Happiness is …


By Pat Cegan


True happiness
is not a result
not acquired
just is

Life is easy
full of things
to enjoy
just be
it’s that simple


Allow your love to nourish yourself as well as others – by Joy Passion Desire – 2-23-18 – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower,

and draws all good things toward you.

Allow your love to nourish yourself as well as others

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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Brenda Hoffman – Have You Discovered Your Happy Pill?

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com
Summary of Brenda’s October 28, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show athttp://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:    All parts of the earth seem and are chaotic now. To move you and all beyond that chaos, center yourself by asking yourself how best to do so. Even though you’re part of the whole, you’re a unique individual you must honor and love knowing that doing so will create the earth harmony for which you pine. Loving yourself is the only way to reduce the earth chaos for you and all.
“Believe in Yourself” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
This is a week of wonderment. For that which you once knew, you will know no more. Even though that phrase might seem ominous, the exact opposite is true.
You have long pined for a sense of joy – not only within yourself but throughout the earth. So it is that the next few days will provide an opening, if you will, to that joy.

Some of you refuse to believe that such is possible. That wars will not disappear overnight, nor will opposing views be resolved with so little effort. But that belief is only true in the heavy 3D you lived within for eons.
In the United States, people seem to be at opposite ends of agreement. And many are concerned that this week’s presidential election will dramatize that opposition. Such will be so for those who continue to hold onto 3D drama and fear.
For those of you beyond 3D, the election will have little effect on your life or your livelihood. And so it is also for those in other parts of the globe where opposition, or more to the point, fear continues to reign.
How many of you have been directly impacted by the perils and fears promoted via your media and other means of communication? If you were impacted, was your life threatened or the lives of those you love?
The greatest fear of earth humans for eons has been personal death or death of a loved one. As an example, does not the coverage following a horrendous natural or human event always include the survivors exclaiming how lucky they were not to have been killed?
Many of you beg to differ countering with you do not have money to pay your bills, you do not like your job, or your relationship is dissolving, and there is nothing you can do about it.
There is always something you can do about anything. You have choices. Your greatest fear is not the loss of money or a relationship; your greatest fear is that you will lose your life – whether emotionally or physically in the process.
This is a somewhat difficult piece for many of you to absorb now for you have so deeply hidden the fear of death that you cannot yet quite grasp that such is your deepest earth fear. And you have not yet internalized the knowingness that you do not die, but merely transition into another form.
But then, for some of you, transitioning is as fearful as earth death. For you are enjoying this life or at least pieces of this life and you do not wish to jump into a new form without knowledge of what that form will take and what it will mean.
Will you become a sparkle in someone’s eye? Will you become a nebulous ether form? Will you hover around your loved ones? Will you even care about your earth loved ones?
In essence, you are fearful of earth death, the last unknown. For you know within you that you always have choices while of earth. You have the support of others and your inner-being to leave or adjust to those pieces that are uncomfortable – or unbearable. But there is no knowingness, nor seeming choice if you purposively remove yourself from earth.
We will repeat, purposively remove yourself from earth. For whether you are killed or kill yourself, it is a purposeful action. You cannot remove yourself from the earth without doing so knowingly. Of course, such is extremely difficult for those of the earth to accept for why would your loved ones leave you?
So it is that you rage at those – and that is the correct word – who have left you and you remain too frightened of the unknown to consciously leave earth.
Such is not to chide you, but to remind you that there is nothing to fear about death and if it were the right time for you to remove yourself from earth, you would do so easily and with little regret.
Some of you have been with loved ones as they struggled to remain of earth. And so you contest our concept that everyone leaves earth willingly and with forethought. Whether consciously or subconsciously, earth death is never an accident.
But then, you have not yet truly internalized that concept, or you would not be fearful that such will happen to you or your loved ones.
Perhaps you wish to counter with thoughts that once your loved ones leave earth, you can no longer communicate with them physically. Of course, some of you have received messages that you are certain are from loved ones that have transitioned from earth. Such is so.
But what we wish for you to accept and understand is that your earth loved ones may or may not be part of your Universal family. And just as you have become attached to your earth loved ones, so do you experience the joy and love of your Universal family.
The difference is that you are now beginning to access the thoughts, actions, and love of your Universal family – as is everyone who has transitioned beyond 4D. Your Universal loved ones are starting to envelop you in Universal love – providing you with a new experience that shouts love and joy from every fiber of your being.
A love and joy you do not yet understand. So it is that despite your candidate of choice not being elected or a war in your country, somehow you feel lighter and more loving than circumstances seem to warrant. All is fine, but you do not necessarily know why.
Such is so because you are reuniting with your Universal loved ones. Many forerunners had a difficult childhood in this lifetime. Even though you might continue to miss your earth loved ones, you are feeling lighter and airier than past or present circumstances seem to warrant – as if you have taken a happy pill.
You will likely have difficulties understanding or internalizing this concept until you experience it. So we will add no more other than observe yourself as you evolve into new you with new perceptions, new concepts and MANY fewer fears.
The Universes, including your Universal family, guides, angels, and special spirits are sending their love at this time, so you accept your Universal being of love. Such does not mean that there is not dissension, but instead that you no longer understand that dissension or wish to participate.
And as you forerunners, one by one, dislodge from the fear of death, and the fear of others harming you emotionally or physically, you will, as they say, “See the light.” But more importantly, you will spread the light. So be it. Amen.
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LUMINITA D. SAVIUC – 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy – by Dreaming Wiht Dolphins

Happiness (5).JPG

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life — to be happy — it’s all that matters.” 

~Audrey Hepburn


Here is a list of 15 things which, if you give up on them, will make your life a lot easier and much, much happier.  We hold on to so many things that cause us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering — and instead of letting them all go, instead of allowing ourselves to be stress free and happy — we cling on to them.  Not anymore.  Starting today we will give up on all those things that no longer serve us, and we will embrace change.  Ready?  Here we go:

1. Give up your need to always be right

There are so many of us who can’t stand the idea of being wrong — wanting to always be right — even at the risk of ending great relationships or causing a great deal of stress and pain, for us and for others.  It’s just not worth it.  Whenever you feel the ‘urgent’ need to jump into a fight over who is right and who is wrong, ask yourself this question:

“Would I rather be right, or would I rather be kind?”  ~Wayne Dyer

What difference will that make?  Is your ego really that big?

2. Give up your need for control

Be willing to give up your need to always control everything that happens to you and around you — situations, events, people, etc.  Whether they are loved ones, coworkers, or just strangers you meet on the street — just allow them to be.  Allow everything and everyone to be just as they are and you will see how much better will that make you feel.

“By letting it go it all gets done.  The world is won by those who let it go.  But when you try and try, the world is beyond winning.”  ~Lao Tzu

3. Give up on blame

Give up on your need to blame others for what you have or don’t have, for what you feel or don’t feel.  Stop giving your powers away and start taking responsibility for your life.



PAT CEGAN – Witness of Life — Source of Inspiration

I am not a fixer of faults especially those not my own nor do I offer secrets of happiness or even serenity I am simply an observer of life barely a participate no truth comes from these lips no lies either slip by

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Ascended Master El Morya via JUlie Miller – Happiness is Your Birthright – 9-9-15

Ascended Master El Morya  via  JUlie Miller   –   Happiness is Your Birthright   –   9-9-15

received by Julie Miller   –   September 8, 2015



No matter what your circumstance is, it is vital to you getting through it by remaining present and in control of your emotional and mental faculties. The moment dear ones you find your present, here and now unbearable…to the point you are miserable, understand that you always have options: you have the option to exclude yourself, to do what is necessary to change it if it is possible, or to accept it completely.

You know you cannot live in the past, and whatever future you are desiring is not written in stone. It is here and now that requires your presence. When you take responsibility for all that has transpired in your life, then you understand the importance of your choices and why it is necessary to choose wisely every time. No matter what choice you make, consequences come with each one. You may not know in advance what all the pros and cons are of your choices, but once you make a decision, you are also making an agreement to face whatever consequences come as a result. You are never without personal power. You always have the power to choose one way or another. If you find yourself in a situation where another has chosen for you, doesn’t mean you have to comply. Before moving forward in any situation, always give yourself time to adjust, to inquire, and to become informed so when you do you begin stepping forward into any new direction or way, you are at peace and harmony with your Self, the ever-moving universe and your environment.

When changes come suddenly, so many people complain, moan and groan. But when one complains what they are doing, is demonstrating they are not accepting what is occurring. Non-acceptance dear ones is an unconscious negative vibration. With every complaint you make, you are saying you are a victim of what you are complaining about. If you don’t wish to remain a victim, then speak out against what you are struggling to not accept and regain your personal power. You have the power dear ones to change any discomforting situation. When you make the conscious choice to remove yourself from the upsetting situation, accept it or express your discomfort, you are coming forth confidently and self-assured. You don’t have to belong to the madness others are may try to tempt you to follow if your heart and soul is telling you from within, that this particular situation is not good. Listen to your intuition. It may speak to you with subtle signals that will be felt in your body and heart and heard in your mind. With time and practice, you will become adept at tuning in to the subtle messages your inner person or intuition is trying to tell you. When you hear, listen well and take action by making the best possible choice that is available to you at the moment.

There sadly are many individuals out there, some you may know or have met at least once that from their body language, words, actions or choices truly feel they are not meant to go anywhere in life, that they are meant to always be on the losing end. It is a tragedy when a person gives up on themselves and cannot find their purpose, turns their back on the smallest pleasure, and cannot see that their joys, dreams and ambitions are equally important as another’s.

Every person has the capacity of living a happy life. Happiness does not come from the advancement in electronic gadgets or any other external means. Happiness does not come only to some people, while others go without. Happiness is inside every person. There is no happiness gene that mysteriously goes missing in your chromosome. It is understood that life is difficult and some of the choices you must make daily can come with pretty big consequences, but in every situation is something good, something worth your time and effort. When you work through your challenges one by one, no matter how long they might take, when you are all done, you are relieved, ecstatic and happy. It is overcoming the hard stuff that delivers you to happiness and when you are happy, you know what it truly means to appreciate what you went through to get to where you are NOW.

While working through your challenges and you make the conscious effort to remain in the NOW moment, you will maintain your truth, integrity and virtuous nature. You are not meant to lose dear ones. Each of you has a purpose and life to live. You were created to be joyous, to be loving, and to win. This life you are working through, this incredible journey is your birthright. Make a stand and take responsibility for your actions that will speak of your personal power and excellence that is applied into every aspect of your life, and not just when the going is good, but when the going gets tough. Let your challenges be your inspiration to do better, to find new creative ways and to be you at every step of the way.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller


Deepak Chopra – Ten Keys to Happiness In Spirituality – 9-14-14

Written by Deepak Chopra M.D.
Here are my 10 keys to happiness:
1. Listen to your body’s wisdom, which expresses itself through signals of comfort and discomfort. When choosing a certain behavior, ask your body, “How do you feel about this?” If your body sends a signal of physical or emotional distress, watch out. If your body sends a signal of comfort and eagerness, proceed.

2. Live in the present, for it is the only moment you have. Keep your attention on what is here and now; look for the fullness in every moment.Accept what comes to you totally and completely so that you can appreciate it, learn from it, and then let it go. The present is as it should be. It reflects infinite laws of Nature that have brought you this exact thought, this exact physical response. This moment is as it is because the universe is as it is. Don’t struggle against the infinite scheme of things; instead, be at one with it.

3. Take time to be silent, to meditate, to quiet the internal dialogue. In moments of silence, realize that you are recontacting your source of pure awareness. Pay attention to your inner life so that you can be guided by intuition rather than externally imposed interpretations of what is or isn’t good for you.

4. Relinquish your need for external approval. You alone are the judge of your worth, and your goal is to discover infinite worth in yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. There is great freedom in this realization. When you find yourself reacting with anger or opposition to any person or circumstance, realize that you are only struggling with yourself. Putting up resistance is the response of defenses created by old hurts.

5. When you find yourself reacting with anger or opposition to any person or circumstance, realize that you are only struggling with yourself. Putting up resistance is the response of defenses created by old hurts. When you relinquish this anger, you will be healing yourself and cooperating with the flow of the universe.

6. Know that the world “out there” reflects your reality “in here.” The people you react to most strongly, whether with love or hate, are projections of your inner world. What you most hate is what you most deny in yourself. What you most love is what you most wish for in yourself. Use the mirror of relationships to guide your evolution. The goal is total self-knowledge. When you achieve that, what you most want will automatically be there, and what you most dislike will disappear.

7. Shed the burden of judgment – you will feel much lighter. Judgment imposes right and wrong on situations that just are. Everything can be understood and forgiven, but when you judge, you cut off understanding and shut down the process of learning to love. In judging others, you reflect your lack of self-acceptance. Remember that every person you forgive adds to your self-love.

8. Don’t contaminate your body with toxins, either through food, drink, or toxic emotions. Your body is more than a life-support system. It is the vehicle that will carry you on the journey of your evolution. The health of every cell directly contributes to your state of well being, because every cell is a point of awareness within the field of awareness that is you.

9. Replace fear-motivated behavior with love-motivated behavior. Fear is the product of memory, which dwells in the past. Remembering what hurt us before, we direct our energies toward making certain that an old hurt will not repeat itself. But trying to impose the past on the present will never wipe out the threat of being hurt. That happens only when you find the security of your own being, which is love. Motivated by the truth inside you, you can face any threat because your inner strength is invulnerable to fear.

10. Understand that the physical world is just a mirror of a deeper intelligence. Intelligence is the invisible organizer of all matter and energy, and since a portion of this intelligence resides in you, you share in the organizing power of the cosmos. Because you are inseparably linked to everything, you cannot afford to foul the planet’s air and water. But at a deeper level, you cannot afford to live with a toxic mind, because every thought makes an impression on the whole field of intelligence. Living in balance and purity is the highest good for you and the Earth

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Serapis Bey via Julie Miller – Making Time for Happiness – 2-2-15-15

SerapisBey.2jpgSerapis Bey

Making Time for Happiness
February 20 – 27, 2015
received by Julie Miller
February 20, 2015

What does it mean to have a structured lifestyle? Cultivating a more structured lifestyle is the foundation for living life fully and with meaning that provides contentment as the outcome.

How many times dear ones have you muttered, “I wish I had more time today?”

What this could easily indicate is that you lack structure in your life and find it difficult to manage your time. Lacking structure is not taboo, but from what we observe, the dear souls that are disciplined and understand the necessity of good time management have obtained routine and structure that enables them to get the things that matter the most to be done. One of the great motivators of cultivating more structure into your life is happiness.

Those that are more structured in their day-to-day living don’t worry what they can’t get done and are able to sleep fitfully. Of course adding more structure can be described as being a broad term. And depending on your individual needs, you will discover a number of ways that you can achieve greater balance and peace not only in your home, but at your workplace as well.

It is important dear ones to be able to discern if you lack structure. Pay attention to the things you are doing and how many of your goals you have actually met. Take time to explore and to experiment different ideas and ways until you find methods that you can make use of easily every day.

Learn to not do everything at once. Pick and choose what is important by determining what is more crucial and necessary and if something seems to be less important than others, then put it aside.

Don’t fret over what isn’t done right away. Prioritize what is most important to what is least important and stick to your plans. Remember life is not written on stone, there are no exact guidelines one must follow in order to create a life that is satisfying that also provides contentment and happiness.

Life in itself is an experiment, learning why things went wrong, how to make things better, becoming better focused and know what it is you want to achieve personally and spiritually that will have great, positive effects in other areas of life. Remember dear ones, this is your life.

Anyone can advise you, I can advise you through support, God can guide you, but it is you that must take that advice and guidance and turn it into action.

Many people swear that by waking up at least an hour earlier than normal provides an incredible change to one’s life. Starting a little earlier provides you with time to get the little things done that may be normally ignored that later on creates stress.

Giving yourself more time at the start of your day may be hard to do for some folks, but it will reward you by being more awake and positive.

You may be giving yourself more time to pray, meditate, exercise, enjoy early morning solitude as the sun rises; the list is endless at what you can accomplish when you give yourself that extra time in the morning.

As we mentioned earlier, learn what your priorities are and focus on completing what is most important. Don’t add on more tasks when you still have unfinished work or goals.

Simplify your life by simplifying your to-do list. Your life is already filled with stress from the daily challenges that meet you throughout your day, you do deserve to give yourself time to enjoy life and to be productive at the same time.

It may be hard to apply this at work when many things are time sensitive, but even then you know what needs to be done and when and you focus on what is most essential. You can do this for your personal and spiritual quests as well.

Put your attention on the things that would be the best use of your time and most rewarding. Even if you get fewer tasks or goals completed, you will be much happier because you kept things simple.

There is no reason to rush anything when it comes to the development of your Self. No matter how sound someone’s guideline to living a better life may be, it is still just their perception.

Remember everything gets done when it is meant to. You will not reach new heights in consciousness unless you are ready and who deems you to be ready is God.

So slow down, and enjoy life. Stop rushing to do this and that and find a pace that suits you where you can take in more and not miss many of the beautiful gifts God has been sharing with you since you woke for the day.

When you are not working, take the time to enjoy the scenery, even if all your scenery are busy streets filled with people rushing to get somewhere, if possible leave your bus one stop early and walk the rest home, relax when you eat; don’t worry if your food gets cold, learn to savour life in every bite.

Bringing about a more structured and disciplined lifestyle does require patience with yourself and with those around you.

As a parent you understand the necessity of being patient with your children as they grow from babies to adolescents to adults. Patience doesn’t end there. Patience is one of those virtues that is always necessary to maintain but very few succeed at mastering it all the time.

Patience is not just a virtue dear ones it is also an essential skill. The more you practice patience, the happier you’ll be. It may hurt sometimes to bite your lashing tongue back, but you’ll be better for it.

There are so many things you can to that would raise more structure into your life; practicing compassion consistently is one of the most important methods of bringing balance into your life.

For you to practice compassion towards others, first you need to practice compassion with yourself. From your effort of being compassionate towards yourself, you’ll be more empathetic towards others that may be going through a difficult trial or tribulation.

You will come across as kind and understanding. Compassion also can be described as invaluable skill. A skill that is appreciated by all people of all class and creed.

Being able to alleviate other people’s suffering is a great reliever of stress, it humbles you and encourages genuine kindness through your actions.

Actions that are compassionate have a way of encouraging happiness to enter your life more often and affect those closest to you as they are able to feel the warmth of your energy, even if you don’t say a single word.

You know life is hard. You have met many difficult challenges, some were easier to work through while others were very difficult. A great and effective way of moving past challenges of any difficulty is by thinking positively.

It is too easy to follow your negative emotions and to act out with negative words and actions. It takes great inner strength to re-focus your thoughts and to stay on track.

Keeping a few positive affirmations nearby, in your purse, wallet or even on your computer, tablet or cellular phone will help remind you of the healing affects a positive mindset brings.

As you go through life you will find that it is important to set goals, some short term and others long term.

The reason you do this is for planning your life and determining what is most important for you to accomplish in the near or far future. As you determine what your goals are, it is important to review those goals by putting up specific times as checkpoints.

This allows you to see if you have remained on track or if you have become derailed. It also shows you areas where you may have lacked understanding and misunderstood what you needed to do.

Reviewing your goals also helps you to re-prioritize what is important once again, being realistic on what you know you can accomplish. To make any goal a reality, you need to be purely focused on bringing each step into light, by applying your concentrated effort in each step.

It sounds like hard work because it is, but what we have also observed dear ones is, when you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes that fits your own beliefs, sometimes stretching comfort zones that will bring yourself to a successful conclusion.

Adding structure and balance into your life is not some project you can start one day and think to be done by the next. It will take time. Start slow with small steps. Pick up the pace when you see promising results from your current efforts. Don’t begin plans for more than one goal at a time.

It may sound very slow, but learning to focus on just one thing will help you achieve your goals and provide you with the incentive to pick out larger and larger goals as your confidence rises.

When things become a little much and you feel overwhelmed by the tasks of your goal, then slow down, readjust by reviewing your plans. Remember dear ones, there is no need to rush. You have the rest of your life to accomplish the goals that mean the most to you.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Dalai Lama On Happiness – Walking My Path – Mindful Wanderings in Nature – 2-1-15

Dalai LamaDalai Lama

What I know about happiness is this: We are supposed to be happy, and being in the moment gets us there. Being mindful, aware and totally present in each moment is all there is to it. Easy, right?

About 20 or so years ago, I was walking out of, and locking up my house to go have a weekend with some chums out of town. Just then, the phone rang. Ooooh, shoot! Should I go back inside and get it? Maybe it’s one of my chums, so I went back in.  Well, it was this guy I know saying,” I don’t know if you would be interested at all, but I have an extra ticket to see the Dalai Lama in about an hour.” So, I called my friends, told them I’d be late, and went off to hear His Holiness. I had the image of an auditorium with hundreds of people. It was a small room, holding about 40. Wow.


He came into the room, and walked up onto a little stage, and began to speak. I teared up just seeing him. The sound didn’t work.  We couldn’t hear him. Suddenly, I was having direct eye contact with him, and I can’t even describe the feeling of total and utter blissful love that shot through my whole being. Then his eyes shifted to someone else. The feeling inside stayed with me for a long time. I bet he looked at everyone in the room.  Then suddenly the sound came on, and he said, “People ask me why I am so happy all the time, given all I have been through, losing my country, watching my people get slaughtered in front of me.  It is a choice in every moment.  In every moment is the choice to be happy.  It can be work, but it is always a choice.“ At the end of that sentence, the sound went out again, and didn’t come back on. That was the message we were all meant to hear.

A friend of mine heard him interviewed on TV. One of the questions posed to him was, “what is the happiest moment of your life?”  He thought for a few moments, smiled and said, “Right now. This is my happiest moment.”

We can’t all be as enlightened as the Dalai Lama, but there are ways to go about being happy.

When present in the moment, we are neither stuck in the past, nor anticipating the future.

Many therapists will tell you that you have to dive way into your past and dig up all the skeletons lurking there. In my experience, while being in the present, the past will automatically come up to be healed. Much of what we learned in childhood is unconscious. The outer world, being a reflection of our inner reality, will present us with all the things we haven’t yet worked through, like a mirror. If we can, in the moment, dis-identify with the thought or feeling (ego), and watch ourselves react, we can use mindful self – compassion and self – forgiveness to heal the parts inside that learned whatever it is we are reacting to. Be the watcher, or the witness. Free yourself from your mind. Be the witness to your repetitive thoughts and patterns.  Listen impartially without judgment, without clinging.  Love the child. Embrace the pain. Let it go.

We are responsible for how we choose to respond. Not being identified with the ego takes its power away. Unresolved issues are not bad.  They are a perfect opportunity for Soul growth. You are dealing with the past and dissolving it through the power of your love in the present moment.

Soul Growth

If you don’t face the wounds from past experiences; If you don’t bring the light of your presence into the pain, you will be forced to relive it again and again, in different ways. Grieve. Do the work of healing. Bring wisdom into it, without clinging or judging. Just love. Ram Dass says, “It is a paradox of mindful living that without having embraced the past, we cannot let go of it. “

Listen to your body. It gives us symbolic messages about what needs to be healed. It begins by tugging on our shirt tails, then uses more drastic measures if we don’t listen.

It is easy, when reacting in a way that feels bad – in order to justify our inner state – to put blame on something or someone.  We are inclined to say, “I am upset because…..” I am upset because the world is in chaos.  I am upset because of climate change, and how we are hurting the planet. I am upset because we are losing our ecosystem, and the creatures that need it. I am upset because of something you did. The only real truth in these sentences is “I am.” Just- I am.  These words indicate you are in the present moment. I am. Bring yourself back to the present, by saying, “I am.” Then you are automatically the watcher of your experience, not identified with it.

Events don’t automatically have to make us feel a certain way. The assumption that our feelings are because of something external is inaccurate.

It is easy for me to be in the present moment when I am home. When I look out the window or walk by the creek or in the woods, I see beauty.  Beauty always grounds me in the present, because I am just observing and becoming one with what is. I am not thinking about it or creating some kind of commentary about it, I am just in it.



I can be 100% in the moment when I am in Nature. When I am doing tai chi in it, talking to lizards in it, meditating in it, laughing in it, crying in it, being 8 years old in it, being wise in it, being creative in it.  I am happy, mindful and aware in the moment. I am not “happy because.”  Rather, my state of being is at peace.

The harder part is being happy out in the world. I get upset because…..

I get emails from agencies that support Nature.  There are always horror stories, all beyond my control. The news bums me out. It disturbs my peace.  I am “upset because” of big business greed, or whatever the “because” is.

Ok, what I can do is meditate; do tai chi; put as much love and happiness out there as I can; recycle; volunteer; Love the planet; raise my vibration, pray for the highest good, and then TRUST.  When in the moment, when in the witness, we can bring wisdom into the upset, and heal ourselves. When we heal ourselves, the vibration reverberates all over the world.

raise vibration

Another way we leave the present is fear of the future. I am afraid of so much. I am afraid of violence; I am afraid of climate change; loss of bees; poisoned water, air, food; the pain of loss; the collapse. I am afraid that I am losing my frogs.  I am afraid of the pain of losing my beavers.  I am afraid BECAUSE of the news and the horrors that are happening everywhere. I am anticipating pain. We don’t need to invite thoughts about the future into our minds before their time.

Inner disturbance isn’t caused by outer experience.  Inner disturbance is projected onto outer experience.  We are the authors of our experience, and not a victims of your autobiography.

“When you are not involved in the upset, you can be clear to address the challenging situation with wisdom, caring and effectiveness.” Ron & Mary Hulnick

This is acceptance of what is.  Addressing the situation with wisdom is not resignation.

“We must be willing to open to all that the moment contains, including that which seems most threatening….to cultivate fearlessness.” Eckhart Tolle

It is what it is.  Fighting reality never works. Let it go.

Be present and aware.









Mary Maulsby





Michael Davidson – Why People Who Bring Enough to Share Are Happier – Tiny Buddha

Girls Sharing


Joy comes not through possession or ownership but through a wise and loving heart.” ~Buddha



We all have these random little personal philosophies or rules that we live by. Oftentimes, these rules are hidden beneath the surface, not in a form that we are aware of or is easily expressible.

But I do have one particular “random little personal philosophy” that I live by (and am aware of!) and would like to explore further. It is my philosophy of tipping.

This philosophy of tipping was thought up specifically with reference to tipping, say, in restaurants, but can easily be generalized. Here is the original formulation:


I cannot afford to eat at this restaurant if I cannot also afford to give a large tip.

Now, this doesn’t mean I need to give a huge tip each time—I just need to be willing to in advance.

So, if I’m going to a restaurant where I know a decent meal will cost $20, I will commit before going in that I am willing to spend closer to $30. Generally, the tip will be fairly typical—about 20 percent for a good job—but the actual magnitude isn’t the point.

What matters in this case is that I consider a large tip to actually be a part of the cost of the meal already. Of course, the tip is part of the cost of a meal, but I don’t think most people look at it that way.

Rather, most people think of the menu price as the cost, and the tip is this annoying extra that you have to pay at the end. I’ve had friends who go out to eat with me, order whatever they want off the menu, and then find that they don’t have enough cash to pay for a tip at all.

In my case, if I didn’t have the money available to give a sizable tip, I wouldn’t even make it inside the restaurant. After all, that would mean I couldn’t afford it.

This may sound like a very simple life philosophy, and one that hardly seems worth reading about (let alone writing about). But the implications, when the principle is taken to its logical conclusion, are far more significant. Let’s generalize it now:


If I am not willing to share something, I shouldn’t get it in the first place.

Please, do not take this to be a legitimate moral or economic principle—it is pure and simply a life philosophy, or a heuristic for making choices in my own life. Your property is your own and you are certainly not an immoral person if you don’t share, but you may very well be happier if you do.

A major benefit of all this is its fiscal sensibility. While you may end up spending more on tips and getting extras of certain things in order to share, you will ultimately end up being more careful with your finances and use your money less.

This sort of mindset makes you far more likely to have a potluck with friends than to go out to eat, or to save money rather than spend it.


But once you’ve really internalized the idea, you’ll also find yourself experiencing a significant happiness boost. Why? Because giving feels good. Being kind feels good. And sharing positive experiences with others feels good.

Ultimately, it involves spending more time and money on others and less on yourself. You certainly shouldn’t be neglecting your own needs and desires. But when you do nice things for yourself, make sure you have a little extra so somebody else can enjoy it with you.

Okay, great. So how does this work in practice?

As a whiskey lover, I consider it a nice treat to drink a delicious, high quality whiskey. Jameson may be perfectly fine most of the time, but I like to have Johnny Walker Black Label around for special occasions.

Unfortunately, JW Black is pretty expensive—it would be very easy for me to hoard it and not let other people drink any. Instead, I drink it primarily when I have close friends around. It’s a vastly better experience when shared!

The nature of the material possessions that I tend to purchase is similar; I try to buy things that have more sharing potential. Most of my possessions at this point are books and DVDs, both of which I am routinely lending out to others or enjoying with them.


Predictably, this lends itself to a more “simple” lifestyle. I buy a lot less than I could, but the things I do own have a high return on investment with regards to my happiness.

A big part of this philosophy, though, is to share with strangers. If you are going out for a night of drinks in the city, throw an extra few singles in your pocket to give to the homeless people in the area. If you can’t afford $5 to give to five homeless people, then you can’t afford the $50-100 it would take to go out.

It’s not just about money, either. The same principle can apply to the way you use your time.

If you can afford to play video games all day Saturday, then you can spend an hour of that time volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping a friend move. In fact, studies have shown that spending time on others makes you feel as though you have more time available…cool!

As with most areas in life, it is hard to apply a philosophy like this perfectly, but that’s not the point. I’m far from perfect with this, but even so, I’ve derived great benefits from focusing on this principle, and you can too.

Friends sharing image via Shutterstock

Avatar of Michael Davidson

About Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson has written for over a year about finding happiness and health. The keys to his heart are dark chocolate and an encyclopedic knowledge of Simpsons quotes. Get his free 8 day e-course on how to create a healthy lifestyle that makes you happy and follow him on Twitter.

Gary Z Mcgee – Creative Detachment – Secret to Freedom, Happiness – 11-19-14

let-go-or-be-draggedWritten by Gary Z Mcgee, Fractal Enlightenment, November 18, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/k2nu4cv

“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe.” –Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The universe is both a complicated and a simple thing. As individuals we are interdependent manifestation of the universe, and so we too are both complicated and simple beings. We are complicated in the sense that we have a sense of self (ego), which seems at odds with our sense of connection (soul), and we are simple in the sense that we are aspects of the universe becoming aware of itself.

The key to freedom and happiness lies between these two senses and is found within the creative process. In this article we will discuss the power of healthy creative detachment and inquire as to how it can give us a healthier perception of reality.

Hungarian psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is known for the concept of the “flow” state. Csikszentmihalyi described flow as “being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”
This is the power of the creative process; where we become so completely involved with our art that our ego falls away and we reconnect with the cosmos in an authentic way, and we become aware that we were always connected to the creative forces of the universe. It’s like opening a door labeled “The Great Mystery” that was always there.

We just needed to open it and ecstasy pours in. But, and here’s the rub, we cannot force ourselves through the opening. We have to sink into it. We have to float through it. We have to allow its natural gravity to pull us through. That’s why it’s called “surrendering.” Next to meditation, the creative process is probably the healthiest way to surrender.

When we surrender to the creative process, we are surrendering to life and the creative energies of the interconnected cosmos. Such concepts as “flow” begin to surface, and we free ourselves to become an active agent of the creative universe. A big part of surrendering is letting go of expectation. When we let go of expectation we free ourselves to go in flow with the universe.

When we are attached to an outcome, we expect things to be a certain way. And when it doesn’t happen a certain way, we suffer and we feel dejected. But when we let go of our expectations, we free ourselves to be free. We free ourselves from suffering. Letting go of our ego’s attachment to an outcome, frees us to be vulnerable. It frees us from the illusion of perfection. It frees us to be fallible. It frees us to fail.

But even failure cannot stop us once we’ve abandoned the co-dependent perception of expectation, because even failure is just a stepping stone toward being a more individuated person. Luck then becomes a subsumable concept, an energy that’s relative to our disposition. It’s the difference between being a flexible goal-maker focused on a healthy intention, and an inflexible goal-definer attached to an outcome.

When we are attached to the unfolding of a particular outcome, we cannot be grateful or feel unconditional love or enjoy peace of mind. We are so hung-up on not wanting to be stuck that we end up stuck. When we combine the act of letting go of our expectations with an act of creativity, we become creative microcosms surrendering to a greater creative macrocosm.
This is what it means to have a healthy creative detachment. And the result can be magical. Like Klaus Joehle said, “The Universe is saying: Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.” And it is amazing, euphoric even. The entire universe becomes a fountainhead, pouring through us and into our art.

Creative detachment is courageous creativity. It takes courage to surrender to the artistic process and to allow it to flow. We just have to get out of our own way, and to stiff-arm our egos if need be. To get back to a place where we are free to be like a child at play, immersed completely and totally in what we are doing without the concern of a particular result. Like Shunryu Suzuki said, “We must have beginner’s mind, free from possessing anything, a mind that knows that everything is in flowing change.”

Detachment is more than just a mindset, it’s a lifestyle. In order to be optimally creative, whether it’s painting a portrait, writing a novel, or manifesting the life we want to live, we must be able to detach from the outcome. There’s a battle going on in our brains over logic and creativity. Detaching from the outcome seems illogical and counterintuitive, but it’s necessary to unleash an optimal creative state.

And the satisfaction gained from creating for the sheer love of creating while divorcing ourselves from the need to have it come out perfectly, is invaluable. It frees us to practice our craft more often and to be more and more creative. Detached from an outcome, we focus less on quality and more on quantity, and our art becomes free to go through the natural trial and error process necessary to achieve true quality. The journey is the thing, even with the creative process. And especially with the creative process of manifesting the life we want to live.

At the end of the day, having a healthy creative detachment leads to freedom and happiness exactly because it frees us to be fallible. It frees us to be imperfect. This liberation is the height of ecstasy because we’re no longer hung-up on an ideal; we are instead caught-up in the free flow state of a creative idea. We’re free to flow, in the now, perfectly imperfect with our creative juices flowing and carrying us down the cosmic river that connects us to all things.



Rebecca Mckown – Don’t Let the Outside World Control Your Happiness – 11-12-14

Rebecca Mckown

“On a deeper level you are already complete. When you realize that, there is a playful, joyous energy behind what you do.” ~Eckhart Tolle

We have this strange need or conditioning to not take responsibility for our own happiness. We expect it to come from an outside source.

It can happen, but it’s fleeting. True happiness has to come from within.

True happiness comes from a connection to our true being.

Years ago my family and I took our dog to obedience school, and the trainer told us, if we have more than one dog, to never let them share a crate. Yes, they would become best friends, even inseparable. Then one of them would die and the other would be completely heartbroken.

Imagine putting all your happiness on another person. This could be a friend or a soul mate. You share your dreams, relying on each other for companionship and future plans. Then tragedy happens, a split of some kind.

It’s natural to be heartbroken when you lose someone you love—but how could you survive this if all your happiness was contained in this one person?

This same thing can happen with the material world. We easily put our happiness on getting that prized possession, the big house, the new car, or a job that we think we want.

I spent most of my life up until now in the shadow of fleeting happiness. It followed me everywhere.

It started when I was young. I searched for acceptance. I did ridiculous things to my hair, and I lost my virginity way too young. I thought these things would bring me a sense of happiness, but I never felt truly happy.

Then my young adult self emerged still on the search for “when.” When I get to do this… when I go here… when I do that… then I will finally be happy.

I spent my days waiting for various things to happen, to in turn bring me the happiness I longed for.

I married young. I moved to a city that wasn’t conducive to my nature. I got the corporate job that would make me feel established, following society’s definition of success.

With two young kids I moved to a way too expensive house that fit the mold of a successful, acceptable young adult. And—gasp—I bought a minivan. I was a mom, after all. Wasn’t this my road to happiness?

With all these misguided beliefs of happiness under my belt, the waves of discontent still threatened to drown me. I kept treading water with no movement.

I realized in time the truth behind my happiness, and it didn’t lie in things or people or society’s definitions. I had always had the ability to feel happy; I just hadn’t realized it.

I realized it when I was able to accept myself, fully, in who I was.

I realized I didn’t need to edit who I was. I was able to look in the mirror and see the perfectness in all my imperfections. I was able to go to a social event and be okay with myself sitting quietly in the corner. I learned to just be without worry or concern about what others thought. I was okay just being me.

I would often find myself sitting quietly, taking it all in. These were the mindful moments that allowed me to acknowledge all that was around me. And you know what? It was full.

The world was full of the richness of life—nature, people, laughter, smiles, wind, noise, and breath. I started to notice my breath and breathe a little deeper in gratitude for all the experiences of my life. The realization came with a flood of tears, joy, and intense connection…with myself.

We believe in a happiness that really doesn’t exist. We search for it in many ways, rarely finding it in the form we are seeking.

Happiness can sometimes comes from things. “When I get this car, or these shoes, or this job, man, will I be happy.” And you do, you get the position and you drive to your new job in your new car with your shiny new shoes on.

The world is oh so perfect. It couldn’t get any better. Then the company you work for goes bankrupt, you can no longer afford your car, and now you have no place to wear your shoes.

Are you happy anymore? Not if you banked all your happiness in those fleeting things.

But let’s say you already discovered true happiness from deep within your soul and felt happy with yourself. Then you got your dream job. Would you be happier?

You might feel more fulfilled but not happier, because your inner happiness was already infinite. If you lost your job, would some of your happiness diminish? No. You might feel disappointed but you wouldn’t lose your happiness because it was already infinite.

Your happiness cannot come from the outside world. It must come from within you.

When you are able to acknowledge that happiness already resides in you, a pressure will release because you’ll no longer feel ruled by your ego’s need for more.

It is important to know that true happiness may not always feel great. Realizing true happiness doesn’t mean you will be skipping through a field of daisies without a care in the world.

You will have bad days. You will feel overwhelmed with normal life at times. You may even look beyond the horizon to see what lies ahead. This is all okay.

Happiness doesn’t have to look like a storybook. Happiness is simply the realization that life is just fine as it is.

You’ll experience true happiness when you allow yourself to be content in your true self, recognize the innate greatness of the world that surrounds you, and know that the people and things in your life hold no power over you. You are the master of your happiness.

You are already complete. When you realize this, there will be happiness in everything you do.

Smiling woman on grass image via Shutterstock




About Rebecca Mckown

Rebecca Mckown is a writer, creator, yogi, gardener, herbalist in training, chicken rancher, green juicer, lover of life and kick ass spiritualist. She is a whole living guide and happiness coach helping people navigate their lives in a spiritual, loving and authentic way. Connect with Reb at rebmckown.com and facebook.com/rebmckown.

Matthieu Ricard – The Habits of Happiness


Heavenletter #5011 – Why Aren’t You Happy? – 8-14-14

letters from heaven

God said:

You could be asking yourself:

“Why am I not happy? I have a lot to be happy for, yet I am not happy. What prevents me from being happy? It has to be that I believe in lack. I must have set it up this way so long ago. Since I do not have everything I want, I am not happy. I have decided I am not happy. So long as I lack, I must think I cannot be happy. When I have gain, it may not stay, so even with gain, I have worry. It is like I have chosen a certain umbrella. It has holes in it. I do not know how to keep the rain of unhappiness off me.”

Beloveds, you might as well get rid of that umbrella altogether. There is nothing but life. To your mind, life is meant to fulfill your desires. Perhaps you look for proof that I love you, and you keep setting higher and higher standards and now requiring more. Perhaps you feel that unless you have everything, you have nothing. And there is always more you desire. In this case, desire gratitude.

I’m for your desiring, and I suggest that you dream Big. There is a difference between desire and expectation. If you feel thrown out of Heaven because all your desires are not fulfilled, you work against yourself.

You want to come to the place where desire of itself is a boon to you. To have a desire is fulfilling of itself. Your desires do not have to be fulfilled on the outside. Let the joy be in the desire.

Go ahead and desire wealth, and know the wealth you do have. No longer mourn for what you do not have. Who knows if you really want it anyway? Desire is sometimes coveting. There is something to be said for being satisfied as well as desirous. How much beauty is enough? How much wealth is enough? Everything in the relative world is relative.

Do not rate yourself on a scale, or you may condemn yourself to dissatisfaction.

Rich or poor, you can be happy. Have a happiness quotient that is easy-going. Make a decision for happiness. Decide to feel My love regardless of circumstance. No longer buy into your impression of circumstance. You have been hard to please, perhaps impossible.

Think more about pleasing Me. Perhaps not ask so much: “Does this please me?”

Perhaps ask yourself: “Does this make God happy?”

Of course, I am Happiness Personified. Truly, you won’t see Me frowning. What can interfere with My Love? My Love is My Happiness. I lack nothing. I am rife with love. What more do I want than the love that I have to give? What else is there?

At the same time, I am ambitious. I am ambitious for the world. I see love dancing a new tune. I foresee love from all to all. I see no lack of love. I see no valleys. I see love at a new height. I see love encompassing everything. Love will do the trick every time. Of course, love is not a trick. Illusion of lack of love is a trick.

On Earth, love has not yet fully come out of hiding. Love is shy at present. It is held secret for no good reason or another. Fear of lack of return, most probably.

And that’s where We started this discussion, your fear of lack even when your state is abundance. Do not refuse the bounties of life, nor accept the boundaries.

One of the first bounties is your smile, and then your laugh, and then your joy, and then your love! Give away all your love, and your love will automatically refill itself. Give your love to yourself as well. If you hoard your love or save it for a rainy day, then, your love will dry out. Unused love does not put roses in your cheeks. Unused love is not love. Yes, you can love from a distance, yet, for sure, all love is not to be kept at a distance. Accept every opportunity for love at every position of the sun. Sure, love afar, but there’s love near to give as well.  

Removing Psychological Masks – Unblock Your Happiness, Peace and Love – Lincoln Gergar – Channel Higher Self


People wear psychological masks. Our masks hide the emotions we feel to present a false self to others. We suffer deep within. Our thoughts and emotions are painful. Learn why we wear masks and what we can do to remove them.

Our psychological personalities (egos) have many layers. We have our conscious waking thoughts that tell us what we think about ourselves, other people, situations and the world. We have emotions and feelings that energetically express our beliefs about ourselves, other people, situations and the world. Deep within our minds, we have core beliefs. These core beliefs exist at the root of all of our thoughts and emotions. It is with these core beliefs where we find the key to removing all of our suffering.

In this Channel Higher Self video you will be taught about the psychological masks, or layers of thinking, feeling and deep mental content that shape our human experience. Information will help you to understand these parts of yourself and a simple and direct technique will be given to help you change your deepest psychological beliefs. The result is a greater state of psychological freedom — without the suffering and confusion.

Blessings and Love.

Adyashanti – How to be Happy Always

let us Reason·13 videos

If your happiness depends on something; you’ll lose your happiness once that ‘something’ is taken away from you. Adyashanti explains Causeless Happiness.

Saul – Channeller John Smallman – You can only be happy if you express your true nature

11/06/2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman Blog

Ascension is the event to focus on, as it is a major part of your awakening process, and you are very close to it.  Yes, you keep hearing that from numerous channels, but it is true, and you are bringing it into being by your collective intent, so do not allow disappointment with the apparent but unreal delays to cloud your vision, instead strengthen your intent and desire for its arrival, and make it happen, as indeed you are doing.  If you could see and feel the Love we have for you your anxieties and doubts would just fall away, so do not forget to ask for a loving hug whenever you go within to listen to us, then relax into it, and you will feel it because you intend to.  So often skepticism and doubt block the sense, the feeling, the knowing awareness that you could be experiencing of our Love for you if you would only open your hearts to receive It and bathe in the soothing balm in which we have enfolded you.

We shall keep reminding you of our Love for you because we wish to make it clear, as we have told you so many times, that Love is the answer to every issue, in every situation, Love is always the answer, period.  There is nothing else.  Love is everything that exists because our divine Source is Love.  True It has many forms but every one of them is unconditionally loving, accepting, compassionate and healing.  All else, all that is not of Love, is illusory, which is why all else continually fails to deliver what you hope for and desire.  To manifest your true wishes and desires be loving, always.  Your true wishes and desires are loving.  Those that are not loving are egoic and self-centered dreams of judgment, condemnation, and punishment, that you would like to impose on those with whom you disagree or whom you find unacceptable, thus destroying them.  Mad fantasies indeed that should make it abundantly clear to you that you are not coming from Love, and consequently you are seeking something that is unreal, unachievable and in every aspect utterly unsatisfying for you.

Love is your nature, your true nature, anything unloving that you attempt to engage with or use for any purpose will always lead to dismay and disappointment because it is unreal.  Anything you seem to achieve through unloving thoughts, words, or activities will turn to ash, to dust, because being unreal those things cannot last, and any satisfaction gained from their acquisition will be short-lived.  Those who live unlovingly are forever seeking new joys, new experiences, new forms of satisfaction or happiness purely because those previously gained have failed to provide lasting satisfaction, have in fact failed to last and have become grave disappointments. Only loving ways bring lasting satisfaction, and if you are honest with yourselves you do know this.

By being loving in every situation in which you engage, mentally, emotionally, or physically you release all that is unreal thus enabling yourselves to see the Source in everyone instead of the damaged egoic aspect that is worn as a mask to hide what is real.  You have done a good job of convincing yourselves that to be loving is dangerous and that doing so makes you dangerously vulnerable.  But you also know from personal experience that when you act or engage from your true nature, lovingly and compassionately, you are instantly rewarded by feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and even joy.  Love’s nature is to give, and not giving is extremely unnatural and leads to an experience of meaninglessness in your existence which you then have to hide from yourselves by denial or some other form of subterfuge because it is such a frightening prospect.

You can only be happy if you express your true nature through loving thoughts, words, and actions, but your egos keep trying to persuade you that to follow that path will lead to betrayal, because being loving lays you open to being taken advantage of and abused, and from that poverty must surely follow in both relationships and material well-being.  And yet, when you let your egos guide you, you find little if any satisfaction because you are always expecting to be betrayed or taken for a fool and must therefore be extremely cautious in all situations.  So by following your egos’ guidance to avoid betrayal you find yourselves expecting and fearing it almost constantly, and taking precautions to avoid being caught out or cheated.  It is a vicious circle, an endless loop of fearful wariness that inhibits love, and it just does not work.

You have to be Love, which is what you are, and offer it constantly.  Waiting to receive It from another does not work because that is in and of itself unloving behavior which always leads to disappointment.  To receive Love offer It, nothing else works, ever.  And deep within yourselves you know this, but the human life experience that you are engaged in so often shows you unreality – anger, resentment, bitterness – your defenses against all that you fear, and which are truly unreal.  You can only come out from under the heavy blanket of fear by loving – others, and yourselves – there is no other way, which is what all the spiritual masters have been demonstrating to you for eons.

God, the Source of all that exists, is the divine field of energy from which and in which all arises, and that is pure unadulterated and infinite unconditional Love.  When, you accept fear (either acknowledged or denied) as part of your lives you are choosing to shut out Love which is who you are, your divine and eternal nature bestowed on you by God at the moment of your creation.  Fear is unreal, a figment of your imaginations, an aspect of the illusion which you have enthusiastically embraced because it seemed thrilling, and that, surely, is insane?  Yet you continue to hold on to it as though it was the only reality, and against which you have to take protective measures.

You are all a part, an individualized aspect of your Source, God, your heavenly Father and divine Mother, because all is oneness.  But you have allowed yourselves to become so beholden to the illusion and all its seemingly mysterious characteristics that it seems you are enslaved by it, trapped within it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You chose, every one of you chose to experience the fear and confusion of the illusion for lessons that you wished to learn quickly so that you could move forwards with your spiritual evolution as rapidly as possible.  The downside of those choices was the seeming unshakable reality the illusion seems to present to you once you are within it.  It seems to you that you are weak, defenseless, and insignificant beings in a vast and threatening environment in which you have to protect yourselves from the elements of extreme heat and cold in order to survive. And you are becoming increasingly aware, as your science stretches its vision and its understanding of the universe, of the incredibly narrow band of essential conditions that are required to enable your continuing but uncertain survival as humans in this enormous and inhospitable environment.

You were created in Love, as you know very well, by your loving Source Whose Will for you is eternal joy and happiness.  It is only by denying your awareness of His infinite Love for you that you could continue to convince yourselves that the illusion, with all the pain, suffering, and fear in which it apparently enfolds you, could be real.  Deep within you know it is unreal, but until you make the choice to express and share Love in every moment, and actually do it, you will continue to find the illusion seemingly very real.

As humans embodied on the Earth plane it is very difficult for you to recognize this and live it constantly.  Doubts and skepticism are very powerful aspects of the illusion that hold it together and confirm your fears, and it is those pillars of the illusion that you need to let go of.  That is Faith in God, and the power of the various enticing and threatening aspects of the illusion just dissolve in the face of it.  Go within daily, three or four times if possible, and reconfirm that Faith in God’s Love for you so that the illusion shows itself to you for what it is, an unreal environment in which confusion and chaos hide Reality from you, but only for so long as you choose to accept it as real.

You are all aspects of the Divine, eternally safe and lovingly embraced in the Presence of God.  Open yourselves to the awareness of this and let the illusion collapse, crumble, and dissolve.

With so very much love, Saul.

John Smallman Blog

Spirituality and Happiness – Rare Eckhart Tolle Teaching

LearningTheSecret·98 videos

This Link is for those who want to become practitioners and spiritual teachers: http://www.tinyurl.com/lawofattractioncert

Eckhart is a spiritual teacher and author who was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of 29, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada. Eckhart Tolle is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Power of Now (translated into 33 languages) and the highly acclaimed follow-up A New Earth, which are widely regarded as two of the most influential spiritual books of our time.

Eckhart’s profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violence on our planet.

Eckhart is a sought-after public speaker and teaches and travels extensively throughout the world. Many of his talks, intensives and retreats are published on CD and DVD. Most of the teachings are given in English, but occasionally Eckhart also gives talks in German and Spanish. Eckhart is also a pioneer in using technology to disseminate his teachings. Through EckhartTolleTV.com, he gives monthly talks, live meditations and answers questions from viewers. In addition to The Power of Now and A New Earth, Eckhart has written a book designed for meditative reading entitled Stillness Speaks. A book consisting of selections from The Power of Now is also available, entitled Practicing the Power of Now.

Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven – Bask in the Glory of Your New Found Freedom and Happiness – 27 July 2013


http://www.franheal.wordpress.com (Blog)

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings from all your celestial family!  We come in peace and love to greet your hearts and to beseech you to absorb as much of the energies as you deem capable of absorbing in the next few days. For as you take in the beautiful energies offered to you, you become expanded beings, expanded Light Beings of Christ Consciousness, your essence becoming even more illuminated during this auspicious Lions’ Gate Opening and the emerging Star of David formation.

Now is the time to expand your capability to absorb these energies by focusing on your center and the love you have for yourself and others. Slow to the beat of your heart and be still, dear ones. Take in your golden breath which is pregnant with so much potential to lift you higher and higher into your rightful place of glory and sweet divine essence.

Yes, we implore you to not let this opportunity go by. Pull yourself away from activities and thoughts that bring your energy down into your lower base focus of security, survival and old habits; release your preoccupation with the “how why and whats” of things, and be in the state of clear blue stillness as if you were floating on a placid lake resplendent with sparkle from the sun and allow it to completely support you as you surrender to the stillness and peace of it. Listen to the stillness, feel the stillness, feel the luxury of surrendering to the trust of complete support that the water gives you as you relax into it.  And much like a baby who floats in the womb, you are trusting that all is available for your safety and nurturing.

But alas, you feel it isn’t enough to just surrender and breathe in the golden light as it comes into you. But it is your job now, dear ones. Take in as much as you can and float upon the celestial energies as they come in, much like you would float on that refreshing body of water you just visualized.

Much is being accomplished right now with your acceptance and surrender and receptiveness. Much exists below the surface of it. Much is stirring. All is encompassing. All is well. All is resplendent with each golden breath you take in now. Settle into it and redeem yourself in each moment anew and renewed.

In this expansion you have the opportunity to explore many worlds within your very heart, many portals leading to more awakening and expansion. Consider it as many lotus flowers opening within you. Feel the lightness and the freedom of loosening boundaries all around you as you experience the free-floating feeling of meshing with the expanded energies in your Light Body and beyond. It only has boundaries of that which you allow, dear ones. Push them out and expand.

Feel the Golden Christed Essence of your Being expand as you envelop the energies and allow them to permeate you. Feel every cell, every light cell welcome the energy and light, the Golden Light, little by little, bit by bit, on-going and ever presently expanding into infinity, dear ones. Ground into the feeling of security this gives you as your Light Body finds a new balance and sense of sureness and placement in complete integration. You are finding a new sense of stability in the very expansiveness and lightness that is so different from your former sense of physicality. Feel the pulsing of your newfound lightness as you move through these energies.

We congratulate you on letting go and feeling and experiencing each portal opening and influx of light. By now you are seeing the opportunities to open your own portals and so it becomes a little mind-blowing as to the possibilities and the awareness you are gaining through this journey.

And so you adjust each moment to the new feelings of upliftment and expansion. And we welcome you, dear ones. You are learning to exist on so many levels and to love yourselves as much as we do and we applaud you for that. You are leaving behind those shackles of yesteryear that bound you to limited views of things. You are leaving behind attachments that only served to entrench you deeper into the old realities.

You are learning to be free, something that you have not experienced since those lighted years many eons ago when you set out to embark on this journey, that yes, became convoluted at times, but you are pulling out of it, much like a swimmer swims up steadily from the depths of a deep body of water, to finally break through the surface with so much excitement and exhilaration. You are doing that now, dear ones.

We love you with our essence, so very deeply, just as Creator does. You are becoming much more comfortable within that love, we see, and that will open even more doors for you.

We leave you now to ponder our words and to bask in the glory of your newfound freedom and happiness.

Your loving brother Yeshua with the Company of Heaven

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Abraham Hicks – Happy Under All Conditions

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Extracted from: Long Beach 02/11/2012. I was there, It was a wonderful workshop.

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