DL Zeta – Prophetic Dreams May Comep – Activating High-Vibrational Timelines with the Pisces Solar Eclipse


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-rophetic Dreams May Come: Activating High-Vibrational Timelines with the Pisces Solar Eclipse by DL Zeta, http://www.celestialvision.org The Pisces solar eclipse has the power to bring prophetic dreams, helping us activate timelines aligned with our highest visions. During this period portals to higher consciousness are more accessible. Those most strongly affected by the eclipse will enter levels…

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DL Zeta – Gratitude Shifts us to High-Vibrational Timelines – 3-4-15

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Gratitude shifts us to high-vibrational timelines where we are able to understand the purpose and meaning of every single event of our lives.

As we embrace the intentions of events created by our younger selves, we understand how these experiences helped us to expand.

We can also feel gratitude for those who played a role in the learning situations we created.

For example, if a person was harsh with us as a child, we can feel grateful for this experience because it allowed us to learn patience and forgiveness, and develop a profound appreciation of kindness.

If we experience health challenges as a child, we can be grateful for circumstances that teach us the value of self-healing and help us appreciate and cultivate radiant health.

If we grew up in a loveless environment, this can inspire us to find love within and teach us to appreciate and cultivate unconditional love.

Revenge Binds us to Lower-Vibrational Realities

We always have the option to choose the path of violence and revenge on those we feel have harmed us but this choice will only bind us to lower-vibrational realities.

We will exist along timelines of hardship and suffering until we choose to align ourselves with frequencies of love and gratitude, which always lift us to a place of higher vision and understanding.

Each person holds the ability to choose the path of revenge or the path of gratitude.

Gratitude Activates Timelines where our Highest Visions Manifest

When we choose to see the events of the past from a place of gratitude, we activate timelines where our highest visions and most dearly-held dreams are manifest.

If ever it seems that our dreams are failing to materialize, all we need do is look within to see if there is some part of our past where aspects of our consciousness are trapped in old traumas.

Whenever we shine the light of higher awareness on old situations, we transform them to blessings. We may need to repeat this process over time until we have released every situation from the past that binds us to moments of suffering and trauma.

As we find these traumas and feel gratitude for them, we’re able to step more fully into the love and blessings of the new time.

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