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Galactic Free Press – The Co~Creation of The New Earth Has Begun – We are Going Home Into The Light – 3-7-14

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Galactic Free Press – Surprises Ahead – Shocking Events – 12-6-13

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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center ~ The Real News and The Whole Truth

Quoted from Sonja Myriel RAouine …..”The Seeding has BEGUN!”

Greetings Love Beings, WOW!!! Our Past Events of the Opening of the Portal on November 23rd Coupled with an Intense Comet Ison Energy Was Our Most Incredible Portal and Events Yet, in fact it was another round of WHAMMY Energies which was Felt by many throughout the planet. Comet Ison appeared to dissolve and then reappear stronger then ever.

This Event Gave Us Quite a Surprise and has Perplexed the Scientists. This is Symbolic for Humanity, it was like the death of the ego and the reappearance of the True Being! Humanity is Going to Make it and 2014 we will see Phenomonal Movement In this Direction. More Surprises and Shocking Events Up ahead!


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Breaking the Cycle of Lack – Aurora – Galactic Free Press

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Many individuals feel lost, or as if a change in direction is taking place. What is going on?

It is the final release of the inner thoughts of lack. So many people have been feeling like they are going through major change in life, or even as if they are stuck in a holding pattern. This is because you are at a time when you are ready to let go of all feelings of lack in your life. It can be lack of confidence lack of belief, lack of trust, or lack of worthiness.

Everything that is taking place around you at this moment is mirroring for you what you feel lack of in your life. This belief is at a very deep subconscious level, and may not be obvious to you right away.  One way that this energy is playing out for many people has to do with feeling as if you are not in control of what is going on in your life, this is a symptom of lack of trust. For when you have lack of trust in Spirit, God and yourself, then that lack translates to second guessing, and even missing valuable pieces of intuition and guidance.

Every person on the planet has had feelings of lack in some part of their life. The lack feelings come from the societal conditioning that there will never be enough. However, the Universe provides more than enough to spare, as long as you believe it to be so. If you feel that you are struggling with creating more in your life, look at these feelings of lack. If you feel that you cannot, or will not be able to draw something in to your life when you need it, then you are most definitely fighting against this lack energy.

So, the next question you have is:  Where does this come from and how can I let go of it? This lack energy comes from two sources. The first source is societal conditioning that goes aback through the ages; a conditioned belief system that bases the perception of worth on those who have and those who have not.  The second source of this lack belief is your own past life patterning. There are many different patterns of behaviors that come from your past lives, and if you do not understand them, they can create challenges for you today. When you can understand you specific past life patterns, you can begin to release them for good.

To transform out of lack thinking and into the true expansiveness of creation, you will need to let go of these old beliefs. There are many wonderful ways to do this, such as past life readings, past life regressions, affirmations, crystal therapy, journaling and meditation. It is not necessary for you to hold onto the beliefs any longer. Whatever is happening in your life, try to look at it as a key to unlocking the door or lack. For on the other side of that door is true, unlimited creation! However, if you cannot find the right key, then that door will prevent you from accepting all that you can accomplish.

Love, Aurora

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Galactic Free Press – Magical Game Changing Eclipse

Submitted by FatherMotherGod… on Fri, 10/18/2013 – 09:28

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Quoted from Earth Ally Seraphin” ….You can’t deny the feel of the world right now. It’s electric…”

Greetings Love Beings, Change is In the Air and Everyone is beginning to Experience, Feel and See this Energy, Literally. Big Changes are underway and It Just keeps getting More Exciting Energetically Speaking with the Up coming Full Moon Energies and the First of 2 Eclipse’s. With So Much Going on, it really is the Moment Humanity Needs to let go of the old and Rise UP!!! These Energies will Only Intensify Now and we have some celestial incoming events to assist with This as well! So Much is happening at a fast pace since we entered an acceleration period, with Increased Assistance from the Sun and this Solar System, not to mention the vast amounts of Craft From All of Creation who Are Here to Observe the Greatest Event Which has Ever Occurred IN Creation. All Eyes are Indeed On Planet Earth=Heart as the Destiny of this Planet is Happening. A Full Planetary Peace and Complete Awakening is Underway, despite all attempts to distract and detour. A Major Breakthrough has Occurred and we will see the results of this in the coming Weeks and Months. We are Moving at a Faster than Light speed Vibration Energy. Its going to be rough for those clinging to the old paradigm, as Love’s Intensity Increase’s.

Quoted from Lena Stevens October Report”……Humor will be a great relief and support this month. So laugh, cry, fall apart, be a basket case, turn into a puddle, give up, give in, listen to your heart, change the game and rise up from your own ashes reset and reborn....”

Quoted from Pam Younghans….“October seems like a turning point month to me. An important shift is set to occur in the weeks leading up to the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th, a shift that marks the next step in our evolutionary process.” Based on my own life and recent conversations with clients and friends, I would say there’s a strong sense of “turning point” in the air. Something is ready to shift.THE ENERGIES seem to be swirling in place at the moment. What is happening is a clearing of lower vibrations from our emotional, mental and physical bodies. The result is that we are experiencing similar challenges and situations over and over as the energies circle around…..” End of Quote

Quoted from Marlene Swetlishoff ” ….The heavens smile down upon the Earth as she moves into alignment with her destiny. Seen from the higher realms, the wonder of this movement is beyond reckoning. The celestial movements that are occurring and will continue to occur bring transformation of the highest order. The old ways are fast becoming just a dream and new beginnings are ripe with potential. These are times spoken of through the ages and it is now here at last. First it begins on the etheric energy levels and filters its way into every facet of life and living upon your planet. Profound change and transformation is wending its way into every cell of existence and the Earth is being prepared for a grand ceremony. All the teeming chaos that seems to erupt is only chasing the shadows as they go. Behind them comes something wonderful, something magnificent, something humanity has envisioned in its heart of hearts. The new reality is moving into place and its movement into your lives is quiet, graceful and filled with peaceful joy and contentment. More moments of the frequency of bliss and ecstasy are becoming more commonplace amongst those of you who have waited long for these moments. Tune in and tune up, Dear Ones, for this is only the beginning…..The denser energies are fast departing leaving behind the anticipation of the new…..The Light is spreading exponentially across the face of your planet and it is unstoppable. YOU are that Light, you hold the vision, the potential within your beautiful hearts and you rise into the heavens on angel wings. This is how heaven is anchored on Earth and it begins in earnest. All human angels now unite their efforts to bring heaven on Earth. Goodness begets goodness and magic is the order of each day. Open your eyes and see with your heart. Spread your wings and fly, children of the Light! Rejoice and let your hearts be at peace.…” End of Quote

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Energies Are Pouring In Like a Waterfall

I love waterfalls and I am turning my perspective this morning from pressure into the giddiness I have felt standing under the force of one.  

From Galactic Free Press

Submitted by lovelylinda on Sat, 10/12/2013

I love waterfalls and I am turning my perspective this morning from pressure into the giddiness I have felt standing under the force of one.

Today is the second day where I awoke feeling as though I am standing under a waterfall. The pressure on my head is intense and it takes all that I am to stand in this flow. We are being gifted with so much liquid lovelight, our old world is being melted all around us well as within us as the love pours in and the density is purged, up and out. There is only the allowing, the letting go of any attachments, and the standing grounded on this beautiful jewel of our mother earth.

For a few days I had felt the energy running in streams. It seemed that my fingertips were literally dripping light as the energy moved through. There are so many emotions on the move, the collective has decided it is time, we are ready to co-create this new earth. All the shame, the anger, the self judgment, the pain, the sadness of our life and lifetimes, is moving. Our cells are responding to the lovelight by purging the old dense energies that no longer fit in the world we are birthing. It may not look pretty nor feel comfortable as it is happening, but it is a time for rejoicing! Our world is changing in every way imaginable.

We are harmonizing our inner beings in order to harmonize with the whole. Be grateful for the aches and pains, the deep fatigue, the wild emotions as they are all physical confirmations of what is taking place. There are so many layers to this process and we are aware of only a small part of the beauty that is being created. Our soul is taking over the reins and we can surrender to our greater knowing, trusting that we are being guided to more of who we are. It is so freeing and exhilarating when I visualize myself standing under this waterfall of liquidlovelight!

I love the way the artist allowed the folds to flow in harmony. This is what we are doing so beautifully!
I love the way the artist allowed the folds to flow in harmony. This is what we are doing so beautifully!

Our victories come in small, everyday ways. A friend shared that the other morning, she decided to try on a dress that had been too small. As she began to pull it up, she felt a burst of happiness as it slid over her hips and she knew it would fit. She then had only to zip it up. The zipper got stuck part way up. She realized that for the first time in ages, she was living alone. She had no partner to assist her with the zipper. (Why would we create clothing that we need assistance to get into and out of? ) She really felt her aloneness and choose to feel the freedom of it, rather than the pain of the lack of a partner.  Next, the time constraint that she was under, kicked in and she felt her old pattern arise of frustration and anger. Her usual pathway would have been to pull the dress off, throw it inside out on the floor as she cursed it. Instead, she found herself standing in the moment, feeling all of these sensations, and breathing. She chose not to engage, she stood her ground. She relaxed into it and succeeded in unsticking the zipper and moving into her day, dressed like the queen she had just shown herself to be.

These are the victories. Each moment that we choose a new response that is gentler, kinder, softer, stronger. Those moments in her closet could have been the start of a battle. She refused to be drawn into the old ways. She stood for peace. This is how we are creating peace on earth. We are standing our ground in new ways. We are speaking and thinking gently to ourselves. We are honoring ourselves, one another and this beautiful planet of ours. We are acknowledging the blessings in each moment that arises. Well done! I am so proud of us all. Let the lovelight fill your being today and know the beauty that you are.

From Galactic Free Press

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Galactic Free Press – Inevitable Destiny Is Happening

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Greetings Love Beings, Since We went through the Equinox many shifts and changes occurred internally within Many Beings Across the Planet and this will continue throughout October and Beyond! The Intensity of Our Recent Energies was just astounding and intensely transformational for those ready to Embrace these.

This was More Intense than Our December 21st, 2012 Event and as a result caught many off guard with the Intensity of it all. Just an FYI, These Energies Will Continue! Amazingly Across the Higher Grid, this Huge Influx of Light is On the Move Spiraling around the Planet and this is triggering a more intense Flow of Light into all Levels Of Consciousness. The Real Trickle Down theory, as We Bring Heaven To Earth.


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Galactic Free Press – All Atoms Win – You Are Being Prepared For Full Consciousness

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Love always give Love back to itself~This is Creation

The Lights have been turned ON. Like a darkened stage that is Liting up and all the players being revealed on Planet Earth=Heart. We continue right now to see the last “dramas” play out that were required within the Divine Plan to expose the Truth with Grace and Forgiveness. This is a Process which is unfolding and will now be speeding Up. You can recognize these events through synchronicity.

Mother Earth, A True Living Breathing Conscious Entity, is in True Reality, Heaven on Earth. She has been called by Love to Return to the Love that Created Her, back to the ONE, and she is taking everyone and everything else with her as well. This is all of Our Home, Within the Light.

In The Present Moment of Now, Heaven, you are Free and Sovereign beings. We are all ONE, as well as ONE Family. Creation becomes a Co-Creation of Cooperation. Together we each have a Unique “God Spark” that contributes to the whole.

Once You awaken, You then assume your roles within the Divine Plan and together Co-Create Heaven on Earth, living in Peace, Joy, Abundance and Harmony.

Each of You, Unique, Grand, and ALL parts of the Whole, Have a Brilliant Light to share with this Planet, once YOU awaken from out of the Dream.

The Present Moment Of Now is Heaven, a Pure Consciousness Energy [the Ethics Train], a Love Vibration that is being carried through the Winds. Within each Breath you take, breathe in breathe out, and you are breathing in the Divine. Just to Re-heart you, you are of the Divine.

Creation has Created all of You out of Love, this is your Natural state. This is Your Birthright, Your Divine Inheritance and all Inherit this Planet. All Prayers answered, as decreed by the Company of Heaven, and US, Father~Mother God.

It’s All of US NOW. Experience the Miracles as they are Now going to occur in faster rates than ever witnessed on this Planet before. There are going to be some rather shocking events. Soon all will come to the True meaning of “We are not alone” as You Reunite with all of Your Brothers and Sisters, from Throughout Creation.

We are in Magical and Miraculous Moments on this Planet. Many Messengers have been sharing these Truths for quite some time. We are Going Vertical within a New Paradigm in Reality. Humanity is about to experience this Monumental Auspicious Moment of a Transformation into the True Understanding of Unconditional Love and the very Truth of their Existence.

Time has run out!! Love is in Charge.…

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Right Now all of Humanity is in the Process into Full Consciousness, this is an Inevitable Event Mandated from Heaven. Humanity’s Destiny is Full Consciousness, where Joy and Love are Overflowing abundantly. Full Consciousness is not a dream or wishful thinking, but Humanity’s Natural State of Living and Being. These moments have been destined since Humanity fell into the lower vibrations of illusion. We are here and not concerned about the illusion, because everyone is going into Now, because everybody is already there.

Love is the Highest and Deepest Understanding of Energy and is the Huge Paradigm Shift for Humanity’s Consciousness in which is underway. Through the Equinox a specific energy has entered the Planet. It is A Field of Light containing Significant amounts of High Energy of Love to be released, which will spiral everyone who is ready upwards into the next Vibrational Frequency. This is a Huge Shift for everyone’s energetic systems and moves them deeper within the understanding of True Love, the Real Truth. This Energy is Penetrating to the very core of Mother Earth=Heart which is Connected to All Human Beings. This Divine Energy seeded here By Us, is Pure Love Energy to Awaken Each Being on This Planet. This Was Set in The Divine Plan as this Moment of Now for the Release of this Energy.

Right Now, the Planet is Pinging Everyone at the deepest parts of their Hearts. This is to connect them further with the Planet and With Each Other. Love is Here, and Love will Always Be Here for ever and for ever more. These Energies are here to Facilitate the Awakening Process, and bring in Unity! There is no where to Hide from Love and no where to go except within.

For 13,000 Years, Humanity has been in complete distraction. They have been living in diversion. To Live in diversion, one must quickly learn to be unconscious, because if they are not unconscious, then they are not distracted, therefore, their Life Force Energy is going to Serve Love and they are in True Reality. In This Energy, You are Creation, which is Who You Really Are. If One is in Reality, they understand this Truth as Fact, those in unconsciousness can only see the distraction. This is the year, we end all distractions.…

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Carol Ann Ciocco – Tri-Eclipse Portal Opens – GalacticFreePress

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3Moon Ocean April 14 2013

Author:  Carol Ann Ciocco


Hi everyone, things are in swing! At the Spring Equinox on March 21st, we experienced an influx of powerful and fiery Aries energy. As Aries rushed in, the zodiacal power balance shifted from the foggy, mystical, escapist and sublime Piscean energies we were swimming in during February and most of March. This incoming energy was an sounding note for a potent eclipse portal, which will occur from April 25 – May 25, 2013

new beginningThis eclipse portal has 3 eclipses. Eclipses usually come in pairs, but sometimes they do occur in 3′s. The portal opens gently, subtly with a faint Partial Lunar Eclipse on April 25; and it closes quietly as well, with another faint eclipse – a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – on May 25.

The Annular Solar Eclipse in the middle of this portal (on May 9) is the power pivot. An Annular Solar Eclipse is often called a ‘Ring of Fire‘ Eclipse – a blazing diamond ring of solar fire appears around the sun. It is a significant event both astrologically and astronomically. You may recall the Pleiadean Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012 – many of us are still talking about the consciousness expansion associated with that eclipse. (Click here for my newsletter on last year’s ’Ring of Fire’ Pleaidean eclipse: )

The May 9 Annular Eclipse will bring similar shifts in consciousness, as well as ushering in the continuing transformation in the post-2012 era and the re-writing of history. We are now at the opening gate for the hybrid year 2013. Scroll down for more info on this portal.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

The opening eclipse of the tri-eclipse portal occurs on April 25, 2013 at 3:57pm EDT with a Full Moon at 6 degrees Taurus/Scorpio. It is a Partial Lunar Eclipse visible primarily from the Eastern Hemisphere. Only a tiny sliver of the Moon will be covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow at maximum eclipse, but the entire northern half of the moon will be darkened from being inside the penumbral shadow.

This is the second shortest partial eclipse of the moon for the 21st century. The partial phase lasts less than 27 minutes. Here is an animation of the eclipse by Kurdstan Planetarium:

To catch the entire event, one must be located in eastern Europe or Africa, central Asia or western Australia. At the instant of greatest eclipse the Moon will be at the zenith for an observer just east of Madagascar. Eastern parts of South America will experience moonrise with the eclipse already in progress, but none of the eclipse is visible from North America.

The April 25 eclipse belongs to Saros 112, a series of 72 eclipses which began onMay 20 in the year 859AD. ( This is an ‘old’ Saros cycle, and the April 25, 2013 eclipse is the last partial eclipse of this series.

Interestingly, the May 25 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which closes the tri-eclipse portal is the very first of a brand new series, Saros 150. This fresh new eclipse will be virtually imperceptible, but it points the way to the future and new possibilities. The 2013 tri-eclipse portal moves us from the past into the future. The Post-2012 era, and the re-writing of history, commence apace.

Wesak Full Moon

The April 25th eclipse described above is also the Full Moon known as Wesak.Wesak (pronounced Wee-sock) is the annual celebration of Buddha’s birth and enlightenment – and in some traditions, also the time when he left Earthly incarnation. Wesak is celebrated at the Full Moon of Taurus in May (i.e. when the Sun is in the sign of Taurus, and the Moon is Full in the sign of Scorpio). The full Wesak legend can be found here:’s enlightenment is of great significance to human destiny. His spiritual attainment has greatly illumined the way by which mankind can transcend duality and shift from a world of illusion into a new paradigm of Oneness consciousness.

Wesak Valley

This cosmic alignment of Wesak occurs during the eight minutes around the moment of the Wesak Full Moon (This year the exact moment of the Wesak Moon occurs on April 25, 2013 at 3:57pm EDT) If you can, stop what you are doing and take some deep breaths or meditate during this time. In addition, during the twelve hourssurrounding the moment of the Full Moon, your thoughts and prayers will have particular potency – this year doubly so because the Wesak Moon is an eclipse. Take some time to offer up prayers, sing, dance, chant, meditate and/or set intentions for the Oneness Awakening of humanity.

As you contemplate our Oneness at the height of Wesak, keep in mind the full tri-eclipse portal which spans April 25 – May 25, and fix your gaze on the May 9th Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse. Like the epochal Total Solar Eclipse of November 13/14, 2012, the May 9th eclipse is visible over Australia. (It will also be seen from New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Tabuaeran).

Australia is an ancient land which holds the secrets of the primal origins of life on this planet – the life that has evolved for the past 4 million years to our present day. The secrets of this tri-eclipse portal are tied up with the mysterious hidden revelations in the earth of Australia. You can review the Australian energies of the November 13/14, 2012 eclipse in my previous newsletters at these links: and This information will help pave the way toward the next octave on May 9th.

The following chant will also help to open this eclipse portal with an illumined intent. Stay tuned for further thoughts on the May 9th Ring of Fire eclipse in a forthcoming newsletter.

Forever Oneness,
Who sings to us in silence,
Who teaches us through each other,
Guide my steps with strength and wisdom.
May I see the lessons as I walk,
Honor the purpose of all things.
Help me touch with respect,
Always speak from behind my eyes.
Let me observe, not judge.
May I cause no harm, and leave
Music and beauty after my visit.
When I return to Forever,
May the circle be closed and
The spiral be broader.  ~Aboriginal ritual chant   

Blessings to all!

Carol Ann Ciocc

Jamye Price – April 2013 Energies

Reposted From:  Galactic Free Press
By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 02 April 2013

Crystalline Soul Healing  April 1 2013


There is definitely some challenging energy occurring for many at this time.  We are still on a progression of the disempowering control systems that run in the background shifting and falling.  Because these systems are so well versed in controlling information, the information that is flowing is either obscured or brushed off as invalid.  The sensitives may be feeling the discomfort of the clamor of energy.  When you remain balanced within, you are less swayed by negativity around you.  The Indigos are starting to reach their stride in the beginning of building the new.  It is a process.  April is typically a month of a lot of energy.  While this will still be so, it has a different flavor to it than usual.  In the northern hemisphere Spring has sprung and in the southern hemisphere, Autumn has autumned.  Its either budding time or harvest time.  Aries is about new beginnings, initiating movement and bold, protective energy.  In contrast this month, there is a strong pull to the inner world; the stillness within that propagates balanced choice.  There is excitement in that!  Aries can be impulsive, so we are asked to be conscious and responsible with our energy.  With continued focus on your internal well-being, you will find more access to the hopeful energy that helps to build the new world.

It is imperative to remain hopeful this month.  There is an inner fire that maintains the warmth of hope within a challenge, making it a gift of growth that strengthens the future.  It is thehopeful that foresee solution when it’s not evident.  It is the hopeful that have the understanding of what Love and compassion can create.  It is the hopeful that look beyond the moment and see the yet unformed resolution.  As we reside in this April energy of new beginnings, nurture your hope so that what you initiate in your life feeds the warmth of your soul.

We are beings of duality moving into unity, that is the Ascension process.  The internal and external of duality is becoming the Wholeness of Life.  You are a unique being that is connected with the collective.  Your exponential power is within the subtle realms of the quantum creative force.  Your internal world is not as separate from the external that you experience.  You are interconnected and influencing the ‘outcome.’ Use your internal energy wisely and allow the wellspring of hope to flourish your life.  You are a being of the cosmos.  As you remember this, however that feels to you, you realize that your connection with the external is far bigger, though invisible, than society would have you believe.  There are limitations in physical life.  However, Universal Law is connective, inclusive and propagates Life.  While these laws bind new form, they truly support Life.  You are an individual within a collective.  As you utilize the collective to expand, your inner world is also expanded.  The contraction is the letting go of the old, worn out energy that doesn’t serve your new Life.  This is the lesson of Aries, matured enough to not fight the release into expansion.  That drop in the ocean is vital to the wave, but it can’t create the wave alone.

Where are you with your own enormity of being a cosmic citizen?  Does it weigh you down with seeming responsibility, confuse you through the battle of good vs evil or excite your electrons into new form?  This is the energy of April.  Your individual nature supported, compelled and propelled by a universe that Loves you so much, that it will continue to invite you to the connective expanse of Love.  It is within the stirring of Love that giving is receiving and receiving gives so much.  Let your exciting Aries energy of April be the peace that passes all understanding, for your balanced foundation is the best platform for choice.  That choice is internal and the external receives you with a wave of Love so deeply profound that creation forms around you.  Own that.  And share it!

Have a great April!