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Victor Oddo

Published on May 24, 2019

NEZEL PADAYHAG – 6 Ways To Tap Into Your Heart’s Intelligence and Wisdom – via Dreaming With Dolphins – 8-1-18

Head and heart

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Dreaming With Dolphins

In life, you may have certainly been in a situation where you need to decide between the contradictory opinions of your heart and your mind.

Things become more difficult when people remind you that your head is where your brain is because it’s higher. Though your heart is protesting, you follow what looks logical and correct.

For decisions involving the most correct choice, like whether or not you should dump a narcissist partner, it’s only wiser to decide with the mind.

However, the function of your heart goes far beyond supporting life.

The heart is also an intelligent organ that interferes with your decision making process, the reason why it wants to be given due consideration at times.

How To Tap Into Your Heart’s Intelligence And Wisdom:

The heart as Hridaya

Researcher Gregg Braden has dug into the ancient technique of using the heart as an intelligent organ.

The functions…

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DANIEL SCRANTON – Ascending Beyond the Mind ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – 3-12-18



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

When you are able to conceive of something in your mind, you are of course, only getting a fraction of the story around that which you are conceiving. There is always so much more available to you than what your mind is able to conjure up, and this is why we encourage you to listen to your heart. Your mind is third and fourth dimensional, but through your heart you have access to Source Energy and all thirteen dimensions.

You are here to exceed the capabilities of the mind, and that is why we are suggesting that you let go of thoughts. As you release your attachment to thoughts and things, you open yourselves up to a new dimension of reality. The fifth dimension is a dimension of depth. It is a dimension of feeling, and it is the inevitable expansion from where you are now to where you are going.

People don’t like it when they are told to let go, because people on Earth still want to prove something to themselves. Many of you, most of you, want to prove that you can do it with your minds and with your actions. But that’s just the thing. You can only do so much with those tools of the third dimension. It’s time to open yourselves up from within and to explore how much more there is in this universe than what you can conjure and conceive with that physical mind of yours.

We welcome you to dream bigger than you have ever dreamt before, and we invite you to make that a dream of feeling, a dream of reaching out into the unknown, and a dream of leaving that which you’ve been attached to behind. Let yourselves soar. Let yourselves experience more, and become fascinated by what you have yet to experience on any level of your being-ness, and that certainly includes the level of your physical minds.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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SANANDA – Speak From The Heart – 10-20-17





My Dear Friends,

It is me again, Jesus-Sananda, who is coming through this channel Camilla. I and other members of the Council would like to give some, let us call it, opinions. We are observing you, Mankind of Mother Earth and sometimes, if not often, we fall silent seeing the way your words differ from your actions.

When you are speaking from your heart, you possess an enormous amount of power. Your words can fill up your being entirely, and your conviction is total. That is when you are well connected with All That Is. You can see what is happening on your planet. You know.

But what’s next?

What are you in fact doing to make a change?

You let yourselves be overshadowed by the deeds of the non-believers – The non-believers, who rob you of your convictions. It is the same non-believers who raise questions, and who often express themselves in judgmental ways.

When I say ‘non-believers’, I mean those who do not look beyond time and space. Those who do not see the whole of humanity, but who just see everything in a flat way. What matters is the now, and the individuals heading straight forward. Often with big egos, which help them, they elbow their way forward. It is no matter of this one of you, and that one of you, or that you should change these people, it is a matter of not letting yourself get pushed aside.

It is not a matter of convincing anyone else but yourself.

It is a matter of you working within your power in your unique way. To dare to stand up for what you believe in. Your words may plant a seed of inspiration in someone else. To plant a seed means to spread the light. When you are planting a seed, you are showing us that you are walking on our mutual path. The more of us we become, the stronger we will get. Our mission is to spread light and illumination to those who are willing to receive it. Accept the light, and the illuminations, and make use of this in your life. Use those physically, and not just within your body.

Make use of the assets, to become the best of you and what you can contribute in these times, when the population of Earth is shaken up. Things happen so that you will be shaken up, to open your eyes. Not because you should live in fear, but because you will come to an understanding that many of your ways of living are not sustainable in the long run. Mother Earth and your physical bodies are raising their frequencies and you, within your consciousness, need to do the same. Your consciousness can manifest physical actions.

Dear Earthlings. You are not shaken up in order to live in fear, you are shaken up in order to discover how life on Mother Earth needs to be governed. The power needs to be distributed and given to those who can handle it. The power needs to be distributed to many people. You can never get away from the fact that some people are chosen to lead the way. Let them do their job and let yourselves become inspired.

My words today might have seemed harsh, but all I have said is spoken with love. Do not let the light remain inside your heart. Spread it out and let it loose.

With gratitude for having had my voice heard, I will now withdraw.

With Love to all of you, Jesus – Sananda


» Source – Channel: Camilla Nilsson – Translation from Swedish to English: Aslög Bergman

Message From The Stars – Tuning Into Your Inner Symphony – 8-25-17 by Soulfull Heart Blog – 8-25-17

Originally posted on SoulFullHeart

Way Of Life: ? Something on the horizon?

Eclipse energies are in full force and

this latest crop circle has a LOT going on!

We are being asked to tune in to our heart minds

and galactic consciousness and

feel the messaging of the codes

that are wanting to be downloaded.…

via Message From The Stars: Tuning Into Your Inner Symphony — Blue Dragon Journal

TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “How to Receive Guidance from Your Heart” — dreamweaver333 – 10-1-9-16

Originally posted on Dreaming With Dolphins: There are so many guiding forces in this life that are helping us along the way. These guiding forces include Divine beings, the Universe, your intuition, your heart and your mind. Your heart is an intelligent, guiding force that is linked to both your soul and your intuition. Often we relate our…

via TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “How to Receive Guidance from Your Heart” — dreamweaver333