen and be guided by your intuition  is a step most of you would not of taken even a few years ago.  Examine who you were 1, 5, or even 10 years back and you will see how your beliefs and understandings of truth have changed.  You may think; “This is just experience and age”.  No, this is evolution dear ones, for there are  many who have been on earth a long time but still choose to live  locked in self made boxes of unawareness, refusing to even peek out a bit.   Self examination  will demonstrate how you have unfolded (through intention)  into new awareness  without even realizing it.  The world  often holds ignorant concepts of what spiritual awakening is–imagining it as a shaft of bright light accompanied by a sudden  powerful energy that knocks and individual  to the ground and they are then awakened. This is the stuff of fairy  tales and “saints” lives–not the reality.  Spiritual evolution is  a gradual unfolding process as an unprepared physical body could not survive an intense sudden intake of higher frequency energy, they would be  incapable of handling it.   The profound experiences that some indeed may have, are the fruitage of an attained state of consciousness–hard work done in previous lifetimes.
Spiritual evolution starts with a sense of  dissatisfaction–those things that once seemed important and loved, simply no longer resonate in the same way.   This in turn, leads to an intellectual pursuit of knowledge, much pondering and re-examination of one’s belief system, and an interest and participation in whatever books and classes resonate with the students new interests.  Classes may consist of simple bible study or metaphysics (whatever is necessary to draw a seeker to his next level).  This phase is usually very intense–groups may be joined with like minded people for discussion and every heretofore unknown idea seems new and exciting.   After whatever length of time is necessary (different with every individual),  the student will  shift  once again  to a new level and  begin to realize that he must integrate what he has learned and so begins practices such as  meditation, and the working with metaphysical tools such as crystals, oils, sound etc.  .  He begins to recognize and let go of whatever erroneous concepts and beliefs he may still hold and starts to live  the new and higher ways he has discovered.  At first  practice and change  may be a struggle as old habits tend to die hard.  He will still interpret truth in the only way he  knows at this time–the third dimensional level– and so begins to  practice the ideas of  universal love in  “hands on” ways. With time, loving service  becomes his state of consciousness and he works hard to fix the errors he sees.
A good example of how consciousness unfolds it to examine a simple topic like honesty.  At this point most of you would not even consider stealing from another.  However, in lifetimes past, stealing  was considered a right and the  only way to survive.  You see, honesty is simply a facet of an attained consciousness  of oneness even if you do not consciously understand it as this.
Metaphysics  is usually as far as most choose to evolve in one lifetime, but present times are so energetically powerful, that many have chosen to  move through any remaining stages of their evolution and move into the next and most profound level of spiritual awareness–mysticism.  In the mystical state of consciousness there is nothing that needs fixing or changing for the realization comes  that I  ALREADY AM.  Evolution now becomes ever an ever deepening journey into an  awareness of  what I AM means and is.
All truth embodied within the I AM will and must eventually be your state of consciousness because it is who and what you really are.  The releasing and clearing old physical, emotional, and mental energies is intense at this time because you have chosen to move into the higher dimensional energies and cannot take the lower ones with you.
We wish to speak of how this new wave of energy  is effecting the thinking of so many with regard to Syria.  So much of your past and present is about an “eye for an eye”,  words from the old testament of the Christian bible.  The Master Jesus some 2000 years ago, brought in a “new” testament and taught the people the truths of this new testament.  However, many still choose to follow the often mistranslated teachings of the old testament (as well as the misinterpreted teachings of many other religions), even while loudly declaring themselves to be “Christians”.  In the past, power, violence, and dominance were acceptable  solutions between differing countries… war.  As you have seen, the majority of people are no longer resonating with solutions that consist of war and violence.  People are beginning to awaken to the realization that they have for too long witnessed one fruitless war after another initiated by those who stood to enrich themselves in some way without regard to those actually doing the fighting and under the guise of freedom and security.
Mankind is waking up dear ones, and this is how it appears.  The world is discovering  that it no longer resonates with ideas born of energies represent duality and separation regardless of how these ideas are promoted–you have  evolved.  This how it works  and it often takes a great deal of  courage to step out and be separate, but always remember–you are never alone.
Send unconditional  Light to those people and places that suffer.  Activate  and flow the transmuting energy  of the violet flame and  know absolutely that–I AM  the dictator, I AM the CEO of unenlightened and self serving corporations,  I AM the  abuser and all those choosing to  live in and of the shadow.  Your recognition of another’s innate Divinity even when they do not,  helps to  awaken them if they are in any way receptive and even when they are not, helps to lift the world.
Many experiences that appear outwardly  to be  horrendous for some individual or group, are actually  experiences chosen on a soul level  by those individuals or groups in order to bring about a final closure to some karmic debt and at the same time serve the world through  bringing about more awareness and hopefully change of some sort.  This can be observed with what is happening with regard to the sexual violence upon and disregard of women in general.  Much of this was allowed under the banner of tradition and  was considered acceptable behavior. However,  world view, even in many “un-evolved societies”  is  no longer tolerating these unenlightened behaviors and is demanding change.
Be gentle with yourselves dear ones, spend time in nature, spend time quietly within your own Silence, and know that your journey is well underway. Once an individual decides to evolve, there is nothing you need to do.  Your job is to BE.   There comes a time when the  major and often painful clearings are finished and you can begin to live, move, and be,  within the silent awareness and confidence of love and joy.
State the intention that from now on you choose that your spiritual lessons come easily and gently. Intentions carry the weight of your creative power as Divine Beings of Light having human experiences within a veil of forgetfulness.
We are the Arcturian Group.


Creating New Earth

suzannelie·50 videos

Part 3 of a series “Creating New Earth” of original meditations by Dr. Sue Lie. More to come!