The Galactic History Show – Andrew Bartzis and Chris Hales – 05/06 Sep 2013

The Galactic History Show   –   Andrew Bartzis and Chris Hales   –   05/06 Sep 2013   –   Click To Listen

The Galactic Historian and The Venusian Philosophers

The Galactic History show with Andrew Bartzis and regular guests is hosted by Chris Hales and brings 52 million years of Galactic history back to this planet.

In todays show Andrew is still broadcasting from Hawaii  where he, Nickie and other members of their soul family are meeting. The subject of Human Sexuality will be resumed today.

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Andrew Bartzis – Galactic History Show – Guests: Nickie Thetsy, Chris Hales, Lance White

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A detailed discussion of suppression of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine on this planet. Includes details on the physical and energetic methodology used including the ritual mutilation of male and female sexual organs, the supression of information regarding true sexual intimacy between humans, the use of vaccines and the birth control pill to damage and control female reproduction and energetics and much more.
Nickie Thetsy, Andrew Bartzis, Chris Hales and Lance White


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