Gangaji – What Is Awakening

Kosi·75 videos

Gangaji discusses the endless opening of true Awakening. Her penetrating voice opens your Heart to the living presence that is simply always here. Gangaji will be offering a silent retreat in Tahoe California the end of May. For more information please visit

Gangaji – The Heart can bear it all

Isabelle Padovani·134 videos

For anyone on the spiritual path, often the final hurdle to true, lasting fulfillment is overcoming deep self-hatred. The hurdle is in facing what we think is the truth of who we are – worthless, no good, unlovable, and possibly unredeemable.
In this powerful compilation of monologues and interactions, Gangaji first addresses how we perpetuate worthlessness in our daily lives. Then, penetrating the raw emotional layers of self-hatred, she demonstrates how we can naturally and effortlessly meet the absolute worst in us. Only in that meeting can we see our true face – love itself