WES ANNAC – The Time Has Come for a Spiritual Revolution – 12-14-15

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Wes Annac


Now that we’ve established this conscious community, the time has come to fan the flames of spiritual revolution.

I’ve been saying this for a while, and I feel the need to repeat it because the time is ripe for real social action (and spiritual evolution) and it’d be a shame to miss the opportunity.

Instead of complacently accepting the suppression of true spirituality and the denial of citizens’ rights, let’s rise up and do something about it.

Let’s show the world that we’re serious about change, and let’s encourage others to contribute too. Let’s make sure everyone’s involved, because a lot needs done and it’ll require everyone’s input.

If we can continue to raise social and spiritual awareness while encouraging others to play their part, we can show the world that we’re just as serious and willing to work hard as those who try to stifle this movement.

We’re no longer accepting our governments’ attempts to control us, and we know that despite what they try to do, we are free; as long as we strive to reclaim the freedom we’ve been denied.

Despite the endless attempts to confine us, we can break away from the system and create something new that works in everyone’s best interest instead of serving the agendas of an elite class.

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It’s clear that we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift, and from here, we can either fail or make real, lasting progress. If we can work hard and defend the rights of citizens all over the world, we can change our society’s direction and finally start to move the world forward.

If we complacently watch as the earth is destroyed for personal gain (along with the rights of citizens), then failure is inevitable.

Most people don’t realize that we can change the direction in which our world is moving, but we have to understand our true power. We’re more powerful than they give us credit for, but most of us have yet to tap into our abilities and use them progressively.

We have yet to make it known to the power structures that we’re aware of their corruption and we intend to hold them accountable. Certain groups have galvanized to send this crucial message, but the conscious community as a whole hasn’t yet made it clear.

In order for us to do so, each individual will have to find something they’re good at and use it to contribute to this movement in big or small ways. You don’t necessarily have to get the power structure’s attention to do something helpful, and there are plenty of small yet valuable things you can do to contribute.

Even if you just enjoy getting out to nature, you can use it as an opportunity to clean up any trash you might see while you’re out.

It’s obvious how you can contribute if you enjoy writing, music, activism or something else that’s commonly used to wake people up, but if you’re unsure of what to do, I’d recommend paying attention to the things you enjoy. One of them will probably help you discover your purpose, and as long as you do something, your contribution will be valuable.

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No matter what we each do, we can make our future positive if we’re willing to stand up for the environment and the rights of each person who has, so far, been denied them. Hardly any political leaders are interested in working for the people, and the corrupt will continue to be in power until we do something about it.

In my opinion, one of the best things we can do is reject their authority and become self-sufficient so we no longer rely on them. We should’ve never trusted important world decisions to people who are only interested in furthering their own agendas, and now that we realize where we’ve went wrong, we can walk a new path together.

Before this can happen, however, we have to bring our conscious groups together and coordinate some of our work. Even if various groups just touch base with each other every now and then, it’s better than staying separate and denying each other the opportunity to work together.

I think we can only succeed if we bring our groups together with respect for each group’s differences, because then, we’ll be stronger, more coordinated and more able to address and get rid of everything that no longer works for the world.

We can be the light at the end of the tunnel for humanity, but it requires two things: the willingness to work together and the willingness to share our light, without condition or hesitation, with everyone who’s been lost in darkness.

The world is clearly lost and will continue to be until someone takes a stand and makes a change, and that ‘someone’ is you. It’s me, and it’s every individual who can no longer accept the world’s condition or the ‘spiritual wickedness’ (as Bob Marley called it) that plagues our species.

We’re here to help this lost planet, and we can do it by confronting everything that stops us and working hard from there, knowing that we’re doing all of this for a reason and if we keep on, we will change the world.

We aren’t naïve, and we aren’t fooling ourselves. We’re on a mission, and it won’t be complete until this life is over. When it is, we can focus on our mission in the next life.

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness, December 13, 2015 – http://tinyurl.com/hx8ydl9