Message from Lord Sananda – via Genoviva, The Council of Love – 7-18-16




Good Morning and Greetings , my dear brothers and Sisters ! I AM Jesus Sananda , and I am coming here in heartfelt gratitude for your work and your diligence , and there are not enough words in your world for Me to praise you appropriately , to show you how proud We are of you for your progress , for We are watching you and applaud you and cheer you up for all the small and big step that you are taking forward .

Of course, the words and  messages you hear and read only carry Our energy of Love and that is intended to reach you , that you can feel it , and take it into your heart and being , to clear the anguish and the pain , that you may still carry , if any , to heal and fill your being and all of your bodies with our Light and high vibrational energy , with peace and joy , kindness and compassion , that you may take with you daily and bring it and send it and shower it on others . 

We all know that you are looking for the great news and announcements that the world is changing in a positive way, that your efforts are not made in vain , instead all that is being broadcasted in the news is more of the violent and negative , anger and fights and war , suffering and pain . 

There is a lag between the wonderful and uplifting updates on the Light victory you hear from Us almost daily , and the physical reality that is surrounding you , and yet holding the Truth of the Love Triumph in your mind and hearts without any doubt , without wavering for even one moment , will indeed speed up the process of the clearing and purification of the old and extremely dense energies , it will help in shifting yours and the whole world’s  physical reality into the light and the Love ,and permanently . 

You will have to release the wanting and the frustrations and the expectation that things should unfold a certain way , or in a certain frame of time , and I know that at times you are experiencing strong feelings of failure and futility , for seeing and hearing of the unpleasant news of the suffering going on with the rest of the world and even with some of your close family and friends , feeling that you are not doing enough to prevent , to shield and protect , to save them all . And you know that I can understand and really feel your pain and discouragement , for I have experienced them acutely in my time of traveling on Earth and it was not always easy to remember that the Mother and Father’s plan is perfect and it will manifest in optimum time . 

You will have to allow Me to take and help you release these low energy feelings , to clear and transmute them for you , that you can see and recall the Truth that there is no soul incarnated on Earth or any other planet , that is not guided or protected by their own Higher Self and guardians and when there is a need for your direct or indirect , seen or unseen intervention , you will become aware to extent your loving and healing energy to the ones that require your assistance . 

This is not by any means selfish or self centered , for when you are tending to your spiritual practices and health , striving to be centered and loving with your dear self and others , kind and compassionate at all times ,  setting the correct and firm boundaries and not allowing your lower mind and others to waste your energy and Light , when you are able to see life from the high vantage point and frequency , being the objective observer of all the events ,yes , even the seemingly negative ones , you are much more valuable and helpful to others and more efficient in your Love mission and work !

Know that I am always with thee , your loving brother and greatest admirer !

I will step aside now, and leave you with my eternal Love and warm embrace !