RE-EDUCATE YOUR SOUL – Guided Meditation – I AM Affirmations by Paul Santisi

Paul Santisi

Published on Mar 7, 2018

Hello everyone! This meditation is in 3D so yo must wear headphones! This meditation is the most powerful meditation ever created. Its created using only two words (I Am). I am are the most powerful words to create the life you want. This is Cd#1 and CD#2 in one video. Intro Is first few minutes. After listening – Please comment, comment, comment. Enjoy – the unstoppable you is about to be released.

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Pleiadian Delegate – Healing Frequency Transmission

Pleiadian Delegate

The Pleiadian Delegate Healing Frequency Transmission Bathes your Cellular Consciousness and DNA in The Healing Frequencies of the Central Sun through The Queen of Light. There is Nothing to Do. Simply Relax and Receive The Frequency Transmission. Your Consciousness will be Bathed in Divine Love, Union and Harmony.

Please Make sure you ground your energy after this Frequency Transmission.
Please, Do not listen to, while driving.
Spend time in nature, and if need be,use grounding crystals. I love you!!

Embodying Divine Union (the Actualization of You) is the Agreement you made at Soul level Prior to this Incarnation onto Planet Earth. Light Codes in your Original Blueprint are being Activated and Initiated Now. You as the New Human of Light, walking Fully into the New Era of Light.
This is the Reason you are Here.

Eternal Love,
Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

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Meline Lafont – Invocation

Méline Lafont·17 videos

First attempt to make a video with personal invocation that I daily use before meditation. It is my own and personal one and is free to use and share if you feel it benefits you as well.


MaNithyaSudevi – Self Love – Overcoming the Critical Inner Voice – Guided Meditation

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How many times do new age prophets and self help ‘gurus’ tell us to think positively? Everywhere we turn, we hear that our thoughts create our reality, and our self-image determines who we become. Yet, when we decide to improve our lives, it can be quite problematic to actually put this counsel to practice. If we merely try to stop thinking negative self-directed thoughts, and instead think positive ones, the torture we put ourselves through to think positively can be worse than our ordinary thought state, itself!

The thought, “I have to stop thinking negatively! I’m creating a bad self image,” might come up, and with it, stress about changing the inner pattern to overcome stress.

In this video, Sudevi shares a technique that has worked in her life, and in the lives of many of her clients and students, to directly overcome the limiting self-negating inner voice.

The technique is this:

For a few minutes, contemplate the things you’ve done that you wish you had done differently. Think of times in your life when you thought such things as, “I’m such an idiot!” or “What a dumb move…”

Now, think of someone whom you love deeply- a parent, a friend, a child, a beloved. Imagine that it wasn’t you, but this beloved one, who made the ‘dumb, idiot’ move.

If you were walking with this person whom you care for so deeply, and you saw him or her trip and stumble, would you immediately say, “You clutz! People are laughing at you! Idiot!”


But if you, yourself, were walking alone, these are the kinds of critical thoughts you self-direct.

Now, we take this a step further.

Imagine that you ARE the person whom you care for so tenderly. You are the beloved one you thought of earlier- your parent, friend, child, or beloved. Whoever you feel the deepest heart connection to.

Now, imagine, as this person whom you love, how it would feel to hear harsh words of criticism.

You wouldn’t want to criticize such a dear one.

With this understanding, go to the mirror and look at yourself. Instead of seeing yourself as ‘you,’ though, talk to your reflection. Speak to your reflection as if speaking to the dear one. Become your own dear one! Tell the mirror that you are doing what needs to be done to make your life as smooth, sweet and enjoyable as possible. Tell yourself that you love yourself!

Once you feel flooded with the light of love emanating from your own heart, sit in that energy. Feel engulfed by that beautiful light. For at least five minutes, you should sit with this overflowing energy of self-directed love.

Now, whenever you do something you wish you hadn’t done- get a poor grade on an exam, a bad review at work, stumble or make a clumsy move- remember that anything you think about yourself, you are thinking it about a dear one.

This technique has a two-fold effect. First, it allows you to tune yourself to a higher frequency, by becoming a source of your own love and light. Second, it will greatly improve your relationships through the law of attraction. When your view of yourself is a beautiful one, the people who are drawn to you will reflect that same love.

Kelly Howell – The Secret Universal Mind – Guided Meditation

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Theta Meditation ~ Manifest a positive universal mind.

Can Buy CD from: ☆

Méline Lafont – Global Meditation – Focus on Heart Space – Gaia at Glastonbury

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Hi everyone,

As I have mentioned in my post here:… , I am organizing a Global meditation to focus on the Heart space of Gaia in Glastonbury, the land of Avalon, the Tor.

Join our Focus and meditation for the Heart Space of Gaia in Glastonbury Tor each Sunday for 4 weeks long at January 19, January 26, February 2 and February 9 2014 at 9 PM CET Time (or GMT +1 Brussels), 8 PM GMT time, 12 PM PST time and 3 PM EST time.

Where? in your own heart space ♥ Feel free to be at the Glastonbury Tor at that time as well, when you live nearby 🙂

Facebook event, please join in at:…

This video that I have created, will assist you in the vizualization through this guided meditation. First I give an introduction and explain how the idea was given to me, this for about 5 minutes. After that, the meditation will begin. I invite all of you to join in this focus and vibration of Love at the given times and dates. Do not worry if you cannot make yourself free at that time, you are welcome to join in later on any time and space that suits you best to perform this meditation on that day. The more we unite at the same time, the more our intention and focus will be amplified.

This meditation also consists of Light Language given by me and Saint Germain, that assist us all in this formation of a grid and unification. I hope to feel you all at these times and dates, we connect in the inner heart ♥ I will update afterwoods, every time what is been given to me during it and after the meditation and let you all know. Please feel free to share yours as well as comment on my page or by e-mail.

Truly appreciate you all and thank you so much for assisting and being there. Feel free to spread around as far and as much as you can. We are grateful ♥

the music is by Thaddeus and can be purchased at

Méline Lafont

Lilian Eden – Meet Your Spirit Guide – Guided Meditation

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*If you would like to receive more insight into your experience upon completing this session, please visit to schedule a session. Note: Eden’s website can be viewed in it’s entirety on a laptop or desktop.

*This video is for individuals who have worked with altered states of awareness and/or for those who are familiar/comfortable with tapping into Source*.
*If you are facing extreme emotional upheaval in your life, please allow yourself the time to process your situation(s) thoroughly before embarking upon this video. Disease of the emotional state can cause dis-ease of the mental state which may make this video and it’s process less then successful. If you require a guided meditation, please begin with relaxing process’ that will allow you to fully achieve a desirable state.
*Anyone who has not meditated or if you are a beginner, please go to other videos/process’ that can aid you in slowly developing a practice – beginning with relaxation videos then toward other sorts of process’ that can shift your awareness/states of awareness.
*Please ensure you turn off your devices – those devices that can disturb you while you listen (rings, beeps, tings, etc..). Headphones may enhance your listening pleasure. *
*Ensure you are comfortable, wearing loose fitting clothing (nothing tight) and you may need a blanket/throw as your body temperature drops while in a meditative state.
*Open your mind and heart… A new way to live is now… Awesomeness awaits you…*

Lilian Eden assists you through a unique process where endless possibilities await. This powerful guided process will help you live a life from another perspective- one where you know you are not alone. This process is not only a path of discovery unlike any other, its powerful effect/affect will be felt long after you have listened. If you are on the path of self-discovery or seeking to discover mind expanding awareness/activities (development of your guidance systems), “Meet Your Spirit Guide” is for you.

** Some people go through this process to be introduced to new Spirit Entities and or to meet with their existing guide(s). **

Lilian Eden (Spiritual Teacher/Medium, Author, Television Personality)

I AM – Re-educate Your Soul – Guided Meditation – 3D Sound – 1000s of I AM Affirmations – Paul Santisi

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MaNithyaSudev – Guided Meditation – You Are a Source of Love and Light

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MaNithyaSudevi – Guided Meditation – Go Beyond Self Doubt and Guilt – Welcome Divine Mother

MaNithyaSudevi·102 videos

Too many people today lack the quality of self love. We’ve been conditioned to fill the inner space with guilt and shame; we’ve been taught to dwell on our past mistakes and present moment doubts. All the while, we yearn for God. Truly, God is both Father and Mother, and it’s only through the energy of the Mother that we can achieve our life’s goals, because the Mother empowers us to love and forgive ourselves.

In this meditation, Sudevi leads you into self love, and in so doing, opens the inner space to express pure Maternal Love through Self Love.

Creativity Activation – Chakra Healing – Guided Meditation

Frequency21TV·3 videos

Sacral Chakra Cleansing with Creativity & Flow Activation. Guided by spiritual channel William Yensen. Original music by Frequency 21

Designed to be listened to while seated in a chair, back straight, feet flat on the floor.

To book a personal session with William, or learn more about transformational energy healing, visit

Jose y Maria – Divine Power Moves Through Me – DNA Activation to Awaken Divinity Within

Maria Celeste G.·26 videos

“Jose y Maria : Divine Power Moves Through Me”

~*Meditation for Activating DNA Template Codes to Awaken Divinity Within and Enliven One’s Connection to the Infinite Source*~

Manifest Self-Healing – Guided Meditation – Delta Waves – Kelly Howell

Dubstarlove·21 videos

Harmonically Layered binaural beat frequencies best listened to through headphones.

Secret To Attracting Love – Kelley Powell – Guided Meditation – Attract Your True Love

BestSelfHypnosis·8 videos

This is a 10 minute sample of Kelly Howell’s powerful self-hypnosis audio, The Secret to Attracting Love (Guided Meditation). If you want the full 60 minute audio download it by clicking here:

ChannelHigherSelf – Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Skeletal Alignment

ChannelHigherSelf·1,597 videos

Our physical posture is directly related to our personality, emotional characteristics and mental performance. By adjusting your physical body to correct your posture, you will help to improve the health of your emotions, performance of your mind, and flow of your energy system. This video will guide you in a 1-step method to correct postural imbalances to improve your overall health.

In most health systems, one aspect of the human experience is emphasized as being all important. Medical doctors believe that biological chemistry is king. Raw foodies and dietician believe that the food we eat determines our health and happiness. Fitness gurus and health nuts say it’s exercise, cardio performance and muscle condition. Spiritual minded teachers, energy healers and therapists say it’s “spirit” or “energy”.

What does the Higher Self say?

A car won’t run if it only has an engine but no wheels. All parts of the car are necessary for it’s function. In a similar way, all parts of your human body are necessary. Not only the human physical form, but also your emotions, your mind and your consciousness.

The human mind likes to cut apart reality and then elevate one part as being the most important. But this is not how the natural world functions. All parts are important and necessary for the greatest success.

In this Higher Self video we examine the physical body, it’s skeletal system, bone structure and posture alignment — all in relation to our health, happiness and creative performance. Learn how your posture is determined by your emotional and mental health. Learn how you can make changes in your body’s posture to resolve difficult emotions and stop thought patterns of suffering or confusion.

A healthy, balanced posture creates the best flow of energy, nervous system communication, blood and oxygen flow, and cellular performance. In one simple step you can have all of this! It is so simple, yet often missed by so many “experts” in health and personal happiness. But you have it here.

The Higher Self-guided Personal Transformation video mini-series will teach you a very effective method for self mastery and personal transformation. Each video contains one step of this complete process. Practical information and direct methods will help you develop the skills necessary to master your human experience. The goal of this video series is to lead you towards the Higher Self state of awakening, where you will achieve complete mastery of the human experience — from spiritual consciousness to mind and emotions to your physical health and material success. There is nothing quite like this available anywhere else. It’s here free on YouTube for you to use!

Many blessings and much Love!

Gaia Heart Connection – Meditation by Teresa Gostanza

gostanza1·1 video Heart meditation to connect with self, mother earth and father sky. -artwork copyrighted by Teresa Gostanza.

Music by Paul Collier – “Air”.
enjoy 🙂 Blessings

Archangel Michael – Energy Cord Cutting – Meditation

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Lisa Beachy’s Website:
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Just a quick exercise to ask Archangel Michael and God to help dissolve the energetic cords attached to a person, place or thing that no longer serve us. It will help you release fear, anger, resentment or anxiety and move on life with a positive heart.

Brad Austen – Releasing Fear Meditation

joe bortolan·86 videos

Archangel Michael – Angel Message – Clear, Cleanse, Lift

AskAngels·22 videos

Angels exist in a realm that is somewhat finer and lighter than our physical dimension… but you are able to tune into the angelic realm and with practice and intention you can learn to clearly see, hear, sense and know the presence of Archangel Michael. Simply relax and listen to this video angel message from Archangel Michael. Your energy will be cleansed, lifted and attuned to the angelic realm!

More messages from Archangel Michael here;…

Kelly Howell – Universal Mind Meditation – Guided Meditation

TheDazbar2·203 videos

Kelly Howell – The Secret Universal Mind Meditation {Guided Meditation}

The Divine Child – Brahma Kumaris – Guided Meditation

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Lori Granger – Let Go – Guided Meditation

Bob Mangroo·119 videos

earn how to release negative energy and emotions

Kelly Howell – Guided Meditation

TheDazbar2·203 videos

Kelly Howell – The Secret Universal Mind Meditation {Guided Meditation}….…

Universal Mind Meditation – Guided Meditation – Kelly Howell

TheDazbar2·203 videos

Kelly Howell – The Secret Universal Mind Meditation {Guided Meditation}

Guided Meditation – Universal Mind Meditation – Kelly Howell Meditation

Mel C·72 videos Universal Mind meditation.. This is one of the best relax universal mind meditation. I hope everyone enjoys the 30 minute meditation. You should practice daily to get the benefit. This is a copyrighted material by Kelly Howell. you can find many of her products on Amazon or
Kelly Howell Meditation


Take This Moment And Bathe Yourself In Infinite Love

Cosmic Love Guided Meditation {Theta Waves} ~ Kelly Howell

Dubstarlove·20 videos

Harmonically layered binaural beat frequencies best listened to through headphones.
10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Kundalini Process