How to Live a Sacred Life by Honouring Gaia – Q&A Interview – via Anahata Yoga Retreat



Published on Aug 30, 2018
How can we live as if it were heaven on earth?
What does it mean to live a sacred life?
Learn from these power houses as share their wisdom in this inspiring Q&A.



SANAT KUMARA via Mia Lighthouse – Living Heaven On Earth – 2-15-18

Sanat Kumara


Dear Mia, this is Sanat Kumara contacting you, I contact you and as this is the first time you are in contact with me, you don´t know me yet. Let me tell you a bit about myself; A long time ago I was living on earth, a very different earth compared with today, and then I mean not only regarding technical development, but I mean regarding spiritual development. I lived in what you may call Heaven on Earth. ‘Paradise’ did not exist in a restricted area, as some of you may believe, but ‘Heaven’ was all over the earth. Heaven on Earth was a state of consciousness regarding “I am one with everything, total compassion with all”. In that state of consciousness, you cannot hurt another living being, you can only be happy about them, you can only rejoice with them – that state of being is your home, dear children, this is how you wish to live once more, this is how you long to be again!

I was living in that part of the world you, today, call India. Of course, in those times there were no nations, this is a very late idea, and I was living in great joy and great peace. Yes, in my ancient India we were living in Heaven on Earth, we were living in harmony with nature and with one another. Parts of that still exist in India; they are mostly vegetarians, and this is a very essential part for humanity; to realize that the animals are equally valuable as yourselves. It is wrong not to value another being, it is wrong to put yourselves above another being. Even you, dear Mia, eat meat, and this you should immediately stop doing, I know, you have a diagnose saying you should eat meat for the sake of your health and, yes, you must learn to cook your food in the right way, and you must fill up your food with such power and energy that it gives you strength and energy. All of you should do this, and you should learn to prepare your own food; to grow, to harvest, to care for the earth and one another.

Today you are living on a mountain of rubbish you created yourselves, with all those packages of artificial food you transport halfway over the globe, to get it to your dinner table, instead of harvesting your own totally fresh vegetables, and cooking them with love and joy – and while cooking them you will fill them up with light, with love, with joy, which means you will give them all the energy you need – and you will grow them in the same manner; all the way from seed to plant. This goes without saying; a seed that is loved, a seedling that is loved, a plant that is loved – a dinner that will give you joy and gratitude – yes, in all that there is an enormous amount of nourishment you can never find in things coming from factories where everything is produced on an assembly line without emotions – because you must be on time, you must pay the bills – the food filled up with all that stress you created in your lives – no one will feel good from it and it will poison the whole planet!

Many of you Lightworkers are aware of your energies, but you often keep them inside, and many of you, like Mia, believe eating meat and fish is ok. Mia is very strict in that everything should be certified organic and ecological, but not all of you are even that! Now is the time to wake up and to realize the importance of these matters! If you are to create a new world, you should do it in real terms! It is a matter of raising the energy frequencies! If you don’t have a garden, make sure you grow something in your kitchen window, or in the green outside the apartment building! Create a circle of growers – learn about organic cultivation! Start in a small way and always start with the seeds – of course you will have to buy seeds from a farm where they are farming with love, there are several of those, so start there to begin with. “Where should I buy my seeds?” Feel the answer; certified organic is the way – that shows they are not using pesticides or other poisons – “but is there love?” Use Google on the Internet, find some businesses all selling certified organic products and feel in your heart what is right for you. This is more properly expressed, what is right for you, and order some seeds from a plant you wish to have in your daily life – maybe lettuce? That is readily cultivated and you can even grow it indoors – read about what is easy to grow and what you may harvest frequently – or if you choose to team up with a group, create a small allotment in your area and grow together, for instance some rows of carrots, some rows of parsnips, beetroots – or some other things that will be easy to grow and mostly will give a good harvest. And some rows of things that will grow fast, like lettuce, spinach, those things, and then make a scheme regarding chores for everyone with those essential things, like preparing the soil and the cultivating itself, and then schemes regarding irrigating/those things. Then when harvesting, do it together and then create a feast that you will share between yourselves. You could partly harvest in turns and share between you, but make sure that the last harvest will be for a great feast for all of you, as you celebrate doing this together!

But at that time, when you have prepared the soil and are going to plant the seeds, then talk about the importance of holding the seeds in our hands and loving them – share this knowledge with your friends – if it sounds right of course, but ideally it would be wonderful if you all could do this, if you could be strong enough to dare to share that the seeds, too are longing for love, and when they get love from us they will grow and get filled up with nutrition and they will give us all the nutrients we need, so that we will be able to stop eating meat!

Do this at your own pace, and if you cannot share this with your friends in the ‘cultivation circle’, say it to yourself. Be careful to hold the seeds between your hands and send them your love, preferably you should stand barefoot on the ground while doing this, in contact with the earth and in contact with heaven, being a channel from your foot chakra to your crown – yes, even your feet have chakras of course, very important ones, as your contact with Mother Earth is there. Do your grounding frequently, earth yourselves, live the lives you wish to live.

Yes, I was living in Heaven on Earth, but there were many who took that for granted, and God always gave free will to the human beings, and suddenly the level of consciousness was so low that I could no longer exist on earth, and since that time humanity has wandered around and has in all ways tried to find your way back to paradise, and now you are very close, you are already here. In fact, now is the matter about beginning to live it, it is a matter of making conscious choices in your existence. Yes, there are those who say that you can go on driving your car and living in houses with swimming pools, and yes, this is the first step as I see it, the first step in your manifesting – but I would prefer you jumping that step and finding your direct way back to nature, because it is in nature where true happiness is, where true love is! Because, not before Mother Earth will be whole and restored, can true happiness appear.

You are now once more creating your world, and it is essential for you to ponder what kind of world you wish to create! Many of you are stuck in the world surrounding you, even you Mia, you think you should have a house/a flat, and you think of the earth as it is looking now, with all the different existing nations/borders/nationalities – and yes, this will be the case during a transition period, but you can create heaven on earth and in paradise there are no nations, there is only a living present now! To discover the world there, is walking and rejoicing together with the ones you meet on your path, forming ties and relations where you feel particularly great love, a love so great that you will not be able just to give a hug and joyfully continue, a love so great that you feel, “with you I want to share everything!”

Yes, in this heavenly world you might live for many thousands of years, and during these thousands of years, each day in your life can be like a fairy tale of love and joy for development and invention, of awe for Creation and the joy of being part of Creation.

Take your time to be in nature, to be one with nature. Choose a day with the weather you prefer – sit down by a tree, close your eyes, feel the tree, feel the earth beneath you, sense the wind in your face, hear the song of the birds, and just be, just be in that moment – and do it oftentimes – that is a way to experience eternity, to move into the timeless – at the same time as you are creating ties with Mother Earth. Create stronger and stronger ties with Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a divine being, the most beautiful planet you can imagine, she is The Paradise. Rediscover her and live together with her.

In love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, Om.

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, 15 februari, 2018

LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Achieving Your Permanent Residency on NEW Earth – Always Experiencing Heaven on Earth – 9-3-17

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Lisa Transcendence Brown
It’s not only do-able, it’s already been done. It will not be an easy task, as you will have to work through every aspect of yourself that is not your Ascended Aspect of Christed Consciousness, God-Source-Creator Consciousness, Purity-Love Consciousness, to resolve and finally decide that the ONLY REALity you are willing to allow/create/participate in is NEW EARTH NOW.

This is about your EXPERIENCE, how you treat each other, how much you truly care, how much you keep perpetuating the old through your own separation-needs-beliefs and how much you RECOGNIZE the external reality as REFLECTING BACK TO YOU a multiple-dimensional EXPERIENCE, to show you what you still hold inside of you, your own consciousness or unconsciousness…

You WILL have to choose (Choice Point), in every moment (Zero Point), what you are willing to accept, what you are willing to do to intentionally anchor your highest dimensional reality/timelines into this physical here. No one can do this for you, only you can. That world out there, your Universe, your reality… and every EXPERIENCE will show you exactly what you need to see in order to understand/accept your RESPONSIBILITIES AS A BEING OF LIGHT and PURE LOVE here.

Every exchange will show you what physical dimension your body (and consciousness) is in. Every experience will provide you an opportUNITY TO CHOOSE HOW you desire to do this experience here. Your human will have drama, chaos, conflict and excuses, trying to hold on, with stories of obligation/guilt and who did what to who or who is doing what… when none of that matters… because it’s your excuse that you keep speaking/telling yourself, it’s your story that you’ve convinced yourself of that either keeps you in an old unconscious reality (that will eventually play out as HEAVEN or HELL) …. first the energy, then the physical…

As you DEDICATE YOURSELF TO SERVICE, dedicate yourself to anchoring LIGHT, dedicate yourself to ONLY BEING LOVE and transmitting the highest vibrational REALity, you will start to understand what is not PURE/LOVE/UNITY… and then you will have to choose… if you are going to continue that old version of you/reality or “take the higher road”, hold the vision of the highest timelines available and do whatever you see/your YOUniverse shows you that you must do/contribute in order to achieve that reality in this physical here.

Multi-Dimensional Realities are a complilation of many things. It’s opening up FULLY to the possibilities, the opportunities, the visions/dreams and realizing that those realities only occur when you achieve the OVERALL VIBRATION within yourself, with all of you and all that you have access to as well. You start to see the bigger picture, you actually LOOK TO SEE where you can actually contribute to making a difference and you do the things that your little human didn’t want to do, thought menial or bring you into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS as a part of the whole. You work through your own discomfort, stop sitting back expecting things to be easy… as they are easy AS/AFTER you’ve done the work. Inner work/outer work, both are important here. The outer work is as a result of what you hear/see/feel inside, it’s what “helps” make things easier for all, yet not in the old ways of trying to fix/save, but in a way of that you actually care, about each other as SOULS and you come together as this.

OpportUNITY will present itself, and you have to be ready to JUMP, you have to be ready to embrace those Heavenly Realities that support, by becoming the supporter/supportive one. You have to be ready to step into the WayShower Role, to see how you can contribute and DO what you see, instead of seeing what you get out of things first…you will start to realize that you will RECEIVE based upon your contribution as LOVE.

Your HEAVEN ON EARTH will materialize for you, when HEAVEN INSIDE is where you live, when/as you BRING YOUR SOUL SELF out, from within. As you share and maintain your own Christed State, being a Angel, being your Arcturian, Sirian, Lyran, LeMUrian (and more) —- PURE ASPECTS without distortion of your human ego, then your outside will become HEAVEN ON EARTH for you to WALK-IN AND PLAY IN — for you to EXPERIENCE, without having to “go back” to any other dimensional reality anymore….. You do this by embracing, holding and BEing your HIGHEST ASPECT YOU in every moment and no longer compromsing this for anything….

It’s not only possible, it’s already REAL… Heaven is a PHYSICAL DIMENSION (Hell is too). Before 2012, these were just “etheric realms”, yet the Ascension of Earth into Multi-Dimensionality changed all of this…. by opening up Physical Body Ascension for each to EXPERIENCE Heaven or Hell through increasing the POLARITY for each to awaken “faster”, by whatever means necessary to remove/dissolve the VEILS OF AMNESIA that were a part of our AGREED psychotic state of Unconsciousness.

These Veils ‘interrupted’ your access, your ability to see & understand, because they were supposed to, as this was called YOUR HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT here. The physical reality is a Symbol, a metaphor, an EXPERIENCE that your human aspect must DECIPHER & DECODE in order to start to truly see how all truly is now.

Your human aspect that lives from a limited human mind, a linear reality, cannot understand any of this, which requires physical experiences to resolve all of that ENERGY held in cellular memory, in every part of the physical body that only your Higher Self/Soul Self can see/feel/read/understand. Your heart must open FULLY for you to FEEL FULLY AGAIN, for you to start to listen to and understand your own feelings, listen to and understand your own pre-programmed beliefs that dictate the frequency bandwidths that your body vibrates in/out of constantly, easier when the density has been cleared. Every cell will go Photonic/Quantum and move within your body, racing and charging like never before to “carry you” (vibrate you) into a higher dimension. Your body will start to re-wire/re-calibrate/re-code it’s DNA/Genetics and re-work itself and your own telepathic connection with your body and listening to your higher self will “tell you” what is going on, what needs your attention and what your body needs to do this evolutionary process easier….

Your ignorance/not wanting to listen/feel/hear/honor (ignoring) or your paying attention/listening/caring/supporting/embracing will dictate your experience here.

Heaven is already a PHYSICAL REALITY and can be experienced ALL OF THE TIME, AS it becomes IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO YOU. Your physical reality is DESIGNED to shift your consciousness, so that you will now choose/do this more often than not, until it’s the only thing you choose.

NEW EARTH IS GALACTICS SOULS walking in a PHYSICAL REALITY, united, working together cohesively, as LOVE … where beauty, magnificence, peace, kindness, consideration, caring, respect, honor, integrity, gratitude, appreciation, generosity, contribution are abundant, therefor all is infinitely abundant and EXPERIENCED in every moment and way too.

Each must access HEAVEN inside, the Higher Realms from inside, to that the LOWER REALMS/HELL can dissolve from inside, so that outside can re-align vibrationally to match this in the physical….

When you WALK in a YOUR PHYSICAL REALity, you walk as love, you walk in your Ascended State of Consciousness, you walk as the ONE that CREATED everything you EXPERIENCE here. You walk as an angel, as a Goddess/God (without Ego) as PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE. You touch the lives of everyone, you hold the highest vibration there is, others FEEL that you actually CARE, they FEEL your PURITY… you need to tell them anything… for you TRANSMIT PURITY from the CORE & DEPTHS of your ENTIRE BEING…. OUT through a UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS that YOU MAINTAIN and HOLD…. THIS IS CALLED EMBODIMENT, where your entire physical reality is HEAVEN all of the time, and this can only occur/happen when it’s the only space you occupy/allow yourself to reside.

YOU are the one that must anchor enough LIGHT within you for your whole REALity to shift/change. YOU are the one that must get up every day and focus your own energy on what you came here to do. You are the one that ULTIMATELY has to choose. You are the one that must “look out there” and see how you can contribute, you are the one that must step-up and be ready to fulfill your own Soul Purposes & Galactic Missions here. You do not “wait” for anyone/anything else to do any of this for you… you must do this yourself.

The Physical Earth is comprised of infinite-multiple dimensions that your consciousness must activate and achieve first. Then your body gets to come along… this is how all works. Magic, surprises and amazingness appears all around you as your Plasma Crystalline LightBody evolves, giving you the capABILITY to experience all of these dimensions in your physical reality. You must TUNE your vision, tune your thoughts, tune your vibration, tune your heart and entire being constantly to actually SEE and FEEL what was not visible before.

The planet & atomosphere is now FLOODING constantly with the highest frequencies of encoded Christed/Galactic/God Particle Light than ever before. The dense/sleeping human body was not equipped for multi-dimensional existence, therefore it must go through a rigorous transformation “to get up to speed”, in order to walk multi-dimensionally….

The amount of DENSITY that was CREATED (required) to hold unconscious 3rd Dimension (and 4th Dimension) in place was immense. The process of de-densifying in order to transcend those physical dimensions is just as so….

The 5TH+ Dimensions (it’s not just the 5th, as this is just the beginning, as each transitions/crosses over the RAINBOW BRIDGE) to ENTER the Gates of Heaven, to actually walk in/exist in these higher dimensional (Lighter Density) REALities that are not possible to the limited human mind, are only accessible as each decides to commit to HIGHEST EXISTENCE from inside and with all that they are/do. There is no other way to “get here”…. it’s got to be that IMPORTANT to each one … or it is not achievable, because compromise will always enter in.

Judgment is the Leading form of separation, because your human still plays in duality realities inside. You must become the OBSERVER of REALities through your own Higher Consciousness Soul Heart and accept what is not logical, release that which no longer serves your own UNITY-CONSCIOUSNESS-LOVE Existence here. This will never be about anyone else… this will always be about you and what you are creating, allowing, doing, being and your own contributions for all of HUmanity here. When you judge, you separate off. When you hold back, you separate off. When your heart closes, your mind does too and you separate off. When you allow your head to run the show, you separate off. Where you hold resistance inside, you hold yourself in separation. Where you make excuses, you do this too. Where you are not ready to OWN all and release it/reconcile it and return all to LOVE, YOU hold on to ENERGETIC REALities, that transmit the frequency for the reality you experience UNTIL you are ready/willing/able to finally shift. Every ounce of that old unconsious programmed energy must dissolve for you to ACCOMPLISH shifting your whole YOU to a higher dimensional plane where you get to actually EXPERIENCE highest everything in your every experience here.

Yes, EVERY EXPERIENCE can be the most amazing everything, if this is what you hold, if this is the only thing that you will entertain and allow… It’s your separated human aspect that disconnected and kept creating the old realities for you to keep experiencing until you got tired of those, until you broke/broke down (this breaking actually breaks the geometrics that held the old constructs of reality in place within you), until those molecules/cells can integrate these new encodements into them and RE-SHAPE YOUR REALITY… in order to take new physical form “out there”….

Your every action, your every thought, your every belief…. transmits ENCODED TRANSMISSIONS that tell physical matter HOW TO TAKE SHAPE and MATERIALIZE your Physical REALITY for you… Your human aspect of you, does not hold the ability to “do this at will”, as it has not gained/achieved/accessed Christed/God/Source Consciousness, which gives you these easy and simple capABILITIES here. HOLDING your most expanded State of Consciousness is HOW you gain/achieve these abilities again. Your heart & mind must be PURE, for your template to be RESTORED to PURITY, your original template, which activates PURE ALCHEMY states with great ease… and just by BEing your highest aspects of yourself in your every moment here.

Your physical reality is a CREATION from within you. Returning to your own Christed State, returns you to SOURCE CREATOR again. This POWER, this ESSENCE, this is a way of BEING… it’s a whole new EXISTENCE… it’s not a “just here and there” or “when it serves your own human wants”…. it’s how you LIVE YOUR LIFE, it’s HOW YOU TREAT OTHERS, it’s HOW YOU CONNECT and communication through a deep profound sacred love and respect that transcends all things human….

HEAVEN is a place now, that you WALK IN and materializes all around you as you HOLD YOUR PUREST STATE from inside and as you no longer accept less or keep recreating less to experience in your own physical reality world…..

There are no words to describe the experience or explain fully, as it has to be EXPERIENCED to understand. This is not a “free ride”, you do not get to sit around and wait for it to happen for you, you actually have to do the work to integrate integrate integrate and step up constantly until your “new way” is easy, natural and everything is fully aligned.

When you open your eyes, look for the different dimensions, FEEL them and identify each one so that YOU CAN UNDERSTAND…. then choose to continually shift your own vibration to experience the ONES that support achieving HEAVEN ON EARTH here. Open your MIND to actually look, decipher and see…. then you will REALize what you must do…. and listen to your You-niverse as it instructs you… for as you MERGE FULLY, there will be no more separation and you’ll stop “going back” because you won’t allow this/or choose it anymore….

I love you! I’ll share some photos of walking in Plasma Crystalline Heaven, as there are no words for capturing the entire actual experience. These do reflect… In order for each to truly understand, I’d have to share every moment, which is not possible. Make/anchor/integrate your own Heaven by letting go/releasing all from within that is not. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. The moments that are not magical and amazing, are showing you what is no longer in vibrational alignment, what you are to release/releasing (on a cellular level/from your own consciousness) and where you have to actually choose/decide, where you need to re-align fully from within you…. for “that” represents your “old unconscious you” or your new/higher dimensional realities…. Keep intentionally tuning/re-tuning. Your physical experience depends on this. Keep anchoring & integrating. ♥





BRUCE LIPTON – The Honeymoon Effect – The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth – 6-18-17


Bruce Lipton


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Can you look back and remember a time when you feel head-over-heels in love with somebody and ask yourself this question: Were you healthy? Unlocking the subconscious mind to reprogram beliefs is crucial in maintaining the experience of love. The Honeymoon Effect is about the biology and psychology of creating healthy relationships.

Brenda Hoffman – Initiating Your Heaven on Earth – 9-7-15

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s September 4, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at / brenda-hoffman:  September is filled with Universal energetic activity. Activity you assumed would be directed to your inner-being. Instead, you’re combining your inner- and outer-worlds. What is your outer-world dream of the moment? That is what you will begin to create in September.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for “Ascension and Fear”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Until now, you have been busy clearing, cleaning and dreaming. A bit like Cinderella wishing she could attend the Prince’s ball as she cleaned cinders. Even though some of you created pieces of your 3D dream world, you have evolved beyond that.

To what and where have you evolved?

You continue your 3D life of job, family, community with a few changes here and there – yet, you catch glimpses of your new being and life. That is not to say you are immediately drawn to that life, but that you are adjusting to thoughts of that new life.

Some of you worry your earth dreams will never come to fruition. That even though you will zoom throughout the Universes, you will still have to worry about finances or living in a home that does not feel like a home. Such is not true. The new you, new life you are catching in glimmers here and there includes your earth being.

You are of earth. Even though you are transitioning to a multi-dimensional being, you are of earth until you decide to transition to life beyond earth.

Some of you question if you have the energy or desire to continue hoping for a multi-dimensional being. You are so exhausted by the earth energies now that you cannot envision or are not interested in dimensional/frequency travel.

The energies reigning upon earth the next few weeks are to help provide you with the inner strength and energy to create heaven on earth for yourself, as well as multi-dimensional/frequency travel.

Some of you are negating your earth being for Universal dimensional/frequency travel. Such is possible in most environments – other than earth. Your role – difficult as it might seem – is to create heaven on earth, at the same time you travel dimensionally and create new frequencies. Your role is to create anew – most particularly of earth. For until this transition, inter- and intra-dimensional travels, time and frequency creations were limited to few earth beings throughout the ages.

Your mission – which you so readily accepted before entering earth in this lifetime – is to assist earth as it becomes a full member of the Universes. So you are. But many of you are attempting to do so without earth tethers. You feel earth’s restrictions are limiting you. That you are ready to fly, but earth needs like financial security, shelter, relationships and food are restricting your movements and goals.

You have forgotten your mission. For what you hope to achieve dimensionally and frequency wise in this lifetime is so easy in other locations as not to be noted. Earth has always curtailed your moments in those directions. You might channel, visit other locations through mind thought or many other activities like healing. But you often do so by negating earth’s former restrictions – instead of incorporating new earth as was your intent before entering earth in this lifetime.

Earth is your home planet now. Even though you may be of different planets or locations, that is your past. Which is little different from telling others about the community you lived in when you were a youngster. Interesting stories and activities, but you are not of that location. You are creating a new life where you live now.

So it is that your historical past, in whatever location, has little to do with your now other than helping you more easily access some skills. Little different from remembering you excelled in rope jumping in elementary school and that eye/body coordination helps you in your current gym class, but not something you spend hours talking about or trying to replicate.

It is time for you to remember you are of earth. Hence the need to create your heaven on earth. Not prolonging your earth rewards as religions have taught you to do for ages, but to create your heaven on earth now.

Many of you are tapping into past lives or experiences as Sirians or Pleiadians and/or other locations. Hoping those energies or entities will create a heaven for you. Even though those entities are related to you in so many ways, they are not you in totality.

You have brown hair as do millions of earth beings, but you are not like any other brown-haired person even though some of those with brown hair are likely related to you through birth or live near you. So it is you are accepting ideas and perceptions via other entities – whether of earth now or not. Such is fine and good. But the application of those ideas and perceptions is to be of earth.

Does that mean you will not time travel, create new frequencies or dimension hop? No – merely that those skills will be adapted on and for earth. New uses for those skills will be created by those of you now of earth.

Even though this transition is multi-layered, the base is and always has been earth. It would do little good to create dimension hopping on or in a planet already comfortable with that concept. Earth is a new arena for you to create and practice. And in the distant future, you and your heirs will help other planets do the same.

But unless you are of that planet, you will only be able to encourage and entice as is happening with your ongoing transition information from us and so many others. We not of earth cannot do this for you – for you are the ones who initiated wading through the mud and quicksand of earth’s 3D density.

Now that much of that debris has been cleared and cleansed by you and earth, it is time for you to fly into your new skills. Paramount of which is creating your heaven on earth – whatever that means to you today. Knowing that such might easily change tomorrow, but that does not matter for you are of earth today.

If that heaven means a new location, relationship, item or a walk in the park, that is what you must do. For as you do, you are indeed creating your heaven on earth.

If you notice, transition messages have always been about or return to finding your joy – but not defining that joy. For you are unique entities with unique needs and interests for a reason. Only with the full rainbow of your unique joy can new you fully experience and help create New Earth. And so it is. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her blog and subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Thoth – 7 Gateways to Heaven on Earth – 7-25-15

The 7 Gateways to “Heaven on Earth”   –   Thoth


Would you believe me,
If I told you,
I am speaking to you now,
From Heaven,
And I can get you there,
In 7 steps?
let us journey together, through the 7 gateways…

Gate 1) love of self

Ah, the first gate way, some of you may already be past this point, but everyone has to start somewhere. Until you can love yourself, there is no way you can love anyone else, your perspective of yourself, sets the standard for your view, and treatment of others, until you can perceive yourself, even with your faults, as deserving of love, you will not be able to love anyone else with their faults. Until you come to terms with this, you still need to over-come the first gate.

You have passed this gate when:
-you believe your life has value
-you believe you are lovable and worth love
-your worth does not depend on anything or anyone
-you perceive yourself in a positive light
-you believe you deserve respect and you treat yourself respectfully
-you accept your “faults” and have come to terms with them, you understand their value, and do not see them as bad
-you are content with who you are, and do not compare yourself to others

Gate 2) love of other

Once you have passed the first gateway, you move onto this one. Now, this is not only about loving other, but unconditional love, because until you learn unconditional love, you cannot love every other, to pass this gateway, you must have learned acceptance, compassion, and the art of perceiving others as yourself. Once you have mastered this gateway, you have a profound connection to the world around you, accept others, and find yourself mostly content with healthy relationships.

You have passed this gate when:
-you forgive everyone easily, hold no hate, resentment, or jealousy, and you never say bad things about others
-you do not perceive anyone as bad, and no ones behaviour personally bothers you, you are compassionate and can put yourself in their shoes
-you treat others kindly, lovingly, and respectfully
-your relationships are loving, trustworthy, and respectful
-you feel loved by others
-you treat all life with love and respect, including animals, plants, and everything else
-you identify all life with yourself, and personally care extensively, your sense of self includes all life, others pain is your pain, others happiness is your happiness

Gate 3) fear

Congratulations! If you made it this far, I’m impressed with you, and you deserve a gold star. Now this gateway, looks scary, but I promise, it’s all bark, no bite. You encounter this gateway in life when ever you are afraid something bad will happen, now this gate may appear to you even if you haven’t passed the first two, essentially you will come across this gate your whole life until you over-come it. If this is a gate you are struggling with,

Indications of struggling with this gate are:
-you fear bad things will happen to you
-you avoid certain tasks or things because you are worried or afraid
-you think things are “out to get you”
-you believe there are forces that want to hurt you
-you experience anxiety or have phobias
-death is concerning (outside obvious reasons- you SHOULD care about your health, but you should not be terrified of death.)

Now for those struggling here, because this gateway can be tough, I will give you some advice.

“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!”
Not sure who said that exactly, but…

Run with it! You have nothing to be afraid of, and anything “bad” that happens, can be dealt with in some way, and you are wasting your time if you worry about it. Everything happens in divine order, if you are meant to be hit by a bus, you will be, if you aren’t suppose to be, you won’t be! it does no good wasting your life hiding under your bed, get out there and live! Don’t be held back by the gateway of fear- that is all it is, a gate in your way, stopping you from going further. I’m not saying act irrationally, but it’s irrational to let fear stand in your way!

You have passed this gate when:
-you are courageous, and do things confidently, even if you feel temporarily afraid
-you do not worry or stress out too much, and if you do, you think positively and constructively
-you always tell the truth, you are never afraid to be honest
-you have challenged all your fears and have over come them
-you do not get too frightened, and you believe you can handle anything
-you believe the majority of people are good and have good intentions
-you do not believe in evil forces

Gate 4) desire

If you have seriously passed the 3rd gate, I am incredibly impressed with you and admire your bravery, if not, I have complete faith in your ability and can’t wait to see you sore like an eagle through all the gateways! Now onto the 4th gate, this gate is about your cravings, addictions, what you want in life, this gate is about letting go of toxic desires, and adopting positive habits. Passing this gateway requires a sense of joy that isn’t dependant on exterior factors, and a commitment to your own health, and the health of those around you.

You have passed this gate when:
-your sexuality and attraction revolves around love, otherwise you are asexual or don’t have interest in romantic relationships
-you feel “complete” on your own
-you are free from unhealthy or toxic addictions, behaviours, or relationships
-you eat healthy, and live a healthy life style, you sleep properly, get out of the house, and generally enjoy life
-your happiness has no dependance on material objects or people, you feel blissful, peaceful, and content from within
-you are responsible, independent, self-reliant, and don’t depend on others
-you perceive everything in life as a gift, appreciate everything, and are content just existing

Gate 5) service

Ah, to have passed the 4th gate, you are in perfect condition to challenge number 5! Of course, the 5th gateway is always available to you, but until you have passed all the others, you cannot truly “pass.” This is because without the conquering of the other gateways, you still have some self-work to accomplish, therefore, the following gates will not serve you very efficiently, and this gate will wait until you’ve passed the others! True service is all about selflessly serving others without expectation of receiving something in return, from the goodness of the heart, so to speak, and doing so fearlessly, actively, and with a fiery passion!

You have passed this gate when:
-you go out of your way to do kind things actively without expecting anything in return
-you want to help the world, because you believe everyone deserves happiness, and you are so passionate about it, you want to do it yourself, even if it problematic for you
-you put 110% effort in everything! For you it’s about doing it right, not just getting it done, you are invested and focused in all your tasks with a loving heart
-you love to be helpful and help others however you can, you go out of your way to assist others how ever possible, even if no one knows, and will never know you’ve done it
-you never let anything stop you from following your heart or dreams, which relate to the fact that the happiness of others makes you happy!
-you have a deep sense of purpose and actively work to fulfill it

Gate 6) identity

Firstly, for those of you who passed the 5th gate, I thank you personally for your selfless, and admirable service. Now the following two gateways are not for the weary or ill-hearted, these require someone with a real commitment, with a strong will. For those of you who are still catching up, I want to share quickly, a cute story about myself to help encourage you! 🙂

So when I was learning to ski, all the other kids learned much quicker than I did, while they all were learning the rad “pizza” move, I was still trying to stand up! Eventually, my class had to leave me behind, because I wasn’t antiquate enough to go with them on the ski lift. To put it shortly, I felt horrible. But you know what? While I sat alone, shaking in my skis, I spent the next half hour giving it my all. Soon, I was doing the “pizza” like a pro, and you know what, I was more proud of myself than I ever felt, because I PROVED I could do it, even though I couldn’t learn it as fast as everyone else. That my friend, takes MOXIE, and moxie, is a way more important thing to have, than being the fastest learner. 😉 and I believe you, have buckets of it.

Haha, now, back on topic… Gate number 6! Now this gate, is the second most challenging. To pass this gate, you have to leave behind everything you associate with your own identity, you need to be stripped completely of everything which you identify with, and become more than identity could ever express. To pass it, you have to let go of everything. This isn’t about “destroying” who you are, but “destroying” what you THINK you are, because you are not you body, your mind, or your cool stuff, you dear One, are nothing but your heart, and to pass this gateway, that must be the only thing you are. You have to let go of everything you own, and everything you think you are, in order to pass this gate. Now I’m not saying physically get rid of everything, unless of course, you really want to. The purpose of this gateway, is to free you from your “possessions” and allow you to become your True Self, free from labels, free from what you think you are, or think you should be, free from obsessions, free from everything. True, complete, freedom.

To pass this gate, I invite you: select your utmost favourite item, and outfit, and throw it away, do this as a symbol of “throwing out” everything that you are “binded to” or associate with, in order to become free. You do not want to “give your binds” to those you care about, so I suggest leaving these things in a forest, in a park, or a dumpster. For me, I donated my favourite clothes to a thrift store, and threw away my most powerful, prized possession, this I would not donate, it had to be thrown away.

You have passed this gate when:
-you do not associate yourself with any gender, race, age, or style, essentially, you are undefinable by your body, clothes, or possessions
-you do not associate with your name, and perceive you and others as the same
-you do not associate yourself with any titles, traits, groups, religions, abilities, or anything else
-you would describe yourself with only two words “I Am.”
-you have no emotional connection to any of your possessions/abilities/skills, you would feel no different if it all suddenly disappeared
-you have no concern about money, and would not mind if you suddenly went completely broke (concern for family members/friends is allowed, but in a loving non-attached way, fundamentally, comfort and material wealth should be valueless)
-you are not reliant on any relationships, relationships are based on your genuine love for others, and do not depend on their feelings towards you

At this point, do not be surprised if you are experiencing bizarre encounters with synchronicities and angels. Likely, you may begin experiencing angel contact by the 3rd gate, assuming you have gave them permission. By this point, you might be receiving physical signs guiding you to the pathway that is right for you. The angels will help you get to the 7th gate, but the most important thing,
you will have to do is TRUST YOURSELF.

This, is the key to the 7th gate, I want to see each and every one of you make it there, and I believe you can do it, you have to
No matter what your rational mind might think,
This is essential, use your heart, not your head!

Gate 7) doubt

This gateway appears only to the most committed. Some how, if you have passed every gate with a pure heart and pure intentions, this gate will open for you. I cannot tell you what it will look like for you, but I will tell you, somehow, if it is meant to be, it will occur, and test you.

everything you have done, everything you are, everything you believe, will be challenged by this gate. You will have to be unshaken in yourself, have complete faith in who you are, and trust yourself completely. You must be fearless, doubtless, and pure of heart. To have this gate opened, you will need to follow your heart and synchronicities, you must trust your intuition, and trust yourself.

This gate will open when:
-You have passed every gate up to here
(You might want to go back and read all the requirements from the previous gates to see if you meet the requirements)
-You are detached from personal identity
-You follow your heart, intuition, and synchronicities
-You are pure of mind & heart
-You are free of all worries & fear

Like I said, I cannot tell you what this gateway will look like exactly for you, you must follow your heart, your intuition, and your synchronicities to get there. If you are prepared for it, it will come to you in some way. Essentially, it will appear as some form of challenge to all your progress to this point, once you over-come this challenge, you have passed!

When you pass this gate, you will experience:
-profound love for all life and all creatures
-a profound self understanding
-profound bliss
-everything feels perfect
-you feel like you are in heaven
-everyone around you is an angel
(Metaphorical angels, this gate shouldn’t kill you. Lol!! But it might frighten you half to death, fair warning (: )

If you are struggling with any of these gates,
I will gladly, personally help you however possible,
Please comment, or private message me,
I will respond immediately.
If you prefer, I am also accessible via skype, kik, or email.
My earth mission is to help guide, heal, and teach others,
And I take my job VERY seriously.
Haha, but no worries, I also have a humour, and I’m pretty relaxed. 🙂

I have successfully passed each gate, and have dedicated myself to helping guide others through them, these are more like psychological gates, than physical ones, however they may present themselves in various ways.

Now this may not be the method which will work for you, perhaps there is a another method that will work, however this 7 gate system is based entirely on my own experience, and worked effectively for me 🙂 if you ask me if I am “in Heaven” I give you a big YES!!!

I can honestly, sincerely tell you, Heaven is a frequency accessible on Earth in physical form, once you meet the perspective requirements, it is accessible to everyone, and anyone, regardless of your beliefs. You don’t even need to be religious or anything of the sort. Heaven is a mental state achieved through the “enlightenment process” as by “en-lighten” to light up to an extent clear vision is available.

Essentially, reality becomes a “Heavenly” experience, through the progress of self-improvement (going from requirements to obtain temporary happiness to an omnipresent, self-actualized state of constant, pure bliss.)

Now will it free you from reincarnation, aging, etc, this I do not know for certain, this will depend on you entirely, your spiritual, or un-spiritual journey, but the esoteric path is available for you if you want to decide that destiny personally, however, the choice is up to you if you wish to pursue that, which perhaps you rather just enjoy your heavenly life as is and participate joyfully in whatever afterlife you receive, with open, loving, accepting arms. Either way, awesome!

Personally, when I am done my mission in this reality, I will be joining my friends and family in the “heavenly planes” of the astral. 🙂

If the esoteric path interests you, there is tons of esoteric information available for you online, & basically everywhere. I will also be posting esoteric lessons somehow, I still need to work out how I want to do that, perhaps youtube or here, or perhaps a mixture. It will depend entirely if I am called to do so, but I am rather lazy sometimes and this information is pretty readily available, so I might not have to. Lol! Those guys did a pretty excellent job!

Heaven will be reachable regardless – but if you are open-minded, you are welcome to read the “Emerald Tablets” as, when read properly, are an excellent hand-book too. Hm.. Perhaps what I ought to do is re-translate them and put something together… We will see 🙂


See you all in “Heaven” soon!!


MEDITATION BY SANANDA – YOU’RE ASCENDING – by J’Tariah En Ra El – World Healing, Ascension Invocation Meditation – It is Time Now to Together Co-Create Heaven on Earth (Terra Nova) – We Are One and We Are Light! – 6-4-15


World Healing Ascension Invocation Meditation by Sananda — It is Time Now to Together Co-Create Heaven on Earth (Terra Nova) — We Are One and We Are Light!


World Healing Ascension Invocation Meditation

by Sananda

channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad

To be said Out Loud Each Day, Several Times a Day 
(cut, then paste and print)


World Healing Ascension Invocation Meditation

In the beginning 
In the beginning God. 
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 
And God said Let there be Light; and there was Light. 

Now is the time of the NEW beginning. 
I am a co-creator with God, and it is a new Heaven that comes, 
as the Good Will of God is expressed on Earth through me. 
It is the Kingdom of Light, Love, Peace and Understanding. 
And I am doing my part to reveal its Reality. 

I begin with me. 
I am a living Soul and the Spirit of God dwells in me, as me. 
I and the Father are One, and all that the Father has is mine. 
In Truth, I am the Christ of God. 

What is true of me is true of everyone, for God is all and all is God. 
I see only the Spirit of God in every Soul. 
And to every man, woman and child on Earth I say: 
I love you, for you are me. You are my Holy Self. 

I now open my heart, and let the pure essence of Unconditional Love pour out. 
I see it as a Golden Light radiating from the center of my Being, 
And I feel its Divine Vibration in and through me, above and below me. 

I am one with the Light. 
I am filled with the Light. 
I am illumined by the Light. 
I am the Light of the world. 

With purpose of mind, I send forth the Light. 
I let the radiance go before me to join the other Lights. 
I know this is happening all over the world at this moment. 
I see the merging Lights. 
There is now one Light. We are the Light of the world. 

The one Light of Love, Peace and Understanding is moving. 
It flows across the face of the Earth, 
touching and illuminating every soul in the shadow of the illusion. 
And where there was darkness, there is now the Light of Reality. 

And the Radiance grows, permeating, saturating every form of life. 
There is only the vibration of one Perfect Life now. 
All the kingdoms of the Earth respond, 
and the Planet is alive with Light and Love. 

There is total Oneness, 
and in this Oneness we speak the Word. 
Let the sense of separation be dissolved. 
Let mankind be returned to Godkind. 

Let peace come forth in every mind. 
Let Love flow forth from every heart. 
Let forgiveness reign in every soul. 
Let understanding be the common bond. 

And now from the Light of the world, 
the One Presence and power of the Universe responds. 
The Activity of God is healing and harmonizing Planet Earth. 
Omnipotence is made manifest. 

I am seeing the salvation of the planet before my very eyes, 
as all false beliefs and error patterns are dissolved. 
The sense of separation is no more; the healing has taken place, 
and the world is restored to sanity. 

This is the beginning of Peace on Earth and Good Will toward all, 
as Love flows forth from every heart, 
forgiveness reigns in every soul, 
and all hearts and minds are one in perfect understanding. 

It is done. And it is so. 



Project: Eagle Triad was set up by Ashtar as a means for us to work with the Earth grids, aligning them and helping to change the mass consciousness of the planet. In other words, bringing more Light to mankind. This 5th-dimensional grid, as well as the others that have since been established, will assist in ushering in the higher frequencies for the cleansing of Mother Earth as well as transmuting the negative energies of fear, etc., from the mass consciousness grid. It is through this cleansing process that Mother Earth will begin her Ascension into the 5th dimension or beyond.

This Project, which is compliant with all Spiritual Paths, consists of doing three 5-minute meditations/visualizations each day, which are given to us from Ashtar, Sananda or others of the higher realms who are assisting us in this endeavor. These are not full-blown ‘alpha’ meditations, and are designed for even those who are new to meditation in general. These meditations may also be done at one 15-minute sitting if that is more convenient for you. At present, Sananda and Ashtar have everyone working on the same meditation each week, with each meditation being done for 7 days, after which time we are given a new one. As of now, we start each new set of visualizations on Mondays, but we send them out to each trinity of Sundays.

All those participating in this Project are grouped into ‘trinities’ (three people working together), however, the members of each trinity do NOT need to do the meditations at the same time as the others. Through their ‘intent’, their energies will all be sent ‘together’ to the appropriate grid. It is asked, however, that the members of each trinity stay in touch with each other via email or other means in order to facilitate the higher energetics of Group Mind/Group Heart. 

If you are ready, and SERIOUS, about ‘walking the talk’ and working your Mission by being of service to our Creator, the Earth, and mankind, and would like to participate in Project: Eagle Triad, please email janisel(((@)))

Bashar – Heaven On Earth – 7-22-14


Bashar Website:

Bashar / Darryl Anka Channel…

Lets Unite As One Galactic Family

Wendy Kennedy Channeling Pleiadians

(¯`*•.¸,¤°´`°¤,¸.•*´¯) PeAcE- LOVE •´¯`•.♥ •´¯`•.¸¸.•♪♫♪
╔Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨♥ •.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ .•´¯`•.¸¸.• HeALiNg
║║╔═╦╦╦═╗ •.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ BlEsSiNgS
║╚╣║║║║╩╣ ♪♫•.¸¸HeavenOn Planet Earth
╚═╩═╩═╩Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ….☮*´¨♥ღ LiGhT✿ღℓ σ √ ε ღ✿ GoOdWiLl To YoU♥((✿◠‿◠))♥❀ܓ _/l\_

Lest Connect Unite And Create Heaven On Planet Earth Namaste _/l\_ ⋱ ⋮ ⋰ ⋯ ❤ ⋯♡ßRÍGH†♡ßԼΞ♡OƑ♡Ŀ☼√Ξ❤ .•´¯`•.♥ .•´¯`• ⋰ ⋮ ⋱

Bashar is a being of extraterrestrial origin, a friend from the future who has spoken for the past 26 years through channel, Darryl Anka, bringing through a wave of new information that clearly explains in detail how the universe works and how each person creates the reality they experience. Over the years, thousands of individuals have had the opportunity to apply these principles and see if they really work to change their lives and create the reality that they desire.

Overwhelmingly the response we receive is “This works!” Some of the feedback our listeners have shared include:

– Enhanced creativity & abundance
– Mental & emotional clarity
– Improved health
– Enhanced love relationships
– Expanded psychic ability
– Increased self love & self acceptance
– Greater self-empowerment

Bashar explores a wide-range of subjects with great insight, humor and a profound understanding of how reality creation occurs !



Katherine Jenkins and Andrea Bocelli – I Believe

digitalmediafan·1,309 videos


Abraham Hicks – Heaven on Earth is your Alignment with Source

zmahoon·773 videos

Abraham has mentioned before that there is no heaven in the skies. In this piece, Abe talks about the “feeling” of being in heaven, is really all about our alignment. Heaven is a place on Earth.

For more information on the teachings of Abraham please visit For a discussion on the law of attraction please visit

2014 – Heaven on Earth / Heart Is Manifesting – The Galactic Free Press

Petra van Kooten Ley·61 videos

2014 The Heaven On Eart=Heart Is Manifesting / The Galactic Free Press

MotherGod and The First Ground Crew Team ..

Fran Zepeda – Yeshua – We Are Creating a Heaven on Earth – One Glowing Step at a Time

heavenonearth.2 (Blog) (Website)


Hello my dear ones of eternal bliss. Yes you know, have known, and will know much more deeply the meaning of Bliss, my dear travelers of the dimensions and purveyors of Peace and Love.

I come today to offer my congratulations for a job well done negotiating yet more inundating floods of energy. It has served you well, and thus you serve others with it. And don’t forget yourselves, dear ones. Look into your hearts and see what subtle and not so subtle nuances and evidence of deeper love and transformation you have brought upon yourselves simply with the openness with which you have received the steady barrage of energy.

For you are getting very good at utilizing it to expand your own energy and to fill the world with light and to support the higher vibration for yourselves and others – to fill the world with yet more light in the deepest corners there and in your own hearts. You are getting quite good at this, and as you look back at your energy over the last year, you will see such a gradation and elevation of frequency and purpose.

You are rightfully joining the ranks of all Celestial Beings who have at their very core of purpose to serve and elevate and comfort mankind. We thank you for your dedication and perseverance and for your marvelous adaptation and flexibility as you make your way higher and lighter back to your True Selves.

Much change is afoot. You have only to look closely into the recesses of your heart and your all-encompassing energy to know that you are well on your way to completion of your mission here on Earth. You can feel this, can you not? We see it here in the Celestial Realm as we look at the sparkling magnificence of your Light Bodies, altered and refined by all the Light and Love you have been so wholeheartedly accepting and offering to others.

You are breaking down the barriers of old structures to which you have been very accustomed in the past. We see you starting to become detached and to discard these old beliefs and structures. Some have gone reluctantly, some have gone joyously, and some are still clinging. But have no fear, and make no mistake; you are clearing the way for a much lighter existence full of so many wonders.

And yes, still some of you question, still some of you doubt, and still some of you mourn the old. This is ok. We would not expect you to so easily discard what has kept you going for so long. Just as a bird must let go of the pebble in its beak to pick up the luscious and nutrient-rich seed, you have, and continue to, let go of your old beliefs and habits of yesteryear to welcome what may sometimes seem new and strange. But it will prove to be the best thing you ever did, in this accepting of your new life based only on love and forgiveness and yes, abundance of a kind that serves all, not just a few.

And you shall have it, dear ones; you are creating it, and we applaud you for your courage and persistence, and yes, your acceptance of not so comfortable times. For this has not been an easy task, albeit very rewarding and worthwhile for your undertaking, my dear ones.


I stand before you with so much love in my heart and so much gratitude, for you are accomplishing what I tried to do so many years ago. You have my deepest respect and trust. Together we are changing the world – We are creating a Heaven on Earth, one glowing step at a time.

This is what you came for. This is why you gathered around so many eons ago, charting out your destiny and charting out your mission and holding within your heart the promise of coming back to the Wholeness you once knew, by way of this circuitous yet so enriching route you have chosen for yourselves for you and Creator and Oneness to know the totality of its capability of experience. And just as you created things that seemingly felt had gone astray, you are bringing the gift of them forward into a glorious Golden Age based only on an enriched heart of Love and Oneness.

I salute you my beloveds, my dear sisters and brothers of Peace and Love. You are making much more headway than you could ever imagine. Now give yourselves the pace of intermittent rest, and carry on forward to your glorious Reality that is forming and emerging as we speak. I am always by your side in this momentous endeavor.

All my love is yours,

Your loving brother, Yeshua.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)