Heavenletters – Love Fills You Like Light – 5-28-14

God said:

In Heaven, there is no such thing as Hurry Up, nor is there such a thing as Slow Down. Hurrying up and slowing down are not even a possibility in Heaven. In Heaven, an idea pulsates. It is instant. There is no planning it, no making a big decision, no board meetings. The idea is done. It is over. It circulates across the Universe, for there is no time in Heaven to speculate in. There is Infinity which leaves the concept of time out. Time in Heaven is an impossibility. Time does not accumulate in Heaven.

There are no storage places in Heaven as well. There is no stopping-off place either. Think of the most solid happy time in your life on Earth, when all was easy, and all was sweet like a dream come true, and you will have a thimbleful of how loving it is in Heaven. It’s not that you flit in Heaven. No landing place is needed or offered. There is no cleaning or upkeep that has to be done. Great mobility in Heaven. No barriers. When you think about it, are not time and space barriers on Earth?

In Heaven there are no boundaries to break, for there are no boundaries.

Time and space confront you on Earth wherever you turn. At the same time, the concepts of time and space are a blessing to you, a mixed blessing. Time and space boss you around. They take over your life, and, yet, even so, they give you great joy. You look outside you, and there is sunshine or rain or any of the elements, and they come in season. There are no seasons in Heaven. The concept of seasons does not exist in Heaven any more than the absence of joy exists in Heaven.

Pure love streams in Heaven, and more of that essence of love is streaming into your lives. You are surrounded by miracles that love brings. Heaven is an exciting dimension, yet contrast does not take place. When all is love, what more can there be? Nothing can be missing for all is well and all is supreme. In Heaven, love is beyond emotion. Fullness of Love is simply present. Divine Fullness of Fullness.

You might as well start getting ready. You are ascending while Heaven leans over and reaches for you. It is not that you have to ascend. You can even let go of ascending. We could say that angels and I lean down to pick you up and bring you here. We could say that. Yet there is no up and down in Heaven. There is no here and there. Let Us say that Love fills you like light, and you are risen to your true value. Ah, you become right-side up even as there are no dimensions in Heaven like that.

I am already in your heart, not solely as theory but rather as Reality. It is not really that you enter Heaven. You clear your eyes, you let go of non-recognition, and you begin to see what always has been. You have been a virtuoso of perception, seeing what is not and not seeing what is. Now, you are beginning to see. You are beginning to sense Reality which is, of course, beyond perception.

Certainly, We can say that you pull yourself up to the Reality of Heaven, although you don’t really pull yourself up. You can’t pull yourself up to where you already are. You can only be here with Me deep in your heart, and not for yourself alone, for what is the fun in that?