Almine Escapes Matrix – Humanity Forsaken?

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In this video, Almine explains what might be a message behind what is coming through a student’s dream. As many have walked alongside her in this journey, much change can be expected and everyone travels at differing speeds. Almine explains what it may feel like for another as she steps differing levels of the matrix.

This video was originally shot at a Private Retreat in October. The content here was used in a previous online course, Ultimate Meditation 3. For more information about this course, please visit:

Almine: Ego Identification – The 1st Stage of Ascension – Pathway to Ascension Pt. 3

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In the third installment of the Pathway to Ascension Youtube videos, Almine describes the 3 phases of the first stage of Ascension – Ego Identification. Pathway to Ascension is a free online course, containing eight 30 minute video lectures and over 100 pages of written materials.

Ascension User Manual with Almine – Part 1

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In this first episode of the Ascension User Manual, Almine talks about the road to spiritual mastery. What are the different stages one goes through and what might you expect to encounter? She also talks about:

The spiritualizing of the cells. God-mind, expression and evolution of consciousness and the broader aspects of turning the unknown into the known. The ongoing journey of enlightenment of all of life. The Ascended Mastery Realms. Contrasting resurrection and death. The song of the body. The changes of ascended masters remaining in the flesh. Recapitulation, grids and fields, identity consciousness, beyond the God Kingdom, and silence of the mind. Levels of the spirit realms.

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