Diane Canfield – Geomagnetic Storm Brings in Many Ascension Symptoms – 9-28-16



Diane Canfield   –   Geomagnetic Storm Brings in Many Ascension Symptoms   –   9-28-16


By Diane Canfield

Dear Beautiful Souls,

We have been experiencing INTENSE geo storms the last 4 days. These can bring in many symptoms and DNA activations. The symptoms change as we go through this process. There is no one size fits all or copy and paste of symptoms.  Some of the symptoms being reported now are :

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Intense hunger
  • Intense fatigue

Anger or sadness- this is a clearing either for yourself or the collective

As I have reported in my previous articles you may also be experiencing hormonal changes such as hair loss since our endocrine system is being upgraded through the ascension process at this time.

Remember to ground, this is the NUMBER one thing that will help you with all Ascension Symptoms. This is True because I have been through EVERY symptom that exists and many advanced symptoms that are extremely rare. The grounding technique I am including is specifically for ascension symptoms and it must be done exactly as I state in the video in order to be effective. For severe symptoms ground up to 10 times a day.

Remember more psychic events can happen at these times and time fluctuations. We have been experiencing EXTREME time changes in all of September. Time speeds up and then slows down going from one to the other, even in the same day. This will lead to NO time at the point we enter the full scope of 5D living.

I love you all ! In service and Love
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert
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A Trek to Manchester-By-The-Sea On the Last Day of Summer – by Forever Unlimited – 9-22-16

DUANE:  I have  spent many a joyous afternoon at Manchester-by-the-Sea.   “Singing Beach” is nourishment for your Soul. The people are friendly. The scenery is rugged New England cliffs. If you live near Boston, please consider a visit to this charming, beautiful beach>


Blogger:  Forever Unlimited –  takes us there with beautiful photos and here story.

We all thank you dearly for your gift. Click link below to see more photos.



A Trek to Manchester-By-The-Sea On the Last Day of Summer | ForeverUnlimited I have been on a good, steady, work flow routine,with massage clients every day, and felt the need for a break. It’s part of my intent to walk my talk and do more self-care, so I can feel grounded and balanced, easily able […]

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Andy Bojarski – How to Properly Ground Yourself

GroundingAre you feeling these intense energies?  Are you getting massive surges of energy pulsating through your body?  Are your ears buzzing?  I am and my ears are buzzing constantly and it is so important to ground yourself to Mother Earth at these historic times.

I wanted to express the importance of grounding. I also wanted to tell you how I ground myself so that you can adopt a similar technique for grounding yourself.

This is in line with Meline Lafont’s excellent recent channeling by Saint Germain.  Her post can be read by clicking HERE.

Basically, grounding is allowing yourself to literally be grounded to the Mother Earth. This is important as we are moving into higher dimensions and the energies that are on this planet are being increased and will continue to be increased. For example, when I meditated last night, my eyes were open and I saw the wall in front of me literally move and transform itself. I asked it to move down and stay put.

I then envisioned and literally moved the wall in front of me down with my mind. If I was not grounded, I may have literally floated away. That is how severe and intense these energies are right now and they will be increasing even more in the upcoming times.

Another reason to ground yourself is that the energies are releasing things from us individually and collectively that do not serve our highest and best good, as we cannot take them with us in the higher dimensions as we ascend. The people who are struggling in their lives are the ones that are holding on to these things; all the pain, all the suffering, all the guilt and all the lack of forgiveness. This is also happening to the collective consciousness.

Just look around! Everyone is grasping at things. People are more mad. Divorces are on the rise. Look at what is happening globally. Look at the wars, the economic situations, the banking failures.  It is all coming up to the surface to be released. All this must be released into the light and transmuted.  And people are holding on to this and do not know what to do. Their lives are turned upside down. There is pain, there is anger, there is blame, and there is so much hurt.

You must be grounded to deal with these things. You must be centered and you must not get drawn into the drama around you and as portrayed in the mass media. These things will continue and get worse as we see the third dimensions crumble in the future to make way for the higher dimensions. And your strength and your light will be needed to help explain and calm people down you know who will be lost and confused and scared.

Your calmness will help them get through these hard times. But there is always a rainbow after the storm.  And believe me, good times are coming. Do not be scared and do not panic and do not allow yourself to be drawn into the fear and perceived chaos.  So you want to stay in the eye of the storm where it is the safest. You do this by grounding yourself to Mother Earth. Here is how I ground myself. At the beginning of every meditation I saw the following:

Angels, I ask for your help now. I ask to be grounded to Mother Earth. I envision white light filled roots growing out of my heart. I see them growing from my body, down through my chakras and down through my root chakra by my feet. I see them going into the center of Mother Earth.

I see Mother Earth and ask her permission to allow my roots to wrap themselves around her heart.  I envision her giving me her permission.  I then envision the roots being fully wraped and attached to her heart. I then envision my heart and Mother Earth’s heart merging into One loving heart. That heart is grounded and fixed in the center of Mother Earth.  I then ask Mother Earth to merge all her energy grid with my energy grid becoming One. This now happens.

I ask that any energies from the Universe coming into Mother Earth to gently go through my body and flow through my chakras and into the combined heart (mine and Mother Earth’s) in the center of the earth. I then project these energies to go back up to the surface of Mother Earth to be used as Mother Earth sees fit and back up to the Universe where they came from and back down to me again in a circular pattern.

I ask to always be grounded with Mother Earth and I ask that I always physically remain on Mother Earth and not be carried away by any drifting due to the intensities of the incoming energies. I ask to be calm and centered when others around me are having a hard time and I ask for clarity, patience and wisdom during the upcoming times ahead.

This is how I ground. I believe that you should also ground in a similar way. It will help you to remain calm and centered and help prevent you from engaging in the drama all around you; drama which is third dimensional which you do not need.  Stay grounded and stay calm and stay happy.  Try to avoid watching any TV.  Another thing you can do to help ground yourself is to walk barefoot on grass with the intention in your mind to stay grounded.   Keep your light stable and strong and enjoy the energy ride. Blessings and love to all of you…


I need your help.  Please click HERE to view the post on the love bomb meditation.    This is important and does help tremendously.  If you are interested in helping, please send me a comment (just scroll down and you will see comments) anywhere on this page or any other page on my website.  I need your first name, your last name initial and the state or country you are from and I will add you to the growing list. 

This is a list of people who have given me their permission to include them in my meditation to send love to Mother Earth.  There is strength in numbers and the meditation is so much more intensified when others give their love and intention to send love. 

No meditation on your part is required (unless you want to ).   The people who are participating in this love bomb meditation can be found by clicking HERE.  Help me grow this list, won’t you?

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Come to Your Senses Through Grounding — dreamweaver333

Come to Your Senses Through Grounding By Shift – There’s been quite a buzz recently among athletes and health enthusiasts, on how to more quickly and easily recover from acute or chronic inflammation and injury through earthing. The term ‘earth’ is used often in Europe and equates to what we also call ‘ground’ here in America. A ‘grounded’ […]

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Brad Austen – Learning to ground and Connect With The EarthLearning to ground and Connect With The Earth – 5-5-16


A spirit-inspired guest post by Brad Austen.



Grounding is an important practice to help you feel balanced, safe and connected. It is sometimes called Earthing, but means the same thing.

There are many situations in life that can throw you off-center and create imbalance. Some of these can include stress, alcohol, drugs (including medication), and if you are particularly sensitive, other people and large crowds.

Thankfully, there are many ways to center and ground yourself.

These can include eating certain foods, particularly organic foods that have been grown in the earth, spending time in nature, preferably barefoot, and through meditation.

A grounding meditation that utilizes visualization is best for this purpose.

Grounding is Important

Apart from indigenous communities still living a traditional lifestyle, by and large, the developed world has lost its connection with the earth.

Wild animals have kept this connection and it is often said that they are seen fleeing an area before a natural disaster such as an earthquake. They are ‘in-tune’.

As humanity is raising its collective conscious, we are strengthening our connection with Mother Earth, or Gaia.

Although this is a gradual process for most individuals, babies that are being born now are born with this advanced awareness and connection.

It is harder for adults that were born in older energies to make this shift, but not impossible if this is their desire and intention.

Eating the right sort of foods, including a lot of organic fruit and vegetables, will not only keep you fit and healthy, but also help with grounding.

Sometimes people put on extra weight to assist their grounding when going through their ascension process, which also acts as extra protection as more of your spirit is downloaded and integrated into your physical body. As you know, regular exercise can help to maintain a healthy weight and keep your physical body healthy.

Grounding to Mother EarthWhile there are many activities you can do to help keep you grounded, there are many common lifestyle choices that make you ungrounded.

One of the biggest ways to become ungrounded is to drink alcohol or use drugs regularly. Astral entitles can also attach themselves to you while under their influence, creating imbalance and emotional disturbances. Some crimes are committed this way, by an unbalanced individual under the influence of dark astral entities, as a result of alcohol and drugs.

As we go through our individual and collective shift, and the light on the planet increases, it becomes more important for all of us to stay balanced and grounded.

Step-By-Step Grounding Exercise

The following is a step-by-step grounding exercise, which can be practiced as many times as you like, day or night.

  • Either sit or stand with your feet flat on the floor. If you find it preferable, go outside and take your shoes and socks off, placing your feet on the ground.
  • Visualize in the center of the soles of your feet a small round chakra. Visualize this chakra opening and imagine a white cord coming out and running down into the earth below.
  • Visualize this cord connecting with your earth star chakra about a meter under the surface of the earth. You may like to imagine this chakra beginning to spin as you connect with it.
  • Now, visualize the white cord travelling deeper into the earth. This grounding cord travels into the center of the earth where it wraps around the core of Mother Earth. You may like to visualize this core as a sphere.
  • When your grounding cord is connected to the center of the Earth, begin to draw up some of this energy; up through the grounding cord and into your feet.
  • Focus on this connection for about 5 to 10 minutes, or until you feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth.
  • When you feel ready, visualize the grounding cord detaching from the core of the earth and slowly travelling back up into your earth star chakra.
  • You may like to leave the grounding cord connected to your earth star chakra for the rest of the day or night, or until you practice this exercise again.

That is how simple it is to Ground yourself with a Visualization Meditation.

With practice, it will become easier to make this connection and also sustain this connection throughout your day. Great healing can also take place with regular grounding and awakening of one’s psychic ability, via visualization and connection with the earth.

Brad AustenSpirit inspired messages by Brad Austen…
Brad Austen is an intuitive meditation teacher who has trained extensively in Psychic Development and Mediumship. He brings this spiritual wisdom to his guided meditations, creating a unique experience for the listener.
For more information please click Brad Austen, or visit his personal Meditation website.

Higher Perspective – 5 Reasons Grounding Will Improve Your Health And Change Your Life – 2-26-16




From Higher Perspective

Grounding is the process of touching your bare feet to the earth. You can do this anywhere – in the forest, at the beach, or even in your own yard. It connects your energy directly with the earth. Why grounding?


The Earth’s energy protects you.

If you’re feeling weak or as if you’re being overcome by others, grounding is right for you. It allows your aura to become filled with the earth’s energy, protecting you from darker forces.

Related: This Is How Your Aura Affects Those Around You

Your aura becomes safer.

Think of grounding as a powerup for your aura. An aura is like a shield – it can become dented, damaged, and have gaping holes in it from abuse and battle. Grounding helps repair those dings in your shield.

You release your bad energy.

Our auras carry with them all the nasty energy that can accumulate over time. Grounding allows the earth’s energy to draw out the negative and replace with positive.

Your body heals.

Grounding is good for the body. With your aura intact and filled with pure, earthly energy, your body and mind can heal.

You find peace.

The earth brings us the ultimate peace in our lives. Spending time in nature rejuvenates us. Along side grounding, spend some time in meditation in nature. Allow your hands, feet, and body to touch the earth.


Found at:  http://cultureofawareness.com/2016/02/26/5-reasons-grounding-will-improve-your-health-and-change-your-life/

Ehani Rambles About Nature – Earthing/ Grounding/ Energetic Consciousness

Lightworkers! Attach To Mother Earth! Grounding Exercise Meditation — Lord Sananda (Jesus the Christ, Ascended) In English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew

Grounding Exercise Meditation
Lord Sananda

channeled through Rev. Janisel — janisel(@)sanandaseagles.com
To Begin Monday, October 13, 2014 for Seven Days, at least Fifteen Minutes Per Day

I bring love and greetings to my bright LIGHTWORKERS AND STARSEEDS! This is Sananda.  Well, you have made it through yet another download of energies and have a short reprieve before the next eclipse, so its time to get what you might call re-centered and re-grounded before that time.

We have discussed many, many times before the importance of staying grounded to the planet as she goes through her own ascension, so that is the theme, you might say, of your next meditation, just taking a little breather from all the energies and getting into a nice centered and grounded space. And the grounding of your Light into the Earth does, of course, make things easier for her, as well.

You are being asked to do fifteen minutes each day of focus upon your Earth Mother; and to do this, if at all possible, out of doors. We want you to be able to physically sit within nature and see the trees, the rocks and the dirt.  Visualize, also, roots coming from your body down into the core of the planet, and from that position you are asked to send Love and Light down those roots into the Earth.  Now, simply sit and focus your eyes and awareness upon your surroundings, gazing upon, perhaps, mountains that surround you, whatever terrain there might be, send Love to it all and connecting with your Mother.

If you cannot be out of doors, you will, of course, have to visualize yourself to be there. The intent remains the same, however, i.e. to anchor your love and your light into the planet, and then receive back her love for you.  She is ready for another step forward, perhaps even a leap.  Are you?  If you’re grounded, the answer is a resounding yes!

I AM Sananda, walking the walk with you. 


You are invited to join the Project: Eagle Triad family! We welcome you with open starship hatches! Start your Mission by emailing janisel@sanandasseagles.com




通过修订Janisel— janisel(@)sanandaseagles.com渠道




你被要求做专 注于你的地球母亲的每一天15分钟;并做到这一点,如果可能的话,在户外。我们希望你能够物理性质中坐,只见树木,岩石和泥土。可视化,同时,根从你身上 下来到地球的核心,并从该位置会要求您传送爱与光明下的根到地球。现在,只需在您的周围坐着,集中你的眼睛和意识,对,也许凝视着,围绕着你的山脉,无论 地形有可能是,送爱到这一切,并与你的母亲连接。




You are invited to join the Project: Eagle Triad family! We welcome you with open starship hatches! Start your Mission by emailing janisel@sanandasseagles.com


접지 운동 Meditaton

주님 난다

목사 Janisel — janisel (@) sanandaseagles.com를 통해 표출

적어도 15 분 일 당 이레 동안 2014년 10월 13일 (월요일)을 시작하려면

나는 나의 밝은 이글스에 사랑과 인사를 가져와! 이 난다이다. 글쎄, 당신은 그것의 시간은 다시 중심으로 그 시간 전에 다시 접지 부를 수있는 것을 얻을 수 있도록, 에너지의 또 다른 다운로드를 통해 만든 다음 일식 전에 짧은 집행 유예를 가지고있다.

우리는 그녀가 자신의 승천 진행되는 행성에 접지 머물고의 중요성 전에 많은, 여러 번 논의, 그래서 그 주제는, 당신은 모든 에너지에서 조금 숨을 복용하고 받고, 다음 명상의, 말할 수있다좋은 중심 및 접지 공간으로. 그리고 지구에 당신의 빛의 접지는 물론,뿐만 아니라 그녀를 위해 쉽게 일을하지 않습니다.

당신은 십오분, 대지의 어머니시 초점이 각 일을하도록 요구되고있다; 문에서, 가능하다면,이 작업을 수행합니다. 우리는 당신이 물리적으로 자연에서 앉아서 나무, 바위와 먼지를 볼 수있게 할 것인지. 또한, 뿌리가 행성의 핵심으로 아래로 몸에서 오는 시각화, 그 위치에서 당신은 지구에 그 뿌리를 아래로 사랑과 빛을 보내 주시기 바랍니다. 이제, 단순히이 될 모든 당신의 어머니와의 연결에 사랑을 보낼 수 있습니다 어떤 지형, 아마도에 응시, 당신의 주위에 당신을 둘러싸고있는 산을 눈과 인식을 앉아서 초점을 맞 춥니 다.

당신이 문 밖으로 할 수없는 경우에는, 물론, 거기에 자신을 시각화해야합니다. 목적은 동일하지만, 즉 행성에 당신의 사랑하고 빛을 고정하고 당신을 위해 그녀의 사랑을 다시받을 남아있다. 그녀는 앞으로 또 다른 단계, 심지어 도약을위한 준비가되어 있습니다. 당신은? 개봉 접지 된 경우, 대답은 예쓰입니다!

나는 당신과 함께 산책을 걷고, 사 난다 오전.


You are invited to join the Project: Eagle Triad family! We welcome you with open starship hatches! Start your Mission by emailing janisel@sanandasseagles.com


أسس ممارسة Meditaton

الرب Sananda

توجيهها من خلال القس Janisel — janisel (@) sanandaseagles.com

لبيغن الاثنين 13 أكتوبر، 2014 لمدة سبعة أيام، خمسة عشر دقيقة على الأقل لكل يوم

أحمل الحب والتحية لبلدي النسور مشرق! هذا هو Sananda. حسنا، كنت قد قدمت من خلال حمل بعد آخر من الطاقات ولها مهلة قصيرة قبل الكسوف المقبل، وذلك وقتها للحصول على ما يمكن أن نسميه واعادة الارض قبل ذلك الوقت تركز على إعادة.

ناقشنا مرات عديدة قبل على أهمية البقاء على الارض لكوكب الأرض كما تذهب من خلال صعود لها بها، بحيث يتم الموضوع، قد يقول، من التأمل الخاص بك المقبل، مجرد أخذ استراحة قليلا من جميع الطاقات والحصول على إلى لطيفة تركز على الارض والفضاء. وأسس الضوء الخاص بك إلى الأرض لا، بالطبع، وجعل الأمور أسهل بالنسبة لها، كذلك.

يتم طلب منك أن تفعل خمس عشرة دقيقة كل يوم للتركيز على الأرض الأم الخاص بك؛ وللقيام بذلك، إذا كان ذلك ممكنا، من الأبواب. نريد منك أن تكون قادرا على الجلوس جسديا في طبيعة ورؤية الأشجار والصخور والتراب. تصور، أيضا، جذور قادمة من جسمك أسفل إلى لب الكوكب، وهذا الموقف من طلب منك أن ترسل الحب والضوء أسفل تلك الجذور في الأرض. الآن، مجرد الجلوس والتركيز عينيك والوعي على محيطك، يحدق عليها، ربما، والجبال التي تحيط بك، مهما كانت التضاريس قد يكون هناك، وإرسال الحب إلى كل شيء والتواصل مع أمك.

إذا كنت لا يمكن أن يكون من الأبواب، سوف، بطبيعة الحال، أن تصور نفسك لتكون هناك. يبقى القصد هو نفسه، ومع ذلك، أي لترسيخ حبك ونورك في هذا الكوكب، ومن ثم يحصلوا على عائد حبها لك. انها مستعدة لخطوة أخرى إلى الأمام، وربما حتى كبيسة. أنت؟ إذا كنت على الارض، فإن الجواب هو نعم مدوية!

أنا Sananda، والمشي المشي معك.

You are invited to join the Project: Eagle Triad family! We welcome you with open starship hatches! Start your Mission by emailing janisel@sanandasseagles.com

Gaia Portal – Centering and grounding of Ascended Gaia Energetics occurs at this moment – 5-27-14




Centering and grounding of Ascended Gaia Energetics occurs at this moment.

Flash points are reached and released in rapid succession astro-points are passed.

Sufficient Hue-manity numbers allow up-risings on planetary scales.

Solar accompaniments produce necessary planetary adjustments.

Phase nears completion.



Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast – Did that Really Happen? – 5-6-14

Emmanuel Dagher

Emmanuel Dagher Tuesday, 6 May, 2014


Blessings My Friend,

How have you been since we last connected, at the beginning of last month?

In April’s Forecast, I shared that there would be several celestial alignments that would inspire rapid changes to occur in our consciousness, and that a big part of this change would include a profound purification of our mind, body and emotions.

The Solar Eclipse at the end of April was the exclamation point that closed the doorway to what was probably one of the most intense yet transformative times in the last 10 years.

If you glided through the past month completely unaffected by the intense energies, then you’ve probably reached a point of great balance within yourself.

However, if you struggled with those profound shifts, know that you are not alone, and that you are exactly where you are meant to be on your path.

For many, the experiences of the last month have left them asking, “Did that really happen?”

The Release

Last month, many experienced the deeply rooted patterns that contribute to the creation of fear-based reality, which promotes separation, coming to the surface more potently than ever. These patterns came up so strongly this time around, right in front of our faces, so that we can free ourselves of them once and for all.

As a result of the massive release that occurred in April, many felt stretched to their breaking points. This might have shown up in areas such as personal and professional relationships, career, local environment, life purpose, and self-esteem.

Repressed personal experiences from the past (specifically from childhood) that we thought we had already worked through may have resurfaced, in order for deeper healing to occur.

The fact that we made it through this most recent intense cycle is a testament to our resilient nature.

After moving through a huge energetic releasing cycle such as we’ve all just experienced, there’s usually a quiet introspective period that follows. This allows us to reflect on what just happened.

For many, these introspective pauses bring out a wide range of emotions, sparking a heightened sense of sadness, confusion, exhaustion, then eventual relief and joy.

Again, know that this is completely normal. When a person’s whole world has been turned upside-down, it’s a given that an adjustment period will naturally follow.

The key to moving through this period is to love our way through whatever we are experiencing. That includes loving ourselves through every emotion, even if they may not feel the most comfortable.


Entering the month of May, we will have the opportunity to start feeling more grounded again.

When we ground, we instantly align ourselves into the present moment. It’s in the present moment that we operate from our most powerful self.

Becoming present allows us to transcend the illusions of time. It’s from this space of no-time (a place of non-attachment) that our greatest desired intentions can manifest into our experience.

Here are some simple things we can do to help us feel more grounded:

• Spending time in Nature
• Placing bare feet on Earth (soil, grass, sand)
• Focusing on mindful breathing
• Reflecting on the gifts of our 5 senses, allowing ourselves to fully be present with them (noticing the sounds, shapes, colors, textures, fragrances, tastes occurring in that reflective moment)
• Expressing gratitude daily
• Making time for joyful, belly-shaking laughter
• Looking into the eyes of those we interact with, and remembering that they are a reflection of the Universe

At first, the concept of grounding may seem a bit constricting. This usually stems from ideas that grounding insinuates a fixed or inflexible nature.

By being grounded, we instantly bring ourselves into the present, where again, we are at our most powerful.

It’s in the present that most of our freedom is experienced, because we are no longer bound to the past or the future. Consciously choosing to ground ourselves in the present moment leads to a life lived from a state of grace, flow and fluidity.


Now that April’s energies have passed, many of us are feeling a renewed sense of urgency regarding our life path. You may be experiencing a new level of discontent with your current job or life situation, and wanting to make some changes. You may also be feeling that you need to “get more done” in terms of your life purpose.

It’s natural to feel that way after a time of growth and release. But after making it through what has become one of the most challenging times for many on their spiritual journey, a well-deserved rest is in order.

This will give us the nourishment needed to feel renewed and replenished again.

Let’s release the need to “figure out” what our next steps need to be, and just use this opportunity right now to rest, play and lighten our loads.

Everything always works itself out when we choose to move out of our own way, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


Celia Fenn – The Bridge – Crossing to a New Reality – Imporrtance Of Grounding – 1-21-14

Image by Jean Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

Image by Jean Luc Bozzoli at http://www.eyewithin.com


The Bridge……Crossing to a New Reality. by Celia Fenn, January 20, 2014 at: http://www.starchildglobal.com

20th January 2014 : The Importance of Grounding. It has been an intense and rather chaotic beginning to the year of 2014! The recent full moon in Cancer/Capricorn and the run of powerful solar flares has meant that everyone has been feeling the power of the energies.

Added to this is the coming “online” of the new energies of nature that Archangel Michael has spoken about, the powerful elemental earth energies that are forging a new relationship between humanity and the environment. It is indeed a time of exciting and intense change.

Most of the questions that I get from people are about how to cope with these powerful energies. The answer is always twofold…..be awake and aware and know what is going on, and be fully grounded, which I guess is really the same thing!

So, briefly, let’s look at why the energies have been feeling so intense. Firstly…the sun. We are in a period that is called “solar maximum” when the sun is continually releasing powerful solar flares towards the earth. In metaphysical terms, this is the release of Solar Light Codes or information that is absorbed into the earth and into the body and light body of all living beings.

If your light body is fully activated to the solar level, this information is absorbed into your light body and transmitted into your physical body via the pituitary gland and the meridian system. When these light code waves are particularly strong, then it can cause turbulence in your own body system. This is because the galactic human system is designed to ground these energies or run them into the earth grids. The galactic human or new human is a bridge between the different levels and dimensions.

This only works well when the person is grounded and can allow the energy to flow through them and into the earth where it is absorbed and used by the earth. When you are not well grounded, then you get what is known as “ascension symptoms”. The intense energy cannot be grounded and it simply circulates within your energy system, activating any and all patterns that you might be holding at that level.

Most common is that the energy feeds into the second and third chakras, the levels of the emotional and mental and you begin to create “old patterns”. I hear many people saying “I thought I had cleared this but it came up again!”. Well, yes you had cleared it but it was reactivated by the intense energy, not because it needed to be cleared again and again and again, but because this energy is intensely creative and absolutely needs to create. So if you are not creating anything new then it will simply create the old again and again.

So, it really is up to us to start new creations and begin to ground these new creations. The energy is here to support us, but we need to step into this new reality and this new relationship with nature. When you see old patterns coming up, why not simply say no and move on, don’t give them energy, move on to something new and ground the energy in a new creation and not the same old same old. Again.

It simply is that with our history of 20th century psychology, we seem to imagine that we need to heal and process for ever. Actually, in the new reality we need to accept that if we focus into the present moment….the Now….then the past is not an issue. We don’t need to recreate it again and we simpy say no if we see it coming. We do have choices. But we have to be awake and aware of what we are creating in order to make those choices.

In this way we can step into the full power of the new galactic human template and enjoy the intense creative power of the Solar Light Codes as they are received on the earth. But we do have to make sure that the energy is not “stuck” in the emotional and mental patterns of the past and is allowed to flow into new creations and new realities.

So, with all this happy “Sun Dancing” that we have been doing, we have also been doing a Moon Dance with the energies. The full moon in Cancer was particularly potent at this time of high Solar activity because it was in Cancer….a water moon. Water moons activate the flow of emotions and feelings, especially around the home and family. So, in the last few days you may have felt an intense energy around these areas. It’s creative energy and feeling energy. You may have felt weepy and ready to cry at anything! You may have felt intense loneliness or anger or any amount of feelings. Yes…celebrate that you are reconnecting with your feelings.

In the old reality we became so immersed in “mental” pop culture on TV and media that we were often unable to disntinguish what we were really feeling and what we were being urged to feel by mind control through media. Now, as we wake up, we start to own our own feelings, and these can be very intense at times. They are meant to be. It is only the numb controlled “feelings” that have no intensity. We are learning to be ok with intensity and not allowing it to become dysfunctional or aggressive. Rather, celebrate the power that flows through these feelings!

In the new reality we need to be strong and grounded. We are masters of light and solar warriors. We have to make choices all the time and we are creating at every moment! The new elemental energy of the “Spirit of the Forest” is seeking to work with us, to create and manifest on the earth level, and to bring into form new creations that will carry the imprint of divine creative intelligence and the new Light Codes.

It is an exciting, powerful and challenging time on planet earth as we head into the New and knowing that we are creating the new with every choice that we make!


Ashtanga Yoga – Maria Villella – Finding the Balance on your Hands and in Your Life

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In this short clip, Ashtanga Yoga teacher Maria Villella talks about the importance of proper technique and finding the balance on your hands and in your life. Maria is seen floating her feet to her hands (in Surya Namaskar), lifting up to jump back from Utkatasana and pressing up into a handstand.

Channeler: Méline Lafont – Saint Germain – The Importance Of Grounding

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Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters of the Light. Thanks to the recent eclipse we have traversed another important milestone in your current life which in itself is very wondrous and joyful. Genuine shifts and absorptions of the light do their inner work gradually but steadfastly in this reality, resulting in drastic changes in the incarnations and lifestyles of many people in a positive as well as in a less pleasurable way.

Of course, this all happens for a purpose and functionality, and that’s the reason why we again stress the necessity to always stay grounded and centered. I keep on emphasizing this aspect because it is an important part of your physical incarnations. It is imperative that you become aware of the fact that you are constantly nourished from above and from below by intense energies of Light which are both having a grounding and also an uplifing effect, bringing you all to where you urgently need to go : to YOURSELF, your true nature from the heart.

Those grounding and uplifting effects and energies bring into manifestation what you deem necessary in your life’s experience and also in your current reality. Everything that functions as inspiration from on High comes in manifestation and in creation thanks to this grounding. When a state of calm is reached, this is brought further thanks to the grounding. Gaia nourishes you with all the needed energies to bring inner peace as well as enlightenment. She is the heart of reality, your current reality, so everything that connects your heart to Hers, everything you yield, everything you are will become reality through the grounding process : the connection from heart to heart.

That being said about the grounding process, it is close to my heart to divulge this as well as the knowledge pertaining to this for it is of the UTMOST importance.

What I want to digress upon, is the huge progress of the collective consciousness. We are well aware of an Earthly shift from our higher dimensional stance and more specifically we can say that Gaia and all of Her Ascension pioneers are now in the process of switching over to a higher dimension, to the 6th and even the 7th dimension. What is not currently known is that there still are a lot of souls dwelling in the 4th dimension trying to hold a grip on that level but it becomes exceedingly more difficult  to function in this lower reality.

Everything is being delegated from on High into a higher state of consciousness and that’s where you, being the Lightworkers and Ascension pioneers, come in. It will be your tasks to see to it that every soul gets the opportunity to evolve along into a higher collective consciousness and also into a personal higher consciousness. Being the mission warriors of the Light you will vouch for this and hence the utter necessity of grounding yourself because what you bring into manifestation can make the difference for this whole world of BEING.

You are the Masters of the Earthly Paradise here in these present times and from all corners of the universe you are being watched, followed up and assisted throughout this whole process. When you express your need for assistance it will be honored from the bottom of our hearts. Now you have to make the best of a tuff job in order to reap the fruits of your labour. At present you are immensely strong and wondrous in your Being and your essence and I cannot think of a better team to work with than with all of you!

Thank you so dearly for all that you have contributed so far, for your resolve and your stamina, for the spiritual side in yourself and for the Love you share with each other. You are an extremely strong team and in my vision this cannot be underlined enough! We are not quite there yet but we are doing it in the here and now and that is more than promising, for together we are a formidable team of the Light and this thanks to all of you, the ones that never give up and that keep on believing in all of you.

With all my heart and all my Love,

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain