Deepak Chopra – The Secret of Healing – Meditations For Transformation and Higher Consciousness

Paul Miller
Published on Jan 8, 2014

Deepak Chopra – The Secret of Healing – Meditations For Transformation and Higher Consciousness

“These seven enlightening Sutra passages are recited by Deepak in a guided meditation underscored by profound and healing music by Adam Plack, Deepak s collaborator on such albums as The Soul of Healing Meditations, A Gift of Love: The Love Poems of Rumi, Chakra Balancing: Body, Mind & Soul and The Soul of Healing Affirmations. ”

Wes Annac – Higher Consciousness and the Power of No-Mind – via Open Hearted Rebellion


Wes Annec – Higher Consciousness and the Power of No-Mind – via Open Hearted Rebellion

By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel

No level of spiritual awareness is complete without an understanding of the state of no-mind, the denial of which has caused countless problems in the world.

In the past I referred to this as the “space between thought”, but no matter what it’s called, it can transform your life if you’re open to it.

It took me a long time to realize detachment is key to maintaining peace of mind, because I’ve always been mind-centered, unwilling to adapt to life and prone to resisting anything I don’t approve of.

It’s not easy to be adaptable if life seems like a constant struggle, but the big secret is that it’s all in the mind. Just as easily as we let something defeat us, we can see it from another perspective and let it teach us.


People would be surprised to find that most of the “bad” things that happen to them are learning experiences in disguise and can strengthen their overall mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience.

For example: you might be convinced you need a stimulant like caffeine to get through the day and become tired or grumpy if you can’t have it. Despite that it can be a side effect of caffeine, that bad mood doesn’t come from your inability to have the stimulant, but from how you choose to respond.

Instead of being upset, you can try to find energy in other ways that don’t come with coffee’s side effects. This will ensure you’re okay on the days you can’t have that caffeine fix, and it’ll feel good not to rely on something you once thought you needed.


I’m convinced that keeping a calm, open mind and being willing to participate in your own evolution is the key to shifting into a state beyond the mind’s constant agitation. Your intellectual capabilities will still exist in a state of no-mind, but you’ll be free from the confines of the mind where resistance is born.

You’ll no longer judge what happens to you or what you see in the world as “good” or “bad”. Instead, you’ll send love and compassion to everyone involved because you’ll have more than enough of those energies to give.

You can live in a state of near-constant bliss by making a daily habit out of calming the mind, letting stress fade, and getting away from your thoughts for a while.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to feel connected with a higher consciousness through this method, but the mind is always calm and willing to spend ample amounts of time enjoying it. I’ve only briefly experienced it through writing, music, and meditation, but I consider it responsible for most of my inspiration.


Spiritual teachers throughout history were correct to advise their students to empty the mind of all thought and judgment. You could try and ultimately fail to be heart-centered through mental effort, but as soon as you relax the mind, everything will fall into place.

The most inspired writings on love will fail to achieve their intention if not written from this empty-minded space where, again, you can utilize the mind’s full capabilities without letting it run your life.

Anything is possible in this space, because your patience evolves into a sense of presence with no expectation and resulting anger, disappointment, or bitterness. When I write in this space, I can take as much time as I need to produce a decent flow of words. I can erase entire paragraphs if necessary and start anew.REPORT THIS AD

It would be difficult if my intent was to complete the writing quickly instead of slowing down to produce something more meaningful, but in this space, I can accept it because I know the result will be better and make the work more worthwhile than if I took the easy path.

In a state of no-mind, the harder path doesn’t seem so bad because you have infinite patience. Since you accept adversity as a part of life, you learn to roll with the punches.


If you’re being rained on and see no end in sight, open your mind and find shelter in the deepest depths of your being. Give yourself permission to be calm and let all that stress fade, because nobody should carry such a heavy weight.

Spend as much time as you need soaking up the positive energy and intuitive guidance you’ll find in this invaluable space. Explore and cherish it, because it’s a gift from the creator that reminds you who you are at heart.

I find it strange yet understandable that people are unaware of the state of no-mind and the higher consciousness it provides. It’s strange because this state is our true nature, yet understandable because most of us are unable to calm the mind long enough to experience it.

If enough of us embrace it and share the truth about it, we might one day make people aware of their innate ability to relax and be at peace no matter what the world throws at them.

About the author:


I’m a twenty-something writer & blogger with an interest in spirituality, revolution, music and the transformative creative force known as love.

I run The Culture of Awareness, a daily news blog dedicated to raising social and spiritual awareness and supporting the evolution of the planet.

I also have a personal blog, Openhearted Rebel, in which I share writings related to spiritual philosophy, creativity, heart consciousness and revolution (among other topics).

I write from the heart and try to share informative and enlightening reading material with the rest of the conscious community. When I’m not writing or exploring nature, I’m usually making music.

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DIANE CANFIELD – Light Body Structure is being Activated Now by Higher Consciousness – Divine Feminine Steps Into Her Role 11-19-18


Blessings Beloveds,

Today I want to talk about the Light Body and how it is activated and what is the process of activation. The Light Body is the structure that we take with us to the New Earth. We can not transport in our 3D bodies as they are too dense and of a  3D composition. I found out in 2013 when I had my Near Ascension Experience what it feels like to embody the realms of 5D and above. I can testify, from my own direct experience they oscillate at a much higher pace.I was at this pace for a full 2 weeks after this event took place for me, which shows the final ascension shift can happen at any moment.

Some history first- we are not the first civilization to morph into the light body, there have been many civilizations before us that have gone through the same thing. They will not be in the history books because they disappeared from civilization never to be seen by the 3D world again. You see, when a civilization reaches a higher state of consciousness, this is the evolutionary outcome. We are now reaching that state. It is amazing to me to see the transformation that has taken place since 2000.

In the past not EVERYONE was able to transform into the light body, this is why humans still exist in 3D, but this time is different. I was told early on( by the galactics, Advanced Interplanetary Council of Light ) everyone would be going together this time. I have talked about this in my articles for the past 3 years. All humans will transcend 5D.  The reason for this is evolutionary, everyone must attend this transformation.This is not only happening on our planet but all planets through out the UNIVERSE.

The Light Body is activated within each HUMAN by reaching higher states of consciousness. It is through these higher states of consciousness that we also experience ASCENSION SYMPTOMS.  This is why it is SO important to WANT to experience ascension symptoms as this is our indicator we are in the process of ascension. This is why it is imperative to set the Intention to experience Ascension. This is why it is so vital to share as much information with others as possible.

We must be willing to do the work involved to reach these higher states of consciousness/Ascension. We must look for TRUTH within all things and discard what is not. It is not enough to take some of what is said and discard the rest, now we must discard everything if something feels off. All concepts, Yes even spiritual ones, that work to keep people stuck and unempowered must now be discarded.

Feelings must be PUT FIRST in all things. Feelings must be developed and transformed into KNOWINGS and Beliefs discarded. This is part of the 3D world to rely on beliefs, in the higher dimensions we KNOW. We know what is truth and what is not.

The Galactic races have told me many times TRUTH must prevail and all else discarded.


If you have ever experienced the state of TRUTH then you will understand the state I am talking about. This is the state I am always in. This is the state everyone needs to be in in order for their Light Body to continue to manifest.

The Light Body forms through truth and higher consciousness,, which THEN affects the heart. The heart is not the leader in this process as we are born with our hearts wide open and many of us have retained that state of being our entire lives.  The ones who have not are those that have not been able to discard the conditioning, programming and illusions.


The DIVINE FEMININE  is now rising and will continue to do so creating an entire NEW WORLD/NEW EARTH.    (As I wrote this last sentence the words NEW WORLD/NEW EARTH appeared to me as a rainbow.  This means I was seeing beyond this realm and the words were communicating the multidimensional universe to me .) The old experience /experiment of the patriarchal system will no longer be allowed. The Galactics see where this has led and it has been detrimental to everyone on the planet. Some will think it has worked for them but this is only because they do not understand what they have been missing and they can not comprehend how it could be.

As the Divine Feminine rises a whole new structiure and way of thinking is emerging. This is to put the HEART/Truth back into every function and every policy on the planet. The heart has been removed for centuries and the ones with their heart fully activated have already seen/known this. I know I am not alone in being able to SEE this since I was a child. This is what has stopped planet EARTH from being a paradise for all.

As the Divine Feminine rises, the patriarchal will naturally lose its stronghold, it’s already happening.  The Feminine will be loved and respected for the beautiful beings of love, light and creativity they are. They will be honored and cherished, which will then lead the way for the Divine masculine to come to the surface. Without the Divine feminine taking her place first, the Divine Masculine can not come forth. It is through this special process that we become fully MULTI DIMENSIONAL.

There are others waiting for us to join this process. It is our destiny to go thorough this transformation of LIGHT and TRUTH. We will become Galactic and  inter- dimensional when/as this transformation occurs.



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In Service and Love

Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many in person visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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ASCENSION ENERGIES .com – Entering a New Layer of Higher Consciousness – 3-16-18

Mikey Murdock – At the end of February (2018) I started to notice that once again the collective timeline was going to change, shift, and be modified once again. I began to feel and see what was shown to me by my higher self and my higher light team members. What was in store for me on a personal level, and for the collective as soon as we would near March and the approaching gateway. What I felt for me on a personal level was that thing’s were going to get harder, denser, heavier and that I’d have to retreat a little bit because I’d have another aspect of myself, another layer of light, and more reunion with source to experience fully. Collectively, I saw that thing’s were going to get more 3D – ish down in 3D land. Which means more layers of all that negative, dark, satanic, crap was going to be peeled layer by layer for more to see, for more to feel, for more to understand and for more to transmute and move beyond it.

March (2018) has been exactly what I saw and felt. It’s been dense, it’s been dark, and it’s been extremely heavy. But why? … March (2018) is a finale month. In many cases what we experienced in January and into February were more consciousness preparation(s). We’ve been preparing for this New Moon on March 17 and the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Before I get to this. I want to mention January and February because of what a huge stepping stone for the forerunners, and many within the collective who got activated this was. We experienced multiple layers beyond layers of higher bits of consciousness that was downloaded into our bodies. We were prepared on an energetic level for the gateway that will open up on March 17th through to the 22nd. The reason we’ve been prepared all of this time, was because we couldn’t physically handle all of the energies we will be experiencing with this gateway without those early-in-the-year energetic preparations. So now here we are. As a forerunner and activated light worker for four years now, I’ve always experienced having to transmute dense and negative 3D energy which is what we’re doing now in March 2018. Which is why everything feels so Ahhh! These are more layers and layers being revealed for all of the forerunners and light workers to embody, transmute, and remove energetically from earth once and for all.

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Dealing With The Old Lower 3D Systems

In March (2018) I’ve done nothing but deal with lower 3D systems of all kinds. From having to deal with my taxes, to dealing with my job and (all that requires) along with the people, to getting my passport done, and lastly adopting a new cat into my life. So, the papers, the systems, the rules, and all of what this requires, not mention what it takes out of you energetically has been front and center for all of March for me. This is what was shown to me – and all of these thing’s which were going to hit me all at once. Now, I understand since October (2017) a lot of the old rules, the old systems, and the old 3D people have been expiring left and right. However, unfortunately in March (2018) some 3D systems will remain in place that to be honest I really wish would hurry up and get dismantled already. Like all non-organic source created thing’s they to have an expiration date, and they will soon follow with what’s already gotten expired.

Expect much more of this to happen – as we move through this March equinoxal Gateway. When we move beyond it, we’ll experience more finales, more endings, more goings, and more shifting within ourselves and others. Some systems will do that do, and as we reach a newer and higher consciousness level/layer more of the negative will be removed. The earth is once again removing more negative energy from her grid lines, key lines, and focal point lines that TD has implanted onto her. In return the forerunners are embodying and anchoring new grid lines, new grid keys lines, and new focal points within earth and her aura. We are doing this through our physical bodies – and one by one we’re connecting to other forerunners and unifying the grid lines of earth. This has been something that has been telepathically communicated to me, and what I’ve seen as well within earth and what’s going on for her. Not to mention all the lights, the energies, the structures that I’m seeing re-shaping the earth right now. This is so important and only in (2018,) and all of this will only expand greatly as we move into the rest of the 2/11 energetic year and amplify greatly in (2019) and beyond.

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16Love & Light16


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 Steven Aitchison – 9 Signs That You Are Fringe Dweller

Cameron Gray Art
Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

Do you ever feel that you are stuck in a world you don’t really belong?

You’ve tried your hardest to fit in, to go along with the crowd and be part of the world of clock watchers, but somehow this life and the people in it seem just a little too baa baa.  You might have known this from a very early age and thought of yourself as a little weird, a little strange, and others might have ostracized you for it.  However, in time, you learn to live with the clock watchers, whilst learning to grow your consciousness at a different rate from others.  You think that little bit deeper about things, you are more intuitive, you seem to physically feel other peoples pain, you sense their emotions without them speaking a word.  You might be more in touch with your spirituality than others and ask questions that others don’t seem to care about.

Then it could be that you are a Fringe Dweller

What is a Fringe Dweller?

I first heard this term from the works of Stuart Wilde, an amazing spiritual, non religious, author.  As soon as he described it, I immediately identified with it and no longer viewed myself as this weird person living in a strange world.  I learned to become even more of a fringe dweller whilst at the same time learning to live with the clock watchers, or people of the ‘tick tock’ as Stuart describes them:

Fringe Dwellers are people who don’t fit the norm. I say they are not hippy revolutionaries living rough, or social weirdoes; the one’s I speak of are ordinary people, you can’t tell them apart from others. It’s their minds that are different. They don’t relate to the rules and regulations of the status quo, the rhythms of a tick-tock life leaves them uninspired and listless.

I came to see how the Fringe Dwellers are in a different evolutionary spiral, because they aspire to belong to a world of higher consciousness, rather than have ideas and morals imposed upon them by a system that has corrupt values, one that often doesn’t really know what its talking about.

I remember when I was 11 years old and staying with my auntie.  She stayed near some big hills, which were beautiful to me as they led directly to the stone beach and the sea and it was an amazing place to spend time alone.  I remember this particular night it was pouring with rain, but I had this irrisistible urge to put on my parka jacket and walk down the hill.  The rain battered the pavement as i crossed to walk down the path, that cut through the hill.  I was bored with life, I knew there was something more to life and I could almost feel it beside me, it was an energy, but it frustrated me as I didn’t know what it was and couldn’t get in touch with it.  As I walked in the pouring rain, I decided I wanted to die.  I wanted to die and find out what this feeling, this energy, this other life was.  I lay on the banks of the hill as the rain fell and I stretched out my arms on either side of me.  I felt the beautiful rain on my face as I lay there for what seemed like hours (it was more like 30 minutes or something).  I was soaked through, I didn’t die, but I felt much better, more calm and less weird than I had before.



Message from Mira – Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner – 8-5-17 – by Golden Age Of Gaia

Greetings. I am Mra. I am still serving full-time with the Earth Council and have some relevant information for you today.

First, the Earth is moving into her ascension corridor. This is what you might call the birth canal. She is fully ready to shift into her fully fifth-dimensional self. Her soul yearns to be freed from the third-dimensional experience. This experience is recorded in her history as well as yours. It is one for the books.

As you know she is being assisted by all of creation. There are gateways upon gateways that are being opened. Stargate’s are ready for an influx of galactic assistance. The Earth’s chakra system is constantly being prepared and balanced for this occurrence. The magnetic fields and the Schumann resonance (the heartbeat of the Earth) are in a state of adaptation and adjustment. They are opening to higher consciousness.

Your bodies parallel what is going on with the Earth for you are one. You might be experiencing some discomfort where the body needs special focus for healing. Going through such powerful energies right now are also emotional. The Earth is feeling this way also. Please take the time to allow for new alignments and release of the past. The body is speaking loudly so that you will listen and release what needs to go.

You are also assisting the Earth with your energies and love. By staying grounded and in the highest frequency that you can maintain you will be serving your Earth and yourselves. Please pay attention to everything. The energies are moving rapidly and we want you to remain aware so as not to be caught off guard in any way.

The way of life to which you have been accustomed is falling away. It no longer serves you or the Earth. Instead of each person for themselves the new way of life will be for the good of the whole. This instills a cooperative way of life instead of a competitive system that wounds the soul of humanity and the Earth. The soulless ones who have harmed others and have extracted the soul energy and vital life force from humanity will be rendered powerless and will live elsewhere, not on the Earth.

There will be an extensive revamping of life as you have known it. It is necessary for the Earth to survive and for the rest of life to be free. You will be living in beauty, peace, love, abundance, and joy. You will be expressing your creativity the way that our Creator originally intended. You will be able to do what you came to do on the Earth. Finally!

Please rise above from as much drama, chaos, and unraveling as possible. This is a necessary part of the evolutionary process. As you hear the screams from the darkness while it falls to its demise, let the songs of the angelic choirs enter in to your range of hearing. Let your heart open to the beauty of a whole new musical heartbeat, to a scale that is in resonance with the harmony of the higher dimensions.

Do not be swayed by the distractions that would like to lure you in. Stay focused on your light work because we need the ground crew to help us usher in the new earth. You are being prepared for your new rolls in the dream state. You are in a state of remembering who you are and what you came to do. You are a force to be reckoned with, ground crew.

We love you and we count on you to help bring the Ascension to fruition. I am Mira



The Mind Unleashed – This Neurotransmitter Is The Key To Spirituality And Higher Consciousness – 1-2-17

Deepak Chopra – Journey to Higher Consciousness — Evolutionary Mystic Post

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Deepak Chopra – Journey to Higher Consciousness Deepak Chopra is an Indian American public speaker, and writer on Ayurveda, spirituality and mind-body medicine. Chopra began his career as an endocrinologist and later shifted his focus to alternative medicine. Chopra was a top assistant to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi before launching his […]

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Gabriel Message – The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness – by Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel

 The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

Sometimes it is so difficult to know what to do when faced with situations that seem beyond our comprehension. That is when prayer has such wide-spread capability. It gives us something positive to do for every situation.

There have been many studies on the efficacy of prayer. All of them have found that healing follows the energy in our prayers. We may never see the results of the blessings we are offering to others, but we can trust that it had a beneficial effect, because that is the promise.
When we pray for others, it settles our minds and hearts in a way that nothing else can do. The loving presence of the Divine is within the field of energy that we create with our prayers. This energy fills and surrounds us with a Love that will never abandon us. We are always connected with this Divine Presence, through our focus, our thoughts and most especially through our prayers.

Divine Presence,
Thank you for helping me to remember that there is a Creative Solution in this situation and I can ask for that to be present. I ask that Divine Light totally fill and surround each person involved so that this situation may be lifted up into the power of Divine Love for healing.

With every breath I take, I AM receiving precious Love into my being so I can radiate more Love into the world. May all beings receive Divine Love into their hearts and be blessed. I know there is a benevolent outcome in every situation when Divine Love is present.

I gratefully receive my tenfold return from all the prayers that I offer to the world. It is in Divine Order for us to receive what we give. Thank you for helping me to be a clear channel for God’s loving energy and the blessings flowing through me into the Earth.

Thank you God. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel April 17, 2016   

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Sananda True


We are in Transition!  

Sananda’s message both inspires and motivates!  Sananda presents us with a special request.

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One-Who-Serves gives energetic and empowering responses – Ashira completes the colorful picture.

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How do our Twin Flames fit in? And when?  

What is “The New Disclosure” and “After Disclosure” or “AD” –  Mentors now and AD.

More about using the portals – Union of alternative sites – Which way to go with cancer? – What do I need to know? –

The “New Game Plan,” reaching the world, and how we fit in.

Steve Beckow – The Arcturians: Opening Your Heart Is the Key to Higher Consciousness – 7-8-15

Arcturian 2

Steve Beckow

The whole passage from the Arcturians is very interesting. I reproduce it ,here.

“The question that is emerging from the Earth’s experience can be simply put: how is a race that has the potential for the highest consciousness and for the highest ability to shift dimensionally going to resolve the aggression and dominance of the Orion energy. (1) Can that energy be mitigated by love?”

“This again leads us to the central question of how you use your heart energies and your heart chakras. We are very interested in how you choose to work with this energy. As you become more open to the higher dimensions, you will not be able to make sense of many events that are occurring on the planet.

“Perhaps the only way to make sense of the negativity is to realize that many beings on the planet are not resonating with a loving vibration.

“Many [extraterrestrials] say that we are coming here just to observe, but we [Arcturians} have also come here to learn. We are interested in how your heart energy influences your responses to the shifts of consciousness caused by the Earth changes and the many different levels of contractions such as hatred and wars. We are interested in those who have risen above that, and can open their heart chakras. That is a true gift. It is why so many are coming to observe these special people who are lightworkers and who work to open their hearts and unify their mental attainments with their emotions.

“Many extraterrestrial groups are interested in how you are developing and integrating the emotion of love. It is a wonderful experience to see how many of you have dramatically opened your hearts. Opening the heart is the key to unlocking higher consciousness. We are observing how you develop and use this ability for it is the key to your planetary ascension.

“Your abilities to love are great and they have brought to Earth many visitors who want to experience this feeling of love. It is a special feeling that has not evolved within the Lyran civilization or that of Orion. Even the Zeta Reticuli (3) have been interested in this emotion.  They believe that they can genetically inbreed the love factor.

“Unfortunately, it is too early to say whether genetic elements can be used to program an individual to manifest love energy. It has more to do with the development of the heart chakra and the connection with the soul family. Those who are able to provide major love experiences have a deep connection to their soul families and soul groups.”  (2)

So they’re watching us as we open our hearts and begin to live from love.

Wes Annac – Higher Consciousness – Your Connection Is Real – 7-1-15


Wes Annac

A reading by Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Note from Wes: For a couple years, I’ve been trying to find a way to understand and communicate what these intuitive readings I’ve been receiving really are, and I’ve struggled with it until recently.

My channeling journey has been different from a lot of other people’s, and instead of sticking with one set definition of exactly what or who I was channeling (i.e. Ascended Masters, higher self, etc.), I’ve been trying to find the perfect way to define and subsequently expand the connection.

All of the name changes I’ve given these messages reflect the journey of understanding who they come from, and after some meditation and contemplation, I’ve arrived at what I think is the perfect label to help everyone understand what it is: Higher Consciousness.

‘Higher Consciousness’, which I’ve written a lot about, is the higher self. It’s a good, deep meditation. It’s the Voice Within; the inner compass; our intuitive link with God, and if we can empty the mind and open up to it, it’ll impart its bliss onto us and teach us valuable lessons about our spiritual evolution.

You could say it’s what people really connect with when they channel angels, extraterrestrials or Ascended Masters, but some passionate spiritual seekers would disagree. I’ll leave it up to you to decide the truth of the matter for yourselves.

I know it’s silly to change the name of these messages over and over, but I think I’ve finally found the right description and understanding for them. This will be the final name change, and I can promise that you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Thanks for hanging in there with me throughout this journey so far. I’m confident that it’s about to get a whole lot better!

Higher Consciousness, June 31, 2015


Religious and spiritual teachings are the mind’s way of comprehending the visions and insights that are received in a higher state of consciousness, and all of the spiritual teachings you hear or read stem from the greater awareness the teachers were able to access and the mental observations and terminologies they gave to these varying states of consciousness.

As they fade deeper and deeper into their sacred center and connect more with the Source of their existence, their minds devise simple enough (yet sometimes complex) ways of expressing the knowledge they gain, which is very difficult to express with words.

Depending on how far deep within you travel, the things you’ll learn and witness will basically be impossible to express in any language, but certain higher states of consciousness can be described with words and symbols and can be enhanced by spiritual practices.

It’s understandable that some spiritual seekers don’t agree with the strictness that accompanies some teachers, but the most genuine among these teachers simply want to help their students discover the things they have, because enlightenment is a treasure that’s very much worth the time and effort you spend to get there.

In fact, it’s the greatest treasure you could ever hope to witness or experience, but it’s also the most challenging thing you’ll ever go through. It can be a scary, frustrating and difficult experience if you resist it, but if you’re willing to let it flow and let your ego-driven barriers dissolve before they can even come up to influence you, it’ll be the most liberating thing you ever experience.

The hardest thing to grasp about enlightenment is that, as a lot of spiritual teachers will tell you, it crumbles away all of your previous notions of what it or a higher consciousness in general should be like. It shatters your previous understanding of life, and as you’ll come to learn, this understanding was too limited to carry you away into the blissful higher consciousness you want to access.

The higher dimensions will transform your perspective on life, spiritual evolution and everything you thought you understood, and while you might sometimes feel beat down and unable to continue on, releasing your resistance and letting everything be will make it a lot easier, more vibrant and more worth your time.

If you venture deep into your consciousness routinely, it won’t matter what external beliefs you adopt along the way. You can study every religion in the book if you want, and if you do, you’ll find a lot of limitation, a lot of dogma, and at the same time, a lot of things that help you along your path. You don’t have to embrace any beliefs if you don’t want to, because it’s all a mental interpretation of the inner visions and insights that are received in meditation and other spiritual practices.


The most important thing is that you explore your consciousness and allow your previous understanding of life and spirituality to fade as you learn new things about your existence, and if your beliefs are challenged along the way, be open to the lessons and the expansion that can result.

Overall, remember that love really does serve as a medium to connect you with what you seek. Let your love flow out of you and remember to keep your minds open to new insights, understandings and perspectives, and don’t hesitate to express exactly what you want to because self-censorship is the enemy of true creative and spiritual growth.

The best way to connect with love is to connect through complete transcendence, on a mental level and every other level, and channeling your higher consciousness is one way to grow closer to this transcendence. When it comes to channeling, you have to understand that in order for it to be pure, the mind has to have as little influence on the process as possible so the connection and the guidance that results aren’t filtered by the mind in any way.

If you let it, the mind will instantly filter everything genuine that comes through, and it must be completely, sufficiently opened for any message from the ‘higher self’ or any other higher entity to flow through properly. This is what deters so many people from channeling, because they don’t feel like they can maintain such a flowing connection and at the first, second or third sign of potential failure, they stop completely and convince themselves it either isn’t real or it isn’t for them.

Your connection with your higher consciousness is very real, but you have to explore it for yourselves – through channeling it, meditating or doing anything else that helps you connect – to know and understand it. It doesn’t have anything to do with your beliefs, and once you explore your consciousness, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is indeed real, you can connect with it, and you can even channel it for your benefit and the benefit of others.

It’s up to you to find this connection and utilize it as much and as often as possible, and whether or not you’re consciously connected, you’ll be forever supported by your higher self, your creator and every other higher force.

So keep your minds open and your hearts overflowing with love, because your higher connections will save the Earth in a time when its destruction is evident and its end seems inevitable. An ending is indeed coming, but it isn’t the kind of ending your society would expect.


It’s the end of an old paradigm and the beginning of something completely new that’s driven by love, spirituality and the willingness on the part of humanity to come together and change the world, and everything you do right now advances your collective evolution and helps you find more and more of what you seek, as individuals and as a collective.

What your planet really seeks is love and a connection with their essence, and you can make this connection now and joyfully express it for the benefit of others. Why not dive on in and see how far down you can go?

Share freely.

I’m a twenty-two year old spiritual writer, blogger and channel for the creative expression of the inner universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I’ve contributed to a few different spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter, and I write a paid weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $11.11 a month here.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via Mredith Murphy – Aligning with Higher Will – Living in Higher Consciousness – 6-5-15


Hello Divine Beings of Love,

Welcome to this beautiful connection in light. We greet you knowing you are changing your lives in subtle, yet substantial ways.

As you allow yourself to look within your heart and feel and get in touch with the deepest reasons why you want what you want, you are aligning with your higher self and with higher will in ways that will powerfully shape your experience.

Upgrading your alignment with higher will taps you into expanded momentums of life. It allows you to flow more energy and higher frequency energy in ways that will allow you to experience more peace, more grounded centeredness and for your life to unfold with more grace.

When your aims…the things you want and wish for…are seen through the lens of consciousness that is higher consciousness, higher will, then you see opportunities. You see opportunities that linkup to these aims and the inspiration for what vehicle, how you might connect with and create your more ambitious wishes and desires come into your awareness.

What you notice in life, as you know, is created by your state of mind. As you are more clearly in touch with your deeper reasons and motivations for what you wish to create then you shift into higher consciousness and alignment with higher will. The drive of your energy at higher levels of consciousness and in ways where you as awareness are more informed and clear, will make the whole experience of manifesting your desires one that is very different.

What happens as you do this is initially you notice you feel more open. You discover ways to create what you want that are actually right in front of you. In fact they may have been there all along but now in alignment with higher levels of your own consciousness they look different to you. You notice them for starters. And often you see them differently. You’ll discover that you won’t judge how you might fulfill your dreams for your higher self is unconditional about the vehicle by which you manifest your experience.

You are realizing that what presents to you are vehicles for receiving abundance, for creating health and well-being, for harmonizing relationships, for connecting to new relationships and for expressing yourself and feeling fulfilled. The vehicles that show up now are visible to you because you are willing to receive and you will not be feeling judgmental toward them and having closed and limiting ideas about them because you are in alignment in a different way so your perspective is different.

When you shift in alignment with your deeper reasons for wishing for things you also open up to receive more because you align more fully with all that you are and with higher dimensional expressions of you, you naturally become more available to receive.

You’re not judging what you are seeing as opportunities. You are sensing what feels right. Your choosing amongst what presents and in fact we notice that many times those who open up to this path experience a feeling of awe. There is actually a feeling of kind of giddiness and marveling at how actually it feels now that it is easy to create, and live a life like they imagine and how odd it feels to realize that it used to seem so out of reach.

This is what happens when you actually really shift your perspective on things. You see things differently and you see things you didn’t see before. This is of course an indication of decisiveness and willingness and commitment.

When you are ready to make your life the way you wish for it to be you are really not dreaming any longer…you are actively creative. Not that dreaming isn’t the beginning of creating but you are in action. You are trying things out and looking for opportunities that are present in your life knowing you are going to manifest the experience that will get you into the life you are choosing to create.

This is a time of great awareness and great activity. We don’t mean great activity like lots of activity…we mean great activity like activity that has great outcomes and meaning in relationship to what you care about most.

This great activity which you do knowing you are moving into the new life you are choosing and that has purpose and meaning for you because you are connected to your deepest why.

You know what motivates you.

You have gone beyond the knee jerk responses, what might be superficial or even logical reasons why you might want something and you have gotten deeply in touch with your heart.

In knowing your deep, deep reasons why you want what you want, you have come into a merged state with the passionate current of your own aliveness.

This is a beautiful place to be. This is the place to be always. It’s a place, a state of consciousness, a state of mind in which you know why things matter to you.

This is the feeling of purpose that many of you seek.

This is the feeling of purpose that many of you look for.

The pathway to find it is to ask why you want what you want. Not to question what you want but to get in touch with why you want what you want which will tap you into the current of your passion which is the feeling of purpose that many of you think you need and you don’t have.

It’s there within you.

Yet again, it’s not perceived and experienced because of the way in which you’re focused.

When you do do this, when you truly know why what you want matters to you it also is no longer easy to ignore or dismiss your dreams or wishes. It’s not so easy to say, “Uhhh I can’t do that…” because there is deep knowing that this is vital to you. That what you want matters in far bigger ways than you may have been in touch with before.

Before getting in touch with this deep meaning it’s easier to let worry and discomfort derail you. But now when you feel anxiety, when you feel self-doubt or you feel the discomfort of moving into unfamiliar things, trying new things, going beyond where you’ve been…you remind yourself of this deep why.

You tap into it.

When you tap into your deeper why’s you facilitate more alignment with all that you are so you expand energetically. When you expand, worries and self-doubt diminish. They lessen in intensity and you have access to more strength and courage to move into the new life you wish to experience.

Riding the waves of newness with a deep why in your awareness is a powerful way to live.

This is living a purpose filled life.

You feel like a super hero because you’re doing something you know to be important and you know matters in a very deep way and you know matters to more than just you.

For you see we know this too: your deepest why and the pathway to getting that, when you explore it, it opened up to you the awareness of how your wants and wishes and aims relate to others because this is how it is.

What you want is connected to and will affect those you love and the world because we are all one. It could not be any other way.

When you get in touch with this bigger reason for what you want you are acting not on something you want but on something deeply meaningful to you and to others that you are able to make real because you are aware of it and you are in touch with why it matters.

This changes everything.

This give you access to strength and courage and openness and willingness and an attitude and state of mind that can change how you do this. Changing how you do this can change everything for you.

Your state of mind beloved ones can facilitate a new sense of self. Who do you know yourself to be living the way that we describe to you?

Who are you and how do you think of your identity when you are in touch with this passionate purpose within you?

What version of you would you be if you saw yourself as someone taking action and facilitating the creation of your life based on this deep knowing of what it means?

Do you see how this inherently upgrades your sense of self? Your identity?

We’ll let this sit a bit and we will talk more about how you then might choose ideas and beliefs that support and confirm this new upgraded identity. We will put that idea into your mind too right now because you are actually embracing a larger version of you in opening up to this new relationship to your desires.

Desires are a Trojan horse beloveds.

They usher in something that you will be amazed by and which is much bigger than you anticipated when you decided to become more harmonious and more friendly in relationship to what you want.

We are tremendously excited by all you are creating.

I am Archangel Michael.

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Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Moving into Light of Higher Consciousness – Act as Enlightened Being in Daily Life – 4-7-14

hilarion2   /


Hilarion: The Time is NOW to Move into the Light of Higher Consciousness, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, April 6, 2013 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Beloved Ones,

It is important for each of you to maintain your centeredness and calmness each day. The energies as they move in waves upon the planet bring changes in every facet of human life. As the increased light flows outward, it ignites awakening in many other souls and as you know, awakening is quite often a painful process that requires the assimilation of many truths that were not recognized or even thought of before.

You have already experienced this process and can relate to the profound effects that these revelations create within the newly awakened ones and their desire to facilitate powerful changes in their world. They are eager to make a difference and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. This is why your stabilizing energies are so needed during these times.

Send light to those areas of the world which are experiencing upheaval and destabilization. Do this whenever you hear of it, just taking a moment to send light gives assistance in more ways than you know. All you need is intention and during this process, ask the Angels of light to go to these places and heal the area, the land, the animals, the elemental beings, and send light to assist all the people who live there.

You are the ones who are aware and must exercise your power by calling on the Angels for assistance and directing them to the areas where they are needed. Begin to observe the information communicated through the news media in a different way, not as passive observers but as enlightened beings who can take note of where the light is needed and direct it there immediately. Your input on a daily basis as you assign the Angels and helpers to chaotic areas of the world helps to stabilize those areas.

It only requires that you focus and call upon the forces of light to direct them to those areas. Understand that each of you has an army of light at your command and you can make a difference by sending these forces into volatile areas of the world when they are needed. Your intention to affect the highest outcomes wherever your focus is directed will bring harmony and your attention to this focus with dedication each day will create the lasting peace you so desire to experience on your world.

Send light to the natural kingdoms as they are an integral part of life upon this planet. Send light to everything upon your planet and do not forget to surround your loved ones, family members and pets with white light each and every day, surround your home, properties, vehicles, places of occupation, bank accounts and daily activities with the white light of protection each and every day.

You are the awakened ones and you are responsible for the area in your sphere on influence which can be many miles in diameter. Intend that this sphere of influence grows in radius each and every day so that a greater area is covered by your efforts. Intention is everything and you can do this! Be an open door for God’s light to be manifest in and through you. Maintain a vision of something better always, such as one great planet under God.

Throughout this year stay in your spiritual consciousness and know that your spirituality is what defines you. Do a weekly review to make improvements in your life so that your spiritual growth continues. Have you balanced all your karma, have you fulfilled all your soul contracts? Did you pass all your tests and initiations? Are your initiations completed?

This lifetime is your last lifetime upon Earth because this opportunity to experience life in a physical body on a planet of duality will not happen again and it is incumbent upon YOU to ensure that you complete everything your soul plan intended to complete. In any sticky situation or issue that comes up, ask yourself, “What am I teaching myself here?” “What is the highest outcome that can manifest here in this situation and what can I do to make it happen?”

Go beyond your human ego promptings and look at your life from the higher perspective. Do you want to create divisions in relationships that could be healed by overlooking the perceived transgressions of others? Will you let ego pride take control and create separations? Know that love is the answer in every situation and use this power in every facet of your existence and relationships with others. The bottom line is how much do you love?

Learn to love with the love of God who loves us all unconditionally with no judgement. Become the enlightened being that can rise above any situation and see a more loving perspective. Surrender and release all that no longer serves the path that you have chosen to walk. Resistance to the enlightened being that you really are is futile. Look for the good in all things. Fill your heart with the flame of love and let that flame grow and expand out into the world around you. BE the change!

The game has changed, Dear Ones. No longer can you sit on the fence reluctant to make a clear choice. The time is NOW to move into the light of higher consciousness with constancy in your heart. It must be done in every cell of your being. You are worthy of great things, know that every thing will work out and things will get better. You are blessed in more ways than you can imagine. The Universe supports you, all of life supports you and this is becoming more evident with each passing hour. You are a child of the Divine and your magnificent future awaits your attention and your intention. BE HERE NOW!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

Deepak Chopra – The Secret of Healing – Meditations For Transformation, Higher Consciousness

Paul Miller·43 videos


Waking Times – 7 Tactics to Trick the World into Higher Consciousness – 1-24-14


In a culture where “thinking outside the box” is a common cliché that gets tossed around by people who simply do not think outside the box, we sometimes need ways to jump-start our world views, to stimulate our weltanschauungs, and to kick open our third eye. Here are seven tactics that just might give us the momentum we need to launch us out of our comfort zones and into a higher state of awareness.

1.) Don’t be afraid of fear:

“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” –Rumi

Don’t fear transformation, transform fear. Change is an absolute. Nothing ever stays the same. Suppressing or denying this absolute fact is a recipe for personal disaster. Only cowards suppress their fear. Only cowards deny change. Subsume cowardice by assuming a heroic posture toward life. Realize that fear is natural, except it for what it is, and then transform it into courage. This is emotional alchemy at its best. Nobody is perfect. We all have fears. Change for the better should never be a goal of perfect conception but advancement from misconception to ever more refined misconception.

The ability to transform fear is precisely the ability to stretch comfort zones, break mental paradigms, push envelopes, and think outside boxes. When we can do these things we discover the ability to launch ourselves into higher realms of consciousness.

2.) Put the ‘thorough’ in Thoreau:

“Disobedience, the rarest and most courageous of the virtues, is seldom distinguished from neglect, the laziest and commonest of the vices.” –George Bernard Shaw

This tactic comes down to a choice: liberty or slavery. As Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” Secession from civilization can be an art form when we live deliberately as an example for how others can deliberately live. Life is too short not to seize it. Life is too precious not to play with it, mold it, and make it our own.

All forms of human government will lead to self-interest, consumerism, immoderation, ill-discipline and a general lack of humility if there are not checks and balances in place to keep it transparent. The key to keeping the “spirit,” or pneuma, of democracy alive, and preventing those that uphold it from slipping into tyranny and power-mongering, is to set up internal checks and balances. Namely: strategic civil disobedience that leads to economic and ecologic equilibrium. We the People, we the governed, are these checks and balances. It can be no other way. Civil disobedience is how the disenfranchised lobby congress. We need only have the courage to do so. Like Howard Zinn wrote, “Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.”

3.) Count Coup on Thy Self, Count Coup on Thy Neighbor:

“To be human is necessarily to be a vulnerable risk-taker; to be a courageous human is to be good at it.” –Jonathan Lear

Counting coup” is a metaphor for a wake-up call, for shocking ourselves and our fellow man into wakefulness. It can be done either through the written word, street art, or through a progressive lifestyle that is in-your-face sustainable. We’re counting coup on that which is unhealthy within us. When we count coup on inertia, sloth, narcissism and extremism, we do it so that vitality, courageous action and diversity can shine through; so that we can, like Thoreau said, “Live deliberately.”

Counting coup on ourselves begins with a cringe, followed by a howl, followed by the continuation of the human leitmotif. We will kick and we will scream, we will sojourn and we will dream, we will hunger and we will ache, we will vacillate and we will vindicate, but we will be alive, clawing our way ever closer to a more self-actualized state; a state where we even learn how to count coup on enlightenment itself.

Tonight, let’s creep up close to the gods talking in their sleep, count coup, and leave with their secrets in our satchel.

4.) Artisitic Détournement:

“One of the unexpectedly important things that art can do for us is to teach us how to suffer more successfully.” –Alain de Botton

This is a strategy of artistic sabotage; a turnabout or derailment; a variation on a previous concept in which the newly created one has a meaning which is antagonistic or antithetical to the original, an artistic counter-weltanschauung dynamics, if you will. It is the meshing of art and anarchy.

This is the use of art and satiric jest to make a point, as opposed using guns or violence. Here, we are free to be creatively mischievous and openly rail against the State, using art as a tool. A person using a gun is a symbol of failure. Guns are for the weak. Violence is for the immature. True courage isn’t blowing up a hostile tank, it’s counting coup on our enemy through art and high humor. True courage is standing on our feet with joy & love in our heart, holding a pen, or a camera, or a paintbrush, with a smile on our face while the tanks of madmen threaten to roll over us. Violence should only ever be a last-ditch-effort at self-preservation, never a first.

Like Gandhi said, “Nonviolence does not mean meek submission to the will of the evil-doer. It means the pitting of one’s whole soul against the will of the tyrant. Working under this law of our being, it is possible for a single individual to defy the whole might of an unjust empire to save his honor, his spirituality, his soul and lay the foundation for that empire’s fall… or its regeneration.”

5.) Psychosocial Troubleshooting:

“By coaching our unconscious, we also discover a potentiality for countless transformations.” –Piero Ferrucci

Psychosocial troubleshooting is the surreptitious planting of seeds (memes), and a rewiring of outdated, parochial systems through strategic infiltration. Here, we learn how to become imperceptible. We regain a taste for anonymity by living simply so that others may simply live, while also maintaining stealth within our proactive approach to bringing progressive sustainability to otherwise unsustainable systems.

Similar to what happened in the trenches of the Occupy Movement, we give ourselves permission to disregard the laws of the corporate-consumerist State, while creating new rules through horizontal democracy. Psychosocial troubleshooting is our moral obligation to strike down the plutocracy that threatens our democracy.

6.) Self-dialecticism:

“Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” –Adyashanti

This is a self-interrogation tactic wherein one has an argument with oneself so as to diagnose or simplify a philosophical or existential dilemma. This teaches humility in the most primordial sense. It’s a full-frontal assault on our own cognitive dissonance, a kind of cognitive dissonance counterintuitive. It gets down to the roots of the cognitive experience and shows exactly how precarious our cognition truly is.

When we see how layered and deep the menagerie of self is, we come to a very profound humility that launches us into a higher state of consciousness. We free ourselves to think in new ways by shedding our old ways like a snake sheds skin.

7.) Zeitgeist Dynamics:

“In this kind of ontology of immanence, what we are describing is not a creature who is transformed and who transforms the world in turn in some miraculous ways, but rather a creature who takes more of the world into himself and develops new forms of courage and endurance.” –Ernest Becker

This is the tactic of cultural renaissance; of caring for the soul of nature through the embodiment of our cultural depths. Zeitgeist Dynamics is the bestowal of our unique unrivaled soul-work unto our “tribe,” our community, and our world.  With this tactic we realize that in order to be healthy, our ecosystem as a whole must be diverse, fruitful, adaptable and ever changing. We are not looking for rewards, accolades, or fame. Rather, we are seeking personal fulfillment by invigorating the vitality of the “community.”

Within this dynamic we act as both defender and caregiver (warrior/attendant) of the world. We act with compassion and open-minded understanding rather than violence and blind faith. We are the preeminent catalyst; the impossible bridge; the primordial womb, creating tonality in an otherwise atonal world. We are devoted to living the riddle of human destiny heightened to a state of interrogated enlightenment. With this tactic we are all at once self and other; tribe and culture; human and animal; earth and cosmos. We are a force to be reckoned with, because we are a force of human nature first and individuals second.


About the Author:  Z, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.  His recent works can be seen here and also found at Z’s Hub, where this article was originally featured.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Source with thanks

Doreen Agostino

Archangel Michael – New Earth Energies – 5th Dimension

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Love – Raise Your Vibrational Frequency – Higher Consciousness

NOTE:  Halfway Through this videos is an acceleration into higher frequencies.  May be Intense For You.

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How do you know when higher consciousness guides you?

EckhartTeachings·93 videos

Question for Eckhart: How do you know when higher consciousness guides you?

Baba – Divine Feminine – Higher Consciousness

Nandhi Tapasyogi·63 videos

Siddhar wisdom is empowering as it is blessings and energy from the depth of silence and ancient intent. Siddhar Sage Tapasyogi Baba Nataraj speaks, in one of his rare interviews, on waking up to know consciousness as awareness to the Divine Feminine.

Baba explains of how consciousness shifts to that of love and compassion with the Divine Feminine. The ignorance of the Divine Feminine has caused far too much bloodshed in the name of religion. The wisdom to acknowledge the Shakti element in worship transforms our collective consciousness.

Baba has been in tapas for over 45 years. He is a Siddhar master. His mastery is apparent through his egoless nature of utter humility and overflowing love and childlike joys. Wild animals, from squirrels to birds literally walk on his hands with no fear. Baba teaches ahimsa- non-harming and nonviolence; self-mastery and the essence of the mystical Siddhar tradition.

To purchase music- Inspired by the Siddhars Vision of compassion in action

May humanity arise in the awake happiness of wisdom that enables each of us to be the prophets and masters of higher consciousness!
May each of us be instruments of source and in our breath, the ascendance of collective goodness.
We are the messengers of peace that is SOURCE!

Sharing blessings is powerful dharma.
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Angelic Human Race

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For more information about Angelic Humans and the eBook on Angelic Human Activation, visit:…

“When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.”
~Mary Baker Eddy

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Music: Enya, “Exile”

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We Honor the Unknown Artists


Yes, you can trust your heart. What you have experienced while receiving my other message was true, and deep too. It cannot be understood with a mind that belongs to the concept of duality, it can only be received when your heart opens. In this space you truly Are.

Who does not acknowledge the Zero-point-field is not yet ready to ascend as One Humanity. Only to be in this field enables you to step up into a higher vibration and dimension, to be part of it. It is the true necessary portal to a higher consciousness and dimension. Structures, strategically created by the conceptual mind, do not serve as so called portals for ascension, because they are created outside of your true Self.

This point of stillness is a Bardo, if you like. Higher dimensions cannot be accessed without it, because the lower mind who operates in duality has to be left behind and forgotten, to be able to realize the higher mind which receives its wisdom from higher sources, above the density of the 3th dimension. All “higher dimensions” one believes to have entered with this lower mind, are mere illusions and phantom worlds, and not real….
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Radiantly Happy Channel  /  YouTube

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