Golden Heart Academy – We Are Living in the Echo of Our Future



It is time to do our job, our duty our dharma. Love is the only true force. Marcel Messing


Who we are, what we are being and doing right now  is vital. We are here in the echo of our future. Knowing who we are cannot be underestimated. Our future is dependent on our actions right now. Bringing awareness and consciousness to each and every act is pertinent. We are the Silent Force.

What we do in silence is impacting the whole. In order for us to thrive in the future we are being seriously prodded right now. Who are we being affects everything. Knowing who we are counteracts the very force put in place to set us back.

This could be your ego, something outside of yourself, a force known or unknown. The known force is usually something you can see and look at by using your linear mind. Tune into the main stream media if you want to witness an external force created to divide us from who we are. Anything happening inside of time is what keeps humanity down. We exist outside of time. All that is happening outside of time, your consciousness, the Force of Love and the virtues of a dignified reality are the attributes important to our future of a new world rising.

Don’t be shy about being in silence. Your every thought and movement is supporting both the downfall and the up rising. Remain in the mode of supporting the up rising and you will carry not only yourselves, but your sentient family with you. Love is the only true force.

Do an inquiry. Ask your self, am I being who I am, and living who I am all or most of the time? If not, what is stalling you or keeping you separated from your silent awareness, that is what you really are?

We do this through knowing the principles:

Who we are. Where we are. Why we are. What we are.

When we know, that we are pure awareness, light and love we automatically leap into motion embodying the silent force of truth. The truth of who we are is paramount. It is the life force of our sentience. Look in the mirror and say I Am, You Are and see your auric field flood with light.

This is my translation of Namaste!

I Am, You are.

The Pulse of Love, Christina Fisher, Copyright 2013


Christina Fisher – Perspective of Our Third Eye Heart – Golden Heart Academy


Christina Fisher,

The perceptual heart is the all-seeing heart. As we view life through this lens we begin to understand it is safe to see the world via the eyes of truth. Our perception ennobles our understanding of truth. We realize we have walked through a looking-glass from another world where we never felt quite safe. And now, our all-seeing eye that lives inside our heart opens to a panoramic vista of a new world rising. A world that denotes the truth of our destiny. We begin living in a lucid reality void of the emotional fatigue of frustration and lower intent.

Our third-eye-heart perception is 20/20 and without distorted viewing we see our world as it is. Using our third-eye-heart we observe. Offered this new perspective we accept the new vision. We dream a new world into being. This is how it always is. We create the world out of the pile of dust leaving behind the old for the spectacular new.

We have erased our old patterns by both recognizing and responding to a world fading out. Always at the end of time we see the illusion and begin again.  Our heart-mind opens, managing the effect of a new timeline where feeling safe and seeing truth is a given. Unconditionality, compassion and coherence are the bricks and mortar of a new world rising. A spontaneous remembrance provides a monumental transfusion of clear insight. We finally see who and where we are meant to be.

We are perfectly guided as we have memory of walking this way before. Powerfully magnetized to our new world rising we celebrate a new vision as we wade through a lake of opportunities. Garnering our gifts and abilities we turn to the ones who know us. We merge with our group and acknowledge our similarities. Triggered by visual language we see with our new single-eye heart, we are living in a reality that is contrasting but not unfamiliar. Each night in dreamtime, we leave our earthly plane taking flight, hovering above the limitations of a fixed reality. We ascended beyond the realm of what was known. We traveled through matter, anti-matter and through wormholes inside our cosmic matrix.

Our once narrow perspective turns into a vast panorama of boundless options for our choosing. We have not only reclaimed our right to inhabit our new world rising, we mastered our abilities to get there as we knew we would. We leap into a non-linear world waiting to receive us. This appears as a harmonic convergence point, surreal at first, via our imagined mind we not only envisioned this new world we dreamed it into reality.

Engaging with a reality promised to us long ago, we make our way through a sphere of influences anticipating a perpetual atmosphere of bounty. Our frequency is attuned to this new setting enhancing our ability to thrive. We have been redirected away from limits and diverted from basic survival surroundings. No longer forced into a corner of a world coming apart, we trust.

 We are home free.

Coming Home Embracing Our New World Rising, Christina Fisher 2014