Purplerays – a very small heart… could hold a large amount of gratitude – 4-4-18

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart,

it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.” ~

A A Milne Text & image source: Earthschool Harmony


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Karen Star @ iN5d – How To Win The Heart Of A Goddess – 6-28-17



by Karen Star,
Guest writer, In5D.com


Even in today’s age of growing gender equality, the onus is still predominantly on our men to make the first move in relationships and many of you are struggling with this. So, allow me to pass on an important tip to winning the heart of that Goddess you have fallen for – One which will place you way ahead of any other suitors who may be knocking on her door.

As a single, spiritually awakened woman, I don’t get out much in the real life social scene. I’m done with the small talk from men, the awkward chat up lines and most definitely being appraised up and down like a piece of meat. I’m a happy homebody who enjoys her own company, independence and peaceful, drama free lifestyle. However, that’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome a relationship but I’m only willing to renounce my single status for a man who can fearlessly open his heart. Someone who is strong enough to be vulnerable – A modern day warrior who can show me who he is without his walls and armour – I’m looking for a hero

I hang out quite a bit on social media. I love my online vibe tribe. We have a, beautiful, inspiring connection, sharing a passion to lift humanity and the planet. The other topic that gets thrown around is the fact that many of us are single. The men often lamenting about how us women have set our standards way too high and us ladies wondering, where the hell are all the heart connected men hiding?

If my inbox is any indication, I believe the problem here lies in the initial approach that many men have when they decide to reach out to the woman who has flipped their interest. They see a woman they like, maybe it’s her smile, her energy or her passion for life and decide to test the waters. So, they decide to reach out half-heartedly in a nonchalant manner, unwilling to risk rejection and gauge the level of interest by just sticking their big toe in the water.

Maybe they send a casual message just saying, “Hi beautiful” or “Are you single?” or “Can I teach you Tantra?” – I’m laughing because believe me, I’ve heard them all. These introductions lack depth and originality. They are just not to stop the girl of your dreams dead in her tracks and make her go – “Wow, I really feel I want to get to know this guy better.”

If you really want to impress your crush and explore if she’s open to getting to know you better, you’re going to have to dig deeper and give her something special. Oh boy I can hear you saying, more flowers, chocolates, fancy restaurants – Well no actually, that’s definitely not going to win the heart of a woman with any depth, and what I’m suggesting you give her cannot be bought with any credit card or impressive bank balance either. If she’s an awakened woman, you’re just not going impress her with your shiny car, bulging biceps, cheesy words or corny memes.

Right from the start she’s going to want to know if you can fearlessly open your heart…. That’s what she’s looking for in a man.

So be brave and give her something no one else can – Give her a piece of your heart. Give her an insight into a side of you that you don’t show to everyone else. Tell her how you feel about her and mention that you’re nervous but she’s worth taking the risk for. Be authentic and genuine, she’s not interested in flashy showmanship and you only ever going to get one chance to make that vital first impression.

Now doing that takes real guts – Warrior courage…. But she’s never going settle for anything less in a man.

Look at you, you’ve been walking the hard yards on your own spiritual journey. You’ve embraced the lessons from past relationships and grown from the inevitable pain. You know you have something special to offer her. You are unique, no one else can give her what you’ve got – After all that’s what you’re selling right? … Your heart.

And you know what? Despite your best efforts, maybe she’s still won’t reciprocate your same level of interest. But I’ll tell you one thing – You’ll have gained her respect and she’s unlikely to forget you either.

If she’s not interested, don’t see it as rejection, we can’t fall romantically in love with everyone we meet. Just look how strong you are to even allow yourself be vulnerable – Now that shows real strength as a man.

If it doesn’t work out, don’t close the door on your heart, everything is a stepping stone. Gently remind yourself that you’ve managed to wrench open your heart a tiny bit more, ready for when that one special lady who will see you as her true hero, comes along – And she will. because a man who can open his heart is in huge demand with us single goddesses.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Fearlessly show her your heart … And just maybe, you will win hers.

About the author: Karen Star is a passionate writer, poet, yogini, mother and vibrational alignment coach. She’s down to Earth with her head in the stars – Clearly from another galaxy. Speaking her truth from her heart, she delights in demystifying the bridge between quantum reality and our human experience, as we ride the highs and lows of the roller coaster through life. She lives in a reality where everything is energy and we are all dancing to the sacred music of the cosmos. Feel free to connect with Karen via her Facebook account.




Heaven Letters – When You Open the Windows of Your Heart – 6-13-17…

God said:

If I were to ask you to list all your desires, and all your desires came through today, you would jump for joy. You would be so excited. You would feel rewarded and loved today. You would know for a fact that the Stars are smiling on you. How happy you would be.

Courtesy of   https://peoplestrusttoronto.wordpress.com/2017/06/13/when-you-open-the-windows-of-your-heart/

It is a good guess that you can easily put together a long list. If you ran out of ideas, you could go to the internet or TV or ads in a magazine and catalogues. There is no shortage of what you would find to desire. The world offers you trails of breadcrumbs for you to follow and more and more.

Yes, if all your dreams come true today, you would be happy. You would be ecstatically happy until – until — the Joy fades. How can it be that joy fades? How is it that wonderful gifts lose their luster?

The deal is that you can always have more to add to your list of world desires. World desires just aren’t enough for you. When you get a new car, after awhile, it isn’t new any longer. After awhile, there are newer cars that hit the spot. New goes only so far in the material world. Gilding the Lily wears off.

The world at large certainly does give you happiness — for a while. The world is simply not able to bestow long-lasting happiness. You could have gold and sit in a palace, and it would not be enough. Lasting happiness isn’t able to establish itself within you from outside.

Lasting happiness arises from within. However intriguing the world is – and it is intriguing, no doubt — lasting happiness bubbles up from within you.

Within is not the same as without. Interior is interior. External is external. Internal is internal. Foundation is foundation. Surface is surface. Temporary is temporary.

In Life, you alternate between Life on the Surface and Life in the Depths of your Soul. Have both. Of course, you would like to.

Temporal desires may well come from themselves and also from your effort. Sure, you could win the lottery, yet, for the most part, you give forth your energy to fulfill your worldly desires.

Desires often find their way to you. You don’t have to work hard at desiring. Desires can well rush in on their own. You don’t have to hold your desires tightly in your fist. Desires can find their own way. Desiring has a Life of its own.

When you feel desperate, let go of desperation. Look, it is natural for your desires to reach you when you don’t hold on tight to them. Invite rather than command. Greet rather than demand.

There is nothing you have to possess. You just plain don’t. What you have to have is to give freely. When you open all the windows of your heart, what cannot come in for you?

When you look at a sunrise or a sunset, unlike when you gaze upon your once new car, you can feel happiness every time. When you see a field of lavender or pick a flower, Joy is yours. Even though you can gaze upon Nature, Nature is not outside you but within. Fresh air will always give you joy. Nature is not a personal dividend. It is inevitably shared. No one has to ask anyone for permission. Therefore, Joy from Nature is renewable, and you are blessed with Joy every time.

You don’t own a sunrise. It is yours, and it is everyone’s. No one needs to unlock a sunrise. The Sun was never locked. The Sun was always for all. No one has to apply for permission. No one has to pay admission or wait in line. Beloveds, Nature is within you. You are Nature.

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The Heart has an Inner Eye – Purplerays – 6-6-17

” Heart is the symbol of the rational aspect of man but not the same as intellect. It is a part of the ” universal reason “. The heart has an ” inner eye ” ….. that can perceive reality. However the evil thoughts …. of the lower soul needs ….. of the material world […]

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There is a gem that is rarely seen in the world – dreamweaver333

Originally posted on Purplerays: “There is a gem that is rarely seen in the world. This gem is one whose heart is free of desire and is full of love for Truth. Such a One shines with the light and presence of the Lord Supreme. Find Him .. within yourself ….” ~ Mooji ? ?…

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Lisa Transcendance Brown – All Continually Re-Configures & Re-Aligns In Accordance to MY Own Soul’s Codes & Sequences NOW – 9-5-16

Free Your Soul from the Matrix & Reclaim the Power of Love ~ July 27, 2016 — roseramblesdotorg

If you are in your head… you are in “the matrix” Reclaiming your Divine Feminine Energy will get you back into your loving heart and FREE you from “the matrix”! There are many excellent and brilliantly researched articles and videos about ‘the matrix” by very informed individuals. We all owe SO MUCH to each of […]

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Heaven Letter #5691 – The Sun Emblazoned in Your Heart – 6-24-16


God said:

The Sun clears the way for you. The Sun enters your heart and lights it up. In your mind right now, pick up the Sun in your hands and scoop the Sun into your heart. The Sun will fill your heart, and happiness will be yours.

There isn’t anything you can’t do with the Sun Emblazoned in Your Heart.

Where did you think the sun belongs if not in your heart? Vitamin D is all well and good, yet a blazing unmistakable sun in your heart is the Mainstay of a Bright Golden Orb from every heart shining out to every heart. This is love. This is You. This is what your heart is meant for – to send beacons of light, Light Crisscrossing from Heart to Heart.

And, of course, imagine too placing the Light of the Sun into your mind as well. When it comes to the Light of the Sun, your heart and mind are One, perfectly balanced and in tune with each other. Lit by the Sun, there is no argument between heart and mind. The heart and the mind don’t tug at each other, trying to find themselves. Heart and mind are in perfect harmony. When there is harmony, where can disharmony exist?

As your heart and mind are filled with the Light of the Sun, there is no separation, no tension between them. Filled with the Light of the Sun, what on Earth could heart and mind be in conflict about? The heart becomes the Sun, and the mind becomes the Sun. There is no telling heart and mind apart. They are no longer located because they have become One. There is no mind to stretch, no heart to please. As One, heart and mind are perfectly pleased. There is no difference between them.

Oneness doesn’t argue with itself. The Oneness of what once were Heart and Mind is like a single arrow that now hits its target, or it is like a shot out of a cannon that makes inner and outer One. The Sun bursts forth like the Sun, and the Universe is alight.

Intelligence isn’t even needed because Intelligence is. There is no getting away from Intelligence. Consciousness Is. You are Consciousness. You are the Sun of Life. You are the Sunshine, and you shine.

You light up the world. You are the Light of the World. This is not the first time you have heard this.

The sun that shines doesn’t have to think about itself and what it does. The Sun IS the Sun. There is nothing to think about. The Sun Shines, and the world is bathed in light, as you are bathed in light. You ARE the Light of the Sun. You reflect the Light that you are. In Truth, you were never anything else but a Bright Light whichever land you are in the world or out of the world.

In the world, you have a lot on your mind. In Heaven and on Earth, you simply beam. What more do you want? And what else does the world want but your Light rotating around it and brightening the entire Threshold of the World?

You are the Threshold. You are the Sun shining in every heart.

All is Light. There is no darkness. There are no cover-ups. There is no dross. There is no tarnish. There is nothing but Light, and Light is Infinity. Your spirit rolls over in Infinity. Your spirit soars in Infinity. You are Infinity. You are the Light of Infinity. You are a Sun that does not set. You are a Sun Risen that the Universe hails. You have thought that the Universe provides for you. You provide for the Universe. You are the Sun, and you are the sum-total of the Universe.

You have had a different sort of picture of yourself. As you place the Sun in your heart and mind, you are the One Sun That Shines on All. Hear the beat of the Metronome of the Sun. Experience the Tom-Tom of the Sun as it pulses in your heart for all to hear.

Heavenletter #5653 – I Hear Your Heart Say – 5-17-16


God said:

I hear your heart say:

“Beloved God of my heart, Love of my Life, You are my entrance to Heaven from which there is no exit. I say this from the Truth of my Heart. I believe this, for You have said so. There are times I know this without a shadow of a doubt. Doubt is such a pesky mosquito.

“Nevertheless, fear challenges me. Any opponent to You, beloved God, is fear, an imagined fear that wishes to steal my heart from You. I believe You, not fear, yet this doesn’t mean that I am not pursued and caught by fear too often. Fear gets a stranglehold on me sometimes. This morning, fear holds me against the wall, and I succumb.

“As I understand it, fear is a flicker of my imagination, yet I tremble at fear at the same time as I do not believe fear for one instant. I would not, I would never, never, never uphold fear, yet I do.

“How can it be that I would fear the word fear so much that I shudder to write it? Fear is an opponent, the fiercest opponent I know. I do understand that fear is a twist of my own thought.

“You are real, God. Fear is not. How can I love You, God, in one breath and, in another breath, fear this paltry thing that called fear? It is human fear, while You are God, and God is Love. It has to be that You, God, win. There cannot be any contest. Even so, fear wiggles its way in. I would stamp fear out like a fire if only I knew how.

“I would never choose fear over You, yet there are times when fear is on the rise. I would never shake hands with fear or kowtow to fear, yet what am I doing when I fear the thrall of fear and would run away?

“There are great long-lasting moments when my heart is filled with You, when You are secured in my heart. There are times when I overwhelmingly feel Your Presence. At these times, fear does not exist, and yet fear seems to be laying a trap. I feel secure in the same moment I am aware that fear wiggles his finger at me. Fear is pretty sure of himself. How is it I can have even have a thought of fear hassle me when there is You, God?

“There is no fear in You, God, no fear at all. I want it to be that fear cannot even go past my window. I don’t want the word fear to burrow in me ever again, yet, when I wish fear to leave the Face of the Earth, I am attributing sovereignty to fear who enjoys himself while You, dear God, enjoy that You and I are One.

“The thing is I believe in You at the same time as I quaver at fear. Fear may be a footnote, yet what is fear doing around me even as a footnote when there is You. You are an Infinite God. How can fear trail me in Your Presence?

“In theory, fear is far behind me, and, yet, as life is in the world is, fear tracks me.

“God, I beg You to remove all fear from me. Banish fear from me even as a concept. Make fear foreign to me. Make fear a nonentity. Remove any traces of fear so that I may know You, and know, without a doubt, that where You are, fear cannot enter. Fear cannot hide in me when You are in my thoughts, when You are my Thought. I can’t think of two things at once, can I?

“I am not a stranger to the Oneness You speak of, and yet…and yet…I wonder what is to become of me while I am on Earth. I am secure in Heaven. Your hands and my hands touch. You palpitate my errant heart. I do not have any desire to make room for fear in the Oneness You and I share, yet here I am talking about fear when I could be simply basking in You.”

I answer your heart that goes up and down:

Beloveds, when someone leaves the room, your eyes automatically look up, and you see the door close behind the person leaving the room, so, now, You are noticing fear taking his exit. These are the last tremors of fear that you see as the door closes.

Accept that fear is leaving the room, and the door closes behind fear. Fear will no longer accompany you. Fear can do nothing now but to leave. Without fear, you have freedom from fear. Without fear, you have freedom. Fear has lost ground while you find more space in your heart for Me.

God is Risen, and you rise to Me. Love is on the Ascendant while fear is a bedraggled wisp of smoke.

Light Lover 1964 – Meeting All Beings in the Sacred Chamber of your Heart – 4-18-16



Light lover 1964   –   Meeting All Beings in the Sacred Chamber of your Heart   –   4-18-16

Courtesy of:   https://roserambles.org/2016/04/18/meeting-all-beings-in-the-sacred-chamber-of-your-heart-april-18-2016/

Source:   https://lightlover1964.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/meeting-all-beings-in-the-sacred-chamber-of-your-heart/


Beloved Heart Family,

As we continue to expand further into our Hearts, we remember more and more The Language of Light.

AND as we raise our frequency and more of our multidimensional tools come “online”, we each become brighter and brighter Beacons of Light easily “seen” across dimensions.

A lighthouse is easily seen in the dark.

So other beings now sense you, “see” you, and many will wish to communicate with you.
Some are still in duality, some are ascending, some are descending, some are neutral, some are curious, some have agendas, all have their own reasons.


We are ALL multidimensional beings in the process of remembering the tools which we had forgotten as we experienced descension timelines and fully immersed ourselves in human polarity and the experience of duality, as per the Principle of Rhythm which governs this universe.

The ebb and flow of creation.

As well, The Principle of Polarity allows souls to choose service to others OR service to self as one option of their experience, along with others. (This can change as per Free Will.)
This is as per The Divine Blueprint Laws which govern this Magnificent Creation.
(The 7 Hermetic Principles. http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/kyb/kyb04.htm)

So across all dimensions are souls experiencing this Universe at all different frequencies,(levels of consciousness), different levels of Heart Connections to Source.
All life experiences are different as We are all Individual Divine Aspects of Source and do not duplicate experiences, but are constantly creating new ones.

We are ALL Creators of individual realities, some of space and time, some others.
Multidimensional beings.

So as you awaken and begin to raise your frequency and remember your multidimensional tools, you begin to communicate with other dimensions, with other beings.


Matt Kahn – A Message to All Innocent Hearts – 4-13-16

Matt KahnThe difference between a lightworker and a victim has nothing to do with the situations faced, but how one responds to the circumstances at hand.

A lightworker uses their world of experiences to become the change they wish to see, while a victim is hurt by the actions of a world, while waiting for the change they have yet to become. On a spiritual level, a victim is a lightworker in training.

Throughout each chapter of life, the inevitability of loss and the suchness of change are survived to bring forth a new consciousness for the benefit of all. This means victimhood is not a pitfall one escapes, but ongoing stages of spiritual growth and energetic expansion to call forward the lightworker in you.

Whether contracted in fear from the hostility between countries, heartbroken by the actions of terrorist attacks, at war with yourself in your own mind, disappointed by the behavior of others, or overwhelmed by the heaviness of the collective unconsciousness, each moment of victimhood acts as an invitation to step across the threshold of despair to become the lightworker you are destined to be.

No matter how promising or uncertain your world seems to be, I offer you the prayer of radical forgiveness, as a way of assisting our awakening humanity on an energetic level.

It is important to always remember, whether viewing circumstances on a personal or global level, even if you cannot change the situations you see, you can always change how you respond from the inside out. When internal changes are brought forth in the presence of hostility, sadness, despair, fear, or turmoil, your interconnection to the totality of light, as the one eternal soul, simultaneously plants seeds of expanded consciousness in every heart to manifest endless waves of blessings through the inspired actions of one.

As an awakening lightworker on the front lines of ushering humanity into a new paradigm of consciousness, please read the following prayer however many times a day you are either inspired to support in Earth’s evolution, or find yourself entrenched in the pain of human suffering.

In the blank space provided, you can include the name of an enemy, an adversary from the past, a family member connected to a wound you have yet to heal, a loved one struggling through their own healing journey, your full name, the name of a country at war, or even humanity at large:

“I allow the soul (s) of  ______ to be pardoned and set free as I AM now.”

Please do not judge yourself for the amount of times per day you find yourself needing to repeat it. Instead, see yourself through the eyes of the Universe and rejoice in how often you are acting in accordance with your soul’s highest wisdom to transform reality for the liberation of all.

Through the prayer of radical forgiveness, may you step forward in faith and bring to life a unique frequency of light that you came here to ignite in every heart.

May your destiny be viewed not as a horizon of preferred circumstances, but as opportunities to act upon life’s most inspired choices that transforms your physical body into a living expression of divinity in action. One prayer of radical forgiveness or “I love you” at a time, the ascension of Earth that already occurred the moment life was created, actualizes into present moment time, so we can remember the Heaven that is already here – now and forever, together as One.

Many blessings to all. Om Shanti, Shanti OM


Lincoln Gergar – Mind Mastery – The Origin of your Mind is in Your Heart – 3-9-16

Dr Simon Atkins – Energetics – From the Galaxy to your Heart – 1-11-16, Skyaia Show #66

Jayme Price – Freeing The Heart – Weekly LightBlast – 9-17-15

Jayme Price


Freeing the Heart

Dear One, having a free and open heart on the Earth plane is not always easy. As you open, you feel great joy and bliss. Then the pain of the self and humanity becomes evident and you feel great sorrow. The sorrow is not always obvious. Sometimes it becomes disguised as anger, revulsion, indignation or righteousness. There is a time to feel sorrow and there is a time to observe if you have allowed sorrow, in its many forms, to saturate your hope. Hope is the impulse of the heart to keep reaching toward change. Hope is a form of expectation, a beginning of knowing that change will occur. When the heart is free, hope is natural and grows into trust and then knowing.

A Free Heart is a heart that is strong enough to experience deeply and still have hope, trust and knowing. A Free Heart will understand the invisible strength that is trying to grow through the crack in the concrete vulnerability of a being. Knowing When it is time to assist through action is a skill of understanding beyond the moment into what will empower all involved. Sometimes that means lending a hand, sometimes that means walking away as you lead the way to a new potential.

Freeing the Heart means letting go of obligation based in fear and opening to the service that supports empowerment. It means looking beyond the moment and hearing the strength that is seeking growth through a vulnerability. It means nurturing hope in the self and another even while seeking a path of new potential. It means trusting that life is benevolently supporting each being in ways that show them they have human support, independent support and the support of time, leading them to a new self.  Is that self you?

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Heart, we are perceiving humanity in the light of hope as each being is growing through the support of our knowing that they are magnificent. We are choosing the greatest support in a moment of change that embodies Love’s grace of Knowing When. We are finding the path of least resistance and allowing its flow to gently erode the barriers that keep humanity from knowing the current of Love moving them forward. We are the hope that is seeding the future as the waves of Love wash (k)new strength ashore. Our Love Lights the way(ve). Blast on!

Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Healing the Heart and Mind , 7-4-15

Crystalline Soul Healing

Jayme Price

Healing the Heart and Mind


Blessed Being, you are revealing much of yourself inwardly, and that is the most important action in your evolution. Your biomechanism and the environment in which you reside are a perfect complement to your wholeness, your ascension. Your wholeness is internal. It is an interesting experience, facilitating human form in the dimensions of forgetting your spiritual form, your full image; your connected form that is One with All Life.

Your heart/mind complex is a duality experience, and like all things separate on Earth; they are truly connected. Therefore, as you consciously shift how you authentically think and feel, you are creating a union between your separated human form and your connected spiritual form. It takes a foundation of strength and wisdom to truly begin the connecting of Self with All Life. Are you strong enough to observe one in pain and see strength unfolding? Are you strong enough to observe one in joy and celebrate strength unfolded in that moment? It requires a wholeness within that understands that negative and positive are not separate, they are connected. The ‘and’ of life. Either/or is physical in nature, and is the connection that is unseen.  Look for it.

As we sit to Blast Healing the Heart and Mind, we are feeling strong enough to think positively, even amidst visible negativity. We are holding a vision within our hearts and minds of a loving humanity that understands their true divinity. We are becoming well with what is, at peace with the moment, even as we advance into the future of the unknown forming.  We are observing life with the strength of detached compassion, a deep connection that does not forget the power of all beings experiencing growth. We are looking for the clues of Love’s potential and electrifying its magnetic grace, empowering Life within. Blast on!

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SAUL via John Smallman – Hearts were made to be filled with Love – 6-22-15

John SmallmanSaul  via  John Smallman

Saul Audio Blog for Monday June 22nd.

All your blocks are coming up for release, that is why you keep experiencing them.  It is frustrating for you, it tends to get you thinking that you are, as some of you might put it, “a waste of space,” not good enough, as you observe all those seemingly well-balanced individuals living normal productive and satisfying lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth – NO ONE is a waste of space, although some may appear to be wasting time, wasting their lives – nothing anyone does is wasted, there is always a lesson to be learned, and it is always learned, if not in that moment, then eventually.

So, give yourself a break, as many as you feel like, because that is generally what you need.  When you resist taking a break, when you fight the urge, you avoid the opportunity to experience something that has been buried or denied that needs to surface, be seen and be experienced, then it can be happily and easily released.  That’s what blocks are, a call to allow something deep seated to emerge and be healed and released.  But most of you have been well-trained to bury, deny, or fight them.  Allowing them to take time to surface is not procrastinating, it is essential inner work, but when you judge yourselves you slow down or stop the process, and then it may seem that you are procrastinating.

Fighting does not work, only love works!  How often do you have to be told that?  You attempt to love others while condemning and blaming yourselves, and it cannot work because when you refuse to love yourselves you shut Love out of your lives.  Love is your natural state, you need It.  Shutting It out exhausts you leaving you fearful, angry, and resentful, then you project those negative feelings on to others in order to feel better, but that only makes you feel worse.

There is no other answer to all your problems, only Love, Love, Love; and then still more Love.  And you have to start by accepting and loving yourselves.  So why not do it now?  Delaying makes no sense at all, it only adds to your dissatisfaction and unhappiness, or maybe causes you even more suffering.

Now, as you rapidly approach the moment of humanity’s awakening, is the time to release all your remaining ties to the illusion – fear, anger, bitterness, resentments, envies, unworthiness, unacceptability, judgments, etc. – and allow Love to fill your hearts.  Hearts were made to be filled with Love, so open them up and let that happen.  Many of you have experienced falling in love, or intense love for family or friends, and you know how good that feels; and this Love is everlasting, eternal, not even death intervenesor terminates It, so why shut It out?

It is the divine Will that you live permanently in a state of Love, and in truth you do, always, but you have chosen to hide It from your awareness.  Without allowing It to fill your hearts you will never find satisfaction or contentment, you will just continue searching, in all the wrong places, for that elusive and seemingly unobtainable state.  But It is right there at the center of your being, and It will never leave you because It is You.

You cannot, ever, escape from yourselves!  Denying that you are Love, avoiding coming into contact with Love, burying the flame of Love that resides eternally within you is what causes all your fears, anxieties, angers, and conflicts.  You feel alone, threatened, endangered, and so you attempt to protect yourselves either by surrounding yourselves with protective barriers (physical or psychological) or by attacking those whom you think threaten your survival, the “fight or flight” syndrome.  But if all are One, as you most definitely are, then you can only be attacking yourselves, or defending yourselves from your selves, and that makes no sense at all.  You all have the same needs and desires, and if you would only cooperate harmoniously, compassionately, and lovingly, all issues could and would be resolved.

It is but yourselves that you fear and defend against but, because of the skill with which you constructed the illusion, those fears seem very real, and you use your human bodies to maintainthe appearance of separation from one another, judging each other as different, strange, untrustworthy, and dangerous.  You mostly belong to teams – families, religions, corporations, political parties, sports teams, nations – all of which appear to demand different loyalties that you have to support and defend against perceived enemies – other similar teams.  And during those periods when there is no perceived outside threat, then you fight among yourselves.  Fighting has become endemic, like a contagious disease that no one can escape.  And your media builds up those fears of threat and conflict very aggressively to maintain the illusion.

You are all One, but the illusion hides this from you, magnificently, because, within it, you are all absolute masters in self-deception!  The illusion is all about self-deception, because there is absolutely no one else to deceive.  Once you begin to accept yourselves, including your shadow side, the parts you bury or deny, then realization dawns that no one else can do this for you and that no one else can prevent you from doing so.  Self-acceptance is the greatest gift you can bestow upon yourselves, and if God accepts you unconditionally, as he most certainly does, then why would you not do likewise?

You were created perfect, as you have been told countless times, because whatever God creates is by its very nature perfect.  Creation is the absolutely perfect demonstration of the infinite perfection of God, and the illusion is but an unreal attempt to separate yourselves from that eternal state of perfection, which is impossible because it is the only state that exists.

Stop hiding the Light of your perfection from yourselves and others, open yourselves to receive and bathe in the ongoing Love-stream in which you are totally immersed, and all your fears, worries, and anxieties will be washed away as It flows through you and aligns you with Reality in a completely harmonious integration with all of God’s children.

The only barriers to Love in your lives are those you yourselves have erected out of fear, and only you can lower them.  Do so and let all the stress of maintaining them fall away, then peace will replace stress and you can give yourselves wholly to living, the reason for your creation in the first place.  To be alive is to be awake, and signs of life are returning to your sleeping forms.

With so very much love, Saul.

Mysteries of the Heart – HeartMath



The Institute of HeartMath (http://www.heartmath.org) shares fascinating understandings of the human heart as explored in more than 20 years of its research. The ‘Did you know’ facts are lesser-known gems of information to enlighten curiosity on how your own thoughts and emotions are affecting yourself and others.

HeartMath Research Director Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., says, “It’s important to take a pause and really consider what our emotions are contributing to our environment and to other people. Our research and its applications can help people create a positive emotion-based environment that has real effects on physiology.”

McCraty said that the true nature of human emotion is one of care and love. He said HeartMath and other research shows that by focusing on these core heart-felt emotions, it can enhance one’s connection with others, and that this connection extends far beyond the individual.

Learn more at http://on.fb.me/explore-IHM where you can also download a free ebook

Magnetism of the Heart – HeartStar Blog – 3-9-15


Image Source


Dear friends,

As we approach 2015’s first solar eclipse, equinox and lunar eclipse, on March 20, March 21 and April 4 respectively (this lunar eclipse being the third in a tetrad of Blood Moons during 2014-15) followed by Easter on April 5, I feel to address ‘centering in the Heart’ from the perspective of angles of convergence, axial tilt, and the Earth’s polar magnetic shifts in relation to our own internal axis, magnetic fields, balance of the elements, and how to remain steady through the flux.

If you are journeying consciously with the Shift, you have probably already noticed the intensifying effect when your focus into an energy, situation or imbalance – in relationships, work places, families etc – isn’t centered from your inner heart, and other moments of crystal clarity and breakthrough ‘aha’s’ when your focus is right in/through your Core, aligned with Source. The feeling of the difference between inner heart-directed focus and mental-emotional push/pulls of the personality is becoming ever clearer, individually and collectively. For unity and peace within you, keep affirming (firming) your centre – your central axis – your own torus, within the currents of the Shift, the macro ‘angle’ of the 3D axis and the 5D axis that are converging on a planetary scale, and in us. As you look through the images below, feel the Star you are, and affirm your Heart Star centre.

The first picture shows a pulsar (pulsating radio star), defined as ‘a highly magnetized rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing toward the Earth, much the way a lighthouse can only be seen when the light is pointed in the direction of an observer, and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of the emission.’ (Wikipedia)

Schematic diagram of a pulsar, Wikipedia.

We’ll return to the lighthouse analogy in relation to ‘seeing’ our galactic family and their ships, but first let’s look at the angles of a pulsar’s two axes. The white loops circling the star represent its magnetic field, its torus, which everything from an atom to a galaxy has, including us. The vertical green line represents the star’s axis of rotation, and the blue beams represent the axis of its light beam. The difference between those two axes is akin to the difference between geographic north/south and the magnetic north/south axis of the Earth – as the poles are shifting, on their way to reversing:


The pulsar shows us the axis of rotation, and the axis of light, which is aligned through the centre of the star’s torus, the ‘core flow’ of light through its field. Similarly, the Earth’s geographic polar axis and its magnetic axis aren’t only not aligned as one, they are slipping further apart, leading to a full reversal. So currently, the ‘old poles’ are no longer aligned with the central axis of the planet’s torus field. Below is a map of what is happening to the Earth’s magnetics during a pole shift. In a reversal, the magnetic axis fragments completely before the ‘flip’:


This scatter of magnetic threads mirrors the energetic lines of the old 3D template as we have known it, in full collapse, before a reorientation which, because of the faster light frequencies that have been steadily flowing into Gaia’s new heart grid, is a key stage of the planet’s dimensional Shift. Now feel the flows of these two axes through your own heart centre/ heart star and torus field. If you’re shifting with the ascension energies, the light will keep flowing straight through your core, and its radiating torus. Ego-mind will keep focusing back to the ‘old north-south’ axis, because that’s the reality it believes in. When your being is focused to old north-south (the old 3D template), confluence with the Light axis is lost, or dimmed, until your awareness returns, or retunes, to your heart centre, and focuses from there again, which realigns you to the flow of higher frequencies. Well-being, harmony, peace, love.

Using the symbolism of the pulsar, and our Earth’s shifting magnetic axis, feel how ‘walking in both words’ in balance, viewing and acting as a multi-dimensional being in a three dimensional strata, means BEing in your centre, relaxing there, and allowing the higher frequencies to flow through your heart and radiate outward. It means SEEing through those frequencies of unity with love, touching the ‘old north-south’ as needed, with a light touch, rather than clinging on to constructs that serve the 3D view.

This includes linear/planar concepts such as timelines, whether ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ (which is inherently dualistic). The heart-knowing is holographic, not linear, and converges energies from ‘beyond the box’, into the zero point, and radiates them through the box, until it dissolves. See this post for a short overview of dimensions 1-6 and how we ‘see’ through them.

tempoh4 - Copy


Astrology, as it has been understood in 3D, delineates the ego personality through positive and negative energy attributes of planets and stars, and ties them to angles/aspects and transits between those planetary and stellar consciousnesses as they are interpreted through duality, an analysis that is relevant and precise in charting the personality and its movement through time. Astrology projects personal/collective ‘progressions’ forward through time, through the lens of those characteristics. Without going too deeply into this construct right now, can you feel how anchoring into a higher frequency state requires holographic rather than linear envisioning? It’s the difference between thinking, or viewing from, ‘inside the 3D box’ (geocentric/egocentric/spiritual egocentric) and viewing through the box, from the unifying/unified SEEing of 4D+, through the transparent, open ‘hypercube’ – because unconditional love sees/feels from all ‘sides’ simultaneously – meaning ‘sides’ dissolve, into Oneness viewing. This is how higher dimensional beings ‘see’…and we are here anchoring that seeing in ourselves and on Earth again. From the Heart and its universal omni-view.

eye-heart - Copy - Copy


As you travel with the Earth’s magnetic flux through this stage, what is your awareness involved with, at any given moment? Are you trying to sort out lines from the ever-moving skein? Attempting to control the flux, or at least your ‘part’ in it (and if so, what emotional or mental states focus you into it)? Are you centered, anchored in your core, viewing and feeling all from that point of pure Essence, touching lightly on the lines without gripping onto them for ‘survival’? Are you feeling the grace of ‘being in the world, with love, rather than of the world’? When your centre is open, allowing the flow of Love, you are a world, a star, in balance.


If you find it hard to love and forgive yourself or others, or to trust the goodness of Source, if your mind and emotions feel confused, lost in the whirl of the flux, blurring deep, high light with lesser lights, masquerade from revelation, then wrap yourself in the purple light of mercy, of compassion. From my Higher Self: “Breathe the purple into your heart, let its benevolence-light fill your field. Allow Mother’s white Ascension light to pillar through your centre. Let it be both anchor and compass. Feel it encompass your BEing, with joy. Be One with her and bring through your rebirth. No one comes to the Father, except by the Son. No one comes to the Son, except by the Mother. All is in Oneness, tri-angle of the Heart. The Archer holds the Bow; through it flies the Arrow. Do not let your heart be afraid of the arrow of Love, cradled through the Mother’s bow. It is the Flowering and Fruiting of Life.”

4731700 - Copy

Flower of Life, by Capstoned, deviantart.

Flower of Life, source: Az abszolutum mtafizika.

From the wisdom and beauty of the higher frequencies of the planets and stars, beyond ‘character traits’, a being simply Loves itself and All. The picture below, of Uranus in its golden rings, shows into 3D view, its torus wrapped in golden light. In higher frequencies, gold preserve its field, it tone, just as we know how to maintain and self-love the integrity of our light-fields, the containers of higher frequencies we are becoming, wrapped in our own Golden Apple. As in the macro, so in the micro….

Uranus, NASA image archives.


hqdefault (1)

Let’s return now to these words about pulsar stars, and visibility of their axis’ light-beam: “This radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing toward the Earth, much the way a lighthouse can only be seen when the light is pointed in the direction of an observer, and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of the emission.” Feel this in relation to visibility of galactic ships sitting in the higher frequencies of the UV bands. When our focus meets their focus, in Love, there is a connection made, in the middle, and they become visible to us….because our SEEing from our centre, inner heart, is aligned to their beam. Actually, they are ‘beaming’ continuously. It is our focus that allows to see the beam, and heart blockages to our focus that renders their beam invisible. I have seen ships suddenly appear to ‘pulse’ with light, and have read of this from other witness accounts. Yes, the ship may be ‘powering up’ at those moments, but feel how that brilliance of light is seen by us when our intent, our joy, our love, is most focused toward them. Like the rays of a pulsar, we see the ‘flash’ of the lighthouse. But of course, the lighthouse, in this case, is always alight. As my beautiful Twin Flame put it a few days ago to me: Love = L-UV. Or we might say, El-UV. Ultraviolet God, indeed.

I’ll end this post with some photos I took of the almost-full Moon, with some friends in Orb form, on March 5, 2015.

Photo: March 5, 2015, Sirian Blue Lodge orb.

Sirian Blue orb under Moon.

Sirian Blue orb, close-up, with feline face looking through it.

They come with this message: “Blue is the shield of the Mother’s cradle, white is the Light of the anchoring stable, true the heart’s eye in its Trinity Seeing, bright are the Rays held in the angle, we greet you through the Arched way of the angels. Four is the Door, we meet in the mitha*. Nua Asera Du. We love you.”


With Love and Light to you all. Namaste.


*mitha means ‘middle’ in Arua leonine dialect: for Sirian wisdom of the heart, read Bareld’s post about The Sirius High Council, and for more detailed knowing given him by our dear lion brother, Ruba, you can read The Ruba Messages.


Steve Silva – The Hidden Truth of Mind Science, Consciousness, and the Quantum Universe

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The Hidden Truth of Mind Science, Consciousness, and the Quantum Universe (Full Documentary) .

2013 2014
This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries shown here are about important times and figures in history, historic places and people, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education.
The Topics of these video documentaries cover just about everything including ancient history, Rome, Greece, Egypt, science, technology, nature, plants, animals, wildlife, environmental issues, global warming, natural disasters, planet earth, the solar system, the universe, modern physics, World wars, battles, military and combat technology, current events, education, biographies, television, archaeology, Illuminati, Area 51, crime, mafia, serial killers, paranormal, supernatural, cults, government cover-ups, the law and legal matters, news and current events, corruption, martial arts, space, aliens, ufos, conspiracy theories, Annunaki, Nibiru, Nephilim, satanic rituals, religion, strange phenomenon, origins of Mankind, monsters, mobsters, time travel

Wes Annec – Out of the Mind and Into the Heart – 4-10-14


Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm


I’ve written plenty of articles about the heart space and the immense benefits of opening up to it, and when I realized that a wealth of interesting channeled material has already addressed this subject, I knew that a report was inevitable.

Like I’ve said before, I’m very fascinated with the coordinated nature of these messages, because they’re channeled independently and from different sources. Our guides are directly encouraging and assisting us via various different scribes, and one of the things we’ve been taught is that living in the heart space is very important.

As opposed to the confining mind, the open heart space will help us lovingly transmute our worries and concerns as we reclaim happiness and freedom. We won’t have to seek happiness or anything else when we live fully in the heart, because it’ll endlessly flow to us.

We have to practice living in the heart before we can feel its greatest effects, because an intensely strong and flowing experience of universal, unconditional love could easily overwhelm us.


In our first quote, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us about the importance of operating from the heart space.

“A vital component of Self-mastery is learning to function through the intellect of the Sacred Heart. As you strengthen the connection between your Sacred Mind and your Sacred Heart, you will begin to access the wisdom of the Soul, your Higher Self and the multidimensional facets of your Self.” (1)

It’s important to live in the higher mind if we want to connect with the heart space, because the lower mind traps us in negativity and depletion. When we unite the higher mind with the heart space, we unlock our greater perceptual and creative gifts and flow with inspired works that inform and uplift others.

A lot of seekers are already living in the heart and accessing the soul-level guidance that flows through it, and this guidance enables them to gain fresh perspectives on the things that play out in their lives.

Archangel Michael then tells us that our guides and higher selves communicate with us through the heart space.

“Your Soul, your Higher Self, your guides, guardians and angelic helpers communicate with you through your Soul Self and your Sacred Heart. The whispers of Spirit in the unawakened become a mighty voice of loving wisdom and comfort as you awaken to the strength and majesty of your own divinity.” (2)

The more we grow, the more the influence of spirit grows within us as we act on the inspiration its guidance provides. What starts as a whisper becomes a mighty roar of encouragement to keep developing our abilities, and as we continue to expand, we enable ourselves to receive spirit’s guidance in purer doses.

It feels great to know that we walk with constant guides, whose energy and guidance we can receive when we open our hearts.

Mary Magdalene, speaking through Ute Posegga-Rudel, tells us that our journey back to the heart space is inevitable.

“Dear Ones, if you haven’t done it yet, it is now inevitable that you journey back into your heart to remain there as the essence and center of your being. It is only the fullness of Divine Emotion that has the power to embrace the world and change it from the core, to inspire the confused to return to Oneness.

“This Heart-Power cannot be ‘created’, it must be allowed to emerge from the Depth of your Divine Being that always has been there. It is your participation in this Divine Force that requires the surrender of your separate self.” (3)

We can’t change the world if we’re rooted in a negative or dull mindset, and it’s best to engage our problems from the love and fullness of the open heart. We have to be able to greet the challenges we face with readiness and willingness to handle them, and when we do, we’ll be able to find sensible solutions to them.

If we were collectively rooted in the heart space, none of our current problems would exist. Our problems have been caused primarily by greed and neglect, and these qualities run against the light-filled agenda of the heart-centered individual and would be reversed by an awake and aware humanity.

If everyone was centered in the heart, neglect would be replaced with compassion and destruction would give way to active restoration.

Mary Magdalene then tells us that the heart space isn’t limited to the structures that exist in the mind.

“It does not know techniques, because it is greater than all of them, it does not even know ‘structure’, it is beyond and prior to the human hologram. It just Is. It embraces all beings and things because it Is the Oneness of All. (4)

The heart space adds it’s beautiful, subjective creation to the objective template the mind provides it, which it’s far greater than. When we’re ready to move on from the mental holograms we’ve created, we’ll discover the expanded, indefinable existence the heart space provides, which both transcends and supersedes the lower creation around us.

We’re then told that we’ll have to live in the heart to really understand what it’s like.

“Dear Ones, this cannot be merely a thought. It must be experienced, it must be lived. It must become Reality, your very own Reality, your firm anchor to be of service in the times to come.

“What is merely brain-based cannot hold against the storm. But what is heart-based is standing firmly and is also grounded in your Mother Earth, One with Her. Gaia’s spiritually expanded state of consciousness and your unity with Her is protecting and enveloping those who understand the Oneness with their planet as the source of their life.” (5)

The seekers who are beginning to understand their oneness with every facet of consciousness around them are orienting their lives to love and service, and the limited mental structures that keep our reality in place can’t last much longer.

With the extent to which the lower vibrations are being transmuted, I think it’s important for us to seek and remain in a constant heart-centered space. The lower vibrations can’t and won’t last, and any seeker who’s still unsure about the heart space might want to consider jumping ship and experiencing its bliss before the lower-dimensional ground under their feet dissolves.

Lady Nada through Fran Zepeda tells us that when we move beyond the ego, it still functions by helping us recognize what doesn’t resonate with the heart space.

“Your ego still has a function. It can assess what no longer works in your life and agree to integrate with you, so that your Higher Self is the guiding force always. The degree and percentage of that happening now is increasing for many of you and so you often ‘look to the stars’ and feel comfortable ‘in the void’, so to speak.” (1)

Instead of completely diminishing, the ego (and the mind in general) acts as a helper in distinguishing what we can’t carry into a higher vibration. We’re able to move beyond the things we can easily distinguish as lower-vibrational, and the ego, which once held us back immensely, actually helps us.

It helps us by discerning what will and won’t work for us, and we only need to open up to our heart-centered guidance to benefit from it.

Lady Nada also tells us that living in the heart will get easier as time goes on.

“That ‘void’ contains a plethora of possibilities, however.

“It is enabling you to let go of all that doesn’t serve you and allows you to embark with a clean slate into the unknown wonders of your new life. Confusing as it may seem sometimes, allowing only your heart to guide you, without grabbing on to old markers of yesteryear, will soon completely take over your life.” (2)

It makes perfect sense that living in the heart is easier with practice. Separating from the lower mind will enable us to easily tell what won’t work for us any longer, and we’ll be able to abandon those things and greet a love-filled experience that becomes easier to attain with effort.

Eventually, the pain and stress of the lower dimensions will be but a fading memory, because we’ll have permanently tapped into the heart.

In a Q&A, the Divine Mother through Linda Dillon gives us a nifty exercise to release the junk that’s accumulated in our minds.

“Caller 250: Hello, thank you for helping us understand change. I have a question [about] the heart, the seat of the soul. I want to live from my heart but I’m not sure how to do it. How do I get in touch with my heart.

“Divine Mother: Place your hands upon your heart. And feel as if the energy is draining out of your head into your heart.

“All of a sudden it is almost a feeling, if you are not used to it, that you are feeling faint or lighthearted. All of the energy out of your head, all the random thoughts, all the dizziness is just draining down like an elevator going to the basement into your heart. Into the depths of your heart. Farewell.” (3)

Practicing this exercise can apparently help us funnel our unwanted and unneeded thoughts and stresses into our hearts, and I noticed an interesting feeling when I did it myself. It was almost as if a weight was pouring down from my head.

There are probably a lot of ways we can move beyond the mind, and finding what works for us will make the process much easier and more enjoyable. I’m sure we’ll continue to be offered exercises from higher-dimensional souls who have a better vantage point on our journey into the heart, and these exercises will be intended to assist us with this important part of our process.

The Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson offer us a different mind-clearing exercise and encourage us to seek the natural stream of creative energy we receive in the heart.

“When you realise that the mind is drawing you into a state of suffering, imbalance or a lower vibration then there is a need to simply drop all attachments of the mind, in other words, let go of all that you are thinking of and allow your mind to rest in peace. Simply say, ‘I now let go of all that my mind and thought process is currently attached to.’

“Then breathe deeply and exhale imagining each thought like an object in your mind that is now flowing away in all directions emptying your mind. It is then important to;

“Realise the natural flow of Creator expression from your heart chakra and entire being.” (4)

This quote helped me realize that completely clearing the mind of all thoughts and attachments is exactly what I try to do when living and writing from the heart space. I’ve said before that everything I write is produced from the heart space, and I’m learning that letting the mind filter the impressions coming through distorts them and makes the process harder.

Whether I’m writing or meditating, it helps to completely clear the mind in the manner encouraged in this message and feel the undistorted flow that results. The Universal Mother’s recommendation certainly resonates with me, but this one resonates even more.

In our final quote, the Celestial White Beings tell us about the empowerment achieving a heart-centered flow provides.

“With this realisation you empower yourself instantly as if realising that your heart and soul can provide to you the most appropriate guidance. Already you are drawing your focus away from your mind, into your heart and may ask any question to bring clarity but allow your question to come from a space of peace free from attachment.” (5)

I can attest to the reality of this.

When I channel, I tend to seek advice about a certain subject, which is intended to be as undistorted as possible. Whether we write, channel, or seek guidance in a different way, moving beyond mind-centered limitation by completely clearing the mind of all thought and attachment will help us receive the fullest guidance the heart space provides.

The heart space isn’t something that can be mentally felt, and to receive its benefits, we have to be willing to completely move beyond the mind and into the flowing spiritual perception it offers.

My appreciation for all of the helpful and coordinated channeled material we’re being given continues to grow, and I have a feeling that channeling’s a much bigger thing than most people realize. We’re being advised to empower ourselves by living in the heart space, and we’ll help the rest of the planet evolve when we move away from the ego.

It’s interesting to think that our actions effect the entire planet, and it makes our permanent retreat into the heart space much more important and worthwhile. The heart space provides the wholeness many disparaged people have been looking for, and I’m confident that awareness of it will continue to grow – thanks in part to our channeled sources.

Wes Annac – Rich in love and exuberance. What more could we ask for?




Angel Wisdom – Heart – 1-18-14

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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Your Heart Is On The Ascendant – 12-3-13

God said:

When you do not know where you are to be or what you are to do, let go of it for a while. To let go for a while is good advice. When you have struggled for answers and don’t get anywhere, let it go for a while. Just be where you are, doing what you do. When you are not trying so hard, the answer may come. The answer will come. Sooner or later, your quest will be answered.

Know right now that you are in the place you are meant to be in, geographically and quandary-wise as well.

Beloveds, sometimes not knowing is better than knowing. You are not a Diviner who sees the future. What fun is that? What fun would it be if you knew all the answers ahead of time? Take the view that life will take care of itself. Life is about finding out.

You have perhaps previously complained about when life shoves you by the shoulder, and gives you no choice about where you are and what is happening. Let’s say you were fired. Life told you where you are not to be! You don’t like that. You don’t like it when life jolts you.

To be undecided is not a terrible thing. It is a quietus. So, for a while, you are on what feels like a deserted island. Enjoy where you are while you are. This is an interim time. A ship will come, and it will take you to where you are going. You really do not need to know ahead of time.

Sometimes what you are rescued from, you may begin to miss.

Whether you know just what to do or are at a standstill, I am with you. I am yours regardless of anything else. In the valleys or on top of a mountain, I am with you. Whether you feel secure or insecure, I am with you.

Beloveds, if you happen to know your next step definitively, good. If you happen to not know your next step definitively, also good.

We are talking about what resembles breathing. You take a breath in, and there is a gap until you breathe out. This gap is powerful.

When a seed is planted in the ground, it takes its time to grow. And so do you. And so do you.

Sometimes life has been too fast for you. Sometimes life seems too slow for you. Regardless, life is what it is, and there you are.

It’s not so bad to be between engagements.

A movie star may have a hiatus between movies. A movie star has to wait for the next movie. He or she doesn’t know ahead of time what the next will be. No one knows. Of course, you are ultimately the director of your own life. And yet directors pause as well.

“They also serve who only stand and wait.”

And, so, you want to know an answer that is not yet yours to know.

“All in its good time, beloveds.”

“Haste makes waste.”

The answer comes not from the intellect. The answer comes from the heart. Heart is on a ascendant. It may well take a while before the mind grasps what the heart knows.

It takes time for a cake to bake in the oven. It takes time for the cake to cool.

Know this: You may not know your next step as a sure thing. You may wander. Of course, you have been wandering in your thoughts. You do not have to make a decision just yet.

You are lucky when the answer appears. Meanwhile, now you are in the right place at the right time, regardless of how it may seem to you.