Heaven Letter #5647 – What God, the Creator, Creates – 5-11-16



God said:

To be true to yourself means to not sell yourself short. Be your True Self, and you honor Me, the God Who made you the Being you are – the Beautiful Being you are.

If you do not see yourself as a Beautiful Being, you have misled yourself. Listen to Me once and for all: I create Beautiful Beings, no less. You are a Beautiful Being I created.

It would seem that too many of My children have listened to downtrodden versions of themselves in mind and heart. It is not humility that tells you to conceive of yourself as less. Come on, now, I do not spend My breath on less. Human Beings are more, not less.

There is a tendency for My Greatest Beings to see themselves as less. This is not modesty. This is fool-heartedness. This is frivolousness. This is a form of ego that blushes and says: “Naw, I’m not good-enough.”

I say you are Far Greater than good enough. I do not create so-so human beings. I create God Beings. I created you a God Being. It doesn’t matter you are pompous about. What does your opinion have to do with your Soul? Keep in mind what is essential, and what is not. World perfection is not the tale that tells. World perfection is not the song that sings.

I do not create has-beens, do you read Me? I don’t create lost souls. I create Beings. I create God Beings.

Innocent animals do not question their perfection, for they are deeply at home with themselves. They do not ask: “Why this, and why that?” They accept themselves as My Deeply Beloveds.

Why is this so hard for you to accept? You may look at Me cynically, as if to say to Me: “HA HA, God. Prove to me what You say.” You thrust out your chin, put your hands on your hips, as if to wink: “God, we both know You can’t prove it.”

In fact, some of My children even see themselves as the dregs of the Earth. Who taught you to think this way? You learned this somewhere. You were born with trust and in trust without any mockery of what I have made.

I wonder if you think cynicism is smart, and innocence is not?
Throw out cynicism instead for then you are ahead. Upbeat beats downbeat any day.

It is not a good idea for you to put yourself down nor is it a good idea for you to put anyone in the world down. Why would make you berate yourself or anyone? If you have been smearing the world you live in – desist now. Disband from negativity. Create harmony in your own mind.

Come from a place of Silence. Sing a tune that raises the vibration of the world. You cannot raise the world higher than you are. The Universe does not come down to your opinion of it.

I say you are a beautiful rose in a rose arbor. Beautiful roses do not cut themselves with their thorns. Beautiful roses stand tall, yet they do not kid themselves that they know it all.

Abstain from the illusion of knowing it all and considering yourself smarter than your Creator. Do you really aspire to be the Great Critic of the Universe? Aspire to be courteous.

Do not raid the Universe. Watch out for the angle from which you regard the Universe you live in. Inspire this world of Ours.

Better to be a know-nothing than to think you know it all. As a matter of fact, you do know much more than you credit yourself with, and, so, now, bless the Universe.

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Heavenletter #5644 – Why Not Paradise on Earth? – 5-8-16

God Is Love 2

God said:

What would make where you live a Paradise on Earth? What would make the world a Paradise, this world that you read and hear such terrible things about, where wars have been fought and warriors are heroes?

You may say you don’t believe in Paradise. You may not. At the same time, it is hard to believe that the world I created is not meant to be a Paradise. This, too, is hard to believe. It is especially hard to believe now when you do see before your eyes the lion and the lamb’s lying down together.

There can be peace. You have seen it.

How can it be that peace is hard to find among God’s Created Human Beings when most people, by far, are Good Neighbors? What possible joy is there to find in dissent?

Deer and dogs lie down together. Cats and rats lie down together. An animal of one species contentedly lies down and nurses the babies of another species. What makes human beings so selective?

What is this about human beings against each other and creating friction? In My book, friction is fiction. It is drama set on fire. It is drama let out of a cauldron like a witches’ brew. Infighting is always infighting. It can’t be necessary. It would be better if antagonism and setting fires were never heard of.

It is peace that is meant to be natural in life. What sense does it make for a neighbor to be against another neighbor? This is not what is meant to be.

Sometimes war is even exalted. What kind of a happiness-maker can war be? War is not a happiness-maker. War is a widow-maker.

Negativity may bring out some milk of goodness and mercy, for you have a natural affinity with that which is worthwhile. By and large, negativity breeds negativity. You are not meant for negativity. Negativity is not worthy of you. It is not worthy of you at all.

Yet office buildings and careers salute war and celebrate war with toasts, pride, and applause. A lot of attention sure goes on hostility as if hostility were a noble possession.

Hoodwinking goes on in the world. The world knows how to sell that which needs to be removed from the face of the Earth. Oh, well, war is a game played with toy soldiers yet given important names and motives. Let’s call a spade a spade. War is war. War is not of good cheer. War is of lost faith.

How to end wars? Not by fighting them, My dears.

There is more to life than the physical. There is the spiritual that will not harbor war. There is Love on Earth. Hold love high. Light dispels darkness. War does not. Love is bright light shining. The Stars in the Sky sparkle light so you will look up and be inspired. The Sun Above sends to you the Bright Light I created, day in and day out, so that you will see the Light of Day. I would do somersaults so that Peace will Reign on Earth.

Peace also has to be your will. You already feel more peaceful just hearing Me mention peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace makes a better world than war. War is a copy-editor word. The word Peace creates its own vibration. The word war does too. Which word do you choose to call forth?

Use the brain I gave you. Otherwise, you are lost in a Word that says No to life rather than Yes. I encourage you to say Yes and Yes and Yes.

If you can make My dear animals pets, can you not soften your heart to your sisters and brothers as well as you can inflame your heart? Come now, put aside war and lift up your Arms of Peace. Peace is what you are made for.

Heavenletter #5637 – Nothing Else and Nothing Less – 5-1-16


God said:

Strictly speaking, even as there are no dimensions in Eternity and Infinity, and there is no time and space, none at all, and spoken and written language can only go so far, there is, nevertheless, always more to come.

There are greater heights to reach, and you do rise higher even as your feet are stuck to the ground or you are on your knees or the sun is too bright in your eyes. Heights are for you to reach, and depths as well.

How deep you are and how high. You are like the Hub of the Universe, or We can say the Navel of the Universe. The Center and the Heights and the Depths are One. It can be said that there is only Higher and Higher and nothing else and nothing less.

At the same time, all Heights are reachable. You have arms and legs and eyes and hearts and souls and desires to reach the Heights. You are meant to go for the Heights and Depths, and you are meant to reach the Heights and the Depths. You are born for them.

You are not meant to be satisfied in the trenches.

The train you ride on is called More and More and Higher and Higher and Deeper and Deeper and Vaster and Vaster.

All the Realms and Heights and Depths are within you. Within you, all exists. This is your inheritance. And, so, as you reach out and yearn, you already have. And, so, you seek for your Self. You are filled to the brim with all you desire, yet you are a bottomless pit of desire.

Is there anything the matter with that? Without appetite, would you eat?

Of course, there are limits to the physical world. You can only eat so much. You can only do so many sit-ups. You have only so many limbs and so many shoes to wear.

Yet when it comes to urgings and desires and fulfillment, Infinity comes into play. You can be all you want to be. You are meant to be all you want to be. You are to swim in love. You are to be an anchor of love that can reach everywhere. You are a God Being designed to fly across the Sun, sit on the Moon, touch all the Points of Stars and imbibe Starlight.

Of course, you are meant to be a God Being. Further, the fact is that you already are a God Being.

What do you think it means that you are made in My Image? In Whose Image would you rather be made in? You are a Chip Off the Old Block, indeed. Yes. Even if you flunk a dozen tests, even if you are bereft of limbs, tied up in knots, laid low, you, the very you as you are, fly on the Wings of Angels.

You are all of My Flights of What Might Be Called Fancy, yet I know not Fantasy. I know Truth, and Truth circles the Universe, and Truth rises up from the Universe, and so do you rise.

Do you possibly think I mean others and not you, or only you and not others? I mean the whole Gang of Representatives of God. I mean all the possible manifestations of Me. I mean each and everyone is to fly to the Heights with Me and carry the world all the way up to Heaven and keep it here.

Heaven is a State of Being, you understand. Place does not exist. There is no space, and you are to rise and follow Me into the Innocence of Love from on High.

Come with Me. I take you by the hand. Hold Mine, and off We go.

Heavenletter #5634 – A Bag of Surprises – 4-28-16 –


God said:

You are free on Earth. It may not seem so to you. You may feel bogged down in so many matters that you are overwhelmed.

Dear Ones, you are free even to be overwhelmed. It is not a stretch to say that out of a peck of opportunities, you may well have chosen one named Overwhelmed.

There are so many choices in life before you. All of them are for you to choose from.

You even have the choice to run away from what you would love to choose. You may put your hand out, and then pull your hand back. You do not give yourself credit for the ability to achieve your desires, and so you back away, or, perhaps, it can be said that you back away from fulfilling a desire of yours out of timidity or, perhaps, from some kind of fear of success or failure. In any case, it can be that you accept less than your full quotient.

On one level, it doesn’t matter. On another level, it matters very much. Well, who in life knows for a fact what his best choices are? You can only guess.

Perhaps you can build yourself up to say Yes more often to what you desire than you say No to what you desire. If Life has picked a flower for you, it may behoove you to accept the flower and not throw it away.

Regardless, Life is your choice, and you choose one way or another.

Caution tells you that you can’t accept everything that comes your way. On the other hand, you want your heart to flow where it wants to flow.

Challenges are acceptable. You don’t have to make sure bets. You can work at what you want. Everything doesn’t have to be a sure thing.

You don’t have to succeed in everything. Success can be in giving yourself your best shot.

Perhaps you can stick with something just as easily as you can drop it. You don’t have to stick with it any more than you have to drop it. Free choice.

Make your choices yours rather than the advice of the seeming world. There are all kinds of gains. There are many kinds of gains. Which pair of glasses do you want to look through?

Keep your options open. Of course, you can choose to stay on the same track. Of course, you can choose new horizons as well. You are a chooser of choices.

I am speaking here of daring to follow your heart. Herein lies the reward. The thing is, following your heart or following your logic is not so easy for you to know which is which. Life in the world has many variables.

Sometimes you are not sure what is heart and what is ego, and sometimes you spend your whole Life in debating a decision. And, sometimes, you simply have to choose.

And sometimes you have to let go of choices made.

Let’s consider that there are no best choices or worst choices. There are only choices. Have no regrets. Regrets are a delaying action. With regrets, the past holds you in its thrall.

Look, regrets are your choice as well. Don’t waste your Life on regrets. You can’t keep reading the same pages in a book over and over. Turn the pages, and move on.

When you are open, beloveds, you are open to a kind of magic bag of surprises. Anything can happen. Anything can happen in more than one way. Open your heart and mind to what you would love to have happen during your Life on Earth. What are the possibilities you think of? What are the possibilities you haven’t yet thought of?

Anticipate a great life on Earth. Open the gates to good fortune. Wake up, you are not here for misfortune.

Toss blessings up in the air, and catch them

Heavenletter #5632 – Fear and Time Do a Dance Together – 4-26-16


Heavenletter #5632   –   Fear and Time Do a Dance Together   –   4-26-16

God said:

Fear not. How can you be buoyant in love when you fear? When you fear, you see shadows all over. Shadows are only shadows. They are not real. You fear shadows. The shadows don’t hurt you.

Your radical acceptance of fear hurts you. Fear makes you take a stand for shadows. You bow down to shadows.

Fear is a concept you have bought into. Fear is a response. It is a reaction. It is not a brave act that your heart trembles as if there were no tomorrow. It does not behoove you to re-enact fear, to give it yet another face, and keep fear’s face alive.

Well, in Truth, there is no tomorrow and no yesterday. Time is a temporary-seeming pause in the Structure of the Universe. It is an aberration. Fear cannot exist except in the Illusory Passage of Time. Fear and time do a dance together. They are partners. They are fearsome partners. They enact drudgery together. Fear and time become a movie feature in your life.

It is not really that fear and time catch up to you. It really is that you stop for them. Fear and time take you for a ride in their rickety carriage, and you don’t know how to get off. You fear an unknown abyss, and, so, you hold onto the abyss you see now as if it were really and truly real.

Imagine, you decide that holding onto nothing is a form of courage. What you are really doing is hanging out with the concept of fear pressed into an alarm of danger, as if Life on Earth consists of more danger than Love, as if Life is meant to be filled with shards. It is not.

Love is the Holy Grail you carry before you. Love is a gift you give to All Who Are Thy Self,for there are no others. It is a fact that presumed others are you yourself every time. You may hold a loyalty to trembling in fear rather than sparkling in Love. Fear is a lot of hooey. It has no substance.

While the blackguard time has its hold on you, you abscond with what is not true. You hold onto fear with all your might as if you have to be on the good side of time when time and fear are perishables.

The thing with the overactive illusion of time is that it too often leaves you high and dry. You may spend a lifetime buying into the false power of time, for you bow down to time as you fear it. You accept and authorize its speed limit on the freeway. You ride in times’ car, as it were.

In fact, you steer the car of time. In the crush, you hear times’ bells toll. You hear the bells toll for you. These bells that toll are not beautiful church bells. They do not enhance you. They trouble you. How merciless is the fear that you bow down to.

Fear is a lot of propaganda. Fear whistles in the wind. Fear echoes itself. Fear is thunder and lightning. It is a lion’s roar. Fear is a lot of hullabaloo. Fear is the Wizard of Oz who fools you. You cooperate. You try to get away unscathed. You fear to set fear straight. Fear becomes a little bonfire that you huddle over to keep warm. What is fear but a balloon that floats in your heart yet makes your heart feel heavy?

Try laughing at fear, and you will see your fears shrink. Back off from fear. Substitute Love instead, big rollicking Love that opens your huge heart for all to see. Dear Ones, open your own heart so you know the Fullness of Love.

Down with fear and up with Love.

Heavenletter #5629 – A Little Voice within You Contradicts Your Higher Self – 4-23-16


Heavenletter #5629   –   A Little Voice within You Contradicts Your Higher Self   –   4-23-16

God said:

You would love, above all, if many of the thoughts that run through your mind would leave you alone.

You want to be pure and true, yet your mind hassles you. It won’t leave you alone. You yearn for freedom of thought, yet you too often have thoughts that you wish you would not have.

Beloveds, you want to leap over your errant mind and rise high.

You do believe that I have made you something great, and, with all your might, you want to be great and reveal the Truth of Who you are and so bless the world. You are tired of riff-raff thoughts about others – and yourself – thoughts that plague you and won’t leave you alone. You no longer want to badger others in your weary mind. You deeply desire to go beyond the petty demeaning of yourself and others in your life.

You wonder how you can know as much as you do and, seemingly, be unable to live the fullness of what you know. You want the way of peace. Sometimes all you want is peace and to get beyond the remarks in your mind.

You want to be real and, certainly not merely a good show you put on. Where do your errant thoughts come from, and how can you quell them once and for all?

Tell your mind to be quiet, to stop the remarks that pop into your head. You would vanquish these thoughts if only your mind would desist. Your mind does not desist. Your mind rattles on and snipes at this one and that one. Would that your mind would give you some peace and quiet and not keep panning the world and those struggling souls in it.

You want to be filled with goodness and mercy, and yet your mind makes untoward remarks right and left. A little voice within you contradicts your Higher Self time and time again. You parody yourself. You taunt yourself with the jibes you make that would offend others and make mince pie of all that you yearn to be, and, still, the thoughts go on.

Two lines of conversation seem to go along in your mind almost at the same time. You tell yourself that you are good and kind, yet the refrain you hear says:

“You think so? You play so.”

Beloveds, an undercurrent runs through your mind. It’s like you set up bowling pins only then to knock them down. You are Aeschylus of Greek mythology who must roll the log up the mountain only for it to roll down again. You keep having to start over day after day. This is how it is with your accumulated dismay at yourself. You lament the bickering that your mind seems to full of.”

You call out to Me:

“Please, God. Make me of one mind. Keep my ungainly thoughts out of my mind. Make my mind one of grace. Get me out of this mental chaos I seem to be in. Help me to be one way, not two. Give me One mind. Give me One heart. Keep contradiction away from me. What is all this stuttering that my mind jabbers? I weep at the incessant verbiage that is parked in my mind. Keep out these arguments from my heart and mind. I want to be a good soul. I want, and I want, and sometimes I don’t get anywhere. I find myself back where I don’t want to be. Would that I could have mercy on myself and stop my mind from its nit-picking.

“God, please free me from what keeps me back from the Glory You would have me reveal. Pull out all the chaff from the wheat that I harbor within me. I am so tired of not being all or even half of what I long to be and that You wish me to be.”

All right, then. I declare you free from the past and all the contradictions housed within you. I claim peace for you now. No more tyranny from the past. Starting right now, I tell you that you have nothing to do with any remnants of uncharitableness. I clear your mind of them.

From your side, if unwanted thoughts appear, go over their heads and supersede them with the thoughts you want to have. Your will is even more powerful than random unwanted thoughts that come from out of the Dark Ages of the Past.

So be it.

Heaven Letter #5624 – Be an Alchemist – 4-18-16

Heaven Letter #5624   –   Be an Alchemist   –   4-18-16


God said:

Everything you choose in life is your choice. Here’s what I mean:

If you are sad, you chose sadness. If you can choose sadness, you can choose happiness.

Your life is based on your choices. Under all circumstances, you have choices to make. Your experience and the world itself may tell you that under certain circumstances, you can only be unhappy. To believe that or not believe that is also a choice you make.

If you can choose anger, you can choose peace. You may say you can’t help anger. You may say you do not choose it, but suddenly it appears and seems to take you over — your emotions, your thoughts, your blood pressure. Do you think you can only be a fall guy to anger?

Beloveds, if you did not choose anger, then who did? Who can choose it for you, dear ones? Any Tom, Dick, or Harry?

Look, if someone in the world has turned anger into peace, what prevents you from doing the same?

You may say anger is your life experience. You may say you have to be an alchemist to lower the volume of your anger into peace.

I say: Be an alchemist then. You can even turn anger into love and understanding. It is not only Great Spiritual Ones who have done this. Even ordinary-seeming human beings have translated their animosity into love.

In the world, this is often called forgiveness, yet I repeat and repeat: What makes you so high and mighty as to deign to forgive someone else for his level of consciousness? Who do you think you are?

Because someone else may have put himself in jeopardy, you don’t have to join him. You don’t have to. You just don’t. The so-called other addresses you from his own anger or sense of deprivation and slant on life. What — are you going to model yourself after the unhappiness he has drawn to himself?

He may think he has had the last word with you. Purposefully or randomly, he offended you and hurt your heart or even injured someone close to you. Whether chosen or at random, it’s the same difference to you, for, in world terms, he has stolen peace from you, and you let him.

When you come down to it, do you want this unfortunate soul to impart his words onto you and leave you racked with the equivalent of his anger and hate?

Is this how you show him you’re more powerful? Is this how you defeat his suffering soul at your own expense? If you now see as he sees, and you see issues of right and wrong as black and white and offensive, how does that serve you or anyone? Are you lifting the world or lowering it?

There isn’t anything you can’t do. You can even let go of thoughts and emotions that do not benefit anyone in the world, or the world, and certainly not yourself. If you want an enemy, it’s quite easy to find one. Better to align with peace and freedom.

If this person hurt a loved one of yours, he certainly had no right. No matter his reasons which seemed valid to him at the moment or he is totally unaware of how he has infringed on you, he had no right.

By the same token, you have no right to want to turn the tables on him.

The only person to change is yourself. You are not to be vengeful or unkind under any circumstance. In your thoughts, words, and deeds, your only recourse is to rise above circumstances.

Granted, it is hard for you to let go of petty heartache when someone doesn’t come up to your standards. I have to ask you: Who appointed you the watchdog of life. Be the fulfiller. Let go of what ails you.

It seems to be all habit, doesn’t it, how you react? Now, then, change your habits.

Heavenletter #5617 – Joy and Striving Are Not in the Same Ball Park -4-11-16

God said:

The life you desire does not come from extreme effort. The world, as it appears, may say that you must work hard for everything. Yet working hard is not enough. As a matter of fact, working hard is often too much, for it wears you down.

Much of the good in life you receive arrives without effort. It happens. It just happens. You may not even have been looking for it. It pops up in front of you.

Clearly, it is not your effort that makes the sun shine and the rains to come. Ideas that come to you do not arise from strain. Straining prevents ideas from arising. When ideas arise, they pop up the way a daisy pops up. Joy often seems to arise as a by-product. You may well not have set up joy as your main objective and have been striving for it. How do you strive for joy? Joy and Strive are not in the same ball-park.

In order to chop wood, you applying yourself, and it is physical effort, yet chopping wood can feel good to you. By the same token, many who exercise in the gym apply themselves, and they sweat, and, yet, they enjoy themselves. It feels good. They may or may not have an object in mind, and yet the exercise of itself gives satisfaction.

Nor is it supreme effort that gets you out of the pit of despair. How much can your will and determination bring joyful treasure to you?

If you find a diamond ring in the street, finding a diamond ring may have been the last thing on your mind until you stumbled upon it.

You may work hard at finding a new job, yet when you find a new job – and one you like – it was easy. You may have worked very hard at finding work, and, yet, at some point, you may have met someone on the train who had a job opening in his company and was looking for the right person for the job, and he auspiciously finds you and, auspiciously, your new job falls in your lap.

There are no accidents. You may be looking for something on your left, and it appears on your right.

Of course, you may have to work hard to get a good grade in geometry in high school. Someone else may not have to study at all. It comes easily to one and not to another. If you work very hard at studying, you make this decision to work hard for a good grade. We could call that outer motivation. At the same time, there is something about studying so hard that makes it worthwhile for you – or, then again, it may not.

It is not that you are to be performance-oriented above all, yet performance also has its place in life. There can be joy in tossing up three oranges in the air and catching them and tossing them up again in a certain progression and catching them in mid-air again in a certain progression.

Yet living life has not always been fun for you.

By and large, when you are tense, you do not enjoy. Tension seems to ignore joy and make it tough. How can you be swept up in joy when you are tense? I am speaking of life and not a performance in a play. Of course, you can be tense at giving a speech and do very well, so, after the fact, you enjoy remembering the occasion for years to come.

It can be that you grew up with the understanding that life was meant to be a struggle, that life perhaps was meant to be a struggle between what you would enjoy and what you are obligated to do, and you haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Life is not supposed to be one way or another, yet life is also your choice. One way or another, you are the maker of your life.

HEAVEN LETTER #5577 – The Truth of Everyone – 3-2-16


HEAVEN #5577 The Truth of Everyone



God said:

You are beyond the blue horizon. You are beyond greater than you can imagine. You don’t begin to fathom how far you extend beyond the Universe. You don’t begin to comprehend yourself and how boundless in Truth you are.

You came to this Earth knowing more about yourself than you may dare dream of now.

What if you could believe in yourself more? What if you could believe that you are a significant factor in the Universe, that you are a Pinnacle of the Universe?

There is a common expression in English that says: “You can’t keep her down on the farm.” I see this to mean that all the people that the world considers common and people who consider themselves common as well break through unimaginable boundaries to expand beyond old-fashioned ideas. When it comes to belief in your Self, way too many of My children have simply just stayed on the farm.

When did someone last declare your wonderfulness? When did you?

Most of My children in the world have had their value based on test scores and fitting into a confining tamped-down world. Perhaps no one ever saw your glory or even considered the idea of glory whatsoever when applied to themselves or to you or to anyone. Many have been so earthbound that they are like plow horses who wear blinders and trudge up and down the furrows of the land.

It had been unheard of to peek around blinders or take them off. It wasn’t banned, yet it was considered cautionary.

Now is time to remove those blinders that keep too many High Souls confined to accepted limits. Every one of My children is born a High Soul.

Whoever gave you even a hint of your Worthiness? Who even had a glimpse of you in your True Light? Who encouraged you? Who saw a bigger world?

Yes, indeedy, by and large, everyone has been kept down on the farm. When did you catch on that there could be a place beyond where turnips grow and where greater and greater beauteousness bursts through where you truly belong? Whoever pointed this out to you? Most everyone was busily holding onto insignificance and undeservingness.

It seemed as if plow horse is what you always were and would always be. There were no other possibilities for you. There was nothing more to aspire to. Ho hum. There may have been no other real ambition for you but to be a drone on Earth and manage to get through life without too much pain.

Now you are coming to see for yourself that there is more to you than meets the eye. Now you see that you hold great purpose, not only for yourself, but for others, and now you know you are not the only one.

Beloveds, you are graduating from the world and reaching up to the High Heavens. You are beginning to have an impact upon yourself. You are reaching high to explore the depths of yourself. You are beginning to dare to look up. You are looking up, and your life, as you see it, is looking up.

You are the horizon you begin to see. A bird of hope begins to throb in your heart, and you are strengthened.

Rather, you are beginning to notice your very strength, which is ultimately My Light within you. You are beginning to sparkle with an idea you hardly grasp that you are actually bountiful and a high blessing to the world, and that you always were. Can this be? Yes, it can be. It is.

I will venture to say that you have heretofore hardly had a suspicion of the Greatness you are and always were. You slurred over the meaning of the words — made in My image. These were empty words to you. Just mumbo-jumbo, just sounds that were made as if without a foundation.

There was perhaps a tendency for you to not see yourself as good enough for this world. The clamped-down world misrepresented itself to you and belied the Truth of you.

Now you are lifting your head and coming into your own, My Own, that is, and the Truth of Everyone. Thus, you are humbled. You know now that specialness doesn’t come from your individuality and that, not only you are special; everyone is.

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Heavenletter #5540 – Forgive Others for Your Perception of Them – 1-24-16

God Parting Sky


God said:

To forgive is to let go. To be unforgiving is to hold on with all your might as if an offense were essential to your life’s path. You have been holding on to not letting go. Holding on is attachment. Who are you to not let go of what you grasp to be an infringement upon yourself?

Someone stepped on your toe. At some point, whoever it was, stopped stepping on your toe. He may even have apologized. In any case, he took his foot off yours and walked on. He probably never even remembers the incident you remember as an event, a huge event of sorrow for you, and you remember it again and again. Even when it was a small offense in passing, you branded it in your heart. Somewhere along the line, you announced this passage in time as unforgivable, and you are unable to let go of it, so you keep it alive and ever raw, living it and reliving it, rubbing your heart as on a grater.

Perhaps the one you cannot forgive looked at you askance, and you never forgot that look. He may not have been looking at you. He may have been thinking of something else altogether. You thought he was directing himself to you. In any case, you continue to think so.

Who is the perpetrator here? Who keeps this going and won’t let go? Why, it is you who is holding on to the hilt.

There are amazing stories of people who let go of past trespasses, serious trespasses, not the little offenses that too often plague My children.

Big or little, you plague yourself. When you let go, you are not doing a favor for another. When you let go, you kindly stop plaguing yourself.

Consciously, right now, let yourself off the hook. Forgive everyone for everything. Do it in one fell swoop. C’mon, let go of the vultures of the past that hang onto you for dear life. On behalf of your dear life, let go of them.

Someone else really isn’t the maker of you. You are the maker of you. If another’s glance or deed offends you based on actual events of great magnitude or your own over-blown sensitivity, do you really want to keep it for posterity? Perhaps someone promised to love you forever, and did not, and you put him in a dudgeon of your heart.

Beloveds, if you are holding on to the past, when are you going to let go of it? When will you set yourself free?

Take two steps forward. If one foot of yours holds onto the past, that is one foot too many. Keep your dreams. Surely, keep your beautiful dreams and let go of bad dreams about what others have done or not done that impact you.

Leap past the past, jump past it, leave the past behind. Say, “Farewell, Useless Past.”

You are aware that you have to let go of old sweaters you have stuffed in a trunk. You simply have to let go of everything from the past and choose today’s sunshine. Clouds pass. There is a good reason for this, so that you may bless life for others and open your life to possibilities.

It is not for you to sum up other people and staple them to the Fate of Your List of the Heart’s Unforgiven. It is your heart We are concerned with. Forgive yourself for your trespasses.

Get out of the hard-hearted mold. Hard-heartedness is not strength. It is weakness.

Do I hear you say you cannot forgive another for your perception of him? Then change your perception of him.

You do not have to condone in order to forgive. You are not giving up anything but an offense you have coddled in your heart. Give it up gladly.

Do you counter that you just can’t forgive, try as you may?

Then forgive yourself for being unforgiving. Just don’t try so hard. Just as you drop junk mail into a wastepaper basket without a backward glance, drop off what you have been carrying around that is really not yours to carry.

Drop off the past and cry out, “Hallelujah!”

Heavenletter #5535 – You Are Made of God – 1-19-16


God said:

What are you made of? What are you truly made of? When all is said and done, and all the nonsense is put away, what remains? This is what you are made of.

You are made of God. Yes, you, you are made of My Love. Ah, if you could but accept this and put away all of the toys you acquired along the way, how happy you would be.

Clutter, however, is precious to you. You have been side-tracked, beloveds. There is so much that is superfluous that you like to believe is essential to you, including all your idiosyncrasies. You cannot quite imagine what would become of you if you were less covered by your personalities. I say personalities plural because your personality is adorable and sweet and also belabors the world and you. Your personalities play around in the fields of life.

These detailed declivities that you run with keep you where you are. Of course, you would like to change this and yet, at the same time, you are attached to the old which you would do well to lay to rest and remove from the shelves of your past. Leave the past uncluttered. Let the past go to sleep.

Often My children are simply hoarders of the past, collectors of what no longer exists yet is kept alive for auld lang syne, kept alive no matter what the cost, just the way too many of My children store up possessions in rented storage and wind up spending a fortune on physically accumulating the past. The relics from the past are no longer of good use to you now except as collected pieces that you stuff somewhere. All they can do now is collect dust.

Remember you are Oneness, and Oneness is simple. Oneness is basic. Oneness matters, not old vestiges that are hard for you to part with. Embrace the new.

Possessions are not really possessions. They are ideas. A table is a named idea. It is not truly a memento. What is truly of value is light, not heavy. Don’t keep the past close to you simply because the past is hard for you to part with. You can only postpone what is inevitable.

What matters in the world? You matter. Life matters. Make room for love including love of yourself. You are far more than you have known. Start learning now.

Reduce the superfluous. Keep the gold. The gold is your essence, not a wedding gown, not your stuffed teddy bear from childhood, not anything from the past.

You are living life now. You no longer live in a cave of the past. Come out of the past. Your past may have been momentous. It no longer exists even as you may make a memorial to this long-gone past. You are your present journey, not an old one.

Past thoughts trip you up. Be aware of accumulating the past and pulling it up to the present. Accumulation of the past is like saving tokens that are no longer valid. Past tokens are of no good use to you. They hold you back from the Light of Today. Something does not have to be gone for you to value it.

This dream you have entered into does not last forever, and that is a good thing. Dream the Truth you are living right now as I remind you that you are the Fullness of All That I Am. At the very least, I invite you to sit with Me at the King’s Table. You will discover that you belong right here with Me. You will come to discover that you have always been right here with Me, even as you were gadding about in the short-lived world of fleeting illusion.

Heavenletter #5529 – You Are Love – 1-13-16

God Parting Sky

God said:

You are love. Despite all the antics in the world you participate in or the Truth that you disavow, you are love. Regardless of anything, you are love, for, so, I made you. Every human being is made of love. No matter if you throw darts at love, you are made of love. No matter how you may set out to disdain love, you are the very love you disdain. You are the love you attack and would deny. You — who want love so much — you fight against your recognition of love. You declare non-love from the pillars. You distort love. You have twisted it. You rage against it. You sanction an uproar against love.

Can you rage against love so wholeheartedly unless love exists, and you love it or would love it if you were to believe in it? Love is such a topic. Confess you believe in love. It is yourself you rail against. Love is so important to you, you would destroy love’s very footprint in defense against love.

Is there anyone more foolish than you? Here you are, demanding love by your very disavowal of it as if love were a broken toy given to you, and now you throw it away as far as you can.

Perhaps you see love now as too little, too late. Ego would prove to you that love isn’t worth much even if it exists. You have a vendetta with love. Your disavowal of love has become essential to you. It may be what you live for, to prove love at best worthless if not non-existent. A pox on love, you proclaim. You will expose love as a chump, as if you are a victor in a battle in which no one can win. You raise your arm and declare yourself the winner. Declare yourself all you want. You cannot recant love.

Roses of love exist. Love cannot be kept down for long. Love cannot be thrown aside. Love grows. The tide of love cannot be stemmed. Love is a giant force whether you like it or not. Not all the disdain in the world can stop love. You might as well give up your battle. Whatever love you may crush, love won’t stay crushed. Stomp on love all your want. Still love knows no bounds. It is you who knows bounds.

There is Bright Sun that shines above. Call love all the names you want — love still is. Chop love down all you want, and you cannot vanquish love. Try as you may, you can’t make a dent in love. Love is in the ascendant. The well never goes dry. Rebel against love as you may, yet love rises. Love may even rise in your heart no matter how you revolt against it. No matter, you have no more power regarding love than a scarecrow.

I suggest you come to your senses. Put your glasses on. If you must foment, foment for love. You are a marauder who wastes your time. No matter how much hurt you may exact, you are on a fool’s errand. You cannot retract love. You can deny and deny, and this still does not make you a hero. Makes you more an anti-hero.

Surrender to love.

Love is going to get you. Love will wrap its wings around you, and you will yell, “Uncle.”

Admit you love. You can stop giving your love to animosity. You can stop loving a fight. You can stop loving fire in your blood. You really don’t want to go up in flame. Open the floodgates of your heart. Open, open, open.

It is all right for you to have been mistaken. Mistakes are the stepping stones to your revelation. Be brave. Admit that you crave love. Welcome love into your life.

Heavenletter #5511 via Gloria Wendroff – Peace Has Been Declared


God said:

I hear this cry coming from your heart:

“God, My Beloved God, why, God, do we, your children, require comfort? Why are we so uncomfortable as to desperately seek comfort from You? Why such a need for comfort in this world?”

Why? Because of the pictures you have in your mind. Because of what you have been taught. Because of what you believe to be true. Because of conclusions that the world puts together and perpetrates upon others, parts of life considered less valuable for silly reasons like physical appearance or family status.

Because of how you relate to the physical world and the existence of your body, your guard is up, and your heart goes down, and cruelty became established. Laws helpful to some and not to others were made.

Instead of loving all the wonders of the physical world and the Beings who make up the world, you feared life for its very temporariness. Individuals tried to make their temporariness permanent. Some elevated themselves by pushing others down.

You may not really know what you want, and so you cling. You take the physical life as if it were the whole of life, and that you must protect yourself or be ravaged.

Primitive societies came to greater wisdom than you. Closer to the Stars and the Sun and Moon were they. Closer to Me and All My Glory were they, while more sophisticated groups clung to straight and narrow objective evidence and required proof or made up unsubstantiated theories and held them as truth. The so-called evidence carried more weight than the Truth in the Human Heart, and so was the Human Heart covered up with facts and figures.

Nature was less validated and ignored. Material fact was considered more true even as material fact often revealed smugness rather than Truth. Hearts were torn, and the world became off-track. A pretty picture was not even painted.

Of course, at the same time, there were always those great and small heroes who saw further and who cared about all Beings and opened the world.

For the most part, accomplishment became more important than Being Itself. The heart was downplayed. Conviction of other human beings was easy. Disregard for the reverence of Human Life and an upsurge of irrreverence and the irreplaceable became replaceable. More fear crowded the world.

One’s body became ultra-important, and the bodily existence of others no longer mattered all that much. The call of the wild took over, and frozen hearts were truncated.

Now, life restores itself. There is a great revival of the human heart, and the lion and the lamb lie down together. Kindness and generosity become the good guys.

The time for regeneration of the Earthly world has come. Selfishness falters, and inclusiveness, not exclusiveness, reigns. More beautifulness to fill the world is arriving every day. Victor and victim will no longer hold name-cards. Hierarchy in the world revises itself.

The world is becoming lighter-hearted. The world is serving joy for everyone more seriously. The bells of love are chiming. The human heart is recollecting love and piling it up for all to give and to receive. The idea of ownership fades, and Oneness is on the rise. Oneness rallies. The bugles of war grow fainter.

War is no longer seen as viable in a world that I created. War never was viable. War was anger’s desire. Anger overflowed.

Once upon a time, militancy was seen as more fun than peace. My children liked to have a cause, and they liked news to be news. War was entertaining.

The Goodness of the World is coming into its own. Love is on the rise, and nothing can stop it. Peace has been declared.

“Heavenletter #5511: Peace Has Been Declared,” Channeled by Gloria Wendroff, December 26, 2015, http://heavenletters.org/peace-has-been-declared.html



Heavenletter #5472 – Love Your Life – Gloria Wendroff – 11-18-15

Gloria Wendroff

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff

November 17, 2015

God said:

The unseen mechanisms of life work for your good. You and I do not always agree what is worthwhile. Do your dreams have to come true by your order of command? If they do, if by your say I have to jump to please you, if I have to follow your decree, what kind of God would I be? I would be your Yes-God and stooge always at your beck and call.

The fact is that I am always alert to you, yet I am not at your command. If you knew as much as I do, then Our Will in all matters would be One. If you could see your life from the long haul, you might well not be so eager to have Me at your command. You might even say:

“Thank You, God, for countermanding my will. I thought I knew. I was sure I knew, and I was mistaken. My view was short-sided. I was not able to follow Your Vision because I don’t yet see far enough, and I tend to think that what I see is all there is to see. I am not just mistaken, dear God. I am sadly mistaken.

“I do not see, for instance, what is the good of my being without a home or money or family. God, who on Earth would want to lose the love of his life, be short of cash, or lonely?”

My dear Ones, you state your position very well. Something that the world uniformly sees as unwanted may be for your benefit, however. You don’t see how. You can’t see how. With longer vision, you might. There is greater than all that you presently dream of. There are greater blessings than you dream of. There is a greater perspective than you recognize at present.

No one wants heartbreak, yet even from heartache you grow. I don’t say to go out and look for hard times. Oh, no, look for joy. Yet when what you see as woe comes along, look for something good in it in the long term. I swear to you that good is there.

Your life on Earth does not have to confirm to the world’s vision of it.

You think that if only you had this or that, you would be happy. You must be aware that there are many who have what you desire, and they may well not be happy. Nothing of itself brings you happiness. You have to recognize your own happiness. You have to cognize it. Like miracles, you have to allow your happiness to swab its own deck. You have to allow. Declare own declaration of independence and happiness.

You don’t seem to have inhibitions against declaring your unhappiness. You know the weight of unhappiness very well. You oppose it, and still you may contribute to it. You see every detail of it. You work unhappiness to the bone. Let go of this unhappiness and take in your happiness. Love your life. Be happy to be alive and gather rosebuds while you may.

You are a translator for your life. Translate your life differently for a change. Uphold your life. Be its champion. Life has its twists and turns. Describe your life in a different use of terms.

Remind yourself that life is a Holy Enterprise, and life is made of heroes and heroines. I see you differently from how you see yourself. What if what I see is more true than what you see? What if you have been missing out on your blessings? You are so familiar with yourself that you may not see your own light. Start noticing your light. If you want the world to be different, begin by seeing yourself differently. You can pull yourself up, or you can pull yourself down. Whichever you choose, you are also configuring the world. Love yourself, and you uplift the world, the same world you may disparage now.


Heavenletter #5471 Did You Say That? – 11-16-15



Heavenletter #5471    –   Did You Say That?, November 16, 2015



God said:

There is trouble that seems to come to you that is, of course, just what you don’t want. At the same time that you wouldn’t predict difficulties for yourself, you also tend to invite them to yourself. You don’t want it, yet you bring it to you. How do you bring it to you? With your sense of bad luck, as if you have no choice. You may have given up on yourself and offer yourself blindly as a sacrifice to a fate you do not want.

Here is the sort of self-talk I hear you say. Such talk puts you down, and I ask you politely to leave off discouraging and defeating yourself with comments like this:

“When was the last time anything came easily to me? Why do I always get the short end of the stick? Why is life so hard for me?” And so on.

You make your own prognosis. It is not clear to you that this is what you are doing. You just don’t see it. You see you are being forthright and honest. See now: By your words, you welcome difficulties to you. It’s like you say:

“Over here. Trouble, come right here. I have been expecting you. Over here.”

Beloveds, you do not hear yourself, yet you anticipate difficulties and so you invite them in as you might an old friend. Yes, you have formed a bond with that which you don’t want, yet you have such a familiarity that you keep beckoning to negativity, as if you wouldn’t know how to get along without keeping the God forbids right near you.

You might say:

“Do you see how trouble finds its way to me? Trouble chooses me. Even my computer causes me trouble half the time.”

My dears, it is you who calculates trouble. You would never ask for trouble, yet that is exactly what you have done. You proclaim trouble. You call it to yourself with your refrain of:

“Poor me. I just can’t seem to get away from difficulties. Difficulties seem to shadow me. They are on my trail. They make a bee-line to me. They more than meet me half-way. I run away from difficulties, yet they pursue me. They seem to know how to find me. That’s just my luck.”

And so you lay out your life as an offering to difficulties.

Now change what you express. The words you speak and the thoughts you think make a difference to your life. If the words you say can bring you what you don’t want, a better choice of words can certainly bring you what you do want. Seriously, change your point of view. The Universe loves to send you what you refer to. The Universe means to gratify you.

From this time forward, use speech that will attract to you what you want.

You may think this is too easy. You might say: “This positive-thinking may work for others, but it won’t work for me.”

And, why, pray tell, won’t it work for you? Bear in mind that the innocent Universe, seeks to give you, yes, you, what you talk about.

Start thinking this way:

“The Universe blesses me with its gifts. I am one of the luckiest people in the world. All I want comes easily to me. Whenever I express my desires, they come to me, often right away. Meantime, I am making inroads with good fortune.”

Beloveds, you absolutely have to change your self-talk. You may be so vacant of hope that you keep yourself glued to hopelessness, and so you get more hopelessness. If you can breed hopelessness, you can also breed hopefulness. It’s not that you fight hopelessness. You don’t have to knock it aside. What you have to do is to welcome that which brings you hopefulness.

This works. Give it a chance. Give it a month’s trial faithfully, and see what you feel. This is how it works. Pay attention.

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Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff – Life on Earth Is Temporary – You Are Eternal – 19-26-15

Heavenletters.org, October 25, 2015

God said:

It takes courage to live on Earth. Every day you live, you have some awareness that it’s possible you won’t wake up the next morning. You could die without having a chance to say goodbye or one last kiss.

No one knows the moment when death will knock on his door. Death could be imminent, and then its arrival could be postponed. No one knows when the bells toll. Without notice, without warning, without a perused written or verbal contract, the life of your body can be whisked away in the blink of an eye. There is no insurance policy to prevent death of a body. An insurance policy would not be worth the paper it is written on. Sometimes so-called death has a quick-claim. Sometimes death reverses its decision.

Your body wears no armor. How much protection against death does skin give? No guarantee comes with your body. You have no certain lease on physical life. Uncertainty is your middle name. Uncertainty befits you.

You could have protested about life all your life-long, and, yet, at the moment of death’s arrival, you resist. You fight tooth and nail. Death seems to be like a bully and a trickster. Show-off death. You may not have wanted to keep your life that much, yet you sure don’t want to give it up now. Life was lovelier than you knew. Death has no right to take you away from this life. For all intents and purposes, this particular life is the only one you know. It is precious. Your life ought to have rights.

Added to this sacrilege, it is bruited that God, beloved God Almighty, set it up this way. To think of it, God made death one of the laws of life. When death arrives, there is not a thing you can do about it. No one can.

Yet, know, in so-called death, your soul comes forth. We can call this resurrection.

No matter that all bodies born also die in whatever manner it is written, whether typical or rare or even unheard of, death has all its privileges, and your body only seems to be sacrificial lamb offered on the altar.

The fact is that your body lives until it dies. This is true, make no mistake about it. And, yet, you are eternal. What do you think everlasting life means? Attached as you are to the density of your body – oh how essential your body has become to you – you have counted on your body to move you from one place to another. How will you get anywhere, you wonder, without your body to take you there?

You may have always wanted to be able to teleport yourself without making reservations and rushing and carrying luggage or losing it. Death gives you this opportunity. You can instantly be anywhere your soul takes you. You can be anywhere, everywhere. You may not be seen, yet you can see.

Of course, your beloved soul sees differently from the way you as a personality have been accustomed to. In death, you are in a different ballgame with unbounded rights and privileges. Life for you without body and without restriction is right for you anon, and life in a body with restriction is right for you while you are on Earth.

There was so much you didn’t understand while you voyaged on Earth. You will see a whole new world now.

Please understand that life on Earth has a great many blessings, and the continuance of your life without a body in tow also has a great many blessings. You are not un-alive. You are still learning every day to your advantage even as days are not named, and time isn’t measured.

The day of your death is not a sorry day, except that is how you see it, and the whole world seems to see it. You will see it differently anon. Everyone will. Everyone will find out that death isn’t a calamity but a blessing.

Heavenletter #5316 – Maybe the Scenery Is Moving – 6-14-15 June 14, 2015


Heavenletter #5316 Maybe the Scenery Is Moving, June 14, 2015



God said:

Life is easy. You think life is hard, yet life is easy. Life goes on as if by itself, sort of a wind-up toy.

You find yourself here on Earth. With or without your involvement, life takes strides. Your life takes strides. You can’t stop it. The sun rises, and the sun sets. You rise, and you go to sleep. You really can’t set life aside. You can’t control it all, and yet you have some say in it. You can commit yourself to certain directions. You can set your dial to what you want. Then, as with all dials, once you set it, you let it be and go about your business. Life has those elements that are as if you are riding a train.

You cannot set your life manually and manage every detail of it, for letting go is also a part of living life. Whether you let life be or you hold on tight, life goes its merry way and takes you with it. It is also part of life that you not know much ahead of time and be surprised at what life brings.

Once you lived in one town, and now you live in another. Or, once you lived in one country, and now you live in another country on the other side of the world. You may have made a conscious decision. Sometimes you wonder if you are the actual decider. You had say, yet it seems that somehow you got where you are as if propelled. You are riding in a jet plane to a destination known or unknown. You are all set either by your jurisdiction or by one kind of decree or another.

You never really end up. Life is ongoing. You don’t know when or where your last stop will be. The unexpected happens. The expected does not happen. Life isn’t really a toss-up, yet sometimes you wonder. Who knew twenty years ago where you would be now?

Who knew you would have eight children or would be childless? Who knew you would have the occupation you have now or would be out of work? Who can predict? Well, it is easy to make predictions, yet your predictions do not always come true. You may think your predictions have to come true, yet by what law do your predictions have to come true? Certainly not solely on your say-so.

Nevertheless, you don’t always want to amble along in life. There are additions and subtractions. In the final analysis, life tells you when. Life takes the course it takes and you trot along with it.

Even after the event, it is not possible to lay out all the steps that took you to where you are now, or to where you think you are now. You can only surmise. There seem to be an astounding number of connections and windings of the clock. In some ways, it may seem like an impossibility that your life took the turns it did. Only by some kind of magic does it seem possible. From rich man to poor man, or poor man to rich man, your life has been filled with impossibilities, yet here you are, picked up by life and plucked down somewhere.

You may know the time of day this minute, yet you don’t yet know the next minute.

Life keeps you in suspense. Life doesn’t let you get ahead. At the same time, you may not have traced the past with assurance either. Sometimes you have the feeling, despite your travels, that you have been riding a stalled train. Maybe the train is still, and it is the scenery that is moving. Sometimes you feel that you somehow have been at a distance, a stranger to yourself. You saw yourself moving as if from a distance, and you, the watcher, were not moving at all. You took a breath, and yet you were still as if life had gone along without your even being there, as if life on Earth were only a passing fancy.

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Heavenletter #5302 – Take God at His Word – 6-1-15

God Parting Sky

Heavenletter #5302 Take God at His Word, June 1, 2015


God said:

Beloveds, I am Omniscient and All Powerful, and, yet in the world, it is not always in your and the world’s best interest for Me to wave a wand. Does that sound like a pat excuse to you? Take Me at My Word, beloveds. I desire your happiness, and I desire you to grow. Life is not always a quick and easy. It is a long view I take. This is life. And through living, you come closer to My Will. According to your consciousness, you live life.

If you go to a betting establishment and play roulette, you don’t know the winning number ahead of time. Wheels are already in motion, yet you don’t know ahead of time. What you can know is trust in Me, even when trust seems bleak or even impossible. One way to look at this is that all you have to your name is trust. You do not yet have a decision to make. You are not conceding anything, dear ones. Success in the world is clearly not always a benchmark of how well you are doing.

The Great Spiritual Ones were more simple than you may be. You see green lights and red lights. And yet you may be looking in the wrong places. Sometimes life does not give you a choice based on your vision, yet you have consciousness. The Truth of you is not your wondering and worrying. This is nothing but a habit. You are accustomed to chewing your nails.

You work with what you have. You are greater than the human being you reside in. In moments of certainty or uncertainty, with strong courage or timid courage, you are My Appointed Servant and you are My Anointed, and you give what is yours to give. You are steadfast, or you would not ask the questions you are asking of Me and yourself even as you believe you do not know the answers to your well-worn questions.

The world and all the people in the world do not always see the value before them. Whatever their reasons may be or no reason at all but their so-called Will, they do not see as you do see, and that is their Free Will. You are not dependent upon their Will or their well-wishing. No one is the decider of you.

Of course, you can say that the Great Spiritual Ones you are familiar with lived in a simpler world. Yes, they did, and yet no less was asked of them than is asked of you. The Great Spiritual Ones put one foot after the other in their hearts and minds even as their arms and legs may have been nailed and stones thrown at them. They, too, were not always well thought of or adored. At some point, their personal clarity was not an issue any longer, and they did see more clearly. Sometimes you do not know your own will until the moment you are called on.

Let go of extraneous thoughts. You are not being tested now. You are dipping your toes into the water. You are doing what you have always been doing, and that is investigating ahead of time. You are being wary. You are habituated to worry. You are under its grip. You are under worry’s thumb, beloveds. What would your questions be if you were free from worry?

If you were Christopher Columbus before his voyage, you would not be saying: What if my ship springs a leak, where will my courage be then?

It is for you, beloveds, to overcome fear and doubt, the master agents of worry.

Here’s the thing: Doubt yourself if you must, yet do not accrue your doubts to Me. Trust in My confidence in you.

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Heavenletters – Change Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts – 5-11-15

Alexandra Meadors

Heavenletter #5281 Published on: May 11, 2015

God said:

When you meet pitfalls in life, no matter how awful they are, you have to – absolutely have to – forget about blame.

Blame is not the issue. The issue is to move forward. If you don’t want to stay in a situation, then you have to change your direction. You can blame all you want. You can blame Me, yet where does this get you?

Nor are you to blame yourself. Blame of any kind doesn’t get you where you want to be.

Let’s say you have been sentenced to life in prison, and you are totally innocent. This is so unjust. You are innocent, yet somehow you were found guilty, sometimes, of exactly what, you are not sure. Being found guilty while innocent has happened more than once.

What are you going to spend your energy on? An injustice has been done. You are blamed for something you did not do. You are left holding the bag. Dear One, you absolutely have to get out of the blame game from any direction and on every level.

There are innocent people who have literally been in prison for a crime they did not commit. Some have been vindicated later and freed from prison. Some have come out of prison after forty years.

And, yet, some have not gotten out of prison and have risen above and made something of themselves and their lives in prison. They gained and helped others gain. Hey, what good does bitterness do anyone? What benefit is there for anyone in bitterness? Why would you want to spend your life bitter and be toxic to yourself?

A tsunami that sweeps up many people and sentences them to death is not fair. A tsunami that sweeps up your loved ones and leaves you to mourn is also not fair.

What is better for all the sufferers to do but to get on with their lives as best they can? Surely, no one wants to be eaten alive with bitterness. Certainly bitterness is not a reward. Bitterness rusts your whole life.

For your sake and for the sake of others, start anew. Somehow you are in a place where you do not want to be. If you were on a deserted island, you would look to yourself to make the best life possible. This is always your job – to make the best life you can with what you have. You don’t want the situation you are in – this is no secret. We come again and again to the simple question – what will you do now?

I say to you all the time that you have to let go of the past. You can’t commandeer it. You can’t undo it. Whatever restrictions you must live within, don’t resign yourself to those limits. I ask you to treat yourself in the best way possible. Certainly, you take the steps toward your release, and, meanwhile, you become an asset to yourself and others. We are not talking about your taking the line of least resistance. We’re talking about your taking the high road. This is what you must always do. This is your path. It is open to you.

Do all the caterwauling you want, still, the highest path is always open to you. Everyone can rise despite all the bad luck in the world.

There are plenty of reasons to feel sorry for yourself. Reasons are not the point. For every reason to rebuke life, there are a thousand reasons to bless it. Your thoughts are relevant to your life. What you think dominates your life. What you think of your life now determines your life. Regardless of circumstances, how you think affects the topography of your life. Complain and blame now, and life will be sure to serve you more of the same. Life knows where to find you. Thoughts have energy, and this energy they attract.

Consider your life a garden. You water what you want to grow. You don’t demand results. You water your garden of life, and let it grow without your insistence. You give your life every opportunity to be what you desire it to be, yet you don’t hammer at your life. It is with your thoughts that you rise above. Take the direction you want to grow in.

Think nutritiously, and watch your garden grow.

Think negatively about your garden, and watch the crows in your garden eat the seeds and take your crop.

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Heavenletter #5145 via Gloria Wendroff – God – Where Do You Jump to Next? – 12-26-14




Heavenletter #5145: Where Do You Jump to Next?
Gloria Wendroff
Gloria Wendroff

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff

Published on: December 26, 2014

God said:

How lovely are the swirling heights you wish to climb. It is a breeze, you know. There is nothing hard or far about rising to where you long to rise. It is a snap. It is a natural unfolding. How does a rose unfold? This is how you fold and unfold and literally find yourself embraced in My heart and embraced to stay.

In one way, then there is nothing for you to do. In another way, there is nothing you can’t do, for whatever exists, you are. You can slip inside the unfolding rose. You can ride the clouds. You can clasp the moon and ride it too. The sun is like your engine and you can wear it like a medallion of yellow topaz. You want to read the stars? You can read the stars and listen to them like a conch. Echelons of light will slide off you and return. You can reach any height you like without effort. You can dabble your fingers in the Indian Ocean or float on the Dead Sea. When I say there isn’t anything you cannot manifest or create, I mean there isn’t anything and everything that you cannot alight on.

You can traverse from Universe to Universe. You can hop a train or a plane. You can transform and transcend. You can feel what it is to be anything you would like, what a spider feels, what a puppy or what a comet feels. You can get into anything. You can transcend anything. You can be as you want to be. You can consciously get into My heart and stay here.

The only reason you aren’t ascended more now is because you haven’t believed it possible for you or for you at this time. Time and space have infringed upon you, and you let them. You gave away your freedom. It’s like you said: “Here, time and space, hold my freedom for me. Some day I’ll be back.” Time and space absconded and took your freedom from you. You became indentured to time and space. Because of you, time and space believed they existed even as they don’t. They believed in themselves while you no longer believed in yourself. You concluded that Eternity and Infinity were out of your reach. You were sure you were chained up and couldn’t go far.

What you have to realize is that you offered up your hands for handcuffs. You arrested yourself. You gave yourself up to the wolves and called them the bad guys. There were so many vagrant things you thought to do, yet what was pertinent was not even in your sights. You freed yourself only to enslave yourself to time and space and all the other limitations you could think of.

You may have thought: “Free for what? Free for risk, and free for danger and such, free to fail, free to fall, free to get lost, free to be asked to dance and free to dance and free to bungle your steps.”

Hurray for the opportunity to bungle or bungie-jump and land on a sour note.

C’mon now. Open your eyes and ears and heart, and open wide. Let go of everything that you allow to keep you back. It is you who have kept yourself back. You have pledged allegiance to staying the same and thrown away the keys to fun and play. You graduated to adulthood, and didn’t know you had stayed back.

Your body could be your airplane. You have a free ticket whenever you reach out for it. You have passage to India or a sleigh-ride to Alaska. You can ride a camel. There isn’t anywhere the limo of your mind cannot take you.

You are truly a free agent who thinks he is still tied to a tree. You set bounds for yourself when you were already unbounded. You must have some idea of what you promised yourself when you promised yourself to rise and rise and rise and rise again and be new, and be new again, and free to glide into Heaven and take Heaven with you wherever you jump to next.