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Posted by sananda website, 11/08/2017


By Adrienne Trapani

Message from a sector of the Andromeda Galaxy:

“Greetings. We have established communication. It is a delight, is it not, to use your telepathic abilities in order to establish this network and this connection so that communication is not limited to your immediate sphere. This is how we have been functioning for a very long time and it brings us great pleasure to watch humanity rediscover its own galactic and cosmic origins, its innate abilities to transcend the limitations perceived of the physical human avatar. We are most pleased to offer further insight into our work. It is our passion. It is our purpose.

We are a particular team that oversees and collaborates with a sector of the Andromedan galaxy that is, from your perspective, highly evolved. We will begin by helping you all understand that balance is incredibly important. Planetary systems are in dynamic flux at all times, but there is an overall balance or coherence that must be in place in order for the lifeforms on that planet to have a satisfactory existence, one that does not put them in physical or even energetic peril. While we collaborate with the planetary consciousness of seven different planetary systems, we have gleaned much experience and insight into the workings of each planetary system individually but as a collective as well.

For you see, planetary consciousness is not isolated. This is very easy for a third-dimensional human, from your perspective, to project your own experience onto the rest of the cosmos. First, understand that your planetary consciousness of Gaia is very connected and interconnected to the planets in your solar system as well as planets connected to her over-soul, if you will, and beyond. This means that nothing is happening in isolation and that each of these planetary bodies are affecting one another and in constant communication.

There is much we could share that will not be terribly relevant to the question at hand. We will focus in on your planetary system and specifically, the question regarding how humanity may be a better partner, and collaborate, and co-create with their planetary consciousness. This is a beautiful question, one that we hold in high regard.

First, understand that your planetary system, your planetary consciousness, is very concerned and very preoccupied with the overall well-being of all inhabitants of her planet, not just on the surface, but all of the interdimensional as well as inner Earth lifeforms and civilizations. Her main focus is not a self-focus. This is very important for the individual human to understand because the human is self-focused and has been conditioned to be so. We invite you to place yourself in the situation of your planet’s consciousness and imagine, for your imagination is a powerful co-creative force, what would preoccupy you as a planetary consciousness on a daily basis. You will see that much of the preoccupation has to do with maintaining balance.

There are polarities that exist within planetary systems, but they are simply two expressions that come out of one. This is not a divisive paradigm that you are used to in duality, the reality of duality. With polarity comes great energetic and electromagnetic exchanges. There is tremendous energy running through the electromagnetic sphere as well as the energetic grids on any given planetary system but most certainly that of your own. Now, add to that that there is more information coming into this planetary system and consciousness from beyond, connected again to the other planetary bodies in your solar system as well as directly to your star or sun, which in turn is connected to other centers of information, shall we say, other star systems, other suns. There’s a whole chain of communication and energetic transmission happening at all times.

In order to maintain balance, what we would have you see at this time is that Gaia has been struggling with the energetic pull, mismatch, disproportionate distortion created by the consciousness of the human collective. Allow yourself to feel into that and feel into, more specifically, the incredible anger and fear. Well, you know what it’s like to be in the electromagnetic sphere of an individual human who is in such a distorted, skewed state of being. Now, extrapolate that to the entire human species and you can begin to understand the kind of distortional field that it is creating in the entire system that comprises Gaia’s planetary consciousness.

Now, you begin to understand very quickly, do you not, the work to be done within the human collective, bringing it back into greater balance and harmonic within itself, within each individual as well as within subgroups, and eventually, the entire populous, shifting into a much more balanced, coherent, unified state of being. As we connect to your planet’s consciousness, we can tell you that this is exactly what she is looking for you to do. She is looking for assistance with this specific aspect of her own planetary ascension cycle. Another way to think of this is you have one group of lifeforms on this and in this planetary system, for there are many others in other dimensions, that it is out of alignment with the overall timeline that the most of the rest of the collective is leaning toward, working toward. This is why all emphasis, all the focus at this time, is on the human collective.

Those of you who are the volunteers, the ambassadors from other star systems, who came in to assist during this time are being highly activated during this time in order to bring in much greater coherence. On the individual level, for those of you listening for whom this message resonates, this means that your individual coherence is exceptionally important at this time, for you know you have an impact on the collective. Beyond that, you will be asked via your own multi-dimensional channels to begin to step into more vocal and verbalized action.

We do not use the term ambassador lightly. It is exactly what it means, that you come with innate bodies of consciousness and knowledge representing other galaxies and certainly, other planetary systems within your own galaxy. Though we’d have their perspective, their consciousness, their frequency, and their assistance known at this time, and this will take great courage on your part, but ultimately this is your mission. You will find ways to circumvent the fears that you hold around being ridiculed from the rest of the population.

We will draw your attention now back to the Andromedan galaxy, and we will take you on a bit of a tour to help you understand what is achievable in your own system. We will take you into one of our planetary systems. This planetary system will look to the human eye as having a green hue, so travel with us now. You may take a moment to shift gears and if you need to close your eyes and use your abilities to shift into a more connected state. You may meet with our team.

We are on what you would consider a spacecraft, but it is not a material-mechanical spacecraft. It is built of plasma. The craft itself is a living organism with which we communicate. You will see there are seven of us. We do not all look the same. You will see in the center of our circle lies a hologram of each planetary system with which we interact. We are focusing in now on just the one planetary system, focusing our intention and our own consciousness on the system, and by so doing we travel there instantaneously.

We are now hovering above this planet. As you look, you will see many diverse lifeforms across several dimensions. There is activity. There’s a lot of coming and going, but if you feel into it, you will feel the central tenant is coherence. There is a flowering of life here that feels calm, in balance, interconnected, interwoven. Connect now to the planetary consciousness itself and you will feel the same serene energetic emanating all around you.

This is what is achievable for Gaia. This is what so many have been working toward. It is our great pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with you and we wish you all tremendous blessings on your own timeline of ascension. You are very well-equipped and we are watching you, observing with great interest.”

Okay. I will just share that after – I can’t remember what part that was where he was talking about the individual mandate to be in greater coherence ourselves and balance with an ability to affect the collective. My field completely shifted, altered. That is definitely the work before us. With that, this transmission has come to an end.



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Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – The Quality of Harmony – 1031015


Archangel Gabriel


Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as harmony.

Harmony is a prime and natural law of the universe. It is an energy that vibrates within and around all of life in a continuous manner, connecting all living things with each other including the Earth and its kingdoms. It connects life with the constant flow of universal energy and the events that take place.

This energy can greatly expand one’s potential to be the change they would like to experience in themselves, within their relationships, and within the collective consciousness of humanity. When an individual focuses on the harmony they desire to experience, they connect to that power until they manifest this state of being and have many harmonious experiences to enrich their life.

When they create harmony within self and with others and align harmoniously to the universe, things in their life start falling into place. Assistance comes to them from many unexpected places to help their vision move into manifestation. They receive the helpful and needed information in perfect timing through wonderful coincidences and synchronicities. They feel the rhythm and harmony of the state of universal joy.

Every thought from one’s mind is a communication with the universal mind. The choice as to how one lives their life determines the state of harmony within one’s being. When an individual becomes aware of how they spend their physical and emotional energy, they consciously choose peace, harmony, trust and empowerment in every situation. They make a loving commitment to work together with others in harmony and peace.

By aligning with the divine, they are in harmony with its loving intention for their highest good and move into the flow of its blessings. They experience more clarity in all that they do and live a balanced life that is in harmony with self, others and the universe. They train their minds and hearts to immediately send love to everyone they interact with or think about. They give to others without attaching conditions or expecting anything in return. This creates a harmonious balance between what they have given to others and what they receive in return.

There is a harmony, unity, and oneness between every one and every thing; all are bound together by the same divine essence. In harmony of being, life becomes a glorious adventure filled with joy and wonder and brings one a sense of inner peace. Personal moments of harmony occur when one is quiet and relaxed.

They are connected to a deep reservoir of stillness and well being where the chattering of their conscious mind ceases and they experience the beauty and grandeur of their environment. This results in a quiet mind which helps them to experience beauty in the current moment instead of thinking thoughts of the past or the future. This practice increases the flow of harmony and peace.

The state of harmony connects them with higher spiritual influences which assist them in making changes that are good for all of life everywhere. These harmonious influences facilitate a more rapid personal growth. Experiencing quietness within allows their mind, heart and body to settle into a state of harmony.

Each individual is constantly trying to find the most encompassing harmony in all that they do. Harmony within is grounded in love and respect for one’s self and others. When one has achieved inner harmony, it opens them to a greater discovery of themselves as a fully integrated being that is a part of the whole of life.

The state of harmony supports a person to act from a place of authenticity and integrity which allows them to be at peace within their own being. Inner peace within gives them feelings of harmony, tranquility, happiness, goodness, self love, and stability on a consistent basis. Inner peace and harmony entails a deep trust in one’s self, and the world around them.

One must believe that they live in a benevolent universe and expect that things will always turn out well. They believe in goodness and have a positive outlook towards everything in their life. They are always true to themselves, to their own unique intelligence and abilities and have a sense of internal security and self confidence which leads them to the experience of inner peace and harmony.

Understanding and maintaining balance within oneself is a gentle movement towards harmony and a sense of deep respect for the natural world. It requires a viewpoint that does not seek to dominate, control or impose ones views on others or upon nature but is tempered by respect and a desire for harmony and compassion for all things.

One seeks to celebrate nature and restore the harmony of their planet, their society and each individual who is a part of it. When one’s connection with the divine becomes the inspiration for all that one does, their body becomes the instrument for the direct experience of love, harmony and beauty in this world.

They attain the fullness of life which they have been longing for as they follow the guidance and deep inspiration of the still small voice within them. In the pure harmonious depths of their own heart, there is a fountain of truth, love and understanding, and a flow of profound guidance which is far greater than anything that their conscious mind can offer.

Their heart readily understands that which their head has been overlooking. In this way, they reunite their mind, heart and body with the divine in a direct experience of love, harmony and beauty. They find enduring peace, satisfaction and joy in their everyday life.

May your inner harmony and happiness guide and inspire you toward experiences of greater love and beauty always.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

© 2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

“Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Harmony.” Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff. October 30, 2015, at

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey – Finding Harmony in Moderation – Channeler Julie Miller – 12-21-14

Serapis BeySerapis Bey
 Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~
December 19 – 26, 2014
Received by Julie Miller


It is well understood that one of the principal facilitators that derail long lasting transformation is due to the rise of seeing and allowing unwanted truths about yourself and because of any self-centered ideal. One of the most harmful manifestations of self-centeredness is found in wastefulness. When you add greed, self-indulgent behaviours, laziness and believing in your own illusions as truth what you have conspired to is your ability to cultivate an attitude that is directed towards the materialistic world that allows you to waste whatever resources that are before you. Now, after all this time you are beginning to see how harmful and damaging wastefulness is to your earthly home…such damage is visible in the animal kingdom but blatantly apparent within your societies.

When you become aware of your wasteful tendencies, it is then necessary to recognize the state of mind that you are in and try to understand why you are ignoring your own actions. We hope that by witnessing your own wasteful actions, you’ll become prompted to change and moderate your attitude and behaviour towards your life and towards the life of all others that share this earthly home. There are many news channels, newspapers and reports created for the purpose to educate about the effects of over-consumption has to earth and to the human body. After you filter through all the fear-governed material, you come to realize the truth that is there, that you are responsible for your wastefulness and it is apparent to make some necessary changes to become less careless of the bounty of Mother Nature and of your Self.

It has always been important to meet the needs of your whole being, and you can do this by taking care of your body by adopting a healthier lifestyle. When you take care of your body, you are also taking care of your mind, heart and spirit as you are able to recognize that they work best when all is in harmony of each other. If one aspect is out of sync then it is easy to attract dis-ease, mental and emotional disharmony and other maladies that may arise when you are imbalanced of mind, body, heart and spirit. Instead of falling victim to the many temptations life has to distract you with that would encourage you to deprive yourself of certain necessities, we encourage you to seek a path between strict self-discipline and decadent indulgence.

Some of the many distractions and temptations come in the forms of abuse using certain substances, watching too much television, staying on social media pages for too long, gossiping, over-eating and any other forms that describe an over-indulgent attitude all take your precious energy that is required when you do inner work. Self-discipline when applied regularly will encourage moderation on your extravagant behaviour and attitude and works to help you aspire and to achieve certain spiritual and personal goals. When you become more disciplined you begin looking for ways to become more useful of energy, you learn the benefits of conserving energy and how to make it available for your own individual practice. In addition, self-discipline will promote balance and strength to your own Will, which dear ones directly transforms into increasing your own presence. When you give up the self-indulgent lifestyle you are really making a sacrifice. You are agreeing to give up your wasteful and extravagant ways to better serve a higher purpose and to begin emptying yourself of your egotistic ways.

After contemplating, reflecting and from all your observations of how you have wasted your precious energy, it is understood dear ones that you may be encouraged to change your ways all at once. What can occur when you try to overreach your changes is that you become overwhelmed and mistakes will pile up and you will reach failure and give up and become even more self-indulgent than before. What we encourage is that when you begin to make changes to your inner person, you begin with small changes…working on one behaviour at a time. Once you master the new change of one particular behaviour then you can decide which other indulgencies you are ready to tackle without being tempted to revert back to your wasteful ways and habits.

We have witnessed many dear souls becoming obsessed with self-discipline, forgetting that self-discipline is just one of many means that brings you to purification and presence, which allows your unlimited spirit to emerge. When becoming more self-disciplined becomes an obsession, what is evident dear ones is the ego once again has gained control over your goal to become more disciplined. Moderation is the key, gaining a healthy balance in all areas of your life that has the ability to filter into other areas is necessary even if you are trying to moderate your ways through your efforts to become more self-disciplined.

Before we end this week’s transmission, we urge you to take a look at your past actions and identify when you may have over-indulged to the point it deterred you from your inner work. With the conclusions you find, pick one of the self-indulging behaviours and find ways to moderate it and temper your own behaviour and attitude that will serve a higher, and better purpose.

Love your body, and love your earth…your actions will demonstrate this love as they will be pure of heart by the choices you make. Even though science has advanced in all fields, all self-improvements can be made without spending any more than you already do and quite likely you’ll save a few dollars as you learn to curb any self-indulgent ways in favour of balance and moderation.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey…
…through Julie Miller

Kuan Yin Via Helen Michaels – Harmony Is the Key To Golden Age Families – 8-6-14


Harmony is the key to golden age families


Ascended Master Kuan Yin, June 22, 2013, through Helen Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The Ascended Master Kuan Yin is my name, and I am coming today with great joy and with great light from my heart and from my retreat where my flame is kept so beautifully not only by myself but by all people who are in tune, who are in sync, with the vibrations of the Mercy Flame, the Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy. My beloved, it is my desire to expand a bit more on what saint Germain has said and discoursed on regarding the golden age. It is my desire to expand on what the golden age concept means in families, between man and woman and between parents and children.


My beloved hearts, Kazakhstan is a wonderful country. There are wonderful souls who have volunteered to embody here. Many of them have good qualities already and they are very close to my heart, very dear to my heart. Not only because they are closer location-wise to my retreat near Beijing but because their vibration is close to my vibration. There are many lifestreams who have embodied in Kazakhstan and already have some level of attainment to keep in the matter sphere the Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness.  People in Kazakhstan have a wonderful saying: “Your neighbors are from God.” Therefore, one must honor and respect the neighbors, or rather shall we say the God in the neighbors. That approach, my dears, really embodies one very essential quality that is necessary also for other countries and for other lifestreams to ponder during the golden age, and before the golden age can even be manifested.


The age of honesty

My beloved hearts, many of you know me as the Goddess of Mercy, yet I am also the Mother Flame, the figure of the Mother in the East. I am also the protector of families, I am the guidance for families when they are struggling to find their harmony between Alpha and Omega, between the wife and husband, and I am the one who administers and helps the lifestreams who have children in their families. I am the protector and overseer as the Mother in matter. Many people think that the golden age is something where everything just suddenly changes into rosy dreams, such that God or the angels or ascended masters pour down an increasing amount of light and the light itself somehow clears the matter sphere from all of its impurities that have been taken on from humankind as a result of their impure thoughts, emotions and impure identities.


My beloved, many of you who are the students of myself and many other masters, you know this is not the case. The golden age can, first of all, manifest only when people take responsibility for creating the golden age conditions, first of all in their own lives and only then can they be the forerunners and helpers for others. How can you be your neighbors’ helper when you cannot even help yourself? You see my beloved, the golden age is actually the age of honesty. Each one who wants to be embodying the golden age principles and the immaculate concepts for the golden age, that Saint Germain was talking about, must first of all look at yourself. You look at your own life very carefully and then you see whether you are actually able to embody those principles that Saint Germain was talking about, or is there still some work to do?


Of course I, Kuan Yin, see that there is some work to do for each one. Families are meant to be like mini models, displaying and outplaying the same harmony that exists on higher levels between Alpha and Omega, as you wish when you descend from the hierarchy of Alpha-Omega down to planet earth. All of hierarchy can actually work only when there is harmony, the free flow of light between the masculine and the feminine, and the same applies to families. Families are not able to outpicture and be this mini model for divinity if there is no harmony between the man and woman or between the wife and husband. Of course, you see there can be no harmony between the parents and the children when there is no harmony between a wife and her husband. Therefore, families are somewhat the key for each student in the golden age to see what lessons there are for you and what those key areas are where you see that you are lacking harmony or you go out of balance. 


You cannot blame your partner

Many of my students have a rather glorified views of partnerships. They think that their partner is somewhat flawed or not right and they think that if only they could have a different partner, or a different wife or a different husband, then they would be able to embody the qualities, such as harmony and balance in their life. Yet it is not the case, my beloved. Christhood and Buddhahood are very individual paths; there is no one on planet earth that you can blame, such that dues to this person or that person you are not able to embody your own highest potential. 


The universe works in very intricate and elegant ways and the universe gives back to you, and the cosmic mirror gives back to you, in your life exactly those conditions that are best for your current growth. Therefore, one might say, as we have already given teachings about, one might really say that the partner and the family you have right now is the right one for you. It is a challenge and task for each one of my students to learn to see the divinity in their present partner. Only then, my beloved, can you actually start having glimpses of how it feels to live in a golden age family.  


But you see, it is very hard, one might say it is impossible, to see divinity in others and divine qualities in others when you do not even see those qualities in yourself. Do you see where I am actually intending to go with this talk? Really, embodying the golden age family requires that you have attained a certain level, a certain degree, of Christhood in yourself. You are able to see yourself as the Flame of God in action, as a Flame of God outplaying in your little sphere of influence the same kind of harmony that Alpha and Omega are outplaying in higher spheres. 


Embodying harmony is the key for the golden age families and partnerships, my beloved, and you can see from your own life that keeping the balance and harmony is one of the most difficult tasks for spiritual students. We have given a lot of tools for that, and I, Kuan Yin, recommend very much to each of my students that they study carefully the teachings that are given in the Song of Life LINK because this is a teaching that actually captures harmony. If you are a careful student, able to internalize the teaching, you start having glimpses of this harmony. 


Finding harmony in yourself

When you keep working with yourself, there comes a point where you one day feel that nothing on planet earth or in the material realm can take you out of your inner harmony. Nothing can take you out of this inner balance where you feel that you are one with your I AM Presence and one with God and one with all life. My beloved, it becomes so easy to notice that no matter what conditions that your partner or your family or your children outplay, you are able to say: “I am still in harmony. It is my first choice to remain in harmony and in balance.” 


This is the key for golden age families, my beloved. This is the key: that a certain number of the students of the ascended masters are able to embody this balance and harmony in their own families. You see then the same energy, the vibration of harmony and balance, start working for society as well. Members that come into your family get in touch with this balance and harmony, they tune in to this flame and they see that when this person is in such harmony, then they also want to have this blessed condition; and they also feel they want to strive towards this condition in their family. Therefore, you become a sort of example for others or an inspiration for others. Other people and families and friends around you start seeing that it is indeed possible to live your life in your families and with your children in complete harmony. 


The ability to have children

My beloved, there is even one more aspect that I wish to stress here. Many people struggle these days with not having children. Many want to have children desperately and they can’t, and many who can have children they have children with diseases. My beloved, conceiving a child is a holy process. People on planet earth are used to thinking that it is a physical act that conceives a child, but as anything else in the material sphere, this has four levels: identity, mental, emotional and then after these three comes the physical. You see that conceiving a child, bringing a new lifestream into your family, it is not merely a physical act. In golden age families it is indeed required that when a man and woman come together and decide to form a family, and decide to have children, this should be for them not merely a physical act but that it would start with forming the Immaculate Concept, first of all for their own life and then the Immaculate Concept for a child.


The father and mother in the physical, for new lifestreams, are like the extensions of God the Father and God the Mother. Therefore, it is important that the lifestreams who decide to conceive a child would have complete harmony and balance between them. Also, they would be in oneness in terms of their own life and how to create their own life including how they should bring forth a child. My beloved, you see that in this day and age new lifestreams have started to descend into embodiment and these are the lifestreams that have much higher attainment of Christhood already, more than even their parents might have. These lifestreams cannot truly embody when the parents still struggle with receiving the light from above and embodying light in the matter sphere. 


When the father and the mother are not able to embody a certain degree of Christhood, then no matter how hard they try to conceive a child, it might not be successful. Then people go to the doctor to get help and they think there is a physical cause behind this, but in most cases, my beloved, the cause is not physical; the cause is actually spiritual. Therefore, you see that this day people must pay attention and quickly get to the path of Christhood and be able to embody a degree of Christhood before they can even glimpse the higher vision for their own child. 


You must rise above the astral plane

There is also a teaching that was given in a previous dispensation about the astral sphere. My beloved, many of you are aware that the lower emotional realm is called the astral sphere and this sphere embodies the darkness, demons, and all those creatures that people created and fed with their impure intents, with their impure thoughts and most of all with their impure emotions. The astral sphere contains a layer of darkness and shadows which are still there even when you don’t see them. 


When you yourself attain a high level of Christhood and are able to tune yourself away from the astral sphere’s vibrations, not taking these vibrations in and not being the open door for these vibrations, then the children, the new lifestreams who are descending to planet earth, have for their protection both parents being in such harmony that their vibrations are higher than the lower realm of the astral sphere. Otherwise, the parents themselves will become the opening for the new lifestreams to be touched by the lower vibrations that are existing in the astral sphere.


Lifestreams who want to embody on planet earth cannot embody until the parents, both parents, are much higher than the lower levels of the astral realm so that they don’t form any opening for a child who wants to come into embodiment. Therefore, you see, my beloved, that this is the key to opening the door for new lifestreams. The children who are carrying the golden age principles and already have in their hearts such an opening and contact with the ascended masters that they don’t need any outer messenger or mediator between them and God. But they cannot embody when their parents are not in harmony and are not embodying a certain degree of Christhood that would allow them to descend with these parents. 


Thus, my beloved, it is something to ponder. It is something that each one of you, when you go into your heart and want to get more teaching about this, then I, Kuan Yin, am most open to working with you at inner levels and give you more understanding about how this teaching applies to your life. 


The family is like the prajna boat

My beloved hearts, do you see also that the children who embody on planet earth right now, they need their parents’ protection? They need that their parents are not only in harmony and at peace, but they need constant protection and calls so that they won’t be open to any kind of energy that could touch their innocent spheres and enter into their forcefield while they are small children. Children are very open, very open and they take in energies from all surroundings. Therefore, it has to be the parents who are constantly aware of this and will give the calls for protection and keep the harmony and Love Flame in such balance that not a single creature or demon from the lower astral or emotional realms can enter through the forcefields of their child, or that can enter through the forcefields of their family. 


The family, my beloved, is meant to be like a small model of my prajna boat, the boat of wisdom; the boat that knows how to embody Christhood in the mater-sphere. This boat can have all the crew on board and sail through this Sea of Samsara, not being touched by the vibrations of the Sea of Samsara. Therefore, my beloved, the Sea of Samsara will be there for quite some time until planet earth’s inhabitants are able to purify and invoke so much light in their environments that even the Sea of Samsara won’t have the same rage and turmoil as it did before. 


My beloved, look at your own families and think about how you can embody and create in your family environment this prajna boat that helps to carry all the crew across the raging sea, giving each of your family members the frame of reference of Divine Love, the love that penetrates all lower vibrations, the love and harmony that is not from this realm, that is from beyond the matter realm and embodies the divinity in your family.


Children who are growing in this family environment do not need an awful lot of intelligent books or intellectual teachings, they most of all need the outplaying of a sense of harmony. They need the frame of reference of the Love Flame that their parents and other family members are able to embody. That is their teaching and that is the language that the parents can use when they talk and teach those children. 


The children, first and foremost, respond to the language of the heart and not so much to intellectual knowledge but rather the language of the heart that the parents are able to speak to them. You see, my beloved, I started saying that Kazakhstan is a country that honors its neighbors and says that the neighbors are from God, and this shows you that a country which has this kind of wisdom already in their mass consciousness, this country is able to invoke light for their neighbors and envision that their prajna boat is not only their own family but the entire country.


With this wisdom these lifestreams are able to invoke enough light also for their neighbors so that the light of God can do its work. When you have the ability to carry the light, the Love Flame, and the wisdom of Kuan Yin in your hearts, you are definitely able to invoke the light for your neighbors. You are definitely able to be the inspiration for your neighbors and you are definitely able to do this work with me, Kuan Yin, with the Mother of the East, the Mother who is the Goddess of Mercy and Forgiveness, the Mother who has the wisdom to embody these divine qualities.


This, beloved, is my release and with this release I have let my light be amongst you. My light has been sent to your hearts and you can feel the vibrations that I AM. You can feel and embody this vibration that I AM in your circle of influence, be it your family, be it your friends or your state. Thus, my release is complete and I thank you for your attention and for being my chalice in Matter.

Copyright © 2013 by Helen Michaels

Lisa Gawles – Shambhala in the Living World – Living Peace, Love and Harmony – 7-8-14



Lisa Gawles

When my team started to make me aware, download understandings and concepts of the energy I call “Shambhala,” I fantasized about so many things.  How it could be for us, what it would be like to live truly in (the sanskrit meaning of the word) “peace, love and harmony.”   I did understand the pureness of this energy, very much like I understand the Christed energy and have been trying to grasp its use ever since (2007.)

I have come to realize these last few days that my preconceived notions were inaccurate.  At the same time, some of the understandings were accurate.

This water world that is now being presented in the readings, I am starting to understand much more of it.  I can equally understand why spirit is even more selective on the words that come out of my mouth to explain what we are now experiencing, than they ever were.  Equally tho, our teams are helping me to recognize energy I have over looked (in significance) prior to this moment.

Let’s be clear on my personal use of the word “Shambhala.”  Spirit, soul, higher self (pick a name) fully alive in body, living Heaven on earth.  I think our (excuse me, my) concepts of what Heaven on earth is, was very inaccurate.  I am looking at an outside display of this energy, in a way it is recognizable on the outside, but will never been acceptable from the outside.   It can only come thru a human incarnate.  No exceptions, and trust me, no activation’s or attainments will ever ever enliven this energy within you.  It is a state of living.  Of Being on this precious earth.

Let’s talk about this make up of “water” energy I see in the readings these days, the ones that started in the upper atmosphere and created that tsunami of change.  Pure earth energy.  We, as a species love to humanize everything, give ego attributes to things that have no ego, our earth especially.  She is pure spirit, pure love and can never be any less, ever.  We can look at her, and see our own reflected injuries in her and think she needs healing, but again, she is our own reflection.  What you see in her, is what you see in yourself.

She is also much more (energetically) powerful than each one of us humans.  Again, she is pure spirit, pure love.  Like a loving mother, she will take abuse from her unruly children and knows when to put her foot down, or take out the broom and clean house.  We as her children, get scared, thinking she has lost her mind or is so sick she doesn’t know what else to do besides quake and produce storms and tsunami’s and such.  She is and always will be, perfectly Whole.  See her as that and you will start to see yourself as that too.

You, can be no other way than whole at all times.  But often, we looked thru fractured lenses.

She also knows how to keep her house in order.  She has allowed her children to play without limits in one area, then she has to close down that area and open up another area while the other area rests and recuperates.  Earth changes.

We should always do the same within our lives too.  Allow relationships to recuperate, jobs, playmates, ourselves.  But often times, we do not out of fear and stay in one place til sickness or worse, earth death.  Our choice.  Mama will never take our own personal power away from us.  We can, and Do what we want.

Our Grace-full earth.  For those who recognize her wholeness, you set out to sing and dance on her, with her, for her.  (smile, wink)

The geyser I had seen blow upwards to the sky is the loving grace of our earth mama.  Once again, I say, don’t think grace has anything to do with a doormat.  (wink.)

In the upper atmosphere imbued into the water body was the living energy of the pure aspect of our soul.  The God we are.  The pure and rarefied stream of energy that is us, each one of us, beyond the ego mind.  The living fluidness of spirit, of YOU.  The part of you that knows no limitations, that see’s loving potential in all things.  The part that sends loving waves of energy to those who may be in chaos or appear cruel in our perception.  Love in constant motion.  Passion held in the body of grace.

These two living energies give birth to the fearless warrior, YOU.

What I am seeing in readings these days, and has taken me a long while to really understand the placements, the significance of what I am seeing.  Forgive me for taking so long.  This water world of energy is the pure earth and spirit energy circulating your heart, if you indeed have the water energy in your readings.  Some do not, simply because of their choices at the moment.  New choices, coupled of course with action, changes it all.

Hanging on to any outside aspect of the water world, a fear keeping you from your inner center.  Laying placidly on top of the water world itself, lack of passion.  Void of any water energy, to discordant a field to move into (the water that is.)  Living in state of grace, allowing, humility and humbleness in all you do, key!!

I have to say again, because it became so very clear last night in the gym, living in a state of impassioned grace has NOTHING to do with shining up our spiritual abilities.  There are many who embody this energy that are clueless about a lot of things I call spirit.  It truly is a way of Being in this world.  However, not to underscore our spiritual attributes, they do allow us to continually refine and embody more, when applied to our self.  I wouldn’t trade my antennas for anything!! lol

There is something that does happen when you are in the center of yourself, in your pure heart center allowing the opening of the full on 12 strand DNA, it is truly the activation of Shambha-lini (my word there lol.)  I pray I can make this as clear in my words as I understand it as the energy of experience.

But first, lets back up a moment to Kundalini.  The inner activation of your light body.  Your soul energy within your biological housing.  When it is fully integrated into every cell, every thought package within your mind, graceful passion is the constant.  If you still find yourself flickering in and out of graceful passion, work to integrate your kundalini.  Again, no one can do this for you, it as STATE of LIVING.  Of BEing in this world of Matter.

Even when we fully integrate we still need to practice consistency with its power and energy.  Old habits really do die hard.  But the more consistent you are in your energy field, the more fearless you become.  Please do not take that to mean you never have a fear or worry again… not even close.  You just stop holding yourself back from your greater reality of life due to fears.  Face them and do it anyway.  Put on your Nike’s and “just do it.” (Whatever “it” is you desire.)

Holding your place in this graceful passion becomes easy and not even thought about as it becomes a way of life.  For some it may take years, depending on who you surround yourself with.  For others, weeks or months.  There is no set “time.”  It is just practice, practice, practice until it becomes a state of Being.

So, if kundalini is housed within the biology then shambha-lini lays upon the skin.  Truly, that is so inaccurate, but I have no real way yet to explain it fully.

Shambha-lini recognizes with an authentic heart, spirit in another.  Not in mental concept, but so beyond the mental structure to become a full wave of energy itself.  It is more than a knowing, an acknowledgement, it is a Presence and can only be fully experienced between two or more people.  Where kundalini is a solo event, Shambha-lini is a unified wholeness with others.  An emergence of energy that can only be experienced/used/activated within another.

Silly me had this whole concept that it had to come from sex.  I so amuse myself…a lot!!  it is definitely sensual, but far from sexual.  Life impregnating life is so incredibly sensual.  Love is sensual.  WE are sensual Beings.  Shambha-lini cannot be forced or willed, it must come from the depths of the soul thru the body and connect with the other in that same place.

The Shambha-lini energy is so intoxicating, so mammoth in the energy of feeling it will take some time for the physical body to adjust.

Of course, as my precious team, the soul of my heart allows me to do, I understand thru experience.  The pro’s and con’s that go with understanding.  For this sharing, it is beyond a pro.  Let me share…

I have been walking a path with this incredible man, a man who came to my field of light thru his loving wife’s gift of one of her package session (which was really bought for someone else, but they gave it back to her. )  My whole heart recognized the bounty that was in this man and I asked him if I can hold his hand thru his evolution, my gift to him.  And truly, on every level, a gift unto mySelf.

I have watched, felt this man change and merge into his higher Being over the months.  The love, the awe and the celebration I have within myself each time I see/experience any of you grow further into your wholeness does things to my cells I cannot put into words.

To shorten this story and get to the point (smile) his wife sent me an email two days ago telling me they had purchased a new fridge for me and it will be delivered today and that it was her husbands desire to do this for me.  First of all, it took me several hours to get over the shock.  When a body is in shock, even a fantastic shock, it masks what is really being felt.  I went thru a whole lot of emotions, awe, humble gratitude, more shock… and then I suppose when all those other excited emotions found its center… something I never ever ever felt before engulfed me.  I have zero words of description to even say what it is or how it felt.  Thru meditations, thru each one of you, I have thought I experienced the gamut of emotions in this body, but I was severely wrong.

This energy, pure feeling enveloped my entire Being, and the feeling was so overpowering all I could do was cry.  I would have to liken it to being in the Presence of the Presence (God.)  That big, that pure, that overwhelming.

The feeling did not leave, I took it to sleep with me.  I woke up, more adjusted I suppose to its energy, and it isn’t even really a vibration.  All I could think of was being enveloped in thick cream.  My head was a little woozy all day long.  Like being stoned without the noise effects (that buzzing sound.)

It became very very clear to me what I was experiencing was truly Shambha-lini.

The love of God from another’s pure, unconditional, unexpecting heart, to mine.

It really takes the energy system of Namaste to a true experience, When you are in that place within you, and I am in that place within me, we are one.

Until tomorrow…  NAMASTE!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Tomorrow we will talk about the “living world” something spirit said many times in my first reading of today.  ❤


GOD message – via Karen Dover – 5-2-14



Beloved ones, I am the energies that are known in the context of GOD and I AM here with YOU as YOU now adjust and come back into HARMONY and BALANCE at a very human conscious waking mind level. The movement now intensifying and the expansion now beyond any experience that YOU have endured within the old 3D earth created CONTAINMENT FIELD.  The movement of my CHILDREN and FAMILY into place now rapidly and swiftly expands and multiplies and I GIFT to my FAMILY :





I place the GOLD ANKH of ETERNAL LIFE within the SOLAR PLEXUS and ask that you now BREATHE into the NEW and allow YOUr energy fields to MESH and MELD with the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.  I ask that you now take FLIGHT with the DOVES of PEACE that now encircle the Planet EARTH in TRUTH, soar high my beloved ONES for the UNIVERSE of 3 now SINGS the SONG of the SPHERES with YOU, around YOU and through YOU in TRUTH. I place:

333 222 111 888 999 777

11 22 99 00








I place the SEAL of SOLOMON at the ENTRANCE to the NEW WORLD and I place this in FULL VIEW of ALL who are called at this time. May you find shelter from the STORM that will now unfold in the OLD WORLD for it now crumbles to dust. ALL that IS TRUTH will remain and expand, all that is containment will now dissolve on the WINDS OF CHANGE that now blow around, through and within  the human race at this time.

GOD is NOW, in every breath, every movement, every whisper for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

LET GO and allow the PEACE that you have searched for eternally to begin to birth through you, around you and within you as you now enter the KINGdom of HEAVEN upon the Planet Earth in this your human form in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.


[c] Karen Dover, all rights reserved

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