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Welcome to ‘Living The Mystical Life Daily’ Webcast with Andrew Bartzis! Today’s video will be a replay of last year where Andrew continue to discuss at the Shamans Death, and covering some topics in Q&A such as finding your voice beyond fear, Andrew in the Hall of Union and Communion, protecting your home from electromagnetic, and much much more! To register for the Living the Mystical Life Daily Online Course, go to… or email Join the LIVE CHAT going on now @… Receive my Free “Living the Mystical Life Daily” video series, the platform to becoming your own Self Illuminated Master, as well as the latest updates and material, by subscribing at For a deeper understanding of becoming your own Self Illuminated Master, I offer the “Living the Mystical Life Daily Online Course”. Find out more at Connect, Like, Follow and Share the learning with 1000’s of others! Facebook: Andrew Bartzis @GalacticHistorian Instagram: @andrewbartzisgh YouTube: Galactic Historian Want to be a part of my “Live Call-In” webcasts? These shows air LIVE on select Thursdays at 1pm Pacific. To get notified, subscribe to my mailing list, AND opt to receive notifications from your social media connections for when we go live! The Adventures Into Reality Live Show is where I take calls while accessing the Akashic Records and my life’s journey, answering your long awaited questions to further understanding of YOUR life and for those listening. The Living The Mystical Life Daily ‘LIVE’ Webcast is the time we get to connect and talk about Living your own Mystical Life Daily. It is your chance to ask the questions you have been awaiting answers to for so long! New material is also being released each Saturday and on alternating Thursdays, to help further your understandings of the world that we live in and our role as participants in connected realities, seen and unseen. Thank you for joining in this work, which is about you and your life! Video Compilations by Andre Hodge. See more of his work at Thank you for the possibility you see in the conversation! Any and all music by: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License… . Thank you Kevin for your great Work!







ANDREW BARTZIS – The Unification of Causal Effect – 5-11-16

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Source: Galactic Historian

In the contract revocations, we talk about past, present and future existing simultaneously.

We must come to terms with our simultaneous existence and begin to recall our energies from those different places of simultaneous existence so we are only simultaneously existing in one space, time, frequency, dimension and causality of effect.

The causality of effect is the spark of our soul that is here.
To understand those words, causality of effect, our spark of our soul here is the key, the absolute key to knowing when dream time is coming to awake on a global scale.

So many times have I described what 2012, December, 21st, meant for us as a human species.

Please read on….

Andrew Bartzis and Kathy – East Meets West – Live Readings

Galactic Historian


Kathy and Andrew are preparing to light the energy up again and who knows what’s going to happen next as East Meets West Series Part II starts in 3 days!

Want to get a hint of the kind of experience that awaits you? Want to feel the joy, passion, and inspiration of just one of these past sessions? Click here to listen to this amazing and life changing reading.

This is the beauty of listening LIVE, it’s raw, it is awesome, feel the rush of what happens next when we contemplate the questions and are amazed at the incredible insights that Kathy & Andrew provide.

Andrew Bartzis – – 16000BC, 9000BC, 7632BC – Prep for Dom and Control – 5-20-15

ServantOfTruth .org

My Website: – I invite you

Andrew Bartzis – Post Atlantean Ancient Egypt ISIS & Sun Worshipers – 16000BC, 9000BC, 7632BC – Mystery School Prep for Domination and Control Take Over

I have decided to put together an offering containing a few of my favourite Andrew Bartzis readings. In full. This instance, containing a common Ancient Egypt theme. But also of some powerful souls who in those times either foresaw what was coming for Earth and Humanity or preparing for that time to come. As, I am sure if you are here you also have a great interest in this past of ours.

Some specific dates are offered as reference.

This covers again many many topics…..
Such as Healers and Healing Methods, the Power and Healing qualities in Foods, Trauma, Karma, The Origins of Oral Traditions and some Mystery School foundations, Grandmother Spirits, Sun Energy Benefit and Ancient Worship, ISIS Atlantis Mystery School, Flower Essences and Essential Oils, Gut Health for Power and Dreaming Body, Past Lives and Soul Trauma, The Power of Fire, Self Healing, Soul Contracts, the importance of the Elementals and much much more…..

Andrew Barzis – Adventures into Reality – Live Show – 2-26-15

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Andrew Bartzis – GNN Timeline 2015 – CERN Rebooted Matrix – Full Separation of Densitities – We Must Stand in our Sovereign Free Will – Working Together to Create our own Grid of Light – Supporting Our Life, Free of Hierarchical Domination – 1-21-15

Galactic Historian


In this episode Andrew talks with Natalie about the Dinar reset, Soul Understanding, and Remote viewing different timelines.. and a lot more updates!

Sit back and enjoy!

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Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis – Creation of Sovereign Individual – Spiritual Contract Removal

Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis   –   Spiritual Contract Removal

Take back your power, your sovereignty;  recite or listen to this document.

Feel the Freedom of Reclaiming your Soul.

Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis


Anunnaki Power and Universal Age of Transition with Andrew Bartzis


Anunnaki history, the global energy transition from 2011-today, and the forging of a new timeline in galactic history is discussed in part 2 of our interview with Andrew Bartzis. From the New World Order web of clones and psychic influence, to the true spiritual meaning of 9/11 and the ushering of a new age, Bartzis goes deeper into unravelling the cosmic riddles of truth and mystery. Is there a new world war being fomented? Are there other beings on Earth that steer humanity? What will disclosure mean for the beings of Earth? We explore it in the second part of our Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

Andrew Bartzis grew up in northeast Ohio. He is a active rock hound and Gemstone and mineral collector. He has nearly 2,000 different crystals, gemstones and meteorites in his personal collection.
Andrew began his journey into spirituality at a very young age. His early childhood life shaped the future person and beyond. It is through the exploration of the childlike innocence that we learn to reclaim the full power of our purpose on this world.
Andrew is a Reiki master and teacher. He is available for special workshops for intermediate to advanced students. Andrew specializes in the hard cases, From cancer and organ transplants to P.T.S.D. and addiction recovery. He is dedicated to empower all people with the knowledge to heal themselves and their family.

Buzzsaw Full Episodes:…
Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist:……

00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw, introducing Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian.
00:40 End of the timeline wars.
03:55 We create our own truths and realities.
06:25 Why 2011-2014 is such an important time for us and what the ancient future holds.
14:00 The value of gold and its role in the history of earth.
16:20 Our connection to the anunnaki.
19:00 Other beings that exist on earth and within the earth that we refuse to acknowledge.
21:20 2014 as an end of time and what we can expect.
22:40 New World Order and soul contracts.
25:10 The recurrence of clones.
30:00 The demonization of religion as an agenda for the next world war.
35:05 9/11 as a paradox that was meant to reset our timeline.
39:50 How we can activate our sovereignty.
43:10 The power of myth and it’s misinterpretation.
46:00 Genocide and GMOs as part of a cosmic agenda.
50:20 The abundance of womb chakras on earth.
52:55 Bartzis’ vision of potential futures.
58:30 Bartzis asks what disclosure means to Sean Stone.
01:05:10 The importance of big name newscasters realizing the truth.
01:08:25 Thank you and goodbye.

Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian – Brattleboro Community Radio – Reincarnation Process, Meeting Our Soul Families, Accessing More of our Brain, Hollow Earth and More

Galactic Historian

Audio recorded on Aug-26-2014
On this episode, Andrew shares his childhood, information on the reincarnation process, How we meet our Soul Families, Who was William Shakespeare?, How can we access more of our brain?, Hollow Earth, open calls and a lot more!

Links Mentioned:
Law and Sovereignty with Andrew Bartzis, Rod Class and Rebecca Cope:…

Learn How to Hold Corrupt Courts Accountable to the Rule of Law!:…

‘Hollow Earth’:…
Call in person art page:

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Andrew Bartzis and Veronica Keen – Adventures In Reality – Stripping Away Illusions

Part 8

Part 7

Part 6

Part 5

Part 4

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Angels with Andrew Bartzis the Galactic Historian

Galactic Historian

Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian describes the effect by the word ‘Angel’ and What Angels are.
This explanation was taken from the interview…

Galactic Historian: Andrew Bartzis – Law and Getting Back Our Sovereignty, Chapter 3

New Earth Nation

If you want to understand more about the corruption of our financial system and how to protect yourself come hear Andrew Bartzis, and Rebecca Cope, along with guests Jennifer Pippin and Christina Winsey telling their own stories interacting with the corruption of the courts and banks. Get other vital information you will want to know. To be forewarned is forearmed!
Google Hangout at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Adventures into Sovereignty on BBS radio will join the show tonight at 11pm Eastern / 8 pm Pacific.…


1. Expert in consumer credit
2. (great resource)
3. (great resource – make use of it!)
4. (a lot of good info, but be careful – all of it is not applicable in everyday litigation)
7. (a lot of good info, but be careful – all of it is not applicable in everyday litigation)
8. (a lot of good info, but be careful – all of it is not applicable in everyday litigation)
20.… (Dan Benham)
25. National Association of Consumer Advocates
26. Finding & Citing Case Law: on Google Scholar: then click on the 9 dot icon (looks like this:
. . .
. . .
. . .
and keep clicking “more” until you get to Google Scholar

30. Fraudclosure Fighters on Facebook:…
32. Christina Winsey — Guest speaker on… July 18, 2014

Healing Wisdom – Andrew Bartzis – Jay P – Olivia Valencia

Andrea Foulkes, Catalyst for Positive Change – Meets – Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian – 5-31-14

Galactic Historian·51 videos

Audio recorded on May/31/2014

About Andrea: Andrea has a genuine warmth and enthusiasm for people and life. A natural communicator and Intuitive Visionary, she has a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life, countries, religions and cultures and is a Catalyst for Positive Change in reclaiming your Authentic Power.
for more Information:…
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About Andrew: Andrew Bartzis is a Reiki master and Shaman with the unique ability of being able to access multiple Akashic Records at will. Known as the Galactic Historian, he is able to read and share individual, cultural, global, and galactic histories with those who come to him. As an active healer and psychic reader for nearly 20 years, his goal is to help the world around him by sharing information from a sacred neutral state. By sharing the power of contract revocations, he helps individuals reclaim their sovereign free will.
You can learn more about soul contracts and Andrew’s work at

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Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian – Akashic Records – Healer

Galactic Historian – the Trail of Tears

The Secrets inside your DNA – Linda Cosmos and Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian

The Secrets inside your DNA – Linda Cosmos – Galactic Historian – Andrew Bartzis

Galactic Historian·17 videos

Linda McCallum aka Cosmos and Andrew Bartzis the Galactic Historian discuss the parallels between the Renaissance and the current times.

Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian – Malaysian Airplane Flight

Galactic Historian·18 videos


Adventures into Reality – Veronica Keen – Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis

Part 03

Part 02

Part 01

Galactic Historian·16 videos

Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and Veronica Keen first round on deep subjects about our past, present and future.


Andrew Bartzis Guest – Walking In Energy Show #23

Dilek Dildar·432 videos

Walking in Energy (2nd show 26th may 2014 )Topic Guest Andrew Bartzis continues the discussion from last week on Galactic history and the ascension of mankind

Epic Interview – Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis – Lance White



These are all posted at Creating5D. I wanted to post the links to all parts, as I sense many will be interested in this class. I’m finding that, personally, I am currently very drawn to hearing these. Perhaps because it resonates with what “The Journey”, in part, was about. Namely, in bringing many together to “Journey” across and around Turtle Island, and actually become “involved” in the grid work which was occurring all along the way.

Suggestion  –  Right click on link   –   Open link in new tab
Links to all parts:

  1. (1)
  2. (2)
  3. (3)
  4.–HpYL_dI (4)
  5. (5)
  6. (6)
  7. (7)
  8. (8)
  9. (9)
  10. (10)
  11. (11)
  12. (12)
  13. (13)
  14. (14)
  15. (15)
  16. (16)
  17. (17)
  18. (18)
  19. (19)
  20. (20)

Many thanks to Lance White for recording these classes. Here are a couple links I found, for those who may wish to follow his work.

Andrew Bartzis – Interviewer Lance White –

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, aka Zany Mystic, banner

Click Link to Listen To Show

Broadcast Time & Date: Saturday, November 16, 2013 07:00 pm

Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian – Interviewer Ari Kopel

Ari Kopel·50 videos

Andrew Bartzis is known as The Galactic Historian. Learn what that is and how Andrew became the Historian. He will explore our Galactic History and Galactic Future, what humanity is up against and why humanity has been duped to believe this illusion. He explores these forces that have existed way beyond the creation of this Galaxy, how and why these forces came into existence and have set their camp on this planet. Find out how humanity has been enslaved and kept in slavery through the Karmic Wheel and other intergalactic schemes.

Andrew discusses The Event, how we can break free from this Matrix and what Ascension really looks like. He revokes our contracts with the banking system and media on air! It is Extremely Powerful!
Andrew will go into very detailed information about the history of humanity and the forces and hierarchies that are currently in play and what we all have to do to break free!
Join our website at:

Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian – Missy Hill Show

Click  Here  To  Listen

Galactic Historian AndewBartzis – Soul Expressions w JayP – March, 2013

Andrew Bartzis·7 videos

Walking In Energy Radio – Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian – Akashic Records

AlienStephmother·126 videos

Walking in Energy (1st show 19th may 2013)
Topic: Psychic Information – This will be a very special show…! We will have as guest Andrew Bartzis of Wolf Spirit Radio and Revolution Radio. Andrew is a very talented psychic and reader of Akashic records.…

simulcasted on wolfspiritradio

The Galactic Historian – ( 16 – 20 ) – Andrew Barzis – Interviewer Lance White

Creating5D·26 videos

Helane Lipson Show – Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian – Healing Ley Lines – Return To Atlantis Conference

Helane Lipson·41 videos

The Galactic History Show – Ep. 20/21 – Andrew Bartzis, Chris Hales

in5d·322 videos

The Galactic History show with Andrew Bartzis and regular guests is hosted by Chris Hales and brings 52,000,00 years of Galactic history back to this planet.

Todays topic will be one of the following – specific sexuality topics, user manual for the human body.

If you havent yet experienced this material you can listen to these overview interviews to familiarise yourself with the Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian:………

Matt Presti And Robert Otey With Andrew Bartzis – The Creator’s Signature

The Light Workers Media·372 videos

Adventures into Reality with Andrew Bartzis on Revolution Radio recorded on March 4, 2013
Guests: Matt Presti & Robert Otey
The Creator’s Signature

“Matt Presti is an artist, musician, philosopher and cosmologist who has been emphasizing the philosophical and scientific ideas of an American polymath by the name of Dr. Walter Russell born in 1871. Walter posited that the universe was founded on a unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange. This physical theory, laid out primarily in his books The Secret of Light (1947) and The Message of the Divine Iliad (1948-49), has not been accepted by mainstream scientists. Matt will share the philosophies of Walter Russell, including his views on consciousness, the universe, meditation and creation.”