Baba – Divine Feminine – Higher Consciousness

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Siddhar wisdom is empowering as it is blessings and energy from the depth of silence and ancient intent. Siddhar Sage Tapasyogi Baba Nataraj speaks, in one of his rare interviews, on waking up to know consciousness as awareness to the Divine Feminine.

Baba explains of how consciousness shifts to that of love and compassion with the Divine Feminine. The ignorance of the Divine Feminine has caused far too much bloodshed in the name of religion. The wisdom to acknowledge the Shakti element in worship transforms our collective consciousness.

Baba has been in tapas for over 45 years. He is a Siddhar master. His mastery is apparent through his egoless nature of utter humility and overflowing love and childlike joys. Wild animals, from squirrels to birds literally walk on his hands with no fear. Baba teaches ahimsa- non-harming and nonviolence; self-mastery and the essence of the mystical Siddhar tradition.

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May humanity arise in the awake happiness of wisdom that enables each of us to be the prophets and masters of higher consciousness!
May each of us be instruments of source and in our breath, the ascendance of collective goodness.
We are the messengers of peace that is SOURCE!

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