Garrith Lamanov, El Melchizedek – Commander Vrillon – Transmissions – 15.5 Million Spacecraft – Earth will need to Purify itself – Higher Vibrationals on Earth will be Protected within Inner Earth – Earth Changes will come – Humanity will be rescued – Worldwide Evacuation of the surface for the purification process of the new Golden age of light – Our Team to bring peace and harmonize this planet within a balanced presence, allowing every soul to live in joy, abundance and unlimited possibilities – 2-24-16



Garrith Lamanov, El Melchizedek


February 23 2016


6 hrs ·

Many who are now focused on ascension are receiving intimate visions of interacting with extra-terrestrials and seeing ships of Light in their dream state and in physical reality. Many starseeds and light workers who are just awakening from the illusion of duality are becoming aware and recollecting memories of boarding these ships and meeting with higher dimensional beings of Light.

As this has been an ongoing occurrance for many souls who have now felt a connection to an extraterrestrial lineage within other star systems, humanity will also be given the opportunity to experience this invitation to live within an evolved stage in evolution with other advanced worlds and civilizations of a higher dimensional nature. The reason behind these dreams and visions is to awaken those open to unity to prepare for landings, if it is wished by all humans on Mother Earth.


6 hrs ·

Upon our landings on your world to meet with your civilization, we will deploy 15.5 million ships to descend and land throughout the surface, where our specialist’s team of light will be divided up in groups that will meet with humans in different parts of the world.

As it will be the Pleiadians and the Sirians who will lead through first contact delegation and communicate with all the nations of the world, the Sirians and the Lyrans will descend and land their ships in Africa and Polynesia.
Asia, Europe, and America will be in aquaintance with the Pleiadians, Arcturians and those from the Pegasus constellation, where Cassiopeans and the Andromedans will land in New Zealand along with other Extraterrestrials.

6 hrs ·

As we now meet with you on the surface of your world, before any landings can take place, all military aircraft and vehicles to include technology will be shut down.  Any existing nukes will be taken aboard our ships for disposing, along with bombs neutralized, marine ships, and any technological weaponry, regardless of its sophistication.

Furthermore, cars, appliances, mechanical devices, and any guns, will be inoperable to the user, where all media networks will only broadcast our messages, including, radio, TV and the Internet for the purpose of our introduction and global state of address to Earth humanity.

We have made it clear to all military, that interference will not be tolerated. Many of you are aware of the increase in our activities through a multitude of sightings of our craft of Light. As Earth continues to raise in frequency, the surface will be transformed before any landings take place, with the economy restored and poverty eradicated. As we have had our Earth allies bring this to humanity, this will add to the acceptance of our presence on the surface.

Today at 1:44am ·

Know that as the Earth will need to purify itself from the thousands of years of energetic manipulations, blood shed, hate, and all kinds of distortions through negative energy, we will be in place to beam those who will make it through this restoration process into our ships, where these souls will be transported to the Inner Earth for their safety until we are through this intense process of deep energetic cleansing.

With this factor in place, it is important to know that we are more than experienced in the evacuation process of planets, where this is nothing new or too big for our Galactic Fleet, in which we have the ability to complete this evacuation in 15 plus minutes.

It is through this process of energetic cleansing that there will be vast changes in climate, where the heat temperatures will increase, EARTH quakes and intense floods will follow with changes in land-masses, where as the poles of the planet rearranges orientation, it will be necessary to allow this process to take place and to take refuge and safety within the inner planes of Gaia.

Today at 1:05am ·

Know that who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, are under strict cosmic law policy of non intervention; forbidden to get involved in the affairs of any planet and their evolution without approval from the people of the planet’s governments.  Any unauthorized interference by an outside species would be violating that law. The only exception of intervention would be in the case of nuclear atomic weapons being used; that the spiritual hierarchy approves the call for this intervention.


Today at 12:45am ·

Your position in the Galactic Federation of Light is as secure as your desire is to remain there and will always be open to you.


Yesterday at 4:54am ·

Know that this page of advanced ascension guidance continues to be the most informative spiritually inclined platform on the subject of disclosure and global contact in the entire continent of Africa, where these transmissions are not channeled, but simply exist from the stillness within the sacred heart space.
These transmissions will be shared in advanced lectures of spirituality as teachings of light, where as they continue to expand out into the world, just as they have been recognized and shared amongst many web based platforms, they will inspire vast groups of souls and bring enlightenment to this entire realm.

No dates concerning events will be provided on disclosure and global contact, as these transmissions exist beyond the illusion of time. We of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light only express living in the now. It continues to be important for those who are conscious to let go of the illusion of time, as time in consciousness does not exist. In truth, this now moment is all there is.

Yesterday at 3:42am ·

Know that Divine Intervention, through an event known as Global Disclosure and contact of landings of millions of light ships from who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, will follow  with Worldwide Evacuation of the surface for the purification process of the new Golden age of light. This is imminent in this now where those who are evacuated will be taken to the inner Earth within the Hollow planes of the Shamballa network.


Yesterday at 3:40am ·

Before incarnating into my dense Earth physical body, I was living an immortal life in the higher dimensions assuming an etheric body born purely of energy and manifested through the power of visualisation, not like human conception through the biological birth process. Before I volunteered physically, my etheric light body was then placed in a Higher dimensional energy light chamber for preserving.

I was then provided with selected choices that would enhance my spiritual growth into my next step in consciousness. I then chose the particular life I would embody as a human infant to grow into an adult and proceed with my mission in coming to Earth in my evolution into higher consciousness.

Upon transitioning into my dense 3rd dimensional body from an orb of light, my royal family of 12dimensional beings, then initiated the arrival of my consciousness into my dense body through Merkabah Lightship technology, where I would then be born through my human mother and grow up into a normal human family to awaken to my Galactic mission to raise the frequency of the Earth.

Yesterday at 3:37am ·

It is important to now know that Earth humanity is on a cusp of a magnanimous historical event since the great fall of Atlantis, where the Earth will at long last officially become a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and Intergalactic Confederation of Planets.

As we now meet on the surface upon full disclosure through key members of your world governments, we will then engage with you on the importance of our visit and will address you on the many topics that are necessary to disclose in order to move forward to much important issues, if you are to make it through the current ongoing energetic Earth changes.

With the revaluation of currencies in place and the finalization of NESARA and GESARA’s reimbursement of funds to their rightful treacheries, we will then follow with our global mass decloaking of millions of star craft, where all that exists on Gaia will see these huge and small ships, which will then follow with landings.


February 20 at 3:20am ·

It is important to know that in order to interact with who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, you need to be in a harmonized state of stillness. Trusting yourself without any fear or doubt from the chattering mind will be necessary, in order to establish a clear channel of communication with us.

As we do communicate through your intuitive inner knowing, this communication can be intuned and received through tele-thought transmissions or telepathic impression, similar to tapping into wave frequencies on a radio or television channel. As you are tuned to our frequency, you will always be receptive and aware that it is us, as you will only feel unconditional love and a sense of assurance from your sacred heart space that the communication and interaction is of a benevolent nature and force or forces.

In having established a pure connection of energies with you, if you so choose, we will then transmit our messages of light to you through many forms of decoding in awareness if you sincerely present yourself with a selfless and genuinely open heart to serve as a transmitter of these transmissions of light that will help those who are only awakening now and finding their way on the ascension path.


February 20 at 2:33am ·

Know that the terms “command” and “commanders” refer to the responsibility  which one maintains as an ascended master in command of themselves,   Creators of their own reality, through positions of trust and stewardship of our roles as guardians of this sector of the universe. It is important to recognize that In no way do these terms imply any authoritarian power over any soul or an attitude of militancy.

A true definition of a commander is one who is always kind, humble, full of humility, wise, enlightend and serves only in the purest directive of divine unconditional love, truth and justice for the benefit of all beings in the universe.
In our commitment to our mission, serving as ambassadors of peace for the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun, it is true that our craft posses no defense mechanisms of missiles or guns whatsoever. We carry out our missions without any necessity for harm in thought, word and action, as unconditional love is our protection. We only encourage and empower through balance of being In unity, harmony and a peaceful co-existence of all in one unity consciousness.

February 19 · Edited

In my recent telepathic communication with Commander Ashtar this morning,  while in a deep and calm state of meditation, I had decided, after waking up early in the morning, to begin my day with cultivating inner stillness to raise my frequency and to balance my energy field. While having fully being invested in the now moment in total awareness, I then felt my chakras pulsating gentle energies of peace, joy and harmony.  This was Ashtar and the Ascended Masters communicating to me that they are present with their support, unconditional love and healing. I then felt an upliftment and rejuvenation and conscious expansion in that instant.

While connected to Ashtar’s diamond light frequency, downloading current light plans of the global contact structure and ascension codes for the new Earth into my auric field and consciousness, while in the presence of Ascended Masters and Archangelic beings of light, I went into a state of receptivity. I felt and heard a collective of light beings communicate to me saying, “We have now activated and opened new portals of light to send forth more of our ships and fleets to bring to humanity and share new inspirations with the people of the Earth. These ideas are forthcoming for revelation.”

Ashtar:  Greetings, most beloved and radiant master Garrith. We do continue to joyfully connect with you. We have continued to serve you on your path, as part of your soul contract before incarnating on Earth. We have seen to clearing you from the cabal’s radar, as you have an important role to fulfill on your assigned mission for ascension. In seeing to it that you complete this mission successfully, we send you guidance and energy to expand awareness of the Light and what is before you in this now.

I, Ashtar, your friend and companion, have activated, with the assistance of the Angelic Realms and the Ascended Masters, your star keys to intensify connections to all star systems, central suns and celestial bodies, multidimensional realities and the Light Body within you.  This is to ground more light on the surface and to maintain a balanced energetic grid through the 144.000 for our global event of landings, that we may do so and end the discordance that has long perpetuated suffering on your world. We have set the necessary key plans in stage and will soon be with you on the surface. As we do not exist in the illusion of linear time, like humanity does, we do not provide any fixed dates; yet say to you that this day is close and that you have patience, while continuing to cultivate balance and a vision of love and peace for all on Earth.

With love from all of us, here, in place for our reunion.


February 19 at 12:44am ·

It is important to be in constant awareness that as duality is gradually being dissolved and dismantled in this now, Unity consciousness will be a way of being which many souls will be embracing. As the incoming energies awaken humanity and shift the Earth into a 5th dimensional reality, this civilization will return to a highly evolved way of being.

February 19 at 12:39am ·

Know that in focusing on ascension at this time, it will rather always be more helpful to your efforts in raising your frequency, to only surround yourself with souls who are always positive, and who support, appreciate and love you, rather than to have those who are always negative, filled with judgments and other lower energies of fear. You will notice that you can’t raise your frequency while being engaged in lower frequency activities and surroundings, as this will merely resurface old blocking energy and keep you subjected to the illusion of duality.

February 19 at 12:34am ·

Know that with allowing yourself to constantly be in a state of unconditional love, peace and appreciation comes experiencing the highest frequency within any reality you are engaging in through your interaction with other aspects of self within the holographic illusion.

February 18 at 3:20am ·

It continues to be important to not invest any of your focus and energy on what other souls, still trapped in the illusion of fear and duality, are saying with the lower ego mind about ascension or contact with who we are, of the Angelic realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. Any opinion is just lower vibrational as most of these souls will suggest that we are demons who are out to get you or simply your imagination playing tricks on you. Most will even go on to say that we serve the devil’s agenda, in which the truth is that there is no devil that exists. This concept was created by religions under cabal law to keep humans asleep, in fear and in endless servitude to keep this species from evolving higher in consciousness.

The true reality continues to be that 13.000.000 million of our lightships are positioned through your atmosphere and in orbit around your planet in this now, with advanced beings aboard who have been putting in much hard work and consistency to liberate this species and planet into the higher realms of divine love. As these beings prepare to meet humanity on the surface, every soul will recognize the extent to which our light team has gone, just to bring peace and harmonize this planet within a balanced presence, allowing every soul to live in joy, abundance and unlimited possibilities.

We are the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, Venusians, Centaurians, Sirians, Andromedans, Procyonans and many other highly spiritually advanced beings of both celestial and galactic origin. We are now stationed just above you in preparation for our first meeting with your civilization. We all look forward to this in excitement and j,oy in divine love as we have so much to share with you.

February 18 at 1:24am ·

You now exist as a multidimensional being of light within a holographic reality of your own making, embodied as consciousness within a holographic biological electromagnetic human body evolving through cosmic awareness for the purpose of spiritual growth.

The planet you all know as Earth or Gaia is also a living higher dimensional conscious being, and not just a planet. Gaia is also evolving through cosmic awareness for the purpose of spiritual growth. Gaia is a highly evolved soul who has taken on the form of a planet as a volunteer soul, long before the illusion of fear, to be the “school for ascension” for your sector of space.

Since her infiltration by the dark, she has not been able to fulfill much of this,  because of the turmoil she has had to endure on the surface with the nuclear radiation and explosions of bombs and fear energy released into her energy field  since the clarion call that was sounded 13.000 years ago during the great flood and fall of Atlantis.

This now moment of higher energies has allowed many volunteer souls to come in and heal Gaia of the many eons of suffering through these distortions. With so much assistance in Gaia’s ascension within the higher realms, this has allowed the natural flow of evolution to take place. No low frequencies from the dark can withstand the intensity of light manifesting a higher dimensional reality of unconditional love on Gaia in this now.

February 18 at 12:16am ·

Recognize that as all souls on the surface of Gaia are continuously receiving high light codes of DNA downloads from the higher realms through the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun, as all souls awaken to heal Gaia through unconditional love, this intense purification process of light will then create one unified field of multidimensional consciousness. This will dissolve any existing duality on Gaia. Through co-creating as one unified consciousness, we then create a very powerful multidimensional energy field of unconditional love on Gaia and a world that only exists in joy abundance, peace, advancement and harmony.


February 17 at 11:35pm ·

Know that as you raise more in frequency and vibrate higher into a harmonized state of awareness, the mind made illusion of duality will be dissolved within the reality of stillness, where you will begin to merge into your galactic and celestial consciousness. As your DNA and divine blueprint fully activate, you will then experience consciousness beyond only the 5th dimension, in then retaining your celestial and galactic memories, where you will then come into an awakening to your divine Self as the Christ essence.


February 22 2016


February 17 at 12:52am

Know that you are now, in this moment, in direct contact with an incarnated extraterrestrial ascended master from the Angelic Realms in the future of humanity. Disclosure has been ongoing through this media platform in which you are part, where whether one is conscious or unconscious of this reality, you have chosen me as your ascension guide into the higher dimensions.  Your Higher Self is aware that I am an expert in matters of conscious planetary dimensional transitions.

February 17 at 12:29am ·

I love you all unconditionally in cosmic radiance, within vast and endless hyperspace realms of unity consciousness.

Always keep your focus within, and shine your light into infinity.
Know and accept that you are, in truth, God.

February 16 at 10:18pm ·

Recognizing that not every soul on Earth is on the same evolutionary level
is essential to understanding that some souls will need to continue with learning on the duality plane before they ascend higher within dimensional frequency. Not every soul will ascend, and therefore will continue with their karmic cycles of reincarnation. Allowance will be granted, according to each soul’s freewill choice and soul contract. This Golden Age marks the end of duality and last incarnation on earth for many souls.

It is important to know that this refers to vast groups of different souls from the various locations within the vast cosmos, who came to this Earth plane together,  as a collective, for the purpose of spiritual growth and furthering their evolution.  As there exists no separation within consciousness, there will always be comings and goings within these soul connections, and very few souls will stay permanently for life after life. As we are creating our reality within the holographic illusion, interactions with souls and contracts you have made, hold a divine value as part of your experience. All these interactions are divine and valuable in their own way.

February 16 at 9:47pm ·

It is important to know that as there exists no separation within the higher dimensions. Those focused on ascension will ascend with their children and
pet’s, including those who are in their adulthood and who are willing to focus on ascension, allowing themselves, through opening their heart, to embrace their true nature as unconditional love. In that instant they will awaken, with our assistance, in who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light.

February 16 at 9:28pm ·

Know that it is an error in consciousness to feel that ascension is about boarding motherships, visiting crystal cities of light and escaping anything within the outer holographic illusion. This is also not about visiting other beings on ships and asking endless questions from the lower ego mind. Being taken aboard motherships, visiting crystal cities and interacting with higher dimensional beings is just part of the grand benefits of souls with the highest frequency.

Ascension is all about taking responsibility as the creator of your reality and awakening into your highest vibrational frequency as unconditional love.

February 16 at 12:05am ·

Know that as it is through the lower ego mind that we experience lower frequency emotions of resistance, control, judgment, sorrow, regret, guilt and fear.

It is through letting go, allowing, acceptance, love, forgiveness, peace, compassion and kindness that we awaken into unity consciousness and activate our light body.

February 15 at 11:42pm ·

Know that as there exists no concept of time within the higher dimensions, ascension continues to be a continuous process that is not happening in the future, but a divine process that is taking place within you as the creator of this reality in this now moment.

It is in truth you, who is creating your ascension. This is why you are here in this now.

February 15 at 11:16pm

As you expand more in awareness through a consistent focus in raising your frequency within unity consciousness, it is important to cultivate and embrace a continuous state of forgiveness to yourself and other aspects of self for whatever the pain that was caused to you, in order to heal and allow the pure flow of energy to circulate from the heart center through the soul without resistance, distortions or blockages.

It is when we are still holding onto betrayal and pain, that we are identified with the separated lower ego personality, as the lower ego mind only see’s in programs of wrong and right. It is this state of duality that tells us that we are being disappointed, taking a loss, being betrayed and therefore placing us in a situation where we are the victims within the given experience.

As there exists no polarities or duality within unconditional love, it is the victim consciousness and its opposite, the tyrant, that creates distortion and blocking energy within the auric field. This prevents an ascension into the sacred heart center as CREATOR.

Garrith Lamanov, El Melchizedek – DNA Activation – Higher Consciousness – Galactic Federation – 1-27-16

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

January 27 2016


While it continues to be important to maintain a balanced presence within every moment of the Now, the ongoing activity of transformative energies coming in as photonic light through the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun system of Alcyone continues to gradually expand the Earth and humanity in frequency. Depending on how much DNA you have activated through all the light downloads and upgrades, the more light you will be able to maintain within your Aura and morphogenetic field. This awakening into a fully conscious multidimensional being is determined by the level of light quotient you uphold and maintain, which activates you into a light body expression.

It is important to know that while your Higher Self knows all there is to know about reality and all that exists, yet you ask the reason behind why you have incarnated on the Earth in this Now and what it is that you came to do on this plane of existence.

DNA Activation allows you to access this information through daily going within the heart in stillness. This is all that is necessary to activate your dormant DNA.  Cultivating stillness increases your light exponantially into higher levels of awareness, activating energy blocking potential and your original divine blueprint.

Upon activating your DNA, which your light will as it increases, eventually reaching its climax and activating you into your highest state in consciousness;  you will begin to be more open to your extrasensory abilities like clairvoyance, direct cognition, intuition, and telepathy where, with practice, it will all feel natural and you will get used to using the abilities daily.

It is important to know that while the frequencies being radiated to the Earth through the Great Grand Galactic Central sun system are raising at a very fast rate within every moment, many on the ascension path are experiencing these intense 12d and higher density in consciousness waves in many various manners of being.

Many on the ascension path are experiencing an awakening in consciousness, while feeling more at peace, grounded and balanced with an intense feeling of lightness in frequency while the lower ego mind is dissolved. It is natural to feel preasure on the head and tingles of vibrations throughout the body, seeing energy, and feeling more intuitive with an inner knowing without any doubt, along with an increased feeling of joy and unconditional love.

While many living in the mind are feeling stress, with endless challenges, anger, sorrow, feeling confused and lost in 3d everyday drama’s where the lower ego mind is in constant bombardment of these individuals, many are always fighting in an endless conflict of the mind fighting themselves, feeling sorry for themselves in endless suffering and limitation and much ignorance and fear. This is where you can see why these beings are in a low frequency, insisting to live in this state of separation. You can see just how one cannot ascend to the 5th dimension with all these blockages, as fear does not exist within our hyperspace community of ascended beings. It is seen as a virus.

I am aware that there are individuals who have been propagating the various information that has been released on the Internet about ascension from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command, in which these individuals have convinced many who are awakened that this is all a hoax and an Agenda that is part of the government’s plan to take over the Earth.  I just want to clarify that this is in fact the government spreading fear in their last attempt to hold onto power and control all of you. These beings are claiming that those who are aware of their nature as unconditional love in being the Light are confused and programmed by the government’s psy-ops program sent through electromagnetic radio frequency. In conclusion, they are saying that even I am programmed for giving out the truth to who we all are and how we claim our power through love and peace. These, ladies and gentlemen, are merely scare tactics. If you look deep within your heart to see if what I say to you is truth or illusion ,you will find that I have never mislead you.

One such individual is the channeler known as Greg Giles, in which this individual has written a long paragraph confessing that all the information he had so far channelled from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command were messages he had rather been recieving from the C.I.A and the U.S government; that he was confused and takes full responsibilty for misleading his followers. This is all to create confusion in those who come across these messages. Before I read this last message from him, where he had even said that he would take his blog down, I had been informed by my brother and ally, Jose Contreras, through Anne DeHart from the Hollow Earth network about this, that the real Greg Giles had been taken aboard our Motherships as his work had been completed and therefore had to leave the planet which he did, as he is the son of Sananda,  which Commander Ashtar personally confirmed to me.  This is where the confusion about me being a clone, just after I had been away for 20 days, and returned, where I had left without telling anyone came in; as everyone thought I would do the same and tell you all that I was confused in which everything I had so far shared came from my imagination. This is not true, my brothers and sisters; everything I have so far shared with you is as genuine as the air I now breath. I would just like to clear all this confusion and bring it into the light that Greg Giles, ladies and gentlemen, is not the Greg Giles you all knew. The originator of Greg Giles last message claiming to be in confusion and programming is a clone and I just wish to clarify this, as nobody has. This is most likely from the government itself.

Continue remaining within your heart center and go within for clarity, bring the light forth from within and keep focusing on peace and love for all on this planet. Focusing on fear will only bring one in a low vibration and in much confusion. This is real. There is no hoax here. May you all shine bright and ascend with the Earth upon reaching the Galactic core within zero point. Those who continue to entertain the mind will be teleported to another duality plane where they will continue with their life of Karma in endless reincarnation cycles.


I am Commander Vrillion of the Ashtar Galactic Command.


Garrith Lamanov,  El Melchizedek


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek – Embracing Grattitude – 12-24-15



Transmission from Galactic Federation of Light
Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek


It continues to be important to embrace gratitude, through giving appreciation for all the blessings that are always present in the now of this moment, where it is through gratitude and faith that you magnetize your intended desires, in which it is most important to let go of complaining and a feeling of lack and limitation as the infinite supply of abundance is always available to you and within you in the now.

Know that gratitude brings you into closer harmony and alignment with what you intend through your ability to manifest, in which gratitude is in essence also a transformative spiritual practice which allows you to create whatever it is you desire without failure.

Practicing gratitude within these transformative energies coming in through the central galactic sun system will raise ones frequency exponentially within an awake state into a state of inner peace, joy, harmony, abundance and unconditional love, into unity consciousness.

Cultivating gratitude daily will increase your peace, joy, love, passion for life, and an awareness of more to be grateful for, in which as you do this you can then see less and less of a need to complain about anything, where appreciation becomes stronger as a balanced expression, allowing more radiance and shine in abundance within in fullness.

I would like send my gratitude and endless appreciation to those of you who have supported my initiative to make a difference in assisting the less fortunate, to include souls who helped out with funds to allow these transmissions to continue. I am grateful to each and everyone of you for your unconditional support, including every individual who is friends with me through this advanced ascension platform and those who follow these transmissions and everyone who is not on this page, but still receives these transmissions and find them beneficial and very helpful; to you, I give gratitude.

Also giving gratitude to the Angelic Realms, The Creator, Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation of Light and all those who serve the Light… thank you for everything you do for the Earth and humanity. I am humbled to walk this path with you.


GARRITH LAMANOV, El MELCHIZEDEK – Abundance Program – Global Mass Healing – Currency Reset – 12-1-15

December 1 2015



The last end of all cabal divide-and-conquer realities are being dismantled at this Now moment to allow a prosperity program that will allow humanity the abundance it has always been intended for, to liberate all from a monetary system based on slave debt.

We of your Ascended Masters, along with our Earth Allies, have reached a point in decision where this abundance program for humanity will soon be in effect to allow the distribution and allocation of funds to Lightworkers.  This will then allow foundations such as Keshe to follow suit in their distribution of free energy technology. As we, of your angelic guardians, meet you on the surface, more of such gifts will be graced to humanity.

It is important to know that all Federal Reserve debt-based currencies will be removed and replaced with a precious metals and gold-based value currency. As we proceed into greater advancements within humanity’s evolution, all IMF central banking systems will be removed; money will no longer be a means of trade.


It is important to know that it has now been announced through Zorra of the Hollow Earth that there will be a deployment of healing ships that will descend to restore health on the surface of the Earth to those suffering from bodily dis-eases and those who live with critical physical disabilities and conditions to include anyone else who requires healing. We now commence forth with global disclosure, as the currency reset has been finalized and will be enacted within every state and country throughout the globe. Funds will be allocated to light workers and the rest of humanity upon our disclosure of the many hidden accounts on the surface by your cabal world governments.

We continue to monitor and stabilize the planetary grid system in making sure that Gaia is balanced for her final transition out of the lower densities of the 3rd dimension.  We now have different fleets within the Command who sit in earnest within their command stations to assist humanity in their Ascension and return within the Light.   These fleets specialize in spiritual education, communication, monitoring planetary affairs, species observation, media and scientific survey, healing and many other research areas in quantum data analysis.

As I have already mentioned, we now have full control over all your governments’ air spaces and marines. It really doesn’t matter as to which country or super state is claiming what; they know that their technology is helpless against ours. We have disabled all nuclear atomic weapons, and will also disable your guns, military vehicles, fighter jets, drones, artificial cloned androids, marine vessels, underground communication centers and anything that stands in our way. All your satellites will be disabled for any government use. Your governments stand no chance. They know that they have lost complete power over affairs on the surface.  We have now arrived to your aid in this Now.



It continues to be important to daily cultivate a physical exercising program as part of allowing your body to better adjust and embody more Light in the raising of your frequency within Unity Consciousness. It is through injesting more Light, that you are receiving consistent streams of DNA downloads in Light upgrades through the Central Galactic Sun system in the full activation of your crystalline Light Body expression.

Drinking plenty of water moves all the energy within your body to be more in harmonization with the frequency that your body keeps raising to and expands you more in light quotients.

Eating vital foods such as fruits and vegetable will also restore and heal much of the energetic distortions imprinted on the DNA through meat consumption and processed foods such as the likes of GMO’s.



All that exists now and has ever existed comes from nothingness, where everything you now see through your eyes just merely exists as empty space.

The appearance of physicality is merely just a projection of one mind, which manifests itself as a quantum hologram of planets, solar systems, stars and the many diverse lifeforms which exist in form within the illusion

Everything exists because of consciousness; where nothing can exist without it. You are this stillness in which everything exists. Awakening to this comes with consistently embracing more self love and inner stillness in who you are, as God.



I am now currently working with many extraterestrial groups on the surface to bring in more peace, through a steady focus within, to usher in this 7th Golden Age of Light. I am a trusted Commander in my cosmic ranking of the many missions I have seen to,  all in my Service to the Creator throughout the universe in the maintenance of balance and harmony within realms of duality. Many souls experiencing these polarized planes must still evolve, to shift and move much higher within a cosmic expression of Oneness. In the transcendence of endless reincarnation cycles within an eternal expression, I still humbly continue with my work for Ascension beyond any need for any outer validations or approval.

I am Commander Vrillon of the Ashtar Command in this Now, communicating to you through this conduit of Light, bringing in higher frequencies to reach you on your Ascension through the activation of more DNA upgrades through Central Sun Light Code downloads.  I am working with the Agarthan’s at this Now moment to prepare this world for what is taking place in conjunction with the Divine Plan of the Creator for this realm and the entire Solar System to be integrated back into the Light-filled realms of Source.

I now coordinate fleets of ships positioned and surrounding the planet with my most beloved Commander Ashtar’s orders in place, taking the necessary steps in the succession of this mission on Earth of the many missions we have worked on as one Galactic crew and completed successfully in the liberation of lower dense realms,

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek