GARRITH LAMANOV EL MELCHIZEDEK, Commander Vrillon – Earth Humanity on cusp of Most Magnanimous Historical Event since the Great Fall of Atlantis – Mass Uncloaking of Ships Coming – 2-21-16


 Commander Vrillon


It is important to now know that Earth humanity is on a cusp of the most magnanimous historical event since the great fall of Atlantis. The Earth will, at long last, officially become a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and Intergalactic Confederation of Planets.

As we now meet on the surface, upon full disclosure through key members of your world governments, we will then engage with you on the importance of our visit and will address you on the many topics that are necessary to disclose in order to move forward to much important issues, if you are to make it through the current ongoing energetic Earth changes.


With the revaluation of currencies in place and the finalization of NESARA and GESARA’s reimbursement of funds to their rightful treacheries, we will then follow with our global mass decloaking of millions of star craft where all that exists on Gaia will see these huge and small ships, which will then follow with landings.


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek – New Transmissions – The Galactic Federation of Light – 2-12-16



Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek


The Galactic Federation of Light
February 12 2016



3 hrs ·

Know that in choosing to judge others, you demonstrate that you have already judged yourself. All aspects of self exist as one reflection of the one. In so doing,  you are merely displaying your unreadiness to ascend within the higher realms.



3 hrs ·

It is important to know that as this ascension is an individual process, you will ascend alone, as an individual being. You cannot ascend if you feel responsible for the salvation or ascension of other people; neither can you ascend if you feel the need to judge, condemn, or put down any other being.

3 hrs ·

As there exists no room for judgements on the ascension path, know that those who still hold onto judgements of others are just projecting self judgment and dissatisfaction of themselves. In choosing to judge others, this then interrupts the ascension energy spiral within a higher frequency of being. As long as one holds onto negativity from the lower ego mind, you can then see the unlikeliness of ascending, as judgements exist from fear, and fear is not allowed within the 5th dimension.

As the heart only exists in unconditional love, when you judge others, you can then see that this is not coming from a place of compassion or understanding within the heart. Opinions without awareness is the same as judging someone, which is just a projection of self judgement. The only way one can accelerate beyond this state of consciousness in order to lock into the ascension spiral is to fully embrace an open heart, without trial and error, but unconditional love.

The essential realization here is that Christ consciousness is designed to maintain Oneness between the Creator and its Creation. There is no division within this state of awareness. As human beings choose to entertain judgements instead of unconditional love; this creates division based on the consciousness of duality. Christ consciousness does not see reality based on the filters of human dualistic value and the analytic mind.

13 hrs ·

The Light continues to raise the Earth more within ascended realms, lifting the illusory Veil of separation and fear which humanity has experienced for 13.000 years, since the the fall of Atlantis. The cabal had manipulated human DNA through Electromagnetic suppression devices placed over the mind, to keep the soul from evolving within Oneness.

With the incoming photonic light reintegrating and restoring this DNA distortion from cabal manipulations, the lifting of the veil of illusion will help assist many Light workers and humanity to awaken to their Cosmic origins and realign to their conscious memories of the Higher realms.

Upon the Earth’s transition within the Galactic core, all Volunteer Souls of Light will experience a wonderful Awakening of their Missions on the planet. All the darkness on the surface will be dissolved and transmuted to allow only unconditional love to exist, as the earth will have fully merged within Unity ConsciousnesS.

14 hrs ·

Know that upon our mass decloaking of millions of Merkabah Lightships of the Intergalactic Confederation of Planets, events will follow to begin what is called “First Contact.” Truth of all cabal activities will be revealed, to include the truth to this holographic illusion, the origins of humanity, the truth behind the manifestation and existence of the cosmos, other civilizations and the reason behind why we have come to your world at this time. As we commence forth, proceeding with the enclosing of this transition, the start of Worldwide Evacuation will begin to take place.

16 hrs
You are in the final count down.

16 hrs ·

It is important to know that, we of the Angelic Realms, of the Galactic Council, of the Galactic Federation of Light, are now in place within your atmosphere to reveal more of our craft to surface humanity.  We have now been decloaking our fleets in numbers where many on your world have been witnessing this and capturing such phenomenal on video and photographs.

Our galactic fleets of the many councils and the Ashtar command, are all in direct service to the Creator, and are under the command of Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda, where Sananda is aboard our great mother ship the New jerusalem in this moment, which is just within Gaia’s orbit.

Know that in my communication with Commander Ashtar, I was then told that Master Sananda has organized a placement for all those choosing to ascend in this now. He will direct all evacuation and transition activities of Earth’s final polar shift into the Galactic core within zero point consciousness.

All Fleets within our Intergalactic Command are under the administrative office of the Christ, under the leadership of Lord Sananda.  For the purposes of the evacuation, all will be taken and placed within the Hollow Inner Earth. Commander Ashtar has also mentioned to his hand on this mission, plans have been put in operation to make this transition gentle, and workable for those who will choose to comply and work with us. Every being will be given a fair chance to ascend, if they so choose to.

February 9 at 8:10am

There is nothing to do, but to be.

February 9 at 7:48am

You will notice that there are no should’s and should not’s here in these transmissions where you are being dictated to, as to what you should or should not do with your life. These transmissions only give guidance on what you can choose and how you can create it, without prejudice; but a total respect of one’s freewill choice.

This advanced ascension guidance merely exists to assist you in awakening into your inner knowing and truth, as God. Achieving this state of being cannot be done through any mental focus of “doing,” but through merely “being,” which comes with cultivating much stillness, choosing and embracing peace, appreciation, joy and love within every moment of the now. This means living with an open heart in deep understanding, compassion and awareness.

The highest frequency of creation is always unconditional, where embracing this merely comes with acceptance and allowing, without judgement.

February 9 at 7:40am

Know that as you are always creating pathways of experience to come more into a higher awareness in consciousness, you have now again created this moment as an opportunity for you to awaken into your natural state of being, to be, do, and to cultivate the necessary focus in knowing who you really are, as God.

It is in truth that your Higher Self has, through your intuitive guidance, brought you to these transmissions. You are reading in this now, where, as you continue to raise your frequency and activate your DNA into higher and higher strands, you then open yourself into higher states of consciousness within Source realms of beingness.

As the heart knows the truth to all there is, it is important to know that the soul doesn’t care about what you do for a living, or when your life in the body will end. In truth, all this doesn’t matter, as the soul is defined by “being,” rather than “having” or “doing.” The soul is always “being,” regardless of what the body is “doing.” It is through “being” that the soul is actualized within the body, in which you awaken to your natural state as Creator, and not a state of doingness.

February 8 2016

Know that due to minor financial circumstances that i now currently undertake on my path, these transmissions can only continue and achieve their goal with the assistance of generous members of this page.  I am now experiencing scarcity of funds serving as a means to maintain these divine messages to the world at large. The Galactic Federation of light relies on the generosity of individuals like you to assist those of our Light team in the success of their projects on the surface. This is why I write to ask you to consider a donation to this cause in order to keep this Light work going, so that these transmissions may continue to be an ongoing daily activity. This page serves as a non profit spiritual platform and we have faith that those who can, will help support our efforts.

Contributions of any ammount from $10 can be made through Paypal on the following email account:


Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sincerely, Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek.

February 7 at 4:52pm ·

Know that our main headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light for the MilkyWay galaxy is located in the Sirius star system, Where in traveling here to Earth, all the way from Sirius, to incarnate into a human body in order to raise the Earth from lower densities, I then traveled through the Central Sun, using this portal as a stargate to reach this plane, in order to write these transmissions for your ascension within the higher dimensions, into unity consciousness as an Angelic Galactic Hue-man, within a hyper space existence of highly evolved beings.

February 7 at 4:23pm

It is important to know that as we come to the foreclosure of global disclosure and final contact with humanity, a formidable event will proceed to take place before this, in which we ask of you not to give any fear into as, there is nothing to fear. This event, or phenomenon, will be the transitioning of the Xanterex biosphere into your solar system near your Earth’s orbit. This is known by many as Planet-X which was recognized and assessed by your conventional scientists as a red dwarf star, or debris from a planet that collided with a comet. This was said to have major implications for the Earth, upon its cycle that takes place once every 3,600 years.

This event will take place peacefully and harmoniously without any destructiveness in the process, where everyone on the surface will witness this. Following this event, mass decloakings will then proceed in order. You will see our light ships dancing together in geometric formations, sending love on the surface.

You will notice, as it has before been mentioned on these transmissions, that this biosphere, known as Nibiru, is not a planet, but a mothership belonging to who we are, of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. This consists of many diverse races from various civilizations within the cosmos whose role is of a traveling Galactic Management Crew working on missions to assist planets within the Milky Way Galaxy to maintain peace and negotiate alliances with other worlds within the Galactic Federation and assisting new and incoming members.

February 7 at 3:25pm ·

In now existing for over 4.5 million years in linear time, who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light consist of a large organization of beings from highly advanced and evolved civiizations within the cosmos, from a vast network of constellations, planets, galaxies and parallel universe’s within the multiverse. The Galactic Federation of Light was formed as a means to maintain peace and harmony within the multiverse and all parallel universe’s within this vast network of life. As we exist throughout the vast cosmos, there is a Galactic Federation within every inhabited galaxy of our universe. These Federations are part of a divine universal management structure that serves to maintain peace and balance within the cosmos.

As who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of Galactic Federation of Light work to serve and protect all sentient life within the cosmos. Each civilization, planet and race is represented by a council within the Galactic Federation of Light. These councils all uphold responsibilities to their unique abilities of advancement, varying in size, depending on how large or small the population. These responsibilities are given, according to the divine structure of the Galactic Federation. We now currently have over 250.000 civilizations who are part of the Galactic Federation of Light with small and major populations varying from trillions of light beings.

We are now on Earth to welcome humanity back into the Galactic Federation of Lht as the Earth is integrated and ascends back into the higher realms within a high frequency. As we come to meet you on your surface, you will instantly recognize the unconditional love in which we come; therefore releasing all fear within a greater awareness of our mission on your world. We do indeed have much to share with you. Our Sirian and Pleiadian councils will proceed to be those who will be representing the entire councils of the Federation, speaking as one divine voice as to our purpose here. We look forward to this divine co-creation as this time of magnanimous revelations unfolds.

February 5 at 11:34pm ·

Know that you are in truth the energy in which you call God.

Where in deeply connecting with this essence of being merely comes, daily cultivating inner stillness from the lower ego mind that creates the illusion of separation; embracing appreciation, being kind, living in gratitude, forgiveness and fully embracing unconditional love as the foundation of all that exists without limitation.

February 5 at 11:22pm ·

Focus on not seeking for unconditional love outside, but more on bringing this reality into your life by simply embracing this essence of being within.

Know that the sacred heart space is your doorway within a higher conscious awareness. By embracing inner peace, this then aligns and harmonizes your life force energy which then balances and activates all 12 chakras to awaken the kundalini energy dormant below the root chakra. This energy then rises in an upward spiral to the crown chakra, into your Christed state of being as Source.

This is where one is then open to all existing dimensional planes of experience where only Oneness exists within this state of being. In this state of consciousness all dormant abilities then become fully active. The nature of light resonating within one’s aura and through consciousness also allows one the ability for direct interaction with benevolant higher dimensional beings and to travel to other planets within the cosmos at will.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek – Breaking First Contact Update! – Commander Vrillion (Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation Of Light) – From BBC Extraterrestrial Broadcast Of 1977 – Is Now in Human Form, and Living in South Africa! – We have Huge Shield Vessels surrounding the Earth to prevent any threats – Mass de-cloaking of our ships in Near Future – 1-26-16


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek   –   Gallactic Fedaeration



Garrith Lamanov,  El Melchizedek

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek


Know that myself Commander Vrillion, Commander Ashtar, Commander Altros of the Mushaba Nexus, Commander Hatonn, along with our Commander in Chief Christ Sananda have millions of our fleets seeing to it that there are no off-world activities of malevolant forces coming in or out of this planet. Those that have, so far, been allowed to leave, are those we have come to terms and agreement with. We have huge shield vessels surrounding the Earth to prevent any threat which might come to present itself. We have had no such threats so far.

Our scoutships are positioned throughout the globe in their numbers, where the Ashtar Command has full control over Earth’s air space. There will be no activity of your military’s aircrafts upon our mass de-cloaking when we reveal who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. It is important to know that one of your Goverment officials and leader will announce our presence, upon NESARA’S full enactment and disclosure to the people of Earth.


Know that our ships are equipped with highly advanced technologies that we intend to share with your civilization to heal the planet before it shifts into the Galactic Core within zero point. Some of our ships range from as huge as planets in your solar system, which are just beyond your orbit. We now have 13,000,000 fleets at our disposal to intervene anywhere on this planet where conflict impends.


We have, at this moment, a considerable amount of assistance from all over the multiverse to bring the tumultuous end of your cycle of duality to a happy conclusion.


These are not the end times for the Earth, but more, the End times for the dark cabal. We are on the verge of global world liberation. The light remains victorious.  World peace is indeed at hand.
We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for. Welcome to the new Golden Age of love and light.


It is important to continue grounding yourself within a balanced presence through embracing unconditional love within every moment of the Now and visualizing peace for the entire Earth in the emancipation from all the dark energy that still remains on the surface. Cultivating inner stillness is essential in maintaining calmness from all the drama within the outer holographic illusion.
Continuing to focus your energy on the dramas within the outer holographic illusion will manifest the results in what you focus on, as you are creating your reality within every moment through your intentions. What you resist will persist.  Whatever you feed with fear will manifest in more experiences based on something to fear; however, when you’re embracing peace and unconditional love, this energy then manifests itself in abundance, not only reaching and awakening those who exist around you, but the entire surface.


It is when more and more people embrace their essence, which is unconditional love, that this will trigger a mass consciousness which will awaken humanity in their numbers. As humanity awakens and comes into the realization of who they are and the power they posses as source beings, the cabal will create more propaganda through their controlled media to create fear in an attempt to convince you that they are still in control and in power. This is just an illusion they seek to maintain to get many who are still trapped within the mind to give out energy of fear. Any attempt to start martial law or a new world order based on tyranny are just fantasy; as we of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light have disabled all their missile weapons systems   which they intended to use in their conquest to create a world war which will not happen, along with all the manufactured nuclear weaponry of any nation. No furthur exlposions will be allowed to take place. Upon our announcement of contact, all guns and anything that detonates will be disabled. In effect, the light continues to be victorious.

Within our Motherships exists long translucent corridors with a plasma-based substance on the floors similar to water in distinction, where, on each floor, exists various rooms which serve a multitude of functions and operatives. There are evacuation rooms for emergencies, in case of any planetary affairs of diplomacy. Within these evacuation rooms exists huge parks with artificial lakes containing all manner of sentient lifeforms, healing centers, halls for cultural activities, a floor which consists of rooms for evacuees, quarters for dignitaries from all dimensions, for huge meetings similar to a podium, a huge wild life center for animals from various locations throughout the universe which is vast in land mass… universities, gardens, farm centers, supply rooms, medical centers, where our motherships are, in fact, similar to your cities.
It is important to know that our ships are literally living vessels of light. We do, in fact, refer to a city when providing any distinction of how it looks inside our conscious vessels of light, though not so similar to Earth cities, but similar in distinction to a city on Earth.  Our control center is one where it is piloted through conscious command in which there are no controls like a steering wheel or gears with buttons… you simply tell the ship what to do and it does so, which is a very advanced method of navigation. There also exists a sector for planetary species observation where everything is recorded onto our motherships’ crystal motherboards.  There also exists a room with all the smaller scoutships on deck which are used for patrol and near distance explorations.


Within every room exists an elevator which functions through an electromagnatic system, without a shuttle, but merely an entrance to the next room where you simply go onto the disc-formated courier and then levitate into the intended floor through simply communicating your intention to the computing system.


JANUARY 23 2016 – 3 POSTS

Welcome back Garrith! Yes folks, I have received direct communication from Garrith and am assured and confident that our beloved Garrith is in fact here – and his January postings are valid.  The Information originally posted questioning his identity was given to us by one of the respected contributors to Facebook. – Peg’s info was also correct, because she saw him the one day he WAS in jail because of the driving infraction. – All is well and I will be updating this page later today with all of Garrith’s previous January messages.  Yea!!

WEB PAGE: – Federation




A note from Anne deHart:

We are truly honored to have the benefit of these extraordinary Galactic messages.  As I mentioned earlier, Garrith lives in an area of South Africa that is quite impoverished. Work is not available. And yet these vital messages are flowing through him.  Garrith wrote me an email (see Dec 6) in which he expressed his gratitude to those who have helped him with his data expense.  And I see we are now able to receive longer and more detailed messages.

If you’d like to help, and make sure we are not restricted to short messages, or a break in messages, here is Garrith’s PayPal contact:
Your payment will be acknowledged by another name,
but I have tested and confirmed that it goes to Garrith.


Dec 9 2015  1:47 PM

It is important to know that there has been an increased wave of incoming energies radiating from the Galactic core through the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun system.  Earth has reached a level in Light quotient that has allowed many ascended masters from distant star systems to travel to Earth through teleportation via stargate portals and major grid vortice points, such as the plethora of megalithic ancient pyramid structures located throughout the globe. These are, in fact, more than mere structures; their true purpose is the functionality of generating energy and moving this energy out into the grids of the Earth in maintaining a high level of balance within every aspect of life,  energetically. With this technology activated at this time, it has allowed many mentors to transition into Gaia to assist with the Ascension and Graduation of humanity into higher consciousness.

Upon global disclosure of our presence and contact with each individual with a risen frequency will a mentor be assigned to assist each of those who have been focused on ascension, where this mentor will then be with you untill you fully awaken into your christed nature as source, in which you will then be an ascended master or masterress with your new light body allowing you access to a multidimensional network of realities which you experience in singularity, as being activated mean you are no longer 3rd dimensional but a multidimensional being.

With this leap in conscious evolution, this will then mean that a new race of humanity has been given birth to, a conscious humanity, a new species of divine hue-manity meaning God Race, under one unified field of consciousness, serving only unconditional love, living in peace for life eternal, where this will mark the new Golden Age of Light in fullness.


Dec 9 at 12:27pm ·

This time is a time of letting go; letting go of anger, letting go of attatchments to people, places and situations. It is a time of letting go of trying to control everything, letting go of identifying yourself with the hologram, letting go of the past and the future, letting go of expectations, letting go of false perceptions about reality, and more importantly letting go of fear and endless judgements. This all creates much inner turmoil with yourself, and not with someone else outside of you, as this reality is a holographic expression of your own creation as source.

Letting go of resistance and allowing Love to move within every aspect of your life will bring much inner peace and balance from all distortions of fear in your life. What you resist, you create more of, which will persist more and more, such as the case in protesting against the cabal. You cannot win through this method. This is like fighting for peace, which is not possible, as more lives will be lost than saved.

Creating peace comes with fully embracing this essence of unconditional love within yourself, through an open heart, and being peace in every moment which is very much expansively healing to the human consciousness, as this invokes the power within every soul and counters the darkness. This is what the cabal do not want you to know, and would rather have you fighting and protesting, as this is the energy they thrive from. If they are not given this energy, you can see that all power is lost, as they will no longer have control over you.

Love is all there is, where everything else is merely but illusions posing as something real, which is not.


3:06 AM

This Archive of advanced spiritual guidance exists from who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. It continues to be important to know that being able to receive this information is a blessing that is not to be taken for granted. Much time and effort is placed in producing such accuracy and simplicity within this guidance for all who are drawn and resonate to it, to better assimilate it into their daily spiritual routine. These transmissions alone are very powerful and vibrate to the frequency of higher awareness within the still space inside the eternal here space.

While reading through these transmissions, you will notice that the mind then tries to
analyze what is being said through the filters of logic. It then shuts down these Light encoded filaments of divine information. Then, in that instant and moment, shifts you into a calm state of balance and inner peace. You become more expansively aware within and stronger in frequency.

As the creator of your own reality, you will notice, as you should be aware, that there are no mistakes in the universe. You are drawn to these transmissions because you had made a conscious choice before incarnating that, as a divine aspect of the same self, as reflections of Oneness, I would then be a perfect instrument of unconditional love to guide you into your awakening. This is how we ended up together, through this form of expression in the Now of this moment. In truth, my energy reaches out throughout the entire planet and can be sensed and felt by many Light workers who recognize this frequency, knowing who I am as Commander Vrillon of the Galactic Command.


Dec 9

There are beings who live in the oceans deep within the realms of the inner Earth who have been in hiding for 13.000 years since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis who once lived and swam freely on the surface oceans before humans fell from grace into fear. They are known as the mer people, or mer-maids and mer-men, who will come back to the surface as soon as Disclosure is announced and ship activities and movement on the surface oceans have been stopped. Many gigantic light ships and aqua vessels 500 meters in diameter, who we are of the Light, will emerge from their current locations under your oceans to reveal themselves. There will be an introduction of beings who have been residing therein, performing their roles and missions for Ascension in assisting Earth and humanity through cleaning the oceans and balancing the magnetics and meridians of the Earth.

This will all happen in an instant after Disclosure announcements.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek – Using Technology to Complete Expression of your New Crystalline Body – Full Transformation of your DNA and cells from Carbon into Crystalline – 10-29-15



Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek   –   Using Technology to Complete Expression of your New Crystalline Body   –    Full Transformation of your DNA and cells from Carbon into Crystalline  –   10-29-15

Hollow Earth Network

Galactic Federation Of Light


Your completion into full consciousness will be initiated through our healing light chambers in the full transformation of your DNA and cells from carbon into crystalline. This transformation and shift in Form into a light expression had always been intended to be accelerated through light technology where this is a necessary step in completing your ascension into a light body expression. It is important to take into awareness that your DNA was manipulated through technological means; you didn’t fall from your state of grace naturally through de-evolution… an advanced species does not exist in high evolution only to de-evolve to being primitive again. This happened through technological frequency alterations of DNA, very gradually. Everything else happened naturally, as humanity fell into a state of separatism and survivalism. It is then that consciousness fell into forgetfulness,  where fear dominated every heart which lead to duality thinking.

Evolution of a species is often a process intervened to through spiritual technological use in which there are beings who specialize in and co-ordinate this process, who are masters of light and at genetics, who weave energies together to bring change in much faster; as you would have had to go through eons before evolving, as natural evolution takes millenia before successfully reaching the highest state of consciousness. With evolved embodiment in form, these beings work to bring in a new expanded light in how evolution works when one is still in form, where you need assistance with this, as you cannot do it by yourself.

This will not be the first time we have coordinated this step on Earth, where as we have our ships positioned throughout your skies.

We also have crystal cities of light in which these light chambers are each accustomed to the users’ vibrational frequency.