DIANE CANFIELD – Huge Energy Incoming – Geomagnetic Storms, Other Worldly Feelings, Spaced Out, Bliss – 3-11-18 – by LAKSHMI AMRITA EL DAOUD

Huge Energy Incoming: Geomagnetic Storms,

Other Worldly Feelings, Spaced Out, Bliss

March 10, 2018 By Diane Canfield

Greetings Beloveds, Update: about 30 minutes after I wrote this

I had a HUGE HUGE HUGE crown chakra activation take place

that covered the entire side of my head.

I am still feeling all the effects of this …

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JORDAN SATHER – BREAKING – X9.3 Solar Flare Just Erupted – Massive Geomagnetic Storm Possible – 9-7-17

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Destroying The Illusion 


Starfire Tor – Solar Wind Hits Earth – Geomagnetic Storm In Progress – Time Shift, Time Line – Edit Activity In Progress – 1-4-15


The solar wind, from that large southern coronal h*** I’ve been keeping an eye on, has arrived and is hitting the Earth right now. Photo from SDO. Although the winds are now only 407.8 km/sec, they have already caused a whopping G7 geomagnetic storm in the northern latitudes. The auroras should be great. Elsewhere in the world, the current solar wind hit has caused unsettled magnetic field conditions. If the solar wind speed rises, then some or all of these areas should rise to the level of geomagnetic storm. Either way, reports coming in indicate that we are experiencing Time Shift activity. So watch for those Time Shift markers.

Here is something else to watch for: Directly Earth facing giant sunspot 2253. Why? Because as it’s positioned, it has the energy to fire off an X flare right in Earth’s direction. Yesterday 2253 fired off an M1 flare, which would have hit us except there was no coronal mass ejection [CME] involved. The M flare’s energy fell back to the sunspot.

As a reminder – Here is a brief summary of what to watch for in Time Shift markers. Due to frequency and time line edit changes associated with Time Shifts there may be Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, tornado, weather, and geophysical events. Tech communications may be disrupted, cetaceans may strand or swim wrong way. Auroras will form. Time Shifts create an amplification of paranormal activity, ghost activity, haunting activity, poltergeist activity, apports, synchronicity, psi abilities, time/word/object prompts, deja vu, psychic dreaming, precognition events, awareness of Time Shift Living Dead persons, altered time line events, time line looping, altered terrain, altered structures, altered world events and more.

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