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MEASHENU @ In5D – Higher Consciousness Beings To Call In For Healing – 10-15-17

Higher Frequencies

by Meashenu,   Guest writer, In5D.com

Today I’m going to share some of beings that are great to call in for healing to help you along your ascension path. I’m not going to go into Archangels & Ascended Masters with this list, mostly because there’s already plenty of information about them online. If you are at a beginner level then I do recommend starting with the Archangels, Angels, & Ascended Masters first. You should always call in your higher self & all your own spirit guides as well with any healing. You may already have a being or several of the beings listed here as part of your spirit guides team. If not, you can still call them in and work with them!



Arcturians are great for emotional & physical healing support. They also are known for having healing chambers that they can bring you into for healing as well (energetically). Although their specialty is emotional & physical healing, they really can cover all aspects of healing in their healing chambers. The chambers can do everything from emotional, physical, mental, spiritual healing to giving DNA upgrades. They also like using forms of Liquid Light type energies to help with healing. Liquid Light has many uses, but can be very beneficial to use after an entity or implant has been removed to fill and heal the space that is left behind/torn.

The Dolphins & Whales are the Arcturians as well. Those are the physical forms they chose over a humanoid form when they went to the Sirian systems. You can call in the Dolphin & Whale energies and they like water healing energies & sound type energy frequencies to assist with healing. The sound type frequencies they emit have been great for blocking certain frequency type attacks that have happened over the last few months as well.


Sirians are great for mental & spiritual healing. Because not all of the beings on the Sirian system have been good natured, they have had to learn more into how to help heal the mental & spiritual sides of the beings there. So feel free to call them in when you are looking for mental or spiritual support.


The Pleiadians are great with entity & implant removals and are easy to connect with and call in. Pleiadians also have a special technology group. That group is called Simious. They are kind of like a tech support group that when you call on the name Simious with intention, they will send out whoever is available to assist you. When you come across something that is of a higher technology than an implant & needs more of an expert to remove it, they will be best suited to help with that. Pleiadians are all around good healers, so whatever you are going through if you reach out to them or have one as a guide you will be in good hands, just as with any of the others mentioned here.

Mantis Beings

Mantis Beings are fantastic healers as well & they are experts at entity & implant removals. Generally these beings are on the much higher frequency side, so they are the most difficult of any listed in this article to connect with. If you are more on the advanced side you can reach out to them and they will help you.

Calling Them In

For the Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, & Mantis Beings you can call them in by saying with intention something like “Please send the best suited Sirian for me at this time that is of Love & Light only.” You can replace Sirian with whatever other type of being you want to call in. I also have said specific types of beings specialize in this and that, however, all of these groups can really help you out with all types of healing as needed.

I will be sharing more information about various types of beings in the near future. There are a lot of Starseeds incarnated at this time that are one of the 4 beings I shared here. There are also many from these groups helping us in spirit form from higher dimensions.

Love & Light



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PAT CEGAN – Thank you for this Day – by Karen Drucker – 10-13-17

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Published on Jun 20, 2014

Song: Thank you for this day -by Karen Drucker Photos by Raventalker





BY James Gilliland, www.eceti.org


Healing is a must for all those who desire to operate in other realms of consciousness. You must have self authority and maintain control. If you are experiencing negative vibrations, they are either thought forms, limiting mental concepts, psychic bonds or discarnate entities (lost souls) in need of healing. They are bound to the earth vibration due to lower vibration attitudes and emotions. Some are coercive and desire to manipulate and control. Love heals. Casting out only sends them to another place, another person. In ALL healings, remember that God is love. It is the power of love that heals and lifts. We will give you the following steps to clear the energy.




NATALIE GLASSON, OMNA – Healing Self, Humanity and Mother Earth – by Archangel Raphael, Venus Beings – 9-22-17

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 22nd September 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

A Healing Prayer (repeat as often as you feel guided)

May all feel the warm embrace of the energies of Archangel Raphael and the Venus Beings,




May light fill their hearts, mind and emotions,

May love fuel their actions and peace fuel their existence,

When there is harm let there be a kind touch,

When there is fear let there be a compassionate mind,

And when there is hate and anger let there be loving hearts,

For it is a kind touch, a compassionate mind and a loving heart that will heal the Earth and her humanity, dissolving all suffering,

With my love and truth, I encourage all to be the healing that the Earth and humanity needs right now,

As I exist in the world, I know myself to be the kind touch, compassionate mind and loving heart that heals myself and the Earth.

I am a kind touch, a compassionate mind and a loving heart in action.

Let the Light In

We, Archangel Raphael and the Venus Beings receive many prayers and pleads for healing for the Earth and humanity. With our loving and healing light, we embrace every soul upon the Earth and the inner planes. No being is forgotten or ignored. All prayers are answered with our loving embrace; we are always present with you to co-create all that you wish and desire to experience upon the Earth. The truth is that in order to receive healing there is a need for you and humanity to let the light of the Creator into your beings and realities. When you let the light in you let go of all that is blocking you from being healed, becoming your happy, rejuvenated and healthy self. It is the energies, fears, thoughts, past experiences, pain and suffering that you hold onto that create a block almost like a wall that makes it impossible for you to receive healing and let the light in. It is only when you are consciously willing to let go of these blocks that you will receive and experience the healing you desire. It is the same for humanity, you can send healing light, express prayers and focus upon the Earth transforming and yet if humanity is not ready to let go of what is causing the suffering and pain, then they are not willing to accept all that you share.

Free Will and Permission

Every soul upon the Earth has free will; this is often thought of to be connected to their purpose, mostly it is connected to their energy. Every soul has the free will to hold onto energy or release it. As beings of light, we, Archangel Raphael and the Venus Beings cannot override this. It means that healing is always available and surrounds every soul, it is only received by the person when they give permission.Healing Self, Humanity and Mother Earth by Archangel Raphael and the Venus Beings

If you or another is suffering in pain or hardship, they may be screaming out for healing; there may be nothing more that they desire. You would perceive this as giving permission for healing to take place. In some cases, this is true, but in most cases, there is a need to release what needs to be released in order to let the light in, feel the warm embrace and reactivate your original balance and healed self. Often you may not even be aware of what is required to be released yet an insight or memory dawns which is akin to a key that opens the door allowing healing to flood in. When you recognise that which you are holding onto which is blocking your healing, you recognise what caused the suffering and pain in the first place.

Meditation to Discover Your Healing Blocks

Allow yourself to sit peacefully and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself in a space that is completely empty, and yet it feels safe and secure to you. It is akin to a blank canvas. You are simply standing in the centre of the space.

Focus upon that which you wish to heal, recognise the pain or suffering you are experiencing and how it influences your reality.

Take a few deep breaths and then imagine that in your hands you are holding a box, it may be a small or large box. Within the box is the cause of your pain and suffering which may also be seen as the energy you are currently holding onto that is blocking you from receiving the healing you wish for.  When you are ready, you can open the box, and observe all that is within it.

You may feel or see a symbol, an energy, emotion, memory, vision, word, in truth anything. Try to observe or understand the message or that which you are holding onto. Recognise if there is any action required.

Through realisation, the energy will probably dissolve, however, if it does not, give your permission for your entire being to eternally release and let go of that which you have realised and discovered.

Then simply let the healing light in, let it activate from within you and allow yourself to be embraced by us, Archangel Raphael and the Venus Beings. Stay in this space for as long as you feel is appropriate for the necessary healing to take place.

You can experience this process on behalf of another person, humanity and even Mother Earth.

An Invitation

We, Archangel Raphael and the Venus Beings invite you to channel and embody our synthesised light. It is a combination of powerful, loving vibrations, beautiful healing vibration and potent soul awakening energies. When you bring our energy through your being each day, especially as you begin your day or complete your day, so we will co-create with you beautiful, loving, healing and soul awakening experiences. Not only will your cells and entire being oscillate with the healing loving energy, you will be sharing the energy without realising it with those around you and the Earth. It is a process of empowerment returning you to your original balance and allows us to lovingly embrace you with our light. It is a process of letting the light into your being to create powerful transformations.

Sit or lie down with your palms facing to the sky as they rest comfortably.

‘Archangel Raphael and the Venus Beings, I now align myself with and embody your synthesised healing, loving and soul awakening light and energy. I allow your beautiful energies to embrace me completely and pour throughout my being. Thank you, and so it is.’

Feel our green and pink light embracing your entire being, imagine, sense or acknowledge our light pouring into your being, through your crown chakra and flooding every aspect of your body, chakras and aura. You may feel your energy expand, experiencing an empowerment of love, healing and soul awakening. Simply allow us to move through you, let the energy flow from your hands and entire being into your surroundings.

This only needs to be experienced for a few minutes to reap the benefits.

Understanding World Healing

We are present to be of service and to assist your deepest inner healing, simply discover that which you are holding onto and let it go, this will share your permission with us to begin a deep and powerful healing process.  With this understanding, you will realise that world healing can only take place when souls are ready to let the light in and release their inner baggage. This will then allow the energies of the world and humanity to flow, become expansive and creative. We wish for you to realise that it is not that we do not wish to heal you or are not helping souls who are suffering, we are always present embracing all. The transformation can only take place when the soul permits it, meaning they let go of the negative and limiting energy they are holding onto that is creating the suffering. As you set yourself free and embody our synthesised healing light so you will support others in achieving the same.

World healing takes place from within and begins with you.

In eternal love, healing and soul awakening,

Archangel Raphael and the Venus Beings

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Kalayna Colibri – Healing Relationship Cycles And Stories – 9-16-17 – Soulfull Heart Blog



Kalayna Colibri

Our relationships can feel like an endless circle, and run in infinite circles too… cycles of pain, of this and that being faced, brought up, fought over, over and over again, while inside of you, you feel as if you ARE the relationship and have a hard time sensing where it ends and you begin.


The same stories are told in countless ways. Stories about the friendship, the romance, the family holiday when you were 5. Some of these stories are told outright, while some are told unconsciously through the ways you’re used to being and interacting with each other. So much of this is accepted by part of you, as being just ‘the way it is’ and perhaps the way it has always been. The relationships you see around you don’t challenge this mind and heart-set of yours either, as they are stuck in the same or very similar loops and cycles. There are certain questions that are never asked about the health of it all and the degree to which it’s self-loving or not, to remain in these stories. Sometimes the Pleasantville experience of it all isn’t so pleasant, yet you remain and aren’t encouraged to ask why… and often the answer to the ‘why’ is that there are fears and more unanswered questions about how life would look without these relationships in place, or at least in the same place they’ve always been up ’til now.

To remain fully involved in all relationships around you without a chance to go inward and discover YOU leads to a world of intense defenses and protection instead of healthy boundaries. It asks parts of you to blend-in, merge, become the relationships instead of feeling what they feel. It asks you to put a stopper in your own growth and the growth of others too. There is so much more to be discovered within you, if you can find a way to take the space you need… and to listen to that voice within, that wants to help clarify for you what you need and want most and what you are most worthy of experiencing in relationship with yourself and others.

To go into YOU… this is risky for these relationships. It does ask them to change as you change, and often it seems that others aren’t willing to come with you. They have a choice to go inside too, to join you on your path or find their own. There is nothing wrong here, there is only what is real… which is perhaps the hardest thing to trust. What is real is what heals and is also what grounds you into the new soil your roots of heart and soul are aching to grow in – the garden bed of a budding ‘self’ that wants to flourish in its self-ness and explore relationships with others from a new place of worth and love that flows deeply on the inside of a YOU that you are now coming to know and become.


Tomorrow at 11:11 CST, there will be a live stream taking place on Facebook, with Raphael and Jelelle Awen. They will be talking about SoulFullHeart, the 3D self, and anything else they feel to share. Please stop by and feel free to ask questions, comment, or just give them some love! https://www.facebook.com/events/1273156469462294
In SoulFullHeart, we offer an ongoing process where you feel parts of you as well as your 3D/4D/5D selves.It is an in-depth healing process that forever deepens and expands. If you are curious to know more and/or may wish to sign-up for a free 30-min intro session, please visit: http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.

LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Refining the Authentic Self – 8-29-27



Lisa Renee 


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To heal, we must inquire on our true authentic nature and take steps to align our lifestyle to the circumstances where we can feel connection, acceptance and purpose, which leads us to experience greater peace and joy. It does not matter where we are right now, by being brave enough to really look at our current conditions and make assessments about where we are at, if we can accept what we see as it is, and continually focus on improving our higher qualities and attributes, we can overcome anything. Finding the neutral point even when exposed to great chaos and pain, brings positive energies, which help us to generate energetic balance in our lives.


Finding inner energetic balance heals our body and heals our life, as this allows spiritual energy to be better circulated among our body parts and to evict out any obsolete or dark constructs. The key to balanced health and sanity is restoring energetic balance throughout all of the multidimensional body parts (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) of our consciousness. We can assess the level of balance we have when we honestly look at our behaviors and lifestyle. How much time do you spend in negative emotions like anxiety, feeling worried and unsafe in the world? Are you able to be peaceful and centered while in the center of the storm? No other person can do this for us, we have to be willing to learn how by dedicating personal effort to achieve this for ourselves.

Many of us want to place blame and responsibility on external objects or other people because it’s easier to do than take the time to get still, go within and source the painful feelings. But the truth remains that all conflicts start internally, in how our minds perceived what has happened. When we escape from reality, and refuse to face and resolve conflicts in our life, we are harming ourselves and undermining our self-discipline, which gives us the ability to overcome our weaknesses. The next time that you run into some kind of conflict in your life and feel resistance, look within first. It is not outside forces or people that make us necessarily feel something, it is our intrepretation through what we tell ourselves that creates our emotional landscape and perceptions. How can we bring more balance to our emotions and perceptions so that we have more clarity to face and resolve conflicts?

When we bring self-awareness towards how we can achieve energetic balance within ourselves and in our personal lives, we must consider that balance must occur within our own male and female energies. How well are we reconciled between the masculine principle of our mental body and the feminine principle of the emotional body inside ourselves and in our relationships? Are your mental and emotional bodies sending messages and communicating in ways that are primarily self-loving, self-accepting and harmonious?  The principles of energetic balance must include reconciling the conflicts that exist in the pairs of opposite, within the inner and outer worlds. To return to energetic balance we must understand that sacred marriage between the gender principles exists within every living thing, and cannot be ignored or rejected. If we discard, abuse or ignore the principles of energetic balance, we create more suffering for ourselves and others.

To stop the vicious cycle of feeding low self-esteem, power struggles and potentially the self-hatred that exists in the archetypes of the victim or the victimizer, we must find the courage and bravery to push through discomfort to restore energetic balance within ourselves. You have the personal power to overcome anything by changing the dynamic that exists within the self by restoring balance between the inner male and female. Digging deep for the personal strength, asking help from God-Christ spirit every day, to prevail no matter what the circumstances at hand. All positive change begins within the self.  As each of us begins to hold value for all of life, while developing our self-worth and self-love, we are empowered to become a positive force of spiritual transcendence that acts as an environmental harmonizer that restores energetic balance to many situations. Sometimes in order to restore balance in extremely imbalanced situations, we will encounter explosions and dramas that force us to transform out of that stagnant situation very quickly. Sometimes we may feel this problem we have in our circumstances is negative and terrible, yet it is based on the need to restore balance into our life when we have veered off course. Love is the force that ultimately restores balance and harmony to all things and we must be kind to ourselves and others as many stagnant situations are crumbling and falling apart in order to move forward in life more authentically.

This month, the intensity of the Solar activity will elevate our focus to continue to face and heal our emotional wounds, sacred wounds, ego wounds in order that we restore balance between our male and female energies. The sacred wound healing is most challenging for all human being’s on this earth and are all issues concerning sexuality and gender conflicts. The current bifurcation intensity will highlight our relationship to inner polarities that may exist out of balance with our gender and sexual belief systems. The sacred wound is ultimately facing the emotional healing of the split between our male and female or sexual energies, and when we can face our gender-sexual trauma by creating a safe container for those energies to be witnessed and dissolved safely, we can start to make some strong progress on unifying and healing these energetic imbalances.

Most humans are not aware we hold both masculine and feminine energies inside our Lightbody, and when we are out of balance with one or both genders, it will create a variety of energetic disturbances and potential destructive patterns leading to very unhappy and troubled relationships, as well as other burdens in our life circumstances. When we are out of balance with our inner male and female, we cannot create healthy, connected, loving and balanced intimate relationships with anyone. Self-acceptance and gender acceptance, going beyond our biological parental patterns, going beyond destructive relationship patterns we had in the past,  is very important as a foundation to begin to create fulfilling and loving relationships in all areas of your life.

These areas of defining all roles connected to the male and female and how they demonstrate as behaviors inside the self, as well as the harmful sexual patterns in the past, may need to be compassionately witnessed for energetic balancing, in order to clear painful obstacles to the next stage of spiritual growth. Ultimately, we will need to see that these are painful distortions that have been placed there by the NAA mind control agendas that we played out unconsciously. We will need to forgive our parental figures and those whom we may feel hurt us as children and adults that set us up for really unhappy relationships. Many of people have no idea of the actual pain and trauma they have caused others because they can only see from the filter of their own unhealed pain.  When we are brave enough to heal our pain and trauma, we stop the abusive cycles from happening again. These abusive agendas and unhealthy relationship models have no bearing on our self-worth or spiritual relationship with our true God Parent.

If you are facing sexual abuse trauma, it is important to do what you need to, and create a safe space for yourself where you can relax. Acknowledge that you are validated in all of your feelings and emotions, and that you did have a painful, tough and traumatic experience. It is important to acknowledge this happened and also find acceptance as it is, without feeling shame and guilt or taking the blame. It is not your fault, and reaffirm to yourself that this event was not your fault, you can see more clearly today and know that it is your job to unconditionally love and accept yourself. It takes time and experience to recognize our own emotional needs and develop appropriate boundaries and healthy behaviors for great relationships. We certainly have not had many positive role models to build trust and create fulfilling, loving and spiritually connected relationships. We have this opportunity right now, but the first step involves getting in touch with our deeper feelings and getting really honest about ourselves.

While journaling your experiences, it is easier to find truthful expression in the sexual trauma event and as well as exploring emotional conflicts by seeing the ways it had changed you as a person. This may be helpful to observe the larger patterns of what you have learned through these experiences. Be grateful to acknowledge what you have learned from these life experiences, and apply what you have learned in creating new relationships that do not have those painful patterns. Once you see the patterns operating in your thinking and feeling bodies, you have the power to resolve conflict inside yourself and you are free to move on to create something new. All of our consciousness memories and emotions, especially painful and traumatic emotions are stored within the body. Many times we need to find expression of pent up or suppressed feelings in the body by writing it out freely. This allows our higher consciousness to bear witness to the trauma from the perception of just observing the event.

This is a time to practice total relaxation and meditation, with the intention of bringing healing and restoring energetic balance into your bodily systems. During this phase, we will have extra consciousness power to address healing for emotional wounds and gender-sexual issues. Many survivors of sexual trauma experience a sense of hatred or disgust for their bodies subconsciously. Repeat affirmations of how much you love yourself and your body, focusing upon self-love and loving kindness in all ways possible. As you learn to create appropriate boundaries and grounded safety for yourself, a sense of liberation from these painful feelings of the past is possible.

Unconditional Love and Acceptance

It is positive to bring to your awareness that these anti-hierogamic union programs have existed to split apart our inner male and female energies on the earth. When we can identify what the male and female aspects actually are and how they are really designed to function harmoniously together, we seek to clear all separation and conflicts that exist in our own mental body and emotional body so they function together harmoniously. When we synthesize our mental and emotional body into harmonious patterns, this has a major impact on restoring balance and supporting male and female energies unifying. We have to recognize what we are dealing with on the earth, before we can be effective in clearing these reversal structures that are designed to keep males and females disconnected and feeling separate. How many truly loving, fulfilled, and harmonious couples that are driven in heart based spiritual purpose do you actually know? Why would this be threatening to the 3D control mechanism?  We will find more awareness directing us to clear these destructive programs from ourselves as we become more authentic. Improving our awareness to listen to the incredible wisdom of the body’s innate intelligence, will be a part of this. The body knows that your inner energies are both male and female, whether or not the conscious mind realizes that. This is why people suffer so much when they are out of balance in their body between the male and female energies. A person cannot exist unnaturally or in reverse to what is actually the design of their body’s creation, as when we live in disharmony with ourselves we suffer greatly.

For now as we go deeper to purge emotional wounds, and to make room for upcoming changes to refine our authentic nature, there may be issues stemming around the sexual misery programs and how that impacted our relationships. Be brave and observe what you are feeling. This is the time to truly unconditionally love your body, love all of your parts, love your sexual organs, and feel deep respect your body. We are moving into another octave, which will help us to transcend these lower belief system programs from exerting so much control over our minds, emotions and bodies. For those of us willing to see the truth, we can reach another level of freedom from the burdens of the past.

All issues related to our sexuality and our intimacy with ourselves and with our partner will be heightened in so we can find improved balance in our relationships. This is the time to be courageous. This healing is beginning as a necessary merge within us in so that we can connect with the Holy Father Principle and the Holy Mother principle to heal our gender principle and restore balance and authenticity.

There are stages of spiritual marriage between the gender principles that are being highlighted for healing now, as well as being attacked by dark forces in order to maintain the split between the male-female. For these reasons some people may revisit or experience painful memories and feelings of past events when their sexual energies were violated. We may need to better understand the difference between anti-hierogamic sexual mind control programming rampant on the earth and the true highest purpose of our sexual energies and organs.  We are moving to experience conscious loving and the act of intercourse as the exchange of organic life force between partners centered in their heart, rather than their loins. Making love was designed as a spiritual tonic to circulate forces of love throughout our bodies, to heal, amplify and strengthen the life force and consciousness growth for both parties involved.

For those that may be going through great shifts in intimate relationships, these are affirmations to help seal your gender clearing process as a newly single person or within a couple:

I Accept the Male and Female within Me. I AM Perfect Balance.

I am in love with my Body. I am in love with my partner’s body.

I AM in Sacred Marriage. My Partner and I serve God’s plan together and share our Love with the World.

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other.

Love, Lisa

(ES News – Restoring Energetic Balance, The Heart-Brain Complex)