STEVE BECKOW – The Essence of Generosity – 6-21-15

GenerositySteve Beckow

As seen from the natural state, what’s the essence of generosity?

The essence is caring for another.

The essence is a moment of self-forgetfulness, in which a seeing of the other has a chance to arise.

The essence is the rise of a desire to assist, to extend a helping hand, to clear a space for another to enjoy, heal, and come alive again in.

What’s the reward for generosity? That’s where our spiritual currency comes in. Bliss is the reward for generosity. Bliss, love, joy – those are really coin of the realm. The higher realm. What we experience in return for our generosity is bliss.

I had the example of generous people presented to me when I was young. Like the couple who, in the late 1960s, when Mother separated from Dad, which in those days was a matter of shame, would come visit and leave Mom a $50 bill under her pillow. In those days that was a small fortune. We looked at it with open mouths of amazement.

Or the entire group that she organized who worked as volunteer usherettes at the new Queen Elizabeth Theatre when it was built. They generously gave their time to help theater patrons in a day before voluntarism was widespread.

Or Uncle Tip or Uncle Herman, whose very natures exuded generosity.  A ready smile, a helping hand, a tendency to put themselves last.

Or my brother and sister-in-law who in 1970 bought me three expensive bags of groceries from the corner grocery store on a Sunday night, rescuing me the minute they heard that my fridge was empty. They could have waited till Monday morning and paid half the cost. But no, they couldn’t wait to make the statement that they would not watch me starve.

These people made an indelible impression on me, one I was drawn to emulate.  And soon I’ll be able to.

Which would you have: Endless wealth or endless bliss? If you answered wealth, you clearly haven’t experienced bliss. And you will.

The only value of endless wealth would be to purchase endless bliss by giving most of that wealth away. Not all of it. Of course not. But enough that we feel it.

No bliss comes from getting as much as possible and giving away as little as possible. That may (or may not) work for animals but it won’t work for us.

“Generosity” begs our conviction that we’ll survive in life without needing to hoard everything that comes our way. It presupposes that we have enough faith in God, Providence and the universal laws that we can entertain and act on the notion of giving at all – and giving without an expectation of return. No loans. Just gifts.

Generosity is made easy by unitive consciousness and transformative love. The farther one is from those two, the more difficult generosity becomes and the more the excercise of the generosity muscle is needed.

Generosity, when it becomes contagious, sees one person pass something along to someone else, who passes something along to someone else, and so on, until it comes back again to the original gifter, not necessarily in that order. Those who wish to jump the line can pay it forward. And, yes, random acts of kindness are (almost) always in order. (1)

On the Gender Equality Project, we’ll have to gift with caution. Put $50,000 into the hands of an Afghan woman and you may have signed her death warrant.  Try to force western medicine on an African village and you may turn husband against wife. Discernment will need to temper generosity.

Generosity at essence is offering an open heart to others.  It’s like saying “I love you” with currency and the appropriate return is a simple “Thank you.” Exchange complete.

Let us be a channel of thy abundance, Holy Father; a steward of thy bounty, Divine Mother.

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – GIVING – 12-6-14

angel-sky-gabrielArchangel Gabriel: Giving, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, December 4, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as giving.

There is a constant giving and receiving flow of energy found in the universe and it is in one’s willingness to give what they wish to receive that keeps the abundance of their existence circulating in their lives.

The universe acts in dynamic reciprocal and one’s body, mind, and thoughts are all in constant and dynamic exchange with the forces of the universe. If one wishes to accelerate and maintain this exchange, one must do so by giving exactly what it is one wishes to receive.

The energy flows in one’s life in regards to happiness, romance, friendships, and health are all mirrors of the flow of energy in harmonious interaction within one’s field of existence. The circulation of one’s energy allows the flow to remain alive and vital. Simply said, giving brings about receiving in alignment with nature’s universal laws and principles.

True giving, without expectation of anything in return, is as effortless as breathing. When one gives wholeheartedly, it is an action which will fill one’s heart with joy.

The more one gives, which is providing a service, the more it creates a vacuum to enable one to receive more of what was given, in harmony with the laws of nature, which requires proper balance. One’s intention behind their thoughts must be to create happiness or joy for the giver and the receiver.

Like the ebb and tide of the ocean, what goes out always comes back, as long as there is a sincere intent to bring happiness in the giving.  Every thought has a ripple effect, touching everyone and everything, and has the power to transform that which it remains focused on.

One can bring matter into existence while attracting the right people, situations, and rewards, in response to one’s desire. If one wants joy, then one must give joy to others. If one wants love, they must give love and appreciation, they must give attention. If one seeks to live a more rewarding life, then one must seek to help others around them by sharing their rewards.

If one wants to be blessed, they must learn to silently bless those around them. The most powerful giving is totally non-material. By giving caring attention and appreciation, one is giving love. Giving love comes through inspiration from the heart and from the spirit, rather than from the ego. What an individual gives, so shall they receive.

Each individual is naturally abundant, and opulence is their natural state of being. Each person lacks nothing because their essential nature is one of pure potential. By directing their thoughts and actions to the service of giving, they initiate an energy exchange of receiving, which is part of the natural cycle of the universe.

As one begins to align to the spirit of giving from the heart and from one’s spirit, they will begin to observe the amazing synchronicities that occur as they focus their thoughts and their actions in the direction of their heartfelt desires.

As they give, they will see the flow return to them, which they must graciously receive. Their faith in this process will grow exponentially when they manifest and experience the synchronicities that flow continuously once this law is applied. They see that the more they give, the better they get at giving and receiving and their ability to manifest what they desire becomes second nature.

Through their giving, they enter another level of existence where they are one with source energy. It is an existence that becomes not so much what one desires, but more about how one deals with all the new manifestations as they flow effortlessly into one’s life.

Each individual who truly masters the art of heartfelt giving is one who gives to others out of the goodness of their hearts with no self-serving motives. Giving becomes a blessing for both the giver and the receiver. Generosity becomes a choice that feels right and joyful. Generosity comes from believing that one has enough to share with others.

Each individual gives of their interest, their understanding, their knowledge and their humor; they want to give everything that is in them that is good. In this way, they enhance the sense of aliveness in others while at the same time enhancing their own. All receive an upliftment of their spirit and this can make someone’s life so much brighter and happier.

By giving the gift of laughter, one brings many physical, mental and spiritual benefits such as good health and happiness to others. People never lose the need for affection and acceptance. By offering a hug, a pat on the back or a touch on an arm, one can heal many emotional wounds. By the sharing of one’s insights and wisdom, one gives a precious gift from oneself to another.

Each individual is making the world a better place when they motivate and inspire someone to act on their dreams when they are filled with doubt, fear, and lack of courage. This kind of giving can be life-changing for the other person.

Kindness is always the easiest and most abundant gift that an individual has to give away. Kindness brings joy to the giver, the receiver, and anyone who witnesses this loving action. When one makes their love unconditional, it makes the world a more loving place, and everyone will reap the benefits.

By giving, one creates a connection with the vast and greater expanse of humanity. The service of giving a little love and kindness can make a remarkable difference in the world. The giving of one’s praise, gratitude, and appreciation creates heart-to-heart connections with the people who are a part of one’s daily life.

When giving without any thought or desire for something back, one’s returns from this giving will be truly limitless. As long as one is giving, they will also be receiving. The more one gives, the more will flow back to them and be returned many times over.

As I take my leave, it is my heartfelt hope that each individual makes a decision to give wherever they go, and to whomever they meet. Giving creates a pattern of happiness, joy, and love in one’s life that will be experienced in ways beyond one’s wildest expectations.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included –,

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Huffington Post – Anonymous Saudi Man Has A Beautifully Simple Idea To Feed The Poor With ‘Charity Fridge’ – 5-21-14

fridge charity


Sometimes, making a difference can be shockingly simple.

A man living in the city of Hail, Saudi Arabia, came up with a brilliant idea to feed needy people in his neighborhood while sparing them the “shame” of begging, according to Gulf News.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, installed a refrigerator on the street in front of his house and invited neighbors to donate their extra food, so that hungry people could come and eat.

The idea gained international attention after religious scholar Shaikh Mohammad Al Araifi praised the act of charity on his Twitter account with a picture of the fridge. “I’ve always said the people of Hail are generous. A man puts a fridge outside his house for leftover food; an indirect act of charity for the needy,” he said, in a translation provided by the BBC. “Oh how I love you, Hail!”

Twitter applauded the simple gesture. “That is exactly what we needed: A simple, but bright idea that goes a long way in helping people,” posted user Sniper, according to Gulf News. “The idea should now be adopted and all large mosques in the country should place fridges to take and distribute food.”

The Muslim holy month of fasting, Ramadan, will begin at the end of June. Bahraini national Salah told Gulf News that the charity fridge concept should be adopted in Bahrain during Ramadan. “It is a great act of charity that can make many people happy and satisfied,” he said. “There is the food factor, but there is also the spiritual dimension, especially during the sacred month when people engage deeply in acts of charity.”


The Golden Light Channel – 2014, the Year of the Change for Humanity – Keshe Foundation – 1-6-14

keshe foundation

01-01-2014, 11:48 PM


2014: The Year that the new Technology will change the course of humanity and it will bring untold changes.

At Keshe Foundation, we make 2014, the year that advanced technologies will be mass-released to public that they can show their power to create conditions that change through all layers of human society will be achieved.

We shall put an end to hunger and wars, through the release of everything in our possession, this be it scientifically, or technically to every man, be it scientists or world governments around the world in equal measure.

In 2014, the Keshe Foundation through its Institute shall deliver to mankind as a whole the technology, which the mankind has been waiting and praying for from the beginning of time.

With delivery of an advance technology, unknown up to now, we shall put an end to hunger, wars.

We shall make sure that all men will have enough to attain sustenance and shelter that; there shall be no need for suffering.

We give and facilitate the release of technology to the men of greed that they can produce enough gold and precious metals that they could wish for, that eventually they will shy away even to show any interest in possessing such materials.

In opening the space in 2014 in its true sense, we would bring in more precious materials and sciences unknown to man that these new materials and knowledge will be used for forging tools of lasting peace on this planet.

The 2014 will be the beginning of the new era, the point of change for the humanity from what has been the same on this planet from the time of Adam.

We make one promise to the world leaders and that is, change your and your nations ways or your citizens shall change it for you through the delivery and application of the new technology and its use.

No man shall and from this year on will be allowed to take up arms to fight and no man shall be left hungry and homeless on this planet because of wars.

Use your arm manufacturing factories to deliver homes and food to the humanity, which up to now you have being developing tools of war in them, and you have instigated, unwanted wars because of them.

As the man who has the knowledge of universe at his disposal, I shall use every knowledge and power available to me to bring these factories, which you have erected for making tools of war and their products to standstill with stroke of a pen.

Then we wonder who shall disobey as is in the books of god that “one shall not kill.”

The promises of the change, as has been in the Holly books of the past, which the man has been waiting for centuries for shall be fulfilled.

Our program for this year is set to be.

We shall put an end first and foremost to the problem at Fukushima in January.

In February, we make all efforts to create the environment to stop the production of arms across the world, through release of technologies, which makes the present advance aircraft, missiles, and nuclear weapons irrelevant and ancient.

In Jun, we will deliver technologies, which can deliver sustenance’s to world population totally free of any cost through the release of new systems that can change air into sustainable food and energy supply without a need for farming land that no child will sleep with hunger.

By September, we will deliver the technology for every man to be protected from the natural elements like cold and rain without being dependent on other man handout of tents.

We shall make delivery of clean water at any point on earth free of charge a reality by releasing the already developed technologies.

By the end of December we will make sure, that there are no grounds for disruption for space travels on regular bases from all the nations on this planet that all shall harvest the reaches of the universe collectively and equally.

Those who have doubts about our work, be ready to become soldiers of the peace and unity before the end of this year.

M T Keshe

About the Keshe Foundation:

One does not see wings, jet engines or propulsion rockets attached to the Earth for it to hold on to its position and to travel at thousands of Kilometers an hour for billions of years in its solar system.With the new understanding of the creation of gravitational fields forces as of planetary systems like the Earth, the scientific intellect and the knowledge of the man has reached the level that he understands this fundamental principle of creation of universal motion and now we have replicated the technology of the universe in a plasma reactor for its applications in space travel.
This new method of using the interaction of both gravitational and magnetic fields of the reactor in respect to other celestial objects similar fields to attain motion and positioning, to create motion, energy and food exactly as in the universal objects as on the Earth and the Sun and without burning of any matter as in the universe and we call this new method of travels of using magnetic fields an spaceship program.

The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed  plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.

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Heavenletter #4741 – The Human Condition – 11-17-13


God said:

How can you not be compassionate for everyone else who walks on Earth unsure of where to go and what to do? Which human being on Earth knows what is going to befall? From an Earth point of view, there are land mines everywhere of one kind or another. Once My beloved children on Earth stepped out of their door, cautious of wild animals. Now there are buses to watch out for and cars and any number of footfalls.

There is no armor to wear. Even steel does not work. Hard hats do not always work. Each day all on Earth wake up to a world that may wound them in one way or another, and hearts are tender.

From a human point of view, everyone is brave to wake up in the morning, unknowing of what may befall to themselves and those closest to them and also to so-called strangers.

I ask again: How can your heart not be tender to everyone who lives on Earth, in your same house or in a land far away?

Everyone wakes from sleep, and everyone has to meet the day whatever it may hold or may not hold.

This is what is called the human condition.

How can everyone’s heart not support every other? The least everyone can do who walks the Earth is to care about one another.

It is true you are all in this life together. Oneness means One with Me, and Oneness means One with everyone and everything.

In Truth, beloveds, there are not too many decisions you have to make. You think you have a myriad of decisions to make. Not so. You are to make the world as comfortable a place as you can for all the hearts and souls on Earth. You are not over-solicitous, yet you have in mind that you serve Me, and you serve the Children of God. You serve all the creatures and all the vegetation. You serve the mountains and the planes. You serve as one who serves water. It is not really such a big thing to serve. It is a natural thing.

If you open a coconut, you share the coconut and the coconut milk. If you milk a cow or a goat, you share the milk. You do not have to bear a heavy yoke. Not at all. There will be lightness in your step.

You merely give back to the Universe all that I have given you. When you have, you give.

It is not that you give to the poor. Let there be no poor. Who are you to separate human beings and name them poor?

Which man, woman, or child, or animal of the Earth or bird of the sky is to go hungry?

Giving takes nothing away from you. It nourishes you.

It is better that there is no reason for begging. Benevolence does not mean you are higher than anyone else. Perhaps more fortunate, yes. Higher? No. Make a world where there are no beggars, where there is no such concept as begging. No one is to be a burden who makes others look away.

Do those who are sure they have greater merit – do they create beggarliness? Certainly beggars cannot create themselves all alone. Does the world create the more fortunate in order to create the less fortunate?

Let everyone wake up in the morning with good will in his heart for all.

In the morning, you brush your teeth. Now also cleanse your heart. If everyone left his door with good will in his heart, what would the world be?

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Typhoon Haiyan – How You Can Help


Typhoon Haiyan   –   How You Can Help

Google Relief Map   –  Evacuation Center   –  Hospitals and Health Facilities   –  Command Posts and Vital Infra   –  Police Precinct/Station   –  Areas of calamity

Make A Donation:

Philippine Red Cross   –   CARE   –    UNICEF   –   World Food Programme   –

Save the Children   –

Google Person Finder   –   Looking For Someone   –   I’m Looking For Someone

SBTF Urgent Needs Map

More celebs unite for ‘Yolanda’ victims

Letters, Messages & Panawagan of TYPHOON YOLANDA Survivors & Victims in Palo Leyte (Tacloban)

Saint Germain – Language Of The Heart

messagesfromwithin·37 videos

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 23 June 2013



Beloved Ones,

As you watch the old world systems crumble and the weather patterns change all across the planet with all its ramifications, remain still within your heart and keep your vision strong for your intention for a peaceful change into a better way of life. Hold your intention for the raising of awareness of all of Earth’s inhabitants. As they meet these challenges, what wells up from within them is their innate goodness and the comprehension and understanding that all are one and that what happens to one happens to all and these ones open their hearts wide to encompass their sisters and brothers in their time of need.

Send your love and healing energy to those who are in tribulation as they deal with their losses and come to terms with what is really important in their daily lives. Praise the human spirit in all its diversity and hold the space for all to emerge more connected to the truth of their Being. All upon this planet at this time are those who have chosen to experience the changes and transformation that is now occurring. They are the souls who knew they had the strength and tenacity to withstand the trying and challenging situations they are in the midst of experiencing. Many inner revelations come during these occurrences which will assist them to remain strong.

As each person changes within their hearts and allows their heart to move them forward to a greater comprehension of the wider scope of events that are now before them, a reassessment takes place within them of the qualities of the human soul that truly matter. The qualities of compassion and generosity for their sisters and brothers emerges from within and a remembrance of the value of the human life and experience. So it is that each soul emerges from the tribulation with a greater understanding of what is important to nurture and foster within one’s own mind, heart and soul. These are insights that remain to guide these ones along their journey.

An understanding of the temporary nature of materiality creates a desire to connect with that which is of greater value to each soul. These lessons and insights move the human spirit to seek a better way and so there will be a mass movement of those who look for answers, healing and wholeness by seeking out those who are ready to serve in this capacity. There will soon be a great influx of humanity searching for understanding of the events that are so obviously happening right before their eyes. No longer can these events be denied as separate from the whole of the planet. These souls will be using their tools of technology to provide them with their answers.

For those who have already passed through these tests of the human spirit and who have made themselves ready, now is the time when the gifts that you bring will be sought and found. Be ready to go into greater service on behalf of humanity. There is a quickening of consciousness that is occurring and humanity is ready to find the next step. This is the role that you Beloved ones can now fulfill through your portals on the world-wide web. Stay strong and centered and remember to replenish your own energies in the ways that work for you.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Random Acts Of Kindness – Teal Scott

TheSpiritualCatalyst·93 videos

Ask Teal Website –
In an entangled universe, you are receiving every kind gesture that you extend towards another. We create a world of kindness for ourselves when we create a world of kindness for other people.

This episode of Ask Teal is a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. The challenge is to do as many random acts of kindness during one week as you can think of to do.

In an entangled universe, you are receiving every kind gesture that you extend towards another. This is why kindness feels so good to give. We receive it every time we do it. We create a world of kindness for ourselves when we create a world of kindness for other people.

The society we live in is not an entity with its own free will. It is a sum of its tiniest part, which is one single person. What you do when the society you live in looks harsh and cruel and causes you to feel isolated, is become (as an individual) that which you wish this society was…cultivate unity, compassion and kindness in yourself and the world. This means leave your house, and form connections with other people by demonstrating compassion and kindness towards other people. The very best way to do this is random acts of kindness.

Random acts of kindness include kind gestures all the way from rubbing someone’s back to paying off someone’s college tuition. Every single act counts. Random acts of kindness don’t have to add stress to your life, doing them should not make you feel as if you are sacrificing yourself and what little energy you have. You don’t want to do things that take away from your own happiness. They should feel good to do. They should come straight from the heart’s desire to see other people happy and to allow ourselves to be who we really are.

You can do random acts of kindness whether you are a millionaire or you have only the clothes on your back to your name.

It is Teal’s desire that you share some of the things you do during this week in the comment section of this video so everyone can read it and see that somewhere in the world; there are people just like you who care, people who are facilitating compassion kindness and love on this planet. A challenge like this can unite us, no matter how far apart we may be living geographically on this space ship called earth.

Pay It Forward – Reaching Out To Others In Need

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Brantley Gilbert – Musicians On Call – Nashville

MOCMusiciansOnCall·180 videos

MOC brings Brantley Gilbert to play at the Nashville VA Hospital on Veterans’ Day. For more information about Musicians On Call, visit

Music as Medicine?

You’ve probably heard the term food as medicine, but did you know that music offers healing powers too? It’s been proven to ease pain, relieve stress and improve overall well-being, inspiring a program known as “Musicians on Call.”

Their mission is to bring music to the bedsides of patients that are too sick to get out of their hospital beds and is currently found in a number of health care facilities in six major cities: New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Nashville.

Their performances bring physiological and emotional benefits to the patients including:

  • Pain control
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Decreased stress
  • A boost of morale in patients as well as their families, hospital staff and the volunteer performers

How can music benefit your health?

Many people have experienced the uplifting powers of music, but you may not realize that it’s also benefiting your health.

Immune booster

Studies have found that music has the ability to influence the immune system, including reducing rejection of heart transplants.

Listening to music also tends to significantly decrease levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and increase levels of the immune system’s first line of defense: the antibody immunoglobin A.

Music as Medicine?

Stress reduction and weight loss

The stress reducing benefits that come from listening to music not only makes you feel more relaxed, it lowers blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone levels. A lower level of cortisol can prevent weight gain and even assist in weight loss. Getting up and dancing to the music provides a double whammy!

Those who listen to music when working out have been found to work harder and longer, while feeling lower levels of perceived exertion.

Managing pain

Studies have found that one of the best ways to manage pain naturally is by diverting attention elsewhere, including listening to music. It’s been used to manage pain that is associated with surgery, childbirth, cancer and even burn treatments.

What are your favorite stress-relieving mood transforming tunes?

– The Alternative Daily