God’s New Series – Heavenletter #6280 – Being Yourself – 4-3-28


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God’s New Series – Heavenletter #6280 Being Yourself, April 2, 2018

God said:

To whom does your life, as you see it, belong?

Many of My Children grew up believing their lives belonged to others to whom they were accountable. There are those of My Children who perceived that their own lives were not quite theirs. They may have been encroached upon, and, consciously or unconsciously, assumed that their purpose in life was to answer to others’ wills and to please and be what others wanted them to be. They saw their main purpose in life was to be in line with what the world seemed to want from them. They were careful not to make a mistake.

In retrospect, their young lives seemed to be primarily about subscribing to avoidance of mistakes and falling right in step with others’ desires as a matter of course. This way of living sometimes pursued them, although sometimes they did wake up to what they now saw as bondage to others’ wishes. They had sought to conform. From their fear of missing the mark, they may well not have had a clue as to their true selves.

If you were one of these children, you may not even have known at the time that you longed to be yourself. You had gone along with everyone else, as if other people knew everything, and you knew nothing. This appeared to you as the way of the world, and so you held yourself cramped in a double-bind, not even quite having the awareness that you were a person in your own right. Somewhere along the line, you had cut yourself off from yourself as if you were a know-nothing. You fell into that empty role by default. You were not looking.

However, you were beside yourself in that you watched your every step. You went through many motions in life with your eyes closed and forgot to greet yourself. You depended upon others’ opinions for validation. In effect, you threw out your Heart and Soul out the window.

Even so, at some point, you may have seen yourself breaking out of this self-imposed reign of submission and sought yourself. No longer were you a baby bird in a nest. Now you became a fledgling breaking out of your shell. You began to catch glimpses of yourself. You began to see yourself in different light. You started to cash in on your Self. You started to look up and see with your own eyes and use your own voice and welcome yourself more the way I welcome you with a tip of My Hat. You started to fly and release yourself from your self-imposed confinement. You started to notice yourself and begin a relationship with yourself as you really are, more like the fruit on God’s Vine.

Now your footsteps can be heard. Now your footsteps are heard. No longer are you dead-weight in the world. Good for you. You have a voice and you have a say in the world you live in.

No matter how long it took you to reclaim your life, know that no life is wasted. Even when you may not have fully filled your own shoes and hadn’t sung your declaration of independence, your life was mulling itself over, readying to unveil itself.

I say it again: “No life is wasted.”

Never mind what the world may say. At the best of times and the worst of times, you served a purpose. Even as you may have played a waiting game, you were serving your life’s purpose. Even if you were in a coma, unbeknownst to you and everyone else, Holy be thou, you served the Universe.

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What Will the World Be without You? | Heavenletters   –   12-13-17 – by Rainbow Waves Of Light


God said:

You may worry about everything under the Sun no matter what. You are so tied to Life on Earth as if Life can only be one prescribed way and not another. If you could, you might well control everything under the Sun. You would keep everything in place just as it is now. Contrary to what you may speculate about Life, no matter how much you may begrudge how Life has treated you, Life is enduringly dear to you. One way or another, perceived or not perceived, you know Oneness deeply. You just don’t let on to yourself.

Source:   http://heavenletters.org/what-will-the-world-be-without-you.html

Thanks to   https://rainbowwaveoflight.wordpress.com/2017/12/13/what-will-the-world-be-without-you-heavenletters/

Nevertheless, if it were up to you, even after you yourself have departed Earth for a vacation in Heaven, you might want to call the shots from afar. It’s hard for you now to let Life go its own way. It always was, true?

Among your worries, you worry about what if the Earth should be decimated and Earth be no longer? What if your family no longer exists? What if there is some kind of end-play? You worry about posterity. True?

What would happen to the internet, you wonder. Would all precious knowledge stored on Earth disappear? What will happen to language? Music? Will instruments be the same? Voices the same?

Beloveds, Beloveds, all that you see as happening on Earth is all story, remember. It appears to you to have happened. You see disparity and such things such as heartache. Story all.

The only Truth on Earth that you really and truly experience is Love Itself. You may have had an on/off feature with Love, yet Love Itself is ever constant. Aside from Love which is another word for Oneness, you do honestly believe that the Stories on Earth are your True experience of Life.

You even experience the history of the past. You even experience sci-fi in the future as well. Unless you are experiencing a sense of Love on Earth, what you experience on Earth in what is called the Present, you experience from your imagination. It is a fly-by-night that you imagine, yet you buy it as real.

The passage of time isn’t True.

That which lasts, that which is called Infinity, is True. There is no time and space in Infinity. No beginning and no end. Infinity is incapable of having an end, and Infinity never was not. You and I exist as One in Infinity and this is the Truth. This is a Valiant Truth.

Dear dear Darlings, do not agitate about possibly losing the internet or anything.

See Life as an interlude, an out of Life experience. You can consider Life as a ride on the Roller-Coaster or like a slow day Fishing in the River. There is plenty of start and stop on Earth.

You may feel that time goes faster, and that it really used to go slower. Of course, this is one way of looking at Life on Earth. It is not, however, the only way.

Let Me put all this differently. If the world as you know it did end, nothing is lost. You can’t bear to think of a world without Shakespeare. What would happen to the Bible? You can’t bear to think of the world as you have known it without existing.

Dear Ones, I, God, will never disappear. The Ability to Create still exists. Details may vary, yet Life Itself will be beautiful and touching. Love will abound.

How do I prevail upon you the idea that nothing is lost? In Reality, you will let go of the concept of loss. There are other worlds, and there is Love and there is Life. All is well.

You will continue to swim in the Ocean of Life whatever it may be called. The Real is always yours. Truth is never lost, for you always hold Truth. Truth is vouched-safe.

Heavenletter #6074 – You Are a Song You Sing – 7-23-17

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God said:

The Word God in every language has a vibration identified as High. Other words will carry other vibrations the world would say are low. Of course, every sound has its unique vibration regardless of its identifiable vibration.

At the same time, a sound in one language may mean God whereas the same sound in another language may carry a different meaning. There is wiggle room here because the meaning or intent of a word affects its own vibration, as if there is an image of the word that its sound conveys. Definitely, highs and lows of sound are conveyed in languages all over the Universe according to geography and such.


To say God or think God in any language carries its imprint. A vibration is like a trademark. Choose your words well, if you please. Please the Universe. Console the Universe. Uphold the Universe.

And so, the same sound in one case can sing out, and the same sound in another case can drone or set you back. There is no end to vibration.

Your choices of vibration influence and reflect your take on Life, display your angle of thought, specific and non-specific. You are uplifted or taken down. You also, as you vibrate, uplift or take down or take apart that which is seemingly separate from you. Apartness is not the same as Oneness, not by a long shot.

Everything carries its vibration. It isn’t that you assume or profess a higher or lower vibration in the words of your language. You are the vibration for a moment.

Atoms have a vibration. Health carries its own vibration and vibrations. Illness carries vibrations of divers kinds. Individuals carry vibrations. Vibrations have varying wave lengths, just as hair styles vary and yet share their characteristics. The sound of your voice is unique and, by its tone and inclination alone, speaks.

Even in Silence, your vibration speaks loud and clear. Your voice says something and speaks for itself.

No matter how individual lives may appear to be, there is more than a meeting ground under the Sun, and this more than a meeting ground is named Oneness. We can say that Oneness breaks through all boundaries. Oneness can hardly be called common, for Oneness is greater than the Beauty of Oneness. One bell rings in the world even as thousands of bells ring all over the world.

There is no one else in the world just like you, and, yet, there is the Oneness of Oneness, and it is Great! Great is far and away more than an adjective.

Always, there is a you balancing the world. You never did not exist in one dimension or another. Always you are on the wings, ready to embark. You are always ready to appear in this world of dreams dreamt. You are off-stage, and then you appear on stage, and then you leave the stage and return.

On stage or off-stage, you are. You are always Greatness yet sometimes you are seen in different ways. You are Wholeness sometimes apparently sectioned off. You are the Indefinable encrusted with Life in the World, confined and yet not confined. You are of no small dimensions although it may seem so to the world at large. Seeming so and Truth are not identical. Your True Identity is Oneness.

Oneness is a Gift from the Universe to the Universe, and you serve it up.

Your intent makes a difference to your sound value. Love carries a sound value. Love can carry its own vibration just as each dancer carries his own style, or as a nation reflects its uniqueness.

What is called goodness will take the prize, win the show, and favor the Universe.

Love can transcend anything and everything. Love gives meaning. Love embraces, and Love releases. Love cuts through all the nonsense in the world.

There is nothing that is not possible. All good things are possible. Not only possible, but dance out in front to their own beat.


Heaven Letters – Change Your Own Frame of Mind

God said:

Rather than thinking of all the qualities that people are not,

credit people with what they are.

In terms of the world, no one is perfect.

No one else can fulfill you.

You have to fulfill yourself.

There are great people you can rely on for a great deal, yet not one you…

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One Blaze of Light Across the Universe – 6-20-17 – by peoples trust toronto


God said:

You live on a whirling planet.

The Sun, Moon, and Stars shine on you.

You reflect the Orbs above.

You are made of cells that whirl.

Dancers whirl.

What looks solid is whirling nevertheless.

What is to be made of this whirling whirling whirling

you live in and all the whirling inhabitants?

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Heaven Letters – When You Open the Windows of Your Heart – 6-13-17…

God said:

If I were to ask you to list all your desires, and all your desires came through today, you would jump for joy. You would be so excited. You would feel rewarded and loved today. You would know for a fact that the Stars are smiling on you. How happy you would be.

Courtesy of   https://peoplestrusttoronto.wordpress.com/2017/06/13/when-you-open-the-windows-of-your-heart/

It is a good guess that you can easily put together a long list. If you ran out of ideas, you could go to the internet or TV or ads in a magazine and catalogues. There is no shortage of what you would find to desire. The world offers you trails of breadcrumbs for you to follow and more and more.

Yes, if all your dreams come true today, you would be happy. You would be ecstatically happy until – until — the Joy fades. How can it be that joy fades? How is it that wonderful gifts lose their luster?

The deal is that you can always have more to add to your list of world desires. World desires just aren’t enough for you. When you get a new car, after awhile, it isn’t new any longer. After awhile, there are newer cars that hit the spot. New goes only so far in the material world. Gilding the Lily wears off.

The world at large certainly does give you happiness — for a while. The world is simply not able to bestow long-lasting happiness. You could have gold and sit in a palace, and it would not be enough. Lasting happiness isn’t able to establish itself within you from outside.

Lasting happiness arises from within. However intriguing the world is – and it is intriguing, no doubt — lasting happiness bubbles up from within you.

Within is not the same as without. Interior is interior. External is external. Internal is internal. Foundation is foundation. Surface is surface. Temporary is temporary.

In Life, you alternate between Life on the Surface and Life in the Depths of your Soul. Have both. Of course, you would like to.

Temporal desires may well come from themselves and also from your effort. Sure, you could win the lottery, yet, for the most part, you give forth your energy to fulfill your worldly desires.

Desires often find their way to you. You don’t have to work hard at desiring. Desires can well rush in on their own. You don’t have to hold your desires tightly in your fist. Desires can find their own way. Desiring has a Life of its own.

When you feel desperate, let go of desperation. Look, it is natural for your desires to reach you when you don’t hold on tight to them. Invite rather than command. Greet rather than demand.

There is nothing you have to possess. You just plain don’t. What you have to have is to give freely. When you open all the windows of your heart, what cannot come in for you?

When you look at a sunrise or a sunset, unlike when you gaze upon your once new car, you can feel happiness every time. When you see a field of lavender or pick a flower, Joy is yours. Even though you can gaze upon Nature, Nature is not outside you but within. Fresh air will always give you joy. Nature is not a personal dividend. It is inevitably shared. No one has to ask anyone for permission. Therefore, Joy from Nature is renewable, and you are blessed with Joy every time.

You don’t own a sunrise. It is yours, and it is everyone’s. No one needs to unlock a sunrise. The Sun was never locked. The Sun was always for all. No one has to apply for permission. No one has to pay admission or wait in line. Beloveds, Nature is within you. You are Nature.

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Heaven Letters – A Master Painting of Love – 10-29-16



God said:

You are all set again. Something great is opening up. Yes, the whole world is opening up. You may feel this as New Energy, New Bursts of Energy, a New Feeling, a Feeling Newly Abundant for you.

This New Feeling is a growing sense of Oneness. The world is having a New Unveiling of itself, as it were. If life on Earth is a play, which, of course, it is, this is a New Rendition of Life on Earth that you are eager to enter into.

This is a new SPECTACULAR Presentation. This resurgence can be compared to black and white movies becoming TECHNICOLOR. Overnight, it seems.

Yes, you are creating a Master Painting of Love which correlates to peace. We are welcoming Peace to Earth and Good Will.

There are gradations of Peace in the World. Peace isn’t new. Everyone knows the feeling of peace. In Truth, you are surrounded with peace. Peace has always been around like daisies for you to pick.

Instead of what you mean by facing facts – all the illusions of seriously-observed negative wailing – I remind you to take a look at Truth instead. Truth is no longer off stage on the wings. Truth is right here right now where you can see it. Truth is just coming around the corner. Here comes Truth. Truth musters its courage and is rallying and becoming up to date. The future you have long longed for is here.

In terms of the world, this is the Springtime of Life. Bulbs are coming up. Trees are blooming, all your old favorites. There is something not just new on Earth but renewed. For example, butterflies are not new. Butterflies are flying to Earth and delighting hearts as butterflies naturally know how to do. Your heart is becoming a butterfly that knows how to delight other hearts. You are coming into your own. You are coming into My heart which is very definitely your Own.

There is a renewed hum in the air. Never mind what you see on the news. Peace on Earth is blooming. You are part of an Irreplaceable Concert on Earth. Listen to your playing all the songs in the world that you didn’t even know you knew. Ta dum ta dum ta dum. And how light of foot you have become. Your feet hardly touch the ground. You didn’t even know all the music that you are ready to sing and all the steps you are ready to dance or that you had been preparing for this moment all your life.

The world is graduating. The world is coming of age. You are on a new Horizon of Life. You know that Life on Earth is meant to be this way. You always knew.

The world has a new glow. What is this radiance that you feel? Why, it is Truth Rising. What is Ascension but Truth? Now you come into your True Inheritance. Ascension has always been your True Inheritance. Your True Inheritance has been like a fabulous car parked in a garage. Now this fabulous car is on the street. No more cars hidden away. All conveyances are now out in the sunshine. You, too, now bask in the Sun of God’s Love where you have always desired to be, and, in Truth always were.

Who can accept less now?

You can see that all the cars are driving out into the fresh air. All the cars are out of the garage. The Cars of True Inheritance are warming up! Listen to the revving of the motors. Varoom! Varoom! Varoom! All this Newness is revving up. You are installing all this sense of Newness. You have brought this Light to Earth. You started humming this tune before you quite realized you were.

What you inherit is rightfully yours. Drink deeply of the Nectar of Love. Love is blazoning on Earth. Good going! You are inheriting the Earth.

Heavenletter #5785 – The Fluidity of the Soul – 9-16-16


God said:

Throughout the ages, I have heard you ask Me to give you boons. I hear you. Today I heard you say:

“Beloved God, I want to ask of You to please banish stress, worry, fear from my life and heart. God, as I say this, I realize it would be better for me to ask You:

“Beloved God, please banish stress, worry, fear from everyone’s life once and for all.”

What do you think I’m working on, dear One?

I might word your question differently. I might say very simply:

God, please bring peace to this Earth. Beloved God, teach us to know love and trust and let go of uncertainty which is another name for lack of trust.

Now I say to you:

Beloveds, My whole attention is already on this – we can call it a project. It is a Peace Project. It is a Love Project.

I, too, wonder why all Our desires have not yet materialized. Then I remind Myself that there is a great rush of love and a great demand for peace.

I could also phrase this differently. Do not be offended at what I say:

Be not swallowers of negativity. Be not sheep who follow other sheep as though you were blind. Use your own heart as a bell that tolls Truth. Your heart is to ring true. When your heart rings fear, you can know you are misleading yourself.

You might say, if your house is burning down, that fear is good because it tells you to get out of the house right now. This is so, no argument there.

Let me put it another way. Fear of burning is fear for the body you are housed in. The body, as precious and vital as it is, is secondary to the Truth of You. The Truth of You is more subtle, beloveds, and of more account. Your body is temporary regardless of fire or anything else.

Swing your attention to that which is forever, and this is life itself. Life – and your life – is Infinite. This is Oneness. You have always been. You will always be. This is as much fact as the fact that your body is impermanent.

How can it be that it is so easy for you to believe in death of the body and so-seemingly difficult to believe in Life Everlasting? Death of the body is incidental. It is an incident. Birth of a baby gives joy, yet the soul of the baby is a continuation that is unstoppable. Eternity is not a myth nor is it a fool’s errand.

Why would anyone on Earth prefer body over soul?

When I put it this way, you might say: “O God, of course, I see the value of soul over body. Of course, I know the Significance of Soul.”

Yet this is in theory, beloveds, isn’t it? What you hold on to in life in the world — your body – cannot be held onto. You can’t hold on to it. No one can.

Find a way to look at death other than a tragedy. Death of the body is just an incident. It is a perceived happening.

Life Itself, life that does not depend upon a physical body, is never interrupted. The joke is that you conceive and believe that life is indeed dependent upon the body, as if the body were the whole sum and total. Ah, life of the body is what is the brief interlude.

Welcome this interlude. There are reasons for this interlude. Give it all you’ve got.

Remembering Me is the same as remembering the Fluidity of the Soul. It is not time that marches on. It is the Soul.

You are not your body. You never were. You are Soul. You live on the level of the Soul. We are Chums, you and I. We hold hands throughout Eternity.

Is there something else you would rather do?

Heaven Letter – Enlightenment Isn’t a Personal Gift – 9-10-16

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God said:

What if today you had realized Enlightenment, how do you think you would feel?

Most likely, you would expect to be thrilled. At the same time, let Me say that there is no certain way that Enlightenment has to feel like or appear like.

It’s possible that you will not even notice. It is even possible that you have not noticed.

It’s possible that what you associate with Enlightenment is not your experience. You may not experience Enlightenment the way you thought you would. You expected something amazing, and, yet, you still seem to be as you always were or thought you always were.

You may not experience this great change with the bright colors you have been waiting for with all your heart.

You know, dear ones, life always presents itself to you, yet life does not always present itself to you in the ways you expect.

Remember this, Enlightenment does not have to always appear as a rapturous experience. Enlightenment may not be what you expected. It may not feel momentous to you. Enlightenment could even make you weep, not for joy, and yet weep you know not why. Alas, you wonder what is the matter with you because you do not find yourself jumping for joy. You may have been sure that you would experience Enlightenment as an out of this world experience, and now you experience its realization as an experience of the world.

The thing to remind yourself is that Enlightenment is not a medal pinned on your chest. Enlightenment rather is something you hold in trust for the benefit of the world. It is not intended as a pat on your back. It is a reward yet not a medal. It is an honor, yet you may not feel Enlightenment as an honor or as anything at all, for your Enlightenment is not on behalf of you. It is on behalf of the world.

You want to feel stupendous, yet you may feel rather nonplussed. You want to feel ecstasy, and, yet, you may not.

The presence of Enlightenment isn’t personally gift-wrapped for you.

As you seek Enlightenment, your seeking is for Enlightenment and not a Far-out Experience of Enlightenment. Do you see the difference? Old habits linger. It is not for you to expect a definitive change to your physical and personal experience of Life on Earth.

You are rising above yourself. You are rising to your True Self.

Your personal experience is not the purpose of Enlightenment. You are more like a by-product of Enlightenment.

One of the attributes of Enlightenment is that you are on an even keel. You may not experience Great High’s. Nor may you experience the low roads so clearly either. The contrast may not be so startling.

Become silent, and you may notice the Quietness of Oneness enveloping you. You will notice the Oneness that surpasses excitement.

A High may not excite you any longer. To be excited requires contrast. When you are already stirred, you don’t have to keep the boiling on high.

You may be comfortable with Evenness. A smooth path is not dull nor does it go up and down as if your spirit is a sword you wield. A peacekeeper is not usually astonishing nor astonished. As a peacemaker, you wield peace and love. You are a fount of peace and love, and so your life flows.

Old habits die hard. You have a habit of firm inviolable expectation. You may also have a habit of feeling disappointed. You win the Top Prize and wonder where your New Self is, after all. You wonder where the exultation you seek is waiting. You do not yet see yourself as a wonder creature in front of you to be amazed at.

Thrills may subside in favor of the Elemental Life of Service you give now.

Heaven Letter – Like Leaping to Heaven – 8-28-16


God said:

It is not that you feel responsibility at all the way you ever knew responsibility before. Now it is like responsibility is a parachute that carries you gently wherever you want to go!

Now nothing hangs over you. You don’t have to remind yourself or keep a list or kick yourself for forgetting something now. Responsibility now is like sipping on a delicious milkshake as much and as often as you like. You wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. Responsibility is the whole world to you now. Responsibility of this dimension is like your wildest dream come true. What a lovely place in the Universe you occupy, for the Universe treasures you.

Responsibility now is your key lime pie that you eat for dessert whenever you want. It is yummy. You look forward to it. Perpetual dessert is yours.

It is like getting a drink of cool water at the peak of the midday Sun.

It is like swimming in the Ocean as if you were a dolphin at home in the Ocean.

It is like getting a good night’s sleep and you wake up with luxurious surprise.

It is like having pleasant dreams, one after the other, all swirling together, one beauty after another.

It is like receiving a bonus when you already had one.

It is like opening an envelope with contents you would never dream of. Now you go wild, and every time now the contents exceed your expectations.

It is like winning the lottery regularly.

It is like manna from Heaven.

There are no ties to responsibility. If there were ties, they would be delicate leis of unimaginable beauty.

There is the freedom of responsibility. It is like picking up blessings on every corner.

It is like being just where you are just right.

It is like leaping to Heaven.

There is no gravity in Heaven. There is no dead weight. You simply have enough love for all. More than enough love for all. Nothing is too heavy for you. Nothing is heavy for you at all. There is nothing but sharing the Love of the World and sharing the Love of Everyone in the World — and Beyond. And beyond.

There is no knowing who you are or where you are. You simply are! You do not need to know anything more than that you exist.

You do not groan when you hear the word responsibility. You simply take off. You ride your Heart. You go where it takes you. It takes you everywhere you want to be. It takes you far away from any limits you or anyone has ever put on you.

Responsibility is not simply freedom. It is freedom for all. It is congregating as One. It is flying high. It is reaching Great Heights of Oneness. Yes, responsibility is pulling out a long skein of wool and loving how it unwinds.

It is following the Yellow Brick Road.

It is like getting an A on a test when you hadn’t opened the book once. Of course, you wonder, what does a book have to do with you anyway?

It is like knowing all the answers when you didn’t even hear the questions and didn’t have to.

It is like keeping your brand-new shoes all unscuffed forever.

This is the day you tripped over your courage, and you said to the Universe:

“Universe, give me more. Give me more to relieve the world of. Give me all you’ve got. There is no too little, and there is no too much. Where I am useful is just right.

“God, raise me high so that I may raise the world and multiply all the Joy in the World and spread it far and wide.”

Heaven Letters – The Art of Letting Go – 8-12-16




God said:

There is an expression: “Everything is over.” You may say this with sadness. Or perhaps, you say with relief: “Now I wash my hands of that.”

Here’s the thing: Every experience you have embeds itself in you. So, in one sense, nothing is ever over. You may forget. You certainly move on from the past, yet the experience has made its mark.

Of course, the mark of every experience is how you see it. If you see an experience differently from the way you used to, the mark it leaves is configured differently. So, all the past is as you see it. All you experience in life is your impression of it. You see what you see. There is more than one way to see the same thing. Whether you see a rogue or an angel, it is your perception. Your perception leaves its trademark.

You, the interpreter, interpret. Whatever your interpretation of an incident or all of life may be, this is how you see it, and that is the truth for you. In years to come, you may see differently. You may naturally come to see a mother or father, for example, in a different light. Life has given you greater understanding, and now you have a second impression. It is good to have gained understanding, yet this, is not something you can command. You cannot wrest new understanding from yourself.

You would love the idea of letting go of all that you may have collected. You would love to be done with it. You would love it to be over. You would love it to be gone.

You may well have consciously put your past behind you. I invite you to let it go. Let bygones be bygones as best as you can at any given moment.

At the same time, with that being said, so much of your present experiences are reflections from the past. We could say that you may be following old signals. Against your present will, you may still be following old signals. Old signals may not be so easy to rub off.

Even so, people who were not treated as lovingly as We wish they had been, there are many who have risen above their earlier perceptions.

From ashes, consummate kindness can grow. From impatience, patience can reveal itself. From anger, love can flourish. Even a rose has thorns and, yet, a rose is still beautiful.

So despite the marks of the past that remain, roses grow, and peace in your heart can also grow. All that you desire can grow. Growing does not require constant effort. Effort doesn’t work that well in subtle matters of the heart.

What you want to achieve usually comes from desire. Desire peace in your heart. I am here to tell you that erasing negative effects from the past is possible. You can, and you have, and you will.

There may be smudges left after the erasure of the past. The effects of past experience and earlier interpretations do lighten. Despite smudges, ugly swans of the past can become beautiful.

All can rise above the ashes. You do this every day. You may chew gum all day, and there comes a time when you toss it away. There may be taste left in your mouth, yet the taste fades.

Life is like the water that washes you. Water flows, and it takes away impediments. Water can wear away boulders. You can’t see boulders eroding before your very eyes, yet you can know very well, sight unseen, that boulders are eroding.

Anything and everything is possible in Heaven and on Earth. This means that there is nothing impossible. There is nothing impossible for you.

Desire, and what you desire can come forth. What you desire does not HAVE to come forth. If your desire HAS to come forth, you are holding on to it. You can’t let go by holding on. It is not that life owes you anything. It is that you can let your demands go as with a light stroke of a paint brush, ever so gently.

Life on Earth is another name for the Art of Letting Go.

Heaven Letters – The Dance Card of Life – 8-10-16


God said:

Methinks you do think too much. With your thoughts, you may be like a dog chewing a bone. You can’t get enough of chewing your thoughts. You ask yourself such questions as:

“Why am I in a slump? Why can’t I be happy and stay happy once and for all? Why must I analyze so much all the time? Why do I think I must figure out my life? Why can’t I just live my life in joy and not question it? What is it exactly that I believe I must know? Do I have a gene in me that insists I question? Questioning has been a way of life for me to analyze and find fault, hasn’t it?

“Couldn’t I be a comfort to myself rather than a poser of questions wherein I go round and round and not really get anywhere? Oh, yes, every once in a while I have insights and breakthroughs, and I begin to think that I’ve arrived, yet the outcome of my being so sure I’ve arrived is that I seem to be knocked down again sooner or later and find myself in shambles.

“What makes me think I need all the answers? I love to live in rain and in snow. I love to feel alive and beloved no matter what the weather. I long to become a grateful human being in summer and winter. What is this within me that I think I must be well-received all the time everywhere, and be so disappointed when I am not?

“God states that He loves me, loves us all. Can I not then be content?

“Even when my life looks good, I pronounce it short-lasting. Oh, yes, I worry that bone. I question its Source constantly. I question You, God. I question myself, and while I try to find all the answers, I put my life on hold, or I, so to speak, go around to the back door of Life. I often try to hide from life. I put my eyes down.”

Beloveds, now you know that you are to look life in the eye. You dance and you sing in accord with life. You don’t spend your time avoiding life or scandalizing it. You may invite life to dance with you. You may reach your hand out first. You are not on alert. You are in sync with life. You are a good dancer.

When you see life as your partner and your dance teacher, you follow life’s moves graciously. You may say thank you to life. You do not say: “Why couldn’t we, you and I, dance a waltz now, Life? I don’t want to learn this new dance. I falter.”

It seems you don’t want to learn all the dances there are. You want only those you can pick and choose. To some dances, you would give blue ribbons. In the case of other dances you don’t want, you would turn your back and beg to be excused from them. You see that they hurt you, even cut your heart in two. You don’t want such dances ever.

You would love to reverse Life’s direction when it is not a direction you desire. You don’t want to learn some of the difficult dances. You do not ever want to experience them. You want to be excused from them. You don’t know why not.

You don’t want to dance every dance card that seems to appear before you. Absolutely, you would like to be excused.

Whatever life holds for you that you do not ask for, you demand to be excused from. In so doing, you avoid life. Avoidance isn’t your choice, beloveds. There is one life to choose, and it is yours. Learn it, and make it wonderful. Inevitably, you come out the other side of it.

Heavenletter #5730 – What the World Looks Like to You – 8-2-16


God said:

Beloveds, to go along in life according to My Will would be as easy as pie if only you knew and accepted My Will. You are not sure. The thing is that you question a lot. You may turn over in your mind what you hear, and you may take a dim view of life as it is spread out before you.

You may second-guess Me. The idea of this is a bit amusing, isn’t it? You may sit there sure that you know better than God! I mean, isn’t this a wee bit laughable? Surely your lips turn up with beginning of a smile. I don’t know how you can keep from laughing.

The fact is that you may not hear Me at all. I don’t mean that you have not heard plenty regarding Me. You have heard plenty about Me second-hand. You have heard others’ interpretations of Me and My Words. No matter how well-intended, what you have heard bruited about Me may well be misunderstood. It may well miss the entire point. You may miss the point. What you hear may be more like last Sunday’s supper warmed up for tonight.

Why listen to second-hand thoughts when you can hear for yourself from the Source of All Thought? Do you think I do not speak, and speak to you? Do you think I don’t want you to hear Me directly? Balderdash, of course, it is My desire that you hear Me. It is My desire that you hear My Words and feel My love for you and all mankind.

Let’s talk about the Ten Commandments.

I do not command you to the Ten Commandments. Of course, right at the bat, the use of the word commandments is inaccurate. I commend the Ten Commendments to you as you might give others a map to find their way. Consider these then as Ten Recommendations.

If I were giving you some worthy recommendations for the road, I would tell you to watch the speed limit. I would tell you to keep your eye on the road. I would tell you not to text messages while you are driving. I would give you guidelines. I would give you room to learn. Be assured I give you good directions. This is good advice I give to you. I offer it to you as rules for the road. Obviously, it is your choice to follow them or not.

In life, you can respond to advice on how to live Life only from where you sit. By this I mean where your consciousness lies. You are where you are. If you see differently or not so well as I, you cannot live up to My suggestions for the very reason that they do not feel right to you. They don’t sit right with you.

Let’s say it’s like this: Let’s say I give instructions on how to drive your car. A lot depends upon your eyesight. If you don’t see well, if you don’t have glasses, or you don’t wear your glasses, and there is a tree in front of you, you may simply not see the tree, and you could crash into it. You have to see the tree for yourself in order to avoid it. If you can’t see the tree, you can’t see it.

I use this to illustrate what a state of consciousness might be like. It’s not that you deliberately refuse My guidance. It just isn’t where you are in a particular situation. You see other actions as making more sense to you under your circumstances as you see them.

I would like you to follow My good advice which the world calls the Ten Commandments. Of course, I would like you to avoid misdirection. Of course, I like to advise you, yet I do not bark orders at you. I am not an army sergeant.

In any case, I know that you will learn from Life itself. Sooner or later, Life teaches you. Your eyes will open, and you will be able to follow My advice because now you get it. Now what I recommend begins to make sense to you.

You are here on Earth to learn. You will invariably learn, and We will quite naturally be on the same page. You will see all this for yourself.

Heaven Letters – In Infinity, There Is No Bias – 7-29-16


God said:

There is no bottom to My heart, and there is no top. My heart is Infinite. Truth be known, your heart is Infinite as well. As it is, however, My Infinite Heart is calm and patient while your Infinite Heart tends to tap its foot in impatience.

It could be that all you need in order to recognize the Vastness of your heart is to calm down. Even as you know that time is not, let Me tell you that you have all the time in the world to wait for patience to arise. What is your hurry in life? Must you be in such a hurry? And for what? Do you enjoy being hasty and insisting on your opinions as if they were holy?

Let go of the idea that you have to settle everything or anything the way you like. When you visit in someone’s home, and you don’t like the way they arrange their furniture, I imagine that you do not get up and rearrange their furniture for them. You don’t, do you? Even if you are a certified designer, you likely don’t move one piece of furniture unless the homeowner invites you to do so.

In a way, in this issue at hand, We are speaking of a different kind of interior design – the interior design of how you look at the world, your perspective and your opinion and how others may see differently.

Who says you have to be pleased? Why would you be impatient unless you thought you had to be pleased? Why exactly do you think that all the world is to decorate the way you like and think the way you think? Who made others accountable to you? Even your grown children are not accountable to you.

Everyone in the world has his or her preferences. Must the world bend down to you in reverence to your personal preferences? Did I make a mistake here somewhere to believe that there is room for all at the inn?

What confusion there would be in the world if everyone thought that the world was to bow down to his or her will? Yet for years and years, everyone may have been thinking just that. Not that they or you were actually thinking. More like you never thought but assumed that the world is to be according to you.

Come to think of it, there IS confusion in the world. Confusion is rampant. Could there be a correlation between these two factors? (1) A mind set that says you know better than most everyone else and (2) all the impatience in the world.

Is it possible We have discovered the basis of the state of the world? Could the ego mind be responsible for all the wars and heartache in the world? Are your opinions essential to the world? Are your opinions really essential to you?

Now, at the same time I say all this, I also want to say that the world is your oyster and everyone else’s as well.

Even all that you see as tragedy is a mere opinion of yours. Your opinions come from somewhere. Probably the very world that you live in has taught you what is to loom large in your life.

Somewhere you learned to fear death of the body. Somewhere you learned the whole idea of suffering. You learned what is naughty and what is nice. You learned the art of embarrassment and outright shame. Shame is just another side to pride. You picked up from somewhere your whole sense of self-worth which is different from ego-pride. Somewhere you picked up the idea of what is essential and what is not.

For some, your opinions may change frequently. For others, you hold on to your opinions for dear life.

What if you would not consider your opinions as final say? Then you would be calm and patient. What if differences of opinions could coexist and you didn’t object? Give this a try.

Heaven Letters – The Kingdom You Were Born To – 7-23-16


God said:

Ego enters in when there is a deep-seated lack of self-worth. Lack of self-worth is the plague of the world.

Ego picks up details and tries to magnify itself in the world. It is fine for you to have joy where you have joy. It is one thing to have joy from a new car. It is another thing to have your ego blown up by the purchase of a new car, and now regard self-important as King because you drive a new car. A new car has nothing to do with your inborn self-worth. Enjoy the ride, yet do not mix it up with your God-given sense of self-worth.

Have no car in the world, or have ten valuable cars, your self-worth is not touched a whit.

The self-worth of My children is great, yet how many really know this. You could be the most beautiful woman in the world or the handsomest man, the richest, the most famous, the wisest, the most efficient and so on, yet all these matters have nothing to do with the Kingdom you were born to.

Self-worth is not revealed by status in the world.

Your self-worth is not proven in outside terms.

I have declared your self-worth. Your presence here on Earth establishes your self-worth. If you need additives from the outside world to bolster your sense of self-worth, ego has persuaded you, inveigled you, deceived you, masterminded you, pulled a switcheroo.

Let me make it clear that it is fine to desire whatever you desire in life and to gain it. Yet whatever you gain in the material world does not attest to your self-worth. Is this clear?

Because you are a millionaire does not make you more worthy than a man in rags. By all means, be a millionaire. It is worthy to be a millionaire. It is worthy to be great in accomplishment and to share your joy. This gives incentive to others. Do not for one moment think I am denying anyone’s accomplishment in the world. Well-done, I say.

Only you are of greater merit than all the world can attest. You are worth far more than anything the world has to offer.

I am asking that you not sell yourself short.

Sleeping in a mansion or sleeping on the beach, your self-worth is not an issue.

Unfortunately, in the world, your true sense of self-worth may indeed have been subjugated. I maintain: A diamond in the rough is still a diamond.

The world cannot set the value for you. It has no right to. Nor must the world dare to deny you. Certainly, the world’s judgment does not truly transform anyone to the hoi polloi nor does it detract from anyone except in terms of ego.

Ego is believed in by those who have glossed over their true worth by virtue of what has been passed on to them and they have digested from the world. Followers of ego have taken the world’s evaluation over Mine.

If someone has not known his own sense of self-worth, he cannot know another’s. It is possible to say that the sin of your fathers is not having noted his own sense of worth. Not having realized his own sense of worth, how could he pass it on you?

I ask you to follow My Words for your benefit. Of Myself, I do not require followers. Of course, your benefit is My desire. It is also My Will. My Will is for you to know your worth. There is no limits to what you are worth, beloveds.

The world you grew up in may well have given you a bum steer. You do not have to buy it. You must not buy it. A low estimation of you is from the past. I am giving you the straight goods right now.

Forget self-esteem. Forget grandeur. Be done with ego and all its flattery. Find your sense of self-worth. Begin to believe in your self-worth, and you will have wonders to perform. Hang out with your true sense of self-worth and raise the world.

Ego cannot light a candle next to self-worth. Ego is all smoke and no substance. Our Connected True Sense of Self-Worth is King.

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Heavenletter #5714 Love Yourself, Love Yourself, Love Yourself, July 17, 2016 — Illuminations Now!!

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Heavenletter #5703 – Self-Responsibility – 7-6-16


God said:

Do not always hold yourself responsible for others’ growth or their reluctance to grow. I know you don’t want to offend anyone, and, yet you do not want to jump around to please everyone else all the time. You may have done that enough. No longer do you want to put your personal feelings aside and spend your life pandering to others. This is the bind you may find yourself in. The tough question is: Whom are you going to represent in your Life — you or every one else?

You may have an idolized picture of yourself spreading only joy to everyone. You would love that. As it is, you may have long followed the path of least resistance, going along with too many others’ perceived needs over your own, for your not having learned yet how to represent yourself.

Enough of representing others to the exclusion of yourself, for then, you may find you may have built-up many little resentments for little things, and you react perhaps more than is called for. You overreact.

You begin to notice that you are irate inside, and you may start to infringe on another because, at the moment, you are caught up in making up for lost time, setting the world straight on your rights of representation.

You may see yourself as needing to rally around a cause. The cause may become your outrage to another and compassion for yourself.

You may feel the wind taken out of your sails. It may be that this seeming other had the wind taken out of his sails that has nothing to do with you personally, yet you may take it personally.

The real point here is that misunderstandings are commonplace. There is no need to take every misunderstanding to heart, for then, drama often takes over. You are not in a dire situation. Your feelings got bruised, that’s all, and you may feel adamant to set the record straight.

Truly, there is little in Life that warrants your heavy-handedness. When you come down to it, you often flare up because of something that will work itself out without your interference. You get riled.

If a flower wilts, if a flower loses its dynamism, you are not offended by the flower’s wilting. You do not take it as a personal offense, yet when a friend loses interest in you or in something dear to you, now you may take offense.

Restore your own equilibrium, and you will no longer judge others’ actions or inactions. Hasn’t this been a story of your life? Taking offense because someone else sees Life differently from you?

No one has to make amends to you, nor do you have to make amends with everyone else. Make amends with yourself for believing you must depend upon enormous support and approval from everywhere.

Time and time again, I tell you that you are to let go of seeing yourself as in need.

You don’t need people to be one way or another. What you need right now is let people be as they happen to be. You do not require their fealty. Other people don’t have to be what you would wish them to be no matter what you may wish them to be. The person to improve is you.

If you have great need for support, then support yourself. You may feel overlooked by the world when you are the one who is overlooking yourself. Why do you keep relying on those who aren’t following your path as you would wish? If this is your case, who is it who doesn’t get it? My guess is that it is you.

Start listening and seeing now. You are ready for leadership, if not for others as yet, but for yourself. Lead yourself, dear ones, and not bounce so much off others’ lives.

Heavenletter #5696 – The Simple Truth – 6-29-16




God said:

Which one of My children is not a reflection of Myself in the mirror of the Sun, Moon, Stars, waters of the lake and so on? Which one of you can possibly be less than I say you are? Not one of you. If you think so, you dissemble.

You may think you are being modest. Do you think you are supposed to put yourself down and make yourself less than you are? What is there about pointing yourself out as small that seems so important to you? This supposed humility is an act of ego that calls your attention to your little self, perhaps even with tears in your eyes. Wake up.

Look, if I say you are made of Magnificence, just nod, and say, “Yes, God.” Maybe the Truth will get through to you. You have nothing to gain by highlighting what you see as great humility. Humility was never meant to diminish you in the slightest.

Furthermore, why would You call me a Dreamer or a Spinner of Tall Tales, or a falsifier or some kind of scammer, trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Why? I am the Most Direct Speaker you will ever hear. If you cannot give me a vote of confidence, at least give Me your ear for a few moments.

What if I am accurate, and you are mistaken? Why be so mistaken about all that you don’t have any idea that you are mistaken about? It is not a good idea to throw darts at yourself.

I, the God of Heaven and Earth, say strongly to you: C’mon, what is the point of contradicting the Truth of what I say? When it comes to Me, it makes sense for you to say Yes.

If you can say, “Yes, Sir,” to a uniformed officer in the military, for Heaven’s sakes, why can’t you say, “Yes, God,” to Me?

Why oh why would you denounce yourself with such aplomb?

I have no reason to fool you or take you astray.  If you want to rise above oblivion, than believe Me. Of course, you will come to the acceptance of what I say, but why oh why take so long to before you come to Me? Look at Me with your eyes and ears open to Me rather than with blind contradiction.

Why oh why stay at a distance from Me and be proud of it? Why make life so arduous when you could focus on Me and align your heart with Mine?

I tell you that you are love and that I love you, and you flutter your eyes with disbelief and, perhaps, with some condescension. What is so hard about this that you will not accept the simple Truth I give to you? I give you the unvarnished Truth.

You are so mighty that you are able to convince yourself that you know better than I do. When you don’t think highly of yourself, then you are most definitely insisting that you know more than I do. Surely, you are not thinking aright. You are thinking amiss.

It doesn’t make you a smarty to dispute Me. A fool is better than a smarty. As a smarty, you may exhibit the foolishness of betting against yourself and taking a position opposite from Mine. You protest your worth. You boast of foolhardiness. You are proud of your foolhardiness, when you abase yourself so humbly.

You are masters, My children. No longer put yourself down in the name of modesty. Modesty is often another name for pride. Be in service to Me and not in servitude to what may be, after all, ego with lowered eyes.

Heaven Letter #5664 – The Embrace of Silence and Stillness – 5-28-16

God Is Love 2

God said:

Remember you are not a performer, yet you are a doer. To one degree or another, you are a doer. A doer gets things done.

However, everyone is a Be-er. Everyone IS. Everyone on Earth, of necessity, exists. This has to Be. It is not by edict that everyone must Be. It is by nature that everyone is a Being. It is your nature. I bequeathed Being to you.

Even so, activity is part of life. In terms of the world, you have to be doing something. You are not a sculpture that cannot move of its own volition. It is not a fantasy that you are deep Silence and Stillness, and you also move around. You may do push-ups or twiddle your thumbs. You may move your eyebrows. You may pose. You may steal. You may squander. Nevertheless, underlying your activity and noise, you are the utter embrace of Silence and Stillness.

No matter what a doer you may be, you are, also, the Stillness of Being. There are no exceptions. You could be a non-stop talker – yet you are Stillness. I am not speaking of something you ought to adhere to. I am speaking of you as you are. You cannot change this. You may not be aware of your Stillness, yet it is infallible that you are Stillness. You cannot be otherwise. This is your Truth. No matter what, you cannot depart from this Truth of Being. If you were music, this is the tune and beat that you are. Only you can play your strain of music.

Being cannot exactly be called your destiny because it is already the case that you are established in Being. Your specific world destiny may well not yet be evident, or it may. Your particular destiny on Earth may not yet be a fait accompli. You may not yet know during your lifetime how to expressly pick out your greatest deed or function on Earth. It could even be something you might not have noted. You do not always know where you stand in the history of the world. It can even be said that you are the last to know or, while on Earth, you may never know your unique contribution.

What you can know is that you were born for something and that you are irreplaceable. There is no one else just like you. There is no one else who can fulfill your express destiny.

You may even sit around thinking you have no great purpose in your life or any worthwhile purpose. You may perhaps just sit around waiting to let go of your life on Earth. You may have no idea what star you serve or that you serve any star in this Universe.

Nevertheless, every soul on Earth serves a Significant Purpose in the Evolution of the World.

You might assume that Christopher Columbus’s Great Purpose was to discover the Americas and show the world that the Earth was round, not flat. From Earth, you may not know.

Certainly, Abraham Lincoln contributed to the unwinding of slavery and the haughty assumption that any human being can be less than a soul that I, God, created in love and gave Free Will to.

And there was the Dutch boy who put his finger in a hole in the dike and held back a flood and became a hero. Who knows whether that was the boy’s great deed or another more subtle, perhaps.

Yet a great destiny does not have to be identified as a physical event of magnitude. Somewhere, somehow in every life on Earth, there is something gracious, or even noble. Perhaps, even one smile, one thought, one perception that raises life higher for even one other individual.

I will tell you a secret. You have or will render more than one great deed or understanding that has brightened or will brighten another soul on Earth. You have blessed another, and will, knowingly or unknowingly, bless another and perhaps another and so lift the world to New Heights.

Remember, this is not a performance We speak of. This is a Rising of Consciousness. This blessing of the Rising of Consciousness enters the world through you.

Heavenletter #5599 – Love Like the Sun Shining – 2-24-16


God said:

Admit, you have sometimes had a habit of squeezing your heart shut. Whenever you are on the defensive, you stiffen. You tighten your heart. There are times when you are quick to cut your heart in two.

You want to be shown constant love, even as you withdraw your heart to protect yourself from love rushing toward you, perhaps from fear that love will later be pulled away from you, or that you will misinterpret the love you noticed all the while. You will resist being swept up in love, for you have undoubtedly learned the hard way.

Pulling away from love in your heart is definitely the hard way. You may see love like the Sun, and yet you worry about sunburn or a freckle. You veer away from the Sun which is, after all, your true sustenance. You evade and elude the Sun. You cover yourself up from the Sun.

In the same way, you veer away from being vulnerable to Love and a possible charade being perpetuated upon you or your perpetuating upon yourself. Oh, how you want a signed receipt of your love before it is easy for you to give it. You are not quite able to give your heart away for nothing.

Here is the delicate point:

Other people do not have to do anything. They do not have to reciprocate your love. You are not to slay your love before it even sees the light of day. Let everyone do as each perceives and each decides what comes next.

Anyone can sit in the shade all he wants for whatever reason or no reason, yet you are not to keep your love in a little impecunious change purse. No, you are to open your heart wide and let room for love to enter. Your responsibility is to give out and not to be accountable for a return. You take a chance on love, even on the love in your own heart.

And, if love from your own heart flees, well, love is as love does, and you are also free to let your love continue to be love without your owning it or another’s owning it. Any way you slice it, love is not to be held onto for dear life. Love is love, and love is not a performance or a debt anyone has to repay.

If you want to be indebted to love, be indebted that you have and have had love in your heart, even if your love flew away or the love from another to you flew away. Yes, love is a bird with wings and is not to be caged. Love cannot be an obligation from anyone’s point of view.

Some of My children love more easily and love continually whereas for others, it is not so easy to keep on loving. Some loves seem to have a hiatus and then restores itself. Some of My children’s love seems to come and go, and, yet, remember, there is, nevertheless, love within you that transcends time and place.

Marriage is a challenge. The one person you marry may seem to be the most difficult of all to be one with. Sometimes you find a way to stay in harmony, and sometimes you take a detour. Either way, you are heart-sore. And, sometimes, you stay together because you cannot bring yourself to leave. There is so much tied up in a vow.

Who knows beforehand the one he or she is marrying? You may not know who you yourself are before you tie the knot. And, anyway, who knows the future? Who knows how to separate the future from the past? Who knows what is right and what isn’t, and who knows how to reconcile their lives with their dreams?

Everyone does the best he can at the time. You are not the long arm of the law. You are not a posse. If you have to let someone go, you have to let someone go. This is a no-fault policy. Why resent someone for their living in the world as they are rather than as you would prefer them to be? Letting go is letting go of control over that which is not in your provenance to control. If you must let go, what else is there to do but let go, and let go graciously?

Heaven Letters – 3-23-16


Heaven Letters



God said:

How wide is wide, and how tall is tall? How high is the sky? How vast is Infinity?

A mother may ask her young child, how much do you love me? And the child widens his arms as wide as his arms can reach and says: “This BIG.”

In a dandelion that a child presents to his mother, he is presenting her with the whole Universe. A child really knows Infinity better than he knows the finite world. What is there for the child to learn on Earth that he doesn’t already know but the finite? From the whole array of knowledge, the child comes down to details and measurements and reduction of scale and becomes learn-ed in the world, yet true learning is something to be sparked not studied.

A child remembers Totality, and then what he is formally taught gets to be reduced to limits of one kind or another. Much of the learning on Earth is less rather than more. Instead of Fullness, there comes to be a sort of filling up that does not come near to Fullness, a crowding as it were, some sort of sand in the gas tank and a grinding of gears.

Learning is meant to be joy. The child wants to grasp fistfuls of knowledge. Imagine how a child learns language so magnificently and so easily, and how eagerly. All that is integral to learning language, all the fitting of the tongue and aspirations of the lips, and the ears give an encore. When someone can learn language and all its ramifications, he can learn anything that he desires to learn.

When did learning become work or canned as if learning were something excerpted and remote to him and pushed on him, when all learning is about life and the liveliness of learning. Since when was learning something that had to be drummed into a child as if learning were separate from the joy of life and love itself, and the child has to be stuck in a wagon and go only one way and not another?

Let learning evoke love and joy, for are not love and joy the point of learning? There is no point to and no necessity for subjugation.

One thing in life leads to another. The heart and mind desire to be filled with knowledge. Don’t mistake true learning for facts or information. True knowledge is making a connection. It is enjoining disparate elements and seeing how they unite and add to the spiral of life in the world.

Two different matters have a commonality. Learning is putting things together. Learning is finding out how the disparate are not disparate but alive and alike. What do language and music have in common? Even within language and music, there is silence. There is silence between words, and there is silence between notes. There is silence between thoughts. There is immersion into subjectivity, and there is objectivity which is not meant to be far away. Objectivity can bring you closer yet to Me, yet your heart has to be in the learning.

Learning has to be for joy, or what is it worth? The test of learning is how much it means to the one who is learning. Learning is more than exercise and repetition. Learning is an exploration of the world. Everything can be in its place, and everything can be which way and that. Everything can be everything, or it can be nothing at all, and nothing can be all of it.

True learning is discovery. Life is meant to be discovery. There is no completing discovery. It is worldwide. It is Universe-wide. It is Heavenward. Life is beyond any restrictions construed upon it. Life is a Miracle of Discovery. There are no borders to discovery. Everything on Earth is a flower to be picked and given away into the furthest reaches, something like one heart’s embracing all others.

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Heavenletter #5519 – The Story of the Sun – 1-3-16

God said:

Will you agree with Me that love is your natural state? Do you agree?

If love is not your first reaction at present, what has interfered with this natural state I gave to you for safe keeping? Love is natural because I gave it to you. I gave you My Nature, and My Nature is to love.

The Love from Your Heart has been impacted upon. Your love moved over. You may feel your love was chased away or kicked away. Your Beloved Heart received signals that your love perhaps wasn’t valued. You did indeed receive the message that love is not a safe route. You could not be sure that love had been apportioned to you. You wanted and want to protect your love. You do not know how to keep on giving your heart away when your heart is perhaps kicked around and not readily backed up. You tended to hold your Divine Heart apart.

Perhaps, back then, whatever you did was not quite right or good enough. To be good was more important than to shine the light of your love. You learned the hard way. Yes, your heart felt tossed aside.

Regardless of the past, it is for you now to reconnect with your love and know its security because your heart, in Truth, is bigger than the world, bigger than hurt. Your heart is as big as the Sun. Your heart has all the Light of My Heart. What did you think it means that you and I are One? There is One Sun, and it sheds its Light on All irrespective of anything.

The Sun shines equally. This is exactly how your heart longs to be.

The One Sun does not withhold its Light. The One Sun does not say, “Here, not there.” Even if someone does not want the Sunlight, the Sunlight shines. When there are human beings who cover up their skin with cloth or lotion, the Sun shines just the same. There are those who may be fearful of the Sun, yet the Sun shines just the same. The reception the Sun receives makes no difference to the Sun. The Sun’s role is to shine. The Sun treats all the same. There are those who react in objection to the Sun, yet the Sun rolls out its light regardless.

Even when clouds cover the Sun, the Sun shines just the same.

Now, looking at yourself and the times when your love does not seem valued or wanted, do not start thinking that you, the Sun of Love, must be a fool to shine when you feel unwelcome. Nor does the Sun linger here or there. The Sun moves on. The Sun does not focus on its rejection and mourn about it. The Sun does not take rejection to heart. Certainly, the Sun does not cry over spilt milk.

The Sun stays the same and has, for yea so many years, and human beings will grow to the Sun. You are growing to the Sun. The Sun doesn’t hold back. It supplies Vitamin D and warmth to all. The Sun does not sniffle and boo-hoo. The Sun in its Majesty doesn’t waste time.

Today, will you be like a new-born babe? When people come along, will you greet all with a smile? If you are frowned at, what matters it to you? The Sun’s Nature is to shine, and so you, like the Sun, shine. You certainly don’t have to stay still waiting for someone in a dark mood to smile at you. The Sun gives. The Sun gives Light, and this is the Story of the Sun.

And you are the Sun. Nothing is to deter you from your joy in shining your Light on All. Tell Me, dear children, what else is there for you to do? To waylay yourself? To kick your True Heart away and choose to be less that you are? You are to the manor born. Reflect Me, will you? Be in your True Light.

Heavenletter #5336 via Gloria Wendroff: The Pure Glory of Being – 7-5-15

Heavenletters - Version 2

Heavenletters 5336 The Pure Glory of Being

God said:

The Truth of You bears no resemblance to the harried person you disguise yourself in. You are not this pressured person you think you are.

Sometimes you feel frazzled. However, frazzle is like a hot spell in the weather. There can be a hot spell in the weather. You can experience a heat wave, yet you are not the heat wave. You can have a hot spell, yet a hot spell is outside you. Frazzle is an addendum to the apparent appearance that is not you at all. If you were not hiding out in a body, you would have no clue as to what stress and strain could be. We come back again and again that you are not your body. Your body has temperature. The Essence of You does not. The Essence of You has nothing to do with up or down or any apparent change.

Consider stress like a sauna your body steps into. You are not a sauna. Your body enters a sauna, and your body steps out of a sauna. You can open the door, and you step out the same way you stepped in.

You, outlined in the form of a body, can kick up a storm, yet you can never be a storm. You can erupt like a volcano. You can be called a volcano, yet you are not a volcano. Your body can bear witness to a volcano. Your body can erupt, yet the essence of you remains Pure Being.

You can be called a spit-fire, yet Who You Are bears no resemblance to a spit-fire.

You can don clothes, yet you can never be the clothes you don. In the world you can appear as High Style, yet the Essence of You has nothing to do with style or manners any more than the Essence of You has to do with freckles.

Your head can have frizzy hair, yet frizzy hair has nothing to do with you. Your Being is Being. Being is not something you can comb or spritz Frizz-less spray on. In fact, your Being is always untouched. Being is beyond being affected or adapting affectation. Being is Being. It is no stretch of your imagination.

Your body can hamper you and your mind can hamper you, yet Being is beyond your body and beyond your seeming individual heart and mind. Your beautiful heart can be affected, yet the Beingness of you can’t be anything but what it is – the Pure Glory of Sunlight lighting up the Universe like stars in the sky. Beingness can only be simply what it is.

Yet, how you have to be reminded of your Beingness housed in the illusion of the world.

Being is centered within you. You, in the image of a body can get rattled, yet nothing can touch your Being. God Is, and you ARE. I am formless except as I express Myself through you in a human body on Earth.

The world is a miracle of expression. All the Beauty in the World cannot light a candle to the True Reality of You which is Pure Being. We, the seeming you and I, share Being. We appear like Twinkling Stars and Hot Sun and Cool Moon, and yet We are more than the light that appears to nourish the Universe. Certainly, We are bright light whether you see it or not, yet Our Essence is Being Beyond Description. We do not fit into words.

You can be described on many levels, literally and in beautiful metaphors, yet all the description falls short of the Reality of which you are made. You are beyond image. You are beyond the content of the Whole Universe. Of course, you are beyond, because the Infinite cannot fit into the finite no matter what the greatest of poets may put together in rhyme or iambic pentameter.

“Heavenletter #5336: “The Pure Glory of Being,” received by Gloria Wendroff, July 4, 2015, at http://heavenletters.org/the-pure-glory-of-being.html

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Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff – The Loving Opportunity of Life – 7-2-15

Heavenletters.org, July 1, 2015

God said:

I hear My children cry out:

“My God of Heaven, My Illustrious God, My Love, My Goodness and Vision, Entrepreneur of My Heart, My Life’s Blood, My Heart, My Teacher, You hold Me in Your Hand. You are the Light of the Universe. In one swoop, You hold us all in Your Hand, Your Heart, Your Soul. You are beyond Soul. You are Oneness. You are the Tie That Makes us One, yet You are not the tie that binds. You give us the Freedom to go beyond our little selves, these masqueraders who seem to overtake our lives. You are our Freedom Fighter, only You do not fight.

“You give us Your Being. You breathe Life into Us. If we are embers, You blow on our flame and keep us going. You have programmed our bodies, yet our Evolution, You deem it ours, and, yet, just the same, You push and pull us forward. You beckon. In sweetness, You beckon. You do not resist us. We resist You, yet at the same time, You are irresistible. You sweep us up in Your arms, and we recognize that You are what we have always wanted. We have felt alone and abandoned, yet it is we who have sequestered ourselves.

“We fashioned hairdos and moustaches, and we took our little selves oh so seriously, and we pranced and more or less pretended to play while we trapped ourselves in an illusion of danger. We have been so fearful. We have even considered ourselves an endangered species.

“Most dear God, with all respect to You, despite the beauty and love that are apparent on Earth, we have sometimes felt that Earth is a kind of torture chamber You have corralled us in, as though we are cattle fenced in by an electric fence.

“In any case, we learn soon or late that we are discovering You in our lives, and You are Love. We are getting to rise above the limiting fences of the world. You do not build the fences. It is we who bind ourselves and wound ourselves and look at others as the culprits and, sometimes, we look at You as the Grand Culprit, the Eternal Culprit who puts us in motion and sets up impediments.

“We are not fair to You, God, and this is our suffering. We taught it to ourselves. We see Your Love for little birds, and, even so, some little birds are caged, and some little birds are injured, and every birdling that sings now will not always be here to sing. Each will be replaced, and this is a synopsis of life on Earth for human beings as well, for we see it coming. Do the little innocent birds think ahead like that? They must not, for they do not embody fear the way we human beings do.”

I answer you:

Beloved Child, the sweet animals of the Earth do not have all the choices you do. They stay true to themselves and their nature. They do not ponder on death, and, yet, they know death when it comes to themselves or to another. All My instructions the birds of Earth have within them, and they accept. We can say that the animals of the Earth accept, and you do not. They do not see death as a price they pay. They do not question. They understand very well that God’s Will be done. They see that death of the body is part of life like the rain that comes and the sun that shines.

The dear animals do not think that what happens should not happen. They do not fight the Love of God. They do not have the words to speak, yet they have the heart that knows, and so do you. The Birds of the Earth sing and embrace, while My children may stamp their feet and certainly do not condone areas of life that they see as unfair and unloving and that should not exist at all.

Of course, I gave you the choice. You will find your way because I gave you the ability to grow as a blessing upon Earth. You will come to see from a higher post, and you will glory in the Loving Opportunity of Life that I, God, have wrought.

Heaven Letters – God and I Can Really Be One? – 5-26-15

God said:

Beloveds, I have heard you say to Me:

“God, sometimes I feel that I am not connecting with You. Then I sit down with You personally, and the power of You enters my heart, and all the tawdry world no longer exists. It is as if You so gently, instantly and all powerfully, touch my heart and calm it. There is something where the Essence of You sweeps everything else aside, and I feel a tight connection with You, as if, truly, You are my Very Self.

“At these times, my pulse throbs: ‘God is here. My God is here. God and I are really One. There is no parting between Us. We are seamless.’

“God, You become my own Knowingness. It is like everything else that preoccupies me gets out of the way. What is left then? What can be left but You, God, exhilarating my heart, coursing through me – only You and nothing but You. You are not Nothing. You are Something, and You are deep within me. You are tenured within me. You are the Very Beat of My Heart. You are embedded in Me. For a few moments, nothing but You exists. I forget myself.

“You save me from my dependency on the outer world which, sooner or later, seems to let me down. You, God, You raise me up. You hold me on top of the world. You overshadow the clouds of the world. You lift me to Holy Heaven, and, for a few moments, I am here complete with You. Nothing is missing or can be missing, for Our hearts exchange love, and that’s all there is. Your love is safe within me. You fill my heart, and I am full of You.

“You are more than sweet cream, yet I am filled with sweet cream, and the abundance and sweetness of Your Love. It can only be cream I am filled with. I am filled with nothing else. Even as I feel Your Fullness and say these words, there is nothing for me to say, and there is no way for me to convey the love with which You anoint me, yet You are far beyond thoughts in my head. You are beyond thought. I have no thought. I am fullness. You are rich cream in my heart, and the sweetness and dearness of You flow through me, and You are my Whole Existence.

“You have given me the Miracle of You. You lift me as if on a pedestal from which I can never fall, yet, it seems that I set You aside to leave me to rant and rave about my loneliness and wonder where You are.

“Then it seems that for the rest of the day, I set myself aside from You so that I practice once again my ordinary human-ness which I equate with pangs of pain and loneliness as if they were my inheritance over love.

“Why, God, would I ever let go of You for one second? I think I am not able to multi-task, not that You are a task, yet I do not yet know how to live life in the world without my little self included. Either You are totally in my embrace, or You are out of my embrace. I don’t know how to be 100% You unless I am in seclusion with You.

“I don’t yet know how to be You and in the world at the same time. It’s not that I am half You and half me. I do not seem to know how to be One with You while active in the world. For me, to be in the world seems to hold lots more pain than joy, to the extent that I would love to be only with You even as that might mean I do not participate in the world.

“It is as if I must choose You, or I must choose the world. I do not seem to know how to have You and the world at the same time. I know this cannot really be true because You have said that We, You and I, are immersed as One. Oh, if only I were aware of this. You say I can be aware. Will You, God, please grant that my faithless heart become totally and permanently One with Yours?”

And, of course, My answer is Yes, Yes, Yes.

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Heaven Letters – Where Is Your Soul Located? – 5-9-15

Your life is never half over.

Every day you are just beginning life. You experience life in made-up increments of time.

All the while, you are simply an Earthling having a dream. You are new every day. There is another day and another day. Each day is new, and so are you new every day. Today you are not who you seemed to be yesterday. You are, indeed, every day a new rose unfolding and unfolding before My very eyes. And, you are, indeed, a rose whose very leaves and blossoms pass away, for life on Earth is finite. Life on Earth was set up this way. Life on Earth is a temporary fling.

This presentation of life as a storm whirling you around also presents you and your personality with a daily opportunity to rise and reach higher to where there is more than what eyes on Earth see clearly. The Unseen Unknown is also present. Omnipresent. This moment on Earth gives an opportunity for you and your spirit to soar. Even as you are glommed to Earth, stuck in a place that is not yet big enough for you, you, nevertheless, have some awareness of Who you really are.


Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff – In the Stream of Timelessness – 4-26-15

heaven_logo_largeHeavenletters: In the Stream of Timelessness. Received by Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, April 25, 2015

God said:

What does it mean to live in the moment?

It means you are where you are and not off somewhere else. You are not a minute ahead nor are you a minute behind. You are not past-oriented nor are you future-oriented. You are not thinking of something else. You are where you are.

If you are drinking a cup of coffee, you savor the coffee. You savor the people you notice in the restaurant and you savor the people walking past the restaurant. You are not cogitating past, present or future. You are in the present. In a sense, beloveds, you are the present. This is more than being in the present.

We can say that nothing exists but the present. You don’t think of a Universe. You have become the Universe. We can say that you don’t think about Infinity because you are Infinity. You are in the stream of timelessness. This is what this moment is. You are where you are, and you aren’t where you are not.

You are in certain surroundings, yet there isn’t static. There is no interference with what is now.

It is focus though I do not say that you are focused. This is a natural act. There is no effort. There is intention, yes, perhaps.

It is even away from the moment if you think you must focus. Now is focus without thinking about it. This is being where you are without thinking about it. You are Being.

This is being happy, for what is there to be unhappy about when you are alive and right where you are? Remember you are in Infinity whatever the shape it presents itself in.

Unhappiness comes from the concerns of the past, and unhappiness comes from fear of what could go wrong in the future. In the present, there is no right or wrong. There simply is Is-ness. You are Being. You are the sun shining. No effort for the sun. The sun simply shines, and you are simply right here with Me in the Sun and, yes, every ray of it. You are where you are, and you are experiencing rays of the Consciousness of the Sun. It isn’t exactly that you experience it, for you ARE it. You are the Sun. You always have been, yet you have been distracted from Who you are by the sounds and sights you see here and there the same way a baby examines a toy rattle.

We can consider yourself and consider Me as the One Sun that shines in the sky. I never leave the Sun. On the surface, you trot around here and there in your mind. Your mind is a traveler that looks out all the windows of the Sun, and you actually believe that you are outside the Sun. Even so, you never leave the Sun. You are the Shining Sun that you wonder at.

You stare into a ruby without awareness that you are the ruby that you see. You look through the ruby and yet do not see the ruby as it is — a reflection of you and your light. You do not recognize that you are the Whole Wide Universe and all that is beyond and what you see, you are seeing through yourself.

We might say that this moment right in front of you is like a mantra. You are with it, and then you forget it. When you realize you have forgotten this moment, having drifted off somewhere, you come back to it. When your mind strays from the Sun that you are, I invite you to come back to your awareness of the True Nature of Life where you permanently abide with Me. In the moment, now, right where you happen to be, you dwell in Eternity.


Heaven Letters – Life Has a Mind of Its Own – 4-23-15


Heaven Letters

In terms of the world, you simply do not have enough information to go on, yet you have had the idea that you are to know all the why’s and wherefore’s of life, as if explanations are owed you. No matter how many times you may come up against the idea that you cannot have all your questions in the world answered to your satisfaction, nevertheless, you still hold onto the idea that the world must serve itself up to you and tell you everything you want to know in a respectful manner.

There are matters in the world that you just have to take for granted. You aren’t Sherlock Holmes who can put everything together and so solve all that you want solved. The world does not give you all the answers. This is hard for you to accept. Beloveds, you just can’t change the lay of the land according to your desires.

Of course, on some level hidden to you, you do know all the answers. The thing is that you don’t know how to quite reach the answers. You want to understand everything. You want to plow through life with all your lights on, yet you are not quite plugged in as yet. You know, and don’t know, and you are eager to know with certainty all that which you don’t know. And that’s a lot, of course, for, in the world, everything is in process of change.

Anyway, half the answers your conscious mind will not accept anyway because the answers may cut against the grain of what you call right. You like to make demands on life. Life dances a different tune from what you consider appropriate and acceptable.

Death of the body is a fact of life. No matter the evidence, the concept of the body’s death is difficult for you to accept. You are sure that this is not the way life is supposed to be. You want your picture of life in the world to be your ideal.

The fact is that life, the way it is now, is how it appears to you whether you like it or not. Life is not intended to be a sure thing. You expect life to be otherwise. And so you resist and even fight life as it is, as if life is unlawful and its edicts must be changed to suit your idea of what life is supposed to be.

You have life, beloveds, as it is, and you have a certain bias towards what you see. You tend to argue with life day and night. You are in an uproar. All the while, you take heartache very seriously. Here today and gone tomorrow is a theme of life everyone has to deal with. The quality of permanency isn’t of this world. The temporary aspects of this world are something that may have been hard for you to forgive Me for. You perceive separation everywhere regardless of what I say.

At the same time, you know you can’t freeze life. Your children grow before your very eyes. You grow as well, and sometimes you see your growth as a decline. Your frequent cry is: “Why does life have to be like this?”

You may wish you could pull out a drawer entitled a certain year, and that you could rifle through that year as it was. You might like to pick up your 22-year old son as he was when he was 2 years old and the apple of your eye, as he sucked his thumb and adored you. You want to rifle through that time and have it back, and you want some of the fruits of the present years as well.

And sometimes you are irreconcilable at the orneriness of life as perceived and arbitrated through your eyes.

Heaven Letters – Now Your Heart Is Opening – 3-12-15


God said:

When you want to write to Me and hear from Me, orally or written, sit down with Me as if knee to knee. You do not have to have a question to ask. Sometimes having to ask Me a question before you hear from Me can be a stumbling block for you, for My dear children want to think of a great question, a question worthy of God, or, rather, of your impression of God.

Of course, no question is too big or too small for Me. You don’t have to have a question. At the same time, you do want to hear from Me directly from My heart to yours. You do, don’t you? If you could but dare. It is not daring. It only seems daring to you.

If you are writing, simply write down:

God to [and write your name.] This little beginning shows your openness to hearing Me. It also makes clear Whom you desire to hear from. You let Me in by your easy-going intention to hear Me.

Perhaps you want to close your eyes, put your right hand over your heart. Something will come. You are not looking for a spectacular Nobel Peace Prize message from Me. You simply want to come closer to Me. So, you write down the first thought that pops into your head, gently accept that it is for you from Me. Just write it down whatever it is. Let it be what it is. Do not judge it. It’s okay if what you seem to hear is ordinary-seeming to you.

This gets you started. Then you let it roll. You have no idea where the first words that come to you will lead. You are listening for Me. I do not announce Myself in golden letters or in hip-slapping wisdom. You will hear simple words from Me. You just write. This is not what is called automatic writing. You are not writing idly. You are writing down what you hear, for you have set out to hear Me as I whisper to you so faintly, almost imperceptibly. My words do not reach you stamped and sealed.

It is always My desire to connect to you as well. Leave it to Me. Be easy with it. Nothing is at stake. You are doing a great thing in wanting to hear more from Me. You are not looking for anything but to hear from Me. Now your heart is opening

Write as fast as you can, never minding spelling or punctuation or all these proper things you learned at school. You don’t have to have good penmanship. You do not have to write on the lines. You can turn your Godwriting notebook upside down or turn your notebook so you write across vertical lines. These things don’t matter. Your purpose is to get closer to Me. I always want to get closer to you.

Now you want to let go of all you have ever heard about Me. You are not going to predict what I say. You are simply writing down as fast as you can the thoughts that come to your mind.

You come closer to Me by forgetting yourself. Never mind what you think of yourself or what you think the people you know think of you. Reaching Me is Our intimate Oneness holding forth.

Our communicating has not been activated in the past. The world did not think well of this. The world encouraged you not to hear from Me. Contrary to what the world might say, this is Reality. The world also may have thought that hearing from Me might make you vainglorious, make you full of pride and glory or fantasy. The Truth is that hearing from Me humbles you.

Expect nothing and gain access to the One Who Is Always Speaking to you and may not have been heard.

Remember, you are not trying to hear Me. You are not trying at all. You may have been trying all your life. The way to hear Me is easily without effort at all. If effort worked, you would have been hearing from Me all the time. Trying doesn’t work. Holding on tight doesn’t work. A sense of having to write a masterpiece does not work.

I look forward to your hearing Me for your Self.


Heavenletter #5215 – Life Goes On, and So Must You – Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter™ – 3-6-15

God said:

Never did I mean you to be the analyst of life in the world. You try so hard to make sense of life from the surface level at which you judge it. You can analyze backwards and forwards and never get the hang of Life on Earth. Life is determined from deeper levels than you credit it to.

You see life amiss. You blame yourself for what has gone awry. You ask yourself what you did to cause what you see as a mishap or worse. Or you look to your neighbor down the street or the driver of a car to foist blame on, or, you look to God and see Me as letting you down or even punishing you, and, therefore, you may see Me then as an Invisible Plotter up in the sky. You are sure I don’t love you. If I loved you, would I allow such things to happen to you and other good people? Of course not, you are sure, if I loved you. At the same time, you might think that similar disappointments could be suitable to some other human beings that you may see as deserving misfortune.

You must know by now to stop thinking this way. Thinking this way is not a way out of the perceived mire you find yourself in. Just as children might blame the sidewalk for their falling down on it – bad sidewalk — you look for something to blame. Responsibility and blame are two different things. Come to the place where you can shrug off blame and admit to yourself that life is like this or life is sometimes like this and it is not meant personally to you. Perhaps you were just there. Perhaps you were incidental. Perhaps it is all right that Jack and Jill fell down the hill and Humpty-Dumpty could not be put back together again.

You’re not going to beat life into submission to your will. Just do the very best you can whatever life tosses your way. Call to you what you would love, and then let it go.

Desire that you are a free spirit and resilient to whatever comes. Persist in loving life. Don’t toss life away because of anything. You are to live life and be a good sport about it. Any diatribe you go on about the injustice of life isn’t going to make any difference. All you can do is to look at life and your place in life differently. This will change how you breathe. This will change your outlook. You can stand taller. You can stop from putting yourself down. You can stand up beside life and you can give goodness and mercy to life.

By the way, you can give as much energy into the welcome gifts that life pours on you as you have to the errors you perceive. You can give life half a chance. You can even applaud life because you are alive in it. You don’t applaud life for a reward, even as applauding life is its own reward. You are not trying to bribe life. You are not patting life’s back so it may pat yours. Do as you do because it is yours to do. It is the only thing you can do to be fair to life.

You are blessed to be alive on Earth. Stop thinking otherwise. Sprint uphill and downhill. However life changes before your very eyes, take the good in it and run with it. Be fair with life. Be a booster to life and everyone in it.

If there is a tree you don’t like the looks of, you don’t kick it. If your wife doesn’t make supreme coffee, still, you drink it graciously. And if life deals you what the whole world may say is a bad hand, wrest the best out of it you can. You are part of life. You are not here to redo or undo life. You are here to soar and, along the way, inspire others.

Do not dismiss the power of inspiration. Do not dismiss your place in the sun. Keep your place in the sun regardless of anything. Even with what the world calls blows, life goes on, and so must you.

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