High Council of Orion – Your Personal Vibration – 2-11-15

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High Council of Orion
February 11, 2015 by Holly Hawkins Marwood

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Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood http://www.Soul-Genesis.com



 We are the High Council of Orion.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood

For those of you who listen to our messages regularly you know and are aware of our conversation around vibration and the energy that you carry. It’s the energy of who you are, the way you vibrate at this moment in time that influences, or effects or draws into your experiences. For that there is much to celebrate. Is there not? For you can look at many aspects of your life and think how wonderful and how great it is. You could look at significant people, perhaps your employment, where you live (whether it’s the home you live in or whether it’s the place in the world that you’re choosing to live). All of that is your evidence of vibrational stance, if you will, in the world. Yet if you are wanting to effect some change in your life, whether it’s large or small, no matter what it’s about: whether it’s about your body, your mind, your emotions, your job, your income level, your relationships, no matter what it is, when you want to begin to affect that change that you desire you put things in place to do that. Perhaps you go look for a new job, create a resume, put applications in. Perhaps you change and work with your body through more exercise, different types of exercise, what you’re drinking, what you’re eating or even how you’re thinking about your body. You could go through all the areas of your life that you’re working to effect change and see the action items, but all of those at their foundation are working with your inherent energy and your vibratory rate. As your actions and your thoughts change your vibrational rate, then your experience changes. You witness the change that you are desiring.

Understanding, at a very core level, that all of the actions, all of the things that you are desiring to change, are a result of changing at the very, very most basic level your vibrational rate. You can see that there are many ways to change your vibrational rate. Say, for example, we’ll just continue with the idea of changing your body, there’s something that you want to change about your body. Perhaps that change your body so it’s slimmer, stronger, maybe more flexible. Maybe you have a particular competition or goal in mind so you have a date of some event, whether it’s a marathon or a bodybuilding event or even events such as a celebration of some sort where it’s important for you to have your body be in a different way. As you think about those things that you would want to do for yourself to achieve your goal: maybe you’re going to change the types of food you eat, increase your exercise or change your exercise. No matter what it is as you eat those different foods, make different choices, work a little bit harder, drink a lot more water, whatever it might be, honor the vibratory change that you are affecting in your life. As you see any change that’s moving in the direction you want we ask you to celebrate your actions in the world and also celebrate the vibrational shift that is coming about because of the changes you are making!

Why are we making this big deal about vibrational changes and celebrating it? The reason is because that energy that represents who you are in the moment and then the shift in the energy that represents the change in the world that you’re experiencing is the foundation for all change and all striving and all experiences that you have. As you draw your awareness and even in celebration to the vibratory rate that you are emanating that allows you to have those certain experiences, it begins to help you become more attuned to and aware of the impact and the influence and the support that you have in the vibratory field around you. This is part of you living into that big energetic body that is and always has been here with you in this moment in time, yet within your culture and society there hasn’t been that constant awareness and reinforcement of working with those energies.

It’s a wonderful thing to begin working with your energetic body as well as the physical body; the physical body not just in terms of our previous example, but the physical body of all that you embody and all the ways that you vibrate in the world in your life at this time. You could apply our example of changing your body to any area of your life that you’re striving to improve in whether that area feels very challenging or whether it’s already great you and want to make it even better.

So enjoy celebrating your vibratory reality! We celebrate that along with you. Feel the expansion. Feel the joy and the ease with that. As you tap more and more into your energetic experience, in addition to your physical experience, your sense of creativity and empowerment can change because you are more actively engaged with the energetic field around you, bringing in more information that’s, in a sense, hovering right around you that you are beginning to access in a greater and greater way to your advantage, to your support. And as always have fun! Enjoy the adventure of the life that you chose to have.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2015 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

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High Council of Orion via Holly Hawkins Marwood – Begin to Wonder – 1-3-15

Mario Gattoaladino


Growing Pains – High Council Of Orion via Holly Hawkins Marwood – 12-17-14




Channeled & Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones.  We are the High Council of Orion.

Many of you are thinking into the year that’s coming ahead as you are in your holiday season at this time. At the end of the year there’s always a time of reflection on what the current year has been and what hopes and dreams and aspirations stand in front of you for the coming year. While it is well understood that the last few years have been fraught with challenges on your human level understand that they have also been the evidence of the opening up, evidence of old energies being broken down, new paradigms needing to come in. That growth, that change, that transformation can often have growing pains associated with it. Having the perspective that they are growing pains versus evidence of your life being terrible, never to recover to a place of something that feels easier, and more in line with who you are.

Understand that holding the space that it will get easier and it will you will have a greater understanding of why the the last few years have been more challenging. That information will be available to you. For just as the child is growing up and experiencing growing pains in the moment. They don’t make sense and they aren’t comfortable. Yet it is not a statement that the rest of their life is going to be filled with growing pains! Growing pains are there for that moment of explosive, dynamic, abounding growth. Then the energies of the body, the physicality of the body, adjust and the growth may be a little slower or eventually the growth slows down as that child reaches adulthood. The continuation of those growing pains is not there.

Just holding the energy that any discomfort, any confusion, any shifts and changes (while you need to deal with them on a human level)… they will not continue. They will be The light is there at the end of the tunnel.

So, if you are still in the middle of some turmoil and you can’t see the light, there’s no way you can see the light, just as if you were a child and in the middle of growing pains somebody telling you that they’re eventually can and doesn’t help you in a moment. But if you know that the light is there at the end of the tunnel, for you to begin to experience what this period of growth has to offer to you, you can ease the energy in which you’re sitting at the moment with the the thoughts and the feelings of the Hope. “I know this is going to end. I know this is evidence of my growth, even if I don’t understand it now.” Even the wondering of “Won’t it be fun and exciting to see what this period of growth will be bringing as an energetic resonance in my life when this more intense period has eased up?”

“I wonder what joy and excitement and gifts I’ll be offering to the world in a new way.” “I wonder what new perspectives I will be having when this temporary period eases up and I’m on the other side of it.”

As you hear us talk about so often, asking these questions opens up your energetic field to release some of the constriction of fear, worry and feeling not “good enough”, not connected enough, not aligned enough. It allows those feelings to ease up. Just by asking those questions you begin to shift your energetic resonance. Then as you ask those questions you might begin to get some glimmers of what life is going to look like on the other side of this intensity. You could say “Well, it’s fantasy or it’s imagination. I don’t really know what’s out there.” On some level this is true, but, as you know, your thoughts bring your reality to you.

So the purpose of this message is really understanding that this is a temporary period you’re in, that you will soon see yourself moving out of. Yes, there is a time component. And, yes, that time can feel slow, at times, maybe even way too slow for the conditions in your life. But you beginning beginning to see that and feel that it won’t always continue, that you will see the fruits and the blessings and the gifts of this time of great transformation, as the year begins to turn and you shift your energies to what it will be like as you move forward in time. As those growing pains reduce their intensity and the growth slows down you can then begin to appreciate, if you were a child, your bigger shoe size, or your taller height, whatever it might be. You can begin to appreciate the results of the growing pains that you’ve been going through.

Have faith and trust that your Soul has chosen to have this intense period of growth and said yes to it. You’ll begin to find those new resources that you have been developing over the last few years. Find ways to connect in any easy way for you with anything that helps you feel a little bit happy, joyful, fun, relaxed, whatever it might be, to give yourself a break from the intensity of where you’ve been, knowing that you will see the ease in it soon.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”


© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the author and a link to www.AkashaHealingStudio.com clearly displayed as shown below.

Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood               http://www.AkashaHealingStudio.com


Does Your Reality Match Your Expectations?

“Expectations” CHANNELED ASCENSION MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION 21st OCTOBER 2014 / ~ Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Transcribed by Paul Marwood


Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion

Today we are going to talk about expectation… differently from what you might expect in terms of thinking about your expectations of yourself, the expectations you grew up with that might be family related, society related. We’re going to speak about expectation as a vibrational resonance in your life and how that vibration is going to be affecting your experience of life and how you can work with the energy of expectation to shift your experience to be moving more closely to that which you desire.

The energy of the expectation is very aligned with the Law of Attraction. Your expectations in life, whether they’re “good” or “bad”, whether there founded or unfounded based on what your experience is, creates an energetic vibrational reality. That energetic vibrational reality brings to you matching experiences. So if you are expecting great things in the day it’s likely that will be the vibrational match your day. If your expectations of your life are negative, for whatever reasons, you could even say that your expectations are reasonable based on what your experiences have been, that perhaps “good things don’t happen to you”, but that expectation not waiting for the evidence to show up to reinforce what your expectation is really your vibrational reality going out and then, therefore, energetic experiences are coming in relative to that.

How do you shift that? How do you change your vibrational reality of expectation to start creating more ease? The first thing you need to do is begin to see what it is that you are expecting. This could be very subtle. It could be surprising. It could be obvious. You start looking at what your expectations are based on where your thoughts are. What do you wake up thinking about every day? What do you think about a certain circumstances come into your day? “Of course there’s traffic I always end up being late for work” or “Of course I could never get through the pile on my desk because other things are always coming. I’m never left alone” “Of course my sister, brother, mother, father, whomever is picking on me again because that’s what they do every time they see me going out on my own” The list could be endless. The first thing you want to do is just be aware of your expectations through self-talk. Your expectations could have been given to you from your family, from your societal groups that you’re part of, whatever they might be. The idea here is once you become aware of what you’re expecting you could probably, therefore, then see what’s showing up as a vibrational match to that. Once you have that awareness of your vibrational pattern of expectation you can then begin to shift into a new reality.

Then getting clear on what is it that I would like to expect instead would be step number two. When you begin moving to this place you’re not looking for evidence of whether it’s a good or bad idea. You’re just deciding to expect that new reality. Then begin to work with your thoughts about what you expect every day. You can do this quite easily every morning when you wake up. You can go through your list of what you would expect in your day. “I expect to feel happy for the day” “I expect to not allow others to take away from my feeling of goodness and rightness” “I expect to accomplish a lot at work” “I expect to have harmonious relationships”

Then begin to see how your expectation of life showing up for you in the way you desire, how it happens. Some of you can shift into this place of new expectations and see changes immediately. Some of you may need to work at it a little bit more. Just be gentle with yourself as you look at your vibrational reality of expectation, how that’s matching you now, and how you can consciously shift what you are expecting, which that shift is not just a mental process. It is not just thinking happy, positive thoughts. It’s changing your vibrational reality, which allows life to show up for you differently it’s a beautiful subtle thing to play with, the energy of expectation, and how it can shift your daily experience. Play with this. Feel this. Begin to experience the freedom and the fun as you empower yourself through the energy of expectation versus the energy of feeling like you always are in a response mode.

This energy of expectation can allow you to start sculpting life to show up for you the way you wish.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the author and a link to http://www.AkashaHealingStudio.com clearly displayed as shown below.
Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood http://www.AkashaHealingStudio.com

Please catch up on our Radio show this week we will have a live message from the High Council of Orion about the subject of Expectations.  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/81157/our-expectations-and-how-that-affects-our-manifestation

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High Council of Orion – 7-13-14

Krista Raisa

Channeling the Orion Council in Sedona, A.Z. They discuss the overwhelm we feel during “adjustments” as well as the dual perspective of adjusting.

Intuitive Sessions and more http://www.galacticfaery.com for more information, or check out these awesome books I wrote! (Channeled, of course)

High Council of Orion via Krista Reiser – Current Energy Report – July 2014

 ascending man




The Orion Council through Krista Raisa  /  -on Peace and the current energies, July 2014-


Current energy report for July from Krista:

A lot of Central Sun codings are coming in, holding the energies of peace. So, many Pleiadian ambassadors will be receiving activations and dispensations as Jupiter, the money planet, goes direct. Some of you may be recalling your peace insignias and seeing strange symbols. These symbols activate subconscious programs which are prematter blueprints for sound.
Sound is how elemental spirits Ascend. In the deva kingdom (fairies, nature spirits, etc.) there are nature angels who create beautiful symphonies and shape-shift upon reaching higher levels in their development.
You may be lucky enough to hear angelic choirs like these if you are relaxed enough. I have heard this in 2007 while laying in bed, and it sounded like a choir of voices, with the most beautiful sounds beyond comprehension. (Note: I was in a happy, sober state of consciousness.)

One thing we can do to accelerate and ride the wave, is to be in big, open spaces, and expand our auras. You may want to wear light-colored and airy clothing, be near plant-life, and take off your shoes. This helps you absorb negative ions through the ground and into your foot chakras, and tune into the wisdom of the Earth.
What I used to do is tell the grass spirits I was going to walk over the grass and I would thank them for moving aside for me. This cultivates an appreciation for the beings everywhere.

If you begin to see faces in the trees, bushes, or grass, do not be afraid- you are “tuning in.” This is an accelerated state of mind, as you shift from the logical, left-brain, to the intuitive, right-brain, harmonizing your energy field. What the Orion Council calls “centralization” is taking place, so that you can receive the Divine codings coming in and become aware of the happiness that already exists, here, on Earth. Plus, this is a major grounding exercise, while staying awake and aware.
In July, Peace Ambassadors should tune into their Higher Selves through meditation, visualization, and consistent practice, holding positive intent in all four directions.

The Orion Council, blended with Helios (solar logoi) says:
“Recognize who you are and who you are becoming. There will be a shifting in the 12th layer and more agreements being made through the God-conscious Self. Intuitive practice must be cultivated in order to facilitate the Higher Learning taking place in dimensions 5 and 6. We are accentuating the creative process and trying to focus in minds of humanity in certain locations.
There are certain people who need to recognize who they are, in order for the Great Plan to be fulfilled upon Earth. Yes, the Great Plan tends to change, however, in certain time periods in your future, you will see the work [you do today] unfold into major accomplishments, developments upon your Earth [planet]. 12 Elohim arrange for meetings of the [Higher] minds and so we read about the centralization when you develop writings about Who-You-Truly-Are. Tell humanity, how much you enjoy these creative processes and explain to them that the True Self is emerging. And so we complete the transmission with a mind-altering message: Sweet, sweet life, is beginning to transform. The Greater Hierarchy (collective) will Centralize in 12 minutes. So it is.”

You can learn more about the Orion Council in the online edition of Sedona Journal of Emergence, July 2014, or via Krista’s Youtube videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/StayCurly or website: http://www.galacticfaery.com

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/high-council-of-orion-july-2014#ixzz36IgJb0zu
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Karen Dover – High Council of Orion – Message to the Peoples of Planet Earth – A New Way of Living and Being – 6-28-14

Karen DoverBeloved ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support as the full extent of TRUTH is now shared at a WORLD level. Those who have walked in the darkness now seeing the LIGHT of TRUTH and those who are locked into the lower dimensional frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality holding on tightly to all that has been TAUGHT to them. We walk with you as you now move in TRUTH to a new reality, a new way of living and of BEing and NEW LIGHT upon the Planet Earth at this time.

Those who have read our words are familiar with our channel and her work, this work will now expand in TRUTH as ALL expand in TRUTH and we guide clearly that the “chaos” that now unfolds at WORLD level is fed ONLY by the teachings of the old 3D earth created reality. You are asked to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH at all moments of all moments, to embrace the guidance of your SOUL in TRUTH and to understand that that which was created FOR you now dissolves through you, around you and within you.

For many of you the dissolving will be like a walk in a new playground, for others the dissolving will appear to be that which it is not. We guide clearly that the SOUL is now in charge of this your human life experience, the expansion done at human conscious waking mind level allowing the frequencies to embed and anchor fully to cellular level of your BEing at this time.

We send out the TRUTH that IS in the form of the LOVE that IS and we call to the children of ORION to stand fully in the LIGHT of TRUTH. Events will now overtake the human race, events that are the ripples from the dissolving of the old 3d earth created reality in TRUTH.  We guide at all moments of all moments that ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH. The containment of the old 3d earth created reality showing itself in TRUTH will see many attempt to run and hide but the outer waking reality is the construct that you were TAUGHT to reside within, it is YOUr journey alone to dissolve this created reality and this journey is overseen by your SOUL at all moments of all moments. WALK with your SOUL into the LIGHT of TRUTH and understand that the lessons of the old 3d earth created reality are now negated. They serve NO purpose and are but echoes of a construct that no longer serves at any level of your BEing.

That which was LIGHT was always there, hidden by the CONSTRUCT that is the old 3d earth created reality, for those who now wait for the sun to appear in the sky we ask that you look upwards and outwards, for the SUN was always there, you were simply TAUGHT to look to your feet.

Miracles now birth through, around and within the human race in TRUTH as a race that has been kept lowered in frequency now remember who they are in TRUTH and now show TRUTH by LIVING TRUTH.



We are the High Council of Orion and we walk with you always.


(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved


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