STEVE BECKOW – The Spiritual Dimension of the Reval – 3-6-16

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Sent as a guest posting to Intel: Dinar Chronicles.

I haven’t posted here before. Perhaps you’d permit me to say a few words about the spiritual dimension of the Reval.

I’m editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, a blog committed to building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone. (1)

I’m also CEO of the Michaelangelo Fund, a foundation that will use Reval money primarily to end gender inequality and gender persecution on the planet. But we’ll have other projects as well, such as ending leprosy, funding artists and musicians, promoting universal medicare, helping farmers, etc,

To look at the spiritual dimension of the Reval, we have to start first with the Source of all funds, wealth, prosperity – God. In its ultimate dimension, God, whom Jesus called the Father, is still and silent, everything/nothing, a transcendental Void from which everything originated and to which it returns one day.

We have no dealings with God as the Father. No one does, has had, or ever will have. The ancients called the aspect of God with whom we have dealings “God the Mother.”

The Mother has a thousand names – the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Wisdom, Royal Glory, Dharma, Procreatrix, etc. (2) Under whatever name we worship her, she’s the Creator, Preserver and Transformer of this world. She’s all sound and movement. She’s the form of all gods and God-in-form. She and the Father are One and the same – Mother/Father God. (3)

She, like the galactic and terrestrial ascended masters guiding this financial revolution, speaks to us through telepathically-conveyed or channeled messages.

And what she has said is that she wants us to take up the invitation to play a leading role in the reconstruction of our world that’s taking place as we speak.

The spiritual dimension of the Reval is that we get to show the world that we know that God owns everything and we’re merely her stewards.

The spiritual dimension is that it allows us to set a new pattern on Earth in which we financial wayshowers get to demonstrate, with our money, that we are in fact our brother’s – and our sister’s – keeper.

The spiritual dimension is that we have an opportunity to build a new economy based on love, compassion, and cooperation. reincarnation of St. Matthew.)



Pure In Your Own Energy – Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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Being here in this moment with you
Is a special involvement of your higher self
Yes, the self that you are invested in
With all of your internal connections to
The grace that you feel in the peacefulness

Of you, inside of you, rising more into a
Vibration that is pure inside of you, all for you
To see no ends to the inner connective nature
Of your inner vibrancy which exists in a consistency
In the joyful reality of your conscious creations

Sent from the stars is a heavenly gift
That I am presenting to you in the form of
Much musical creations, still slide shows, in
The know is how you are risen into your internal
Glow, the essence and core of your vibration is now

More pure in your own energy, seeing you, we, in unity

A conscious shifting more into the cosmos
Where you are home again, all in the reality of not
Being alone, no longer in the incarnation of a lower
Dimension, higher dimensions with a magical essence
Of peacefulness that you are creating with the inner

Receptive nature of your own foundation in
Strength, a realization of how you are patient still
To create more of the dawning of awakenings in
Your own choices to keep focused more on your
Light work, more work to create for this 5d Earth reality

“Psalter” Accoustic Guitar Hip Hop Instrumental Produced by Nameless0711

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