Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – Grid Failures – 10-12-18 10/12




Published on Oct 12, 2018

We have the ability to shift collective events together through our will and intent…even those programmed to manifest through the collective unconscious or collective karma. And power failure isnt really anything to fear, may be annoying for a few hrs. This is not everywhere, its collective timeline based off potential through the energy of the collective unconscious. Whatever timeline im seeing w this blackout, its been planned for a very long time. Cyber, technology aided. It may be after a False flag or after a weather event- i saw this in that order. Hundreds of millions w out power. This has started already but it hasnt happened at the level im seeing yet (If this is experienced in the collective timeline) I saw remotely & clairvoyantly (i was shown this) an awareness and active preparation/planning IS taking place right now with this in different ways. It even looked dark during day time at 11am. I was shown this too. But that may be symbolic. This could be to remove & collapse the illumanti/Cabal or by them. I have been seeing Putin, Assad, Trump. Protection needed or being brought in for Assad. (Im not political- i dont have a TV. I see events & random collective stuff, just give what comes through. Sometimes it makes no sense to me) Was also seeing statue of Liberty as Ishtar. The fall of Vatican is connected to this… Its like a ritual or energy/spell. Fall of Babylon (the Matrix) control. If you are dealing w personal attacks.. energy attacks, attacks through others or through agents, AI attacks right now to create triggers/reactions DON’T FEED THEM YOUR ENERGY People are fighting AI in comments on social media too and getting all triggered and upset- its all manipulation to mess w your energy and distract you. If you share info or plan on it w pure intent, ignore the haters or attackers, they’re usually the matrix system portals, clones, AI, possessed, asleep, etc… Im working on emails & readings so I will only be posting information that comes through over the next week or so on the channel (if things come through that are direct messages) Anyone that did not want to wait for their reading due to me having to take time out for my health from personals, please just send a payment request to the PayPal account: instead of sending request through email, my email fills up too fast from the channel i may not get it Anyone else that has sent me an e-mail request or inquiry about a reading I am not offering any services at the moment I am only working on bookings that were made or purchased prior to me having to take several months off from personals for my health. I’m not sure if or when I will be doing personals again in the future.



Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 1 — Lost Knowledge from Lemuria and Atlantis, Past Life


Published on Sep 18, 2018

In Part 1 of Inner Lost Knowledge, I discuss my past life in Lemuria along with knowledge about ancient Lemuria and Atlantis civilizations from my own past life perspective, brought forward from channeling the Guides, Abraham. We talk about history of Lemuria and Atlantis from my past life perspective, Hawaii’s connection to Lemuria, unlocking lost knowledge that many of you hold within and how to do that, and the connection between heart, mind, blood, cellular structure and DNA in holding lost knowledge within you. This video acts as a ‘gilded knowledge keeper open portal’ to unlocking inner lost knowledge in the hearts of those who have had past lifetime(s) in Lemuria and/or Atlantis. Not all lost knowledge people hold within them will be of love and oneness. There will be lost knowledge about definite NOT love and oneness. All is needed in order to fully grasp and learn from past mistakes and embrace a brighter future. Any information that comes through this video is for you to use your own belief system and discernment within you. LINKS: “Introduction to Energy of Oneness” video:…

MR MBB333 – Hurricane Hector COULD be a CAT 5 – Perfect Storm, brewing in Pacific – 8-6-18


Published on Aug 6, 2018

August 6, 2018: Powerful Hurricane moving closer to Hawaiian Islands, models have it moving close to the Big Island but path could change. 150+ mph winds were measured by Aircraft ReCon this afternoon. If you like my research and my daily dedication to all my loyal subscribers, and would like to show financial support, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal. Please see links below. Your financial support is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Become A Patron  Patreon



KAUILAPELE BLOG – Kilauea Eruption Updates – 6-11-18 – Big Island Video News, Images – USGS Scientist Shares Kilauea Eruption Update


KAUILAPELE BLOG – Kilauea Eruption Updates – 6-11-18 – Big Island Video News, Images – USGS Scientist Shares Kilauea Eruption Update
 6-29-16… “IS BRITAIN LIKE NA`I AUPUNI?” VIDEO — Kauilapele’s Blog I’ve mentioned in at least one post the correlation between what has happened with Great Britain (the BREXIT) and the returning (re-claiming) of the Kingdom of Hawai’i. Well, apparently this was also apparent to Ehu Kekahu Cardwell and team at ( This is a short video outlining the similarities. Published on Jun 29, […]

via 6-29-16… “IS BRITAIN LIKE NA`I AUPUNI?” VIDEO — Kauilapele’s Blog

DUTCHSINSE – Rare Volcanic Event in Hawaii – Lava Lake at record high levels in Kilauea – 4-27-15


Locals in Hawaii are coming from all around to see this rare event at Kilauea’s Halema Uma’ ‘U crater.

For the first time since this new lava lake formed, it is reaching the VERY top of the lake edge .. getting ready to either spill out into the greater caldera, or to flow back and cause new lava flows on the flank of the volcano.

Either way, there is going to be a display of lava very soon, whether in the caldera if the lake overflows, and on the countryside of Hawaii when it finally drains out.

Full website post here with link to the webcams :…

Special thanks to earthspace103 :

528 Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance – Hawaii Healing Meditation


Audio available here:…

This track is a theta delta brainwave entrainment program set to the Solfeggio Love Frequency 528Hz corresponding to emerald on the electromagnetic spectrum. This track aids in the activation of the higher heart of Divine Love, creating a powerful resonant field of peace and compassion. Our best selling track is paired with soothing video scenes from the mystic Napali coast, in Kauai, Hawaii.

Please use stereo headphones.
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Light and Sound are One

Music by Asa, Creator of Source Vibrations

This video is a collaboration between Source Vibrations and Youtube Video user David Huting –