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Everybody knows that each chakra is unique, and yet some folks still believe that one healing modality is the best for all the chakras. I’m here to break that myth. Because each chakra is different from the others, each one responds best to certain healing methods the others don’t. This series is about looking at the specific healing modalities that are best for each chakra, and so far, we’ve looked at the first three chakras. If you missed those video posts, you can check them out here:

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Today, we’re looking at the fourth chakra in the center of your heart. It is air element and related to the sense of touch. And of course, it’s all about love, compassion and healing.

With that in mind, here are the best modalities for healing your heart chakra:

1) Hugging – Every human being instinctively knows the healing power of a hug. Touch has long been known to heal, and since the heart chakra is related to our sense of touch, it lights up when we share loving connection. In fact, hospital volunteers often come to hold orphaned babies, because if babies aren’t held, they can get seriously ill or even die. One of the cool things about hugging is that it is equally good for the giver and the receiver, so if you go around giving hugs, you are receiving them as well. It’s great symbolic example of how we treat others comes back to us.

2) Breathwork – Because the heart chakra is air element, it responds really well to most kinds of breathwork, and there are many different kinds. I know I have enjoyed healings with my friend, Michael Baker who runs the Breath Center, and there are many breathing techniques that are taught and done regularly in different styles of yoga. The only breathing technique that is not tied to heart chakra healing is “the Breath of Fire,” and that’s because it heals the solar plexus chakra and is too fiery for the heart (fire actually consumes air).

3) Ho’Oponopono – When I do this popular Hawaiian form of healing, I can literally feel my heart chakra energy expanding. Here’s a meditation I made that walks you through this lovely process of forgiveness:

4) Hand-Oriented Healing Like Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and Massage – Your hands are anatomical extensions of your heart chakra; little emissaries of your hearts loving energy. For this reason, hand-oriented techniques – both the energetic kind and the more physical kind, like massage, are great modalities for boosting and balancing your heart chakra.

5) Tapping/EFT – This technique includes tapping on several areas of your body and one of the main points you can focus on is the collar bone area. For me, this technique seems to work very well when there is grief to release.

6) My Chakra Boosters Heart Chakra Tattoo – With it’s Sanskrit symbol, green color and beautiful hexagonal patterns, my temporary healing tattoo for the heart is one modality that gets right to the heart of the matter. It tends to engender a peaceful feeling and is particularly effective in moving you out of stress mode.

7) Inner Child Work – the inner child within us just wants to love and be loved. This artwork by Alexandr Milov is a great visual example. If we had a lot of trauma in our youngest years, then it’s key that we re-parent ourselves to a certain degree and build a bond of love and trust with our own inner youngster. It almost seems cliché to talk about your inner child these days, but that doesn’t change the fact that this work is profound. I don’t think I’ve ever done an inner child session with a client that didn’t result in release and catharsis.

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Here’s a video I made of an inner child meditation designed to heal your relationship with your mother:

Just focusing on love and acceptance is a great way of course to continually heal the heart chakra. I know it sounds simple, but that’s as it should be, right? Because love really is our very essence.

May you have a week full of hugs and healing. Love and blessings,


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