God’s New Series – Heavenletter #6399 – Light Up All Hearts on Earth – 8-3-18

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God’s New Series – Heavenletter #6399 Light Up All Hearts on Earth, August 3, 2018

God said:

Beloved, I speak with a flourish. I say: In terms of the world, responses to all the senses seem to remain all important. A human baby cannot live without being touched. Untouched is deprivation.

What lack of meaning is it to be not seen and not heard and not responded to? What statement of unworthiness does this make?

It’s possible that even being yelled at is better than no glance at all.

Every single one of My Children is a sentient being. How are souls to be nudged without exchange? Holy is the exchange of light. Even two nods on Earth fill the Universe.

To survive, a puppy has to be licked by its mother. Otherwise, a puppy does not know of its existence. An exchange is essential. Every sentient being requires a welcome to Earth. In Heaven, there is only welcome. In Heaven, unwelcome is unknown.

Of course, to be welcomed on Earth is of the utmost importance. No Being is to be overlooked. No Being is to be cast aside. You understand that remaining unnoticed is inhuman. Life exists to be noticed. This is what is meant by Love. Human Beingness must be noted and nourished. To be loved is to be noticed. Beingness also has to be fed. Abandonment in not an option. Not in My eyes. Eyes must meet. Souls must touch. Hearts must breathe in and breathe out and be intoned.

Teaching and learning are exchanged through love. At the very least, love. Love given in school can be for a subject taught. There inevitably has to be an exchange of love. Two sets of eyes have to exchange their light. Be sure now. Even to a stranger on the path, venture love. Reveal though your passage in life that love exists.

There is to be a daily exchange of love. Once in a while is not enough for humanity to progress. Isolation is not to pass for love. Love must set the tone. Unloving is not a blank allowed. God is to be inhaled and exhaled. Share God to each other’s benefit. Exchange light and notice one another with all your hearts. No one is to be overlooked. The breeze that blows must blow on all. The sun that warms must warm all. For one to exist, all must exist in the light of day and the peace of night. Stars are to shine on all, no exception. None.

If one heart must ache, it is not to ache alone. A load shared weighs less. This is an ultimate truth of life. Your purpose is to uplift one another for the sake of all. Life is reciprocal. Hold your brother’s hand. Hold love high. See everyone. No one is to be unnoticed. Love is to be known and sung. Love is to be sacrosanct.

From one fire, build another. Everything on earth is an exchange. No eyes are to be hidden. No mouth is to be closed. Love is to have its say. No love is to be turned back. Hallow-ed be Thy Name. All breath is to be exchanged. Oneness is to be known, and known freely. No love is to be hoarded or locked away. Love is to be in the public domain. All for One and One for all goes further than a theory. Love is to be lively. Love is to be underlined and made holy. Love is to be sung from one heart to another. No holds barred. All songs to be sung are of Love Unified. There is nothing else to sing of. Herald the dawn of love on Earth today. You are vital to the ensemble.

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God’s New Series – Heavenletter #6381 – We Sail the Highest Seas – 7-16-18

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God said:

Beloved, messages are sent out around the clock. That is, I send out messages on many frequencies out of the realm of time. Nevertheless, I am well-known for the depth of My Silence. You and I are One engaged in rapport. We also simply hold hands for the joy of it. We abound in friendship and exhilaration as the Sun meets the day. We love to engage in Oneness. We are inevitably One. As One, We hail from the same country of origin. Isn’t this beautiful! Who could have thought of such an idea and live it!

Let’s look deeper at this. It is no small thing to be a human Being on Earth, nor is it a small thing to be a God. That I exist and you as One exist within Me – this is no small potatoes. I give you good passage. I offer you hopscotch across the Earth or a dance across the Earth with Me by your side and I with you by My side to Our One Heart’s content. Our existence isn’t about a bicycle built for two. We are about Oneness rising by One Heart. We have one ticket always good for Infinity. There is no such thing as a shortage. Infinity is ongoing. Hop on! Come away with Me.

Feel My hand on your heart. Feel My hand! Feel Beautiful Oneness as it steadies and balances itself. Whether Oneness sits on the surface of Earth or Oneness jumps over the Moon – One tremulous Heart beats and never runs out.

If you want to know what forever means, this is it! We continue as One forever and ever. You don’t have to put a period at the end of this sentence which is as ongoing as Oneness. There is no tearing us apart. Oneness is Oneness. Oneness doesn’t get patched up. We are already established in Oneness. Yet in the world, there is a consideration given to an impression of something thought of as otherness.

One Universe means One Universe, One Unity is One. There is no being out of the fold. There are no seams. There is no stitching. No mending the One! Walls may require mending. We are seamless. We are bonded as One. We are wedded. You and I are wedded. Oneness arises from Oneness.

Never were We a duo. We have never been anything but One. This is the whole story. This is it! The story isn’t over. Infinite is Infinite. No break is asked from Our story, whatever for?

When We – the One of Us – share the same language at birth, why ask for a translation? What would this be about prayers being asked for without cease? There are no prayers to ask for. What can be asked for that could be greater than what has always been initiated as One?

Would you go on an egg hunt when you already have a golden egg?

You don’t seek a treasure island to live on when you already live on an optimum treasure island.

Does a waiter put his hand out for a tip when he was just given a big one?

Who asks for a second cab when the first arrives at his front door?

What prince seeks for his princess’ foot to fit a silver slipper on when she is already wearing silver slippers?

We are One signed, sealed, and delivered. Always Oneness has been One. Oneness arrived from the first instance as arisen. There are no seals that have to be stamped. Of course not, absolutely not. Never were there borders to pass. Together as One, We sail the High Seas. We continue. We surpass the heights of waves from the beginning, even as no beginning was there really to hatch from. Forever I have always been Oneness Oneness Oneness…

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HEAVEN LETTERS – Leading to New Realms – by Rainbow Wave Of Light – 6-29-18




God said:

Beloved, when I say you are My One and Only – Myself – you may discover yourself quite happy to be One of a throng.

Well-done! Be content that the bond of One equals God Almighty and the Soul of Human Beings. This is Oneness in its Highest! Oneness is supreme enough for all of Eternity.

Do you begin to feel the strength and freeingness that Oneness is? Within the Oneness of One, Oneness bursts wide open. Did you think that Oneness might be confining? Oneness does not convey the idea of being sent to your room and being told to stay there. Nor does Oneness suggest that you go to a cave. Coming from Me, Oneness looks more like this:

“Hello, My Friend, I hug you Who Art Myself, and I say to you Who art Myself – Come, Myself, expand with Me. There are no boundaries in Oneness. There is full expansion and no limits. None. Oneness is a great place to be with Me, and, don’t forget what a great place Oneness is for Me to be with you. We do not have to tell the One of Us apart from the other.”

We can’t even say that Love lies between Us! Love? Love? between Us? Love is OF Us. Our Love is One.

Dear One, why would I say Us as if We can be two? Language can be propitious. In the English language, the word I is ultimately singular and capitalized. How did this happen? Of course, this makes sense yet seemingly reflects the idea of Oneness existing within God and man.

How does any language come to exist? It grew. I have long said there are no accidents. Nevertheless, languages grew. Every language is a product of the land it grows from. Of course, language is reflective of the air and terrain and sky of the land it arises from. Certainly, no language is irrespective of its environment. Even so, there is a story that languages were thrown up in the air all at once to be scrambled and named Babel.

How deeply do the sounds of each language affect its speakers? Deeply. All languages flow. Some sounds can only be learned to be spoken through a certain age of a speaker. Later, no one can learn to speak that sound. Babies play with sounds and prepare themselves.

Man everywhere is a creature who speaks. Languages grow from the geography that abounds near them. Everyone’s language is precious to those who speak it. Languages are meaningful in more ways than one. The language you grow up in is called your mother tongue.

Too much cannot be made of a specific language. The language anyone grows up in has an influence, a great influence, a profound influence. All sounds and languages are beyond measure.

Every language produces poets. In every language, there are stories and songs. Languages also take words from other languages. You have grown up with words adopted into your native language that at the time, you had no idea were borrowed from far away tongues that also travel around the world.

Just as one word in a story in a language leads to another, so does one thing in life lead to another, and so does one thought of yours lead to another, and so does one thought and one word in a Heavenletter of Mine lead to another. I also might add that My words could also lead to another realm not yet pinpointed.

God’s New Series – Heavenletter #6277 – The Highlight of God’s Being – 3-27-18

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God said:

Beloved, you are the Highlight of My Being. You are what I am about. You are My focus. You, your life etc., do not require so much of your attention. Inasmuch as you have Me in your corner, why would you be so focused on your specific life to the extent you are?

Of course, one likes to hear: “Life isn’t all about you.”

Nevertheless, this is good advice. There must be better ways to say this. Here are some I think of:

“Love your brother.”

“Serve God with all your Heart.”

“Be true to your Self.”

“Life carries far more magnificence than you may as yet see.”

“Self covers a Great Range.”

“Look Higher.”

“The world is Vast.”

Beloved, seek your Heart. Assemble it. No more dissembling. Seeking your heart is finding out where it already exists and what you want, and what you want to be and Who You really are. You are not what you have thought. You have not yet fully embraced yourself. You have been a little standoffish, unwilling to troll the depths of yourself in the event you would have to sustain a recognition of yourself that overwhelms you. How can you possibly be all that God says you are?

You fear you cannot keep up with Me and your Self. You fear that I see a mirage of you beyond your ability. You cannot possibly be all that I say you are. You fear that you will misplace the nitty-gritty of you. You’re not sure you want to make room for this phantom of your Self. Maybe you really just want to hang out in your old bathrobe and slippers. You don’t want to be glorious to the extent that too much might be asked of you.

You may no longer desire to be shot out of a cannon. You don’t want to be outstanding. Why would you really want stardom? You wouldn’t mind the accolades, yet you don’t want to be beckoned to go on stage. You may really want to slouch and not be called on. You would gladly stay in the background. You might gladly roll over and go under the covers and leave it at that.

Maybe it’s enough for you to know that I, God exist. You might be left out of it. You might rather admire Me than see a refashioning of yourself. You don’t really want to be singled out and called on.

You might rather sneak out the back door. You would rather be surprised rather than to even know what I, God, think of you.

You are not yet ready be in the limelight. You don’t want to disappoint Me. You don’t want to be in a situation where too much is expected of you. You don’t want to be a leader and climb a ladder that could topple over with your weight on it.

You may wish to be less than you can be rather than the most you can be.

No one needs to know your name. You don’t mind being nameless. You like My Name to be heralded. You are happy to be backstage. When push comes to shove, you would rather see others’ Light before your own. Are you sure it is your Truth to be anonymous?

You’re not sure you want God to favor you because that puts a star on your sleeve. You don’t want responsibility on your shoulders. You never wanted responsibility. You would rather hide under your bed.

You ask Me:

“Please, God, allow me to serve You behind the scenes. I will sweep the ground before your feet. Hallowed be Thy Name.”

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Heavenletter #6171 – Let’s Turn the World Upside Down – 10-17-17

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God said:

Hello, Beloveds, how are you today? Actually, let Me tell you how and Who you are. Let’s have a new take on you and all this that you call Life.

You may have been thinking that Life is worrisome. Surely, you have thought to one depth or another that there really is something the matter with you, or, you are soon to be in some kind of trouble or turmoil, that it is inevitable that you will be undone sooner or later. How about getting out of the whole concept of trouble and so erase fear and fatigue from the whole of Earth?

As it is, there are costs My Children apply to living Life on Earth. You may think you are to pay up all the presumed costs of living. One is financial and your tribute to the idea that costs will always be going up. Let’s remove this idea from the face of the Earth. Let’s better suggest Blue Skies and Sunshine and radiate them.

What if My Children have the idea that, instead of everything is going to go up in smoke, everything is going to come up roses! Oh, yes, please rise to this thought, and the whole world will change before your eyes. This isn’t pie in the sky, Beloveds. This is Celebration. What a Celebration every day will be! About time, wouldn’t you say?

What if you had the idea that you never had to replenish anything? And the idea that you never had to be repaid for anything, that no one has to even say thank you to you? Rather, uphold the idea that everything is A-OK — just the way it is!

What if you let go of the idea that you are to be the fixer of the world? Cast yourself in a different role that you are here for one reason, and this one reason is to enjoy the world and to bless Joy to the World and bless Joy to everyone in the world. Never mind so much what others have to do and be.

Consider yourself a Great Artist in Life on Earth and everyone else as a Great Artist in Life as well. No one pretends. No one pretends there is loss, and there is no urgent need to finish a Painting of Life to a preconceived idea.

Turn the world upside-down indeed. This isn’t a big deal. Do you recall pineapple-upside down cake? Enjoy. Yes, let’s turn the world topsy-turvy. Turn the world upsa-daisy. Be sprightly. Be all you want to be. This is not a performance. This is a Revelation. Reveal Truth as I do from the Sunny Side of the Street.

Truth is Beauty. Oh, yes, you may have thought that Truth was a Trick of the Mind. Immerse yourself in Revelation. Revelation is when the Sun comes out. The Truth is that the Sun never dims. The Sun ever shines brightly. You may have been looking from a pre-supposed angle.

Remove from your mind the thought of any concept such as unhappy Truth. Truth is Light, and Light is Beautiful. Un-dwell your mind from gossip about the world. Let’s shake hands on this.

Get it through your head that you are here for Love, for the Love of Everything. To be a Knower of Truth is to be a Knower of Love and Joy. Jump for Joy!

Enter into the world with joie de vivre and no more unending discussion. Enough moaning and groaning and pursing your lips about the state of the world.

Beloveds, enlighten the world. Enlighten the world simply. All you have to do is to herald the world. Make room for the world in your Heart. In your Heart is where the world exists anyway.

HeavenLetters – The Animal Kingdom – 8-13-17


Heaven Letter

Animals on Earth are sentient creatures. Of course, it is said that humankind is the most advanced of all. This gives humankind responsibility. You already know that the most learned human Beings learn from the beautiful animals on Earth. Blessed animals are often good models for you. Many-layered are their abilities to guide you.

Beloved animals have their instincts as do you. Mother animals have great connection with their young. They clearly know how to raise their young. Their instincts are simple and strong. Instincts vary, of course, from one breed to another. Human Beings tend to have more individual inclinations.

Monkey babies cling to their mothers’ underbelly, and the monkey mothers take this as a matter of course, for this is their God-given way to take their one-at-a-time baby with them up and down trees and across roofs. Kangaroos carry their babies in an outside pouch. How exquisite is Nature!

Of course, the raising of animal babies is so much simpler than the raising of human children. Of course, this is no secret. Animal babies have no outfits to choose and put on and no concern about style; no schools, no homework; and blessed animal mothers know when to let go of their children. It is all mostly built-in for Our beloved animal friends.

Elephants are known for their memory, yet they do not hold grudges. They do, however, remember well all the goodness and mercy given to them and will return to show gratitude.

Animals don’t think again and again about injustices done to them.

Animals do not feel sorry for themselves. Four-footed animals with three legs don’t think of themselves as handicapped.

Pets who live in your home do not crab about what channel is on TV to watch, whether the TV is on too loud or too low, the temperature too hot or too cold, about the style of décor, or that the house is a mess. Pets roll up and go to sleep under all circumstances.

Yes, there is a lot of good nature to learn from Our beloved animals. Our beloved animals do not feel sorry for themselves. They can get over rough situations. They don’t compare. They accept Life. They recover with Great Love in their hearts. Yes, they are innocent.

Every day a dog is excited about going for a walk or a ride in the car. Animals are enthusiastic every day. They do not get jaded. They welcome every day as if it were their first day on Earth.

Pure are the hearts of animals. And, as with human Beings, each heart unique, and, yet, One in the Holiness of Life.

And, ah, the loyalty of the dog kingdom. How they welcome you. What a pleasure it is for your dogs to lick your hand and wag their tails. Devotion is what they know.

Are not animals naturally grateful for the moment they live in?

What animal makes a problem out of the color of fur of another animal? No animal is so ridiculous. Animals make Life simple.

Animals who live in the wild and may face danger at any moment, they, too, know how to Love, and how to stay loving. They don’t look for fault. It does not occur to them. They love each day for being a day. They love the sunshine, and they love the fresh air. They love without expectation. They know how to relax, and they know how to be alert.

What a gift to you are the animals of Earth.

Animals also know the Great Gift you are to them. Yes, you love the Animal Kingdom that you are blessed to take care of. You take many into your homes and love them as your own. What dear hearts the dear animal kingdom blesses you with. They give their utmost Love to you. In daily Life, there may be no Love to equal theirs.

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Heavenletter #6031 – God-light on Earth – 5-39-17

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God said:

The stars look like streetlights that light up the night sky. From star to star, you the Lamplighters, silently light up the sky and night. Actually, the stars stay lit day and night, only the light is not always perceivable. You can know that starlight coexists with the Light of the Sun.

The world is always lit up to say nothing of the Sun. What you see and what is do not always match. You, My Children, are Godlight on Earth. You may think that this is an exaggeration or an outright unTruth when this is the God Honest Truth. If only you saw as I do see. You will.

Everything is provided for, and your Clear Vision of True Reality is within you. You are not always the first to know. Sometimes you are the last.

Your beloved pets know the Truth of you as you are. They are attuned to you. They know the Love you are made of. They see you better than you see yourself.

In one sense, it doesn’t matter how you see yourself, your Self. In another sense, it matters tremendously, for you tend to act from how you see your Self. We are not speaking of ego here, not in the least.

If you think you are grounded, you act as if you are grounded. If you think you are capable of soaring beyond the world, you come from a higher place. From where you think you stand, you see. When you think you are solely grafted to Earth, you may hardly lift your head to see far at all.

It isn’t just that I desire you to fly High. It’s also that I know this is how it is. You will also come to this conclusion by and by, the sooner the better.

How it is at present, the world may hold you back. You can fly to Me now. Nothing is in your way. Your vision limits you, however. Your fingers are on the light-switch now, yet how do you arise to an occasion that you don’t see?

Humility is a good thing. Ignorance isn’t great. Unless you know your Greatness, how can you be humble? If you do not see your proclivities, how do you use them?

Fortunately, you can stumble. Stumble more. Throughout a lot of your Life, you have stumbled, and you have stumbled auspiciously. You might say by mistake. That you live auspiciously is no mistake. This is how I have made. Your error is in not believing in your Self. You are My True Child. You are not a vagrant. You are a High Being. You are not less no matter what anyone says and no matter what you say. Truth is Truth. Don’t be a derelict to your Self. Make friends with your Higher Self.

You may kick and scream that you are a weed or a pothole. This is a mistake of your intellect. To say that you are not all I say is an outright lie. Deep down you have a vague sense of Truth. No longer see less. See further.

Your real culpability lies not so much in what you do as in what you don’t see to do. Ascend now. Ride on the Elevator of My Love. Here, come on. Come with Me. We will Light the World for all to see.

See beyond the dust and scrapes, beyond the ordinary, for you are extraordinary. This is what you dare not admit. Why don’t you? What story do you tell yourself? By what right do you hesitate in taking a leap? Why do you stall your evolution? Get into High Gear, Beloveds. What are you waiting for? To know that you can?

Take it on trust that you can. Trust is good to go by.

Heavenletter #5974 – You Are Flying High

God said:

Oneness is inescapable. Oneness is a fact of Life. Oneness is here to stay.

At the same time, you live in a contiguous world which is called relative. In the world, everything is relative to something else. You live in a world of contrast and comparison. You are always keeping your eye on the ball. Your attention is swept up in the world. You take your cues from the external world.

A World of Greatness lies within you. You are rising to it. You are coming closer. You are finding your sea legs as it were, or a new shoe size, or perhaps We could say you are coming closer to going barefoot in the sand. Very near the Ocean are you in your recognition and actual realization of the boundlessness that you are and always were. Accept this.

No longer will you be seeing yourself mainly as a feat of the world, an object of the world, a personage of the world. You are coming closer to your Creator. It may not always feel this way to you. In fact, you may feel you are up against great odds as though you must be hammered into some kind of obeisance to the world. You have been lodged in the world of individuality — far away from the Realization of Oneness in the world.

Consider coming closer to your Creator (the Heart of Yourself) as a plow furrowing the soil, or a snow plow plowing snow, or the prow of a ship making tracks in the Vast Seas. Coming closer to Me is finding your Self reflected in Me, and I also rising from the depths of you. Of course, you rise from Me, and I rise from within you, as if We are a Sun within a Sun, even as there is One Sun-ness in the Whole Universe that exists.

The world is like your hunting-ground. You are trying to find yourself here with Me even as you are swept up in the world. You are occupied in the world. You define yourself in the world when you are far beyond description and definition. We could say that you are a Metaphor for God, and I am Metaphor of you, yet in Truth, We are One. Wow, We are Vastness Itself as there is only and fully Oneness Alone.

We are all-inclusive, yes.

Do We abide in Infinity, or is Our Oneness Infinity Itself? Do you feel this Escalation of Expansion? Are you feeling Infinity now? You are off the ground now. Is it the Universe that is expanding, or is it your Awareness that is expanding, and what is the difference?

Something wonderful is happening, something greater than flying in space, for space does not exist. There are no time limits, for time also does not exist. Space and time, as wonderful as they are imagined to be, are boundaries that you get wrapped up in Life in the World.

We are not going anywhere, nor does Flying High take time or anything at all. Being is permanent. Being is the Essence of You. You are Being. You are a Divine Being. On Earth, you paddle a canoe on a rivulet.

We may say you are in Infinity, yet more to the point, you are Infinity Itself. You are Infinity grasping at knowing Infinity. Infinity isn’t an accomplishment. You don’t really reach it. You come to pull your shoulders back and rise to what you eternally are. Infinity isn’t a what, or where. Infinity is beyond language. It is beyond thought. You thought you were a thought. On Earth, you think of yourself as an individual while, in Reality, you are Oneness Soaring.

Believe it. Know it. Live it. You are Soaring. It is also safe to say that you have always Soared and never have not.

Heavenletter #5956 Know God for Yourself, March 16, 2017



God said:

What is upheaval? Upheaval is the sense of Life’s moving too fast for you. More Life coming at you than you would like to deal with. Too much multi-tasking for you all at once.

Sometimes you would postpone Life if you could. You would retreat if you could. You would choose a pause button, a back button, or, best of all to you, a fast-forward button where you could have a sneak preview of the future. How you long to be briefed and have reassurance.

My Word isn’t satisfying enough. I say all is well while you may see mayhem all around you. The unexpected happens. You see danger. You see all possibilities of pain and loss, and you fear all the possibilities. The possibilities strike you as outrageous, for you live in the fearful illusion of time. I could tell you that time is not real until I’m blue in the face, yet time spins its web before you, and you get wrapped up in time.

At this current moment, Eternity and Infinity are not your main interest. Later on, okay, you will try to figure them out. Some other day you will. Some other day, you really will.

Anyway, you haven’t been able to quite catch on to Infinity and Eternity. You say that you are focused on the moment, yet that is not really true. If you were focused on the present moment, you would not be so familiar with fear. You wouldn’t live with fear so close by your side.

Okay, you don’t expect to escape from death this time around in the relative world, yet must you have death hanging over you as if your death were imminent and ready to strike? Look, you feel death looking over your shoulder. Death hangs around. Death steps lively, as it were. As you see and feel it, death follows closely upon your heels while you don’t see Me watching your back every moment. You may tend to focus on all the unwanted possibilities than on any of the desirable possibilities. As it is, you are out of breath in your attempt to avoid danger, as if your concern actually protects you. Of course, your concern sabotages you.

Yet Life has a way of perpetuating itself and making you move forward – ready or not.

Not all of Life is up to you, beloveds. This isn’t a great revelation. You may be used to not having your breakfast toast the way you prefer. Or you can stub your toe. You can be late. You can be early. You may miss breakfast altogether.
At the same time, unknown to you, you and your Life may be right on schedule.

One way or another, Life will reach you. It is not for you to rush ahead and anticipate dangers. If you must anticipate, anticipate the joys waiting in the wings for you. Look forward to Our Meetings. Look forward to your awareness of Our Meetings. The Truth is that We meet all the time.

My beloved sons and daughters, you have some blank spaces in your hearing. Otherwise, you would know Me. Knowing Me would not be a matter of trust. It would be a matter of knowing, as close as knowing what fresh air is like on any clear day or what sunshine on your skin feels like or what a glimpse of the night stars looks like and beams to you.

I AM in every pulse of your heart. I wake you up in the morning, and I put you to sleep at night. I AM the Impulse of Love in your heart. I AM the Power of Your Life. You are forever and always My Beloved. You are My Self, only, right now you are encased in a human body. This does not have to mean, however, that you are limited. I am Unlimited, and so must you be. And here We are, stepping out onto a new adventure.

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Heavenletter #5940 – The Light of God – 2-27-17


God said:

Do you think that commitment requires a lot of determination and discipline, as if commitment comes spectacularly from dint of will? This is not how I see it. Commitment comes not from any kind of determination except for the happenstance of the depth of your desire. Commitment is something that comes your way, and you don’t have a say about it. It walks in bidden or unbidden. It’s there, or it’s not.

A great artist by dint of his love for expression has to paint or sculpt. Art is so needful of expression that the artist has no choice. The same for a musician. He must play his flute. A composer must compose. He chooses, yet he has no choice.

A great artist still has to clean his paintbrushes. He cleans his brushes by dint of necessity. Cleaning his brushes is an outer necessity. His art is an inner necessity. The artist of magnitude paints because he cannot help himself. May everyone have such a deep desire within that he or she cannot withstand.

A baby wants to nurse, and a mother wants to nurse her baby. It is no sacrifice to take care of her baby. It is what the mother desires to do.

Of course, many people on Earth live by the sweat of their brow. They have a schedule, and they follow it. They go to work at 8 a.m. and get off work at 5 p.m.

Their dedication comes not from the fullness of their heart yet from a different kind of dedication, perhaps dedication to supporting their families or dedication to eating! Their greater joy may come when work is over. Their joy in sports, for example, might not be so strong if they had all day to do whatever they wanted to – if they knew what that was.

Restrictions also have their gift to give.

It is not everyone who has a great passion. The world needs appreciators too. Art museums require people to come to gaze at its content.

Concerts need people to come for the joy of hearing the music.

In the world that you may not always feel you fit into, there is a place for you, and you serve.

The artist is not thinking: “I must paint in service to the world.” He is painting because his love of painting is so great that he cannot help it. At the same time, he is serving the world, and so are you.

Whatever you are doing, you are serving. This is inevitable. You are serving God and man and the world, and you are, therefore, serving yourself.

You may well not get accolades for your service. You are the one who has to know that you serve. Serve well. Serve yourself joy in whatever simple acts you perform.

If your job is to pick up litter in the street, know that you are serving. You do not have to predominantly serve yourself. Your greatest joy may come forthright from serving others. You, of your insular self, are not enough to serve.

Getting back to the great artists and musicians and writers, businessmen and women, designers, hair stylists and so on, sometimes the fire dims, and you move in other directions. This, too, is Life. Seasons change, and sometimes you change as well whether it is your heart’s desire to change or not. Surgeons and musicians alike have injured their hands.

For no known reason, passion can fly the coop. You may go from one passion to another or feel bereft of passion. Life has many facets. All possibilities exist, those you favor, and those you do not.

You also have the opportunity to be where you don’t want to be and, at the same time, give joy and reap some too. It is through giving joy that joy greets you. Even in dire circumstances, you can give out Rays of Light and so reap joy and share The Light of God beating to the The Tune of Love.

Heavenletter #5936 – Thrive! Thrive! Thrive!

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God said:

You are here on Earth for far more than to survive. Survive has taken on the meaning of barely making it through, just getting by, going through great trials perhaps, running through a gauntlet, or crawling through a desert and not dying of thirst. Surviving, as it is understood today, isn’t much, perhaps hanging on by your teeth. In My book, surviving isn’t meant to mean hanging on by your teeth.

Super in Latin carried the meaning of superover, above, more. Vivere means to live. Survive meant far greater than mere survival. Let’s substitute the word thrive. It is My desire that you thrive on Earth.

I put it to you that you are to enjoy your sojourn, not make the best of it as it is understood, but to have a good time as you learn the ins and outs of living on Earth. Making the best of dreariness is not My dream for you. My dream for you is opening up the sky for you and embracing you to Me and Our Kingdom of Heaven.

Set your sights higher. You are meant to lift the world. You can do this by living in Joy, in Joy for the good of all. By no means are you to relinquish Joy – to give it up or to never have it as if this were by some stretch of the imagination good for your soul.

There is no merit in lackluster. There is no merit in suffering. There is merit in Joy. How can you give Joy unless you have Joy within you to give?

Hear Me clearly: I have never thought much of suffering. I never thought it was a wonderful thing. I never wanted you to appropriate suffering. I gave you Earth as a garden for you to tend.

With enough Joyous Gardeners of Earth, what could Earth be? It would be the Garden of Eden. Why not? Why couldn’t Earth be a Fulfillment of My Desire?

You may be waiting for Me to wave a magic wand so you will see the Glory of Heaven on Earth. The magic wand for you to wave is Joy, Love for goodness, and simply Love. All that is needed for All Beauty on Earth to Arise is you, Beloveds.

I prod you. I say this in a hundred different ways. Re-purpose yourself on Earth, and you will spontaneously create Heaven on Earth for all to partake of.

There are no slugabeds in Our Kingdom. Yes, on Earth, there are slugabeds. A slugabed is someone who stays asleep and waits for another to make a Difference in the World.

If you truly want to change the world and not rant and rave at it, then add your Joy to the pile. You have your own range of influence. Right where you are, you can be a leader of this Enterprise called Joy.

If you are bedridden, you have a range of influence.

Regardless of your situation, regardless of what the world thinks of you, the influence you have is Infinite. Be you a murderer on death row, you can influence the world in the ways I seek. Each person on Earth is already influencing the world. If you have previously smeared the world, you can now brighten it. Your medium is Joy. Paint the world with Joy.

No matter what, you leave your mark. Leave the mark you wish to leave. Welcome Joy and give it away. You are a part of a throng of woe, or you are a part of a throng of Joy. No one needs your adherence to the past. Light the present.

Be Joy, Beloveds. Love the world and uplift it. Create Joy. I say you can make all the difference in the world, and you can make all the difference to the world.

Heaven Letters – You Are My Beloved – 11-15-16

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God said:

Life is out of sight. Dimensions of Life are out of sight. Unless you see all, you see only part. Nevertheless, even if you can’t see all, you can know all. There is within you a talisman that goes far beyond your intellect. You can accept all I say. You can believe all I say.

You can believe that you live in a Universe vaster than you have any idea of. You can outdo all your past knowing and all your past ignorance and return to your original innocence that is wise beyond intellect. Intellect can scoff even at a wonder.

You are a wonder. Everyone on Earth is a wonder. You are wondrous. You are a Masterpiece of My Art that I created free-form. There is no one else on Earth like you. There is no one person in all the world like you. There never was another one just like you, and there will never be again. Think of it, no two snowflakes are alike. What Wondrousness then, can you not be?

Neither individuality nor universality is to be taken as so-so. If there is more than mortar and tendon that go into the making of a building, there is greater that goes into the making of a new human Being. No matter how many babies are born in a day, there are no assembly lines. There is uniqueness innumerable times a day. This is not new. This has never been otherwise.

There is Splendor of Oneness, and there is Splendor of Variety. They are all wrapped into One. All from the same Source return to the same Source. In between, there are stories told ad infinitum, no two stories the same, yet all the same, a human Being strung out on the stars, a miracle beyond exception. The Fabulousness of Creation is not always noted nor always sung, yet Created Beings can be recognized as the Great Gift they are. Recognize.

How can it be that human Beings are taken for granted and itemized in certain boxes? There can be no ho hum about being a God-given Being, crafted by God and crafted for God from extraordinary fairy dust, as it were, mixed with ordinary dust, revealing the Glory of God as easily as falling off a chair.

Beloveds, there is no oblivion. There is only God’s Artistic Bent unseen, kept in anonymity, each miracle unrecorded and unnoticed honorably, as if a Creation of God’s can fall into disarray. On Earth, some kind of sham goes on, for Splendor is too often not given grace by the populace, as if Splendor can be muted, as if such an Array of Radiance overlooked is reduced to being worth nothing at all, not even a song.

What can be going on here? What is going on here? A miracle birth is not noticed? A miracle birth is marked off as ordinary, as if there were no miracle at all? I created miracles, and I meant every birth to be honored, not just at birth but throughout his Life, certainly not unrecognized and not made much of.

Not all Trees of Life are given honor or even a glance. Not all are watered. Not all are admired. Not all recognize themselves in the Mirror of My Light. There is not one that I miss. I see the same Bright Light in all, and what I see is My Self.

I look for My Self and I see My Self. I created Godlike Beings in the form of human Beings.

As I, God, set out on a Journey in the World as a baby, I may be unnoticed and certainly not recognized in all My Glory. On a scale such as the Earth holds, far worse is it for the Children of Earth who do not recognize their own worth. I wish every single child of Mine to see himself or herself as I do see, and, then, no one will hold himself higher or lesser than another. All are equal in My eyes. Each is My Beloved.

What Would You Like Your Life to Be? | Heavenletters — Rainbow Wave of Light

God said: Let go of that whole idea of tit for tat, for this gets you nowhere. Of course, if someone is wonderful to you, you want to reciprocate in kind. Loving is a goal you set for yourself yet not for anyone else. Be the love you long to receive. In love, you […]

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Heaven Letter – What Do You Focus On in Ordinary Life? – 9-12-16


God said:

Look for My happiness, beloveds. This will keep you out of traps you set for yourself. You know by now that you don’t much succeed in changing or improving anyone else directly. Your intentions may be all good, and, yes, it is good to follow your intention to make life better for someone else, yet you may have to do this by biting your tongue.

You may think: “Oh, no, I am not supposed to inhibit myself. If I am annoyed, aren’t I supposed to be honest and forthright and not to deny my self-expression?”

Come from a higher intention than relief from your own impatience. Honesty is not an excuse for expressing irritation. Come from your Higher Self. You have a Higher Self.

It doesn’t work – your constant attempt to improve someone else. Pointing out someone’s faults hasn’t succeeded in battening them down. Someone’s annoyances may become a subject that preoccupies you.

It isn’t that your life is supposed to consist of your biting your tongue anymore than your life is meant to consist of full-fledged annoyance either.

Yes, turn your attention around. Find another way. Nagging, no matter how well-based, doesn’t move life forward. Nagging isn’t even a stepping-stone.

You may envy people who seem to love under conditions in which you seem unable to.

What happened to loving? Where did it go? Under which pile did you put away love? Perhaps dig through the clutter of your annoyances and find the hidden love. Dust it off.

Really, this is not an attempt to plug your heart. This is an attempt to make your love noteworthy again, to bring your love back to Earth again, and to plow your fields with love.

Everyone welcomes love. No one welcomes what amounts to harping on the same subject and getting nowhere. You are not at an impasse unless you say so.

Upon what is your stubborn hold based? What is all your annoyance about? What is really bothering you? What are you bringing out, and what would you prefer to bring out?

Do not think that I am piling blame on you. I am desirous of helping you find another way that may actually serve you. I am not desirous of your switching your negative annoyances from your husband to yourself. Somewhere somehow you were raised to emphasize fault-finding. You have perhaps raised fault-finding as your major purpose in life. Indeed, you have become expert in that which you cannot tolerate.

What is tolerable to you, beloveds? Perhaps you can veer your attention in another direction. No longer star in annoyance.

Find greater happiness for yourself and uplift your life as you live it. Your life is yours. Your life is not someone else’s life. Someone else’s life is not your life. Remove annoyances from your life. Balance your life. What does your life depend on? What is life and death in your life? Is everything momentous and equally important to you?

When you are out of patience with someone, more is going on with you than annoyance. Refocus.

If you want to be more satisfied in life than you presently are, where do you begin? When, in life, you are left out in the cold, know enough to come in out of the cold.

When you have been out too long in the bright sun and your skin is beginning to burn, you find shade under a tree, or you put on a sun hat, or you jump in a pond. You have other resources than to keep complaining about sunburn.

Be more creative. Shine some light on yourself, beloveds. On yourself.

Heaven Letter – In Eternity, There Is No Sequence – 8-20-16


God said:

Did you grow up hearing dutiful refrains running through your ears, such as:

“First eat your vegetables. Then, after, have your dessert. Not before.”

“Get your work done first. Then you can go out and play.”

“Frivolity is frivolous. Idle hands get you into trouble.”

“Hold on to your money. Don’t waste your time nor money on foolishness.”

Did you grow up with the idea that joy best comes later? Did you grow up with the idea that joy of all kinds is to be denied you until a vague later time yet to be announced? When exactly you don’t know. Just later some time. And so your joy has been pinched, and you may still restrict joy until some day, and some day may never come.

My children are not meant to be in harness and trudge along heavy-footed. Be light of heart and light of foot. May joy be your password into work or play. Why not?

It’s possible that children have the right idea. Joy first. Joy is a forerunner to everything. Restricting yourself may take away joy and sadden your dreams.

Instruct yourself in the idea that joy is your winning number. Deferring joy is not a virtue.

The difficulty with being heavy-handed about life is that you get stuck in seriousness. Sometimes it seems that you believe too much in the concept that, before you can have joy, you have to suffer. The idea has been expressed that you must suffer before you can be beautiful.

There is a difference between working and long-suffering indenture to work as you await to somehow get out from under. Some day. You may even have the impression that restricting yourself is meant to be your main purpose in life. This does not bode well for joy.

Have a work ethic, that’s fine. Yet remind yourself that a work ethic is not the same as love. Give yourself permission to enjoy now. I created you for joy, for your joy and Mine.

Know you deserve joy, and take it. Truthfully, all of life is meant to be joy. Let joy and responsibility coincide. Why not? Both can be beautiful.

All right, I don’t tell you to play hooky from school. I don’t tell you to be irresponsible. Joy and responsibility are not mutually exclusive. You are not to trade responsibility for joy, nor do you trade joy for responsibility. Yet you are entitled to joy. You never want to forget how to have joy. You may have forgotten about the idea of joy, so fraught are you with a heavy load on your back that pulls you down to labor and an absence of joy.

You have a responsibility to enjoy. Unless you are joyful, how are you going to share joy?

You can be an upstanding citizen of the world and be joyful and be — yes, be Joy to the World.

Joy is not to be pushed aside. You do not have to be idle or on vacation in order to have joy and brighten your life and the world.

You are meant to release yourself from restriction, not hold restriction to you for the sake of an idea held somewhere in the recesses of your mind. I never said that sacrifice is a good idea, or that you are to sacrifice. No, where does it say that I suggested you are to sacrifice your joy for a noble life? I do not see virtue in sacrifice.

Consider joy virtuous. Lighten your work with joy. Hold your shoulders up straight. Love the world without carrying the world as a heavy load that dampens your very life.

I know you care about the world. I know you do. Then be Joy to the World.

Heaven Letters – When You Live in a Valley – 7-22-16


God said:

When you live in a valley, in order to reach a mountaintop, you climb. Climbing is your journey. It isn’t that you must absolutely reach the mountaintop. It is that you are to reach up and keep climbing. The adventure is in the climbing far more than in the result. Even so, there are results every day.

You are reaching for something, and you grasp something even as you may not consciously know what it is you grasp. There is somewhere beyond the valley where you presently live.

Valleys are very beautiful, and yet you climb higher. The climbing is your life. Sometimes you may slip. Sometimes you climb fast. Sometimes you pause where you are. Sometimes you take your time. Sometimes you skip along. Sometimes you are tired. Sometimes you never want to stop.

Isn’t what is as it is also okay? Who has the right to say that life as it appears in a moment is not okay? How did you get to be so sure what life is supposed to look like? Your purpose is to climb. Are you here on Earth to say otherwise?

You practice life. You live the best you can. You do not have to be an expert. Certainly, you are not to be the judge and jury of life. Be an enjoyer of life. Be on your way. Jump over the hurdles with alacrity. Hurdles are in front of so that you can jump over them.

Have a liking for yourself and your life. Champion yourself even as you do not know the whole story. What matters is that you climb. You are not given a deadline, nor are you given a map. If you held a detailed map in your hand, the adventure would be less, perhaps even stodgy. As it is, you find out the direction you are going in as you go along. You receive signals that say: “Come this way. Here, not there.”

Sometimes you are uncertain at the outset. That’s okay. You don’t have to know everything. You are a discoverer. You don’t know what you will discover along the way. This is how it is that you adventure. Even so, you are a Knower.

You are on an adventure of a lifetime. You are on this amazing adventure right now as We speak! All you have to do is to keep going forward. Obstacles don’t stop you. There is no reason why they should.

There is always more before you. No map is opened before you. You have inner guidance. You come from somewhere, and you go somewhere, and, by virtue of your moseying along, you reach somewhere. Climb.

Rejoice. You are on a path whether you see a step ahead or not.

You are destined to reach your destination. You don’t have to reach it right now. You will be led to it. You cannot miss.

It’s okay to be the tortoise. It’s okay to be the hare. It is perfectly fine to rest along the way, yet you are not running a race. You are not alive here on Earth to prove anything. You are here to be alive. As yet, you don’t begin to see your perfection.

One wonderful thing about climbing is that the higher you reach, the bigger the view before you. At a higher altitude, you see further. You are seeing. Whether you are looking up or down, you are seeing.

It matters that you see anew. Keep looking up.

As you look up, keep a lookout for Me.

You are entering a vista.

You are entering Vastness.

Your heart whirls. Your pulse beats. More is going on in the world than you dream of, you who are part of a chorus.

You cast your nets before the water. Everyone reaches out, and everyone is anchored.

Anchor yourself and your Self in Me. You are setting sail for Me.

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Heavenletter #5700 – Your Life Is Your Interpretation of It – 7-3-16



Heavenletter #5700   –   Your Life Is Your Interpretation of It   –   7-3-16
God said:

Sometimes you would prefer to be in the doldrums. Perhaps it gives you an opportunity to feel left out of joy. This can be called self-pity or drama. Dismiss the idea of your “lot in life.” Your lot in life is your prerogative. Your lot in life is up to you.

From the outside, someone may live a most difficult life, yet he or she may be happier than someone else who, on the surface, leads a most blessed life.

Your life is what you name it.

In any case, you are a self-made man or woman.

Of course, some things in life are out of your hands, yet how you receive and deal with what life hands you – this is up to you. Therefore, your life is up to you. You are the weaver of your life. You have a vision of it, and you live up to your vision. Have a Grander Vision.

Perhaps you have never thought you could have a joyous life. Take to heart the idea that you can and will have a very happy life. Don’t go by the past. Don’t hold on to it. Don’t salvage old ideas.

You are ever on a new cusp of life. There is no separation between you and Me except as you think so. Oneness is true. Separation is illusion. The idea of separation between Us is a perception in the world. It is not Truth. It doesn’t matter if the whole world thinks we are separated, it is not Truth. It is a weird fantasy you have told yourself, and this fantasy doesn’t serve you. It holds you back.

You have heard the expression: Attitude is everything.

Attitude is another way to state your perception. Of course, your perception creates your attitude. No longer think you would be kidding yourself to be a positive thinker.

Your perception, whether it is positive or negative, is like a menu you present for the next day. By your perception – too often a misperception – you write your menu for the day. This is what you do when you go by the past. Go by the past, and you sentence yourself to the past.

You project your perception of your life on a screen. You project your view of life. You are the projectionist. You go by what you see. Unless you see differently, you get caught into details. You turn the wheels of your life. Sooner or later, that which you say and that which you think show up in your life. This is one good reason why not to agonize or complain.

We can say that Life is impartial. Life hears you vibrate in a certain way. We can say that, like you, Life misinterprets. Life thinks you want the projections you suggest. Life takes your thoughts and words as requests.

Remember this the next time you hear yourself saying: “Life in the world is heartache. Life is unfair. Life gives me a hard time. I seem to wind up in a mess no matter how hard I try not to.”

When you are petulant, you bring yourself plenty to be petulant about.

Come from a different platform.

It is like you are learning a new language. The new language you are learning is to prepare for new and greater blessings. You are rising higher in your speech and in your deeds and, in fact, in your day-to-day life.

Project on your screen what you want to appear before you today and tomorrow. Is this asking too much?

Prepare your menus. Change the picture you project on your screen. Make your picture what you want it to look like. Perhaps We are talking about bravery and courage enough to rearrange your life in the way you would like it to present itself. Your projection will enliven your life right before you very eyes.

What on Earth would you let stop you from doing this?

Heaven Letter – Peace Comes Shining Through – 6-26-16


God said:

How does a dove bring peace?

By Being, nothing but Being. The dove is a forerunner of peace. You are a Dove of Peace.

Bringing peace is not a presentation. Certainly, have your desire be to bring peace, and then live life. You give peace by virtue of your consciousness. Making peace goes deep.

Now, don’t fall into the state of thinking that you will fail at peace. Even failing to bring peace is better than putting the whole issue of peace aside. Decide to be a Peace-Bringer, and then let peace arise. Peace cannot be crammed in.

Your responsibility is to be real. Being who you are is peaceful.

Your desire is for peace. Intend, desire, look for peace – these I give you to disperse regardless of your state of consciousness. Peace is a background, a frame of reference. It is not a package you purchase.

Peace is a champion that simply appears. Peace can be lost in the crowd, yet peace, when seen, is recognized. Ah, yes, the peace that surpasses understanding. While peace is yearned for all over the world, peace yet may be traded for less than peace. In less than peace, you are out of breath. In less than peace, life is tense, hectic and agitated. You can’t enter peace through uproar, only through peace.

Peace cannot be an issue. Peace cannot be forced. Thumbs up for peace. Make room for peace. Invite it. Cherish it. Peace forced does not amount to peace. An end to war doesn’t always show peace.

Peace is beyond peace, and peace arrives on all fronts.

Of course, it is fear that foments war.

Truce isn’t exactly peace. A legal presentation is not necessarily peace. Peace can’t exactly be regulated.

Hail to peace. Peace is the absence of war, yet peace is greater than the absence of war. Peace is the freedom to decide for yourself. There is no place for war except as a divertissement. Peace is a natural state and not a ruling.

We can look at peace like a wedding. A wedding is performed. A wedding does not necessarily mean that two hearts are wedded. It means a formal statement has been made. A contract of love is asked for, yet peace is greater than form.

And yet there are marriages that rise above form. Married hearts do appear. Instead of dissension, ascension arises. Hearts, one by one, get filled up to their hearts’ content. Peace is not a simulation. Peace is not an attempt. Peace is an arrival that comes shining through. Life leaps a step up. Love becomes truth in action. Peace is entered into. Peace enters the heart, and peace is seen and recognized where it resides in the heart. Peace is realized. Vive la paix! Peace comes into its own. Peace is strewn like starlight throughout the Universe.

Peace becomes King. Peace inherits the throne.

Some of My children are strangers to peace. They have heard about it. They seek peace like a long-lost brother and yet do not recognize him when he appears.

Peace does not wear a costume. Let every man who enters your life be your brother or your sister.

It is that simple. Peace can be. Let peace follow your desire for it. Peace can sweep you up. You can be a peace-bringer and a peace-giver. You can be the Threshold of Peace. You can sweep peace into the world. Put out a call to peace. Herald in peace. Notice peace.

Yes, note peace. Say: “This is what peace looks like. Hmm, this is how peace feels. Peace is mine.”

What a revelation peace is. Like a blind man, you feel your way to peace, and you reach it. You touch peace with your own hands. Peace runs through the Universe. You have established peace by recognizing it. Peace is your brother, and peace is your sister. You issue peace into the world. You are the Declarer of Peace. You hold peace in the palm of your hand. You declare what is already true. In the name of peace, you are peace. You give peace a warm welcome. Here it is now. Peace stands before you.

Heavenletter #5692 – Befriend Our World – 6-25-16


God said:

Gentle. Be gentle to the world. Encompass the world with gentleness. Be tender love to the world. Give forgiveness before the event, and you will not take offense. Give forgiveness to everyone for everything. Giving forgiveness means that you will not take offense.

Sometimes you take offense before the offense. If you can cry before you are hit, you can love ahead of time as well. Your choice.

All of the world has not learned how to be a friend in advance. Much of the world has learned to be on guard, ever alert to prevent their being stepped on, trampled, offended.

Of course, I say it is better to be alert to embracing the world. It takes courage at the beginning to welcome everyone to you, sight unseen. Must it be scary to give acceptance ahead of time?

Some of My children, because of what they were taught or picked up somehow somewhere, learned to be ready for skirmishes. They had an aim in life to keep themselves safe from being taken advantage of. They learned to tense up, ready to be on the look-out for lack of respect.

Ah, pretty much, what you look for, you find. Look for reproach, and, by and large, reproach will be waiting there for you. Assume appreciation, and odds are appreciation will be lined up for you just as easily as well.

In any case, expect that which you desire.

Let’s be frank, some of My children like a good fight. They like to have an object of contention. They are alive then, anticipating having to protect their image as a fighter for justice. Actually, in these cases, such fighters are looking for trouble. When you look for trouble, you draw it to you. To some degree, then, you are a warmonger.

Better to strew peace before you. Then you are a peace-bringer, a peace forecaster, and a blessing to the Universe. This means you are an Uplifter of Humanity. This means you put battle scars aside. This means you let go of tension, and so you yourself are more relaxed. As you go, so goes the world.

There is room for yourself and everyone else in the world. There is room for all.

The sign you paint, make it read: “Welcome.” Make it say: “There is room at the inn.” These are the signs that are to hang out in your heart for all to see.

If you want a warm welcome, practice welcoming.

Be what you would like to receive. This is creating peace in the world. What is wrong with that? What would you think I would like you to be – a rabble rouser?

I would like you to be a lady or gentleman. This is what ladies and gentlemen do. They give courtesy. Their manners underlie peace. They open closed hearts. Closed hearts may fear being trampled on. True ladies and gentlemen strew courage like rose petals. They give you good ground to walk on. They bless you for Being.

If you don’t want to fear, then drop fear. You don’t want to live in fear. What do you think stress comes from? Fear. Therefore, abandon fear. You can live better without fear. Besides, it’s very easy to restore fear if you later discover you want to. Anyone can do it at the drop of a hat.

Better to be a Champion of Good Will. What is peace anyway but good will toward the world and all the travelers in the world. Why not be an Exponent of Peace? This can only stand you and the world in good stead. Wise choice, this choice to fling open the doors and let love out to walk around amid strangers.

When you are a friend, who can be a stranger?

It is your destiny to befriend the world.

Heaven Letter #5691 – The Sun Emblazoned in Your Heart – 6-24-16


God said:

The Sun clears the way for you. The Sun enters your heart and lights it up. In your mind right now, pick up the Sun in your hands and scoop the Sun into your heart. The Sun will fill your heart, and happiness will be yours.

There isn’t anything you can’t do with the Sun Emblazoned in Your Heart.

Where did you think the sun belongs if not in your heart? Vitamin D is all well and good, yet a blazing unmistakable sun in your heart is the Mainstay of a Bright Golden Orb from every heart shining out to every heart. This is love. This is You. This is what your heart is meant for – to send beacons of light, Light Crisscrossing from Heart to Heart.

And, of course, imagine too placing the Light of the Sun into your mind as well. When it comes to the Light of the Sun, your heart and mind are One, perfectly balanced and in tune with each other. Lit by the Sun, there is no argument between heart and mind. The heart and the mind don’t tug at each other, trying to find themselves. Heart and mind are in perfect harmony. When there is harmony, where can disharmony exist?

As your heart and mind are filled with the Light of the Sun, there is no separation, no tension between them. Filled with the Light of the Sun, what on Earth could heart and mind be in conflict about? The heart becomes the Sun, and the mind becomes the Sun. There is no telling heart and mind apart. They are no longer located because they have become One. There is no mind to stretch, no heart to please. As One, heart and mind are perfectly pleased. There is no difference between them.

Oneness doesn’t argue with itself. The Oneness of what once were Heart and Mind is like a single arrow that now hits its target, or it is like a shot out of a cannon that makes inner and outer One. The Sun bursts forth like the Sun, and the Universe is alight.

Intelligence isn’t even needed because Intelligence is. There is no getting away from Intelligence. Consciousness Is. You are Consciousness. You are the Sun of Life. You are the Sunshine, and you shine.

You light up the world. You are the Light of the World. This is not the first time you have heard this.

The sun that shines doesn’t have to think about itself and what it does. The Sun IS the Sun. There is nothing to think about. The Sun Shines, and the world is bathed in light, as you are bathed in light. You ARE the Light of the Sun. You reflect the Light that you are. In Truth, you were never anything else but a Bright Light whichever land you are in the world or out of the world.

In the world, you have a lot on your mind. In Heaven and on Earth, you simply beam. What more do you want? And what else does the world want but your Light rotating around it and brightening the entire Threshold of the World?

You are the Threshold. You are the Sun shining in every heart.

All is Light. There is no darkness. There are no cover-ups. There is no dross. There is no tarnish. There is nothing but Light, and Light is Infinity. Your spirit rolls over in Infinity. Your spirit soars in Infinity. You are Infinity. You are the Light of Infinity. You are a Sun that does not set. You are a Sun Risen that the Universe hails. You have thought that the Universe provides for you. You provide for the Universe. You are the Sun, and you are the sum-total of the Universe.

You have had a different sort of picture of yourself. As you place the Sun in your heart and mind, you are the One Sun That Shines on All. Hear the beat of the Metronome of the Sun. Experience the Tom-Tom of the Sun as it pulses in your heart for all to hear.

Heaven Letter -Open, Open, Open – 6-22-16



God said:

Break away from the idea of either/or. You do not have to relish opposites, nor do you have to dislike them. It is not necessary to have a mentality that relishes opposites to an extreme. You don’t want to be so quick to throw out possibilities. Be open instead.

Where is it written that something has to be good or bad, black or white, happy or sad? Something can be good and bad, not black or white but in between or even closer than that. With words, you do not want to condemn one aspect of life over another. Everything is not as you may think it is.

People can be equally wonderful yet carry vastly different opinions. Better not to put too much stock in opinions. Opinions change. As you grow, what you make of something also grows. What you make of things in life changes. What is modern today is old-fashioned tomorrow and may well become a treasure later on.

You have heard of famous last words. An opinion of yours now may be opposite to an opinion once upheld or opposite to an opinion you may hold in the future.

We are speaking of the relative world. An outdoor temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit may feel warm at the end of winter and very cold in autumn after a long hot summer. What is old or young depends upon your age and where you are coming from.

Taste is a matter of opinion. Who is to say someone’s taste is right, and someone else’s taste is wrong? Most everything in the relative world is a question of taste. May opinions be considered as a matter of taste and not be judged, opposed, or slandered.

Your opinions don’t have to be right, and someone else’s opinions don’t have to be wrong. Opinions are just opinions, nothing more.

If it is good for you to think for yourself, it is good for someone else to think for himself as well.

Two beautiful trees do not compare nor contrast their leaves in autumn. All colors are beautiful. One tree doesn’t say he is better than another. One tree doesn’t say another tree is not so beautiful as himself.

What you see as beautiful is beautiful. This is true, yet what is a prize to you may not be a prize to another.

You like to spend your time one way or another, and someone else may like to spend his time very differently from you.

You are not in a contest. You are not trying to win a race. Everyone chooses to enjoy as he does, even when what he enjoys is not what you enjoy.

You may like bright colors, and someone else may favor pastel colors. Who can say that one color is better than another? This is an opinion, not a fact. It may be a fact right now that you prefer green to blue. Your preferences are free to change. You are free to prefer any color you happen to prefer at any given moment. Opinions are not laws.

You are free to let everyone else have any preference they happen to have. Others’ opinions belong to them and not to you. You are not the foreman of how other people think.

There is place in the world for everyone.

Some people prefer the mountains, and others prefer the sea.

By and large, many people simply find themselves where they happen to be. They were born there, or they were like a seed from a dandelion puff who was miraculously blown to a particular spot by the wind. Others may have traveled the world to find where they wanted to live. Others may live in the same house all their lives.

Who can say what is best in life and when and for whom?

There are all possibilities in the world. Who is to deem that only some possibilities carry gold and others do not?

Be happy where you are. Where you are is not the whole story.

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Heavenletter #5685 – You Are a Dancer of Light – 6-18-16

God Is Love 2
God said:

You’re not waiting for the world to inspire you, are you? Better that you inspire yourself, and so inspire the world.

This is not a performance I speak of. You are a cheerleader, yet you don’t twirl a silver baton. Greater than a cheerleader, it so happens that you are a Being of Consciousness.

When you light a candle, the light from your candle shines on all. Furthermore, because of you, others have the ability to light their candles from yours. The light you bring to the world is multiplied hand over fist. Your consciousness lights up the world. Consciousness lives!

Do not hide from this lighting up any longer.

Beloveds, you are not on parade. You are not a production. You are the Real Thing. You are a Light Bearer. You are a World-Brightener. You are the Light of the World that was announced so long ago. Be it.

You don’t need horns and trumpets. When you are lit, the room lights up. Your light serves. Your light isn’t privately owned. It is impossible not to share your light. Get out there and share it.

If I am Light, it is you who are shining My light.

You are not to hide it. You are to spark the world. You are the light switch of the Universe. Your Being reflects My Light.

Take a deep breath. Be comfortable with lighting up the world. It is inevitable that you will do this. It is automatic. You are Divine Light, and so you shine.

This is everyone’s destiny. This is your destiny. Your light is going on all over the world. Spectacular!

Don’t tell Me that the world isn’t getting brighter. Don’t tell Me you don’t see more smiling going on, more friendliness, more gentleness right before your eyes. Don’t tell Me that your own life is not interrupted more with a greeting that you have long longed for. This sensitivity issues from you as well.

Don’t tell Me that the world hasn’t changed right before your very eyes.

There is much in the world that has reversed itself. Look for it, and pass it on.

You have a place in this world. It has been kept open for you. Enter this place now, and bless the world and everyone in it. Bless yourself.

Who in the world cannot use more blessings? Not the least is you.

You are prominent in this world. There are no exceptions. There are no excuses. Pick up the beat of My Heart now. Catch on. Get the beat.

There is a Dance Step in life that you are learning. Observe.

Stand before the world and enter this dance. Dance before the Universe. This is not a little thing you do. This is pre-eminent. The Earth is here for you to dance on. Get those legs moving. No more holding back.

Do not think that you are faking. No, you are living. You have been sitting on the throne long enough. Get up from the throne. Surprise the world and yourself. You are a Dancer of Love, and. so, you dance. This is how you find out Who you are, not by sitting, but by dancing. A dancer dances. You are a Dancer of Light.

You are to wait for no one. You certainly are not to wait for yourself.

Do not tell yourself that you are waiting for Me to go first. You are first in line. You are the Trumpeter of the World.

It is you the world is waiting for. Turn yourself upside down and inside out and dance as you have never danced before.

Your heart dances. Love dances. You are an Inceptor of Love. You are a Dance Teacher. Even if you never danced before, now you dance to the Beat of My Heart.

Light of Heart, now you see that you are also Light of Foot.

Make your statement now. Awaken the world, and awaken yourself.

You are not a tiny fragment of the world. You are the world. You are the One I have sent.

Light those candles. Let the Flame of Love light up your eyes. It is your turn now. See how good it feels.

Okay, you’re on.

Heavenletter #5676 – A New Idea – 6-9-16

 God Is Love 2




God said:

I sing a song to you every day. I sing a song of love. I sing My song of love from the rafters of Heaven and Earth. Even as space does not exist, I sing to you from everywhere. Even as time does not exist, I sing to you without cease. I sing an ode to you. I sing from My heart. This is the only place I know of to sing from. Hear Me sing.

Remove the idea from your thoughts that I judge you. Neither do I advise you to judge. I do not tell you one thing and Myself another. For what purpose would I do that? I am already omnipotent and all the other omnis you can think of. I have no need to be otherwise than totally up front with you.

You may put Me on the carpet. It is well-known that you argue with Me. I do not fault you, nor do I beat around the bush. I do not change My story to suit you. Did you think that I am obliged to?

You may trump up charges against Me when you feel assaulted by a turn of events. Of course, you know the answer I give you:

Beloveds, you simply don’t catch on to all the nuances of life. You do not know all the underpinnings of your life. You do not see deeper reasons. To your eyes and heart, there can be no reason to justify what blows you have had. If you could see what I see, your eyes would light up. You whole way of thinking would change exceedingly once you could see as I do see.

Trouble has visited you. Trouble you are good at recognizing. Total picture – you are not so good at — for you are convinced that I, willy-nilly, can only be punishing you. You may have a rough road, yet you are misinformed, misinterpreting, and short-changing yourself. Your mind simply, at present, may not be able to see further. Opportunity awaits you. It would be great if you could see from a different angle.

What if there is blessing in every twist and turn in life, no matter how abhorrent it is to you personally as you view segments of your life now? It is a fact that you don’t see around the bend.

Ah, if only you would go beyond your present thinking. I will call it your mis-thinking or incomplete thinking. Instead of finding Me guilty, could you not give Me some leniency? I am amazed at how fervently and convincingly you find Me guilty of betrayal to your ego, dear friends. Ego finds misdemeanors. Truth looks elsewhere.

You, who so desire freedom – and so rightfully desire it – refuse to grant freedom to Me. So long as you do not grasp the intricacies of My Will, you may refuse to even look at Me. Oh, yes, you want Me to be charitable to you, and you may stalwartly refuse to grant Me charity. This is self-defeating, don’t you think?

You don’t like to hear that your thinking is limited. Somehow you tell yourself you gain some kind of victory by snubbing Me. Every two-year old is sure he is right. Yes, of course, from his perception, he is right. He is unhappy not to have his toy truck. Someone or something has taken it away from him. This cannot be right. There are no circumstances under which this can be right. Are you not sodden with the idea that life is never to go against your demands?

Could you lean on being more charitable to all concerned? What a new idea!

Heavenletter #5668 Temple of God’s Grace, June 1, 2016

God Is Love 2


Heavenletter #5668 Temple of God’s Grace, June 1, 2016

God said:

Rise and shine. That’s all you have to do. And, that, ultimately, is all that you are doing. You are rising to Life. Unbeknownst to you, you are like a ballet dancer on the stage. The dancer’s body is folded, as if she is covering herself on the stage. She unfolds her limbs and rises to her full height. She may not realize the grace with which she does this. Nevertheless, she reveals God’s Grace as she rises.

Or, it could be that you are a building being built. There is sawing and hammering. One day the building is built, and it is a Temple of Beauty. It is happiness to view this building. From wood and nails, bricks and mortar, time and energy, the Temple arises. Aided and abetted by other blossoming human beings, the building reaches its heights.

Or, you are My Dream, and My Dream realizes itself. You are the building that is a Haven for All.

You are already created in All Your Majesty. Your task now is to come to the Realization of Who You Are. You are not mere shards of Creation. You are Creation Itself. The blueprints of you were designed, and now you branch out as you remove blinders from your eyes.

You are a Dancer Rising. You are a Temple of Yourself. You are My Dream Fulfilled.

Blessed be you. Blessed be your Life as you reach your True Height. There is nothing else you are, yet it takes some doing for you to come to this Realization that you are all that I say you are. You never were less. This was for you to find out. It is you who is to realize that you are My Dream Come True. Of course, My Dream is Truth. My Dream never lacks. My Dream is fulfilled when a light bulb goes on, and you realize that you are lit up, hand-crafted by My Golden Hands.

You are waking up to the Truth of Creation.

Asleep, now you are waking up. You rub your eyes, for such splendor lies before you.

You are Cinderella at the ball. You always were. The cinders were not real. The stepmother and stepsisters were not real. A kiss from the Prince was true because the kiss signaled your awakening. The Prince rang the bells that awaken you. You hadn’t known you could dance. And now you see that you can dance, and now you see all that all your eyes fall on is beautiful before you.

My Vision, which was always true, has come true for you. My eyes have become yours. We look through the same lens. You see what I always saw. My dream that came true became true for you as well.

All of Heaven rejoices. Every cell in your body rejoices. Peace has come. Your heart has calmed down. You turn somersaults of joy. You cannot contain your joy because your joy is Mine. You burst through to another dimension of regard for what I have wrought.

Behold, you are My Light manifest on Earth. We embrace. Once embraced, you are embraced. There is no going back to old States of Consciousness. Now you are Consciousness Itself.

You never were limited to wayward pictures of yourself. We were already wed from the first instant of Creation, although Creation had already been created. Just now you have burst through all your ignorance. Now you are Light Adept. Now, Creator and Created are One, and now you see this for yourself even as you are My Self unabridged, unwrapped, revealed to yourself in all My Glory. This is the Dance of Life We dance.

You never were who you had mistaken yourself for. You will never make that mistake again.

We are the only Ones who have to know, and We know. Ego has blown its gasket. Ego is nowhere to be found. In your Being, there is no space and no time. Ego is a product of space and time.

In Infinity, ego has no place. Ego that is so small cannot itself fit into Infinity. Infinity is, We can say that Infinity is wide open, and yet there is no place for ego in Infinity. Ego is an aside. You can love ego while it lasts, yet ego is no more. Ego could have had a heyday, yet you rose without it. With ego, you can’t rise. True Love rises now. True Life arises now. Welcome. You are risen.

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Heavenletter #5668 – Temple of God’s Grace – 6-1-16


God said:

Rise and shine. That’s all you have to do. And, that, ultimately, is all that you are doing. You are rising to Life. Unbeknownst to you, you are like a ballet dancer on the stage. The dancer’s body is folded, as if she is covering herself on the stage. She unfolds her limbs and rises to her full height. She may not realize the grace with which she does this. Nevertheless, she reveals God’s Grace as she rises.

Or, it could be that you are a building being built. There is sawing and hammering. One day the building is built, and it is a Temple of Beauty. It is happiness to view this building. From wood and nails, bricks and mortar, time and energy, the Temple arises. Aided and abetted by other blossoming human beings, the building reaches its heights.

Or, you are My Dream, and My Dream realizes itself. You are the building that is a Haven for All.

You are already created in All Your Majesty. Your task now is to come to the Realization of Who You Are. You are not mere shards of Creation. You are Creation Itself. The blueprints of you were designed, and now you branch out as you remove blinders from your eyes.

You are a Dancer Rising. You are a Temple of Yourself. You are My Dream Fulfilled.

Blessed be you. Blessed be your Life as you reach your True Height. There is nothing else you are, yet it takes some doing for you to come to this Realization that you are all that I say you are. You never were less. This was for you to find out. It is you who is to realize that you are My Dream Come True. Of course, My Dream is Truth. My Dream never lacks. My Dream is fulfilled when a light bulb goes on, and you realize that you are lit up, hand-crafted by My Golden Hands.

You are waking up to the Truth of Creation.

Asleep, now you are waking up. You rub your eyes, for such splendor lies before you.

You are Cinderella at the ball. You always were. The cinders were not real. The stepmother and stepsisters were not real. A kiss from the Prince was true because the kiss signaled your awakening. The Prince rang the bells that awaken you. You hadn’t known you could dance. And now you see that you can dance, and now you see all that all your eyes fall on is beautiful before you.

My Vision, which was always true, has come true for you. My eyes have become yours. We look through the same lens. You see what I always saw. My dream that came true became true for you as well.

All of Heaven rejoices. Every cell in your body rejoices. Peace has come. Your heart has calmed down. You turn somersaults of joy. You cannot contain your joy because your joy is Mine. You burst through to another dimension of regard for what I have wrought.

Behold, you are My Light manifest on Earth. We embrace. Once embraced, you are embraced. There is no going back to old States of Consciousness. Now you are Consciousness Itself.

You never were limited to wayward pictures of yourself. We were already wed from the first instant of Creation, although Creation had already been created. Just now you have burst through all your ignorance. Now you are Light Adept. Now, Creator and Created are One, and now you see this for yourself even as you are My Self unabridged, unwrapped, revealed to yourself in all My Glory. This is the Dance of Life We dance.

You never were who you had mistaken yourself for. You will never make that mistake again.

We are the only Ones who have to know, and We know. Ego has blown its gasket. Ego is nowhere to be found. In your Being, there is no space and no time. Ego is a product of space and time.

In Infinity, ego has no place. Ego that is so small cannot itself fit into Infinity. Infinity is, We can say that Infinity is wide open, and yet there is no place for ego in Infinity. Ego is an aside. You can love ego while it lasts, yet ego is no more. Ego could have had a heyday, yet you rose without it. With ego, you can’t rise. True Love rises now. True Life arises now. Welcome. You are risen.

Heavenletter #5658 – The Stars of the Universe – 5-22-16


God said:

Everything in the world is as you perceive it or misperceive it. There is understanding and misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions. Offenses came into being. Obligation entered the world. Heartache grew. The concept of foe grew. All the opposites were firmly planted. The unwanted grew. Weeds of thought took over. The world became haphazard and hazardous.

It hasn’t been an easy thing to choose to leave Earth, nor is it always charming to stay.

Words expanded the Universe while words also cut the Universe down. People were construed in wild ways and struck down, sorted and classified according to who-knows-what.

How brief was life for a human being on Earth, and how long it took.

Time was bowed down to. Space cost money. Water became sparse and charged for. There were all kinds of shortages in the world.

There grew a shortage on Earth of heart. Hearts withered as though heartlessness were a sought-after treasure. Heartlessness was no rarity.

Blame was perpetuated upon Earth. It grew like a vine. It took over the fields. No one could escape the vine of blame although some blamed more or less vigorously.

Nevertheless, the daily miracles of life continued.

I saw beyond what you in the world saw. You forgot to look up at the sky. Wherever you looked, you saw errors, and you counted them. This is how you learned arithmetic, and the world told you that pointing out fault was a good thing.

Man thought he had mastered the Universe. He couldn’t even master himself. He appointed himself an expert. He was an expert at craziness.

Man figured Life on Earth to bow down to him. He exalted himself at the same time as he went to pot.

Stewards of the Universe fell down on their work. They vehemently sought gain and admired selfishness as if it were a diamond in the Sun.

Nevertheless, the Sun came out loyally. Light on Earth never stopped. The Sun was so often, it wasn’t heeded. Rarity became valued.

You, My children, wore masks. You found many ways to hide. Worst of all, you hid Truths from yourself. Lies were invented and believed in and strewn upon the Earth.

This is a short history of how woe was born to the world. History was a mistake of the intellect. History was a resounding mistake of the intellect. Bells were not rung. Hands were wrung, and wells wrung dry.

Pandora’s Box was opened. Now it is closing. The era of suffering is on its way out. Woe is backing away. There is no longer place for sacrifice on Earth.

Life is to be honored. The human heart is gaining ascendancy. The world is growing in divinity divinely.

The herald angels sing. Music of the spheres and hemispheres is being renewed. The Earth is coming out of its confinement.

Love is being let loose upon the world.

Love is remembered, and love is recharged.

Vastness is accruing. Disharmony is receding. There is no place for disharmony. Disharmony is no longer possible. Harmony has risen. Harmony sings its own song.

Love has been let loose from its cave. Love can no longer be withheld. Love sings itself loud and clear.

Love is no longer disputed.

Assonance has replaced dissonance.

No longer can Expression of Love be held down.

You and the world expand together.

No longer does shallowness or callousness exist. There never was a place for less than Greatness. That which is not lovely recedes.

The world is now a hop, skip, and jump away from Elegance. Consider now that Beauty of Life has been declared and accepted.

No one any longer is an island unto himself. Islands no longer exist.

The world is covered in splendor.

Stars were born and honored. You, My Children, are the Stars of the Universe. I have announced your Presence. You arrived long ago, yet may not yet be clear about who you always have been. It is you who lights up the world. You are the Light upon Earth. You are the Sun. Who is the Savior of the World? Why, it’s you.

Heavenletter #5655 – A Divine Rainbow Powered by the Sun – 5-19-16

God Is Love 2


God said:

All you have to do is to be with Me. Being with Me is Being. Being is like a platform you stand on. Being isn’t doing. From this platform of Being, you are. All you have to do is to be with Me. There is no doing to do. There is Being to Be, which you already are. You just don’t see what is in front of you. You may glance askew.

You do not have to stand on tip-toes to be with Me. It is not a far-reach to be with Me. If I am Omnipresent, I am right with you. Ah, yes, you think of Me as separate from you. So you see Me outside you. Outside you means apart from you. Likely, the image you have of Us is not exactly true.

You can call Me a Partner with you. Therefore, you are also a Partner with Me. Funny, the more you seek Me as if away from you, separated from you, the more self-absorbed you may be. Too finite, it would seem. Too finite for words, that is.

The world uses words such as farther and closer, yet there is no distance between Us. You may feel that, yet feelings, as real as they may illustriously seem to you, are not real. They are a fancy you have adopted as real. You call your feelings real. You have assumed these feelings. You wear these as due you. Anyway, these feelings are not your reality. I am your Reality. You have applied your feelings to the top side of you. Feelings, no matter how important to you, are no more than a little varnish on wood. Varnish is not the wood. Varnish is only a little film that is painted on the wood. Varnish is hardly the wood itself.

You play peek-a-boo with yourself. You would deny your True Self to yourself and others. You have a certain comfort in putting your True Self off limits. Good Heavens, what if you really are Greatness! What might be expected of you? Trust yourself, and you will be having trust in Me. What’s the difference between you and Me? Well, I know Who I AM. You may think you are nothing at all, when you are Intelligence and Heart Supreme.

Existence is proof itself of more than the eye can see.

Sherlock Holmes himself would say you look askance at clues. You yourself are the only proof you need. The Truth is that you are contained within a physical body. You may look at the container that holds you more than you look at the heart of the matter. Boys and girls, I am contained within you whether you like it or not.

You may prefer an illusion of yourself over the Reality of your Self and the Reality of what you truly are made of. You are made of My Love. You are made of My Love, and My Love pursues you as well.

You may not yet be aware that you seek Me, yet you do always have your eye and your hand out for a blessing. That fact is, with or without your awareness, that which you seek also seeks you. You who may be searching all over the place are also the Sought. You are what you are looking for. And you will find your Self. You may come across your Self in the dark, as it were, the last to know, yet you will be lit up, for you, My child, are indeed the Light.

Or, we can say that you are a Divine Rainbow Powered by the Sun, identified by God as His Son or Daughter or even as His Very Soul shining in the sky and on Earth. You are everywhere that exists, whether you consciously see it or not.

Heavenletters – The Unwarranted Past – 5-19-16


via Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org


God said:

Get over your old feelings from the past. Don’t hold them to you as if they were precious. I speak of old heavy-duty rejection and dejection from childhood that you bring up to the present, feelings that reverberate within you now, a feeling that you won’t be liked, or won’t be liked for long, perhaps belief in others’ seeming view that you are inadequate and unloved, and that you may hold to you as if you do well to hug these errant impressions.

You have had love, dear ones, yet great love in your childhood was not as prevalent as We would wish. Insecurity came from one place or another, yet not from everywhere. You accrued a belief that you were not acceptable.

These feelings were not useful to you then, and they are worthless to you now. Let go of them now. Those who gave you those impressions cannot let go of your feelings about yourself now.

You are My child, and I love you. What other people thought about you once upon a time had nothing to do with you. Nothing. The feelings you engendered from those times were unjust and unwarranted. You were judged and judged falsely. You took these false judgments as photos of you. You never forgot these photos. The pictures taken entered your blood stream, your cells, your heart, when, all the while, they were another’s errors of understanding.

You were and are My child, and you were and are to be loved.

At the very least, do it for Me and behold yourself with love.

To be sure, there was an edge in your childhood, and it cut your heart. Truly, there is no reason to open and reopen that cut. If you had known then what you know now, you would not have absorbed the world’s fallacies as if they were creditable. You would not.

If someone is stand-offish to you now, must you let it ruin your day? Because someone else is troubled or foolish, why should you ruin your lovely time here on Earth for old time’s sakes? Enough from the past.

From your consciousness, now you associate with Me. I always associated with you. As it happens, you may not as yet have started looking up. You were coiled up in the world, and the world was not always looking up at the sun. The world just didn’t know any better. Once you didn’t know any better than to absorb criticism.

You know better now. Others’ stares or withdrawal of favorable attention has nothing to do with you. Others’ shadowy views alit on you. You were not wrong to be you. You were a child. The ones who viewed you may have looked amiss at you for your race or other such nonsense or simply because their day was hard on them, or just because you were a vulnerable child.

I apologize to you for everyone who was ever ungenerous to you.

Heavenletter #5651 – Finding Yourself in Unity Consciousness – 5-15-16


God said:

Infinity exists. The word Infinity is the same as to say that time is non-existent. There is no past, present, or future. There is no time-line, not even a soupçon of time, not even a teaspoonful of time. Everything is simultaneous, even as simultaneous also aligns with time. In life in the world, timing plays a great role.

You are often advised to live in the present. What does this mean really? We can say it means to be focused on Infinity. There is a double-cross here because Infinity is timelessness. Infinity is Vaster than the Vast.

Infinity is certainly more Being than Doing. How many times has this been said?

Yet, there is agreement that it is advisable to live in the moment. Living in the so-called moment can be an Act of Will. I don’t suppose that living in the moment is a decision you make. Living in the moment can be a desire and an intention, yet your awareness of “the present” does not happen by dint of a snap of your fingers. You cannot so easily turn yourself off to the past and the future, even as you would wish you could.

Living in what is called the moment takes no focus. You can’t focus on being in the present. You are where you happen to be, mildly or full-force all over the place. You are unable to turn the jets of life on and off, any more than you can truthfully turn love on and off at your will. You are where you are.

Where you are right now is not where you have to be or where you will always be. You will sail new seas. You can count on it.

Love and living solely in the moment are states of consciousness. Everyone on Earth has certainly experienced the joy of living fully in the present, for Consciousness is not a constant flat line and no further.

When you are living in the moment, you do not say or think: “Oh, boy, I am living in the present.” Living in the present may be observed, yet it is observed after the fact, although, in fairness to life, entering into the present no matter what is also possible. It is likely for you. It is inevitable for you.

Someone who lives in the past knows he’s reliving or remembering and that that memory is reliving memory. Everyone knows that daydreaming is looking with joy on desired events that could yet be.

Perhaps living in the present is more like living in the gaps between words.

An artist who is painting paints. At the moment, he is not thinking: “I am an artist painting.” He is lost and found in his painting.

Another way to say this might be to say that he, the individual, has forgotten himself and entered Unity. His individuality doesn’t enter in.

If you could at will be living in the present, you would always be happy. Living in the present is often given as a means for happiness. Living in the present is indeed a means for happiness, yet happiness is the result of living in the present. You don’t look to achieve happiness by putting the cart before the horse.

When you are living in the moment, happiness is guaranteed. You may not like the idea of scrubbing pots and pans, yet when you are living in the present, you will feel joy in scrubbing this pot or that pan because you are spontaneously enjoying making a pot to shine.

You do not put up with scrubbing pots and pans. You do not live through it. You are enjoying this moment as you live in it.

Godwriting™ is an example of living in what is called the present. Of course, when Godwriting, let’s say your consciousness moves over a millimeter — you could find yourself in Unity.

Heavenletter #5648 – Dreams Are Like Gates That Open – 5-12-16


God said:

Consider everything that you witness in life as a metaphor. There is a message in everything. Of course, the message is open to interpretation. The point is that there is a message for you in all of life.

Life teaches you, beloveds. It often teaches you in pictures and word. Words also are pictures. There is interpretation on so many dimensions.

Whether you see love or the seeming absence of love, love is the story. Whatever tangent you are on, it is about love, about underscoring love, about your pulling yourself up with love, about your growing to greater heights. You are the teller of your story. Sometimes, seemingly, you make decisions about the story you tell, yet words of your dream come forth out of your mouth as if you have no say. The thought is there, and the thought is spoken out before you know you have it.

In the world, everything is a story. Everything seems to be made up. You run with the story, or the story runs uphill or downhill with you.

In terms of Infinity, stories don’t enter. Stories by their very nature must have erroneous space and time to exist in. Stories require challenges. Stories require unfulfilled desires. Wow, you are good at listening to stories and perhaps making much of them.

At the same time, stories filled with fiction also hold Kernels of Truth within. Some stories come to an end — or do they?

Stories that are told, can they be untold? Can a story be retracted? Is there another story that can substitute for the one before, or for the one after?  Can stories be rewritten? How can there be so many stories!

Here are three types of short stories in a nutshell:

He came, he saw, he conquered.

He loved her. He kissed her. He left.

Love me, love me not. I love, yet maybe not.

There are dreams that come true. There are dreams you never think of that don’t come true. There are dreams that don’t reach your awareness yet, even so, they come true.

In Truth, there are no dreams that cannot come true. Sooner or later, all dreams come true in that they you have them, and they are truly yours to dream. Even unfilled dreams in your lifetime bear fruit somewhere somehow.

Dreams are dreamt for good reason. You do not have to know the reason. Dreams are for you to dream.

Dreams call out to you. They call out:

“Dream me, dream me, so that I can come true. I have a longing to be dreamt of. Choose me, choose me. I will become forever yours. I am the dream you are to dream. I put myself in front of you. I will come to you anon, and I will blossom into the world. I am meant to be dreamed of. You are meant to dream of me. I belong in your world. I existed long before you were born. I have been waiting for you to pick me up and lift me high. May I become your dream come true.

“What matters is that you dream me. This way I become true for myself. This way I exist. This way I draw a breath. I live in more hearts than yours. I, the dream, am a Dream-Fulfiller. Just that I am dreamed of makes me come to life.

“It is not that I am like an orphan who needs a home. Rather, I become your new home. One dream leads to another. May your new home in your heart be filled with dreams like me. Find me, and you find yourself. You are destined to be a dreamer of dreams and bring dreams to life. Long live dreams. May the dreams you dream fill your heart with song. I stand right before you. Take my hand. Escort me through your life. May the Sun shine on us continually, from dream to dream, each dream anchoring in your heart. We dreams are not far-fetched. We dreams are sensible. We are common sense, just like gates that open before your very eyes.”