SAINT GERMAIN and OWS – You Are Creating the New Golden Age of Gaia Each Moment – via  James McConnell – by Love Has Won – 4-29-18


Thanks to   Love Has Won   /   By James McConnell

Saint Germain   

I AM the St Germain. As if you did not know. [Laughter]

I AM the Violet Flame. I represent the Violet Flame. But even more than I representing the Violet Flame, you represent it. You represent the I AM Consciousness here on the planet. Each and every one of you, each and every one of us are the I AM Consciousness. It is not separate from us. It is one with all of us. Together we are moving to spread this consciousness, this vibrational frequency that is increasing and increasing and increasing each and every moment of each and every day.

If you could but see it from our point of view you would see the Light coming on everywhere. You have no idea! And you have no idea of the power that you all hold. You held much before this Advance but you hold much, much, more now. And as you hold and anchor this Light, this power within you, you can now go out and share and spread this power, this Love, this Light. It is all one and the same.

It is no longer the love of power, it is now the power of Love. Think of it that way and be that power. For you each one have that now. Even if you did not participate in the experience last night, even if you did not you are still one with this group. And as one with this group you all are given now the ability, the power to reach out to anyone that is within earshot meaning they are open to the whispers that can come to them. Do not shout to them. Whisper to them. Let them hear your whispers just as we whisper to you.

Yes there are times when you do not hear the whispers and then we have to begin to shout just as you may do so as well as the times move along as the frequencies continue to rise. You are the future of this planet. You and all of those of you that are sharing or are anchoring and then sharing the Light. You are all the future. The children coming in now are the future. You are preparing the way for those children just as you are preparing the way for yourselves to continue on. And for all of those that have yet not awakened but are at the threshold of coming out of that sleepiness, that deep sleep that so many are in still yet their alarm clocks are beginning to go off.

They are beginning to rouse from that slumber. They are beginning to realize that there is something more that is here. Something more than just the day in and day out drudgery that many live through every day. Many of you live that yourselves at times. You all know life is not drudgery. Life is beautiful. Life is joyous beyond what you can possibly imagine.

But as you continue to imagine it, as you continue to visualize that which is the new life then you are creating that new life in front of you. You are creating the new Golden Age of Gaia right here, right now in this moment, and each and every moment following this.

Know that you have the power. You are powerful beyond measure. Always know that.

I AM St. Germain. I leave you now in the I AM Presence that is each of you. But that I AM Presence continues to fully awaken within all of you and then all of those that you come in contact with as it is called for.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here. And yes Moses (One of the OWS whose prior identity has now been revealed)  is here, yes. And we are [to] continue in working with you, of course. And we have much to give on much of what you have been discussing, and all of this.

You are on a track now. You have changed direction you might say. But you have changed direction but we knew all along you were going to change direction. So only the James did not know this. We did not tell him. He had to come to this himself based on and following those of you that brought the understandings to this group to bring about this new direction or redirection here. Because yes it is true, we have said this before, and in some cases it fell on deaf ears because it was not time for this. It was not the Divine timing.

We did say that you do not know this group, or those that were with the James previously did not know how close they were to finding those records (speaking of Lemurian records that were secreted away). Finding those records within first, of course, and then finding the records that are there. And yes there are solid records there.

They are physical records but they are not accessible in your physical way of thinking here. They are not accessible to you in your third dimensional paradigm and within this illusion. You must step out of the illusion. You must step through the veil that is no longer there. And you must step through that and know that you have moved into higher vibrations and therefore a higher dimension, even if only momentarily, that you can slip from this 3rd dimension into the higher 4thdimension and even into the 5th dimension.

And at that time, in that moment that you have made that shift, that 90° phase shift in the moment, you will discover those records. That is a promise!

If you are able to come to that level of vibration, and yes, at that crescendo that is necessary to reach the highest of vibrations within you and feel the resonance inside of yourself from those vibrations of singing those chants. That will bring you to those tumblers as has been spoken of, which are in those readings as James has said. And they will be the key to take you to the next step that is awaiting you. And we speak of even beyond the records here.

All of this is a process. All is being orchestrated. And it is preparing you to be in the Divine timing that is necessary to uncover — or rather a better word here, ‘recover’ those records. Many of you that are in this group, both here in the room and on the phone, many of you participated in those ceremonies that were spoken of, that were read about here. Many of you were there. Only one of you was one that went into the cavern though, into the secret place of the thunder there. Cannot say who that one is but that one will come forward and be a part of your expedition there as you continue this process that was started long, long ago. It was started back in the Lemurian times and then picked up again in your 1960s with that other group and then picked up again in the early 1990s with the James and his groups and will be picked up again now with the group that will form for this purpose.

So much is in front of you. So much is possible and probable if you follow the guidance. Not the guidance from us — we will help to guide you, we will nudge you along — but the guidance from within each and every one of you and the trust that is necessary to be able to ascertain what will be needed to open the secret place there; to open the entrance; to open the entrance to your higher vibrational body at that point. Possibly needing to be an etheric body but we are speaking now of raising your physical body into higher vibration where you will then be able to open the seal and walk through it. And we say walk with your physical body. Okay?

Are there questions here now?


Q & A

Q:  So you said, if I understand correctly, that by increasing our vibration it allows us to access what is known as the physical record. And if we increase our vibration to fifth dimensional consciousness it allows us to access those records. So does that mean that we are changing our bodies to access the frequency of the fifth dimensional light body, creating more of a light body?

OWS:  [Inaudible] Yes in that moment when you are able to reach that crescendo you will have raised the frequency of your physical body to be able to step through the entrance. To be able to first ascertain where the entrance is directly, open it, and then step through it.

Q:  So will the physical body be transmuted into more of a light body?

OWS:  Not so much a light body but a facsimile of that we would say. The beginnings toward that. But not so that it will be permanent at that point. Just momentarily. We are getting here from the James he is sending us a book. It is the one where they had the manuscripts, they discovered the manuscripts. The Celestine Prophecy. It is certainly correct in that one of the manuscripts spoke … pardon here. Need to manipulate body. One of those manuscripts was speaking about the, you would say, disappearance. The movement from one frequency, level of frequency and dimension even, into a higher frequency a higher dimensional frequency at that point where they were able to disappear entirely from those who in that case wanted to bring them harm. And they disappeared and those that were the bandits or whatever you would call them were not able to find them and see them, even though they were right in front of them. This is what we are speaking of. If you have not read that book and you want to be a part of this expedition, this group, then it would be wise to know these things that we are speaking of so that you can then take this information and expand on it on the guidance from within your selves. Just as you were doing earlier when the James read from this reading that we gave in that time in the 60s, and are able, those of you here in the group were able to then expand on this and receive the guidance that you were getting which was coming from your higher selves predominantly. Does this answer your question?

Q:   The Ketto Shaman in Peru say that we are moving from Homosapien beings into Homoluminos. So will the discovery of these records be a conclusion to the next potential?

OWS:  Not to a conclusion, no. But it will be a step; a very important step, because this group is being prepared. We have said this many times: You have no idea yet how fully you are being prepared and what is yet coming and the power that you are now carrying each one of you. If you would but believe that which had happened last night as to be fully realized within yourself as a full reality. For it did happen and you did receive the anointing. And you did receive the power of the Holy Spirit or however you want to call it, the power of the force, the power of Source, the power of the comforter coming over you, whatever it might be. The power of Isis. Anything you want to call it. But you did receive it and you are carrying that now forward. You are no longer just anchoring the light you are now ready to spread the light fully. Spread the love, the consciousness.

And all of this was in preparation to the continuing of searching now for those records. Always though as first the records within. Finding those records, finding those memories, those remembrances. Remembering yourself in that procession in Lemuria; remembering being in that circle raising your hands to the Heavens to the Great Central Sun and chanting in one unison invoice. Chanting that you are sealing these records forever until the time comes around again when those that placed the records can return to recover them once again. And you those of you some of you within this group were those that were there. Many of you were there, we can tell you that. Many of you.

Why? This is why you have been drawn specially to this group because this is the James’s mission here to draw that — not only the 144,000 — but to bring back those that placed those records. To bring them back together so that this can go forward now. It was ended somewhat prematurely twice now. In the 60s and again in the early 2000s and we of course could not say anything or do anything to change that. That was their choice at that time.

 But now you all have a choice to be a part of this grand experience we will say. This grand experience. The finale, yes, the finale of those placing of the records long ago but it is not the finale of all finales. It is so much more yet to come. That is only a brief hint about what is yet coming. And it coincides directly with The Event, The Pulse of energy, The Event.

 In fact we will tell you this, we are getting permission to say this, you yourselves … ready for this? You yourselves as this group and going about this process can actually serve to bring about The Event faster. [Exclamations of astonishment] [Wow! Oh my gosh! Fantastic! Let’s roll!]

Q:  So by us getting the records is that a key to The Event to begin?

OWS:  No. It is not the key. For The Event will occur no matter what. But it is a key, as we are saying here, to maybe speed up the process a bit. To have a portion of bringing about the event a little bit sooner than it could be. You could directly affect the events … and pun intended there. Okay?

Q:  Because we’ve raised the vibration? [inaudible]

OWS:  That is only relative based on what you are calling short. Your ‘short’ is different than our short. Just as our ‘soon’ is different than your soon. You always must remember, we are mostly — except when we are here in physical body here on the planet — we are mostly in a place of no time. You see? That is also where you are moving toward. And in that timeframe when you are able to reach that crescendo you will then also move into that zero point, that no-time point, in that moment and reach the crescendo which is then that 90° phase shift that is required to open the entrance.

Q:[Asking if member could bring son on expedition to help him awaken.] Is this something you think might have some value?

OWS:  What we can tell you on this is if it is the right timing for this one to reach out and find himself or begin to remember who he is, then this is a possibility. But to push into this we would say no. It is not for you to direct this one to move into any direction whatsoever. That is his choice entirely and it must come into his own Divine timing.

Q:  Can you tell me if he is one of us? [inaudible]

OWS:  We cannot tell you at this point. No. This must come more as he would become involved here.

Q:  I know going there is very strenuous. I would love to go.

OWS:  We know what you are going to ask already and we will answer you. You, my dear sister, you are not meant to go and go through something so … what was your term earlier, arduous, strenuous. Although it is not so much. From our point of view it is not that bad. And from the James is also not that bad. From the Joanna … maybe another story! Therefore you must look at this from all points of view here. For you particularly, you are not ready for this. This would not be time for you.

But — and this is a big but people, (okay?) — you will certainly be a large part of this just by being who you are and where you are in the moment that they are there. Because even though you will not be physically there with them you can be there. And this goes for all that are not being coming directly a part of this, you can all be a part of this astrally, etherically as they are going about it. And as they are doing that chants down there and raising the crescendo, at the exact moment — and this moment will be given to you — you can then be also where ever you are joining in. You see? You see how this can work as a group fully together working as one as unison together? One spirit working together on the same goal. But the goal itself is not — even though James does not like hearing this — the goal itself is not finding the records. The goal is continuing the journey. You see?

And that was what you were going to ask, correct?

Q:  Yes. And I love you so much.

OWS:  And we you, as well.

Q:  I am doing every day Cloud, based on the Saint Germain book Advanced Alchemy. Is there any advice for me to increase the light in the cloud?

… I do the genetic light or should I state plenty problems on the planet and then push that light or any advice you can give me?

OWS:  Did not quite understand the full question here. You are speaking of St. Germain’s book on alchemy?

Q:  Yes. And every day I am creating the cloud of the full of light. Is there any advice for me how to increase the power of the light in general?

OWS:  Whenever you are working with the light it is important for you to know that you are the light. You see? It is not manipulating anything outside of yourself. You are not manipulating light outside of yourself or power outside of yourself, or even Elementals or anything of this nature outside of yourself. You are manipulating, or better yet, controlling the elements within yourself. The light is within each and every one of you. So do not think of it in terms of that it is coming from anywhere else but from within yourself. Does this help you?

Q:  I just want to touch a little bit on what Athena Rita just said because I feel her. I feel how much she really wished she wants to go but I totally understand why she can’t and I feel the same. Like I just want to go, yet I just physically can’t. So I feel like oh my God am I really contributing to this group because I can’t get to the Advances and I can’t get to this wonderful, wonderful mission they’re all going to go on. And I feel quite sad about it.

OWS:  My dear Riya, you have already come to the Advances. You have already been here with everyone. You have been one that has woken at all different kinds of your morning or whatever it might be when others would be sound asleep. And you have gotten on the phone and been a part of the connection with this group, more than you can realize at this point, how much you have brought to this group and how much this group has brought to you. So you have been here. As to being with those ones that are, we will use the word here and we do not want it to be misinterpreted though, but those that are ‘chosen’ to go on this expedition, this experience, because it is largely a chosen experience. You choose it first and then you see if it is possible for you to then be fully chosen to be a part of it. It is by Divine timing and Divine calling here. You understand this? We do not want you to misunderstand though. We do not want you to say, oh, the One Who Serves said that I can’t go. Do not do that because we will never say you can or cannot go. But you will realize from within yourself whether you are meant to go or not. If you can hear the voice within you that wee small voice within you telling you it will give you the understanding. Yes you need to go or no this is not directly for you at this time. But you will participate at the levels that we have already said. You see?

Q:  I just wish I could be there. I want to go, that’s the thing.

OWS:  You’ll be there in spirit.

You have a saying here: wish in one hand, spit in another and see which one gets filled first. [Laughter] Is that right? Wish all you want but now comes the part of going beyond the wishing and the intention. And if you were to intend to be here and that was fully your mission to be a part of this directly then you will be. You see how this goes? What will be will be, yes. Let it be.

Q:  I’m going to slide in on Riya and Rita’s questions. I really want to go and I’m pretty physically fit but I do have some knee injuries and an injured ankle and I broke some bones in my foot and I really want to go and I’m very active but I’m wondering if this arduous trip would be too much for me to go.

OWS:  We will tell you this. If you need crutches you cannot go. If you can walk you can go. In that understanding, you see? Now with that understanding also there is time. In your understanding of time you have time. You have time to not only rehabilitate yourself fully, but those of you that are somewhat lacking in the energy, or the tendency to become winded and that kind of thing, you have much time to prepare yourself for this. This includes this one we speak through. He is not in the best shape he ever was. [Laughter] And he knows this. And he knows that he must get on the stick too. [Inaudible] Whatever it takes. If you want to be a part of this then you will make it your intention. And just as those of you that said before you came to the Advance, before you agreed to and you did your RSVP and all of that, you said, “I don’t know if I can get there. I don’t know if I can afford it,” and all of these things. But you made a way. You created the way. And wherever there is a need you can create a way. You see? You must look at it in that respect. Where there is a will there is a way but where there is no will there is no way.

Q:  Or where there is doubt you sabotage your way.

OWS:  That is true.

Q:  I missed last night’s session because it was in the middle of the night for me. Will listening to the replay be good enough for me to receive the activation that everybody else received?

 OWS:  We can tell you if you go into this with the intention of doing so and the belief process is there, then the answer is yes. As we say many times there is no time. In this case we’re talking of time and space. So there is no time and space here. There is only what you believe. Believing is seeing. Understand?

Q:  And I will find out from the replay what this trip that everybody is talking about is going to because I don’t understand.

OWS:  Yes if that was recorded you will find out about this. And more information will be given over time period here. Please understand we are not dropping this anytime soon. This is going to become a part of this group expression. And it will not be fully taking up all your time, certainly, you will still have the program that you are on, but you will this will become a part of this expression. As those show more and more interest. As the intention raises here within the group. And if it is determined that there are enough and the right ones to go on this journey, continue this part of the journey, then it will happen. And as we are looking at this right now in this exact moment you are going. [Referring to the group, not the individual.] And not only are you going but you will be successful as we are seeing right now. [Applause]

Q:  Is it in South America?

 OWS:  It is in Mexico directly across the border from Arizona. More than that we cannot give. And we must be careful here that not too much information is given out over your internet or even over your phone system here. We have to be careful. Never will there be a hint of where it is or anything and we will ask all of you to do the same. Do not share any of this information as to hints that you receive or possible places where you will be, although the James already knows where the location is. He already has that. All that needs to come now is the opening of that area where the entrance is located. The unlocking of the Seal. There must be the going in again of the permission from the Guardians. They will remember but you must call upon their permission again to open it up.

Q:  I just remembered as well this Celestine Prophecy was made into a movie. If somebody doesn’t want to read the book they can download the movie.

OWS:  Yes. That is correct. Although the movie is not quite the same as the book in terms of that particular episode that we gave here. It is somewhat but it is much more profound within the reading.

Q:  About last night. The experience was different for me and I would love to know what that meaning was. I try not to nod out or phase out in the meditations but sometimes it does that to me and I’m just gone and then I wake up or come back. So what I heard last night was when Sananda came in he took over and the next thing … I didn’t remember anything about Mother Mary. Never saw her. Never heard anything. But instead there were here the roof opened up and a UFO came in, a spaceship came in. [Wow!] And it was like it just fit the house and it was hovering in here it was like a greyish metal, not very shiny, and there was a light beam that came down and it came onto the people. And I saw that afterwards when I came back — and I don’t remember what time I was back — that this had been the anointing. Can you fill me in on this?

OWS:  Yes. What you saw was the scout craft you might say, the smaller craft for Ashtar. [Exclamations of astonishment] We told you at Ashtar was here. Sananda said Ashtar is here as well as many, many, many others. All the angels, the archangels, they were all a part of this. There was even as one of you said there was a rapper here [Laughter] just wanting to check out the scene as Joy said.

Q:  What about the [inaudible] the sarcophagus of Isis?

OWS:  What about the sarcophagus?

Q:  Before the anointment I felt a real strong energy and I was kind of flying towards it and the very first thing I saw was a blue sarcophagus coming over my head. And that was it. And I [inaudible].

OWS:  We would say to you dear Viriya, you were certainly associated with those in the Egyptian times with the Ra Collective. You have a connection with all of this. You with the one Randi Joy here, and the Joanna, and many others here were a part of many different expressions and some of you were a part of this Ra expression. That being the ones that you know of now more fully as the Blue Avians that have come. And some call them the Guardians but there are also different levels of Guardians, we can tell you. And you were a part of this. This is why you are seeing this sarcophagus from the Great Pyramid and other areas there as well as we are finding it. And you have the

the expression of the remembrance from this. This is why you were seeing this. Because within that sarcophagus which you have been in before — not directly the one you are speaking of — but you have entered the sarcophagus before and had great expansion experiences similar to what you were talking about earlier as we are finding from the James in the ayahuasca and the magic mushrooms and all of these kinds of things similar to those mind expansion experiences that can come about from this. You see?

Q:  I have neuropathy real bad in my legs for the last two weeks. [Audio interference]

OWS:  There is breaking up here. Hold please. We cannot hear what you are saying. There is much interference. Please. There is echo and we could not understand the beginning of your question. Now try again here.

Q:  I have neuropathy in my legs. But the last two weeks

where I couldn’t hardly walk. Is that

or is it my neuropathy getting worse?

OWS:  As we look into this and we cannot give too much information on this there are limits that we have here. Certainly we cannot invade or directly influence you in any way. What is occurring with you is something there as most often happens, you have brought forth a pattern from past life experiences. And you have brought this pattern into this life and it has created the situation that you have now in your legs. What are the symptoms of this in your legs?

Q:  Oh I just have like cramping real bad and hurting. My legs have been hurting real bad.

OWS:  Yes. We could tell you this exactly what the source of this is but it would not serve your better, your benefit here. Because we could tell you but you must come to it on your own if you possibly can. In other words you can ask within yourself and ask for the answer that way. Or you can find someone that will do a past life regression with you and you will ask them. Or ask your higher self to take you back to a time where this pattern began. It began in a warring situation, in a battle situation. And you had an injury both to yourself and an injury that you created in another and the karma has carried forth from this. But it is a pattern that even in that time you continued from a time before that, and a time before that. So it is a pattern that you are holding onto.

Now with that understanding, if you were able to fully understand what we are saying you could then have the intention of that pain disappearing entirely. Because we have said many times here now that the karma from your past lives, for those of you the light workers, those of you the 144,000, is over. But it is only over if you believe it is over. So if you continue to have the programming there which is holding on to you here then this pain will continue until you do something about it.

You can go the direction the root of the medical profession but as you know that only works with the symptoms. That will never take care of the source. But the source of this is already within you. As a matter of fact, taking it further for all here, the source of all pain and suffering and all of that is already within each of you. You only need to either find it or just simply decide it is gone. It is that simple but your programming keeps it from being simple for you. It keeps it being very complicated. It keeps you thinking you need to take a pill for this and a pill for that or go for surgery here and there. What, in many respects, what barbarism that is to open yourself up with surgical techniques. At times it can be helpful but many times it is not necessary. But it is only necessary because the programming continues to make you believe that it is necessary and you stay within that.

As you continue to move up the vibrations, and we would say to you who has asked this question directly, there is another method that you can use here. And that is fully working on raising your vibrations regularly. Now we know that can be difficult within a pain situation. So first you must find a way to help to relieve the pain and then work on raising your vibrations as a regular occurrence each and every day more and more and more. And then you will find that the pain will subside because it will no longer be there. In fact, it will as if it was never there at all. How is that for an understanding?!?

Q:  Does a person have to ask for Divine Dispensation in order to get [inaudible]the karma cleared[???].

OWS:  If you are speaking of those that are out of the light worker community. As we say the karma is already cleared. It is only within that one that they need to continue to work on that programming. If you are speaking of those that are outside of this that still may be involved in the wheel of karma here, then for them you do need to ask their permission. Now you can ask their permission directly if you can, but if it is in a situation where they cannot answer you, for instance we are finding that you had discussion about coming upon someone who is injured say on the side of the road here and needs immediate attention. Do you wake them up out of their unconsciousness (which would be difficult to do) and ask them for permission or do you begin fully beginning to work on them and assist them in any way that you can? In the case of say blood pouring out of them, put a tourniquet on them. Would that hurt anything? No. It would not. It would help that individual or whatever it might be. So within the situation — this is how we are answering this — within the given situation you go within yourself and ask your own higher self how to proceed here. You can do that quickly in just a matter of seconds and then administer whatever it is. But in the case that we just gave, give immediate aid as you know how to do and ask for assistance in doing so.

Q:  I was wondering if you could give me a clue because I have a feeling that I have an up-coming mission. And I really do not have a clue on what it would be and I would like to be prepared.

OWS:  Dear Gene, we are so thankful and glad that you have joined this group in the timeframe that you have done so now. You and your lovely companion there have joined with this program and in doing so you received a message. You received a message directly from St. Germain who is very close with you and has been watching over you for a long time here and has been waiting for the opportunity to begin to more fully communicate with you. That was the beginning of this. And yes he sent it in a garbled message to you that it took the Moses — Moses, interesting how that works out [Laughter] — and it took the Moses here in your group to understand what that message was saying. And largely he got it very close to being fully accurate. A little bit off here and there but that is okay. So you have been drawn to this group purposely. You have a mission. You have a mission beyond this group but you have a mission also with this group and this communicating and connecting with this group in the way that you have already begun here. Much yet to come. And if you are one who is wanting to be a part of this expression of this expedition or this group going forward on this journey or is working with the records then you are one that is meant to do this. And that can be considered part of your mission within this group. More of that we cannot give you at this time. Okay?

We need to release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”


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STEVE BECKOW – A Candid Message – 2-3-18



I’ve now flushed the element of “financial stress” out of my system, tracking it all the way back to hatred of the father line.

I can now address the subject of finances honestly, without an air of alarm.

Which is good because, as it turns out, I need to have a heart-to-heart with you about the team’s financial outlook.

Processing my vasanas hasn’t changed that situation, just my reaction to it. Please allow me to speak candidly.

Suzi and anyone else can tell you that whoever has suggested to me that I charge for my books and articles has met the same response: No, I want my books and articles to remain free to everyone forever.  I don’t want any restrictions placed on getting this information out.

That has always removed the most obvious source of revenue from the team, but it has also meant that not even a child in Africa reading these books and articles on someone else’s computer is prevented from doing so by a lack of affordability.

We, other lightworker blogs, and similar lightworker communication services are operating on the frontiers of consciousness.

We, they – and you – are providing a model, a template not only for the New You, but apparently for other civilizations as well, as Sanat Kumara tells us.

“It is not simply an Ascension into the Fifth-Dimensional reality. It is to continue on and it is the freedom in form to be able to experience the different realities and dimensions.

“Now when that is anchored, the pattern, the repatterning, the grid, the model is set. And those planets who have had their own hurdles will then take the pattern, the energetic imprint of Gaia and the energetic imprint of humanity and be able to utilize that with their own populations so that they may rise back to the place of love, back to a place of greater consciousness.” (1)

They’ll go through this same Ascension that we’re going through at a later time, starting their planning by reviewing what happened here.

What you read here about clearing vasanas, forgiving everything, taking a stand, envisioning the future, etc., could be a starting point for other civilizations who study how purification or building a new world worked during a consciousness shift to a new domain.

Of course they’ll overtake us and extend the next generation’s understandings and we’re OK with that.

What allows us to carry on? It is your monthly donations.

They went down at Christmas time, which may be expected.

To those regular subscribers who continue, we thank you very much. You serve as the foundation for our continuity and we send you our love and blessings.

But we have to be clear that we already are at the end of our financial resources – loans, lines of credit, and credit cards maxed out, VND sold back to the bank, no savings anywhere, not even under the mattress.

We’ve had generous project donors for short periods in the past and it’s during those periods, as Suzi said, that you didn’t hear appeals from us.

But that time ended the better part of a year ago and since then we’ve watched the cupboard get more and more bare.

Rather than a fall in monthly donations, we need you to help us create a great increase.

If you’re looking for a role to play in building Nova Earth and have the means, consider a financial role. If you’re a man, think of the good shepherd, the good provider. If you’re a woman, think of investing in a future of gender equality, higher-dimensional love, and abundance.

Or think logistics. We’re on the frontline and you’re seeing that we have enough to keep going. That’s in effect what’s happening.

If you take us to J.J. Beans, buy us a cup of coffee. Buy us two a month and already you have $5 to donate.

Even $5 from a large number of you (tens of thousands every day read the blog) would make the difference between going on and having to throw in our cards.

Make a monthly donation to us – and/or other lightworker services, since we’re all in the same boat – to keep us going. Commit yourself to what we’re doing, where we’re leading, and what we’re inspiring in others, by making a monthly financial donation.

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And if there are any donors of significant means listening in and tapping their desk in contemplation, we welcome your assistance as well.

There are so many lightworker blogs and other outreach services that are languishing. If you’re considering your entry point, consider funding us and them.


We know that the Company of Heaven wants us to appeal to you, to stimulate the generosity muscle. And, OK, now we are. We get that this is part of the Plan.

In sum, we exist exclusively on your monthly donations. If you can give to the team through the Hope Chest to keep the team alive, we’re profoundly grateful to you.

Thank you for allowing me to speak candidly.


(1) Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, August 13, 2013, Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, at



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Steve Beckow – Creating the Hub – The Time Has Come – GoldenAgeOfGaia – 11-3-14

Kathleen and Julie

Please allow me to continue my remarks on the state of the lightworker community by looking at an idea that rearranged my commitment and my lightworker world-view.

Sometimes an idea comes along that crystallizes things, that shows up like the missing piece, the object of the Eureka! moment.

When Sitara in Bellingham explained to me her vision for what I call a “gathering place” – she might call it a “hub” or a “meeting place” – I knew I had just heard the answer to all the nagging questions in the back of my mind.

I acknowledge that Kathleen had heard the same idea from Julie in Seattle the previous night, but I wasn’t present to that conversation. Listening to Sitara was the first I’d heard of it.

Let me explain it this way. Until now, we lightworkers have been isolated and trying to relate our ideas to anyone who’d listen. We have missions to carry out but no one was listening. In fact we experienced ridicule quite often if we talked about our point of view.

Bellingham 1

We lacked the backing of a community. We lacked affirmation. We lacked influence.

But Sitara and Julie recommended that we abandon trying to influence society from a scattered position.

They advocated that lightworkers come together, in a common building, or in a close group of separate locations.  Instead of working in isolation, lightworkers would be invited to work together, to focus their love, to combine their voice.

Another lightworker on Whidbey suggested a global directory of lightworker services. That would be one of the useful tools for a connected lightworker community.  We’re considering providing that service but it very well may be beyond our current means. Someone else may need to do it in the end.

Building a hub would increase our confidence and lend us the support we need to make inroads in areas that remain Third-Dimensional.

Instead of positioning ourselves defensively and protectively, warding off ridicule, we could turn matters around. We could take the initiative, reinforce each other, and create momentum. Always peacefully and lovingly of course.

We could give each other mutual support, communicate with each other, share the burden and share the load when we work outwards from a central hub.

Sitara and Julie’s idea is the key to helping lightworkers to really get down to work dismantling the old order and ushering in the new. I recommend there be a “Hub” or “Gathering Place” in every city and town.

As Kathleen pointed out to me, the creation of a hub doesn’t have to wait for the garnering of a large building or series of buildings. Every meet-up is a “hub.” The central idea of it as that we now need to come together in groups.

Now is the time. As one lightworker put it: “So many hearts are opening up now and it’s important that we all connect.” I couldn’t agree more.

If we’re wondering what advantages we have, we have a team and we have a game plan. We may be the only group in town that does.

And we know that our plan is destined to work. In fact, it’s unstoppable in the long run. We know the direction society is headed in and what the rules of the game (the universal laws) are.

Our focused light and love may just be what’s needed to turn the tide on this planet from the violent, lower-dimensional behavior we’re addicted to to the noble, higher-dimensional behavior that the builders of Nova Earth are committed to introducing on this planet.

Coincidentally (as if there are any coincidences), just this morning I was reading an email from Inelia Benz where she announces that she will expand her travels around Europe at the moment, down to South America later.  The drive to meet and connect seems to be the order of the day.

Kathleen and I are already discussing our next venture, but it may have to wait. The farther we go from home, the more the costs go up (rental car being the main one). Nonetheless the urge is there and it must be coming from somewhere.

Steve Beckow – Why Processing is So Important – Releasing Your Reaction Patterns – Golden Age Of Gaia – 5-9-14

Happy 223Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

This article is very well contextualized by “Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young: Shifting With Grace and Ease & Becoming Your Own Hero” at

We’ve talked a lot about “processing.” What does that mean and why put emphasis on it?

Years ago we discussed how, if we did not cleanse ourselves of what I call our vasanas, (1) by which I mean our reaction patterns formed in childhood as a result of traumatic incidents that are carried in memory, we might have a rocky ride in the lead-up to Ascension and in Ascension itself.

At that time, there was no talk of a Tsunami of Love as a precursor to Ascension. But I now see that the need to clear vasanas relates as much to the Tsunami as to Ascension itself.

A few days ago, I had an experience of the Tsunami. The spiritual experience I went through was indeed actually a tsunami! The blue setting I found myself in buckled and burst and a wave of love arose which very quickly filled up everything.

I was not somehow swallowed up in this wave of love. It was not intrusive at all but very gentle and uplifting. So much for “drowning” in the wave.

And then it passed and I was back in processing leftover feelings again. No experience is lasting short of the Tsunami in full force and Ascension.  The Divine Mother told us on January 30, 2014:

“One drop of knowing the fullness of my love shifts you permanently, irreversibly. And yet I speak to you of a tsunami, of an ocean of love, of our love, to penetrate your core so that you may know not only how much you are cherished, but what you are truly capable of.” (2)

Unless we process these leftover blocks, barriers, and resistances, they’ll be the first things that come up in the face of increasing love.  We’ll need to clear them at that time, I think, and so processing them when they rise to the surface in everyday life is a good thing and the way to have them be gone.

Jesus in “Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Third Way” describes what this third way which I call “processing” looks like: I apologize for the lengthy quotation, but it’s very relevant.

“There is a third way – a third way to experience your own human emotions. The first way was to totally identify with your anger, as in the previous example. The second way was to crowd it out, to suppress it and to condemn it.

“The third way is to allow it – to let it be and to transcend it. That is what consciousness does. The consciousness of which I speak does not judge – it is a state of being.

“It is a way of observation that is at the same time creative. Now, many spiritual traditions have said: be aware of yourself, that is sufficient. But then you wonder: how can that be? How can the mere awareness of myself bring about change in the flow of my emotions?

“You have to realize that consciousness is something very powerful. It is much more than a passive registering of an emotion – consciousness is an intense creative force.

“Now imagine again that something in the outside world evokes a powerful emotion in you – for example, anger. When you deal with it consciously, you observe it fully in yourself. You do nothing about it, while at the same time you keep observing and watching.

“You no longer identify with the anger, you do not lose yourself in it, you just allow the anger to be what it is. This is a state of detachment, but a detachment that takes great strength, because everything you have learned seduces you into being drawn into your moods, inside the emotion of anger or fear. And to make it more complicated, you also get drawn into judgment about that anger or fear.” (3)

Awareness or consciousness is decidedly not neutral. I’ve spoken before about “painting with awareness.” (4) When we apply awareness to an unwanted feeling, it’s like painting on paint remover. It causes the feeling to lift, without leaving residue.

Eckhart talks about applying “presence.” Same thing. (5)

What I do is that, as Jesus said, I be aware of the feeling, rather than projecting it or interjecting (swallowing) it. If I abide long enough as this bare and basic awareness, the feeling not only lifts, but, if I’ve seen the process through to the end, the feeling mitigates and finally disappears, leaving me free of it (after repeated processing, that is).

And, yes, it does take great strength to do this. Feelings like anger, anguish and loneliness are very unpleasant to rest with. We squirm in the face of them and want to escape.

It’s counter-intuitive (6) to breathe into them and allow them to be, without running from them. But this is the way to release them. (You can also give them away to the Divine Mother, something that is working more and more these days.)

I not only “be” with the feelings, but I also ask the mind to throw up images that show me what earlier, similar incidents the feelings relate to. The mind is very obedient and throws up an image almost immediately and we’re to go with the first image it casts up.

But that image flies by our field of awareness very quickly and so we have to grab it. If we reject the first image, either no further image will come up or an image will that is not as relevant. So we have to be swift.

Once we’ve processed the feeling completely and it lifts, we’ve gotten rid of one more barrier to a smooth experience of the Tsunami or Ascension.

So this is what I’m doing and why I’m doing it so religiously. I’m clearing my memory banks of traumatic memories to ensure a smooth passage later.

I’m clearing the musculature of the body of its holding patterns if what I’m doing is clearing a surface feeling, embedded in the body’s muscles.

And lately I’ve also seen that if I allow the traces to remain, the so-called subterranean feelings, they then sprout again into a full-fledged surface feeling.

So that’s what processing means and why I do it and why it’s so important as we prepare for the full-fledged Tsunami and Ascension.



(1) See all the articles under “On Processing Vasanas” at

(2) “The Divine Mother: My Tsunami of Love Will Shift You Permanently,” Feb. 1, 2014, at

(3) “Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Third Way,” Jan. 26, 2014, at

(4) “Painting with Awareness: Dealing with the Most Common Obstacle to Ascension” at

(5) “Eckhart Tolle: Living in Presence With Your Emotional Pain Body,” Oct. 14, 2013, at

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Becky Barnica, Spirit Science – We Are Made of Light – Scientific Evidence – Golden Age Of Gaia – 4-29-14


Thanks to Georgina.

By Becky Barnica, Spirit Science – April 18, 2014 –


A biophoton or Ultra-weak Photon Emission, (UPE) is a kind of light particle that is emitted by all living things. Though it exists in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum, in order for us to see it, our eyes would have to be about 1,000 times more sensitive.

While we can’t see them with our eyes alone, technology has given us a glimpse and what it’s shown us may have a profound impact on us all.

Biophotons were first thought to be merely the byproduct of metabolic chemical reactions. That idea is being challenged with an exciting theory that claims biophotons have a much larger role to play when it comes to our physiology and quite possibly our consciousness as well.

Experiments are showing that biophotons (UPEs) can be captured and stored inside of cells and can even travel through our nervous system; suggesting that biophotons might provide a way for cells to transfer energy and communicate information. It’s has also been suggested that UPEs might even have properties which help us to visualize images.

This makes sense considering how we’re creating computers. All computers are is silicon crystal chips which we pass light through to relay 0′s and 1′s. (Light on, Light Off). The first computer was literally built with a lightbulb and these punch-cards which had holes in them, which is how we would program computers.

Today, our computers are far more advanced, and yet at the core, the electrical information we are passing through computers today is still a form of light. Now our sciences are revealing humans work the same way, and Light carries information through our brain, nervous system, and even our DNA.

Yep! Scientists are finding that our DNA is a strong source of UPEs, it communicates with and is created from light itself! It’s been observed that DNA produces extremely high biophoton emissions and has excimer laser-like properties. Excimer lasers (or exciplex lasers) are special lasers consisting pseudo-molecules that only exist in a highly excited state and emit light in the ultraviolet range.

If that wasn’t cool enough already, scientists have also discovered that not only do we emit light, we have the ability to affect it with our thoughts alone. In a recent study, participants were placed in a darkened room and asked to visualize a bright light. When they did this, they were able to increase their levels of biophoton emissions significantly, showing that our intentions have an influence on light itself!

In conclusion, Light appears to be a fundamental part of our being. It’s hard-coded into our very bodies to function directly with, and through – light. On top of that, the fact that we can affect light with our intentions alone… outstanding! It would appear those new age hippies are right when they say we are all beings of light.



Ascension – Launch of the Tsunami of Love – Golden Age Of Gaia – 3-26-14

Wave of Love 33


Archangel Gabriel and the Divine Mother address the team gathered around Linda Dillon to help her publicize the Tsunami of Love. As far as I’m aware, that whole team is female; hence the reference to “my beloved girlfriends, women of power, women of might.”

The Tsunami of Love is building gradually at the moment but it soon won’t be as gradual. Keep in mind that we’re in physical bodies and it wouldn’t be feasible to simply hit us with more than the body can bear. Nevertheless, even when it begins in strength, it will still come in waves.


Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, angels and archangels, beloved brothers and sisters of the stars, ascended masters, saints, Council of Love, we come together today as sisters and as one team, as one circle, as one family of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. We offer ourselves, not only as New You but as the wayshowers and anchors for the Mother’s Tsunami, for the title wave of change, of opening, of new beginnings, and shift in the collective of humanity.

We stand here or sit here on behalf of billions, literally, and we ask for your presence, for your guidance, for your protection, for your love and light and the full infusion of the Mother’s clarity and purity and love. We release, with the biggest whoosh ever, our intentions, our actions, our prayers, and our prayer for unity to the collective, to humanity, to the planet.

Please guide us, each one of us and as a circle, forward in this sacred undertaking. Please sustain us, grant us patience and stamina, laughter and play, fortitude and endurance, compassion, attraction and understanding. We stand here, we sit here, as the servants of the Mother and we ask for your blessings, for each one of us and for all.

Let this communiqué go forth and touch and open the hearts of everyone. Amen.

Channeling:  Archangel Gabrielle

Greetings, I am Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And here I am again, yes, speaking to my beloved sisters, my sisters of hope and my sisters of change, my sisters of communication. You have known of the message when I spoke to Mary long ago and the message was one of love.

And it was that she would bear a son of love to bring forth and to teach, with his circle, with his disciples, with his family, with his community, the messages of love, of trust, of forgiveness and yes, dear hearts, of action.

This was a gift, not only to Mary but to the world and the world, and I use that in terms of the human collective, continues to receive that gift to this day as it does through many of the other masters, the Buddha, Maitreya, Francis, Catherine, Teresa. The list is endless, you only know a few of them but, dear heart, they are lined up.

So now, what do I bring you this day other than our gratitude and congratulations? What I say to thee this day is, “This is when the Mother begins to express her gratitude and repayment of love for that gift that she received and that each of you received so long ago.” It is the return of that cycle of love. It is the beginning of a new cycle of a higher octave of being, but it is also first, and this is what you are doing, the completion of that cycle.

So it is appropriate that I get to speak to you on this day that some Roman Catholic priest has chosen as the Annunciation Day; but I will take it, I will take it gladly and I will announce to you and to all that the flood of the Mother’s love has already begun. Many of you already feel this; it is gentle, it is penetrating.

What confuses us, and yes, human beings then and now still have the grand capacity to confuse us, is why any of you, particularly lightworkers, would wish to avoid embracing, jumping in the wave, the surfboard of our beloved Lily, named after me, why would any choose to naysay or avoid it? That is ridiculous.

This will go forward the way it is planned. And as you well know there are many plans above and below that have gone awry but this is not one of them. And I say to you that it is not one of them because we are in this sacred partnership of union.

You, my beloved girlfriends, women of power, women of might, you have chosen and declared yourself in partnership with us and we with you. You are not merely the anchors, you are not merely the conduits or the communicators, you are the tsunami and the more that the human beings recognize that they not only receive, they become the tsunami, the more rapid the change will be. And might I say dear hearts, it is about time.

I come this day to bring you the Mother’s blessings but rather than speak on her behalf, I also step aside. But I embrace you and I give you my golden bubbles of joy and I give you my gold of stamina, of courage, of valor, of right. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon  03-25-14
© 2014 Council of Love

Channeling:  Universal Mother Mary (Divine Mother) (1)

I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of Joy, Mother of Change and Mother of Constancy, Mother of Continuity and the continuity, my sweet daughters, is in the love. And it was true thousands of years ago and it is true this day. No matter what else has transpired upon our beloved Gaia, and there has been a lot of hatred and greed, control, mayhem, chaos. What has endured?

Empires have come and gone, mountain ranges have come and gone, what endures is love. What counts? The inner workings of your very core is the yearning for love, for sacred union with yourself, with us, and with each other and that is what you have and you are accomplishing, not only with each other, but with all of the collective and in my name.

I was not outspoken enough when I was the mother of Yeshua, first accused of being a harlot, a sinner, demented, then fearful for my child’s protection, our place in the community. I did not wish him to be shunned or killed. But I could have been stronger. Yes, everyone thinks I was a strong and steady hand, a good influence, but I tell you, I could have said and done more. Would the outcome eventually been the same? Yes. But this is so often the case in human affairs that people, out of the best intentions and out of love, hesitate to speak up, to speak the truth and what is truly important; not in the matters of bank accounts or power or position in society. But the truth


Archangel Michael – Swept Away in a Tsunami of Love, Part 2 – Steve Beckow – Golden Age Of Gaia – 1-11-14

The first thing on my mind....

Golden Age Of Gaia

(Continued from Part 1.)

In this second part of An Hour with an Angel for Jan. 9, 2014,  Archangel Michael discusses the tsunami of love and the recent disconnect between Matthew and Jesus. Thanks to Ellen for a rapid turnaround.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Archangel of peace, warrior of love, and yes, welcome to you, welcome to each and every one of you. Welcome, my beloved friends, my dear family, and might I say my fellow light warriors, my fellow lightworkers, my fellow love-holders, because this is who you are. Yes, you are wayshowers. You are pillars. You are gatekeepers.

None of this disappears, dear friends. It is not a title or a job description that you are given for a brief period of time. It was a piece of information, insight into the clarity and the purpose, the makeup, the essence of who you are. And in that, might I say to each and every one of you, whether you realize it, whether you always consistently see it or not, you are magnificent.

The channel, Linda, has skipped something that I would like to add to this conversation about channeling and what it means. It is not only our opportunity, our joyous opportunity, to speak and to communicate with you, it is also a gift to us. It is a gift, a joy, a pleasure to be able to reach you in this way, during this time of transition, where perhaps you do not always hear us with your auditory or telepathic receptors as clearly as we would like you to. Because our desire, dear heart, is to communicate with you, clearly, concisely, and to touch your heart, to open your heart and to allow you to know, not in a general way but in a very deeply personal way, how much you are loved, how deeply you are valued.

And through this medium, through these conversations that we have, both here on this platform and yes, on the blog platform, we are able to do that. And we are also able, telepathically, spiritually, and yes, through my dear friend, cohort, and fellow partner, Steve, to be able to address what is in your hearts and what is in the forefront of your mind.

We do not ignore your mental and emotional body or your needs and desires, particularly your desires to co-create Nova Earth, cities of light, cities of love, peace on Earth. This is where we meet in our goals and service, our mission to the Mother.

So, we welcome the channeling as much as you do. It is a shared joy.

Soon — and yes, I know how many of you dislike this word ‘soon’, but in this situation I cannot say next Tuesday or February, but very soon — let us say in a timely, very timely manner, you will be swept away in the tsunami of the Mother’s love, in the tsunami of awakening.

Now, you have been, my brothers and sisters, in the process of awakening for years, and very intensely over the past two years, but yes, of course there is more to come. And what lies ahead, even what is in the guise of momentary chaos is sheer delight. It is what your heart, your soul, your mind and your body have yearned for, and what many of you, literally some of you by your nails or the skin of your teeth, have been hanging on for.

What is the tsunami of love? It is the outpouring of the essence of love from the Source, from the Creator, the Unified One that has been the creative force for the creation of many, many universes. Now you know, again, particularly over the past couple of years, that you have been actively and consciously receiving increases in your vibratory frequency, in your ability to hold and maintain more light, higher frequency, more love. And this is not simply a tsunami or an outpouring that is occurring, well, out of the blue — but in fact it does come out of the blue! But let me explain.

You have been prepared through the original 11/11, 12/12 and all the repetitions of that, through the increases that we have given you, that your star brothers and sisters have given you, the diligent work, whether you know it or not that your own circle of guides and masters have been giving you. You were given the blue diamond of the Mother, her very essence, but it was like a drop in the Pacific Ocean. But you were given this to ignite your healing, individually and of the collective, long ago, a decade ago.

Now you have been given, and you are continuing in the receiving of, the Mother’s gift of clarity, and even more importantly, shall we say, the twin, purity, which carries with it wisdom and truth. You know this. But these are all, yes, pre-requisites.

They expand you, they allow you to feel in different ways, experience in different ways, and enter into the truth of the human experience as it was intended for the collective. And many of you are experiencing this. And for this we say alleluia.

Has it reached the fullness of what is required? No. But it is sufficient that this outpouring of love onto the planet will not disassemble or overwhelm you to an extent that you could not maintain or stay in your body, because, of course, the entire purpose of this glorious Ascension is that it is being done while maintaining the physical vessel, which is something that is brand new.

Do you know, my family, how rare something new is throughout the multiverse? It is rare and it is precious. And therefore it is being very carefully monitored. I wished to say orchestrated, but that would give you the impression that it is us simply doing to, and that is not the nature of this unfoldment.

We have shared our hearts; we share our hearts every night. And when you speak, whether you are speaking to me or to Gabrielle or the Mother, understand, we hear you and we answer; one of us always answers. But let me get back to the point — we have spoken of a series of events.

Now, let me use an analogy, and an analogy that the child within you can grasp, embrace and get excited about. If the carnival, the fair, was coming to town, there would be a series of events. There would be the clearing of the park or the land, and then there would be that magical night when all the vehicles — the trucks, the tents, the workers — would arrive and begin construction. And then there would be opening day.

Well, what you have been waiting for, basically, is opening day. But from our perspective, the clearing of the land, the preparation, the arrival of the equipment, the delights of which you are about to enjoy, have need to be delivered.

And how have they been delivered to you? In a series of events. And many of them are what you think of as intangible, such as the gifts of the Mother. But what I ask of you this day is to consider with me how those intangible events, such as the gift of clarity, how they have been and are being translated into tangible gifts, openings, understandings, relationships, creations, better work within your life.

So often you say to me, “Michael, please give me a sign.” And then what do we do? We assist the Mother and we amplify her gift of clarity. And you say, “Well, that isn’t exactly the kind of sign I wanted. I want something that I can see and touch and taste.”

But dear heart, those transformations into what you think of as tangible, touchable, tasteable human experiences or circumstances are taking place. It is a very big carnival. It is a very big fair. And part of our job, as well as the job that your star brothers and sisters have volunteered for and been fully involved in for hundreds of years, is to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

So, do not think that the day of the tsunami is not at hand. And will it sweep you away with love? Will that sense of the creative force of all be overwhelming? Yes. Will it be sweet? Yes. Will it anchor firmly and permanently within your being? Yes.

Now, dear Steve, I know you have a million questions for me.

SB: Well, you know, Lord, I suspect that I’m getting a download because I’m almost awash with bliss here. It’s very hard to do a radio program when you feel as blissful as I do. You almost forget what it is you’re doing. If this is a foretaste of the tsunami of love, it’s wonderful.

AAM: And this has been my goal this day, to give you a wash, all of you, to feel our love.

SB: Uh-hunh. Very nice. Well, let me get out of the way a question that I feel obliged to ask you. And I hope we can manage the matter successfully and happily.

There’s a question that has drawn a certain amount of lightworker attention recently, and there’s an aspect of it that concerns me, which is why I raise it with you.

We’ve had reports from Jesus that he was crucified, and reports from Matthew Ward, who recently revealed he was St. Matthew, that Jesus was not crucified. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for having two versions, but the versions that we have before us so far are mutually irreconcilable.

And so, initially, I’d like to know what the explanation of this is. What are we dealing with here? But I’d also like to know, it puzzles me that the Company of Heaven would allow there to be two different versions circulated, because surely that would confuse lightworkers.

So, if you can comment on this situation and help us to understand it, I’d very much appreciate it.

AAM: First of all, I have need to say that I have no intention, as the channel knows, of declaring that one is right or one is wrong.

SB: Yes, I understand.

AAM: Because regardless of whether you are talking about Jesus or Matthew it reflects back to the channels, both who have been diligent in their service and their lightwork.

SB: I agree.

AAM: And we would never wish to cast aspersions on either one of them. But let us also say this — and you may have a small chuckle: Matthew and Jesus, Yeshua, often disagreed.

SB: [laugh] That is a chuckle.

AAM: And sometimes still do! You have an expression on Earth where you say to somebody, “You are killing me!” And the other person will say, “That didn’t hurt.” Well, it is not in that vein. But let us suggest that the view of Matthew is one that you, yourself hold dear.

SB: Oh, yes?

AAM: And that is that there is no such thing as death.

SB: Yes.

AAM: So there is always a continuity of the being, of the spirit, of the essence. But I would also suggest that Yeshua, Jesus-Sananda, in the fullness of himself, and in the emanation that you know as Yeshua, is very clear about what has transpired to him, to his family, to his community, and not.

Let us be very clear about this. The death, what you have thought about as a crucifixion of Yeshua, was not really the highlight of that life. Many were being persecuted, and crucifixion, not so brutally, but certainly crucifixion was a regular occurrence under the auspices of the Romans. It was very brutal and barbaric, but it was not the point of the life of Yeshua, because he did not in any way think that the death or the passing was an issue.

Now, was he sorry, as a man, as a father, as a husband? Yes, but he also knew there is no such thing as death. Did he continue on to do other things? Of course he did, but not in that form.

But let us talk about this. Each of you is given this disparity so that you can discern. It isn’t a test that we give you. It is simply a difference in perspective. So what speaks to your heart, dear one? What helps you with your journey? That is the question.

SB: Uh-hunh. Well, thank you for that.

So you’re saying that the tsunami of love is beginning and we’re about to step into a circumstance that possibly could be discombobulating for people. How should we maneuver, how should we navigate this wonderful event that we’re about to walk into and participate in?

AAM: Go with it. You have various things at your county fair, do you not, or other forms of amusement where you will begin a process of going down a chute or a roller coaster ride? You don’t jump off halfway. You don’t stop the water slide halfway.

Once it begins, dear heart, you have need to simply breathe deeply, extend your heart, know that you are not in danger, that this is what you have worked, prayed and prepared for, and allow the expansion, the lightness, to come.

That expression that you have, “the lightness of being,” that is what you will experience. But do not fight it. Simply allow it. So if it means that you are so overwhelmed, blissed out, that you cannot go to work that day, then stay home. If you feel that you cannot put one foot in front of another because you are in what you may feel is an altered state, then do so.

Now, understand, also, that pretty much everyone upon the planet is going to be feeling the same way. So it is also a day where there is elimination, absolute disposal of many of your previous concerns, judgments or fear.

So let me be very practical in this. For many of you, my sweet angels, you would wake up or you would be getting ready for work, and you would say, “I am just so full of love that it makes the importance and the potential of being able to drive to work safely impossible.” And then you would try and do it because you would be concerned about letting someone down, not being responsible, being in trouble, being docked a day’s pay. Put all that aside and allow the energy to do its transformative work.

We are speaking of an outpouring from the Mother. There is nothing more important, not in this or any other life.

SB:  In previous times, if we felt afraid, that could block love. But at this time, this love seems to be dissolving fear. Is that correct?

AAM: That is absolutely correct, and that is why we are using the term of tsunami, and even the term of storm, of sailing, of moving from the North Atlantic to the placid crystal cove. So, yes, it is pushing it out so that you look at it and you may think, “I used to be afraid. I should be afraid. I am not afraid,” because that is the residual illusion of the old third, and it is being swept away.

SB: Wow.

AAM: That fear has never been part of who you truly are. So the Mother’s love is pushing it, dissolving it, not simply leaving it on a distant shore, but completely eliminating it.

SB: Now, when you say expansion, we have our own everyday understandings of expansion. But what I’ve noticed as I expand is that new potentialities come into play, potentialities I wasn’t aware of. So, as we’re expanding in the tsunami of love, will there also be these new potentialities coming into play, things that we never even suspected were there?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Could you talk about that a bit please?

AAM: It is as if you have been looking at a very narrow piece, and all of a sudden your field of vision and your field of what is the potential to experience, to create, to co-create, what is open and available to you is broadened one thousand, two thousand, twelve thousand-fold.

SB: It’s a rather unique kind of experience, because initially one doesn’t know if one’s imagining this or if this is really true. Is this a new faculty that I have, or a new area that’s opening to me? So there is this moment at which one kind of hesitates and says, “Gee, I don’t know what to think right now.”

AAM: And that is all right. All you have need to do, all we would ask you to do — and do not think, for one moment, my beloved ones, that we will not be in full attendance, because that would not be so — so, when you have that moment, then do not feel that you need to push forward. But also know there is a plan!

SB: Yes.

AAM: You have first and foremost been given the gift of clarity. So the clarity is already anchored and anchoring more deeply within you every moment. So that fuzziness that you are referring to would not be at the same level as it might have been previously. But if you experience these moments of, “My goodness, I think I could do this, and this is how,” and you experience a download of how everything would occur, right down to the finest detail, just breathe, sit with us, allow it to anchor into your bones and then go forward. Confusion is a part of fear.

SB: Um-hmm. There are some people who will recall, for instance, Jesus saying to the man who wanted to bury his father, “Let the dead bury the dead. Come with me. This is your only opportunity.” They might think, “Well, gee, if I hesitate now, if I rest in confusion or if I back away, I’ve missed it. I’ve lost my chance.” Is this the case?

AAM: No. Now, let us explain. If we were having this conversation, in your time, oh, a year and a half ago, then there was a chance that perhaps that would have occurred. Do not forget that humanity made the collective decision [to ascend together], which strengthened our partnership. That is what the game changer was.

There have been several [game-changers], but that was pivotal. You said you wished to do this as a collective, and so the Mother is not so narrow as to say, “We will only give you a five-minute window of opportunity. Make up your mind.” So some will feel the full force of the tsunami. Some may feel it but feel like they are a cork bobbing on the ocean.

What you have need to do is continue to breathe, to anchor, to trust and simply allow this to merge with you. We do not remove the opportunity or the opening.

Are there some upon your planet, upon sweet Gaia, who will still say no? Yes. There are. Will they say no in that wash of love?

Dear heart, we are the fortunate ones, and we know that. Because we experience, know, live, connect, unify with that love of the Mother constantly. It is a never-ending flow. It is what sustains us. Do we have what you think of as unique natures? Yes, we do. But we are completely unified in that love. So when I speak to you of this I am also speaking to you of something that we have constant experience of.

Now, it would be a rare human being, or hybrid, that would ever say no to this. Is it possible? Yes. Because the Mother will not suspend, in this situation, free will.

So what occurs in that situation — well, you are simply swept up in a tsunami of love back home.  You surrender your body.

Is it guaranteed? Yes. That everyone will receive? Yes. Will some choose to say, “Oh, no, thank you”? Yes. But that decision, that choice also has the ramification — and we’re not talking five minutes here — but it has the ramification of consequently not being able to live on Nova Earth, renewed Gaia, because it is in a vibration of this higher realm of love. So if you do not want that within or without, it is not that we are going to alter the universal law.

If the choice is to reject, to say, “No, I don’t want this,” which to us is inconceivable, then it is not that they don’t receive it. It is simply that it sweeps them out of their body back home.

SB: Hmm. Okay. Well, in the midst of this tsunami of love, a very real and practical event probably will happen, and that is probably the Reval. So, here we are, swept off our feet in love and in some circumstances that actually need handling. How does being in a tsunami of love affect the need to make practical decisions?

AAM: It does not incapacitate you indefinitely. For some of you, it may be hours or minutes or days, but you emerge from the waters, the waters of life, the waters of love, transformed.

So it is a form of cleansing, but restoration, recovery, rejuvenation. So you emerge from those waters better prepared, more acutely aware, more able to multitask, more competent to see the bigger picture of your actions, the ramifications of your actions, the clarity of what is really required.

So it is helpful. So you find yourself in a position where in fact it is as if you have had the best night’s sleep ever, and you can jump out of bed ready to go.

SB: Okay. But now, given what you’ve just said, it seems to be implied that while the tsunami of love, as I have been considering it so far, is going to happen over time, this actual immersion in the waters, then emergence from the waters, will be an event of some short duration. Is that correct?

AAM: Once the tsunami starts, it is not designed, it is not the Mother’s plan to incapacitate you. Now, will there be that moment, of “Ah! Oh!” bliss? Yes. And for some, depending on their makeup, it may be rapid, or it may be brief.

But even if you are in the tsunami for a lengthy period of time, dear heart, you will be able to navigate. What you are concerned about is, “Do I lose my capacity to operate? Do I lose my sensibility?” And the answer is no. It is increased.

SB: Okay. But the actual tsunami itself, will that go on over a week’s time, or two weeks’ time? Or a shorter time?

AAM: The initial outpouring will be brief. But we have used the analogy of a tsunami in a purposeful way, because you know that a tsunami approaches, withdraws, approaches, withdraws.

So it is not a destruction. It is a creation. It is a destruction of the old, yes, a clearing and a washing away.

The initial tsunami will be brief. We will say, hmm, about a 24-hour period in your reality. Then there will be another wave, and then — and you will adjust — and then, another wave.

Will you all be in angelic form? No. But will you be in the form that, like us, you are anchored in that constancy of the love? Yes. So there won’t be a need for a continuation of the tsunami because you will have already absorbed it.

SB: That’s very interesting. Now, externally in the world after this event, what can we anticipate? Will things happen right away, or will there be gradual examples of more love and peace?

AAM: In fact, we anticipate — and we know that the human beings have the capacity to constantly surprise us, but from where we stand, in this eternal now as you would call it — we suspect and anticipate that peace will reign rather rapidly, that people cannot continue to hold up their guns, their swords, their drones, their missiles and be in the love. We are talking widespread laying down of arms.

SB: Wow.

AAM: Including those who would make such orders. Because, all of a sudden, you have realized what you are doing. And it doesn’t come that it is a harsh judgment of yourself, or an anathema, it is simply, “I can’t do that!”  It is an incapacity to continue violence.

SB: Is the ability to benefit from the tsunami of love restricted by — and I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying this —but by extent of intelligence, or by means, or by any external factor or previously considered disability, or any of these factors? Would any of these factors prevent a person from fully participating in the tsunami of love?

AAM: Absolutely none. Say one is disabled mentally, or emotionally disabled, or of a lesser intelligence — and we are using your terms — then, in fact, it is more welcomed. Because these beings, these souls, know how they have been trapped.

So if there is any, what you are calling a barrier to acceptance, it is those who come from a very high place of self-importance and ego. It is the ones who think that they are already gods, but when they experience the truth of the God-love, of the Creator-love, there will be a moment not of sorrow, but certainly of acknowledgment and shaking their head, thinking, “Oh, I really didn’t know very much, did I?” And then a gentle sponging… think of the sponge, of simply drinking in as much as you possibly can.

SB: Let me ask you another even more difficult question. In the case of a person who’s deeply affected by cancer, very deeply affected by cancer, and they’re open to all of this that’s happening, what would be the impact of the tsunami of love on that person?

AAM: There it depends on the individual. But they will have the opportunity to be healed, because that is what love does, it re-creates. It is recovery.  It is rejuvenation, or they will be swept away home in a blissful state.  And that would be the individual choice.

SB: Now, just to confirm again, I think you said earlier in the show that this is happening soon, not weeks and not months in the future, but soon. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So how should we prepare for this?

AAM: You are preparing. My sweet listeners, yes, that I reach out to and call family, you have been diligent in your preparations. Oh, could they improve? Yes. There is always room for more! Even with us, there is always room for more. You have pointed that out to us time and time again, that we could be clearer, we could be more proficient, we could be faster in delivering.

So there is always room for more. But understand, you are preparing, consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously. Our guidance and our deep request to each and every one of you, each in your own way, is please, do your work.

Now, what do I mean by that? You are reading information. You are listening to this show. You are doing your meditations. You are doing whatever clearing is necessary. You are working with the violet flame, the blue flame, the pink flame, the golden flames. You are working with the energies that are available to you. You are following your own sacred practice, and you are surrendering.

When an idea comes to you, an inspiration — and it can be as simple as, “I need to make time today for me. I need to clear my schedule. I need to have two, three hours to simply meditate and talk to my guides, to just be filled with their love.” “I need to eat green today.” “I haven’t had enough red in my life.” When you are receiving these, this is your work. This is your real work. This is your preparation. So do not ignore it. Do not say, “Oh, maybe I can do that on the weekend.” There is an immediacy to what we are speaking of this day.

The Mother and all of us have said to thee, the time of waiting is over. Now, what does this mean? It means that on our side that many of the hitches, glitches, delays and frustrations that you, and we, have experienced, albeit in very different ways, are over.

So you are not waiting on the Company of Heaven. But it also means, sweet angel, that the waiting on your side is over. So we are encouraging you, we are begging you, jump into action, not from a place of neediness, but from a place of joy, of celebration of this expansion that you are experiencing.

So when you would say, prior to now, “Oh, I will try to get to it next week, or maybe on the weekend. Or maybe if I call a friend we can arrange some time this month to get together and meditate,” no. Do it now.

SB: All right. And I suppose this will be my last question, Lord, but is this part of the Olympic sprint to Ascension?

AAM: It most certainly is. So, grab your torch and run.

SB: Wow, and this is not a relay either, is it? This is every person in the race.

AAM: That is correct. It is a collective race. And we are running and flying and lifting you up. Come with us.

And go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.

Steve Beckow – One Year into the Golden Age – Golden Age Of Gaia

21_12_12 34

Steve Beckow   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

It’s been a full year since Dec. 21, 2012, the solstice, what we believed was the day of our Ascension. And what a roller-coaster ride it’s been.

I don’t intend to review the year’s events but just to discuss the matter of Ascension itself.

I remember how surprised I was to hear Matthew Ward say just prior to 21/12/12: “Those who are expecting a dramatic event to occur on December 21st [will be surprised] when nothing of dynamic proportions happens that day or any other in that same narrow timeframe.” (1)

I probably should not have been. This statement was no different from what Matthew had been saying for some years previously:

Feb. 14, 2010: “The usual date of December 31, 2012, will be much like the previous and the following days – that is, except for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The differences between life in this moment and in the Golden Age will be amazing and magnificent, but life will not differ dramatically from one day to the next as Earth continues on her journey through fourth density and on into fifth.” (2.)

Aug. 13, 2010: “Please remember that ascension is a process that has been ongoing for about seven decades, so do not expect a dramatic occurrence to herald the first day of the Golden Age. January 1, 2013, often considered to be The Date, will be little different from the day preceding or following it.” (3)

Jan. 15, 2011: “To dispel beliefs born of misconceptions, we start by assuring you that all essential reforms to rid your world of darkness will be completed in good time and in stages, not in one fell swoop at the end of calendar year 2012. Nothing profound will happen immediately prior to Earth’s entry into her Golden Age; the last days of 2012 will be similar to the first days of 2013.” (4)

The Company of Heaven recognized our disappointment. Saul said:

“Many of you are feeling tired, angry, and depressed, almost as though you had been short-changed, conned, or even swindled by those who are telling you of the wonders that await your awakening. It seems that you have been waiting and waiting and waiting. The waiting seems to have been interminable, so it is no wonder that you are feeling upset and that your doubts and anxieties have been intensifying.

“However, the end is in sight, and the joy that will replace your present life experience will cause you ecstasy as you finally understand completely what has been going, and why.” (5)

SaLuSa also encouraged us:

“It is pleasing to see how quickly you have set aside your disappointment at the nature of Ascension as experienced on the 21st December. After such a long period working towards it, it is natural that you expected it to lift you up considerably more than it did. Yet you have been lifted into a higher vibrational level as some of you are now realizing.”  (6)

And Sanat faced into the issue with the greatest candor:

“It is important that we talk about this issue of disappointment, discouragement and need. Yes, even on this side, we understand what human need is. And injury. And that is far more important than simply rushing ahead and pretending that this didn’t happen or didn’t work. …

“You are turning to us and saying, ‘What you have promised has not come through, and what you are giving us is not enough.’ That message is heard and acted upon, in ways that are different for each one of you. Yes, including and before and after the healing that needs to take place. What you feel you are doing is working with a fractured relationship, a relationship in which you have been promised that you will ascend.” (7)

He revealed that the Company of Heaven thought it best not to warn us:

“So why did we not warn you that you might be disappointed? Because the energy, the forward thrust of what you were creating together with us, was so strong that we had no desire, particularly in the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, to say, ‘Wait a minute, and stop. Let us take time out and breathe.’ Because that would have … hmm … you have a saying, ‘put a wrench in the works.’” (8)

The postponement wasn’t sought by the Company of Heaven this time. Apparently, at a soul level, we sought it. We wanted more of the collective to come with us than would have had we ascended on 21/12/12.  Archangel Michael explains:

“So, now we come into the present time. And yes, humanity, in a very mature, expansive position has said, ‘We wish to have the opportunity. We wish to ascend as one community in the unity of heart, in the unity of purpose. Because that is why each and every one of us came.’ And that plea was heard and received by the Mother, and the plan given flexibility, altered somewhat to accommodate the full request, this prayer.” (9)

The pause is not indefinite, he tells us.

“The hiatus that has been created by the collective desire of humanity to go forward in this undertaking of magnificence, … is not indefinite. The plan of the Mother does not get put on hold, on pause, indefinitely.” (10)

This was not the first time the schedule had been revised. The Earth might have ascended in 2000 but it was seen that more would ascend if the event were postponed. And in this latest turn of events, the soul voice of the collective consciousness expressed its desire that the event be postponed.

Earth was to ascend in the times of Atlantis and that event ended in catastrophe. Only individuals ascended. Gaia did not, but waited for us to be ready. SaLuSa tells us:

“Bear in mind Dear Ones that in Atlantean times they were also very advanced technologically, and had for example developed the laser beam. It was used in such a way that it caused a weakening of the Earth’ s crust that broke up, and Atlantis finally disappeared under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

“You are now at a similar point in your experiences, as the Atlanteans were in their end times. Indeed they developed in a very similar way to you, using advanced technology obtained from Extraterrestrials, putting it to misuse and personal gain. The country that is the U.S. is largely populated by those souls who were in Atlantis in its demise, and the challenge has been to see out this cycle without destroying the Earth. …

“You will therefore understand, that we cannot take away your opportunity to overcome the weaknesses that have caused your downfall in ancient times. It is not however all left up to you, and as we have explained previously we can help in ways that often prevent matters getting out of hand. Total destruction of the Earth will not be allowed, and we protect Mother Earth and the human civilization, by limiting the extent to which it occurs.” (11)

While the extraterrestrials would have saved Gaia in this latest round, we the population barely escaped Atlantis’ fate, he tells us: “Where you may have suffered the same fate as the fabled civilisations Atlantis and Lemuria, you have risen up just in time to avert another major catastrophe.” (12)


Ascension 3526


We sometimes overlook the fact that Earth’s present form of Ascension is a first in the universe – the first with the body intact, the first with the collective’s soul intent to ascend together.  Jesus, on An Hour with an Angel this past Monday, referred to his Ascension and how he had to leave his body to accomplish it. We are setting a new pattern in the universe and I think we have to be patient and allow the process to run its course.

It makes comprehensible why so many of our sources say that the whole universe is watching us.

Mira the Pleiadian: “Your planet is surrounded with the greatest force of Light from all of Creation; all eyes are upon you.” (1)

The Arcturian Group: “There are many from other star systems and higher dimensions observing.”  (2)

Archangel Michael”: “The results of what you have done, and what you continue to do, reach far beyond what you can yet imagine. You have attracted the attention and accolades of everyone in this universe and even beyond.” (3)

I asked Blossom’s White Cloud about this cosmic first.

Steve Beckow: …The Earth, as I understand it, is the first planet to go through this experiment of physical Ascension. So, is that why all the galaxies and universe are watching us?

White Cloud:  My answer to you in simplicity would be yes, my friend. … Everywhere else is focused on it because it is the cradling, the nurturing of this new experiment. (4)

After us, other star systems will ascend – and not only from Third Dimension. Archangel Michael has already mentioned an Ascension from the Seventh Dimension that will happen in 200 years and, yes, you guessed it – my impression is that many of us will be there for that one too. We are the ground crew – and not just for this Ascension. Ascension is what we do.

Suzanne Lie’s Arcturians describe the further Ascensions:

“There will be a merging, there will be a whole solar system … ascending. And the whole solar system ascends, the galaxy ascends; there is a flashpoint that goes on and on. And, Gaia who has taken on this deep clarity and this great challenge of separation and limitation, she is a key factor; and, that is why so many beings are here to assist her and to assist the brave ones who have stood in line and written petitions to incarnate during this particular time on the body of Gaia.” (5)

That’s why Mira the Pleiadian could say “there is not a single place in all of Creation that is not affected by what is going on with the Earth right now.” (6)

I asked Sanat to explain the matter:

Sanat Kumara: Well, they have always been watching Earth, and they have always been interested in the Ascension process, because it is unique, it is phenomenal, it is the fulfillment of the plan of the Mother. This is far greater than any movie that you could ever create in your reality. So it is having a ripple effect throughout the entire universe. And the fact that the human race matured enough to say, no, we will care for everybody, has caused ripples and amazement throughout the galaxies!

So they are watching very closely how you are doing it. And how it is going, because it will set the paradigm for other planetary Ascensions, other realms that want to work in this way.

SB: But isn’t the whole universe ascending, Raj? We’re not the only planet, are we?

SK: You’re first in line.

SB: Ah! So we’re the first planet to ascend. Is that what you mean?

SK: Yes. (7)

This year we’ve been through so many upgrades, downloads, and baptisms of energy that … well, I find it hard to recognize myself. We’ve drawn together in closer sacred circles, teams, and partnerships. We’re awaiting the arrival of the first measure of prosperity and a tsunami of love. And after that I assume we’ll begin the march towards Ascension.

As I said, if you’re reading this, then just know: This is what we do. We’re the ground crew. We were at Atlantis. After a long vacation after this one, we’ll regroup and do it all over again on the Seventh Dimension.  We’re the leaven in the loaf, the gatekeepers, the wayshowers.

Some of us have agreed to very hard lives of poverty and illness to show us what the rest of the collective has endured or is enduring and help us to serve them. Some of us are joining new relationships or moving at this time and getting into position for the main event when it occurs. I’m told that Ascension will make it all worthwhile, until the next time when we regroup and do this form of service to the Divine Mother all over again

Steve Beckow   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

Jeshua via Judith Coates – Galactic Energy – Golden Age Of Gaia


Jeshua: Galactic Energy, as channeled by Judith Coates, December 2013, at

Beloved one, I would speak with you about a very interesting and powerful change in energy that is happening now and will continue for some time. Your scientists have been studying your galaxy, the stars, the ones in the heavens that you see going into the deepness of the night and into the morning, the ones we watched two thousand years ago together.

Your scientists have been tracking and watching to see the various patterns of the solar systems, and you have come to a place now where there is from holy Mother Earth a clear pathway to the center of your galaxy. There is no other solar system between you and the center of what you call the Milky Way galaxy, the galaxy that you are in.

And with that now is an opening for much energy to be streaming to holy Mother Earth, truly to your own sun and to your solar system. And as you are part, with holy Mother Earth, of the solar system, you are in a direct pathway to access and to feel energy from the very center of your own galaxy. That is what the shift that you have been hearing about for some years now is all about. It is a shift in energy that can be measured and accessed; your scientists are doing that now.

It is an energy that you can use to make great changes within yourself and within everything that is going on in – as you call it – the natural system, nature. All energy, which is what you truly are, is open to you. And the access to it, as there is belief now, is totally open. That is why for some years there has been prophecy of a time when there would be a shift in energy.

You will be seeing many changes in the next twelve months of your timing, because you are going to be calling forth the changes. The progression of changes has to do with awakening. It has to do with feeling and knowing and using your divine power.

Now, this has been talked about for thousands of years, truly. I spoke with you two thousand years ago and explained in terminology of that day and time access to the love of the heavenly Father – Abba, I called it, as a loving Father. For truly in the culture of that time, the father was the dominant provider and would be the one seen to be providing and protecting. But in this day and time it is more correct to call that energy Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is, so we will go with All That Is.

That energy now is going to be taking various forms, because you are going to be decreeing what you want to see happening in your own individual life. You have ideas, ideas that have come perhaps when you have been working on something else, and you have said, “Well, that would be nice, but I can’t because X, Y, & Z.”

Yes, now you can, because truly all energy is open to you. The pathway is open, and what you decree is going to be manifesting much more quickly than what you have seen in previous years, and in previous lifetimes. So, therefore, it behooves you to perhaps take out a piece of the notebook paper and write down what you would like to see, how you would like to see it, how it is going to feel, because truly out of the feeling nature comes manifestation.

Out of the thinking nature sometimes come confusion and complexity, but out of the feeling nature comes manifestation. And then the thinking aspect is brought into play to see, “How do I manifest what I am truly desiring, what do I truly feel at home with, what do I truly feel excited about?”

Now, sometimes you have already begun to play with options, and the options will continue to expand because you have decreed that you are willing to give up old thinking and to allow the thinking mind to be used by the feeling nature to manifest that which truly is in harmony, that which truly is in love, that which truly is the highest and best that you can visualize for yourself and for others.

Old thinking comes from generational teaching: that which you have been brought up to believe and what the parents were brought up to believe, the old generational teaching of, “This is how it has to be.” You are now being freed from that generational teaching, free to choose how you want your life to be.

I will come and I will whisper in your ear from time to time, “What would you like to do? What would you like to see? When would you like to see it? What stands in the way, supposedly, of that feeling of excitement? How can you change that?” I will come and I will whisper in your ear.

As your belief changes, and it will be changing in this next year because of the access to direct energy, unencumbered powerful energy — not too much that it is going to overwhelm you and do away with the body, but it will do away with the old belief that you have to have a body.

You can re-manifest a body anytime, anywhere that you want to be. When you go on a physical journey now you follow the generational belief of how it has to be. A century ago you believed you needed the horse and buggy. Before that you believed you had to walk, or, if you were lucky, you had a camel or a horse, etc. Now you have manifested the belief in the horsepower within the vehicle instead of outside of the vehicle, but it is a belief. Do you see? You have honed it and changed it from what was, as you would see a century ago, and a century from now you will see even more changes.

But it is not necessary to wait a century. This year in your timing you are going to make great changes because you desire to know your true power and, with that, your freedom.

So you see how powerful belief is. If you are—and I will use this as an example—in your vehicle and someone else, hopefully, is driving and you are speaking on the device with someone who may be miles and miles away and you are right there with them, because they are describing what they did the night before and how much fun it was, or vice versa, you are not truly with your mind in that vehicle. You are somewhere else.

And then you come back and you say, “Oh, did we go through such and such town?” And the one who is driving says, “Yes, a long time ago.” I know you know what I am speaking of: where truly you are not present with what seemingly others are experiencing, because you are somewhere else in your mind.

In the next year of your timing you are going to find yourself leaping ahead and wondering, “How did that happen? Something I have wanted to manifest for a long time, I can see how to do it now. If it is something that I want to do on my own, I will see how I can do that. If it is something that I think I want to do with others and manifest it as a ‘group project,’ I will see it coming together easily.”

What you want to manifest does not need to be difficult. Only the belief holds you in thinking that it has to be a certain way and take a certain time and follow certain steps to get there. But that is just in your thinking. It exists nowhere, truly, outside of your mind and the belief system.

What you are going to be doing in the next twelve months of your timing and beyond is going to be exciting, because you are going to be leaving the old belief system behind. You are going to be rushing ahead, jumping ahead to that which you truly have desired, not having to go through a lot of the worldly hoops and hurdles. They may be there for some people, but for you they do not have to be; only as you believe.

Even if you still believe that the world has power over you, you are going to see that power dwindling. You are going to see it becoming as fog. You know what fog looks like. You also know that when you walk out in the middle of fog, it is a no-thing. You can walk right through it. And yet when you stand and you look at it, it can seem to be a barrier.

But then you take a step, and you can take another step, and then you take another step and another step, and the fog allows you perhaps not to see exactly what you want to see or as far, but it does not hold you back. And some of the time in what you call this next twelve months, your next year, is going to be a bit like that fog. It is going to perhaps say to you that, “Well, we’ve always done it this way and it’s always had to go through channels and procedures and you’ve always had to get everybody’s approval.” But you are going to feel that, ‘I am a sovereign master. I can walk through the fog. Yes, there are certain things that the world is going to ask of me, but it’s not going to be difficult. It’s going to be easy.”

Your scientists will tell you that it has been thousands of years since the last time when there was a direct pathway with no blockage to the central sun. That is what the Shift has been portending.

Now, the shift that is most important is the shift which happens within you. You will be using some of the physical energy that is streaming to this planet, to this solar system, because there is belief that you can access it. It has been and is being measured, so those of you of logical mind, you can check in on it.

But those of you of feeling nature, you have felt it for some time now; you have felt, “Things are changing. They’re not what they used to be. And some of the things that I thought were, aren’t. And some of the things that I thought wouldn’t be, have come to be.”

As you believe, so it will be unto you.

And even if you have only the belief as small as a grain of the mustard seed, it will expand and it will grow. If you have the willingness and the belief even as small as the little grain of mustard seed, it will grow as you believe. You realize that out of that seed or out of any seed will come a great plant, a great tree—as you believe.

You are a seedling right now, a most beautiful seedling. You have been growing towards the sun, the central sun as it is known in physicality, and the sun of your own being. You have been growing as the seedling for some time now, because there has been a divine urge within you to know more, to feel more, to feel free, to be able to manifest.

The central sun will help as it is “proof” of energy. We have spoken of the energy that you are many, many times. You are energy. And so on a physical level, your scientists will measure and will give you feedback as to the energy that you are. But the sun that you are growing towards is the sun of your own awakening, the sunshine that happens in the morning of your awakening, when the seedling comes out of the soil which has nurtured it.

So in what you see to be this next year of your timing, you are going to see many changes come about easily for you. In this next year of your timing, you are going to look back upon this time when it was suggested that changes will come easily and you are going to say, “Wow! It really happened. I thought at the time that it sounded really good and I got excited about it and I thought, ‘Oh, wow, now that we have this extra energy coming in from the central sun and there’s no blockage that way, does that mean it’s going to help me clear all of my blockages?’” The answer is, “Yes.”

“Does that mean that I’m going to be free to manifest that which I want to?” Yes. “Does it mean that I’m going to change my belief system from the old generational thinking?” Yes. It will be as you believe it can be. It is as simple and as powerful as that. With the new old energy – because truly it is old energy; your scientists are going to tell you that the energy that comes from the central sun started out a long, long time ago before this lifetime, as you understand years and measure lifetimes – you will manifest the shift.

Now it is here, and it will continue to be here for some time yet. So take hold of it. Manifest that which you want to manifest. Become One with your dreams. Do not be afraid to dream. Do not say, “Well, I’m too old. I don’t have the golden coins for it. It’s probably not going to be accepted by the brothers and sisters. They’re going to think it’s a crazy idea. I don’t think I can do it on my own.”

Dream. Dream big, because it is possible. You now have an accentuated energy that is helping you along with whatever has been your dream. And if you do not have a clear dream about it, sit and take off all the limitations and say, “How would I like it to be? You know, if I had all of the golden coins that it would take and if I had a group of people, maybe even a small group, it doesn’t have to be a big group, to work with me on this, I’d really love to bring a group of like-minded people together so that they could get excited and then go on to build their dream, even in physical form. I would love to travel to the top of the mountain in Nepal. I’m going to make that happen. I want to make that dream happen. I can make that dream happen.” And you will make your dream happen.

You are free, you see. Dream big. Do not be afraid to dream. If you feel held back by a partner or so, do what is necessary for the partner. Bring them along with you if you can. If you cannot, do what is necessary for them, but do not let that hold you back. Go for it. You will never ever have a chance as strong as this one in this next twelve months of your timing. You will never ever, so take hold of the reins and ride the energy.

Dream big. Use the galactic energy that is now coming to you free. There is no charge for it. Nobody in your world has figured out yet how to charge for it. So until they do – and that is doubtful – use it. It is free for the taking.

Your belief system is expanding. It is taking hold of the energy that is streaming into you and you are going with it as far as you want to go with it. Dream big. Do not put boundaries around it. Do not say, “Yes, but…” Say, “Yes; now how do I do it?”

How you do it is by becoming One with it, knowing that you already have it, knowing that perhaps the form of it, the shape of it, how it looks may be a bit different than how you have visualized it; that it will shift and change, but that is good, because it always shifts and changes for the better. A new idea comes in.

Know that truly this is the beginning of the rest of your life. What are you going to do with it?

So be it.

Jeshua ben Joseph  /  In expression through Judith

Sanat Kumara – Sacred Law of Attraction and Repulsion – Interviewer Suzanne Maresca – 11-12-13 – Golden Age Of Gaia


18 Monday Nov 2013

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today’s topic is the ever popular Law of Attraction and Repulsion, and once again Sanat Kumara will be joining us to offer fresh perspective on a much discussed Universal Law. The Council of Love tells us that when we align with the Law of Attraction we call in assistance from sources that we may not even be aware of. The Law of Repulsion goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Transmutation and both are involved with returning discordant energies to the One for recycling.

Its wonderful to be jumping back into our exploration of Universal Law. So much has been happening and so quickly that for me the information and energy gets classified, filed and put away immediately to make room for more Light to come through. I feel like a spacey blur and the weeks are just speeding on by. Good morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzy and boy is that an apt way to put it; it does feel like time, and in fact, it has speeded up. And partially its because the experience of time in the 5th, 6th, 7th, higher dimensions, is a different experience than it is in the 3rd dimension.

So, we tend to be doing that translation, that transition, that Ascension process where there are times when we feel that time is really dragging and we’re waiting and waiting for things to happen and then there’s this other piece of us that just feels like ‘Where do the days, the weeks, the months go?’ I can’t believe we’re in the middle of November; its just amazing.

So, here we are again and I want to thank you and thank our listeners…I think that your idea of taking some time out and not doing a new law every single week has given us some integration and some breathing time.

You know, the whole idea when we began Heavenly Blessings was basically to have a ‘how-to’ show and on An Hour With An Angel we talk to the Masters, the Archangels, the Mighty Ones, the Company of Heaven, we talk to everybody and so often they will say, “Do this, do that” so in a casual conversation they can say to us, Archangel Michael can say, “Well use the Universal Law of Attraction and Repulsion” and that’s all that’s said.

And the guidance in what you and I have been doing – with a lot of fun – has been taking those concepts and really having a chance to explain them, to explore them and to work with them. And these are massive; this is the explanation of how things work. So, I think the idea of having that interim week to be able to chew some things over sometimes has actually, certainly been beneficial to me, but I think its been beneficial to all of us.

SM: Oh, it certainly has been to me.

LD: You know, I think that part of what we, you and I and everybody who’s listening, have been doing is taking the Law…and its one thing to understand it in theory, you know, ‘this is that concept’ but then to have the practical application, the how-to, and how does it work in my life, how do I actually utilize it, is huge. And its especially huge when we think ‘well, not only are we working with one Law but we’re working in this tapestry, this grid of all the Universal Laws because they are all interacted and they’re all connected and they’re all about balance. So, its massive what we are doing. So, thanks everybody for hanging in.

SM: It is and we’re ready for it. Oh absolutely. I’m really enjoying this very much and its been an expansive experience for me and the practice opportunities have also been very helpful because, well, you get the opportunity to prove to ourselves that this is real and this is not just imaginary, visionary work, it actually works. I’ve done it on my fighting cats and the shift has been amazing. So, the things that I work on, that the shift in transition isn’t quite as clear, its easier for me to trust and know that the invisible work that I’m doing actually is making a difference.

LD: Yeah, its nice to have those, not just the intangible but the tangible signs, things that we can see and touch and smell and taste. I think that one of the other things that’s happened in this series is, I don’t remember – well its never happened – to have Sanat Kumara or any of the Masters spend so much time with us on an intensive basis and I think that all of us have this closer feeling to Sanat Kumara. I think when we started it was like ‘who is this guy?’, ‘where does he fit in?’, ‘what does he want?’ and ‘why is he taking so much time?’

SM: He’s coming into my visions now, so, yeah, I definitely feel like it and it almost feels like even though this is spread out over weeks and sometimes we skip a practice week, it feels like a residential workshop where we all get to really be close and living together and understanding one another and experiencing the day-to-day with one another. I can’t explain that because clearly it is not the situation, but that’s the way it feels.

LD: It does feel that way to me and in some ways it also feels that Sanat Kumara, Raj, basically moved in with us. And it makes sense in terms of all the ascended Beings or high energy Beings, enlightened Beings that we work with, he’s the one that’s the Planetary Logos, he’s the one that’s basically in charge of overseeing the unfoldment of the plan here for Gaia and for us. So, this closer relationship, it makes sense but boy, its intense and its brand new.

SM: It is and its really interesting because before I could hear Planetary Logos and it doesn’t really mean that much to me, but now its really becoming much clearer to me just how huge that is, what kind of Being that we’re having these friendly discussions over a coffee table with; its just amazing.

LD: Yeah, it is amazing. When I first heard Archangel Raphael identify himself, introduce himself, as the Archangel that’s responsible for the healing of the Universe, the healing of the planet, and the healing of humanity, I thought, “Oh, my God.” When you think of it, that is such a massive, massive role and yet in so many ways SK is in exactly the same kind of a role. So to have him take his time for us is really neat.

SM: Oh it is really neat but it makes me wonder how many of us humans, ‘boots on the ground’ kind of people there are for each Master. And then that brings me into this whole thing like this interwoven tapestry because there are many Archangels and Masters that I feel connected with that’s just one big, wonderful, happy, glowing group of Beings but it makes me wonder how many, say Archangel Gabrielle, how many humans does she have, you know, that are doing, channeling her energy or channeling Sanat Kumara’s energy or channeling…so it just feels like this interwoven tapestry because each one of us may have our interchangeable teams of energy that we’re running through for…does that make sense?

LD: It absolutely does. You know, when we talk about guides I always, when I talk about this subject we talk about, I talk about, the Council talks about, basically two categories and there’s your personal guides, that circle, usually of about five to seven Angels or Beings, enlightened Beings, that surround you throughout time. You know, people talk about their guides changing but in fact, they don’t, they may come forward or back off at different times, but your guides really don’t change.

But in addition to that we have what I call ‘the big boys’ and those are the Beings that each of us has this love and devotion and connection with. For me, Gabriel, and I’ve said this so many times, Gabrielle, Susanna Michaela Gabrielle, is my ‘go-to’ gal; she’s my teacher, my mentor, my comforter, my nurturer, but in addition to that I also have such connection with the Universal Mother, especially Mother Mary and Yeshua.

But you can tell when you look at people, even just glancing at them, you can see that they’re holding that Buddha energy or that they’re holding the Michael energy which is very much the warrior, peaceful warrior energy, or they’re holding the Quan Yin energy. And so, we do have, usually, these multiple connections to these Beings, these Ascended Masters and these Archangels as well as the Divine Ones, that…and there’s Yahweh people, you see these people that are just strictly, I mean, its Heavenly Father the whole way, they want to work with that masculine energy.

Now we’re all finding that balance but each of these Ascended Ones has, like you are putting it, these ‘boots on the ground’ and I think what’s happening in our transition and in our Ascension is that all of us are realizing more and more who it is that we’re working with.

When I was getting ready, doing the meditation and stuff, getting ready for this morning, I was thinking that there were things that I couldn’t talk about because they are really part of the expanded body of knowledge that’s in The New You…here’s my plug for my book…but that’s not the purpose of it, its that there’s new understandings and new expansions. But the basis of everything we do is having that really clear, finite understanding of our foundation of who we are because we can’t expand if we don’t have that clear understanding of who we are to start with.

And part of that understanding is, of course, who are we connected to, what is our mission and purpose and what does our fulfillment of that mission and propose look like, because its completely different, there may be similarities, but its different for each and every one of us.

So having that starting point is really important, so I think this is an important conversation that we are having.

SM: It is an important conversation and as you were speaking and you talked about the Buddha, I listened to part of the Dali Lama’s webcast, he talked about all of us becoming Buddha’s and doing a chant or prayer to say, “Let me become a Buddha for the highest evolution of humanity” and I just found that really interesting. I couldn’t listen to the whole thing but it was…that was the part that set out to me most, so, very interesting.

LD: I think of all the teachers that are really, physically anchored and present on the planet, the Dali Lama, in my book, is at the top of the list. He is such a phenomenal Being and so humble and so compassionate and so real.

SM: Yes, exactly. Alright, so are we up for a meditation?

LD: I think we are, what do you say?

So, let’s begin by getting comfortable, by beginning to sink into your chair or your cushion or your car seat or your bed or the floor and let go of the day, let go of the day and the week that lies ahead or the weekend that just completed, let go of your to-do list and to all the busyness of your life. Make sure you’re comfortable and really let yourself let go of your body so that you can simply be in this time for your sacred self.

We’re going to begin by breathing not only the beautiful gold of Sanat Kumara, of Archangel Gabrielle, of Gabriel, of Yahweh, of your Divine masculine, but we are going to tinge it with pink. And it is the pinky-gold of purity, of grace, and of Venus, so its that rose gold. Open your crown chakra, that soft spot, your fontanel on the top of your head and just allow this pinky-gold, the gold of Venus, of the Cities of Light, particularly of Hana in Hawaii, to come into you.

Its strong and its gentle at the same time and just feel it as this warm molten gold coming in through your crown and caressing and surrounding your pituitary, your hypothalamus, your pineal gland, and just the way lava flows, filling and activating all the fissures, the crevasse, the hemispheres, right and left of your brain, and breathe pink-gold. And let that lava stream continue on down your neck, your clavicle, your high heart, filling the central column of your spine, into your heart, down into the gold of your solar plexus, your umbilical, your tummy, your sexual and reproductive areas, your organs, your liver, your gall bladder, your kidneys, down into your legs, your knees, your shins, your feet, until you feel that you are this wonderful liquid pink-gold. And breathe and relax.

And we ask this day for the assistance of all the Golden Ones throughout all systems, the Company of Heaven, to come and assist us with our expansion, with our purity, and with our grace that we may be filled and overflowing and healed.

Now come back up, gently, to your heart, to this center where you live, to the center of your heart consciousness where you truly anchor in the higher dimensions, and feel your heart expanding. And breathe that rose-gold. And go deeper.

Now once again with me, see that tiny pin-prick of white light in the center of your heart, the portal to your heart and your heart consciousness, to who you are and feel your wings unfurl…let them unfurl. And feel yourself flying towards that pin-prick of white light in the center of your heart, through that portal into the golden chambers of your Being, into your sacred space. And breathe. Deeper.

And look at the walls in this wonderful golden chamber where you have written eons ago and yesterday, your intentions, your sacred purpose, your creations, your heart’s desires. And take the time to see the symbols, the ancient symbols and the new ones, for you will notice today there is new information on your walls. So take a minute and look at it, look at what you are telling you. Now go and find your chair, your cushion, your place to sit and to be in your sacred space and relax.

And we are going to go deeper into your heart, into the core of who you are. I want you to feel, not to think, but to feel what is the dearest desire of what you wish to create? What is that hidden dream, the action or the experience, the situation, the energy that you feel would assist you most greatly, right now, in the fulfillment of your sacred mission and purpose? What is it that you feel would make you believe, would equip you to complete this journey right now? And go deeper.

And if you think its something tangible like money, financial support, better health, better home or living circumstance, peel it a little deeper, come with me and do that. What do those physical things which you are fully entitled to receive, but what’s contained inside that request? Is it the sense of being loved and cared about, of being safe, of being free? Don’t judge it, just allow whatever it is to just come on up so that you have the fullness of the picture. Now allow yourself, with that knowing of what you desire to create and to attract to yourself in this very moment, to be fully aware and awake in your heart and love it.

And invoke with me the Law of Attraction. In this case we are giant magnets and we are pulling across the Universe that which we desire. If it was not already in form, in existence, you would not desire it. So feel yourself expanding now out into your various bodies, your mental, your emotional, your causal, into the fullness of your field, out as far as your Solomon Seal, and feel how large you are and at the same time see that you are part of this wonderful golden grid, that you are a butterfly on the golden grid. And feel this expanded self, take your right hand as if it is a giant magnet, and reach out where you see what you are asking for on the grid and simply reach out and begin to pull it towards yourself. See it moving and it doesn’t matter whether it is a partner or a sense of well being or balance or new car, pull it into you. Stronger.

Now take that hand and bring it into your heart where all energy, all creation is anchored. And set the timer as it were, the universal timer, that this sensation of pulling, of magnetizing across the grid into your hand, into your heart will not cease until it is completed. And rest in the knowing that it will be completed and give thanks, knowing it is already done, the delivery’s on the way, and that you can come back here every day and check and pull some more, attracting and using the Law of Attraction. And rest.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara…

SM: Welcome.

Raj: …Keeper of Universal Law. Welcome my friends of gold, my fellow Venusians, my fellow Gaians, my family, for that is what is occurring and that I wish to refer to even before we discuss the Laws. I am not some distant entity, some foreigner sent from a distant planet to work with you and with Gaia. We are family and that is what you are beginning to feel and it is not simply family with me, far more importantly, it is family with each other. And this sense of unity and connection, of brotherhood, of sisterhood, of sibling, of Mother/Father/One, this is growing.

Now how does this relate to Universal Law? How does it relate to the Blessings and Virtues, to the Divine Qualities? Dear Heart, it is how we are, it is not merely how we operate, how we think, how we feel, it is how we are and increasingly, much to my joy and the joy of all who participate, you are realizing this, you are realizing that we are but one family, one collective, that there is not this collective and that collective, but that we are unified on one grid, in one Universe, in one Omniverse. We are not broken up and separated, that is not the way it is.

So how does this relate to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion? Well, with Attraction it is very simple; first of all, what you desire, what you desire in truth, not as a false grid or an expression of the old realm, but what you truly desire you call to yourself because, in the most basic terms, it belongs to you, it is part of your makeup, your birthright, your formula, your design. And nothing, nothing, please listen to what I say; nothing is ever withheld from you that, in fact, belongs to you.

Now are there ripples, have there been interruptions? Yes, but might I also suggest to you that that is also because perhaps you are not fully applying the genuine nature of your heart’s desires or calling upon this Law of Attraction and Repulsion is no limitation in the Divine Mother’s Universe, none, and that is part of the realization that you are coming to. So you cannot think in terms of limitations, that something is withheld from you because maybe there isn’t enough. Creation is constant; there is always, eternally, infinitely more than enough for all, in any Universe, in any reality, as long as that creation is of the molecules and the codes of Love.

So, what you are truly calling to yourself when you are practicing Attraction is more love. That is why the channel, that is why I’ve asked her in this meditation to dig deeper to what it is you are truly looking for, it is more love; more love of self, more love of others, more sense of unity, more sense of community. When you invoke, not only my name but the Law of Attraction, you are not simply calling the energy, you’re not simply calling the thing, the environment, the situation, whether it is a chocolate bar or world peace, what you are doing is calling upon your entire Universal family, your Star brothers and sisters, the Intergalactics, the Company of Heaven, the Archangels, the Seraphim and Beings that you do not even have any idea about, you are calling everybody and you are saying, “Can you help me?” And everybody, all energies of all forms are speeding to your assistance.

This is not a minor exercise, ‘oh, I will think it and then it will happen,’ it comes from the core, the very core of your being, of your soul. And it comes with the truth of allowance and acceptance and not forcing the tide, not being dictatorial, not attempting to control the how, where, why. So, in attraction is also the Divine quality of trust. You cannot even begin to fathom how much power you have in this but if you work with it every day you will begin to see. Now, is it the totality? No. All the laws, all the energies work in conjunction.

So let me be practical here, and yes, I know I go on but you did give me a hiatus, so let me say, you have said, “I am attracting a full sense of safety, of being safe in my planet, in my life, in my body, in my reality.” Now here we are all streaming towards you infusing that energy into you. But with that and inside that will also mean that you will begin repulsing, sending back to the Source, all fear, all sense of displacement, all sense of insecurity, all sense of inappropriate vulnerability. So you say, I prayed for security and here I feel that I am gnashing my teeth because your issues are coming to the forefront to be repulsed back to the One. It is the balance, it is the scales of justice and it works in the personal sense and it works in the global sense and the universal sense and the infinite sense.

So, do not turn to me and say, “Raj, I did this and it didn’t work; things got worse.” Well all that means, my beloved friend, my family, is there was a little housekeeping, there were some cobwebs and dust bunnies that needed to be let go of. And think of them as no more significant than that, because you don’t want to be caught in the cobweb, you don’t want to be caught in the dust bunny, you wouldn’t see a dust bunny under your bed or under your chair and say, “I think I will crawl in and live there.” So, let it go, let us help with the clean-up and the repulsion as well.

So it is this sense of pulling in and at the same time of pushing out. Now this is a very physical example and a reality that we share with you so that you have that sense because you also push out your creations as well, when they have been inseminated, when you have had that stillpoint implosion/explosion. But understand, when you are working with the Law of Repulsion you are never, ever repulsing people or nations; you are repulsing the energy directly, directly back to the heart of One, not to any chamber for clean-up, directly to the heart of One because it began just as you did, as the energy of purity and love. So you send it back, it is recycled, and then it is returned to you. So think of it as etheric dry cleaning without the chemicals.

Now I have gone on, I know you have questions for me sweet angel.

SM: I do, Raj, my friend. I’m so happy to be speaking to you again in this way and I really appreciate the shift in relationship that I’ve been feeling lately. So really, thank you for that and being more present in my life.

So, we keep getting the message that our perceptions determine our reality, so the highest and best that I can imagine for myself already exists somewhere and when I focus on that in meditation am I not actively calling those aspects of myself into my current vessel? And is this an overlap with the Law of Instantaneous Transmission?

Raj: Yes it is. Now you are understanding it perfectly. And when you think of it, it is in accordance with your intent, with your purpose, with the balance of all. So yes, when you are holding that highest perception, that vision, the truth of who you are, you are instantaneously transmitting, transmuting, transubstantiating, and bringing to the forefront faster than the speed of light, at the speed of love, the truth of who you are.

SM: Wow. Okay that is a beautiful thing. If all that which we desire is to serve the Divine Mother, I imagine we can trust that our souls design is what will manifest and that it will all unfold naturally. So far I haven’t got a handle on what I will be doing next but in this meditation just now I got a glimpse. I haven’t been raised with much tradition or community and the perfection of that may be so that now I can be an ambassador between cultures, on Earth and beyond.

For some of us the path may reveal itself quickly and I guess for others it will be a more drawn out process but I’m wondering if the Event being referred to so often now will pop those and the forefront of human evolution into a deeper knowing all at once? I’m feeling that after that point I won’t even need money; am I delusional in having visions now that’s far removed from this one?

Raj: No, you are not delusional and yes it is true that not everybody is having simultaneous experience, so that it is not happening at the same speed, shall we say, for everybody. And it is also depending on how deeply you are holding that truth and that vision of who you are. Let us also say, the Event as you call it is still a series of events because you aren’t all working at the same moment in the now. Yes, there is only one moment, but within that moment there is eternity and infinity. So think of it more as a portal, as an activation, as a series of events.

When you reach the level of creativity, of creation, of reclaiming who you are as creator race, then you have what you need. Now if you feel that you want to play or create currency, then that is fine with us; we really don’t care and we don’t mean that in a dismissive way, we mean that it is a choice. There are various intergalactic cultures that use various forms of currency because they like it. But the crux of this is the understanding, and this is why we have asked you to divorce yourself from the focus on the currency to your own currency, and what you are capable of bringing forward, it is a choice. So if you wish to call the molecules of Love that form a home, a community, a City of Light forth, then that is what you do. But it is not dependent upon the simple manifestation of what you, in the current reality, think of in the old 3rd because the currency of the 5th is different.

So the old currency, it is not dependent on simply that. What we have said and what we will continue to emphasize as changes in currency, financial systems, governmental systems, political institutions, judicial institutions, they are heart consciousness, attitudinal, spiritual shifts; these things don’t simply occur because of the availability of money, they are heart changes, they are a change in your consciousness.

So, some will always love to play with currency and that is fine. And the idea of currency over the next five years or so will change; what it is used for, how it is available, how it is available to those who wish to create because where the currency issue comes in is truly just in the transition phase. But it has never been the Mother’s plan simply to say that everybody upon the planet would have plenty of currency. No, her abundance is much bigger than that. Can it include currency if that is part of your belongings? Yes, but it is so much bigger. I can tell you, I do not deal in currency.

SM: Beautiful. I have one more question and then we will go on to callers. It has occurred to me over the past week or so that my awareness of the current world situation and on the mundane task required for my life has been fading away. I’ve been feeling less and less present and I’m wondering if that will continue and one day I will switch over to what has already been created in the new world and reality with what we know and experience now fading away in consciousness awareness? Will you speak to that please?

Raj: Yes, and many of you are having this experience that you feel less and less present, or can we say, attached to the old reality. Now we have been saying for some time, in fact almost a year, that Gaia has anchored herself firmly in her heart to the 5th, reaching up to the 7th, brushing the 3rd so that you, of course, did not fall freely into space. So what you are doing, it feels to you, you have an expression in film where it is a fade and then there is a new scene and that is exactly what you are experiencing.

So, some of you feel less and less competent, interested, available to engage in the routine of the 3rd. For some of you, yes, this channel has expressed it repeatedly, that the interactions with the old 3rd literally make you feel sick, nauseous, that you want to turn and run. So, yes. Now, that is those of you who are through the portal, who are in some ways balancing back and forth because you are wayshowers and you are helping people through the portal. So in many ways, Dear Heart, an “event” is not necessary for you because it is already underway. So yes, you are correct in your understanding.

SM: Well, that’s wonderful. So, that will just continue to unfold, the understanding will grow deeper and deeper and will have…I mean the visions that I am having are just enormous about who I am connected to and why I’m here and to be honest, its an adjustment for me…

Raj: It is an adjustment but we would ask you and we would ask all of you…trust your visions, trust your dreams. Many of you are processing and making this transition in dream state, in the dream frequency because your days are very busy and you don’t have the time. Trust what you are hearing in meditation; trust your intuition and not only trust it, actually follow it. That is how we talk to you. Yes, it is always our joy when we are given this kind of opportunity, but on the day to day basis, Dear Heart, this is how we talk to you.

SM: That’s wonderful and I’m so looking forward to the time when communication is more present and available. I know you are around me all the time, I just don’t see yet and I’m hoping some day I will.

Raj: And because you have declared it and because you desire it, you know that it is part of your belongings.

SM: Yes, yes, true. Thank you. Okay, are we ready for some callers then?

Raj: We are indeed.

SM: Okay, here we go…area code 248, are you with us?

AC248: Yes, I am. Thank you, Raj and Linda and Suzanne. I wanted to mention that I have been holding the space for a deep desire here in the dimensional world and the time line is coming to expiration at the end of the month. I’m running out of ideas on how to proceed in a physical way to bring closure to this desire. Is there anything more you might suggest?

Raj: What do you mean, Dear Heart, your timeline runs out?

AC248: I have a legal contract for some property and technically that timeline concludes, that contract concludes at the end of the month and it requires physical currency and I’ve been looking at ways to bring that forward and I’ve been noticing that I am currently running low on any other ideas as to how to fulfill (?) the contract.

Raj: Not only expand time, sweet angel, but take yourself outside of time. So that is the first thing. Then have the soul conversation with the contractors because there is, what you are doing is you are calling forth what we have been referring to in this conversation as one of your belongings and it is actually not only a belonging for you but for the collective. So, continue to call forth your belonging but have the soul conversation with the contractor, then have the physical conversation as well, and do not wait until the last moment, and extend the contract if necessary. But we do not believe it is necessary or will be necessary.

Now we also want you to do something else: can you hand it over to me? You are a very busy little fairy, but there are times as hard as it is, that you could use a little help. So I offer you, out of time, soul conversations, physical conversations and my assistance.

AC248: Thank you, thank you.

Raj: You are welcome, Dear Heart.

SM: Alrighty, we are on to area code 810, are you with us?

AC810: Yes, I am. A quick question: How does anyone find out who they really are? Someone like me, I like to think I am a Starseed but it could be wishful thinking and another part, how does one connect with who they really are and can we speed up the process of attracting like-minded people?

Raj: You discover who you truly are, Dear Heart, through meditation, through going within, it is actually not as complex as you wish to think it is, it is a matter of knowing your ray, your guides, your affiliations. What you desire to do is the truth of what you are and who you are and why you are here. So, it is to take some time because as the channel has said, this foundation, this foundation of knowing is very important.

So, use the meditations that are being made available to you to know this and to work with this. And then, to find like-minded people, it is two-fold; yes, of course, call upon the Law of Attraction for like-minded people, might we even suggest like-hearted people. But then take action; put yourself, physically in community, in situations where you may encounter those who are of like-heart. So it is not simply a matter of just hoping they will find you, you have need also to engage with your family of humanity. Do you understand what I say?

AC810: Yeah. What is the best meditation for this? Not to use up all the time…

Raj: We would strongly urge you to use the Council of Love meditations on Soul Color and Meeting Your Guides.

AC810: Okay. Thank you.

Raj: Farewell.

AC810: Farewell.

SM: Okay lovely. Alright we are on to area code 604. Are you with us?

AC604: I am. Hello Suzanne and hi Linda and hi Sanat, its Kathleen calling. I have a question about worthiness and if you could actually define it, define worthiness, value, and some practical tips how to anchor this quality into our foundation and if this is contained in love?

Raj: First of all, worthiness is part of your spiritual makeup and your physical makeup. It is not something that you need to go seeking or searching for. Now, can it be expanded? Absolutely. Worthiness is knowing that you are part and a spark, an integral piece of the Divine.

When you truly accept this knowing then you have reached the place of knowing your worth and then what happens with that is that there is an excitement to explore. That is why we have talked about the importance of knowing your essence of who you are because within that is your worthiness.

This is the cancer, the primary cancer of the human race, the lack of self-worth, the lack of self-value, the lack of self-love and too often, because this has been one of the strongest false grids of the old 3rd dimension, is the belief system that you have to earn your worth, that you need to become worthy. How, Dear Heart, can you and I be birthed from the heart of One, carrying the essence of One and not be worthy? That is like saying that your essence was destroyed when you took form. And if your essence was destroyed, and we will speak next week of the Law of Elimination, if your essence was destroyed you would not be breathing, not in any reality.

The value, your worth, is infinite, infinite. In this lifetime and in this Ascension and in this Shift what you are coming to know is your value, your worth, and your potential. Now even as you shift, are you working at the fullness of your potential? No. It will continue to grow and grow and grow. That is the way of spiritual evolution. But will you be happy, joyous, in the state of bliss as you realize that, that you are in the constant state of becoming and expansion? Yes, you will be because joy is also the key to creation. You do not create, you do not find your self-worth and worthiness in misery.

Now, does sometimes misery or lack trigger that essential finding? Yes it does. It is like falling down a very deep, dark well and sitting there, sometimes for what feels like eons and there is no light and there is no hope and there is a sense that you are not even remembered, above or below. And then you realize at the bottom of the well what you are sitting on is a trap door and you open that door and you fly free because you demand it, because you either extinguish and perish, because you cannot live indefinitely with no sense of self-worth, or you simply fly free and find and discover what has always been within you. That ember, that flame, is within you. Just like that flame of joy is within you.

Now when it expands, it calls out, it announces throughout the Universe and the expansion and the energy which is sent to you, complementing you, grows and grows and grows. It is a phenomenon. You have often thought of the creation of your Universe in the old science; you have said this planet was created by the ‘big bang’. Well to us, the big bang is when you acknowledge and accept your worth. Is that clear?

AC604: Yes. Thank you so much.

Raj: Farewell.

AC604: Farewell.

SM: Okay, we are on to another caller and this caller I’m not sure what to call you so I am going to call you “Yellow”. Hello Yellow, you are on the air, are you with us?

Yellow: Hi, hello there, hello Raj, thank you for taking my call.

Raj: Hello Dear Heart. And what is your question?

Yellow: My question is that I have got three creations that I am trying to integrate to become one, but I have a feeling that if I follow one of my creations I might just lose the other, so, I don’t know what to do about that.

Raj: Do not limit yourself. Now, one of the things that you are doing is that you are thinking that, and I use the word ‘thinking’, that all of these creations have need to be simultaneous. And while, now I am going to speak about quantum physics, while in our reality they are all simultaneous, in your reality of what you are doing, you can work these as sequential and not lose a darn thing. Begin with what is most near and dear to your heart because that will feed the energy for the other creations to come forth like a supernova. So, do not feel like you have to sacrifice; choose one over the other. Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Yellow: I understand. Thank you so much.

Raj: Go with my love. Farewell.

SM: Okay, so we are on to area code 520, are you with us?

AC520: Yes I am. How are you doing this morning, Suzanne?

SM: Fabulous. How are you this morning?

AC520: Good thanks and Raj and Linda, hello, good morning. Regarding the Law of Attraction and Repulsion with your soul family, can you talk, Raj, a little about timing and soul mates?

Raj: Can we say ‘yesterday’? Can we say ’22 eons ago’? Can we say ‘tomorrow’? I do not wish to be flip with you, my friend. There is much happening upon your planet and that is one of the reasons why, this day, I have chosen to begin by talking about how we are coming together, you and I and all of you who are listening and participating, coming together more and more closely as soul family and the recognition of that because soul family, soul partners, that truth is in the recognition as well.

Now, what do I mean by this? When you are working with the Law of Attraction, you are pulling the energy, the codes. Now you may have – let us use the practical example of a soul partner, of a sacred union, which is the theme of humanity right now, and yes, we are speaking a great deal about it – you may have a vision of what that looks like and that is fine for using the Law of Attraction for what you are pulling unto your sacred self. But what we are saying is part of the Law of Attraction inside that delivery system of your belongings is what we would refer to as the recognition factor. So you need to understand and recognize with your heart, with your heart consciousness, and then with your entire field, what it is that you are looking at.

So, for example, if you are expecting a car, you are creating a car and you have visualized a perfect Jetta and we have delivered you a BMW. Can you at that moment recognize that this is what you have attracted and that this is the fulfillment of your attraction; and visa-versa, if you have been visualizing a BMW and we bring you a Ford then know that that is the perfect match. So there is an element in recognition of also letting go of preconceptions and control. And it is a process of being open and receiving and then also realizing that you can expand on that creation.

AC520: How do we improve on our ability to recognize?

Raj: It is acceptance and allowance and truly looking, with your heart, with the eyes and the knowing of your heart, but also your third eye, center of forehead, your fourth eye, between your brows, and what we have come to refer to as the fifth eye, which is at your hairline, which is the ability to see with the eyes of the Mother. So when someone or something is in front of you, stop, simply stop and look and allow yourself to see the truth of what is standing in front of you and then you will know, not think, not judge, but discern and know the truth of that.

Now, there is a piece of this that I am glad you have brought up. You do not need to accept all deliveries ‘as is’. Now we are not talking about a lack of gratitude, what we are talking about is supplementing and building and building and building the energy.

So you may see, for example with a soul partner, the truth of purity, the beauty of the person standing in front of you. But you may also say, “But wait a minute, there are areas that perhaps have not been completed, either by myself or by that person or with the help of the Universe, the Company of Heaven, so we want to add on greater communication, more clarity in communication, more openness of heart, greater security, to be that truth, to not create false separations or lines in the dirt.”

So that you can build upon the creation that is right in front of you as well, it is not that it is there and it is done and then you have to move on, you can build, in form, as well as in the etheric. But you have need first to discern with your heart, with your 3rd, 4th, and 5th eye what is the truth of this. And if the truth is that it does not match and does not feel that it is truly what belongs to you, then release it, release it in gratitude and in love and continue on.

Because all things that pass your energy field, tangible or intangible, are not meant to be anchored with you; sometimes it is a symbol, it is a catalyst, it is a moment in the Eternal Now but it is not meant to be clung to. Sometimes there is a tendency in the human beings to cling to something because they think that is all they are going to get and what it does is it turns off the speckot of creation and it limits what you are open to receiving so that truth with yourself and with creation is very important. And we do not get offended in any way, shape, or form if you say, “Thank you, but this isn’t quite enough.”

AC520: Well, thank you very much Raj, I don’t want to take time away from others. Thank you very much.

Raj: Go with my love, Dear Heart, and thank you for your work.

SM: Okay David, I’m taking you on the air. We only have a couple of minutes left.

David: Hello, hello Linda, hello Suzi, okay so I’ll make this quick. I want to know, as far as I understand it, we need only the Law of Attraction while we are in this duality and this illusion because as far as I understand, we are, or I am, the great I AM is the Law of Attraction because it is everything and we become that which we become aware of, that which we focus on, so what I want to know really, how can I be calm in this time where I sometime know I am everything and that we are all One, but there is still a time lapse within this illusion that creates a feeling that there is still this separation in-between that which I want and that which I am in this moment of Now.

Raj: The greatest way, and I thank you for this question because it is an important way in which we finish up, the greatest, most rapid way in which you allow the Law of Attraction to come into the fullness, first of all is to utilize the Law of Repulsion. Send back to the Light the illusions, that sense of separation, that sense of time lag, the sense of separation of who you wish to be and who you are in this very moment. That is an illusion. You are not in that old reality, so don’t even look at it, simply send it, the fullness of it – kit and caboodle, you would say? – send it back to the Source because the old 3rd, this place of limitation, the 3rd dimension is a beautiful place of physical experience of smelling flowers and having form.

But the old 3rd, the sullied 3rd that is filled with these false grids has no place. So how you do that is constantly practicing this Law of Repulsion; take this limitation and send it home. Nothing can transform Gaia and humanity faster than this one simple action

Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Sacred Law of Attraction and Repulsion. November 12, 2013 « Golden Age of Gaia

Archangel Michael – I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage – An Hour with an Angel – Live Channeller Linda Dillon – Interviewer Steve Beckow – Golden Age Of Gaia

The first thing on my mind....

Golden Age Of Gaia

Geoffrey West: Greetings, and blessings to all! Welcome to another Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of, and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m Geoffrey West, sitting in for Graham Dewyea this evening.

I invite you to bring in Archangel Michael’s blue flame of truth and peace as we welcome Michael back again. This evening, Michael will offer more information on the rainbow collective and look at the synchronistic coming together of lightworkers and also discuss the way in which one mission for this life path is triggered.

With that, I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Geoff. And just let me remind our listeners that Hour with an Angel will now air on Thursdays at 5 pm Pacific time, 8 pm Pacific Time. And with that, I welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And I welcome you! Greetings, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news, comrade, companion, ever-present friend.

Welcome, my beloved ones. Welcome again to this time of union and reunion, because that is truly what you are doing. You are reuniting and unifying not only with each other but with yourselves, with the sacred divinity of your being in the recognition of the wholeness, the completeness, the totality of who you are and who you have always been.

You have many faces, many lifetimes, even many masks that you have worn, and even that you continue to wear during this lifetime, for not all the layers are completely gone as yet.

And, by the way, because it is that season as well, (1) I will remind you that sometimes you don a mask because it serves a purpose and because it is fun. And, dear hearts, this journey of life, and this journey of love, was intended to be fun. It was intended to be joyful.

Are there moments of disarray? Have there been moments of disillusion, disappointment, despair? Yes. But that has also been you, breaking through the illusion of the old paradigms, the old ways of the third. Part of the reunion, and the union, with your sacred selves is the coming to embrace all the facets, all the aspects of your sacred being.

We have asked of you, in preparation for your transition for Ascension, to call back into yourselves all parts, all what we refer to as aspects of your being that you have sent out on various missions and purposes, often, my beloved ones, in service to the Divine Mother and, of course, to me.

But as you welcome these parts of your being back into your core, embrace them, celebrate them, but also acknowledge the various parts of who you are — angelic or archangelic, it matters not; starseed, star-being, hybrid, human and Earth-keeper, elemental, deva, fairy, man or woman or child. And within those pieces, embrace all the faces of who you are, because we do.

Embrace the warrior and the peacekeeper. Embrace the rock and the flower. Embrace the highest and the lowest part of your frequency, because you are all of these things!

There are times when you look at yourselves and you think, in the illusion of your archetype, that, “This is who I am,” and it becomes one of these masks, these illusions. Now, is this related to your soul mission and purpose? Of course it is. But do not limit yourself to the definition, the breadth, the width, the height and the depth of your being.

Now, why do I begin our conversation this day in this manner, particularly when we are speaking of the unity of the collective, of sacred union — with yourselves, with the Divine, with each other, with sacred partners, with friends, with family, with community?

If you are not prepared, conversant, familiar and celebratory of all the pieces of who you are, this wonderful mosaic, then how do you reveal yourselves to each other?

Yes, in many ways, what I am speaking of is standing etherically naked in front of each other and seeing the brilliant light that shines from each and every one of you! Do not hide any portion, any sliver of that light, of that brilliance. Do not fall, ever, into judgment or say that some piece of you is unloved or unlovable, because that is not of the truth. And if you bring my blue flame to this judgment, you will see what I speak of, and you will see the beauty, the magnificence of who you are.

Now, I wish to return, just for a moment, to how I have begun, and that is saying that this journey of being in form was intended to be a walk of joy. And I hear the hearts of many of you, and I hear your prayers, and I hear your cries in the dark of the night, as you say, “Well, Lord, this does not feel to me like joy. And I do not feel loved and supported. And it is not consistent enough. And, yes, I have known moments of bliss, and of ecstasy and of union, but why do I not know this, consistently, constantly, like the Mother?”

The joy, and you know this, is within you. It is within that divine spark from the birthing of the Mother. It is within your core, within your heart. It is part and parcel of who you are. And that is what we mean when we keep saying to you, repeatedly, until we sound like a broken record, to find the joy. Because for many of you it is the ticket, not only to Ascension, but to survival.

Do we pretend that the circumstances that surround you are always filled with joy, with laughter, with happiness, with contentment? No. Of course not. We are not blind. And we most certainly do not mistake you for fools. And because of some of the difficulties, the hurdles that you masters on Earth in this tremendous undertaking, the struggles that you face and the victories that you enjoy are outside of you, but they reflect and they are part of this internal kernel.

And when it is dark outside, that is what I am asking of you, is to turn to that kernel, that flame, the spark of joy within and allow it to become the blazing inferno.

No, I am not simply asking you to nurture and to be completely responsible, alone, for yourselves. The thing about joy, dear hearts, is that it is highly, highly contagious. And when you call upon that, when you nurture that ember, when you call out to that ember you are calling out to the entire Company of Heaven, to the Council of Love, to every kingdom upon the planet and far beyond, to your star brothers and sisters, to your soul family, your friends, and every aspect of yourselves.

The journey of union — and this is a preface to Ascension — the journey of union, just like the gift of clarity, is a precursor and necessary for this forward thrust, for this final thrust, in many ways, at least in this phase, this chapter of Earth, of Gaia and of the plan.

The first union is with your sacred self, adhering, embracing, and, yes, celebrating the totality of your being. Acknowledging it, reveling in it, and allowing it to expand even further is the first step.

This Council of Love has used this term the “rainbow coalition” long before any politician ever mentioned it, but it has been in the very ethers of your consciousness for eons. Because you are of every ray, every color, every stripe, every heritage, every hybrid, and you are beautiful.

So, while most of you travel upon a specific ray, even within that ray you are a rainbow. But as you join together, in community, in undertaking, in creation, you create first and foremost this wonderful rainbow of love.

Because, what are the rays? What are the colors? They are simply particles of the Divine. They are simply particles of love, free floating throughout the universe, anchored for a while in form. And when you mingle, when you come together in that determination and choice, it is beautiful, above and below.

And we strongly desire — and therefore our desires are creations as well, you know — we strongly desire for you to see and to acknowledge how you are coming together.

Sometimes you look at the world and you say there is still war, there is still injustice, there is still mayhem, there is still poverty and inequality. But there are massive advances, and these advances are happening within each of your hearts. And they are demonstrating, within each of your lives.

Let me stop there and see where your questions lead this conversation, because this conversation, dear hearts, is for you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Well, as a matter of fact, it has already started the conversation, because what you’re saying is precisely what I wanted you to talk about.

Following the Mother’s baptism of energy, I’ve noticed that more and more lightworkers are making connections. And they’re making connections at a rate that’s unusual. And the people who are making connections are very well matched to be making connections, so to speak.

Is all of this part of the Mother’s divine plan? And if so, can you tell us more about what this part of the plan will see and what its purposes are and where it will lead?

AAM: To call this a baptism of clarity is very astute. It is a term that we will lift from you! [laugh]

SB: You’re welcome to Lord. I thought I got it from you! [laugh]

AAM: I am teasing you, dear heart.

You are the one that so often will say to me, “Oh, I am not sure I am channeling.” And so I am teasing you.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Yes. For this phase. Think of it as a massive plan, of course, an undertaking, like a shuttle to Mars. There are various pieces that have need to be put in place. The gift of clarity from the Mother, and the continued gift because it has not stopped.

It is as if you have received the full penetration, but she is maintaining it so that it is not dissipating. So very often, when you receive, for example, an attunement of energy, what you notice or what you are concerned about is after a little while it seems to dissipate. This clarity will not dissipate. If anything, you will notice it growing and growing and growing.

And it has given you the clarity to know more fully who you are. But what it has also done is given you the clarity, the vision — although you do not necessarily have your third and fourth and fifth eyes fully open, you have the capacity (you’re not quite sure at times how) — to recognize one another, and more importantly to see one another in the truth of who you really are.

And yes, this is happening at an unprecedented rate, and it is happening in terms of union of friendships, of groups, of what we would call partnerships or sacred unions. Even family members are beginning to recognize one another. But strangers across the lands, across the continents, are realizing, “I need to be working. I need to be talking. I need to be playing. I need to be in a form of relationship with that person,” or with that group of people.

This is only going to intensify, because you are willing to stand there etherically naked and be seen. Because Earth and many of the illusions of your world — and I use world, not planet — has been perceived as so dangerous, many of you with good common sense remained hidden.

The time of hiding is over. When we have spoken to you, oh, now for several years, and certainly recently, we have emphasized not only the importance and the readiness but the imperative of stepping forward now.

And that is what you are doing. You are stepping forward into the light, into the dawn of a new time, a new realm, a new reality, a new dimension. And as you are stepping forward you are seeing each other. And you are seeing each other more clearly than you ever have before! And you are saying, “There you are!” And you are saying, not only “There you are,” you are saying, “There you are! I love you.”

You have no idea how long we have waited for this. No, we know this is not a platform for us to discuss the Mother’s patience or ours, but you are not alone in knowing that this is the moment that you and we and your star brothers have been waiting for, for you to unabashadly say to each other, “I see you and I love you.”

It is so simple, and yet it is what has been so sadly and desperately missing from Gaia in the human collective. You have had this belief that friendships or partnerships come and go, that love comes and goes. And that is erroneous. It is truly incorrect.

Now, how you relate to that love and the form that it takes is always a choice. Always a choice. And what is occurring, again with this rapidity, is the choice to step forward and say, “I will engage,” and to be choosing to engage with those who have made the same decision and whose frequency is of a nature — not identical; none of you are identical — but of a frequency that is harmonious and allows that point of intersection, of conjunction and of union.

It is you, humanity, the collective, this rainbow collective, saying, “I will open my heart and see what happens. I am going to do this. I am going to throw away my false judgments of what has happened in the past, false history, and I am going to create, with clarity and a sense of purpose, based on the knowing of who I am, I am going to create new relationships, new partnerships, new friendships, and I am going to join and find and be with my soul family.”

And we are going to play, we are going to laugh, we are going to work, we are going to cry, and we are going to continue on and create Nova Earth.

This decision, this clarity input resulting in forward thrust and decision spills over into every realm of what you think of as the paradigms you wish to shift — politics (and I say that in a very wide, generic sense), finances, equality, the creation of new values, of what is truly valuable and what is not, of societal structures, of justice.

What people have thought of as the human collective who has spent a great deal of energy creating these false grids, these edifices that hold no value, now you are saying, to each other and in growing numbers, “Well, this doesn’t work for me. Therefore I do not participate. I do not support.”

And you think — and I emphasize think, sometimes feel — but you say, “Well, what difference does a small group make?” And I tell you, your numbers and our numbers are legion. And if you are planning a space shuttle to Mars, every nut, every bolt counts. And you cannot have one missing screw. So, as you remove yourselves from the old and put yourselves in the new, you are literally withdrawing the support that has held up these institutions that have enslaved you.

So, yes, this rainbow collective, you are finding each other at the speed of light and the speed of love.

SB: Well, you know, I really do want to concentrate on the spiritual partnership aspect of it, but if I can make one comment on the lightworker aspect of it, I’m champing at the bit to be up and doing. Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.

AAM: I hear what you are asking. I acknowledge. I agree. But let us be very clear. Do not think that all the tools that we are giving you are not concrete, or that they are concrete. For example, this gift of the Mother’s clarity is one of the most important tools you will ever have. Without it, you are proceeding not in the dark, but certainly in a shadowy cave.

And you are seeing that in the sacred unions that are being formed, that are bringing people together in partnerships that conjoin not only the hearts, complement the minds, the emotional fields, but also intersect on mission and purpose — again, not completely, not totally, but the way that you intended it when you designed your part of the plan in conjunction with us, in conjunction with yourself, with each other.

So you are being given the tools. Now, I know you say, “Well, more, faster.”

SB: Yes. Yes! [laughs]

AAM: And as my sister, Gabrielle, who is far more impetuous than I am would completely agree with you! But there is a timing, and it is not a timing to override you, but to complement you and to allow these shifts of the heart and the heart consciousness — yes, as Linda would say, “the new you” — to emerge. And that is happening very rapidly. But we don’t want what you would call tools ever again to be put in the wrong hands. So the clarity of those leading the charge with me has need to be 20/20.

SB: Okay. Well, I understand that, and I surrender, but I AM champing at the bit.

AAM: I do not want you surrender, or your white flag, dear heart, I want you to bite at the bit.

SB: Okay.

AAM: I want each of you to say, “All right, Lord. Tell me what to do.” And then I’m going to ask you to sit down and listen to yourselves. Because we are whispering, in your hearts, in your ears. We aren’t asking you to slow down or to stop. If anything, we’re asking you to speed up.

SB: And dream big.

AAM: Yes. Even bigger than you are.

SB: All right. Well, I’m all for that.

Let’s return to sacred partnerships, Lord, if that would be okay with you.

Many people are starting them or wanting them. And these are not taking the usual form that they would have months ago, but reflect the fact that people have missions and different needs than they did years ago.

Can you shed some light on the new shape of sacred relationships, and give us some insights on how — well, you have already; I acknowledge that; but any more insights you care to — on how they are to run if they are to be successful in these new conditions?

AAM: Yes, because the conditions, the environment, the situations have changed. Now, there are very few of you — and I do mean that, very few of you, even those of you who have most ardently declared your desire in the past, in the old realm, to be alone — there are very few of you who truly, in the new energy, wish to proceed alone. And I do mean that in terms of having a sacred partner.

And yes, the energy with which the sacred partnerships are being infused is dramatically different — and I do not mean drama in the negative sense; I mean it in the most uplifting opera you can imagine; they are very different.

Too often before, relationship has been based on a form of need or control. And I do not say that in a negative way. It is simply where many relationships were. I do not mean all. But even those who have been together for 50 years are finding that their relationship is taking a turn.

As you have discovered, as you have been filled with the higher frequencies, with the endless downloads, it is not a matter of a download here, a download there, a frequency adjustment and attunement. You have been penetrated 24/7 for years, and it is only increasing. It is only going to continue to increase. The clarity gift is one of many. So yes, get ready.

SB: That’s amazing.

AAM: But what it is doing is you are recognizing that there is a heart desire that you may not have even recognized before, because you kept those pieces of yourselves hidden, that you are allowing to come to the forefront and can I be so romantic as to say, fall in love? There is nothing above or below that is more wondrous, more joyful than the expansion of love. And how this is happening is in the recognition of sacred partners.

In very sometimes unusual circumstances — and they are going to become even more unusual as your star brothers and sisters appear, because you have allowed the truth of your multidimensional, hybrid self to come forward — you are seeing your mission and purpose and you are understanding that not only can it not be completed in isolation, that it is not desirable. It goes back to that expression of joy, to that experience of joy, to that yearning for joy.

So there is this clarity about wanting to create and to co-create, first and foremost, union with another. And so, one of the first parts of these new forms, shall we say, of union is coming together and understanding through that standing etherically naked the points of conjunction on which you come together. Where do you mesh?

Where do you unify in joint forces to achieve something, tangible or intangible? Where do you act as a support mechanism, and the lead mechanism, to achieve something? How do you come together where two have always been much stronger than two? Even to start with you are four, and then more. (2)

So it is more mission-driven than simply an ideation of what a partnership or a marriage is about. This notion — and it has been a human notion, and we could spend a great deal of time talking about how the power structures of union and marriage have evolved and shifted — but these unions do not require a set form. And that is new. It is original. It is how it is on this side. It is how it was in the very beginning.

But there is a decision between the two souls on that form, depending on what you are working on, what you are achieving, what you are dreaming, what you are creating, how you are playing. And then the form follows the creation and the desire, rather than setting the form and then making everything fit the form. That is how you ended up with institutions that don’t work. So, you aren’t repeating that error. You have grown.

And the form that these partnerships will take, or can take, by choice, will shift and morph, again, depending on what you are dreaming, what you are desiring.

But the key to this is freedom, complete liberation, and the acknowledgment, not in lip service, but on the deepest soul level, of the freedom of the person that you are joining with the sanctity — yes, the sanctity! — of their path, of their choices, of their desires, of their decisions. So there is no push and pull. It is the ebb and flow. It is the infinity. It is the tide.

Look at the rhythm that Gaia has set for you. She is in union — no, not sacred partnership, but certainly in union — with her kingdoms, and there is a rhythm. And in many parts of the world there are seasons, and there is this ebb and flow, depending on whose time it is to flower, to change, to die, to leave.

So, the crux of the new sacred union energy — and I am pleading with you, because this is a sacred beginning for all of you, whether you think that you are in sacred union now or not — this is the new way. It’s freedom and liberation, and it is love. And it is the freedom to say to each other, “Is this love? Are these words love?”

“Are these actions love? Are these feelings love? Are they the demonstration of purity and clarity? Do they lift me up, even when I am looking at something that perhaps I have avoided, or evaded? Does it lift me? Does it liberate me because I am free to look at this not in a threatening manner, not in a way of punishment and brimstone, but because I am cared for and cherished and seen for who I really am?”

This is a reflection. It is the anchoring — you have that expression, “Heaven on Earth”? — it is the anchoring of how union works, certainly on our side, but certainly in the higher dimensions and in the more evolved civilizations.

We have talked often, and certainly from time to time this channel has spoken, of experiences with your star brothers and sisters and what relationships and family and freedom of relationships looks like with your star brothers and sisters. And sometimes you think of it, or have thought of it, in terms of sacrifice. But it is not viewed that way.

So, for example, we have talked to you about having many, many star beings on the planet — not starseeds, star beings, your star friends, your family — on Earth in this moment preparing for the next step. And that has included the separation of sacred partnerships, of unions. But never is there a word of saying, “You can’t do that. You can’t leave me. I will be so lonely. What will I do?”

No. Because there is the knowing that even in that separation, to do the mission, the telepathic and the heart connection does not fade in the slightest. If anything, it is strengthened, because that is what is drawn upon. And it endures, and it is solid and it is nourishing. And there is a knowing that nothing, nothing, can interfere with that love, with that soul commitment that has been made to join together in this mission and purpose.

Now, previously, most human beings did not understand that. There were exceptions in terms of religious mission, but the only other true example has been akin and related to war — “Well, you must go off to war, and I will continue to love you.” But that in itself is an aberration.

So, you are learning how to extend your energy field to each other, to dance in the ethers and tap dance on the Earth together, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, not always as mirrors or twins, but as points of conjunction on your mutual grid that you are sharing.

And you are learning, you are starting to learn about how to play with this, so that you can slide along that grid and enter into another’s sacred space, your sacred partner’s space. And similarly you can allow them to slide into yours.

You do meld in a very new and different way, because the fear element is going. And then you take each other’s hands and hearts and you travel throughout the universe, you multi-locate to whatever planet or dimension you want to explore. You play. Because that feeds your creation and your creativity. You don’t put parameters around what is possible with your sacred union. And there is a willingness, a determination, a drive to explore it all.

It is what the Mother had in mind — mind! — when she created this movement, this attraction of one to another. It is a gift, and it is beautiful. So, do not resist, my friends. Allow this beautiful dance to begin.

SB: Well, you take my breath away, Lord, truly. How is the Company of Heaven bringing people together? In other words, should people be looking? Should they be going onto meet-up sites? Or is this all going to happen in a slow and — well, not necessarily slow, but — gradual unfoldment?

AAM: No, it is not gradual. Each person has the choice of their timing. But what we are asking you to do is to listen to your hearts. And if your heart is yearning, yes, we are coordinating it! It is a gift from the Mother. It is the gift of sacred union.

First, the union with yourself, the union with the Divine, and the union with your partner. For some of you, because your personality — we do not wish to destroy delightful personalities! — so, for some of you it is on meet-up sites, or meet-up occasions. But when you feel the urge to go and do something, then do so! Do not say, “Well, that’s ridiculous. I’ve done this before a million times and nothing ever happened.” Or do not say, “I’ve never done this before. I’m not going to start now.”

No! Listen to your heart. You are being divinely guided and inspired. You have asked us for the tools. Well, this is one of them.

Now, there will be many, what you would think of as simply synchronicities and meetings. For those of you who are aware and open to it, that is how it occurs. And it is occurring every single moment, all over your planet. Because you have said “Yes” to love.

Many times you have said to me, “Michael, how will we get 6, 7 billion people to ascend?” And I say to you, through love, through freedom, and through the desire to travel together. So, yes. Do not avoid each other. Engage as you see fit, and please, your guides, your guardian angels are working to bring you to your lover. Yes, your lover!

You all have choices, but some are more perfect than others, and this is the time of perfection and freedom.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.


Golden Age Of Gaia

Wes Annec – Our Universal Family – Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected – Golden Age Of Gaia – 10-29-13


Image Source

Our Universal Family: Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected, channeled by Wes Annac, October 28, 2013 at

Let an unending banquet of Love wash over you now as you read these words and absorb the energy they’ve arrived with.

All of the pain and disharmony can melt away when allowing yourselves to tap back into the Universal conduit of oneness energy as well as the various perceived personalities comprising such a complex, who our scribe has referred to as your Universal Family.

We are indeed your Family, and we have so much Love and guidance to share with you.

Humanity’s destiny, while being set in stone in so many ways, is ultimately being decided by you as individuals and as a collective. However, we seek to offer the advice and guidance of souls who’ve been through our own respective lower-dimensional experiences and can understand some of what you’re experiencing from the perspective we’re blessed with having.

As you ascend and reach purer states of consciousness you’ll find are everlasting, you too will desire to help as many others as possible open up to and understand what you’ve been able to. The desire isn’t for others to have the same perspective we possess, but rather, to see others bathed in the pure bliss, Love and joy that accompanies entering a purer state of consciousness.

Self-Created Limitation

Discovering infinity and understanding that your Lives are meant to be joyful will help you navigate through your Earthly experiences. When we say “discovering infinity” we refer to the discovery that there’s no limitation holding you back from your ultimate dreams and desires.

Every bit of perceived limitation is self-Created and hyped up by the ego in an attempt to push you back into the small corners you’ve emerged from, and we wholeheartedly encourage allowing any perception of obligation or limitation to wash away from you now as you embrace your infinite and Divine nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience that’s meant to be every bit as joyful as the existence we lead.

Does it surprise you that your Earthy experience is meant to be just as joyous as the higher dimensions?

Even in the lower dimensions of duality and disharmony, the opportunity and potential for harmony exists and is acted upon as you come to rediscover the higher dimensions in all of their eternal glory again.

Our scribe seeks deeper, and what he perceives as realer, ways of connecting with us than he has thus far, and we can say that every scribe who begins channeling our energies first undergoes a process of working with/subduing the ego to produce communications that are unfiltered by mind or by one’s own expectation or perspective.

Channeled communications from us that are brought about in this manner (automatic writing) are poised to come from us and from parts of the mind of the scribe we speak through, and the process of bringing a channeled communication through in this manner is one of working with our scribe to produce a communication rather than solely speaking to you ourselves.

Make no mistake – when we speak through scribes and have them feel in their heart and mentally dictate the impressions we give by writing or typing them out, they’re just as much a part of the communication as we are.

The method of channeling our scribe seeks is one where his mental painting of the communication ceases, and this potential is available for him and every aspiring channel.

Laying Expectation and Judgment to Rest

We quite enjoy speaking through humanity in the manner we’re blessed with doing, as one of our aims is to help you rediscover the need to lay your personal and societal expectations and judgments to rest and simply Be with the flow of Life.

This sounds easy enough on paper, but as many are coming to understand it can be much more difficult to act upon.

We can say that finding it in yourselves to see past lower, ego-driven influences and see the harmony of your developing higher-dimensional existence is more important than exposing the actions of the few with personal agendas in their hearts.

Nothing has to lower your vibration or bring your physical health down in this new era you’re entering, because the vibrations coming your way are seeing to it that the playing field is fair for humanity and that no attempts to poison your food or any part of your or Gaia’s body achieve the results they’re intended to.

It can be easy to worry about the cabal’s various actions against humanity, but we say with Love that in the new reality you’re manifesting, there’s simply no need to.

The efforts you’re making in the physical to establish a new paradigm are necessary indeed and will go on to have great effects in your collective consciousness, but they’ll mean little if you can’t feel the vibration of your new paradigm and act upon it within.

What we mean is that if you aren’t feeling the flow of Divine inspiration then your efforts will miss that essential flavor. There’s much you can individually and collectively do for humanity indeed, but there’s also much you can do for yourselves in every moment.

Seek Solace from Earthly Toiling

Nothing will be held against you dear souls if you choose to take a day away from the pain and strife of the Earthly experience and take the needed time for yourselves, because you’re Loved infinitely and it’s more than understandable that the toils of the Earth can weigh upon you and convince you of the illusory limitation you’re growing away from.

We understand and empathize with the fact that the Earthly experiences weighs on many of you, and taking time for yourselves in the ways that work best for you will allow you to see beyond the strife and difficulty and peer into something much better and much, much easier to exist in.

We note the excitement and readiness many of you feel to be a part of your new paradigm in any and every way you can, and we note the depleted feelings as well and the seeming departure from a purer way of Living and being that’s been felt in many of you.

Understand that your growing higher-dimensional perception hasn’t and won’t go anywhere, and that you’re simply in a resting and recalibration period wherein your abilities become stronger than they’ve ever been.

Surrendering to the flow of your experience will help you meld away every Earthly stress and everything that comes with it, and you have much to learn that your surrender will teach you.

In surrendering to the flow of your experiences you’re surrendering to other aspects of yourselves, as all are One and connected via the infallible network of energy we all comprise.

You’re as connected with us in the spiritual realms as you are with your neighbor on the Earth, and those who you don’t think you’d ever connect with are just as connected with you as any Angelic deity or guide. We’re all here for you, and every facet of consciousness, on the Earth and beyond, is inexplicably connected.

Our sacred connection can never break or falter; you can only convince yourselves that such connection or the souls you’d connect with don’t or can’t exist.

A Gem of Knowledge

Within every Earthly pain and stress, understand that a gem of knowledge lies to be obtained. When learning that everything playing out is Divinely ordained and meant to happen for your greater growth and development, surrendering to the flow becomes much easier and you find the influence of mind and ego significantly reduce.

Living from the sacred heart space breeds a natural understanding of surrendering and the benefits it can offer.

Understanding that, again, you surrender to yourselves in every sense when you practice detachment from the outcome or circumstance playing out in your Lives, it becomes clear that only you can hold you back from obtaining ascension or doing anything else.

The “American dream” has been sold to myriad unknowing souls and has taught them that if they put their mind to it, in American society they can do anything they want.

The idea is taught that nothing can stop them from obtaining their ultimate goals and desires, and while that rhetoric has been used for the enslavement of Americans and many others, we ask you to expand upon it and understand that with the infinite Love, power and ability you’re finding within, you’re truly unlimited in what you can do and be.

If you let yourselves believe you can’t access the higher dimensions or us souls in them; you can’t perform a feat intended to help the planet; or anything else, you’ll Create that reality for yourselves because the Creation around you actively listens to the impressions you give out.

It’s been said before that every thought, action and intention is known about in the higher dimensions, and we should perhaps expand upon that idea and say that they’re enthusiastically picked up on with the intent to assist you as much as possible.

We feel the deepest empathy and compassion for the trials you’ve experienced on the Earth, and our goal in being by your side in every moment is to do what we can to help you and see you take the paths you’ve subconsciously chosen for yourselves.

Coordinated Efforts

There are deeper aspects of yourselves comprising your higher self who assist you along your path in every moment, and our efforts are coordinated with theirs to put you on the paths you’ve chosen for yourselves.

We can’t and won’t make any decision for you, and even if we wanted to we don’t have the perceived “control” doing such a thing would require, nor do we wish for such control.

We seek to let you go about your Earthly experience and make the choices you feel are best to make while in your bodies, but at the same time we work to help keep you on the paths that work for you or to help you discover new paths that could assist you greatly in your personal growth and development.

We do much in every moment to help you ascend and Create the greatest changes you’ve heard so much about, and with everything we do for your planet and collective we have the ultimate goal of seeing you ascend in mind.

Your collective ascension has always been assured, just as the individual paths of each of you and where those paths will lead you are, but the individual and collective decisions being made by humanity matter very much in regards to where you take yourselves and your planet.

Much pollution has been fed on your Earth, in the same manner that much pain and misery have been fed and experienced in your collective consciousness. We ask you if it’s worth your energy to focus yourselves on such things any longer, or to perceive separation in the form of “us vs. them” mindsets in relation to your cabal.

It’s been expressed before that even the individuals comprising your cabal are facets of the sacred Oneness energy that is Creation, and Source looks upon those souls with just as much Love as you’re looked upon with.

No soul is judged in the higher dimensions, but we recognize the need to do what we can to keep your planet safe from these souls as they’re deeply entrenched in the darkness of fourth density-negative and their own will and greed has caused them to momentarily forget about the Divine and peaceful perceptions they and you all can access.

They know about such perceptions, of course, but their idea of how to reach them has been vastly distorted and fashioned for them by entities within fourth density-negative.

What is Fourth Density-Negative?

Fourth density-negative is a compendium of fourth-dimensional realms that are oriented toward troths and troths of oppressed, dense and lower inclined vibrational energy.

Much of this energy is fed into your third-dimensional realm and expressed in your collective consciousness, and fourth density-negative and the energies pouring into your realm from it are, with humanity’s unknowing involvement, being expressed and fed continually in your collective consciousness.

You can easily feed into this energy and have it expressed through you if you worry about the actions of your cabal or continue to feed into divisive mindsets concerning them, and while their uprooting is indeed necessary and is a process that’s being assisted greatly by us in the spiritual realms, you can change the game much more than you perhaps think by simply changing your vibration and aligning it with the pure vibration flowing through you.

You’re bringing pure higher-dimensional energy through in every moment, even when you’re fuming angry, and it takes continual adjustment and alignment to the frequencies of this energy to begin feeling it rush through you constantly.

It takes simple alignment and intention to be a part of the pure vibration your Earth is being fed, for you to be reminded of the blissful perceptions that have always waited just beyond your surface understanding to be felt and known again.

We exaggerate not when we say that nothing else is required for you to ascend, build a new paradigm or reach a higher vibration.

The theme has been hammered into our scribe by us and by fellow writers in his domain that any and every bit of expected change must come from within, and we expand upon this message by stating that raising your vibration and aligning with the pure energy you’re being given is all that’s needed to uproot your cabal and Create a new paradigm.

Yes, physical work will be done in your new paradigm but nothing about this work will drag you down or make you unhappy. Feeling the pure higher-dimensional energies you’re being given, every person will be Divinely inspired and enthralled to do the work they’ve found themselves able to do for your Earthly ascension.

Every one of you will enjoy your role exponentially, and the work you’ll do will be more fulfilling than we could perhaps express.

You’re Meant to Enjoy Yourselves

We note the drained and tired feelings in our scribe at this time in regards to performing his role for humanity, and we encourage rest and the aforementioned continual recalibration with empathy and understanding of the general difficulty accompanying the Earth.

You’re meant to enjoy yourselves and express constant fulfillment and bliss to every facet of consciousness around you, as you’re all blessed to exist with each other and blessed to exist on the Earth and undergo such a sacred experience.

The division and conquering of man has helped keep the lower vibrations fed and instated on your planet, and unity amongst every soul will come about naturally as the vibration of all is aligned with the purer and purer vibrations being delivered to your planet rapidly.

We couldn’t reference the pure vibrations you’re being given enough throughout the duration of this communication, because they’re relevant to much of what we discuss about your ascension process.

In this sense, we refer to them to express that they’re bringing about a collective willingness to be a part of and build your new paradigm, and as each soul aligns with the higher dimensions so will everybody become motivated and excited to do just that.

Allowing yourselves to rest when needed will see you able to really embrace the times you’re filled to the brim with energy and intend to use such energy for the betterment of humanity. There’s so much you can do in every moment, and we mean this in the physical and spiritual sense.

Ultimately, you know you’re returning to your personal kingdom of heaven despite what you do on the Earth, unless you were to suddenly align your vibration ninety-nine percent toward self, so whether you choose to perform physical or spiritual work for the Earth’s ascension, your efforts are still needed and appreciated.

In the Driver’s Seat

You’re in the driver’s seat in terms of what you want to do for the Earth, but we can say with Love that many will find much more enjoyment out of performing the spiritual work and feeling the resulting pure vibration.

Even those of you who feel yourselves aficionados in regards to feeling purer vibrations haven’t seen anything yet, and the alignments and important celestial configurations you’ll continue to enter will continue to cause deeper and more powerful shifts within.

These shifts will continue to be reflected in your outward reality with the destabilization of old paradigms and the things that have driven them, and you can watch everything playing out from the Loving standpoint of a soul who’s rediscovered your sacred ability to feel heaven from the Earth.

Everything you’re doing is designed to help you and your collective find and re-access the blissful vibrations of the higher dimensions, and any bit of stress or difficulty experienced along the way won’t inhibit you or your sacred missions in the ways they have in the past.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express as we have in the past that this is just the beginning of everything you’ve felt and heard about for so long.

As we continue to encourage you to arise and take physical and spiritual action, we also express that complacency isn’t driven by choosing to take blissful spiritual action rather than fight against the dissolving old paradigm or those who’ve kept it going.

Fighting against anything Creates resistance, and when you fight against representations of the old paradigm you actually strengthen their power.

Exposure of the cabal is important, but widespread Love and unity bred amongst your populace is equally important and we ask you to ponder if your collective would be able to run your planet if the reins were given to you tomorrow.

Ponder this as you continue along your sacred paths, and we’ll go for now with the expression that we’re always with you, forever offering Love and empathy.

Thank you to our Universal Family.

Steve Beckow – A Time of Emergence – Golden Age Of Gaia

emergence 33

Golden Ae Of Gaia

October 11, 2013

We’ve talked about “emergence” (1) on other occasions and we seem to be in a time that’s characterized by us emerging.

I’m going to repost an article on emergence today, but I wanted to say a word or two before that.

I was startled last night to see myself, in a situation with a local friend that could have been difficult and tragic for both of us, operating in a way that I’d call mature and well-considered. I had the distinct impression that this was new for me.

On another occasion recently, I did the opposite: I actually went for the outcome I wanted, behaved in ways that were open to criticism, risked all, and, with the aid of the other person doing the same and sharing responsibility equally for the wonderful outcome (and many supportive friends), had a mutual breakthrough in relationship.

Afterwards we were both thrilled at that outcome and reached a new level of sharing, but it was all very risky and raised concern in all around us.

I personally would like to do that more often, given my background in groups, but I realize that for many people watching it looked like madness compounded. It was definitely outside our comfort zones.

And there have been other similar events, all of which point to … emergence, either actual or fondly wished for.

It isn’t an accident that the Divine Mother is washing us in a very powerful energy this week that comes directly from her (well, all energy does, really). This is a large wave and is probably the “Event” that many are speaking of. And what I see as the impact on myself is emergence. So perhaps with that introduction, let me repost an article on emergence itself.

I should add that I feel so tired that I’ll have to take a holiday soon. It’ll have nothing to do with the Reval though it may seem to coincide. It just reflects me needing a rest. I’m trying to give advance notice.


(1) See the articles under “Emergence” at

 Emerging, Standing Forth, Exiting the Mask – It’s All the Same

April 21, 2013,


emergence 3


Someone asked me why I had suddenly started a new topic – the constructed self. Not new. I’ve been discussing it since forever. Just using different words.

I’ve been discussing it since the day I started the discussion group Galactic Roundtable (now Share11) in January 2009. From the first, I urged people to share in that group, to reveal themselves, to emerge from their shells and stand forth as the Self. Perhaps I can share a post from the first week of that group:

“That having been said, the single biggest way you can serve us is to emerge.

“What does that mean? What is ‘emergence’? …

“I don’t speak of enlightenment when I’m hammering away at the keyboard. I speak of ‘emergence.’ I emerge. I stand forth. I rip this mask off and tell you who I am in the matter: I am here (and I think my colleagues are too) to create a space for you to emerge. That’s who I am in the matter. What matter? The matter of this group.

“How do you emerge? You drop the mask, drop the drama, drop the complaints and the victimization, and stand forth as who you are. Plain vanilla you. The gift without the wrapping.

“Take off the party hat. Stop trying to sell us an image.

“Tell us who you are.” (1)

Masks, shells and constructed selves are composed of the same constituents: conclusions, decisions, acts, numbers, routines, poses, postures, hidden agendas, hidden investments.


Emergence 55


Why would I keep discussing the same theme for four years running?

There really is a reason.

Whether we talk about emergence, standing forth as the Self, or exiting our constructed self, the same matter is at issue.

We’ve all heard by now how the masters, angels, and galactics are gesturing to us to come thither. We see that they’re reminding us what a talented and committed group of lightworkers are here – here from all dimensions and locales of space.

They’re handling the part of the task of emergence that has to do with the physical body. This body is like a wet blanket on our awareness.

It’s a contrarium to consciousness, a barrier, a non-conductor. It inhibits seeing. It flattens sensitivity. It does not let emotion through. Not much, not really.

Some people will hear that as me saying the body is bad and wrong. No, I’m not saying that. It simply inhibits the flow of consciousness compared to the spirit that inhabits the body.


Emergence 44


And the Company of Heaven is handling this non-conductivity by raising the energy, sending us special waves of love and light, bringing our Merkibahs online, firing up our DNA, etc.

But the part of it that falls to us, in my estimation, is to emerge from our fears, our reticence, our hiding, our indirectness, all the ways of being which we’ve developed to get through the unpleasantness in our lives that can now interfere with our missions as lightworkers.

If we weren’t ground crew, I wouldn’t be saying this. I’d be saying “Sit back, folks, relax, and enjoy the ride.” But because we’re ground crew, because we’re lightworkers, because we came here and said that we’d be willing to do the heavy lifting, the situation becomes a little different. And this is where the reason I talk about this comes in.

If we as lightworkers are to do what’s expected of us in the times ahead, if we’re to work on a global stage or handle large projects, if we’re to stand up to rape and gang violence and all the really difficult issues in the world, then it becomes a positively fruitful thing – no, a necessary thing – to stand forth as the Self, in the language I used four years ago, or emerge from the constructed self, in the language I’ve used more recently.

I realize that many people may not have the slightest clue what I’m talking about and that can be a bit daunting. Others may be invested in the constructed self and not want to hear this. We’ll all be at various places with it.

But I continue to believe, drawing on everything I’ve learned from all those expensive courses I took so many years ago, that breaking free from all that holds us back is what is wanted and needed.

I’m not saying that many techniques cannot clear the brush, cover a lot of ground, etc. But given that the ego does not loosen its grip willingly, there comes a moment, I think, when a choice presents itself: the person is either going to come out of their shell, out of their act, out of themselves as a construction of thought, or they are not.

It’s this moment of standing forth, stepping out, and making the break with all that’s artificial, prearranged and conditioned that I’m referring to and that I work for.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched that moment of breakthrough in people, where they suddenly shift from being fearful to being a lion, where they realize what a deep hole they’ve dug for themselves and now just want to come out.

Anyone who’s ever been in an encounter group, the est training or an enlightenment intensive will know what I’m talking about. It’s a sacred moment. Often born amid much kicking and screaming but sacred nonetheless. Once a person is out, they don’t want to go back in.

In that moment, we’ll either step out of the confines of all the norms and rules and fears and secrets that hold us back – or forever hold our peace. And at that moment, to watch a person take a stand that they’re finished with their conditioning, finished with their holding back out of fear, finished with all that restricts and confines them which is not born out of choice is as inspiring as any event is.

At that moment, it’s as if a person takes a step outside a time capsule or a consciousness bubble and becomes free of it all. And that’s what I’m pointing at and encouraging all of us to do. It doesn’t have to be born amid kicking and screaming but sometimes it is.

I want to be totally honest with you. I yearn for, I long for, I miss from the bottom of my heart partners in this work who’ve stepped outside their artificial ways of being, who meet life head-on day after day, who refuse to be indirect and suppressed, who not only yearn to breathe free but insist on it.

Never mind the Divine Mother calling her children to her. Where are our partners?

I may be dreaming to think that everyone can stand forth as who they are, but it’s the square I put my money on. It’s the only game worth playing for me. And, while I get that I haven’t a role to play in encouraging this interpersonally (I’m not schooled as a group leader, etc.), nothing brings me more joy and aliveness than inviting everyone to join me in this through my writing.

Golden Ae Of Gaia

Life Between First Contact and Ascension – Steven Beckow – Golden Age of Gaia

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Steve Beckow  /  Golden Age Of Gaia

Readers that I’ve spoken to recently have shown a lot of interest in what may be occurring for us in the run-up to Ascension.  Perhaps I can write a few articles on what the galactics and celestials have said on the matter. Let me start today with a general discussion of what can be expected after First Contact and before Ascension.

In early 2012 SaLuSa told us that “the most enjoyable part [of our Ascension work] is to come when we can meet you and go the final stretch together, and do so as one family of Light.”

“Your hardships will be over, and by then you will be fully aware of your true selves, your purpose and place in the Galaxy. At present you are but a shadow of who you really are, and have little idea of what it is like to be in the Oneness of All That Is. It is bliss and peace that you cannot imagine, but it is not that far away anymore and awaits your presence.” (1)

He assured us that “all of the advances we mention from time to time will be yours in due course. It will come with your personal progress towards becoming a Galactic Being.” (2)

Every galactic or ascended master has his or her own vision and version of what life will be like from First Contact to Ascension. Here is Matthew Ward’s:

“On-site and off-planet assistance of our universal family members … will enable dramatic changes to be accomplished swiftly. Their technologies and the emergence of your own that the Illuminati have kept hidden will eliminate all forms of pollution; hasten environmental recovery; produce an abundance of nutritious food; end disease; moderate the climate globally; introduce new forms of power, transportation, building materials and healing modalities.

“None of those benefits will reach its zenith within this year [of 2012]. Once living in the Golden Age, you will continue to expand in consciousness and manifestation capabilities.” (3)

The galactics’ advanced technology will make innovation much faster than it is now, he says.

“Technology exists that will make even the ‘long’ transitions quite rapid, such as energy sources for transportation changing from oil-dependency to alternate fuels that are pollution-free and with greater mileage efficiency. Health care, for instance, will change considerably faster than transportation modes, as regulations prohibiting the widespread use of known cures, both products and therapies, are struck down. Ridding the planet of pollutants, including the toxins of weaponry, will happen quite quickly as well, as cleansing technology also exists. (4)

The desire to restore Gaia’s own health will make it necessary to change many technologies and practices, he says.

“Sources of energy long suppressed must be developed for widespread replacement of oil, gas and coal, as no more of those elements of Earth’s body may be removed. Substitute materials for building must replace wood, and your forests must be restored.

“Medical treatment and healing methods now called ‘alternative’ must be incorporated into the established methods, and the powers now controlling health care from the pharmaceutical manufacturers to the insurance companies must be eliminated.

“The foodstuffs that have been corrupted must be refined, your water cleansed of chemicals and other pollution. While we can see these results, we can’t put everything with any accuracy into your linear timeframe.” (5)

Everything could be accomplished instantaneously, he says, but that would defeat Creator’s Plan.

“The transition from where your world is today into the world of peace, love, harmony and kindness could be done in the twinkling of Creator’s eye, but that isn’t the purpose of the life journey. It is your world and you all chose to be there now to help in its restorative process. Once set in motion, progress will be evident by the day, but like the birth of a child or any splendid idea, each step afterwards is important.” (6)

Wanderer of the Sky also gave a detailed picture of what might occur after First Contact.

“Your world will change drastically after Disclosure. In large measure, it will change because even the least of you will have access to free energy and other technological marvels as you can only now dream about but which exist on your world at this time. This includes teleportation devices, machines which will allow you to watch past events in holographic format, communication devices that will allow you access to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

“Third-world countries, most significantly hit by the Illuminati’s greed and play for power, will now become equals with all other nations.

“Imagine the untapped wealth of knowledge, innovation, and talent that will open up to all humanity when these countries are on par with all others and their people can be heard. Education will become worldwide and interactive, not just a local luxury. With teleportation, whole classrooms can move to historic sites to see and experience for themselves in addition to using holographic techniques to view history as it unfolded.

“Your true history will be taught and there will be no subject withheld from you. All areas of exploration and experimentation will be open to you, with the acknowledged purpose that any discoveries are for the betterment of all humanity, not just a few.” (7)

He asks us to imagine what the impact on us of these events will be.

“Many of these scenarios appear ‘pie in the sky’ to you and a nice dream, but nothing more. That is the furthest from the truth, however. Imagine the absolute freedom of the human spirit with such devices. Now you understand why this technology, this knowledge, this history, was kept from you for so long. No one can stand above another when you realize that you are all one.

“These things, and many more, are coming to you. Already there is underway a great movement that will lead to the redistribution of your wealth systems, your legal systems, and the way you do business. The necessary protocols for the Disclosure event are being put into place. We grow ever closer to the inevitable and remain as excited as ever that we can finally be brought together in open, loving contact.” (8)

SaLuSa offered his own synopsis of the changes:

“As benign Beings you are capable of the greatest acts of love and compassion, and when the negative influences are removed we see you coming into your own. There will be changes in your laws so that justice can be seen to be operating in a fair manner. Your rights will be restored and fully protected, so that you cannot be held or imprisoned without sufficient evidence. It is also important that you are allowed legal representation as your right, and not held guilty until it is proven.

“Equally as important will be a re-structuring of the powers given to those who apply the law and police your streets. In actual fact, once we come to your Earth and address your problems, and people see a brighter future ahead, the level of crime will dramatically fall. Clearly removing inequality and poverty will by itself remove conditions that often lead to crime. We also see that the need to take drugs to escape your reality, or for social occasions will decline.

“People will find peace and happiness living their lives as intended, by being occupied in interesting and rewarding occupations. The pressure and stress of your present way of life will disappear, and much more time given to pleasurable pursuits. Fulfillment in your lives is not something you are used to experiencing, but it will become the normal way of life.

“Such changes are destined to introduce you to conditions you can expect to expand as you near Ascension. The old ways are already beginning to disappear, and will have no place in the higher dimensions. To say the least, everything will change until the vibrations have been sufficiently lifted up to put duality behind you.” (9)

On another occasion he continued his discussion:

“We can hardly wait to meet you, and reach that point where we can share our knowledge with you. Whilst your history is important, your future is to be fully explained so that you can prepare yourselves for life in the higher dimensions. As you are beginning to realize, it will be vastly different to what it is now and far more satisfying. Many of you have a reasonable idea of what it entails, but you will find it will far exceed your expectations.

“From a Human to a Galactic Being is quite a big jump in your evolution, and in every way it brings you a superior way of life. The drudgery and lack of free expression to follow your desires will no longer exist, and you will be as free as a bird to live happily and fulfilled. Yes, Dear Ones there is a lot to tell you about, but we try not to overwhelm you with the details too quickly. Sufficient to say that instead of being earthbound you will be Space Beings, free to experience all of its wonders and myriad of life forms.” (10)

He tells us that the galactics will cooperate with officials to initiate many new projects:

“After First Contact we will be able to freely come and go from Earth, and you will see us involved in many projects. All of this will be agreed with your official representatives, and we have no intention of overwhelming you with our presence. However, since you are destined to join us it is only natural that we shall work together.

“Our coming is to change your lives, and you shall adopt many of our ways. As we have told you already, we are your future selves and at some stage we shall become as One. Let go of attachments that you know will have no place as the real you comes back into being. The greatest changes are being made at consciousness levels, as these are so important to your successful Ascension.” (11)

He paints a glowing picture of what Ascension itself will bring us.

“You cannot yet imagine what that means, but perhaps we could call you superhuman. Your present consciousness levels are growing, but nowhere near to your full potential. You will achieve a level of Christ Consciousness, and that was always going to be available to you because of the wonderful increase in your Light energies.”  (12)

“Along with new technologies that have been denied you for many years, you will find life so satisfying and fulfilling. Even then you will by no means have reached the ultimate level, where life becomes one that is blissful, joyful and complete happiness. It will take time to reach it, as clearly not everything can come all at once. As you grow into the grand Cosmic Being you are destined to be, the levels of upliftment will come to you.” (13)

So these are the general descriptions that the Company of Heaven have provided us with of what life may look like between First Contact and Ascension.  The arrival of the Reval, when it comes, is the first step in this general plan because it will begin the process of reviving lightworkers, who will in turn begin the process of lifting others out of misery and debt, which will again bring closer Disclosure and First Contact.

Steve Beckow  /  Golden Age Of Gaia

The Divine Mother – The Role of Clarity – Golden Age of

There is not one of you — and I mean this not only of humanity, but your star brothers and sisters, all the kingdoms that are involved in this unfoldment — none of you came to have an incomplete mission. Not a one. You have brought your mastery, and I have been adding to that since the day you were born. And I add to it again.

Now, why do I choose this period of time for the gift of clarity? Because it is a precursor to many events, physical events. The difficult times that you have experienced, through health, through poverty, through feeling that you have not been seen, that you are isolated and alone, is over if you choose.

When you are in clarity, when you are in truth, then you are in unity with us and with each other, and what previously may have been befuddling is no longer. (3) And because of that you are able to send your love and your clarity to the elements, or the pieces that need the infusion of energy to be unblocked, to be transformed, transmuted, brought into alignment, not only with my plan, but with my law.

So I ask you, yes, as your Mother, to receive, to share, to receive, and to anchor, and to allow this new awareness, to simply be who you are. Now, I know you have some questions.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Well, before I ask you a question, let me remind listeners on the east coast of North America that you’ll be listening to this at 8 o’clock p.m. tonight, and so it’s appropriate at the end of the program simply to go into meditation because that will be 9 o’clock in your local time zone.

Mother, my first question to you is I know there will be listeners who will want to know how this energy download, this tremendous transformational light that’s coming to us at the present time, and which has been predicted by many channels, fits with Ascension. There will be some people saying, “Is this Ascension?” Where does it fit in our progress towards Ascension, please?

DM: It is a precursor to the fullness of your Ascension. Now, you have been in your Ascension, oh, for close to a year, some of you for 10! Some of you for much longer. But this clarity, this removal — because what the clarity does is it removes the doubt, the fear, the confusion, the turmoil; it prepares you to simply fly through the portal.

Many of you, if you think of Ascension as a hallway, most of you came through the initial doorway back last December, even those who aren’t aware of it. But there has been a great deal of milling around. Now, the milling around has been useful, and you have been guided — by pillars, by Michael, by Gabrielle, by wayshowers — and often you have approached the gatekeepers for the fullness of the Ascension portal and you have been turned away. And they have said to you, on my behalf, “Go back and do a little more.”

And when I have said this, it has not always been that you had more to do, but perhaps you wanted to offer a little more help! Because you decided [to help] the collective. So, think of this clarity as if you have all been in this waiting hall, this doorway, this hallway, and it has become smoky, and the air has been stale, and there is debris on the floor, and the clarity is cleaning it up so that you all make the final rush through the portal. It is the immediate precursor.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Next question for you. One of our listeners has said that the energies right now are impacting her to the extent that she feels — and I’m using these words suggestively, not literally — that she’s losing her mind. Can the energies have disorienting effects on people? And how can we reduce those effects?

DM: Yes, they can. And that is one of the things that your channel has said … she is my channel as well! … that you are not here. (4) It is important that you not only connect in an esoteric manner with Gaia, but in a very literal manner.

And if you live in a city, still, go out and breathe the air. You cannot, right now, drink too much of my water. My water. Gaia’s water. The pure water. It will help the electric energy to not short circuit you. Your brain is being expanded. Your physicality has shifted.

Bring your attention, dear heart, to small things. When you have this clarity, and you are still feeling — yes! — like you are losing your mind, and I would suggest that what you value as your mind has been a very, very minute portion of who you truly are — but make [things] even smaller.

So perhaps you are picking up a needle and thread and mending something. Perhaps you are making a meal. Food is important at this time as well. The action of making food will help you ground. Touching, holding, Gaia, animals and each other, will assist you as well.

And then, if you are still confused, come to me. My heart, as you would think of it, has room for all of you. (5) It always has and it always will.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I can’t helping noticing the synchronicity of this energetic outpouring with the first significant opportunity being presented to lightworkers, which we call the Reval. There are no accidents, so I don’t really think this synchronicity is an accident. But if not, what is the relationship between the two?

DM: You cannot have a recreation of Gaia, of community, of society, of government, of financial systems, without the clarity.

It is not a coincidence. No, I did not come to speak of physical currencies this day, but I again will emphasize your spiritual currency. Throughout the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse is growing. Check your accounts, sweet angels.

So is there such a thing as coincidence? No. But in order to truly proceed according to your plan and ours, this gift will assist you because we don’t want you scurrying about or becoming entrapped in the old allures. That will not be acceptable.

So there are many of you who are involved in this, and you think, “Oh, I will invest in this or that,” and you are looking to the old Third! Look forward, my friends. Look forward to the seventh. Look what you have, the potential and the clarity and the direction to create! That is the purpose of the gift. I cannot be strong enough on this point.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Mother, if we could look behind the scenes, we know this is coming directly from you. But it’s also being passed down, I imagine, by many. If we could look behind the scenes, perhaps we could see all the beings who are involved in passing this energy down. Can you tell us a little bit about how this energy, which emerges from you, passes down through levels of beings and at last arrives to us, please?

DM: I will tell you two things because this infusion is in some ways an exception to the rule. Now, when I have begun this outpouring from my infinite being — and yes, our infinite being — (6) it is moving directly from me to you. Very few can stop anything what I send directly, (7) but when I begin such an outpouring, all come to my side! (8)

Just as you all have outer form and have said, “Mother, let us assist, let us help” so the seraphim, the cherubim, the archangels, the legions of angels, every ascended, enlightened being, your star brothers and sisters — and there is a very strong component, by the way, that the channel also did not talk about, with your star brothers and sisters – in this gift, they are all acting as transmitters.

Normally, it would come from me to my realms, to the dominions, to the serraphim, to the archangels, et cetera, (9) to the masters, to your guardians, and then to you. But that is why each of you is shining like a star with many facets. You are being bombarded by all of us. You see, there is no shortage of what I have to share.

Because of my plan, I am doing it in this way. So if you feel, sweet angels, a little unsteady at moments, then sit down and catch your breath. But keep saying, “I allow, I receive, and I am grateful,” because you are being transformed.

This is a group effort by all who serve, and is even being brought in in physical signals by your star brothers and sisters, both above Earth and on the ground. Receive. So this is an exception in terms of how we penetrate.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Three or four centuries ago, a lone initiate might receive a tremendous outpouring like this from his or her master, or from an angel, but at this time we’re all receiving it. Is that a correct statement?

DM: That is a very correct statement, because in many ways, consciously and unconsciously, which are becoming increasingly united, you have declared yourself as a single unit. Each element in your unit of humanity is unique, desirable, cherished. But yes, you are receiving this as one.

SB: Thank you, Mother. At the same time, we on Earth are the first to experience this current Ascension. What special responsibilities does that assign to us, in this case in relation to the outpouring of energy? And, as we go further into Ascension, what special responsibiligies does being first give to us?

DM: You are the wayshowers, the pathfinders for the next wave. And the responsibility — I am glad that you have brought this up — the responsibility is, as I have mentioned, the translating of the clarity into thought, collective thought, individual thought, holding to that potential and acting upon it.

This is a time of stepping forward. That is why I have made this plea to so many who still feel themselves in turmoil and pain to come home to my heart, so that you can then return and be in action, not just my action, but your deliberate, chosen, laser-like, direct action, that you can collaborate.

If there is one undertaking, one lesson that the human collective — all of you! — are learning at this time, it is collaboration and cooperation. That is the aspect of unity. So as you do this, you are setting the paradigm for the next and the next and the next. Because it cannot be achieved in a solitary manner. That was not my plan. And I am not changing that.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Mother. Now, there could be some lightworkers who may be waiting before they step out as way-showers. They may be saying, “Well, I’m too far in debt,” or “I don’t know what to do,” or “Am I really a way-shower? Is that really true?” What would your counsel to them be?

DM: You can be a way-shower in your bedroom. What you mention is part of the turmoil, the uncertainty, the pain. And I say this with the understanding, so you do not do what I demand, because I do not demand, I request, I ask. I ask you to stretch, yes. I ask you to step forward, yes.

But perhaps you are one in such a position. And so how you are acting as the way-shower is exactly what I have asked you to do. It is to receive and then send.

This is the request and the partnership. So your clarity will grow. But I am asking you to send it, not just to be in a public forum speaking of it, not to go to your place of work where they will fire you because they think you are insane, and speak of it, but to energetically share it, hold it, be it. And people will follow you because their heart is yearning for more.

There is not one being on your planet at this time, even those who have been worked with and put in containment. They all yearn for a clear sense of how and direction.

So, be the way-shower in your room. Then step out into the living room, perhaps, and share the energy with your children. You do not need to say a word. Then walk down the street and look at everybody you meet, in the eye, and smile.

The Divine Mother: The Role of Clarity « Golden Age of Gaia

Steve Beckow – Into the Golden Age of Gaia – The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment


Andrew Eardley – September 21, 2013 – A Date Which Will Live in Glory – Ascension – Golden Age Of Gaia



Posted by on September 21, 2013

From  Golden Age Of Gaia

By Andrew Eardley. September 21, 2013

Ten days ago, on September 11, I wrote an article for Golden Age of Gaia – something I rarely do – to commemorate the twelfth anniversary of the Cabal’s worst ever false flag atrocity, namely the events of ‘9/11’.

I likened the events of that day in September 2001 to the fateful day on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese Empire carried out an unprovoked attack on the Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii – although there have been suggestions that this infamous attack was orchestrated ‘behind the scenes’ to provide a reason for the U.S.A. to enter into World War II.

However, both these “Dates Which Will Live in Infamy” will eventually be confined to the ‘dustbin’ of history.

Today, however, September 21 2013, is a day that will always be remembered for very different reasons.

Going back to last year, 2012, we were looking forward to the Winter Solstice on December 21 as the long-foretold date of the Ascension of Gaia and her human collective from the duality of 3D to the ‘Oneness’ of 5th Dimension. There had been various opinions as to whether this would be a ‘sudden’ or a ‘gradual’ event, and therefore people had different expectations of what would occur on that day.

Personally, I did not know exactly what to expect and therefore, as the date drew near, I adopted a somewhat ‘laid-back’ approach to December 21, 2012, with the confident view that “whatever was Divinely destined to take place on that day would happen”.

Thus, while some were disappointed that the day came and went with no apparent change, I felt sure that a major event had indeed transpired – but on a higher dimensional level than we could appreciate, being stuck in our 3rd dimensional duality. Indeed, I was convinced that our Star brothers and sisters must have enjoyed a spectacular higher dimensional ‘fireworks display’ of Light from their 5th dimensional – or above – vantage point.

Later we learned that Gaia did indeed undergo Ascension to Fifth as planned, but that the Divine Plan for our Ascension was altered when we – the human collective – asked for an extension period so that a greater percentage of humanity could be ready to take part in the Ascension process. Apparently we said “Let’s do this together as One” – a request that was unexpected by the Celestials and the Galactics, and both surprised and delighted them.

Thus, we were granted – by Divine decree – a ‘Period of Grace’ of nine months which was likened to a human gestational period and divided into three trimesters, the third of which ends on today’s date – September 21, 2013 – as this Period of Grace cannot be further extended.

Ashtar informed us that the ‘Grand Sextile’ conjunction on August 25, when major celestial bodies moved into place to form a ‘six-pointed star’, was the most important marker in our nine month Period of Grace, and the following day he told us joyfully that we were in total compliance with the Divine timetable.

He further said in his message of August 26:

We see that the enfoldment of the Grace Period until the end of September 2013 is taking place as anticipated.

There will be no turning back. No changes in the Divine Plan will occur. With the Equinox in September, your old paradigm will be finished once and for all.

After this date, everything that is not based on Love and Light and which belongs to the old 3D illusion will not be capable of surviving.

You will all be uplifted in such a way that a progressive movement which is not based on Love and Light will simply not be possible anymore. Such situations which are based on the old illusionary virtues will be resolved. You will quickly find solutions to your situations that keep you busy on an individual and global basis.

In the same August 26 message he said, with regard to the present on-going conflicts:

At present, the last battles are fought by the ones who cannot accept the change at hand and that the old game is reaching its expiration date. This is the reason why so many acts of war are reaching a new culmination. Please rest assured that after the date of the Equinox in September 2013 all such situations will be resolved in Light and Love – and very quickly.

In relation to the Period of Grace and to our subsequent Ascension he said this:

We were not sure how you would cope with the nine months Grace Period. Especially, we could not foresee if you would use this Grace Period for the purpose it was provided for you. Please let us remind you that you have asked God for this Grace Period in order to allow every human being on Gaia to ascend.

Now you are in preparation for Ascension. You have let go of all the old ballast and you are integrating the new energies which will raise you up.

Ascension will finally happen in the not-too-distant future. But already after the expiration of the Grace Period you will notice an ease in your daily lives and more joy.

You will be surprised about the solutions you will find for the individual and global problems which plague you right now. And this in itself will noticeably lift you up in a way in which you cannot consider possible right now.

And then – at a point in your immediate future – you will finally ascend.

Please do not doubt yourselves. All is well. You surprised us with your request for a prolongation, and it was unsure what you would do with the Grace Period. And now, you have all performed so miraculously for your own and Gaia’s benefit that we cannot adequately express our joy. You are truly Masters in action and we are all so very proud of you.

Archangel Michael – when ‘pressed’ by Steve Beckow on the time scale for our Ascension following the end of the Period of Grace – suggested that it might be around eighteen months, certainly no longer than two years.

And now, after the end of the nine-month ‘extension period’ Divinely granted at our request, the Ascension process begins in earnest and we are on our way to join Gaia in 5th Dimension.

We are also on the cusp of the global financial reset and the revaluation that we have all been patiently awaiting, and which is an essential precursor to Disclosure, as Ashtar reminds us in his message of July 31, 2013.

And so it is, that having endured ‘Dates of Infamy’ so often at the hands of the Cabal, we can bid these dates goodbye and look forward to entering the Golden Age of Gaia from this day forward.

Today, September 21 2013, is truly “A Date Which Will Live in Glory” for all time.

From  Golden Age Of Gaia

Archangel Michael – Step Up in Consciousness – September 2013 – Part 2/4 from Golden Age of Gaia

20 Friday Sep 2013


Ashtar first mentioned the subject of an event expected in September 2013 through Philipp in February 2013, at almost the exact time I had my discussion with AAM. He referred to a column that appeared in Denise LeFay’s writings.

“Please (and this is very important) let us look upon what has led to the change of the Divine Plan. It is actually not a change but a fulfillment of a request. And who has sent out this request? Who has sent out this plea to our Creator to have more time to allow more fellow human brothers and sisters to jump on board the ship called Ascension. Yes, you and only you! Let us explain.

“You sent out the plea for prolongation of the Ascension process (which contains, as you all know, the Disclosure process). Your plea was astonishing and the Creator and all of us are so very proud of you. It has proved how far you have come on your journey, that you would put the well-being of the collective over the individual’s goal. And this goal, of course, was to get over the Ascension finish line as quickly as possible.

“The Creator has answered your plea and put in place a nine-month grace period which Denise Le Fay has talked about. And thanks to you all, we now have many more visitors in the skies to help coordinate your ascension process (big smile). It is getting quite crowded around your planet!” (1)

He tells us that the grace period will end in September 2013.

“This grace period until September 2013 was not easy to provide you with. Please don’t forget that although you put your focus on your Ascension and that of Gaia, the last which has already taken place, this whole picture is much more complex and broader than you think.

“Now you are in this transition period, which is very short even in your terms, and we recommend that you use this short time very wisely. We will elaborate more upon this in a later channeling, since our channel is getting tired.” (2)

Ashtar returned to the subject on July 31, 2013. But on this occasion he doesn’t speak of what is to happen at the end of the trimester (i.e., in September) as crossing the Ascension finish line but as “a big step forward.” He says:

“The veil at the end of this trimester will not suddenly lift – your return back home to full consciousness is a process. But there shall come a point in your journey where you will take a big step forward to enable you to build upon this step, to integrate all that you have achieved so far in every cell of your Being, and to allow you to go ahead with your journey back home to where you belong.

“And the moment for you to take this step is just around the corner. You will make great progress and be pleasantly surprised with your achievements.” (3)

Ashtar suggested that the galactics may use the uplift gotten from the financial transformations to disclose their presence.

“We have previously informed you that the prerequisite for our widespread appearance on your world would especially be the transformation of your financial systems. Furthermore, we have told you that the uplift experienced as a result of these transformations would increasingly enhance your ability to absorb the news about your Star Family. We will use this uplift to introduce ourselves to you, our brothers and sisters incarnated on the surface of dear Gaia.” (4)

The next conversation about the subject happened when I asked White Cloud, through Blossom Goodchild, to comment on Ashtar’s claims. Like many sources, he began by declining to give dates.

Steve Beckow: Ashtar said that he believes that the final stage could be in September. Archangel Michael has said, no, it’s probably more likely between February 2014 to February 2015. But then there are other channels — I won’t mention their names — but they are saying just what you’re saying, that it’s quite close.

First of all, can you give us, not a date, but a kind of an approximation of just how close we are? And then I have a couple of other questions as well.

White Cloud: I would say to you — and if you were to see your Blossom at this time, all the time you have been speaking I have a huge grin on her face, because there is this… the word I am giving is ‘desperation’ for people upon the planet that are so eager for things to really begin to transpire, if you like. But I would say to you, because Blossom knows this, and many know, that we do not give of dates anymore.

SB: Yes.

WC: Because it is too… when it cannot work in the way we had, perhaps, planned, et cetera, it is too detrimental, in the long term. (5)

He suggested to us that the more we live in joy, the more quickly we bring the events we wish to us.

White Cloud: What I would say to all about this is, if you are to live your life in the way that is desired — and that is by living every moment that you can in joy — working with that, concentrating only that, focusing only on the joy of your life, then it is that you are raising the vibration.

And the more the vibration is raised, the more quickly these things shall come about, that you are desiring. (6)

He then turned his attention to what he calls “the Event,” which will see “a showering of love … upon your planet.”

White Cloud: I spoke yesterday as well of ‘the Event’ that many speak of; and many thought it was to be after December last year. But I am saying to you, this Event has not gone away. This Event will be taking place.

“And it is a showering of love that will descend, if you like, upon your planet in a way that has not been done before. But that Event can take place, for simple terms, depending upon the happiness of those souls on Earth. …

“I would say the Event that is coming, yes, that is joyful, it is indescribably joyful. (7)

The Event will affect all life on Earth.

White Cloud: This Event will affect everything, but regarding souls on Earth, for instance, and, well, I would say everything else as well, it is depending on the vibration that that living aspect of something resonates upon. …

This Event will bring about an energy…. You know that an energy came in on December 21st of last year, and it is affecting many. But nonetheless that energy is there in a more subtle sense to each soul. Whereas this will be, I would simply say, far less subtle. (8)

I commented that I wondered whether this Event was to be just an early Ascension wave or the Event and White Cloud did not specify a step process but turned to a different subject.

SB: I guess what I was wanting to clarify was whether this Event that you’re talking about was what Archangel Michael has talked about as early waves, or whether this is the Event. And you have answered that. You have said that it is “the Event”. (9)

Does silence betoken consent?

Tomorrow we’ll look at what Jesus and Saul have said through John Smallman about this transformative shift on the planet.

(Continued in Part 3. You’re welcome to read ahead.)Step Up in Consciousness, September 2013 – Part 2/4 « Golden Age of Gaia.

Steve Beckow – Hope Girl – Fix the World Platform – The Tool to Build Our Future – Golden Age Of Gaia


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This is How We Can Do This!!!!

An In-Depth Description of the Fix the World Platform and How it Will Be the Tool We Can Use to Build a Future For All of Us.

by Hope Girl, HopeGirl2012, Aug. 29, 2013

The Fix the World Platform has arrived!!!!

This platform will serve as the major center where people can meet, connect with others of like mind, share ideas, share projects, get their projects organized presented and funded. This is how we are going to make this happen for all of us!!!

The following video is a short presentation that shows you the power of the new Fix the World Platform.

Our Platform includes:

  1. General info which will give you all the information about Fix the World organization and how we started, the team, our business plan and business documents. Our partner organizations and career opportunities.
  2. Community groups run by a community organizer’s who can invite members to planned events and members can rsvp. You can meet up with groups of like-minded people during these scheduled conference calls and webinars, all of which will be posted on the Fix The World events calendar. Each community has its own member’s with a variety of forums each with their own information and attend events. Fix the World communities has many features similar to face book. You can friend people, send private messages, and choose to allow only your friends to see your profile.
  3. A gallery full of planet changing events. These projects contain plans from some of the most brilliant minds in the world. These are listed according to each section of the human endeavour. Each project has a description and allows you to write a review, share on your social media networks. If a project has its own crowd funding campaign activated you will be able to access it from its project page.
  4. A New Paradigm News Center from your favourite radio shows and blog sites
  5. A Resource Center for personal research and uploading documents for sharing with others
  6. Truth TV with a huge selection of information and documentaries that you wont find in main stream media.
  7. A comprehensive training center that has been established so you can purchase affordable self teaching modules to develop your skills and turn your project into a reality. Courses will include How to write a business plan, create a project schedule and a budget, create promotional materials for your project, and learn effective negotiating skills so you can negotiate contracts and manage relationships. These will all give you the skills that you may need to get your project up and running, organized and successful.
  8. Consulting services to allow you to expose your talent along with giving you access to the talent you need.
  9. One of the most exciting parts of the Fix the World website is that you can travel to the Crowd Ventures website. Fix the World considers Crowd Ventures far superior as it has several features that are far superior to other options and with some very unique qualities.

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a pivotal planet changer, without whom none of this would be possible for any of us. His name is Shane Chapin, and the story behind how he came to partner with the Fix the World Organization will amaze you. After all it is a story of destiny and a prime example of how the universe allows everything to fall into place.

With a background as a master gardener and an amazing intuitive skill at building dynamic interactive website platforms, Shane was given an internal drive and vision. He started building an interactive platform where people could meet and share information. This was a platform like no other, it was like Facebook, Youtube, Amazon rolled into one, but it was so much more! His vision was clear… BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME.

He couldn’t stop, though he had little idea who he might be building it for, he just kept adding on new features, and before long it had turned into the mother ship on interactive digital platforms. And then, when the universe was in the perfect alignment, Shane was introduced to the Fix the World Organization. It was a match made in the heavens, as his platform was obviously something that was built specifically for the Fix the World Organization.

It was magic when it all came together, and specifically it was magical because this platform, which far exceeds any other platforms out there (in our not so humble opinion) IS FOR THE PEOPLE. It is exactly what the people need in this time of planet changing ideas.  We are global, we are all inspired with ideas and we need a space to connect, communicate, pool our resources and organize. This is what will make the difference and will get these projects implemented to make great change.

You need to know that Shane did all of this through the passion of his heart. He is the father of this great invention for humanity and he needs our help. Shane is a builder of the future, a planet changer. And  just like me, he has chosen what appears to be the only path that allows REAL change to come through for the people.

If it were up to our governments, or corporations, or celebrities to do it, it should have been done a long time ago. But as we are now realizing, we cannot depend on them for our future, we can only depend on us, on WE THE PEOPLE who are the majority to build and fund our own future.

Shane needs your help. And Fix the World needs you to help Shane, so that Fix the World can help the people create the projects that will Fix this planet for all of us  and for our children. It is all connected, we needed this platform for all of us to connect, and we need the accompanying crowdfunding platform that we are trying to launch to create the necessary vehicle for the PEOPLE to fund these projects.

Shane has already done the work… in fact he’s done it tirelessly for quite a long time. It is all there for all of you to see. He is the genious master mind behind all of this, and he needs to be paid for his labor. Because as with so many of us, he is barely able to pay his bills and caught is a position where he might need to abandon this platform to get a mediocre job just to pay bills.

For those of you who know me and have been following the work of the Fix the World Organization, I want you to know that I do not take the promotion of a single person lightly. Our own reputation of accountability to the people is always our top priority. And I have to say that Shane is completely in alignment with the spirit and mission of the organization and the people that we all serve and need to protect.

We cannot let a soul as enlightened and valuable as Shane slip back into the enslavement system. He is here for all of the people, we cannot do this without him, he is here to make this possible for all of us, he has done all the work for the world to see, and now he needs our help. Funding Shane and his Crowdventures platform is funding Fix the World. Doing this allows ALL the projects to get funded. And this is how we’ll change our planet.

Thank you so much, my beloved humanity. It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Shane and let all of you know the person that made all of this possible.

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Steve Beckow – Golden Age Of Gaia – Gradual Awakening


Golden Age Of Gaia  /  Steve Beckow


Most lightworkers and lightholders are probably by now recognizing within themselves the signs of a gradual awakening.  But for those who may not be, let’s review what our sources have to say about the process of our gradual awakening.

Jesus through John Smallman reminds us that “at the center of your being you have always known that this was to be the lifetime in which your awakening would come to pass.” (1)

Most of us are starseeds, here to assist Gaia and her inhabitants with their Ascension. Our Ascension has already occurred, perhaps many times over.  For the most part we’re 7th-12th dimensional beings from star systems like Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda.

But part of our agreement has been to wear the blindfold and go through the awakening process along with everyone else. And so what the nature of our awakening is becomes of interest to us.

The master Hilarion explains that “awakening most often occurs when there is something revealed that was not known before which rocks the foundation that people based their lives upon.”  (2)

“This shakes the template that has been in place around the Earth and around each inhabitant and opens up the contemplation of other possibilities that were not considered before.” (3)

What is awakening us is that the Source, through the Company of Heaven, is sending us light and love, as Archangel Gabriel speaking through Shelley Young describes for us.

“You have been exposed to an influx of light that has been unprecedented on your planet thus far.  …

“You have just shifted into a brand new AGE. Imagine how much that multiplies the effects when you are in the ending of an age that has lasted thousands and thousands of years and is transitioning into a brand new age that will also last as long!

“On top of that, you are learning with your bodies how to assimilate the light that is flooding your planet and how to work in the higher dimensional energies. So it has been a lot and we understand and honour you for that.” (4)

The Arcturian Group describes how this light works its miracle.

“With your intent and permission, energy change first flows into your energy field and begins to dissolve that which is old and untrue – the shadow energy that you carry with you in the form of any false beliefs regarding yourselves and others. The shadows are dissolved in the presence of the Light – higher frequency energies.

“Gradually, the individual then begins to experience change within his thinking patterns as well as within all facets of his life and this is often where the ‘problems’ start. He finds that he no longer resonates with people, places, or things as he used to and the evolving student may find himself with some difficult personal choices to make.

“These subtle changes usually unfold gradually and lead the initiate into the new as they are ready or able to handle the higher frequencies. This may appear to the student as though nothing is happening.

“Understand that as you allow and gradually begin to hold more Light, you are changing the energy of the whole planet.” (5)

Our shadow selves subside under the impact of our dawning awareness of truth, they tell us.

“All there is to shadow energy is an unawareness of Self – some carry more, some carry less. As each new awareness of truth deepens within you, its Light becomes a part of your energy field.” (6)

The planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, gave us his description of how the light energy shifts us.

“There have been significant energetic shifts upon your planet in the last couple of weeks. And even within the last few days.

“Now when we say ‘energetic shifts,’ what do we mean? Because, as you know, part of this process — of shift, of awakening, of Ascension — has been the continuation and the penetration of your sacred beings, each and every one of you, directly from the heart of One, of Mother/Father/All Source, from we who serve you and who are in partnership with you.

“And that is particularly true as [Archangel] Gabriel and I penetrate each of you and the planet, sweet Gaia, with gold and pink light, and the energy of beauty, of peace, and what we would call enlightenment — and I do not use that phrase casually or lightly.”  (7)

The process of penetration is not something that stops and starts, he explains.

“So each of these frequencies does not stop and start and stop and start. The way in which this transition, from my perspective as planetary logos, is being handled is there is an escalation.

“Now, this escalation in some situations has been gradual, over decades, as you know. And then there has been a turning-up of the gas jets in certain situations, which is exactly what has happened in the past couple of weeks and in the last two to three days.” (8)

As we’re able to handle more, the energy is amped up.

“The energies and the frequencies are turned up, made stronger, more palatable quite literally, because you are able to handle more and more energy. And the purpose of this energy increase and frequency increase, vibrational increase — however you conceive of it — is not for you to be out of body, but to be able to manage, to hold and to integrate this into your body, so that your level of heart consciousness, of full awareness, is growing.” (9)

At some times, the experience may seem overwhelming, he tells us.

“Now you may feel as if you have your finger in a light socket. In some cases, many of you are actually feeling a little irritable, as if you have too much energy in your body, as if you can run 20 miles and then some.

“Allow it to, gently, simply, anchor within you — and yes, run if you must, or if you choose. But do not try and slow down or halt, in any way, shape or form, the increase in vibration that is coming into not only your field but being effected into your physicality.

“This is part of your ability to be fully anchored in the higher dimensions, or what you tend to term the higher dimensions.” (10)

Thus our gradual awakening is being brought about by higher beings flooding the planet with light and love. It’s gradual but increasing and, as our abilities to handle the light increase, so the amounts sent to us increase.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the incredible lightness of being we are more and more experiencing as we assimilate this light and shift into higher and higher dimensions.

Steve Beckow  /  Golden Age Of Gaia

Golden Age Of Gaia – Conversation With St Germain – Steven Beckow – An Hour With An Angel – 8-12-13






















Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Steve Beckow, author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone and founder of the Golden Age of Gaia, and Linda Dillon, author of The Great Awakening.

It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea. Our guest today is St. Germaine.

So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And let me welcome a person that I have always admired and whose exploits I have always enjoyed reading about — and that is St. Germaine. Welcome to the program, St. Germaine.

St. Germaine: And welcome to you, and to each of you — friends, brothers and sisters of my heart. And I welcome you this day with my gift of the violet flame. You know, never to be outdone, in your last meeting, my beloved brother and yours, Archangel Michael has asked you to up the ante, and he most certainly has. And he has reminded you to burn the blue flame of truth brightly.

And so, of course this day I bring forth the violet flame, the violet flame of the I AM presence. And I instill it once again joyously and deeply within your heart, within your third eye, within your crown, within the palms of your hands and the tips of your fingers.

You have often said, “What do I need to do to become the fullness of my ‘I AM’?”

Well, I have just given it to you. You are in a time of massive transition, but you are also in a time of the potential for joy and creation like never before. And might I remind you, whether it was in Atlantis or Lemuria, Jerusalem or the European courts, it has always been a time of transition.

So, is it more intense at this juncture? Yes. Are you equipped to handle it? Yes. Are you being given assistance from above and below? Yes.

So, my beloved friends, let us use this violet flame, this flame of transmutation and transformation, with all of its own chemical properties, to simply eliminate worry, doubt, fear, hesitation. And let us do it together right now.

No, I do not, nor will I ever, impose my will upon you or anyone else. But when you have invited me — all of you! For this invitation did not simply come from Graham and Steve and Linda; it came from the hearts of all of you. And so you have invited me to a help, and I am pleased to do so.


SB: Well, just before we begin, St. Germaine, I’d like to ask you three questions. And the first is that many African listeners were dismayed to see that Robert Mugabe was returned to power in Zimbabwe, and they’d like to know what they can expect to see there for those who are waiting to see freedom return to that country.

St. G: Well, let us begin, then. Because this does sound like a beginning to me, my friend!

SB: [laugh] Thank you.

St. G.: [chuckle] Politics as usual. And that is not so. Yes, Mugabe has been returned to his position, but it was not as manipulated as some would make out. There has been significant progress in this country, and there has been a fullness not only of my flame but of a great deal of white light that has been embedded not only within this leader but within this cadre that is in control.

But let us speak of the person — because, yes, he comes across as dictatorial, as manipulative, and as a person that wishes to simply die in office. But he is also being worked with to implement changes that are in favor of greater freedom.

So this is what I say not only to those who have written this query, but to all my friends, but particularly my friends in Africa — for you know me well. Freedom, the expression of joyous freedom, which is the expression of your divinity in form, begins within you. Yes, you say, “Oh, but our movements, our freedoms are restricted.”

What I am asking you — and it is very similar to what Michael has asked you last week — is to let go, eradicate, transmute, torch the idea that any being, and particularly any human being, can control you. It is not possible.

Now, you may work in ways that you feel are a work-around or even subversive. So be it. Do not allow anyone — any government, any parent, any friend, any partner, any neighbor, any idea — to restrict your freedom.

Yes, it rests within you, but the expression of that freedom is your movement in the world, on Gaia, and being the spearhead of change.

So, take faith, my friends. No, not a fool’s belief, but faith in your powers, not only in ours. For do not forget, we are in full partnership. You are creating the change — in Zimbabwe, in Uganda, in Mozambique, in Botswana. You are doing it.

SB: All right. Now, can you just confirm for listeners, St. Germaine, that Robert Mugabe is not in fact in containment?

St. G.: No, he is not in containment. Mugabe is not in containment. Let us say he is in school. And he has a few things that his soul and his sacred purpose on the planet need to learn and complete before he leaves. And he has agreed to this. So let us also say the Mugabe that you are dealing with today is not the same person you were dealing with, oh, even as short a period as five years ago.

SB: Okay. Well, why don’t we leave it there, because we have a lot to cover in our program.

Rumors of an Asteroid

The second is, just very, very briefly, there is a rumor that a large asteroid will approach the Earth and be destroyed by the galactics in a very public display. Is that a true report? And if it is, can you just briefly give us some details on that event, please?

St. G.: It’s not true.

SB: Not true.

St. G.: Understand. There are asteroids, comets, planetary debris, interplanetary debris that is passing through your area, your sector, all the time. And yes, your star brothers and sisters are very active in making sure that nothing harms their beloved Gaia, let alone the human race.

Now, there have been recent impacts, as you know, of the asteroids. And there have been some demonstrations of how your star brothers and sisters have intervened. But this particular one is not… this is not — let me put it this way — this is not how your star brothers and sisters are going to introduce themselves.

SB: All right. Thank you for that.

St. Germaine’s Past Lives

Now, just a few brief questions again on some past life matters that have been in dispute recently. I’d like to clean up some misconceptions about your past lives. You’re said to have lived as Merlin, Joseph, the father of Jesus, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus, et cetera. Are any of the lives attributed to you lives that you did not live?

St. G.: I was not Joseph, the husband of what you think of as Mary, father or stepfather of Jesus. (1)

SB: But you were Merlin?

St. G.: Yes, I was.

SB: Okay. Well, that’s very helpful.

St. G.: Let me correct this. I was part of the Merlin energy. There were many of us who played in Merlin.

But yes, I was a very primary occupant. Let me put it that way.

SB: All right. So both Merlin and King Arthur are definitely historical personalities?

St. G.: Oh, my goodness! Not only are they accurate historical personalities, they are bright, shining lights. And do you notice — and yes, I know I am going on and on — the younger peoples’ fascination with what we would call fantasy literature?

And it is because they want these touchstones because they remember and they want to bring back what has been thought of as mythology back into the magic of life that they are living right now.

So, yes, those ‘stories’ (supposedly) are very true.

And they are there to give you hope and knowing that you, dear hearts, are magical.

SB: Wonderful. And not just the younger children! [laughs] Because I include myself in that as well!

St. G.: Oh, no. I would say every age from 7 to 70!

SB: That’s correct! Was Francis Bacon the illegitimate child of Queen Elizabeth?

St. G.: Yes, that is correct.

SB: All right. Did he write Shakespeare’s plays?

St. G.: Yes. I did.

SB: Oh! Well, you know that Shakespeare talked through Robert Leichtman back in the 1970s (2) and said that, no, it wasn’t true; that he, Shakespeare, wrote all the plays, or at least he and the company. Was that not a true transmission?

St. G.: Let us just say that it was a cooperative effort. I have no desire, and I know that you don’t either, to discredit our good friend Shakespeare, or any other channel. But no, I have written those plays.

SB: All right. Well, I’m glad to finally have that cleared up. Was the novel The Scarlet Pimpernel written with you in mind?

St. G.: Well… I would like to think so. Yes, it was.

Abundance Program

SB: Very interesting. Okay. Let’s leave all that behind now and turn to the abundance program. Can you… you’ve already talked to us, in November, about certain aspects of the abundance program, so I won’t be going over that material again. But could you please give us a synoptic description of the streams of wealth that will go into the abundance program?

St. G.: Now, you are talking about planetary abundance, and you are talking about — and correct me, of course, if I am wrong, for I am always up for a lively discussion — but what you are talking about is various rivers of gold that are flowing quite rapidly all over your globe, all over the planet. And yes, we have spoken extensively in… last November about the various abundance programs, and particularly about the Trust.

But let us review what we are discussing and where we are. And please, dear friend, feel free to interject. We are old friends, and I will not take offense at it. And if I meander, you may interrupt as well.

SB: Okay.

St. G.: I also love to tell a good story!

Let me take you to the caves and the palaces of gold. I wish to repeat to all of you, as a starting point, there is no shortage of abundance on your planet or within the Mother’s universe.

The lack of abundance, the lack that you say and know very… what you believe up close and personal, is completely an illusion. Does it feel, smell, taste as if it is real? Yes, of course it does. So I do not say this in any way that is judgmental or critical.

But throughout the ages, through the interplanetary transfers, through the creation, shall we say, alchemically or even by simply setting aside — you have that expression in your society — great wealth has been accumulated.

Now, when you are thinking about the prosperity programs, what you also tend to do is you tend to think of world revolution. And yes, there is an evolution and a revolution in terms of societal structures, and the sharing of wealth — and I mean this is a concrete manner, at this time.

But what you don’t often look to, and what I have alluded to back in November is what about the wealth that is directly in front of you? What about the storehouses of gems, of gold, of money, of various things?

So you will also look — and this is an aside — to those areas where there have been storehouses of which you are all aware of wealth that has simply been set aside for a privileged few.

Now, you know, or perhaps some of you don’t, I love gems, crystals….

SB: I know that for sure.

St. G.: And I particularly love diamonds.

And I have been known in all my various lives and incarnations to share the amethysts and the diamonds freely.

SB: Can I interrupt for a sec., St. Germaine?

St. G.: Yes.

SB: You left your guests at your dinner parties at the time of, I think it was Louis XVI, you left them diamonds on their place cards, did you not?

St. G.: Yes, I did. It was a good joke!

SB: [laugh] Absolutely!

St. G.: And it was a gift. It wasn’t like my friend Louis really needed any of my baubles. But everybody enjoyed it, and everybody was in awe. And in that society, and at that time, there was way too much arrogance. And the sense of awe and the appreciation of beauty had become somewhat jaded.

And so part of my teaching, my presence in being in these societies, was to reawaken that sense of the delightful, and how easy it is to share! So we are having this lesson all over again right now, are we not?

SB: Yes, we are.

St. G.: So, yes. Do not rule out having a diamond left on your plastic placemat.

SB: [laugh] Any time! Well, there’s just one other point of interest I’d like to bring up before we turn in depth to the various prosperity programs. And that’s that I think the American authorities sunk a lot of wealth in ships, some as deep as the Mariana Trench and some in the Philippines.

Can you tell our listeners how this wealth was recovered? What was the process? Did the galactics go down in their ships and draw this wealth out? Or how was it brought back to the surface?

St. G.: It has not been a difficult process at all. Now, don’t forget, we work with energy. Your star brothers and sisters, what you think of as technology is a different use of energy.

And let me be very clear. The Americans aren’t the only ones who have, hmm, shall we say, placed for safekeeping money, gold, treasures, underneath the waters. It has been a practice for hundreds and hundreds, in some cases thousands of years. And it is an open secret above and below.

So it is rather humorous. Now, it is simply, there are many, many space stations that are located actually underneath what you think of as your oceans or large bodies of water. So it is not a matter only of your star brothers and sisters going to recover. But they are already there, and their ability to teleport to various locations is as simple as snapping your fingers. So it is simply not an issue.

The issue is and always has been: Has greed been taken care of? Has that desire for control been taken care of? Is that attitude of lack and limitation in place so that “I’d better hoard” been taken care of?

Because that is really what all this has been about. It has been about hoarding, and believing that, whether you are an individual, a king, a queen or a nation state, that somehow you will be in lack and need and that you will not be attended to.

That is an absurd belief. Yes, I know it is one that has been deeply entrenched, but nevertheless let us call it what it is, and it is absurd.

So, what you are saying is, has the gold, has the gold, has the various riches, have they been recovered? Some has, and some is in the process. But do not worry, dear heart. We know exactly where things are.

SB: Hmm. Well, I won’t got into all the gold that’s stored in gymnasium-sized buildings and all that. I’m going to leave that.

Prosperity Packages

But I’m going to turn to two streams of wealth that will, I think — if I’m correct — be coming on-line soon. One is the prosperity packages, and one is the wealth that will result from the global currency re-set.

Can we start with the prosperity packages, please, and can you give us an idea of what that is going to bring when it comes on line?

St. G.: I want you to explain to your listeners what you are referring to by the prosperity packages. You will do a far more adequate job than I.

SB: Well, I’m actually not very clear about them, but I know that some people have been contacted by others who are custodians of Prosperity Packages. And these custodians are wanting to get this money out. And the thinking I think is that whoever is gifted with it will then turn around and get it out further. And so this will be the first ripple of wealth.

Now, the Prosperity Programs themselves go under names like Omega and I think Freedom, and they were started quite a ways back as subscription programs, I believe. That’s about all I know about them, St. Germaine.

St. G.: Let us suggest to you that there are twelve Prosperity Programs that were started hundreds of years ago. And that the participation in them, which has always been free choice and freedom, has grown and been protected over the centuries.

As you well know, I would include within this my own prosperity program and what you think of as the St. Germaine Trust. But it is one of several.

Those who are participants in the Prosperity Programs have undertaken not just a casual agreement, but a very deep, sacred vow to share the wealth as it has come forward and when the time was nigh, was right. And that is beginning right now.

Now, you know, if you have read my history, that I have been very involved in the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons.

SB: Yes.

St. G.: And it is this type of what you have thought of as secret organization with commitment to high spiritual principles that have been entrusted with this undertaking.

And there have been certain individuals who have come specifically to Earth under the purview of different masters, particularly Sanat Kumara, as well to assist in not only the development of these programs but then the distribution.

So this has not been a fly-by-night operation by any stretch of the imagination.

Now, the crack — and I do mean crack — in the door, or shall we say the bank vault, is beginning to be opened. And we say “crack” for a very particular reason. The lessons of what we can call the fallen civilizations have made all of us… cautious. We remain observers, but that does not mean we distance ourselves from your need.

But we also come and weigh your ability to discern, to manage, to handle, and to have ridded yourselves of these old false beliefs, what you have called vasanas, what Linda calls false grids — you know what we are speaking of.

SB: Yes, I do.

St. G.: We have opened up the bank vault a crack to allow the monies to start to flow, and many of you have become aware of this. Now, we are not speaking of miniscule amounts. We are talking about wealth that would make many nations’ GNP look small.

So it is going to redress the balance of fairness, of equality, of that freedom that I care about all over the planet. But it is not going to happen so rapidly that it throws everybody into a tailspin and makes markets crash and prices soar and people become irrational.

But the beginning — and it is true for all twelve of the programs — has already begun.

And there are many of you out there who have already begun to receive funds.

What to Do if You are a Recipient of Funds

SB: Yes. I’m going to ask you in a moment about the global currency re-set and the re-valuation of the dinar and the dong, but … and this question I’m about to ask you now really applies to both, but let me leave that question for a moment and just ask you….

There are the custodians who are distributing the prosperity funds to recipients. The recipients who receive them, what are you hoping they will do with those funds?

St. G.: This is a very good question. The first thing I want you to do with your funds is to take care of your sweet self. I want you to eradicate debt, because debt is part of the old grid. It has been the manipulation to such a disgusting degree.

So we eliminate personal debt so that you are not answering, or beholden to anybody — not to a corporation, not to a friend, not to anybody. That is first and foremost.

Then I want you to take care of yourself. So to keep the money to have adequate food and housing. You know I have lived in the caves of the Himalayas, I have lived in the palaces. Both are comforting.

But what I recognize, and what each of you has need while you are in human form to recognize is that sacred space isn’t a luxury. It is a requirement of being alive. It is part of the deal that you made with the Mother when you came.

So you take care of what we call foundational issues. And then you begin to create. You share with others, or perhaps you have been gifted with a particular vision that you know very clearly is part of your mission and purpose.

Well, when you have the prosperity and the funds and the vision, inspiration, and the truth to implement this, then go ahead and do so. And then assist others in finding their truth, but also taking care of their debt, their limitation.

So, some of you will be modern day Mother Teresas, and you will feed and clothe and house the poor. And others of you will move into telecommunications. Others of you will move into reorganization of free schools so that education becomes and returns to what it was really intended to be.

But first, beloved ones, let us see the elimination of this illusion of debt.

The Global Currency Reset

SB: Okay. Now, all of what you’ve just said I believe would apply to people who are experiencing a second wave of prosperity, and that is the people who have bought Iraqi dinar, Vietnamese dong, who are lightworkers who bought it because they want to serve society.

But can you tell our listeners generally what the global currency reset is all about, and perhaps go into a little bit about how it is that the dinar re-valuation was… in… well, how can I say this? — Archangel Michael has told me that some lightworkers have been made aware of this revaluation so they can purchase dinars and then turn around and serve the lightworker community. So can you talk a little bit about the global currency reset, please?

St. G.: You have an expression, I think, that is still in force, and it is called “practical magic.” Now, this, what you are thinking of as a reorganization of financial values has been in the works for a very long time and there are many that have been involved in this issue of dong or dinar, or what have you — currency traders, they are called — for, oh, decades. Some have spent their entire lives simply focusing on this issue.

So this is nothing new. What is new, what has shifted is the coming together of spiritual values with the practicality of what you think of as currency. Now, the history of this — and you know it has been exceptionally rocky! — the history of this has literally been tied also to Archangel Michael’s strategic peace initiative for the globe.

And what we know to be true is when there is equality there is a less, lessened desire to create war and mayhem. Now, we are not saying that fanaticism will go out the window, but we are not funding mayhem and fanaticism.

What we are funding in many ways — not entirely — are many lightworkers who wish, and who have earned — let me be very clear about that; many of those who are receiving this blessing have been doing the work for decades. So it has just been, in some ways, a delayed payment.

Now, what we are also seeing — not hoping; seeing — is as these resets, these re-evaluations of what you think of as currency occurs is that it will bring a lessening to the civil strife that is happening in some of the effected countries.

So, for example, right now you have a great deal of civil unrest, and might we say on the verge of war, or civil war, in Iraq. What we are hoping for and what we were expecting to see is that this will have a tendency to stabilize not only the lightworker community — because when a collective comes together and realizes that they have been acknowledged by the world’s financial community as having value, it changes the mindset.

So, the sense of desperation begins to dissipate, like smoke. The purpose of so many lightworkers being part of this, what you can think of as one of the golden rivers, is for them to be able, just as I have said, to take care of themselves, their families, their friends, but also to begin to create just what you have outlined in your book, dear heart, a world that works, a world where people are fed. You are not breatharians yet! You are not even vegan yet! So there are many, and we do not judge what you eat. As long as you transmute it, it does not really matter.

But what you are going to do is create clean water — yes, in tandem with your star brothers and sisters. We have said, and when I say “we” I mean the entire Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, the archangels and everybody else have said, as this begins — and we tell you it has begun; the bank vault has been cracked — what happens is the domino effect.

So don’t simply be looking to one arena. And don’t simply be waiting for money to land in your lap. You are doing your work. You have been doing your work.

As Michael has beckoned to you last weekend, please begin to let those who are feeling that need is something that is part of their lives, let go of that illusion! And let the abundance — and when we say “abundance” we mean it in every sense of the word — let the abundance flow.

Indigenous Prosperity

SB: All right. Thank you for that. Now, one special group is also receiving Prosperity Packages and Programs, and that is the indigenous populations of the world, and in some cases I believe land is going to be returned to them.

Can you discuss this side of the golden rivers, as you’ve called them?

St. G.: Yes, because it is an equalization. Think of this as an equalization process that, as I have said, has been in planning, in formulation and in saving for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years.

So, think of it. When those lands were stolen — we cannot really pretend otherwise; and I know because I was Christopher Columbus — when those lands were taken, there was also an understanding that there would need to be a balance reset at one point.

Now, much water has passed under that boat and bridge. We cannot, nor is it desirable, to bring things back to the way they were. No! It is about bringing the future into your now.

So we are not suggesting, for example, that all the cities will be razed and that people will go and live in tipis. Because most people would not choose to. Now, if you wish to, that is absolutely fine, and your choice.

No, it is returning to the indigenous peoples — all over the world, by the way — the ability to create the societies and the communities that they desire, according to the traditions and the values that they choose. Because that is freedom. It is not the adding on that you will behave in a certain way, and therefore you will be blessed.

Your freedom is already etched within you. You already know. And then it simply gives you the capacity — and we aren’t just talking about money when we talk about capacity — it gives you the capacity to proceed in the direction that you choose.

General Abundance

SB: There will be many people listening to this who may say to themselves, “Well, I’m not a recipient of the Prosperity Packages. And I didn’t buy Iraqi dinar. When am I going to start realizing abundance?” What is your answer to them, St. Germaine?

St. G.: Perhaps you just don’t know what you wrote on the walls of your heart and in your sacred plan of unfoldment of your plan within the plan. Now, I do not say that in a way that is dismissive or derogatory. I do not see written on the walls of any of your hearts the desire to live in lack, in limitation, to live without. That would be absurd. And what you are doing is you are moving from a reality that in many way the illusions made no sense. Your common sense and what exists — they do not mesh in any way.

So what I say to you, dear heart, it doesn’t matter if your role, your mission and purpose has not been to dinar or dong or French currency — which I am preferential to — it does not matter if you have not been participating in a prosperity program. That does not mean that you will not be a recipient of that abundance. The whole idea is sharing.

When you share, when you have that diamond on your plastic placemat, you don’t feel the need to get a gun and go rob a bank. You don’t feel the need to feel badly about yourself because you can’t send your child to swimming camp, or you can’t buy enough bread, or you can’t pay the mortgage.

When you have enough, and all of you have come here with the agreement intact that you would have enough, that you would … some of you would experience lack so that when it occurred you would boot it to the curb! So, you say, “But, Germaine, when?”

And what I say to you is what you hate to hear, is very, very, very soon. This flow-through is going to be rapid.

President Barack Obama

SB: That’s very comforting, St. Germaine. Now, President Obama, even from some of the people who are speaking as if they know about the new Prosperity Programs, and the global reset, they’re still talking about President Obama as if he’s going to go on a very long vacation, as if he’s a black hat, et cetera.

What has President Obama’s role been in the whole structuring and delivering of the Prosperity Programs, please?

St. G.: Now, you know that I love this nation of the United States of America. And between you and me, my friend, I am also very partial to Canada as well. It is the country of freedom.

Do you think in the Mother’s plan, at this time and juncture and point of transition, that she has placed somebody that is not aware, or filled, seen and unseen, with beings like me, with Archangel Michael, particularly, with Sanat Kumara, with legions of angels, with star beings and brothers…? Has this one waffled at times? Yes. And that is a human experience. That is an angelic star being having a human experience.

This one is not dark of heart. Quite the contrary. He has been entrusted to this position so that he can help his people climb out of this hole that he has witnessed up close and personally.

Chinese Elders or White Dragons

SB: All right. One of the very mysterious players in all this are the Chinese Elders or the White Dragons. What can you tell us about the Elders? What can you tell us about their role in all this, what role they’re serving at the present time, and their influence on events, please?

St. G.: Well, I will not say too much about the White Dragons, because they would not appreciate it!

SB: Okay.

St. G.: But let me use this analogy. The power of water, of a tiny drop of water on the rock forming a hole, the water going silently into tributaries …. This has been the role of the Chinese Elders. They have moved like the silent water, and they have done so in secrecy, in full awareness of their mission and purpose.

Now, know that we differentiate between what one would think of as the governance of China and the White Dragons. It is not that there cannot be cooperation — and there is; but it is not the governance.

These are elders, much like the indigenous elders, who have held the dream, and in growing the wealth and knowing that the time would come when their responsibility to take care of the world would come forward.

They are the movers and shakers. They are the pattern dwellers behind the scenes.

Hidden Documents

SB: Can you tell us, there are apparently a great deal of documents, some rescued from the Library of Alexandria before it was burned, and others taken from all manner of situations and locations that are being stored deep within the Earth. When will these be returned to the surface?

St. G.: We would suggest they will be returned to the surface during the early part of 2014.

SB: All right. And what… what bodies of knowledge can we look forward to re-attaining at that time?

St. G.: It is not so much the bodies of knowledge — and there are some — but it is also the understanding of the journey of humanity and even the fall from grace, as you can think of it, the history of humanity — whence you came, what you brought, what you knew.

Now, the documents are not the only source. As you well know the Lemurian crystals also carry a great deal of your history. Now, there are only a few who are really becoming adept at reading those crystals, but that will also be unlocked as well, as well as the information with your star brothers and sisters, how the seeding of the planet, the Creator Race, came to pass.

So it will be documents of interest, not of intrigue, and certainly not of punishment.

The Divine Qualities of an Abundance Custodian

SB: All right. Well, that’s certainly something to look forward to. In the time remaining, could you give us a discussion, a word picture, of the divine qualities that will come into play around the successful and useful handling of money, handling of prosperity?

Can you give us a picture of the person that you want to see emerge in all of us that takes this prosperity and successfully uses it in the way that the Company of Heaven and the Council of Love have wanted it to be used, please, and the Divine Mother?

St. G.: I would be pleased to, and I am honored to do so. And I am not painting a picture of an individual who does not know how to have fun, because, dear hearts, I have taught you how to have fun long ago. So, don’t forget it!

SB: No, we won’t!

St. G.: Purity. Purity is number one. And it is purity of intention, purity of action, purity of thought. It is a sense of selflessness with regard to the collective, but also regarding yourself. Purity is vitally important and your starting point. If you are feeling any of the whispers of the old grids, then simply let it go and return to your heart of purity.

The second is compassion — yes, even more important than grace or humility. Compassion to see the situations of your next door neighbor, or the nation next door. To see, not with the eyes of, “Let me assume your burden,” but “Let me assist.” “Let me assist give you the tools that you need, that you want, that you select for your freedom journey.” So compassion is very important.

Wisdom. The ability to know, from that place of your heart consciousness, what is desirable, what is… what we would call necessary, and in what balance. You do not give what is not manageable. So you do not give somebody, for example, who has been living on food stamps — God bless them! — you do not give them a million dollars and say, “Good luck.” You give them the wisdom tools, the supports, the infrastructure for them to manage and to grow into the knowing, the wisdom of how to deal with prosperity.

Prudence. That is the balance in all things. It is the balance to know when to extend, when to stay still, when to withdraw.

So these are the primary qualities that I would ask you to bring forth, and that you already have. So let them flow like the golden river, and do not forget, my beloved ones. Please, use my violet flame. Allow the torch of freedom to be held high and declare it, this day and every day, your deservingness to receive and then to share, to give with your hearts.


SB: Thank you very much, St. Germaine. Farewell.

Steve Beckow – The Christ and Ascension – Golden Age Of Gaia

Steve Beckow

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Julie asked the following questions:

(1) Of late, I seem to be coming across a lot of info about the Christ energy and light. In your articles on the return of the masters, one quote stood out for me: Jesus only had one harbinger, but the Christ of the New Age is going to have several million harbingers. Did this mean one harbinger vs. the millions who would welcome Jesus now? Or does this mean that instead of one body, Jesus, the Christ light would be in millions?

(2)  Does Ascension mean accepting the Christ in us all? Unification with God, completely?

(3) Will we all then be “Christ” or “Christed”? What are the characteristics of Christ consciousness? Total embodiment of blessings/virtues? Surrender to connection/oneness with God? Light quotient?

Let me walk through your questions one at a time.  One of the difficulties in answering them is that terms like “Christed,” “Christ Consciousness,” and even “the Christ in all of us” are used differently by different sages or else interpreted differently by different religious spokespeople.

The problem is compounded by the fact that, if I were to ask another sage for a definitive answer, I might receive what amounts to another interpretation to add to what already exists. And since I haven’t experienced Christ consciousness myself, I have no firsthand knowledge to fall back on.

Keep in mind that Jesus himself told us during an Hour with an Angel interview that, when he said “I am the way,” etc., he was aligning with the Father, the All in all.

“When I have used the term ‘I am,’ I was aligning with All, with Source, with Father/Mother One. That is the alignment. And if you, Steve, or listeners, say, ‘I am the truth,’ then you have aligned with that, and you have become that.” (1)

First of all, the Christ is the soul, what Hindus call the Atman or Self. It’s a fragment of the Father. It’s one with the Father, while the Father is greater than it. It’s in the Father (who is everything) and the Father is in it (that is, in the human body, as the divine spark or soul in the heart).

Second, there are indeed levels of enlightenment but which one is Christ consciousness is not agreed upon by all sages so I don’t use the expression very much myself.

I’ve heard people describe the enlightenment that occurs when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra as Christ consciousness; when it reaches the sixth chakra; and when it reaches the seventh chakra.

None of these levels of enlightenment corresponds to that which we attain upon being firmly anchored in the Fifth Dimension (see below for a discussion of it). That level sees the kundalini double back on the spiritual heart or hridayam and the heart open permanently. It’s a higher level of enlightenment than the others I’ve named.  Shankara may be describing it here:

“[The Self] is realized within one’s own heart as existence, knowledge and bliss absolute. Realize this Atman within the shrine of your own heart.” (2)

I don’t know what the qualities associated with Christ consciousness are because I’ve never been able to nail down the level of enlightenment it is. For the same reason, I cannot say what light quotient “Christ consciousness” corresponds to.

The harbinger of Jesus was John the Baptist. But all returning ascended masters and us newly-ascending masters are the harbingers of the Christ, no doubt.

Does Ascension mean accepting the Christ in us all? That depends what you mean by “the Christ.” Accepting Jesus? No. But I don’t think you mean that. Taking “the Christ” as one’s savior? Not if that were meant in any kind of religious way. Accepting the existence of the soul? Yes. Without that, one simply considers oneself the body and that would not allow the expansion or assimilation of truth needed for Ascension.

The Christ light is not only in millions of bodies. It’s in every body. The light of the soul shines out from us all. Seeing it is enlightenment (one stage of it, that is). Witness these sages of all religions:


“If, while you’re walking, standing, sitting or lying in a quiet grove, you see a light, regardless of whether it’s bright or dim,  don’t tell others. And don’t focus on it. It’s the light of your nature.” (3)

“If, as in a dream, you see a light brighter than the sun, your remaining attachments will suddenly come to an end, and the nature of reality will be revealed. Such an occurrence serves as the basis for enlightenment.”  (4)

Meister Eckhart:

“When God touches the soul with truth, its light floods the soul’s agents and that man knows more than anyone could ever teach him.” (5)

Jacob Boehme:

“A wonderful light arose within my soul. In it I recognized the nature of God and man.” (6)


“When you have found the beginning of the way, the star of your soul will show its light.” (7)


“I sat crosslegged in the meditation posture. When I had sat thus for some time, I felt myself going out of my body. I saw myself sitting down with the delicate tender leaves of the tree over me. I was facing the east. In front of me was my body and over my head I saw the Star, bright and clear. … There was such profound calmness both in the air and within myself, the calmness of the bottom of a deep and unfathomable lake. Like the lake, I felt my physical body, with its mind and emotions, could be ruffled on the surface but nothing, nay nothing, could disturb the calmness of my soul. …

“I was supremely happy, for I had seen. Nothing could ever be the same. I have drunk at the clear and pure waters at the source of the fountain of life and my thirst was appeased. Never more could I be thirsty, never more could I be in utter darkness; I have seen the Light. I have touched compassion which heals all sorrow and suffering…. Love in all its glory has intoxicated my heart; my heart can never be closed. I have drunk at the fountain of Joy and eternal Beauty. I am God-intoxicated.” (8)

Here is mystic John Ruusbroec identifying the Christ with that light:

“In the abyss of this darkness in which the loving spirit has died to itself, God’s revelation and eternal life have their origin, for in this darkness an incomprehensible light is born and shines forth; this is the Son of God,  in whom a person becomes able to see and to contemplate eternal life.” (9)

“It is Christ, the light of truth, who says, ‘See,’ and it is through him that we are able to see, for he is the light of the Father, without which there is no light in heaven or on earth.” (10)

So, as long as we stay away from narrow religious interpretations, I have no problem with the statement that the Christ light shines out from us all.

Notice the many ways Jesus described the Christ: as a treasure buried in a field (the field is the body); a pearl of great price; a great fish among fish; a mustard seed (the Son) that grew into a great tree (the Father); the Prince of peace, the savior, and so on. All of these descriptions describe something about the divine spark, the fire always burning on the altar of the heart, the firebrand plucked from the burning. 

You’ve asked what level of enlightenment Ascension is. The discussion of that matter may be more than most people wish to hear and so I attach it here parenthetically. Those who don’t wish to ponder it can skip this section.

The ascended level of enlightenment is called sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi and constitutes liberation from the need to be reborn into the dualism of the Third Dimension. I confirmed that assertion with Archangel Michael:

Steve Beckow: What level of enlightenment does Ascension correspond to? I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Archangel: Michael: Yes, it is. (11)

And I also confirmed it with the Divine Mother:

Steve Beckow: The last question is I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — sahaja samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of with your seven chakras. It is beyond, because what you are doing with the chakra system, even with the thirteen, we have emerged from the Third-dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.

SB: It’s wonderful to have that confirmed. Thank you very much, Mother.

DM: It is wonderful for us as well, you know! … Now, you understand that most people – and yes, you will do a good job of explaining – have no conception of what this really means.

SB: Well, you know that I have a website that discusses Sahaja Samadhi at length. … If I take that material and present it to readers, would that be adequate?

DM: That will help. (12)

Sri Ramana Maharshi describes sahaja as “the state in which awareness is firm and one-pointed, even when objects are sensed.” (13) He associates it with the state in which “the screen [of awareness is] permanently exposed. This is Self-realization, Mukti, or Sahaja Samadhi, the natural, effortless state.” (14) He continues:

“When the waveless ocean of the external and the steady flame of the internal Nirvikalpa are realized as identical, the ultimate goal, the Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is said to have been reached.” (15)

“Remaining permanently in the primal state without effort is Sahaja.” (16)

Granted that sources like Saul speak of “full consciousness” and “unification with God,” what they’re referring to is in fact neither “full” consciousness nor “unification” with God, but definitely a stage towards it. But I’d imagine it’s probably easiest and wisest for them not to make so fine a distinction when they’re addressing a world audience, many of whom are just awakening.

So the Christ is very much an intimate and essential part of Ascension but not in the way many people think. It’s the soul or Christ or Atman, which is our essence, and our expanding awareness of it is what Ascension is all about, whether Ascension to the Fifth Dimension or Ascension to every dimension beyond that.

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Steve Beckow – Humanity’s Decision to Ascend Collectively – Golden Age Of Gaia

Steve Beckow
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One of the more contentious issues around Ascension is the disappointment so many of us felt that we did not ascend on Dec. 21, 2012. Maybe now that some time has passed we can look back on the explanations supplied by the Company of Heaven around humanity’s request that more time be taken so that a larger number of humanity could ascend.

Ashtar speaking through Philipp Schlienger invites us to “look upon what has led to the change of the Divine Plan.” (1) He asks:

“Who has sent out this request? Who has sent out this plea to our Creator to have more time to allow more fellow human brothers and sisters to jump on board the ship called Ascension. Yes, you and only you!

“Let us explain.” (2)

Ashtar begins by reminding us that “you do not comprehend what powerful beings you really are.” Indeed, because we wear the blinkers of a Third-Dimensional body and the veils that have been imposed on us so that we’d remain and carry out our missions, we really don’t understand who is here.

In fact some of our number are angels, archangels, seraphim, and elohim. But we have no idea we are because of the blinkers and veils we wear. Ashtar continues:

“You are amazing! … You sent out the plea for prolongation of the Ascension process (which contains, as you all know, the Disclosure process). Your plea was astonishing and the Creator and all of us are so very proud of you.

“It has proved how far you have come on your journey, that you would put the well-being of the collective over the individual’s goal. And this goal, of course, was to get over the Ascension finish line as quickly as possible.” (3)

The Master Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff attributes the change in plans to “the Earth,” without saying whether he’s referring to terrestrial humans or Gaia:

“The Earth deeply desires to allow the time necessary for as many of her inhabitants to join her in her ascended state of expansion and so the Cosmic window of opportunity is still wide open to allow this change and transformation to occur. All upon the planet are finding themselves awakening to many truths that were not available for their conscious knowledge before these times that you are now in the midst of.” (4)

Remember, as we discussed yesterday, (5) that the Earth’s Ascension is the first to take place in the universe so we can expect, I think, experimental situations to occur and changes in the plan.

Wakana Taka, an ancient Earth councillor, tells us that “it has been a human collective decision as well in terms of the generous offer to keep the doorway open and to hold that flame of Gaia steady so that all may pass through.”

“It is an unprecedented act of generosity on the part of the human race, and it marks a magnitude of significant evolution in the consciousness. And if you are looking for proof of being shifting to higher consciousness, dear one, then that is it! The fact that you have consciously chosen to wait so that others can catch up, that you act as vessels and guidance, as wayshowers and pillars.” (6)

Sanat Kumara, planetary logos, told us on An Hour with an Angel, that “you have decided to come as one — even those who are in the, shall we say, the undecided group.” (7)

“It is not that everything else has simply been set aside or put to the wayside. No, no, that is not the case. But the primary focus that you consciously and unconsciously, willingly and unknowingly, express – and I don’t simply mean you that I am speaking to tonight; I mean the larger ‘you’ of the collective – you have asked for the human race to come together as one and shift as one.

“So that is where most of the energy and attention, above and below, is being placed.” (8)

Sanat went on to describe the moment of choice.

“Now, you know, or perhaps many of you do not know, that very close to the 21st of December, it looked like about a third of the entire population was ready, that composing mostly the lightworkers, love-holders community. And I do not simply mean those who were aware or consciously involved in Ascension.

“In that, there was the plan for the holographic experience to bring people forward while some would simply choose to relocate. And that was the primary plan.” (1)

Sanat went on to describe how humanity communicated its wish.

“What you would think of as the 11th, or even the 12th hour, a cry went up to the Mother directly from the collective heart of humanity, which surprised even us, that said, ‘Let us come together.’ The portal of 12/12, the opening of the unity of heart, has been so magnificent that we don’t want to leave anyone behind, even those that do not know, and who have not chosen, a path of light.

“You have said – and this is … beyond magnificent – you have said, ‘Let us all come together.’ And if it doesn’t mean immediacy, then that is all right, because we all came to do this together. So can we slightly adjust? Frankly, it was debated and considered, because, as I say, it was one of those minor potentialities. The Mother is the Source of infinite wisdom and mercy, compassion, and so she said yes.

“So we did not warn you. We did not purposely set you up, because frankly it was not anticipated that the human collective would respond as open and generously and as loving as you have. Even I, as planetary logos, did not anticipate an application of the universal laws of love so completely or rapidly. So rather than creating … divisions, it is being done collectively.” (2)

Archangel Michael also described this sequence of events. I apologize for the length of this next passage, but it’s important to have the full discussion of that decision recorded somewhere.

Steve Beckow Could you tell us more about the process by which the collective decision was communicated to you or communicated to the Mother – and how that all came to eventuate – so that readers can have a little more background on that please?

Archangel Michael: Yes, and in very practical terms and in terms of your society you can almost think of it as a vote or a consensus. These are not conscious decisions. But call it a soul decision, please, not an unconscious or subconscious or conscious decision, but a soul decision.

SB: All right.

AAM: So within the populace of Earth, of this magnificent Gaia, whether they were aware or unaware [of it], every soul has been aware of the Ascension process and the plan to go forward interdimensionally, multidimensionally and to bring the adjusted physical form along, and the impact that that would have on not only Gaia and yourselves, but throughout the omniverse.

As the time grew nearer, much progress was made —– and that was something we have not spoken enough about. We have talked during our many discussions, prior to December 2012 of the enormous progress the human collective, not just Light workers and Light holders, but the many very positive strides that were being made by the humans.

Now that also entailed help, shall we say, from this side of things – like containment, some moderate adjustment, the beaming love with increasing frequency from moment to moment from the heart of the Mother/Father One, as well as your star brothers and sisters, different frequencies, different rates of receiving. Nevertheless, the beaming. So much was done. Now as you know, during our latter conversations, it was still felt that about 30 percent of the population was, shall we say, good to go. Then there was the gray area, and then there were those who were well behind the fence.

Very married, very connected, very reliant upon, very much in love with the illusions of the old third dimension.

Now there comes a window and you tended to think of that window – and I do not just mean you personally, I mean you collectively, you who were actively working on such things. There was a window that actually was open for well over a year then shrunk into the November 11, 2012, December 12, 2012, December 21, 2012. But the window was actually quite broad and momentum was gained and being gained every day.

Now on our side, yes, we understand time, but we ask you to bear with us as I try to explain this in ways that will be comprehensible to the readers. There is an instantaneous moment, and you can think of that moment as a moment within a very elongated process, but there is a moment of soul decision, when either the collective shift takes place – even though some were already through the portal and anchored, but many were not, most were not.

The collective of humanity, the soul decision consensus, plea, vote, however you wish to think of this – the plea went up to ask the Mother, not for a halt, not even for a pause – that was not the plea. The plea was: we came together as one family, to do this, to make this monumental change that not only changes each of us and our family and Gaia, but has effect so far beyond – we are aware and we choose to make this shift, but not all are completely ready. But we are asking, and it was a request, in that instantaneous moment: May we do it together? And the answer was yes.

The heart plea was the most earnest perhaps that we have ever witnessed from the collective. Now it wasn’t instantaneously put on hold or halted. The process is still very much underway – we did not put a timer on it, but you – humanity, your soul collective – said that we want to do this – and we listen to what you are saying to us – we do not want it to take hundreds of years or decades – just (what is your expression) give us a chance to get our ducks in a row. And that is exactly what you are doing, and might I say, that you are doing it with surprising rapidity.

So when we say, or indicate to you, that it was a collective decision – that is what we are saying. It has nothing to do with whether the collective had earned it, whether they were ready. You were ready the moment you incarnated and made the decision to return. So the readiness has always been there on the soul level.

So you say to me – well, Michael, Lord, what happens if some of those beings are slower than others don’t hurry along. And what I am telling you is that not only we, because we have not stopped doing what we do. But you, each of you, in your own way, as builders and determiners of Nova Earth have stepped up your activity. You have moved it from a point in time to a completion. So you have moved it from a simple event to something you are creating and doing with us.

So you have entered into a much stronger form of partnership and you may see this – you see it in your energy fields, you see it in how you feel, you see it in what you are experiencing, you see it in your level of exhaustion, your ascension symptoms and in what is happening. And yes, I know, you will say to me – Lord, it is still not fast enough. And my brother, I could not agree more with you, but it is still happening. Does this help? (3)

The old Third Dimension now exists as a hologram, according to AAM.

“So what you are doing is literally holding the door open. So that is exactly what has transpired.

“So rather than thirty percent ascending, many going to a holographic Earth, a few going to an alternate universe, think of it as pushing the pause button, but even as you know, that even as the pause button is pushed, there is still recording activity. It is not that you enter no time.

“So what has taken place in this what you can think of as pause, is the old third has taken its form fully as a holograph, on the outer rim, rather than separate from Gaia, she has allowed this, many are still looking outward at that holograph. It is just that, although much of life is a holograph, as you have pointed out.” (4)

He addressed the fact that we aren’t conscious of having made the decision.

“And the collection is being made so that all may shift into the new form and this is being made possible not only by us who have pushed the pause button, but by each of you. You say but we are not conscious of this. But your soul is most certainly conscious of this. ” (5)

And he chided us for “wresting control” of Ascension from the Company of Heaven – which he welcomes.

“Now, let us speak from our perspective about what is occurring, has occurred and will occur in the process of Ascension. The human collective, the soul collective, wrested control. This is something that many, many lightworkers, light-bearers, love-holders, are shying away from. And I know I have spoken of this before, but I will speak of it again.

“Many are viewing this wresting of control into the phase of full partnership as something negative. We do not view it that way. If it was viewed as contrary or absolutely interfering or disrupting, or attempting to sabotage the Mother’s plan, then it would not have been permitted, and it certainly would not have been seen as a grand gesture. …

“What you are saying is, ‘Well, heaven is still in control. The Mother, the Company of Heaven is still in control, and we are at their mercy.’ And that is simply not the case.

“You have taken control, so, let us say, think of it as copilots, if you would and then think of it as copilots of two massive groups, not even considering the ancillary groups, two massive groups with their hands on the controls.” (6)

We’ve moved from a situation in which the thirty percent who were ready to enter the full restoration of consciousness on Dec. 21, 2012 would have experienced an immediate jump to a situation in which all of us are experiencing a more gradual rise in consciousness prior to a full restoration which will take place in the not too remote future.

In our next part, we’ll look at the amended timetable for Ascension.

Most people will want to know when so let me now include the discussions of that, knowing that no one much wants any more to deal in specific dates, but knowing as well that lightworkers will want some targets, if even approximate. Here is Archangel Michael addressing the matter.

Archangel Michael: The end is the when the full restoration, the complete restoration and the jubilation, the full restoration of vision and the knowing of your interdimensional self is fully there. Now it is already there for some of you. It is coming by degrees.

You ask me for a date. And I do not give you one. Because I do have a terrible track record, do I not?

Steve Beckow: Hah! Yes, Lord.

AAM: But I am telling you it is not indefinite. It is not years. We are not talking hundreds of years or thousands of years. We are talking a human process that is well underway.

SB: Are we talking about weeks? Are we talking about months?

AAM: We are talking about months.

SB: Months? Oh, my gosh, that is a long time.

AAM: But it is not because there will be a lot happening in the interim. (1)

In Feb. 2013, I asked Archangel Michael to revisit the topic and he put the date of full restoration as around a year but no later than two years.

Steve Beckow: I’m very much cognizant of the channel’s agreement with you around dates, but the problem that I am having is that earlier you said months. Is that as in less than one year, or is it in more than one year?

Archangel Michael: It is around a year.

SB: Around a year, is it under 2 years?

AAM: We would say yes.

SB: All right, because light workers may get very, very testy, touchy, if we passed a year and something has not happened. We need to try to give them as much certainty as is possible given all of the other factors that are at play.

AAM: We understand this.

SB: All right. So just to clarify. We’re aiming for less than one year, it may take longer, but it won’t be two years. Is that correct?

AAM: Now we are not saying that this is ironclad, but that is the 99% percent likelihood, yes.

SB: All right, then to clarify again, the 99% likelihood is that it’s under 2 years?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: And we are aiming for under one year. Is that correct?

AAM: You are all aiming, and so are we. It is the Olympic sprint. (2)

Sanat Kumara called the time of full restoration a “snap.”

“Yes, in terms of the collective, there will also come a point of what you will think of as snap. Where the tidal wave – no, the Earth will not shift because everybody moves to one side of it – but it will be as if the energy has shifted so significantly with the totality, or enough of the totality, that the change is unmistakable, so that you will look at each other and say, ‘We have done it.’

“We are not talking about some distant future. … You, in this redesign, also placed what we would say, and which I am pleased with, a rather limited timeframe for this to occur. That is why you all feel so excited! You are working flat out! To accommodate these shortened timeframes for the collective to be as one, as a whole, with all of the kingdoms and Gaia in the Fifth.

“So, this was not only our plan, it is your plan.” (3)

Ashtar speaking through James McConnell also said the “bursting open” would take place not too far into the future.

“This paradigm is to truly burst open, which is why your Light and your knowledge will be more needed than ever.

“And you will be prepared for the time coming in the not too far off future as has been spoken of through other sources now, speaking in terms of nine months, in terms of September of this year there will be those who are prepared to move into that higher frequency vibration en mass, as a world, as a planet.

“And those times are very soon approaching.” (4)

Ashtar mentions a date. I personally would rather leave it out because I don’t think full restoration will happen by September 2013. I think it will be later. But it is part of his message through Philipp Schlienger and so I feel duty-bound to include it.

“The Creator has answered your plea and put in place a nine-month grace period which Denise Le Fay has talked about. And thanks to you all, we now have many more visitors in the skies to help coordinate your ascension process (big smile). It is getting quite crowded around your planet!

“Our Creator is full of joy, happiness and love for you and is so proud of your development. His project ‘Playfield Earth’ is coming to a successful close.

“This grace period until September 2013 was not easy to provide you with. Please don’t forget that although you put your focus on your Ascension and that of Gaia, the last which has already taken place, this whole picture is much more complex and broader than you think.

“Now you are in this transition period, which is very short even in your terms, and we recommend that you use this short time very wisely. We will elaborate more upon this in a later channeling, since our channel is getting tired.” (5)

So to recapitulate: Humanity at the eleventh hour asked that the full restoration of consciousness be postponed long enough to allow the full human race to ascend. Of course this will not include those who choose not to ascend. The Mother granted that wish. At that time (near Dec. 21, 2012), it was estimated that thirty percent of the global population would follow Gaia to the Fifth Dimension, the first dimension of unitive consciousness. By March 2013, that number had risen to fifty-five percent. (6)

The Company of Heaven regards this as our move to full partnership with them in the Ascension effort. Estimates of when the “snap” to full restoration of consciousness will take place vary from September 2013 (Ashtar) to between Feb. 2014 to Feb. 2015. No one knows the date for certain.

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Darkness is Collapsing – Steve Beckow – Golden Age Of Gaia

Collapse 22
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While lightworkers may be focussed on the darkness within rising to the surface for release, darkness is disappearing from the external world as well.

Hilarion tells us that “those who have been in control are desperately trying to keep the world population in a state of fear, hopelessness and apathy.”

“Every such effort by these ones is met with a growing awareness by the Earth’s peoples that all that was hidden is being hidden no more. This is, as we stated many times before, a new dimension or vibration that no longer supports such activity.” (1)

What we are watching, Sheldan Nidle’s sources say, is a grand exit of the dark.

“Those who understand the ways of Heaven know that the time has come for a grand exit of the dark and its multitudes of minions. They have run this limited-consciousness realm for nearly 13,000 years, and during this time many Golden Ages and many strange edicts by the dark have marked this span of years. The upcoming moments signal the end of this period.


“You are rising in frequency, which means that the agency for controlling you is ending. The resulting freedom enables you to receive your spiritual and space families with a feeling of joy, knowing that the long night of sorrows is at an end.” (2)

SaLuSa says that we can no longer be fooled by the manipulations of the dark and can open to a life free of fear now.

“The Light has long been revealing the truth about their activities, and they are no longer able to fool you with their plans to hold onto power. It is in fact quickly becoming obvious to them that their time is up, and they cling to whatever gives them hope of avoiding the inevitable end of their reign.

“With the understanding of what has gone on in the past that has supported the dark Ones, it is possible to life your lives without fear of their actions. That denies them the conditions that they have flourished in, and before their very eyes they see their power slipping away. Consequently our allies can more easily work to speed up the long awaited changes, and you will not have long to wait too long to see them.” (3)

Most of the Illuminati who can effect action are in containment. Saul tells us that:

“In fact, there are only a very small number on Earth at this time who wish to maintain the old order of ‘divide and conquer’ or ‘suppress and control.’ They have been ably supported by many who believed that they would make personal gains from a relationship with those who seem to hold the reins of power.” (4)

Nonetheless Saul explains that these supporters “are just deeply asleep, and their true intent, like the vast majority of humanity, is to awaken, and they are now stirring in their sleep, and coming out of their state of unawareness of God’s Love for all of His creation.” (5)

The planet’s controllers have not wanted us to know the truth and so science and religion have been distorted to keep us asleep, SanJAsKa reveals.

“Mainstream science on your world has been purposefully distorted, and concrete proof of the ascension of not just your planet, but the entire Universe has long been discovered and suppressed.

“This is because the cabals have not wanted to create an intelligent society of free thinkers who understand what is truly happening on your world and in your cosmic backyard. Rather, they have established purposely-failing public educational systems and added ingredients to your food and drinks that are meant to dumb humanity down and keep you feeding dense states of unawareness and egoism.”  (6)

Our mainstream media, he continues, “only encourages such density, and you dearest souls can see on nearly any channel of your television station that density and lower dimensionality is flaunted and brought to the center stage.”

“This is because the cabals and the forces who have been employing them only wish to see the density and negativity of the old paradigm enforced and to that extent, have attempted to see to it that humanity is (continually) exposed to such lower dimensionality because of the strength of your Creation power and because of what your continual feeding of density will garner not for you, but for them.”   (7)

But despite how things look at gtimers,l Archangel Indriel tells us that the pieces of the puzzle of the Divine Plan are falling into place.

“Despite how things may look on the outside, know that there is a grand plan and all the pieces of the puzzle are falling neatly into place. As
I’ve said so many times before, you must tear down the old before you can build the new. The land must be cleared. The rubble plowed away.”  (8)

This then is that time of clearing of the external rubble even as it is a time of clearing of the internal rubble.

In spite of the time that’s being taken to dislodge the dark, their grip is loosening. Events like the Boston Bombings and the many recent shootings have turned many people against violence and focused scrutiny on the dark, undoubtedly hastening their departure.

The ground is being prepared for the raising of structures on Nova Earth untainted by dark motivation or ends. And we ourselves are clearing our various bodies of their toxins, throwing off the last vestiges of the Age of Darkness from which we’ve come.

Steve Beckow  –  Golden Age Of Gaia

Steve Beckow – That Knowing – Break Through Into Conscious Awareness

 eleven star

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Jesus through John Smallman recently spoke my thoughts entirely and I have to draw a line under what he said.  Consider this passage:

“As I told you in ‘A Course in Miracles,’ and as you well know at the depths of your being: ‘Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time.’ That knowing is to break through into your conscious experiential awareness, changing your perception of one another and of the world around you, permanently.” (1)

I know many people will say “I don’t understand what he’s talking about.” No matter. I am certain you will. Just hang in there and the energies and the teachings will unravel this mystery to us in a way that’s comprehensible – in time.

Jesus is describing life lived outside the mind, outside the constructed self. Consider that I called that space “conscious awareness” (following Werner Erhard, 2) and Jesus calls it “conscious experiential awareness.” No difference.  As long as we’re inside our acts and numbers, we live in unconscious awareness. When we leave our acts and numbers behind and exit the constructed self, we live in conscious awareness.

Before we enter conscious awareness fully and permanently, we have to step outside the world of the mind, the self that we built out of our resolutions and convictions and decisions and desires, the unreal self, the illusion.

All the thoughts we think about ourselves, think about others, everything that defines, directs or guides us. It doesn’t matter how right it is. It’s the silence outside the mind we seek.

Now hear the passage again please:  “‘Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time.’ That knowing is to break through into your conscious experiential awareness, changing your perception of one another and of the world around you, permanently.”

Heaven is here and now. When we leave the world constructed by the mind, the world where we look over our own shoulder and say “I want this and I’ll do that to get it,” the world of desire and design, self-assessment and judgment, image and pose and every other product of the mind – when we step outside that whole world, we find that Heaven is where we are and Heaven is our own here and now. It is no other place and no other time. We don’t get in a spaceship and fly to Heaven.

And if we want to be there permanently, we must step outside the chatter of the mind permanently. That for me is the first step.

The mind is like a spider’s web, which is made of thin but strong silk and can imprison an insect larger than the spider. We’re imprisoned in the web of the mind.

The mind ties us up with its constant comment on every facet of our lives, but its chatter is invisible to us. Only when we step beyond the din of its chatter can we see that Heaven, above the line between unconscious and conscious awareness, was always here now.  After that presencing the Self becomes our new discipline.

Lin-Chi (Rinzai) is famous for metaphorically and literally describing the act of will that carries us out of the mind.

“Where the student is exerting all his strength, not a breath of air can pass, and the whole thing may be over as swiftly as a flash of lightning or a spark from a flint. If the student so much as bats an eye, the whole relationship could be spoiled. Apply the mind and at once there’s differentiation; rouse a thought and at once there’s error. The person who can understand this never ceases to be right before my eyes.” (3)

“Followers of the Way, if you want to be constantly in accord with the Dharma, you’ll have to begin by learning to be first-rate fellows. Be weak-kneed and wishy-washy and you’ll never get there.” (4)

Weak-kneed fellows never get there.

In part this describes being 1,000 percent through and finished with our act. Jesus called it our eye being single. (5) We’ve made up our mind to drop our act and there’s not the slightest holding back or disagreement with that resolve.

Not a contrary thought or any thought stirs in the mind as we step outside the web of the mind in an instant. Rinzai says it’s all over in the space of a shout. That shout can be “No!” That was my experience.

Two years ago this March during a meditation retreat, I sat in an elevated space, which I now see was the formless, and I acted without acting, moved without moving.

Much of that experience was held back from me, probably so I wouldn’t take the next train out of Dodge. There wasn’t a feeling component to it, no bliss. It was in black and white rather than color. Just as well, I now see. I would’ve vamoosed the ranch.

Lao-Tzu describes that space:

“Accordingly, the Wise Man
Knows without going,
Sees without seeing,
Does without doing.” (6)

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna called it “the action that is inaction.” (7) Leaving the constructed self is done by moving without moving, acting without acting. It is done by an act of will but not a muscle of our body moves. And certainly our mind doesn’t move. It’s exactly what falls quiet.

The problem is that our mind is usually divided and the divided mind – the house that’s divided – cannot stand. It quarrels with itself. It cannot generate the willpower to step outside the mind. It cannot effect the spiritual movement that I call leaving the constructed self. Only the undivided mind can, the eye that is single.

The moment of release for me was like stamping my foot mentally. It was a standing forth, an emergence. I came forth at the sound of my “No!” from a mind that was truly sick of itself, dropped its act, and fell silent.

When we release ourselves from the mind, I expect us to march forward to level after level of conscious awareness, even reaching levels of reality where we are very much aware that we move without moving, act without acting. The whole ladder of consciousness that stretches out before us seems characterized by more and more moving without moving, acting without acting.

How exciting to hear Jesus describe it.

And the rest of what he says in that reading is so reassuring and exciting, I can hardly sit still.

“Much is happening worldwide that will amaze you when you hear of it. The field of divine Love works constantly and surreptitiously to enable and bring about the essential behavioral changes that will ensure that an end to grinding poverty, contagious diseases, and desecration of the planet is achieved smoothly and effectively.

“As that happens, planet-wide healing of the earth herself and of all the life forms she supports will accelerate as the constant damaging activities that have encouraged and maintained those wretched conditions cease. That cessation of widespread damaging activities will release enormous quantities of energy to assist in the necessary cleansing and renewal that needs to occur to return your planet to a state of tranquility in which her health, beauty, and abundance can thrive so that the needs of all who rely on her wellness for their own well-being can be fully met.” (8)

Jesus has graciously described for us where to go next. Never mind circuit riders; these celestial riders have our situation in hand.

What a time to be alive! How can anyone remain asleep in the face of the energies and revelations of the masters, galactics and angels?

I must add that I don’t consider “conscious awareness” enlightenment. It may turn out to be the farthest we can go before God takes over and steers the boat home.  But not enlightenment itself. So I continue to be unenlightened as do any like me.

Out of my agreement to go through Ascension publicly as a journalist of awareness, I can say that as far as I can see, the masters are telling us exactly what we need to know to flow with the rising wave of consciousness and exactly what we ourselves are discovering. If they didn’t tell us, we might still have our discoveries but overlook them, dismiss them, or sell ourselves short.

The masters are gently waking us through their energies and teachings to conscious awareness from unconscious awareness, to life outside the constructed self from life inside, to the world as it is from the world the mind thinks it to be.

Divine Qualities vs. Nova Earth

Divine Qualities vs. Nova Earth   –   by Steve Beckow,  of  Golden Age Of Gaia 

Steve Beckow


Perhaps I can begin by saying that, in my view, manifesting the divine qualities in our behavior (walking the walk, instead of simply talking the talk) is far more important in the overall scheme of things than just building Nova Earth

Building Nova Earth is about reconstructing the Earth so that it allows for full Fifth Dimensionality to be experienced. Building Nova Earth means refashioning ourselves so we manifest the divine qualities, reconstituting our societies so they reflect the divine qualities, and introducing advanced technologies so we’re allowed to rebuild the Earth in a way that allows for Gaia’s comfort and our higher-dimensional experiencing.

Manifesting the divine qualities is crucial to life itself as far as we can see into the virtually-endless evolutionary future. Manifesting the divine qualities is crucial to our successful completion of life viewed as an overall journey from God to God through countless lifetimes.

Love vs. Bliss/Joy

OK, here comes another idea.

I’ve said before that we probably don’t fully appreciate the importance of bliss. Bliss causes us to expand. It opens the door to wisdom. Bliss, or you can call it joy if you’d rather, is the solvent that releases us from all our bonds. The more bliss, the higher our vibrations rise.

Love is also an attribute of the Divine but to me love is different than bliss, if difference there be at these refined levels of existence. Love is the attractive force in the universe. The electrons of an atom are held to the nucleus by love. The atoms are held together in molecules by love. People are attracted to one another by love. The planets are held to the Sun by love.

Love attracts; bliss expands. If we look at what it is that attracts us to others and others to us, we’d need to look to love. But if we want to know what it is that brings on expansive wisdom, we’d have to look to bliss.

Love is a horizontal pull; bliss is a vertical push. Love draws us to others but bliss pushes us to new heights. 

A friend of mine pointed out to me the relevance of balance and gratitude to bliss. Her joy arises when she’s centered or balanced. Of course the treasure buried in the field, or the Self, is in the center of that field of the body – the heart. And when she finds herself in the experience of the Self in the center or heart, she feels gratitude. 

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