The Arcturians, Pleiadians, GFL via Suzanne Lie – 1-29-15

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The Arcturians, Pleiadians and other members of the Galactic Federation of Light by Suzanne Lie

Message From Jesus – May-01-2013 – Galactic Federation of Light

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You are each a master of what you choose to pay attention to
May 1, 2013 by John Smallman…

Well, as I have told you before, humanity is on a roll! The awakening process for you all is proceeding very rapidly indeed, and the loving energy that you Light-bearers and wayshowers are demonstrating and sharing is proving extremely effective in helping this process along. Keep it up, because you are doing great work — work that no one else can do — and that is why you chose to be here at this time. You are to awaken to a great honoring of your most noble and compassionate roles in humanity’s unavoidable and inevitable awakening. Just keep releasing all that “stuff” that keeps coming up for you, seemingly inexplicably. Only some of it is your own, much more of it is of the collective who are still too deeply asleep to release it on their own, and their gratitude to you will astound you.

As you allow yourselves to acknowledge that change of an essential nature is taking place, then so will you be able to become increasingly aware of it. It has not been hidden or kept secret; it is just that, to put it bluntly, you have been captivated by the bad news, the disasters and catastrophes prominently broadcast by the news media and have tended to ask, “How could God allow this to happen?”

God does not allow or disallow; He just offers a helping hand so that you can exit the illusory quagmire that has seemingly been holding you captive and involved as observers and fixers in all the unloving activities that are still going on across the world. Take His hand.

Focus on Love — sharing It, demonstrating It, engaging with It — by looking for and seeing the Christ in everyone, for no one is without the Christ energy: it has just remained unacknowledged and therefore has not been called upon for help nearly often enough. Too much time and energy has been spent judging, blaming, and condemning, instead of looking for the Love that is securely anchored in every earthborn living soul. Focusing on Love has enormous power. If you could see and understand what occurs when you do just this — nothing else, just this — your amazement would overwhelm you, and you would be unable to understand why you were not doing just this in every moment of your existence. It is what your Father does! And you are reflections of Him, inseparable aspects of Him, eternally one with Him.

Melchizedek – April-24-2013 – Galactic Federation of Light

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Melchizedek ~ The coming days and more specifically, the energies of the eclipses, will reveal much concerning disclosure ~ As channeld by Méline Lafont…

Greetings dear ones. An extremely uplifing and beautiful time is just around the corner for all of you due to the upcoming eclipses arriving in the course of 1 month (april 25th, partial lunar eclipse, May 10th annular solar eclipse and May 25th penumbral lunar eclipse). They will surely bring about much in your reality, even more than has been the case up until now, and everything builds slowly but surely up to your genuinely real reality which unfolds itself from your heart and from your inner Self.

What is currently unfolding on your world can be compared to a coin that shows both sides occasionally. As is commonly known, everything happens for a reason and can be viewed from both sides and they both are playing out in such a way that everything can be brought back to order. The enjoyable as well as the less enjoyable experiences must be allowed in order to get breakthroughs causing some hardship for many hearts in incarnation in these times of Ascension.

It has to be duly understood that everything has its energy and its origin and everything will only truly become your reality when you are allowing it as truth and shaping it into creation. The more positivism and confidence abounds, the more happiness and a greater sense of appreciation, a higher sense of enlightened energies will display on Earth. Do not get deceived by the rather heavy passages through the valley of darkness you all make for it is as described : a passage and not the end destination of reality.

There is an expression that duly describes this whole paragraph the best and that is “What ever will be, will be’. Short but powerful, my dear ones. We are your brothers and sisters of the Light and with all the Love in its existence we form a powerfully strong shield of Light and Love around all of you and around beloved Gaia in order to keep other, negatively inclined forms of existence from outside the Earth away from you during this most important process of Ascension. Whatever will come to pass within your shield and which is no influence from outside forces, is a form of collective or individual performances and manifestations that cannot always be intervened with.

It is important to let some specific issues play themselves out in order to obtain further awakenings and enlightenment, in such a degree that there are no desastrous consequences for the planet nor for humanity. View your creations and your reality from a position of Love and respect where no fears nor anger are present. Let it all come to you in such a way that you have the time and the strength to absorb and integrate it all, that you breach the real patterns and the old thoughtforms pertaining to the lower world and view them as a lesson or as a holographic aspect.

What is taking place on your world and in your real Being is an intense clearing of the old world of thoughts and Being, which you have taken for granted for so long. A cleansing is taking place in the strands of DNA and in the patterns which are brought to full activation in these current times! There is a lack of self-confidence within many hearts, but also this is duly handled and tested for some of you.

The upcoming 3 eclipses are not only going to disengage much but also trigger a lot in your reality, so be careful with your thoughts of and for each other, and your mutual interactions and be aware that these intense energies will bring you to such a climax that it will seem too overwhelming for you to handle but nothing is further from the truth as these energies will lead to your salvation. In the coming times you will receive a personal tour through your world of Being, where all parallel realities, all Dimensions and all aspects of yourself, all timelines and all possible future creations will come to you.

This is huge to take in and comprehend and will in most cases lead to confusion. That’s why we again stress the fact the remain centered in YOUR HEART, this is of the utmost importance! The gift of discernment is also important these days as a lot of disinformation is still being spread far and wide. Nevertheless, this disinformation plays a crucial role to lead you to your own truth and to find everything within you. The message is to be found in your heart where it belongs and nowhere else!

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Jesus – April-24-2013 – Galactic Federation of Light

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Fear is an illness, and it is healed by Love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance
April 24, 2013 by John Smallman…

The purpose of an illusion is to capture your full attention in order to distract you so that you do not see something the illusionist wants to keep hidden, unseen, and unrecognized by you. And you are the illusionist! You wanted God to remain hidden, unseen, unrecognized. And the illusion that you built has worked extremely well. However, the vast majority of humanity has had its fill — the value of novelty wears off — and now wants and intends to see and recognize what has been hidden. That intent is completely in alignment with the Will of God, and therefore cannot fail to be achieved; consequently, humanity will awaken, and into eternal joy.

Your divine destiny is inevitable, but you have free will and can therefore delay your arrival, your awakening indefinitely if you choose to do so — remember that time is also illusory! Not releasing your baggage — all the emotional “stuff” that has accumulated over the eons, and your many earth lifetimes — delays you. With the new energies enveloping the Earth, and consequently surrounding and affecting everyone on the planet, all that stuff is bursting into your awareness from your inner depths where it has been hidden, causing unsettling emotional disturbances or inner turmoil. All that you need to do is acknowledge it without dwelling on it, and allow it to pass on, as it will. You no longer need any of it (you never really did!), and engaging with it and attempting to make sense of it is a big distraction for you. Just allow it to flow through and it will. Yes, it is uncomfortable — like pulling a splinter or a thorn out of your flesh, it hurts — but if you do not remove it, it festers and becomes infected, far more painful, and demands even more of your attention lest it become gangrenous.

Again, it is your choice whether to dwell on it or let it go, and that is where forgiveness achieves wonders because it is the healing balm par excellence. When you have been offended or abused, your egos rise to protect you, insisting that you require and deserve restitution, while demanding recognition of and punishment for the one who has hurt you. It is a natural human response. However, if you dwell on the offense or abuse by remembering with bitterness the pain it caused, the emotional charge it carries is further energized leading to resentment and anger which eats away at you, making peace or contentment impossible.

When you choose to forgive the perpetrator — and to make that choice you need to see the event, the incident from a new perspective — healing occurs and your pain starts to reduce. Your intent to forgive strengthens further and the pain dissolves. You can of course remember what happened, but it no longer causes you pain and you do not dwell on it because there are happier and more interesting things to occupy your mind.

If forgiveness seems impossible for you to even consider then ask your guides or angels for help. Describe what happened as though you were telling a close friend, and then release to them the story you have just told with the intent that the emotional charge you are holding be released. Your intent is an amazingly powerful tool but it certainly helps to ask for assistance from those in the spiritual realms when setting it or using it. And they are always there ready and willing to assist.

Often when you share a story of abuse or pain with a friend they will commiserate with you, take your side, and agree that what occurred was indeed unconscionable. That is in a way what friends are for, in the moment. But afterwards, when you want to free yourself from the pain, retelling the story also strengthens your sense of being victimized, disabling your ability to view the event from a perspective that allows you to recognize the intense pain being experienced by your abuser, who is calling out for love, and your own deep, though hidden, desire to forgive.

Truly, because you are divine beings, beings of Love, your innermost desire is to share and extend your Love indiscriminately and unconditionally through compassion, understanding, healing, and forgiveness. However, since you built the illusion you have hidden that part of yourselves, the major part of yourselves, from your egoic selves which find it threatening and terrifying. The egoic part of you believes that the world is a very dangerous place, and it is constantly presented with evidence to prove that this is so. You have probably noticed that those who appear more calm and more at peace with themselves are generally far less ego-driven than those who are driven by commitments and deadlines that absolutely must be honored. And that the former are far less accident and incident prone than the latter.

Archangel Michael Message – March 2013 – GFL

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Beloved masters, what we term as Sacred Breath consists of the normal third- / fourth-dimensional air containing oxygen as well as Prana, which is third- / fourth-dimensional air/ether that also contains the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. The magnitude and power of these Divine Particles increase with each higher level of consciousness you attain. The empowering Breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator consciousness. Your inner perspective will automatically broaden as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving.

The In-breath loop of the Infinity Breath passes through the Medulla Oblongata and out the back of the head as it sweeps upward into your Soul Star. The Adamantine Particles of Creator Light that you have inhaled through the back portal of your Sacred Heart are programmed to integrate a specific number of Life-Code Seed Atoms from your OverSoul-Higher Self as the Sacred Breath passes through your Soul Star. The Out-breath or exhale passes through the Root Chakra and enters the Kundalini Seed Atom contained therein. Monitored by your Over-soul-Higher Self, measured portions of the Adamantine Particles stored within the Root Chakra are added to the Sacred Breath.

The Adamantine Particles of Light which are stored in the Root Chakra are unique, for they have already been programmed with some of your special talents, attributes and qualities from past life experiences. The Sacred Breath then moves back up in front of the physical vessel and automatically enters the body where your crystalline Still Point Seed Atom is located. This Seed Atom was designed to magnetize, integrate and hold these higher frequency Particles of Light. It could be called a holding center, for it is directly connected to your Sacred Heart. The Adamantine Particles of Light are then drawn into your Sacred Heart to be activated through your seed thoughts and intention. These programmed Adamantine Particles are then ready to be breathed out into your Twelve Ray Creator Wheel, as well as out into the world-at-large. A dedicated portion will also stream into the World Pyramid and other pyramids of Light of your choice.