Rare Venus, Saturn, Pluto Triple Conjunction During Full Moon, Dec 2019

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Rare Venus, Saturn, Pluto Triple Conjunction During Full Moon, Dec 2019

By Tania Gabrielle

We’ve entered an extraordinary week long buildup to a very rare event in the stars.

Venus is conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn!

Anything Venus touches feels GOOD.

This rare triple conjunction will be exact during the Gemini Full Moon on December 12, but the energy is heightening NOW as Venus approaches Saturn and Pluto.

Venus is all about love, pleasure, personal values, creativity and abundance.

December’s 15 Universal Month, the number of spiritual alchemy, echoes the SAME qualities of joy and magic!

Venus is also softening and elevating the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

Venus helps Saturn’s focus on maturity and take responsibility to heal emotions and elevate financial flow and love.

While Pluto in alignment with Venus transforms your values, purges unnecessary attachments and empowers you from within while elevating a deep desire for affection and feelings of love.

  • Energy is coming to a head, relationships are brought into balance, situations are reaching a tipping point so that you can make big and small adjustments before the new year and new decade begin.

Give your creative imagination room to journey into new realms. 

A structured approach to your creative time is important now, so you don’t suppress any inner urge to express yourself.

All healthy relationships are experiencing a closeness and deeper commitment as they focus on securing a foundation that lasts a long time.

The main focus in on the powerful Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020 – an event last experienced over 500 years ago.

Now, Venus is giving us a delightful taste of how to implement this amazing 500-year meeting.

A powerful urge to purge, shift and lift your vibrational energy is in play now!

With patience, resourcefulness and flexibility you will emerge renewed and empowered.

Especially if you also have an uplifting ROAD MAP of 2020’s Star Code.

  • 2020 is a 4 Universal Year.
  • 20/20 activates Perfect Vision.
  • 4 simplifies your life so you can MANIFEST real results.
  • 20/2 activates peace, love, harmony and intimacy.

The ultimate goal always is fulfillment and happiness.

All these events in Capricorn – from eclipses, to Jupiter’s move into Capricorn on December 2, to the stellium in Capricon in early January, and more amazing conjunctions in 2020 – are activating the sign of DEDICATION.

You are getting organized in order to manifest ultimate results!

Capricorn is the sign fulfillment through dedication.

Fulfillment and joy is what the 2020 Ultimate Yearly Forecast will unleash inside of you – as you discover the incredible array of powerful information about the future, and HOW you can use it to manifest the positive outcomes ALL year long.

You only have 5 more days to sign up for this life-changing event.

Prepare for your BEST YEAR ever by discovering:

  • 3 Jupiter Transits (including two conjunctions) you must know about in 2020 in order to thrive in ALL areas of your life – including one Jupiter meeting that sets the stage through the next century.
  • The meaning of YOUR Personal Year Codes in 2020, so you can navigate the year with utmost confidence.
  • 2020 Astrology Forecasts for YOUR Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Rising Sign!
  • Exact Timing and Message for SIX ECLIPSES (Four are Full Moon Eclipses) – and why the eclipses signs are extra potent since they align with the rare quadruple Stellium in Capricorn that launches 2020.
  • The incredible 2020 code unleashed in the MANIFESTATION numbers 2, 4 and 20, the one-and-only numerology triad that is activated next year.
  • Secret coded messages in the planetary degree numbers and pivotal dates throughout the year.
  • The defining astro-numerology transit of 2020.

And so much more… including plenty of abundance activation tips shared throughout the presentation.

There’ll even be a Q&A at the end for your personal questions!

(No worries if you can’t attend live, you’ll get instant access to a replay all year long.)

You’ll also receive the 2020 Astro-Numerology Star Code Guide and Prosperity Portal Days for 2020!

Check out this video and get more details HERE.

To secure your seat, you must register NOW.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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Victor Oddo – 5 Things You Should Know About The FULL MOON ECLIPSE – July 16th, 2019

Victor Oddo
Published on Jul 15, 2019


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Meg Benedict – Just Hours Till Lunar Eclipse – Global Webcast by Meg – 7-15-19

Just Hours Till Lunar Eclipse Global Webcast


In just a few hours we will experience the power-filled Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24° Capricorn. The eclipse will peak mid-day at 2:38pm PT/ 5:38 ET. The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is the balancing force to the Solar Eclipse two weeks ago in Cancer. With the eclipse series on the Cancer-Capricorn axis hitting the North/South Nodes, we are working on healing and integrating the feminine (Cancer) and masculine (Capricorn) energies in a harmonious state of union.

The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses are catalyzing deep clearing of the old patriarchal abuses. We are purging the lower 3D Chakras and right side of the body of past shadow masculine patterns, programs and projections from our being. This could reveal any struggles you have with authority figures or inner resistance to honoring your personal authority.

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse highlights issues around power…what power meant in the past and how our relationship to power is evolving. In the lower 3D earth plane, power is typically an egoic controlling, dominant force exerted on others. In the 5D earth plane, power is Light! The more Light flowing in your field, the more Light you radiate to the world. Instead of external use of power, you are refocusing inward to fill with Soul empowerment.

Tuesday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse aligns with the hyped 2020 astrology. Whatever shows up at this eclipse is a purveyor of what you will be dealing with during the Saturn-Pluto event on Jan 12th 2020. Are you ready? Any lingering issues that need review? With six planets in retrograde, you may be dealing with unresolved core wounds, emotional reactions and karmic patterns that require introspection and clearing.

Capricorn’s earthy yang energy enables your visions, dreams and desires to become more grounded, earth-bound. The crystalline timelines are stepping down into the 5D earth plane and uniting as Gaia’s ascension timeline in unity consciousness. We will do ascension activations with AA Metatron during the Eclipse Global webcast…we will do both personal transmissions and planetary activations. It is an extraordinary time to be alive!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to embrace your Soul’s authentic power! Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world on July 16th as we travel to the Galactic Center during the Lunar Eclipse Gateway. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:  https://newearthcentral.com/?p=209711

Lovingly, Meg

Wesak Full Flower Moon Activations – by Meg | May 17, 2019 – via New Earth Central

Just Hours Till Wesak Full Flower Moon Activations


~Cameron Day

wo of the adverse consequences of being ungrounded are that it can cause a person to be too easily swayed by the opinions of others, as well as be fooled by any of the many deceptions in our world. These are reason enough to put a consistent, daily focus on being fully present in your body and powerfully grounded to Earth’s core.”

In just hours the Wesak Full Flower Moon arrives on Saturday, May 18th exact at 2:11pm PT at 27° Scorpio. The Wesak Moon or Buddha Moon is the first full moon of Taurus (ruled by Venus). While the sun is in the last degrees of Taurus and the full moon is in Scorpio, we experience themes of earthly desires vs. unconscious forces. How do we bring forth the unconscious drives, patterns and behaviors that are sabotaging our progress and joy?

While the Scorpio Full Moon shines brightly in the sky, the gateway allows these hidden forces to rise to the surface. This is a powerful time for anchoring new growth and beginnings (Taurus), while cleaning away the debris of unfulfilled dreams (Scorpio). If it doesn’t resonate with Soul vibration, it won’t gain any traction. The past ego-driven timelines and realities are dissolving as you ascend into higher dimensional bandwidth.



Meg Benedicte – Libra Full Pink Moon – 4-19-19

Libra Full Pink Moon


Arriving this Friday, April 19th at 4:12am PDT is the second consecutive Libra Full Moon at 29°, also known as the full Pink Moon symbolizing spring in full bloom. The first Libra Full Moon occurred a month ago at 0°, initiating a zero point portal of new beginnings and extraordinary timeline clearings. The zero point void is where matter and anti-matter merge to create new realities.

The pendulum swing of Libra scales is alternating between the old regime and the new earth paradigm. What was holding on at zero degrees is now reaching a climactic shift into new opportunities, new consciousness at 29 degrees. As you clear and heal old core wounds, you are moving into a spiritual breakthrough. I’ve broken 2 glasses the past week, always a sign of breaking through a frequency threshold. Not only does the full Pink Moon represent spring vitality but it signifies a new level of global awakening from deep slumber.

The Libra Full Moon also moves into opposition with Uranus conjunct the Sun, triggering unexpected changes and disruptions, as well as electrifying nervous stimulation. You may feel a strong impulse to break free of boring routines. Libra the balancer assists the re-shuffling of out-of-balance systems, patterns and goals. Allow the cosmic reset to flush away the dross as you embrace your Soul’s life plan and purpose.

With three consecutive Full Moons at zero degrees since the New Year, humanity is being encouraged to start fresh, tune into intuition and embrace the feminine (lunar) energies rising.  Libra is ruled by Venus and is the sign of Love. As we heal the original wound of separation, the heart mends and expands with more unconditional Love…Love for self and Love for others.

With Chiron in fiery Aries, the purification flames spread into dark shadowy spaces, assisting the demise of the patriarchy. Just hours ago news broke of the fire engulfing the Notre Dame (Our Lady) Cathedral in Paris. The divine feminine cannot be stopped. With Venus and Lilith currently in Pisces and the scales of justice (Libra) ruled by Venus in the full Pink Moon, we witness the return of the Magdalene lineage.

Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world, as we work with the divine feminine power of the Libra Full Pink Moon on Saturday, April 20th at 12pm PDT. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=209182

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2019 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


Supermoon/Full Moon in Virgo, February 19, 2019 – Go For It

full moon girl

Happy Full Moon to you, dear ones! This Full Moon is a Supermoon since it is closer to the Earth. It may be an intense experience upcoming in your life or will it be a bolt of lightning coming across your path to clear out the junk that has finally surfaced? I am sure many of you are still in the love energy from Valentine’s Day. And then again many of you may continue to be rattled by the ongoing hourly news of one sort or another. Remember if you truly are affected by what is coming at you from the news, it is a reflection of your own inner turmoil. Try not listening or watching for a week and maybe you will see the difference as to the negativity that is being propelled at you. Of course, I am only saying this because life is what you make it and if you choose the negative then that is where you will sit- deeply entrenched in the garbage.

There are so many dark things going on in this country and in other places around the world. If life continues the way it is with the negative outpouring then you may as well be ready to fight a revolution. And it won’t be pretty. So let’s stay positive in your approach to what is going on and see the truth instead of being pulled into the deception. I was not surprised with the admittance of the media regarding the false attack set-up on the prominent Hollywood actor. He hired those thugs to assault him. Wow. Life sure is getting stranger by the minute. And the weather just keeps on creating storms and cold temps more than ever. Oh, for those President Trump haters and those Nancy Pelosi lovers…there is a strong connection between those two astrologically and it is mostly favorable. She is in his life to push him forward according to their synastry chart. Her Mars is on his Midheaven (career-public) and this says she gets him to bring out his A- game according to Donna Cunningham. Nancy Pelosi has her Mercury  square Mr. Trump’s Uranus which brings different ideas and irritation. And President Trump has his Ascendant conjunct the Star Regulus and his Mars. Says exactly what is going on in his life. Regulus is the Star of kings, athletes, astrologers, royalty, and presidents. It gives courage and open-mindedness. He may tend to be a bit combative in the next 2 weeks. By the way, I still haven’t seen a current picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The picture which news posted was from November. So, it is not what it seems. Do the search. Try another browser than the typical one to look it up or you will find nothing.


Natalia Alba – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo ( January 21, 2019 ) – Gateway to the Cosmic Heart – via Rambling Rose dot org

Natalia Alba – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo ( January 21, 2019 ) – Gateway to the Cosmic Heart – via Rambling Rose dot org

Awakening 5D Healing – 21.12 Portal closes 21.12 – Winter Solstice 22.12 Long Night Full Moon – by Morag


The multiverse operates within perpetual quantum parameters. The fuel is energy. The effect is vibration. Everything is vibrating at a cellular level. The smallest particles in all living things vibrate on a micro level. Tiny pulses in the grand, graceful, vast and infinite tapestry of life. The frequency each cell is vibrating at determines where consciousness experiences it’s reality. Lower vibratory fields pulse with negative, heavier emotional wavelengths. Higher realms exist within lighter positive bandwidths, higher up the dimensional spectrum. Celestial intervention has triggered further DNA upgrades in awakening people. Energetic chakra expansion. We regain control of our energetic dial. We either choose to remain locked into radio Matrix, 666fm. Or tune up to 5d pirate radio, the heart and soul of Gaia. Our choice. Our sovereignty. Our karma.

Portals allow flow of energy through celestial alignment gateways. Like locks on a canal they enable energy to change direction, lower or rise. Sacred geometry is being used to redirect energetic flow through celestial gateways. Cosmic ascension has magnified the significance of planetary alignments and moon tides. Sky warfare has been about this process. Attempts to disrupt, block or reverse energy portals have been successfully prevented by our intergalactic allies. The rules of combat have changed as a result. Gaia has ascended to the fourth dimension.

The closure of December’s 12.12 gateway on 21.12 marks the closure of 2018s Trinity Portal Gateways. The Lion’s Gate Portal 888, 11.11 Gateway and 12.12. Karmically excavation has been in root and heart chakras. Deep childhood traumas dragged up out of the depths of our root, for airing, clarity, clearing. Ancestral karma rearing its ferocious head. The need to set boundaries, to stop giving without receiving. Stop healing without exchange. Stop counselling with no return. We are in new territory, truth territory. Any last remnants of self doubt are being dealt with. The opportunity to rewrite our timelines entirely has presented itself to us. Authenticity is our aim. We have been stripping all negative energies away. Honouring truth and integrity over conditioning and conformity. Our lives are changing in profound ways. Breaking negative relationships has reached deeper levels. What kind of love do we receive, want, give? We cultivate a wiser, kinder relationship with our mind, body and soul.

As our vibrations align with Gaia’s we are facing days of reckoning on a micro and macro scale. Cords are being cut, sawn off in some cases. As we extricate ourselves from the tentacles of toxic people and environments, we learn the art of energy conservation. Recognising when and where we are drained, or nourished. We face our demons and see dark flickers in the irises of others. We develop spiritual confidence. We seed growth and healing in our selves. By prioritising self care, joy, peace and love we draw energetic boundaries around our hearts, our time and our space. Push back, stop giving freely, fixing blindly, hoping for change, exchange, empathy where there is none. Stepping off the hamster wheel of capitalist corporate 1984 programming, we reclaim our spiritual sovereignty. We create space for growth in reflection. By taking care of our mindbodysoul trinity being we raise our vibrations in alignment with Gaia’s ascension.

21.12 Winter Solstice is about reflection and preparation. The duality of past and future looked at from a calm meditative space. We contemplate the lessons 2018 has offered us. The end of negative cycles. Reclaiming our identity by declaring and defending our self love boundaries. High vibe people only. Seed sowing is done. We are in the reaping stage. Conservation of energy is a priority. We can’t always win. We fail. We are human beings and we fail sometimes and it’s ok. We have tried. We have shared light, love, joy. We have taught. We have healed. We have counselled and consoled. We pull up the bridge under the protection of ancient solstice vibrations. We feel ascended beings close by, knowing their presence brings stability, balance, beauty. We offer ritual, mantras, moments of grace and humility to the magic and wonder of the universe. We honour Gaia and humanities ancient entwined history with Solstice celebration.

22.12 Long Night or Cold full moon illuminates the shadows in our lives and hearts. We are being reminded there can be no true authentic spiritual growth until we have faced our demons. Recognise our past, accept responsibility for our present, take charge of our future. The dark night of the soul is calling for many who have refused to respond to the signs of coming transformation. We cannot separate our evolution into compartments as the cabal machine conditions us to do. We reflect on our whole lives, our whole being to cultivate positive energetic spaces. For those who have transcended dimensional barriers mindfulness is key to staying calm. December’s Cold Full Moon illuminates the darkness within and without. So close to 25.12, our awakening to Corporate Christmas illustrates our shift to higher consciousness. We miss the spirit of Christmas. Hypocrisy weaves through our world and it is being exposed. December’s full moon adds weight to the darker elements of karmic excavation 2018 has activated. Be present in its light, embrace insight in its illumination.

We make friends with ourselves by getting to know who we are. Not who we are told we are, who we are expected to be, but who we truly are. By shedding our matrix avatars we step into our spiritual power. Rest cosmic surfers, we have been through a cosmic boil wash. The dirt is rising to the surface, the light floods our world. Allow space for reflection, contemplation. Release fear consciously. Ask for help and you will receive it. Gaia’s ascension is beautiful, geometric, translucent, transcendent, wondrous to behold, be part of. Spirals of expansion, collective unity consciousness is well under way. Always in love vibrations, peace is possible

Sandra Walter – Sacred Gateway – Solstice, Full Moon – 23-30-28

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds

Here we glow! Hold the LoveLight HIGH as we experience this Sacred Gateway ~ Solstice and Full Moon energies are stepping up as these alignments come into play. Wave dreams, tsunami dreams, quake visions may increase.

Remember we are built to be the calm in the storm, and influence the energies and their effects. A core magnetic shift is imminent; the launch of a new level of Light.

Hold the Light, the Joy, the Peace high and bright; expect the miraculous. Visualize a smooth transition – use your New Earth Now visions to assist Gaia in revealing the ascended realms.

This is why we practice Peace, harmony, and Ascension every SUNday as ONE: Breathe, focus, influence personal and collective higher timelines by FEELing and creating it in the Now.

PLEASE CONTINUE READING   @   The Earth Plahttp://theearthplan.blogspot.com/2018/12/sacred-gateway-solstice-and-full-moon.html

Full Moon In Cancer – 12-20-18 – Someone Has the Glow

Full Moon in Cancer December 2018, Someone Has the Glow
December 19, 2018
by Britany Henry

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Happy Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius! This Full Moon became exact (and the Eclipse peaked) at 4:20 PM EDT (20:20 GMT) on Friday, July 27. 
Eclipse season is all about change and transformation, both on an individual and planetary scale. As I wrote in my article reviewing the Solar Eclipse of a fortnight ago, the landscape of your life could very well look quite different a few weeks after our third consecutive Eclipse takes place two weeks from now. Are you feeling any changes already?
You never need to be afraid of the changes that Eclipses bring, because whatever changes do occur, it can only be for your highest good. So rather than being in fear of what could change, what would it feel like to embrace change?
Sometimes what changes is not necessary the ‘furniture’ of your life (aka the people, places, and things). Oftentimes what shifts most profoundly are old beliefs, habits, and perspectives. As the underlying energetic structures that hold these things into place is triggered to shift by the Eclipse’s energy, those outdated beliefs, habits, and perspectives transform on their own. Have you perceived this?
The Eclipses are here to annihilate all that isn’t in Alignment with your Highest path of Service to this planet. Your Soul knows exactly what you are ready to let go of, transmute, and step forward with during this Eclipse season. There’s no stopping the forward momentum of your Soul’s evolution…ever.
Would it be possible for you to feel excited about change and transformation? Could you allow the annihilation of all that doesn’t serve you anymore to proceed as it will? I know this is a radical stance to take, and it requires a lot of courage, but I believe in you!
On an energetic level, Eclipses literally reboot the cells of your body. It is a miraculous time to embrace the possibilities of instant healing! Visualize your body healed and reborn. Talk to your cells and your organs. Affirm that you are healthy and healed.

DIANE CANFIELD – ENERGY UPDATE – FULL MOON June 28 – High Solar Wind Causing Ascension Symptoms Since the Solstice – 6-27-18




The Full Moon is on June 28th at 12:53 am just past the midnight on the 27th. This moon is called the Strawberry Moon. As in the current energy that has been taking place, we have things happening energetically on the Full Moons and New Moons. You may have felt this energy for the past few days. Along with this has been the High Solar Wind and some Geomagnetic storms.  Since the Solstice on the 21st, we have experienced high solar wind just about every days. For a couple of days we have had Geomagnetic Storms hitting us.

You may have experienced these symptoms during this past week:

  • Sleep Issues
  • Depressive Thoughts/ Overly Emotional
  • Thinking Back to the past and thinking about how it could be changed
  • New Insights about the future.
  • Increased psychic seeing, clear sight

We can see from the numbers we have had increased energy all week along with heightened Solar wind and 2 days of the last week with Geostorms. Note: Normal solar wind is around 300.


      • 22 /325
      • 23/500 with geo storms
      • 24/450
      • 25/414
      • 26/647 with geo storms
      • 27/528

These symptoms are caused from the combination of high solar winds and the full moon energy coming in. I suggest grounding and drinking plenty of water and fresh juices. Grounding does NOT mean walking along the earth with bare feet, it doesn’t mean sitting in a chair outside with bare feet. To have the maximum effects of grounding, it TAKES pulling your consciousness/energy/ spirit BACK inside your body from above your body.

Yes it’s very specific as in all things that are done with the correct technique in the spiritual realm. If you have not watched my video on the correct technique, go to my you tube page ( listed at the bottom of this article) and you can access it there.

The Solstice brought in new beginnings, so now is the time to think about where your life is headed and if it is headed in the direction you prefer. The full moon compliments this energy and works to give us what we desire. In this reality it is always about making choices about what we prefer. When faced with a choice to make, do not be too quick to make it as the Universe does not work on 3D time. The universe can be much slower in giving us long term information. Every day now is a new day to make new choices and every day we may have a new outlook on what we want in our reality.

I noticed when I was in the 3D (management) world I was forced to constantly make decisions quickly and this never felt right to me. This is because it is not right. Since I have spent years now in the higher realms, I am very slow to make any major decisions knowing that each day can bring in new awareness and new insights. It is all about Energy after all, and letting this energy guide us, so remember each day we can wake up and decide that it is the day to make our decisions or not and both are ok.Let the energy work its magic, without restricting it or wanting to control it. The Universe has its own timeline and will let you know when the time is right.

Do not be afraid to step out of the 3D world and do what is not expected. The 3D world is one of man made social constructs that do not lead to enlightenment. I always tell everyone psychic knowing and the 3D world do not mix. Psychic awareness works completely outside this reality while the 3D world is very restrictive on what is allowed.

As you work to expand your awareness and delete the 3D overlays your auric field will strengthen and expand out, giving you much more insight into what is really taking place. This is not the reality we are shown everyday through the news or the tv. If you have not shut your news off, now is the time to do it. This will only cause a lower vibration. Work to do these things slowly and start cutting down the 3D world when you can and instead expanding the spiritual world at the same time. There is no better time than on the full moon to start !

I will update as energy changes occur to keep everyone up to date !



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Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many in person visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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Full Moon in Virgo – Surrender Into Alignment



March 1st, 2018

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

Since the new lunar cycle began with the New Moon in Aquarius on February 15, a new energy has begun to flow through us and around us. It has been a time to embrace new directions, say goodbye to the old, and allow a new influx of energy to guide us forward. Planetary alignments urged us to not only to take action in new directions, but also to ensure that our actions are aligned to our newly reformed values.


Now, as the energies of today’s Full Moon in Virgo take form, we have the opportunity to begin defining our new direction and finally understand the events and stories that led us here, while at the same time we are invited to connect with the infinite, formless presence within ourselves — without allowing our minds to define it.

Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.


The Sun, Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio oppose the Moon in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius

Surrender into alignment: That is the message that comes with this set of energies.

We have endured some powerful shifts recently, including the lunar eclipse (January 31) and solar eclipse (February 15), which supported our transition into new directions. We will continue to learn and integrate our new directions until mid year. For now, a main insight of today’s Full Moon in Virgo is the lesson of surrendering to the flow of this new energetic space without knowing where it may take us. (We will find a clearer sense of direction toward the end of March.)

The influence of the current pile up of planets in Pisces is infusing us with a sense of completion, and at the same time reminding us that once completion takes place, a new direction is truly born. Chiron has been travelling through Pisces for the last 8 years, and in April the “asteroid of healing” will move into Aries. This will mark a new journey in our evolutionary process and it will also bring even more clarity to the current shifts and transitions we are dealing with now.

In this light, this current alignment and Full Moon is an invitation to us — to watch the process of things ending, and feel into their meaning, and see our awareness rise in relation to this cycle we have just been on. In a sense we are filling in the pieces from the stories that have just past.


Neptune in Pisces inconjunct the North Node in Leo

In truth, the key to navigating this lunar cycle is to pay attention to the ‘old self’ that no longer serves your path to deeper self-awakening.

Deepening our awareness of the stories we live helps us see the essence of our spiritual work. If we get caught up in believing that personal events and experiences are insignificant, we will forever be lost in darkness and never know healing. The path to wholeness and living authentic destiny is integration of the human ego and the spiritual self. We learn to cultivate this by allowing our experiences to humble ourselves — by allowing their themes and stories to show us that we are being shaped by something bigger and more complex than the ego can fathom.

This alignment invites us to see the realm of creation is outside the scope of ego.


Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn trine the Moon in Virgo

To understand the energy reflected by this alignment, it is important to understand that our stories are defined and shaped by our sense of direction and the definitions we give in each moment to where we are; that if we could not define our reality, we could not direct ourselves towards what the soul wants us to see.

The energy around the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31 asked that we trust not only in our ability to navigate from the heart, but to trust that our heart is the place from which our own unique destiny will naturally unfold. At the time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on February 15, we began to feel a sense of excitement as the energy started shifting us towards wherever it is we are headed. We received and felt a newness arising. We didn’t know where we were going but we felt excited at the prospect of going there. Now, carrying on the momentum of the Solar Eclipse energy, the Full Moon in Virgo brings us a cycle in which we can begin to start making sense of the direction we have navigated into. We are beginning to gain clarity as we see the next step in our evolution take place. Our story is now coming into form, and in hindsight, we are now able to start defining it.

Saturn in Capricorn offers us more support in defining our direction, by providing limitations to what is not a part of our path, and helping us heal the parts of our emotional selves that have been under developed and under nurtured. When we see our own empowerment as our own responsibility, we can learn to see what parts of us need growth and nurture, observe our needs for growth and healing, and then act upon those needs. That is the process this energy pattern supports.

Another dynamic these energies will support is the healing of our emotional wounds. Each of us has had to move through emotional experiences in our lives that we could not process, and therefore repressed into the unconscious. This energy pattern offers support to the process of realizing, releasing and healing those emotional wounds. Each experience of healing and integrating is allowing us to move closer to authenticity, and to an emotional identity that supports the new paradigm of human evolution.


When we search within our limitations of time and space for what our hearts are seeking we can only see partial reflections of it. Our hearts are seeking the wholeness we have come from. The connection we “lost” when we entered into form. And we search for that love and try to create it, and try to hold on to it. We keep losing it repeatedly through our lives, in all the forms it has manifested and all the forms we have searched for it in — since none of them are spared from the law of impermanence.

In every loss we are invited to look deeper, to look beyond form, and to find what we are seeking. We are invited to look with our hearts, not our eyes, to find what we seek. For the love we are seeking is boundless, it transcends time and space, form and definition. When we lose connection with something or someone we have found that love in, the pain we feel arises from our inability to channel that love towards the form we have defined it through. So the mind then believes that love is gone, lost, but our hearts continue to feel that love, seeking within the limitations of form for another place to connect it.

Through this pain, we are invited to close our eyes and search with our hearts, to see that deeper love in all its forms, and reach through our limitations to find what is eternal.

Our greatest gift is to find the formless while in the form, to know our immortality while we walk in this temporary manifestation of self. This is our deepest desire and the one that keeps us returning in this spiral of life and death, and keeps us going every day. And no matter how deep into separation and pain we travel before we find it, we are on the path that leads to being totally embraced by love.

The reality we have created reflects the loss of love and connection in our hearts, the pain and despair of the seeking heart. But we have the ability to manifest the polarity of that loss and pain by looking beyond the form, finding the connection our hearts are seeking, and allowing that connection to move us in this dance between spirit and matter. Right now, no matter where you are in your life circumstances, you are invited to connect with that place of love within you without allowing your mind define it. Allow that feeling of love to guide your every moment, and allow definitions to be a function of hindsight. By living in trust from this space, you will allow love to form you into manifesting love and abundance. Only then can we know the beauty of being in the form.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer





5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Energetic Shift on December 3rd – by Simple Capacity – 12-3-17

Image result for full moon

Image Source


All of us that are a part of the human race, are constantly swimming in a vast pool of energy. It is invisible, but that does not mean that it isn’t there. Scientifically speaking, these are vibrations on the physical realm that cannot be destroyed, but only transferred. When a shift occurs, it will affect your psychology, and you must look to your sense of calling.


Change can scare people, but it is essential. If you look at human evolution, the constant adaption has enabled us to survive. Similarly, all things need to keep evolving and changing to become better versions of themselves.

As it is commonly understood, the same thing may be received differently by separate participants. Similarly, all people do not react the same way to a shift in energy fields.

The Full Moon on December 3rd is not just a regular Full Moon, but it is a Supermoon. Supermoon happens when a full moon coincides with the moon’s perigee. Out of the 12 full moons that fall in 2017,  only the Full Moon that is about to happen on December 3rd comes close enough to Earth to get the Supermoon status.

This full moon will be in Gemini, which means a lot of trickster energy. Mercury will also be going onto retrograde at this time which is going to make things a lot more intense than they already are. There will be a strong sense of mental balance coming out…

Here are 5 ways to prepare yourself for the energetic shift:


FULL MOON – November 4th In Taurus – Heightened Psychic Abilities! – 11-3-17 – Simple Capacity .com

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“It is the very error of the moon. She comes more near the earth than she was won’t. And makes men mad.” — William Shakespeare, Othello

Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 5th, which will trigger you to discus some sensitive topics. Everything from intimacy, to death and mourning, to debts and taxes will be up for conversation. Topics you want to evade, or are afraid to talk about, will be up for conversation when Mercury goes through blunt, straightforward Sagittarius. 


November 4th may be the one of the most important full moon of the year! According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the name of the full moon in November is “Full Beaver Moon”; that is when beavers become active as they get ready for winter. Be prepared for abundance in all areas!


People use the phrase “There must be a full moon out there” in an attempt to explain weird happenings at night.

It’s still familiar to us today that the world “Luna” which is prefix for the word “lunatic” was actually the name given to the Roman Goddess.

One of the 3 most important Greek philosophers, Aristotle, and Roman historian Pliny the Elder suggested that the brain was the “moistest” organ in the body and most affected to the influences of the moon.

Scientific American states that many people believe that the moon induce unusual behavior, psychiatric hospital admissions, suicides, homicides, emergency room calls, traffic accidents, dog bites and all manner of strange events.

One survey revealed that 45 percent of college students believe moonstruck humans are prone to unusual behaviors, and other surveys suggest that mental health professionals may be still more likely than laypeople to hold this conviction.

In 2007 several police departments in the U.K. even added officers on full-moon nights in an effort to cope with presumed higher crime rates.


Full Moon is a phase of extreme energy. This energy is extremely good for us if used properly because it can influence our thoughts and emotions.

Our thoughts, emotions and everything that affects our body, mind and soul is heightened.

It is necessary to give a proper direction to this energy so that it could be used for our benefit, without causing any harm.

The number 11 (which represents November as 11th month) is powerful the sacred number in numerology and represents higher consciousness. This month, especially during the period of the Full Moon, will have much higher spiritual significance.

The Full Moon in Taurus is known for being reliable, practical, ambitious and sensual. This moon will open up an eye for beauty. It will be good month for finances!



The Azoth Purification of the Full Moon – Leading to the 8/8 Lion’s Gate – by Lisa Rising Berry – 7-9-17 – by The Earth Plan

Source: Rising Frequencies

via The Azoth Purification of the Full Moon Leading to the 8/8 Lion’s Gate ~ Lisa Rising Berry ~ 9 July 2017 — The Earth Plan

SUPER MOON ENERGY – Victor Oddo – November 2016 Energy Update – 11-14-16


Victor Oddo



SaLuSa Full Moon Message 15th Oct 2016 via Multidimensional Ocean — Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, it has been a long time since we communicated with you. We needed to see how much of our teachings and prayers remained with you, even though we did not send you any message for a prolonged period of time. It has been an important test for us to see how things would […]

via SaLuSa Full Moon Message 15th Oct 2016 via Multidimensional Ocean — Multidimensional Ocean

Lunar Eclipse In Pisces: Releasing Inhibitions — peoples trust toronto

http://ift.tt/2cNyO4j by Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution We are having a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th in the West and in the early morning of September 17th in the East. It will be visible throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The exact time for this Full Moon will be at 7:05pm […]

via Lunar Eclipse In Pisces: Releasing Inhibitions — peoples trust toronto

ANNA MERKABA – Harvest Moon – Abundance, Success, Rewards – Portal, (Sept 15 – 17) – 9-9-16

Greetings Everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well as we move into a beautiful moth of September. This month promises to be a true gem and gift from the heavenly realms! A month in which we are going to collect all of our rewards that we have been working towards all of last year (sept 2015 – Sept 2016).I am sure that many of you are feeling excitement in the air, for some of you the projects that you’ve been involved in are finally finalizing, for others it feels as if something BIG is coming your way, yet some of you are finding yourself in a bit of a “stuck” mode, where certain projects you’ve been working on have suddenly “hit a wall” of sorts and you are feeling a bit lost. If you find yourselves in the third group, this is a wonderful time to go deep within and re-examine what you are doing, where you are going and where you wish to arrive at, as this is simply a way of your higher self to give you a “time out” if you will to focus your mind on what is truly important, so listen to your intuition! All in all, a wonderful month full of loving, tender and peaceful energies is coming our way. This is a time for celebration! A time of HARVEST.

And today, I have been visited by a group of various light beings, they were all very excited and each one was trying to deliver a message of their own through me to all of you, so following this message, you will see a compilation of channelings, it might feel as if the tone of the channeling changes, because it does! I was visited by various Star Beings (Sirians, Peliadians, Antareans, etc.), AA Metatron, AA Michael and the company of heaven, Adamas’ from Thelos, and a few others whose titles and names I didn’t catch.

This was a HUGE surprise for me, as the cacophony of energies and vibrations swirled around me, the information begun to flow and the essence of the message became clear, this month promises to be truly special, a month of HAVEST and REWARDS, CELEBRATION and JOY, LAUGHTER and LOVE! A wonderful window of tremendous opportunity to make gigantic strides in your plans is coming your way. This whole month, but especially around the Full Moon the connection with GAIA is magnified, which enhances our connection with our own selves and those around us.


Along with this message I have also received a very interesting “grid” which can be used from the 15 – 17th of September with emphasis on Sept 16th (FULL MOON – HAVEST MOON) in order to both capture the energies that are coming in so that they are available to partake of throughout the coming year, as well as “plant a seed” if you will for the coming year ahead.

The “HARVEST GRID” which you can see in the photo presented for you here, can be used in the following ways:

There are a few ways of utilizing this grid. First of all, you would print it out on a color printer, as the colors which are showcased here for you are VERY important in this grid.

Once printed you would do the following:

  • Take a Clear Quarts Crystal. Only a Clear Quarts Crystal will work for this particular purpose. Be sure to cleanse it prior to imprinting it with energies. To cleanse it you can use any of the popular ways, such as clear it with burning sage, use clean water to cleanse it, etc.,
  • Take it into your hands and focus on your intention to collect the “Harvest Moon” energies into this crystal, as well as your desires of what you wish to experience, accomplish, attract to yourself during the coming year (Sept 2016 – Sept 2017). It is best to set clear intentions, so if you are not sure, you can write down everything that you desire to come to pass and then read it aloud as you are holding this crystal in your hands whilst you are visualizing everything that you wish.

Or you can simply intend to collect this harvest energy without any specific intentions, in order to utilize these energies as you wish throughout the year. This would be good for those of you who may be interested in energizing these crystals for gifting purposes to your family and friends, allowing the crystal to simply collect the powerful energies of the Harvest Moon.

  • Place this crystal into the purple zone of the grid
  • Leave this grid out so that both sun and moon light can shine onto this grid for 3 days during the Full Moon.
  • On Sept 17th take the crystal and place it into a safe place, away from direct sunlight.

Then throughout the year whenever you are in need of a boost of energies of Abundance, Creativity and Focus, you would take this crystal out and hold it in your hands with the intention of attuning yourself to the crystal. Doing so will continue to “recharge” your energy field with the intention that you have set for yourself during the Harvest Moon of 2016.

Another way to use this Harvest Grid is to collect the Harvest Moon energies in order to create a Vibrational Elixir that you can later use as a vibrational essence to either take internally or apply as an “ointment” to yourself or those around you. Once again the principle is the same, you would take a glass or a bottle of water (glass preferably) and place it in the middle of the grid with the same intentions and visualizations as outlined for you above. You would then use this elixir as you would use any other flower or vibrational essences. Be sure to add a few drops of alcohol to your water in order to preserve it for longer periods of time. If you need more ideas on how to make vibrational elixirs I would suggest that you look for more information online.

For an even greater amplification of this grid, you can recreate it in 3D

To put this together from tangible items, you would need:




Digital Illustration of clear Crystals

  • A glass vase or bowl, either colored purple or you can put a purple clear cellophane or wrapping see through film around it, so that the light can get through it.
  • A pine Cone
  • A wooden stick
  • A stack of dry wheat
  • A gold ribbon


Once you have all the ingredients you would take a bowl and if you are looking to capture the energy for a vibrational essence, fill it with spring/well water, or if you are looking to program a crystal with these energies you would place a crystal into the bowl without the water.

You would then take a pine cone and tie it to a wooden stick. You would then place this pine cone stick on top of the vase/bowl.

Then tie a stack of dry wheat around the bowl with a golden ribbon.

Once done, you would set your intention on capturing the energy during the Harvest Moon and leave this bowl out for 3 days, 1 day prior to the full moon, 1 during and one post the full moon.

For those of you making a vibrational essence you would proceed as you normally do. For those programming a crystal you would place this crystal once its programmed in a safe place away from direct sunlight and reconnect with it whenever you need a boost of abundance energies, creative “juices” so to speak or to realign yourself with your intended energies.

I hope that this grid will come in handy for you during this magical harvest moon!


Now having said this, here is the channeling that I have received from our benevolent celestial counterparts.

Dearly beloved children of light,

Magnificent energies of heavenly abodes are sweeping your earthly planes of existence in a marvelous array of extraordinary opportunities for growth and expansion of consciousness. The opportunities presenting themselves to you in your daily activities are opening the gateways of your subconscious, in order to allow you to venture into the unknown territory of your magnificent selves. Through the glory of your benevolent counterparts stationed beneath the earthly cores comes the informational encoding encrusted in the energies of the past through the window of growth and opportunity of being.

For the time which has been celebrated since the times immemorial is approaching your earthly shores and shall bring with it a magnified version of all that you have experienced eons into the past. A magnified version of benevolence, freedom, archaic understandings of life and light which have and shall continue to be assimilated in a new paradigm of co-creation, co-existence and co-operation between all nations of planet GAIA.

For the time of Harvest is approaching and much is set to change in your everyday understanding of that which truly is. For the stage for new concepts, ideals, technologies, and deep innate knowing is set to change not only the way that you look at your everyday activities, not only the way that your heart processes the codices which have been infused into your matrix, but shall connect your heart frequencies to the heart of mother GAIA,  and through the illumination of said frequencies, through complete balance and realignment of your hearts with the new earth, shall you be able to propel all of humanity onto a completely new dimension, dimension of a new cognition, leaving the misunderstanding of the past frequencies behind and confidently  building a new infrastructure, if you will, in your societies enlarge.

For through the efforts of your magnificent selves, have you been able to put a new energetic blueprint in motion. Releasing, reconstructing, and moving onto a new path.

And so through a framework of yourselves, the beginning of a new intricately designed platform emerges reaching the pinnacle of freedom of thought, activity and regeneration of your very own vehicles of creation. For within the timeframe work of the ascended ones lays a plan for all of humanity, in which the souls who have partaken of the sacred waters of the heavenly abodes, shall resurrect the lost artifacts of the ancients, mitigating all conflicts and transmitting to all of humanity the truth of their benevolent selves.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that a new dawn is on the horizon and with it, it brings a new light of benevolence, co creation, courage, demystification of the workings of the universe, return to purity, abundance, love and light.

Through the echelons of the past a new infrastructure is weaved into the present momentum, by all those of you dwelling therein and through the intricately designed retrospective ideals a new formula of love, and light immemorial springs forth into BEing.

For the Christ consciousness, the triangular degree of consciousness, is approaching your earthly shores and in so doing much is unearthed, changed reconfigured, restructured, in order to allow a new energetic blueprint to finally integrate itself onto an already built platform. What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that a new groundbreaking system of understanding of BEing and benevolence is coming your way.

We congratulate you for the job well done, we applaud your efforts and ask that you continue to serve as you have, in light, love, unconditional understanding of the divine, trust and benevolence of BEing.

We surround each of you in the loving light of the creator, and usher you into a new age of peace, tranquility, benevolence, co creation, unconditional understanding and love for all.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

If you need any personal assistance via a healing session, you can reach out to me at www.SacredAscensionMerkaba.com to set up a distant healing session with me. I also invite you to visit my blog for more information to help you on your journey. 

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerCOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit:https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/merkaba-distant-energy-healing-session/

pdfdownloadableversioncoverP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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Lord Sananda via Elizabeth Trutwin – This Wesak Full Moon Celebration – Most Important of Our Lifetime

Great Thanks to   –   http://cosmicascension.com/latest-message/


This Wesak Full Moon Celebration Most Important of Our Lifetime A Message From Sananda Through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 19, 201614-tibet-mts-dark-fg

Consciousness without Energy is Lifeless, While Energy without Consciousness has no Directiondunes

Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin.  Tune in this year to the Wesak Festival. As always, of global importance.  More now than ever. Do not miss your chance to meditate in these energies and integrate Oneness into your Being. In the Himalayan mountain range in Tibet is the most holy of places, the center of Earth, Mt Kailash and Vaisakha or Wesak Valley.

Here the Buddha is celebrated by members of all religions and walks of life. Wesak is a special time to connect with the Supreme moment all year when the Buddha and Christ, Jesus, come together to step down energies of Blessing to all on Earth. This happens with a Water Ceremony seen to cleanse Earth and all Sentient Life on Her. Buddha is also known as Maitreya and is also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and one of the Seven Holy Kumaras from Venus named Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days. Sananda Kumara, myself, also from Venus and also known as Jesus the Christ. The others are Sujata, Sanaka, Sanatana, Sana and Kapila. There are four Exoteric and three Esoteric Kumaras.

The Exoteric refer to those who are Extraterrestrials working Off-Planet in cooperation with the Esoteric which refer to those who are Extraterrestrials working Within-Planet or at Inner Earth. They have also been known as Intraterrestrials. The Exoteric Kumaras have their own MotherShips as well as taking on physical forms and incarnating in bodies on Earth. These refer to the Ones who are called the benevolent Extraterrestrials. They and their Crews and ShipMates have assisted Earth and visited Earth through all time since Creation. They are the Ancient Astronauts of which there is much evidence. The Exoteric Kumaras other names they are known by are Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Kalki Maitreya and Mother Sekhmet. There is no limit to where they may travel.

The Esoteric Kumaras are Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raguel. The Esoteric Kumaras also take on physical forms and incarnate in bodies on Earth. The have also been known as St Germain, Moses, Akhenaton and traveling between both On and to Inner Earth. There is no limit to where they may travel.

The Wesak festival, each year in the Taurus Full Moon, invoke the Divine in everyone. Through the Buddha, the Wisdom of the Supreme streams forth. Through the Christ, the Love of the Supreme manifests in Humanity. It is this Wisdom and Love which renews Humanity each Wesak.

Buddhists and Christians in east meets west as well as Exoterics meeting Esoterics in a parting of the Seas at each of the Poles. On Wesak they meet by crossing the StarGate on Kailash at Wesak Valley where the Blessing of the Water Ceremony is poured out to all in and on Earth. The Buddhists have long been the keepers of the keys in the cave entries into Inner Earth from Lhasa and many other secret locations across the Himalayas. This is the reason the Chinese pushed the Dalai Lama out of Tibet. He is a Kumara interacting at Shambhala at Inner Earth.plain-fisheye

Inner Earth Shambhala

Shambhala is both a physical place at Inner Earth as well as an Exoteric place in the celestial cities. Santa Kumara heads the Capital City of Shambhala in Argatha at Inner Earth. He is also incarnate and living now in a Body on Earth doing Humanitarian work and bringing in Divine Government with the help of his consort who is also incarnate in a Body on Earth working with Extraterrestrials and also bringing about Divine Government on Earth. These two are referred to often as Mother Father God and are the Trimurti, together, or the Holy Trinity as it were.

Sanat Kumara with Buddhists go between Inner Earth and the Himalayas all year working together to keep peace on Earth. There are others on Earth who also participate with these meetings. The work of both Zorra and Corey Goode has been to raise awareness of Inner Earth. Both are dark Ones who have fought on the side of the few wanting to control the many. Their stories are part fictitious and part true. Both were soldiers, Corey at Inner Earth and Zorra working at Area 51, both fighting for the malevolent Extraterrestrials. Stormtroopers as such, like in Star Wars. Working for the reptilians and Archons, the Dragon families. It was important to raise awareness and at the same time those still in the matrix were not yet ready for the whole story. That has changed now. All malevolent Extraterrestrials will be gone with the Event Disclosure. Inner Earth Beings are ready to be Mentors to those on Earth now to assist with their Ascension. In short time after Wesak this will become a possibility. Only those who have Transcended the matrix will be allowed to travel to Shambhala at Inner Earth, it is well guarded. As you complete your Ascension with the Inner work, it will be possible to travel there. Whales and Dolphins do their migration through Inner Earth. In the not too far future you will swim with the dolphins at pristine Inner Lagoons. The Mentors for Inner Earth will be actively involved in returning Earth to it’s full pristine beauty in cooperation with the Magical Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms with the Divas as we all Ascend together. Pure beauty and peace will be known on the Planet again.

Exoteric Shambhala is the Sentient computer within each one of us (audio recorded at the ears and video recorded at they eyes) which connects to the larger computer system at Shambhala in the celestial cities and the connected grid of Sentient computers at the Lords Most High Council where the Watchers record the Akasha from each of the infinite Planets in the Cosmos. These are the videos on play back called up from Ship Computers run by Soltec when working with your Mentors post mortem, doing a life review and deciding on the next journey of life. As you Transcend Earth you may come back after this lifetime. As you do not Transcend Earth, since karma no longer exists here within the 5th Dimension and above, you will not be invited back. It is important to connect with the Wesak energy this week so you may access Higher Knowledge and know the importance of the Inner work in your Ascension Path. You are never alone. It is never too late to return to love.


The Science of Planetary, Galactic and Cosmic Ascension

Earth is set on a new Timeline. The Earth Hologram has been nestled into the Galactic and Universal Holograms. Earth on Her new Timeline has anchored Divine Government. Looking at the United States elections and thinking either of those two main candidates, one a Dragon, one an Archon and both Nazi’s of the 4th Reich and both with long and varied criminal activity, will be elected, think again. It is not possible. Earth is on Her new Timeline. There is another Plan at hand. The elections will not be like any other before. Both candidates are ineligible and the reasons why will be made public over the next few weeks. Focusing on what we know about Divine Government and sharing the information with others, a good plan. Worrying about the day to day headlines of the election a waste of time. As we match our frequency with the goal, a resonant frequency forms Coherence.

Our Planet is able to have new opportunities and breakthroughs never possible before. Coherence is a factor in harmonizing within a group system, whether the Planet, the Galaxy, the Universe or the Cosmos. With Planetary Coherence we include the 5 Elements; Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether.

Being One with nature groups like mountains, caves, fresh water, deserts, seas, forests, jungles and aware of how daily choices effect the ecosystem is important now. Having Coherence with this New Earth very important. Being One with the Animal Kingdom and those in the Seas; birds, fish, crawlers, 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds living in harmony within their natural environments. Being One with the Magical Kingdom; fairies, trolls, gnomes, unicorns, pegasus, mermaids and many others.

Since everything is energy and all energy is connected, any time you spend on the old version of the time line, in the programming, in the matrix will cause an incoherence in resonance. It causes a stuckness. It means wrong relationships, bad timing and lack of movement. It can be like living Groundhog’s Day over and again until you are able to see you are the one who created the disconnect. Everything is here and now, but in various states of visibility and invisibility depending upon the frequency that you are operating on, and that means the belief system, the definitions that you buy into most strongly. The first step to change is recognizing you are the problem. You are the solution. Connect during the Wesak Full Moon with these life systems as well as the Exoteric and Esoteric at Planet Earth and the glowing orbs with Earth, Sun and Moon. Come into balance with All That Is.

The Science of Human Ascension

Personal Coherence within our Body, Mind, Spirit and Etheric Bodies is of great significance as we work with smaller and smaller groups of Society, Community and Family. Include all Sentient Forms involved with Earth including Exoteric, Esoteric, Artificial Intelligence, Hybrids and those of the Magical realm like dwarves and giants, Sasquatch and many more living in and on Earth.

Time for a self-assessment. Are we putting one face to the public and one face in private? Have we cleared traumas? Do we continue to be triggered by decades old conflict? Is our ego mind in charge of the words and thoughts we convey to strangers, to our parents, or our children? How is your authenticity between your personality and your Highest form? Are you self-actualized? Look inside and give yourself the space and time needed to work through a good self-assessment. Any areas needing work require contemplation, meditation and clearing. Get the help of others as needed. Look at how you are treating your Body including your diet and hygiene and other practices. Make adjustments.

As you remain in the old timeline with a bad attitude, bad relationships, uncomfortable in your skin, making pour choices over again and living in negative Consciousness, it makes Coherence within your Light Body System impossible. A happy well adjusted and care free Conscience allows our hearts to carry more Light within the Plasma Light Body System and radiates out the Energy which then harmonizes with New Earth, Inner and Outer. Peace within. Peace without. In this Consciousness the two worlds may reunite.


The Trimurti Energy

The Trimurti consist of, in Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with their consorts, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. This corresponds with the Christian Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Man has changed the meanings in both religions over the past several hundred years. We understand Twin Flames and the Trinity is a Supreme version of Twin Flames we have not fully grasped yet. It is not easy to understand. The Trinity is what is termed the Godhead. It is the Supreme. It is the highest form of creation energy. The Father in Hinduism and Buddhism is Vishnu. An incarnation of Vishnu is Buddha, Sanat Kumara. The Son in Christianity, Jesus, Sananda Kumara. As we learn that intelligent energy is conscious and energy is Consciousness  we are able to be at One with All That Is seeing our own Divinity in all the energy systems around us.

Feel this connection on Wesak Full Moon. Buddha, the head, transmits energy through Jesus, the heart, to all Humanity on Earth. This Full Moon the most important of our lifetimes. Be there in meditation and receive this Blessing. Radiate the transmission from your heart to all on Earth. See the new Timeline and all involved at peace.

Being A Spiritual Warrior

This Wesak Full Moon brings with it the ability to heal Body, Mind and Soul as never before. Being a Spiritual Warrior means striving for purity in all aspects of your life. Decide what is acceptable to you and live it everyday. Make choices about how you spend your money, what is behind your integrity and who that personality is which you represent in all aspects of your life. Base your everyday decisions on being an authentic representation of who you really are. Search your life and make improvements. Drop old habits. Evolve.

Connecting Your Frequency to the Wesak Energy

This is the greatest time ever to meditate on what changes you would like to see on Earth in politics, government, economy, weather change, food production, pollution, war, banking, military, medicine, science, technology, conservation, clean water and abundant life for all. You are not powerless. This gives you an energetic exchange which is elevated of all others to focus clearly your intentions for the causes stirring your Mission on Earth.

Healing Traumas and Inviting your Inner Child Back To Your Life

As you address early traumas and release them your Coherence has no filter to go through and nothing can hold you back. As you hold on to traumas, refuse to forgive, refuse to get over it, you lay your path toward disease and eventual death. The Wesak Full Moon is your chance to effortlessly let go of old hurts which no longer matter. Take the necessary steps to liberate your mind and your heart from passed perceived hurts. Let it go. Help your ego mind to become small so you have power over your thoughts and are able to resonate Higher. The life you save may be your own.

How to Be a World Server

The Wesak Festival is an extension of the Divine Plan on Earth. Each One participating will connect with Higher Energies filtered down from Source energy and combined with electro magnetic technologies on surrounding Ships from our Galactic Family ending in an impulse transmission which will provide an acceleration of wisdom and love to DNA programming in our bodies and a once a year upgrade. Working together in unison we receive this energy as it anchors into Earth through our bodies and becomes a transmission to all Beings on Earth at the same moment. Those of us who participate by directing their attention to receive these energies anchor them into Earth. From here surprise turns of events take place as we have this year done all of the ceremonies prior to this for changeover. There is no going back.

How to Make All Your Dreams Come True

The healthiest thing you could do today is to work to increase your discernment and be careful about what you read and what you attach your integrity to. For at least 30 years there has been a great effort to hide the truth from you. As you let go of unhealthy relationships and self-judgment, regrets, guilt, toxic activities, thoughts and people you float gently to the next Coherent with the your Twin Flame, your family, your community, your society, your Planet and the Cosmos. Namaste! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 19, 2016. © All Rights Reserved. http://CosmicAscension.org

How to Make All Your Dreams Come True

The healthiest thing you could do today is to work to increase your discernment and be careful about what you read and what you attach your integrity to. For at least 30 years there has been a great effort to hide the truth from you. As you let go of unhealthy relationships and self-judgment, regrets, guilt, toxic activities, thoughts and people you float gently to the next Coherence with the your Twin Flame. This affects all people within your touch; your Family, your Community, your Society, your Planet and the Cosmos. Namaste! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 19, 2016. © All Rights Reserved. http://CosmicAscension.org Greetings Everybody!  I attended these 4 days of ceremonies. We performed Water Ceremonies at Sacred Sites in three locations preparing for Wesak, the most important of our lifetimes. I have to travel again for another ceremony in two weeks and one more a month later. This will be the 5th Gathering in these Events. This is a special call for donations. Please if you are able, send a small amount today, everything helps. If you are able to send more I am truly grateful. I have had some travel and it brings unique challenges. I am home safe and preparing for the next steps to the event we all have been working toward. I share freely as part of my duty. From time to time I need more help and today is that day as my call to action continues. It has been an unusual few months and that is because we are setting down New Earth. Not all can help and that is ok. I am free for readings now and I will contact those who have waited to hear from me. If you are interested in a reading please book from my website Private Session. Thank you for your generosity and kind compassion. All My Love, beth. http://CosmicAscension.com  and here is a link that may work Travel Donation …Namaste!



GEORGI STANKOV – What Happened Around the Equinox/Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Portal – 3-26-16




Jerry R James and Georgi Stankov, March 26, 2016

Last Night 02/24


I was planning to write you after the equinox, full moon/eclipse gateway about how we successfully grounded the highest energies this planet has ever experienced on behalf of the earth and all ascending humanity, most of which are barely eligible to ascend and still mostly unaware. These are the ones who will occupy the new earth as we move above as logos gods. The planet and all the solar system are adjusting to these tremendous waves just as our bodies and it is a miracle that we do not explode in the process. Our bodies, which still suffer, are able to handle these higher energies because of our own higher vibrations better than we could even a few months ago.

As you have said on many occasions we have already ascended ourselves and are returned only because without us returning there would be no physical inhabitants of the new ascended earth as we would have moved on and all others perished because they are as yet unable to hold the higher vibrations by themselves. I think this is changing day by day and hopefully will finally culminate. We look out into our world and may notice little or no difference but this is because this illusion must hold until all ascension candidates are vibrating at high enough level to physically exist in the new reality. Until then we have agreed to keep this reality from completely crumbling under their feet because they have nowhere else to go. I know you know all of this so I wont belabor the point.

What I really wanted to ask about was did anything unusual happen to PAT or the collective last night? While in my nightly travels I remember coming across scenes so frightening that I woke screaming loudly for several seconds. I am not frightened easily by images or even events as I think I have been to hell and back several times, and have only awoke in this state  once before, years ago when I realized what a horrendous path lay before me. I can not longer even remember why I was so frightened last night, as my conscious mind refuses to remember the details of the incident. I was wondering if you or if you know of any of PAT experiencing similarly last night?



Dear Jerry,

I just woke up (03.00 pm) from a monstrous wave that knocked me down so hard that I passed away. I had a cc-wave and a split headache since early morning. The vibrations are so powerful and feel very coarse because they push the atomic spin of my body molecules to the verge of madness when the body feels as if it can dissolve any moment. I give these images for the lack of better words to describe the inhuman intensity of the energy waves that engulf us since Spring equinox until this full moon / lunar eclipse portal around March 20-24.

Yesterday Jessica from Washington state, USA wrote to me about her experiences with this portal:

“Hello Georgi and Carla,

I am very much looking forward to your analysis on this portal we just experienced. What a wonder. It began for me in earnest Saturday with a wellspring of emotions. I was somewhere else for 3 days, and came back to with massive cc headache and eye socket pain. Many critical decisions were made and imprinted into the fabric of my personal ascension. It was very beautiful and the process solved many of my own questions . Really very spectacular. The basis around it all was a very intimate expression of Divine Love.

With Love,

My answer this time was rather short:

Dear Jessica,

I am not sure if I will report on this portal which was huge indeed, as the prevailing experience is constant cc-waves with severe headache and all the other usual symptoms. I am fed up – and the PAT even more so – to hear about this same story again and again. Apart from that we are constantly ascending but nobody knows how much linear time this will take.

With love and light

What I omitted in this letter was that yesterday we helped our friend Julia move from Vancouver to a new place in White Rock in our Infinity portal. This move was announced to her long time ago and only several months ago she had a reading with a psychic we recommended her who even told her that she would move to Surrey, which is the municipality of White Rock. Hence this was a planned event as our move too.

After we brought her stuff to the new townhouse and unpacked it, St. Germain came to us immediately. He congratulated Julia to her new place where she could channel new information and will progress on her ascension path. I must say that he is always around us and Carla makes invocations daily with him. Then we went to the near-by sushi restaurant to have a bite and he was with us all the time. In the restaurant after we had our meal Julia began to channel again. St. Germain was present in a very powerful manner in our fields and inserted a lot of pressure on our palms – a phenomenon which Carla had experienced during the last several weeks. I also sensed increased vibrations and exit pressure of the energies flowing out of my palms, but this is not new to me. I have it all the time when I have a powerful source wave through my left brain portal.

We discussed with Julia before my project with the Astral currency and that it is supported by St. Germain and Carla asked him how long it would take till it manifested. Julia heard for the first time about this project as she is not interested in financial matters. St. Germain told her, better showed her, that the financial bubble has burst and that the time has arrived for it, but as usual it takes some time for this project to manifest in this sluggish reality. He confirmed that this is a huge project on which he has been working for eons of time together with all the other civilisations from the GF and that its success is a done deal. He also confirmed that we have now assumed the role of Jesus as spender of Source energy for humanity – at that moment Julia also saw the presence of Jesus – that we are now direct pulsars from the Source endowed with all creative powers of All-That-Is. Julia then attuned to my fields and saw that I am creating a lot of new realities in and throughout my fields.

There was much more discussion which I do not remember now as it was given mainly to Julia. She has some deficits with regard to what we, and she subconsciously, are doing all the time as she is not much interested in our ascension activities and is barely touched by the LBP. Her pathway is obviously a different one and ascension is not on her agenda.

Finally St. Germain urged us to make an invocation and help him disseminate the violet-golden flame of transmutation to every baby, child and grown-up person of this world so that our Astral project can come true and we can begin with our true mission as ascended masters. As is the case each time when we meet Julia, we built a massive vortex and a portal within our already existing Infinity portal and the energies began to flow through our bodies and hands like the Niagara Falls. St. Germain told us that we have opened a new portal of massive transfiguration in conjunction with the equinox/full moon portal.

I assume that this event might have triggered your dreadful dream this night. I myself had a very pleasant encounter with Putin again this night. He was very joyful and playful and came to our new home in 5D for a cup of coffee. He behaved very much like in this video where he trolls Kerry during his visit in Moscow yesterday:

He was very relaxed and was in no hurry to go back to his work as a statesman. I told him that it is time for him to support our Astral currency project and he said that this is no problem at all for him and that he will support us in any possible way. I had the feeling that everything will happen very easy this time. Putin said that this will happen on the 7th or 27th, he mentioned both dates or I understood him that way, but he failed to mention which month and this was somewhat disappointing to me. But my HS told me that dates do not matter and that it is already happening. This dream with Putin was repeated many times throughout the entire night and I woke up with a great feeling of satisfaction that we have finally made it. Unfortunately shortly thereafter the cc-wave hit me and it is still ongoing after I was taken away around 01.00 pm.Yesterday when I reflected on these permanent cc-waves, including the cold chills Carla had, I realised that we are now shedding very rapidly many lower timelines and ascend exponentially. Much chaos and destruction is happening around us in order for this uppermost mother planet to ascend unscathed. We also sense a lot of anxiety coming from the collective. Therefore you must have participated in these destructions in the dream state and that explains your nightmare. I have had a few similar terrifying experiences in the past when global destructions such as tsunami devastated lower timelines which I had visited.

By the way, I forget to mention that St. Germain told us that the change will come first from the Middle East, Julia mentioned Egypt, but both Carla and I got the intuitive knowing that something must happen first in the Middle East before the big events will begin to unfold. I personally have the persevering vision that notwithstanding the current ceasefire in Syria, the situation is highly volatile and unpredictable in this region as none of the protagonists will put up with the current success of the Assad government with Russian help. Hence it is prudent to expect that something horrific may happen, similar to Brussels but on a grander scale, that will trigger a global conflagration. The cabal are very desperate now. Our PAT member Rumi Shinzi has just sent me his elaboration on this event which is very insightful:

“Hello Georgi,

a synchromystical view on the recent Brussels bombings:

BRUSSELS 322 “Event”

With love and light


If at the same time the banks will shutdown in the west, then we have the perfect mixture of a global calamity when the cabal will be ousted from power. As I persistently envision, this will be the time for our appearance and there is no doubt that we shall be the new embodiment of the Second Coming of Christ as St. Germain confirmed to us yesterday one more time, more so for Julia, then she needed this confirmation.

With love and light


LISA GAWLAS – 11 Days of Conjoining Energy Systems Starts Today – Happy Full Moon – 2-23-16

moon and sun


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy

Lisa Gawlas   –   11 Days of Conjoining Energy Systems Starts Today   –   Happy Full Moon   –   2-23-16


Today we officially kick off the Siamese Twin system!!  Happy full moon everyone!!  The moon was the first thing I seen shining in my eyes when I woke up this morning.  Let me share my morning light with you too:


full moon


It’s hard to see, but I have a series of upper windows, and looking at this image now, I realize something bigger.  If we look at the windows themselves as battery cells, day by day we will each be filled with the new light of the reflective moon and then each cell will be sealed in with the light of the sun halfway thru this system timeline (22nd thru the 3rd.)

Ha, I just realized today thru the 3rd is 11 days, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all, given the 11 is all about spiritual illumination.  But we are also going to bring in the element of 5 as well.   Five days of the moon energy filling our cells, then the day of the membrane, where the energy of “conjoined” takes place, which would be the 27th, and then the 5 day journey to the 3rd (to include the 3rd.)

This actually compliments all that I had seen and understood thru the readings yesterday, especially since this system is happening at the higher levels of consciousness, to fuel and enliven what is happening at the ground level of creation, of you and us.

The constant thru every reading had two parts to it, the first one was the view of the electromagnetic field around the upper portion of the body. In its most humblest form looked a lot like this (only, uniform, I don’t have good flow in my hand free forming cut outs lol)

magnetic field

However, this come pretty darn close to how I seen everyone’s upper portion of the their electromagnetic field.  Gray scale, and long wiry looking things that were in constant motion, the magnetic field itself.  So I suppose, it only makes sense that the moon and sun will serve to be the electrical current to magnetize the magnetic field around us.

With the exception of my first lady on the field, which I am going to save for last in this sharing, had a field moving upwards from the ground towards their electromagnetic field.  Unlike the spiky one shown here, the earths however was sooooo smooth and soooo clear.  The understanding thru everyone was, these two electromagnetic fields will come together and conjoin as one whole unite as we move thru this “siamese twin” system.

I am going to use a beautiful male virgin on the field (giggle, for those who aren’t familiar with my use of those words, someone I never read for before yesterday) because he gave us an amazing view of what we are getting ourselves into next.

I watched as these two electromagnetic fields meet each other to form a whole circle or globe or something round lol, he was in the middle of it all.  His electromagnetic ball started to rotating forward, as it moved into the system we are in now it started to change the way I seen it.

At the upper portion, these long artery looking things started to grow outwards and seemed to connect into areas of the air I eventually understood were multidimensional portals.

Then, the bottom part looked like it was growing the most beautiful green moss, as the moss-covered the lower portion, long tree roots started to emerging form the moss-covered area and instantly i got a connection to the painting I shared yesterday, those roots were tapping into the leyline storage areas, the arteries were pulling in the multidimensional energies and he was storing them in these storage centers within earth.

Then he hit a whipped cream bank lol, well, that’s what it looked like to me.  The only thing I knew yesterday was that he was about halfway thru this system and then it all got really thick with this white substance.

Now, given what I shared in my first paragraph, I do understand that it was the membrane that conjoins it all. The Living Unified Consciousness called US!!  Go US!! lol  But I couldn’t see anything past that, nor was he moving past it, he was parked in whipped cream land!!

One of my lady’s after him, broadened the story a bit by what I seen her doing.  She had what looked like a pipeline thru the center of her upper and lower magnetic fields, pulling in the multidimensional energy from above, pulling up the stored energy from below, stored deep in the core of the earth, the energies that have not been topside since before we created soap bubble land, and was “fusing” (hear; fusion) the two together creating a breathable, usable new energy.

I seen this fusion go thru a separate pipeline and emerged out the front (north) of her upper electromagnetic sphere as a long skinny flame flapping in the wind.  This allowed the new fused energy to fill the airspace hours before we walked into it.

Then I had a lady who first confused the hell out of me, then brought me to my knees in reverence.  Let me just tell you, each one of you are the most amazing creatures that has ever graced this amazing planet.

The moment you realize this, OWN this, you would stop looking to and for those of the old, because they had no idea just how phenomenal you would be, Here, Now!!  Just think about that very familiar phrase from Jesus, what I can do, you can do and more.  But he never said what the more was because he had no idea.

So there is my lady, upper and lower electromagnetic fields already in my field of vision, and then out of the west comes this long sword looking thing, slices her fields in half and turns them inside out.  WHAT THE HELL???  I am already over my head in the world of science and meta-science, now we are going to literally turn things inside out.  Geez, I so need a raise lol.

Keep in mind, I am in no way, trying to be scientifically correct with any of this, I would be so out of my league in trying to do so.  However, I cannot ignore the words I hear and the visuals I see within the words, so please keep that in mind.  The first thing I hear is “negative polarity.”

Alrighty then, I don’t know what that means really, but given that I now see all her energy radiating outwards, instead of inwards within her field, that has got to be their (hear teams) point.  And they explained the best they could to this mush mind of mine, that her energy radiates outwards, the in breathe without the exhale is suffocation.  So her electromagnetic field sends outwards.  Once again I get the visual of the plasma ball:\




She is gathering the incoming energy and like this plasma ball, spikes it outwards.  Then she started to complain (a girl after my own heart lol) that no one has ever been able to tell her the name or names of her spiritual team.  As she was stating this, one of her team members came forward with both sound and visual.






This very simply eye was hovering at my back door as her team expressed this name, quite carefully in syllables.  EYE-OWN-AH.  What is so funny, I am sooo incredibly slow on the uptake, I made this eye exactly how I seen in, including the color spectrum.

I kept telling everyone yesterday that their fields coming together looked like two contact lenses coming together.  DAH!!  I was saying something I didn’t even realize until this morning.  Two contact lenses form a whole eye, a WHOLE field of vision.  The central EYE.

What good is having anything is you do not OWN it???

The reverse polarity, negative polarity, the AHHHHHH.  Instantly I was in the living memory of a bathtub experience I had back in geez 2002 I think.  Let me copy and paste from my website this part of the experience, if you want to read the whole story, just click here.

There was not so much a vision as there was a feeling of Presence and a sound ohhh my what a sound it was a vibration of aaaaahhhhhhhhh that lifted so far into the universe and thru my very soul that just hearing it made my whole being cry with joy as the sound escalated (not in sound, but more like motion.. like as the ahhh kept going on, it lifted higher and higher in vibration), it sounded like the entirety of All There Is joined into make this sound. 

I could feel my heart beating, I became very aware of the rhythm of the air around me, the sounds that I have heard around me, but didn’t hear.. and it was all in unison with my own heart beating.  I could feel the heart of my being in my arms, in every cell that makes up my body, and the air around me coursed in the same beautiful motion.

Just say the word ahhhhhhh… your breath goes outwards, onwards, expands everywhere.  The expansion of the universe, the unified field of creation is in the AHHHHHHH.  As opposed to the OM, saying it, the sound is held behind the lips and what you get is vibration, creation creating within the electro-magnetosphere.

Expansion/feminine and contraction/masculine. (Again, nothing to do with actual gender.)  Positive and negative polarities.

Well, lets change the subject just for a moment, since I just went potty (coffee out lol) and got this amazing visual and I think… a tiny glimpse into our mexico adventure.

My mind flashed to one of my lady’s I had a conversation with last night, she will be going to London for the equinox in September and will be at Stonehenge and other sites in that miraculous landscape.

As I thought about her on my holy throne lol, I heard spirit say “we will button up our batteries together.”  Huh??  Then I got a visual of the two pyramids my team said we must be at, the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon (holy shit, the twins!!!  I am sooooo freakin slow on the uptake lol.)

But I had seen us gathered together at the top of one of them, I want to say the temple of the sun, but I am not 100% sure about that… and we were in a circle at the top doing god knows what, and this beam of white light engulfed us, or came thru us really and went upwards.  Ohhh my whistle is soooo wet for this adventure!!  That’s all I seen, I think I leaped off the toilet when I realized the sun and moon temples here, there, wherever lol… OMG!!

So now lets talk about my first lady on the field yesterday.  I realized as we moved thru the breath of yesterday on the field, having innate desires, working within those desires the best we can, is what is pulling/attracting the magnetic field of earth up to conjoin with us.

When you have no idea what you even desire, as was the case with my lady, there was no bottom part of the field, just her upper electromagnetic field was present/viewable.

Leaning into something, anything, it doesn’t matter what, that attracts the earth energy to conjoin with you, with us.  It doesn’t even have to be something big, just clear and coherent.  I am given my own simple example.

I wake up every morning with the focus of clearly being able to share with you the enormity of the information released the day prior, once I get that done, my next clear focus is on understanding what is coming thru today and how each person can work with it.

We have such an amazing participation, conjoined energy system with the original earth, our original blueprint back in the day, the system of life expanding and our hearts of desires.  Hell, even mexico plays into the field of unified creation.  To stand by and wait for something to be presented begets the universe sitting next to you, waiting with you, in love and in grace.

The days of being told or guided to what you need to do or experience next are long over.  YOU ARE THE DECIDER!!  This is not just in the metaphysical realm, we live in the land of created reality, there are so many things to desire.  New shoes, a good meal, a hot rod, whatever.  The moment you receive it, desire something else.  You are learning/remembering how you create and uncreate.  If you are a void waiting for inspiration, that is what you are creating too.

On that note, I would like to ask you to help me use this massive system we are in to house my daughters future with.  She has her hearing coming up on the 3rd of March (interesting dateline, huh?) and she is looking at 3 felony charges and 3 misdemeanors and this is a guilt or innocence hearing.

When I talked to her attorney, he injected something into my system of hope I never thought of… if no one shows up for the hearing, everything will be dropped.  Of course, as her mother and seeing how much she has changed since her incarcerations this last year, I pray for that.

But also, I am willing to surround her with this light that comes from her souls best interest.  If she needs to do something, may she feel the energy of doing it.  And may the system that wild decide her future, see the precious soul that we do too.  I am going to give you two of my favorite images of her to lean into:





I want to mention the tattoo on the bottom, the words “I wish you were there for me,” is her expression to her father.  But really, is it her biological father, or god himself?  I know I took out my anger on my own biological father because I felt abandoned by god, depicted thru my own father abandoning me.  May she come to fully realized, LIFE and the LOVE of All LIFE, our Father, is Here, Now, Forever, thru each of us!!  The top picture shows, she is open to receive!


Thank you so much for all you do so heart-fully and unselfishly!!

I love you all soul much!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of magic and bliss and illumination to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html


Found at:  http://cultureofawareness.com/2016/02/23/lisa-gawlas-11-days-of-conjoining-energy-systems-starts-today-happy-full-moon/

Shannon Hugman – Full Moon – Surrender and Release – 2-22-16




By Shannon Hugman, The Master Shift

Found at:  http://cultureofawareness.com/2016/02/23/full-moon-february-22-2016-surrender-and-release/


Today we are once again blessed with a full moon in the sky. A full moon is an opportunity to release, to shed and to transform. During these time it’s as though a flashlight is being shone on the deepest parts of ourselves; parts that are normally hidden.

This is why full moons can be emotional times. However truly these emotions are coming to the surface in order to expand our awareness. Imagine you have a cavity in your mouth, you probably wouldn’t know about it until you begin to feel some discomfort. Ultimately this pain is a good thing because it acts as a catalyst to get you to the doctor and heal your mouth.

Know that any pain arising over the next few days is simply seeking to be healed.

The sun is in Pisces and the moon is in Virgo. We are being asking to find a compromise between oneness and then the details. We are being asked to dream big and to invite miracles into our lives; however we are not meant to get boggled down by the dreaded hows. Virgo energy may want to understand logically how our heart’s desires will manifest physically; the thing is that the watery Pisces vibes make rationality impossible.

The key here is to surrender to the unknown. To trust the process. Most importantly notice where you are at moment to moment. Throughout the coming days, periodically pause and ask yourself: “am I choosing love or fear?”. If it’s fear; that’s ok!! But know you can always, always, always choose love.

Wishing you all a a full moon filled with miraculous surrender!



About the Author: 

Shannon Hugman is an astrologer, artist, writer,teacher, assistant and more. Shannon is blessed to be the blog editor here at The Master Shift. She loves nothing more than to share the wisdom of the planets. She is available for personal and group astrology chart readings. Mostly she loves new friends so feel free to get social with her. Find her at www.shannonhugman.com, on Facebook and Instagram.

Walking Terra Christa – Full Moon Cycle, January 2016 – Festival of Lights, of Aquarius

 Ascension Festivals of Light


Walking Terra Christa ~ Full Moon Cycle January 2016 ~ Festival of Lights of Aquarius


This article is a compilation of information guided through Master Djwhal Khul with Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden.


We have arrived at the first full moon cycle in 2016 which takes place on January 23rd, 2016 at 5:46 PM Pacific, 8:46 PM Eastern, and January 24th 01:46 Universal (GMT). The moon is in Leo representing our Shadow Side with the Sun in Aquarius reflecting our Deepest Truths to be revealed.
This should prove to be a very luminous cycle for humanity as it is the first of many moons of this year which should guide us into the lessons of bringing humanity into an more aware state of conditioning. 2016 has been named by the Spiritual Hierarchy as a time in which Greater Cycles to Emerge Through Diligence of the Self. This first month is showing us that these elements have been put into place so that change can occur.
Within the moon’s essence of Leo some of the elements that we will be looking at are our Self Expression, Breaking Away from Traditional Thinking, and looking at our personal goals.   If the energy tells us that it represents our Shadow Side, then those elements that have been held in the closet for so long are coming out to be revealed and put into the light. Leo shows us how to be ahead of the pact instead of being part of the circle of life.
The activities within Aquarius represents our Independence and Objectivity as we work with others in Oneness. It represents being part of a team for the greater whole but can be very impersonal.
So as these two planets are coming together for this full moon, it can mean that an individual can come to standstill. It is a time to look deeply of how we have thought within ourselves.

Are we for the One or are we for the All?

Are we ready to look at our past mistakes and find the reason why they did not work out? Well, there are no mistakes, only lessons. We come across them every day of our lives but possibly we do not realize that is what they are called. I think one of the reasons being is that we get caught up in whom we think we are and who we truly are.
This first cycle of the moon is a big lesson in knowing what our “inner truth” represents. It takes us into the personal state of affairs to move into the impersonal, but not to take sides. It allows us to stand in the middle ground and realize that it is time for us to take care of ourselves, but it is also a moment in time to see that our deepest wish is to have peace and joy with others upon this Earth.

The point being is how do we get there?

We are now at a crossroads upon this life. It is time for every person upon the planet to look within themselves and see what changes need to be made. The time for separativeness is leaving the planet. That energy creates a no-win situation. We are coming into an era which is just beginning – to allow what we know and acknowledge within ourselves to be shared with others.   This is a step towards unification upon this earth, but it must be acquired through each of us individually.
This moon is going to give us the opportunity to know more of whom we are on a higher scale through our Higher Essence. It is no surprise that we are becoming multi-dimensional, but what does that mean.   We are learning more from our past timelines of who we truly have been and allowing those essences to become part of our full consciousness. In the mean time the parts that are not of the highest light have to be put into wholeness and removed from our subconscious thoughts which represents our Shadow Side.
It truly is a very intense moon but also a very beautiful time to allow the new self to be born into the physical existence. It is a time of renewal and growth.

So how do we accomplish these things to happen for us?

Well, as we move into this full moon experience, the availability of the “Other Side” is ready to receive our requests. It is a time to walk with the masters as they are teaching us to be the same as them.   We are not alone in this process but the physical work must be done in order to achieve the changes that are necessary upon our world.
The Festival of Lights of Aquarius brings forth the energetic exchange within the Hearts of every Student of Mastery to achieve the balance they are searching for within themselves. It is a time in which growth will occur through the diligence of being honest with one-self, of learning the lessons that are presented in an initiate’s pathway, and to reap the rewards that will be given in true honesty and love.   This cycle represents to the Lightworkers to hold fast to their own pathway of re-birth in order to come together with others in Love, in Harmony to bring forth the greatest gift that this planet deserves to receive – the Harmonization of Love to All.
This means that it is not given freely but it is a responsibility for each Divine Being to make the necessary steps towards Unity of the Spirit for humanity. It can only happen within the inventory of the personal self to see what needs to be removed in order for the light to shine within them fully.   It is then that they receive the love that they deserve and have failed to see previously due to the infractions of darkness that has been put upon them. It is then, that each individual has the gift to share with others, is this love. This is when true harmonization occurs.
It is a synchronistic flow of activity between honoring the self through forgiveness and understanding in order to comprehend what others may also be experiencing.
As each student works through these elements, it is then that the Ascended Master State of Consciousness reacts with love and forgiving grace to help the initiate to become stronger, and more peaceful within their subconscious thoughts.
The Festival of Lights of Aquarius brings to humanity what humanity has not been able to see for itself.   The light is available but only when the darkness is no longer prevalent in the minds and hearts of men and women everywhere.
As this moon is represented by the personal self with the sun reflecting Oneness, then there is an occurrence of great change to occur within each individual self. It is a time of great movement into the Spirit of Cooperation.  It must be achieved individually first, and then it will filter to others.
As this is the first moon of the year, it sets up the rest of the months to follow suit. This is truly a wonderful beginning of light within Gaia’s core and every human upon the earth.
All of this is possible through the beauty of the Rays of God as they are represented through Love and Wisdom (2nd Ray) which brings illumination to any situation and allows the Higher Mind to be the controlling energy through its essence of the Golden Yellow Flame. The Ray of Harmony and Balance through Conflict (4th Ray) brings to the situation a great re-birth of Crystalline Light. It allows for the energies to shift into the purest light of all as it represents resurrection and re-birth. The Violet/Purple Flame of Transmutation and Ceremonial Magic (7th Ray) transforms the old forms of thinking into a new foundation of love to create the new structure.
Each of these rays work together to allow the new form to take place within the individual and humanity.   It allows for all elements to be One, to be of the life and force to create wholeness among people gathering everywhere.  Utilizing them during your meditations within your breath will allow the changes to happen in a much more cohesive manner and each individual will find that their foundation is being restructured with the positive qualities of their Soul’s Essence.
This moon is one of great rejoicing for all of humanity as it allows each person to go deeper, to know thyself in a completely different manner, and to accept the Light of the Soul to be charged within the bodily structure. It truly is an amazing moment in time and better yet, to have it occur in the first month of the year.



In Blessings of Love and Oneness,
Rev. Christine Meleriessee with Master Djwhal Khul
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PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Dreams Come True – Full Moon in Taurus – 10-27-15

L'Aura Pleiadian*

PLEIADIAN DELEGATE   –   Dreams Come True   –    Full Moon in Taurus   –   10-27-15



The Full Moon will be in Taurus 3 degrees, on October 27th, at 9:05am ADT (Dreams Come True) This is a powerful Full Moon, and like all Full Moons Deeply impacts the Subconscious Mind, bringing to Light, all that is hidden within You.

The Sun Opposite the Moon ( The Full Moon) brings into focus, all manners of relationships, including the relationship of that which began on the Previous New Moon. What you Moved deeply into, consciously on the October 12th New Moon (which as the First New Moon after the 4th Blood Moon) which is now coming into fruition, is deeply affected by the Full Moon Sextile Neptune, which has a Beneficial Spiritual Influence. This Beneficial influence will bring not only more sensitive subtle feelings, but also will have a softening effect on HOW we receive what we desire.  Neptune will also increase our Intuitive and Psychic Awareness, along with the Full Moon.

The Effect of the Full Moon, lasts till the Next New Moon, which is November 11, 2015. Anyone with their Moon in Taurus within 2 degrees of this Full Moon (3 degrees) will be deeply affected, in a Beneficial Way.

ALL spiritual Pursuits are HIGHLY Supported with this Neptune Sextile the Full Moon.

Are you ready? Are you living in the Unconditional Acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness? Are you Living  through Your Heart?

You are Supported as your Divinity in motion, during this Full Moon, and Beyond. In the Now.

We also have Sun Trine Neptune, bringing into Balance, the Sun and Moon, Male and Female, Left and Right sides of Our Brain. Self Love and Love Received. Our Desires and our Spiritual Divine Nature. Wholeness and Union. That is Relationships experienced as 5th Dimensional Consciousness (see my earlier post) are SUPPORTED.

A triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter, acts as a PORTAL to all your Dreams Coming True. These Dreams when in Alignment with your Heart and Soul, that is, when you consciously are BEING what you Desire, is What is BEING Blessed (as Your Dreams come True)  through these conjunctions that are acting as GRACE PORTALS.

Be in the Moment.

Be in Your Heart.

Be Present.

Be Conscious of BEING what you DESIRE.

And Allow the Miraculous to be the New Norm for you, as you Step More into more of your Divinity.

Be Honest with yourself, be Loving.

Be Accepting of All That is. (5th Dimensional Consciousness application, remember)

And Step into the Now and this Full Moon, with an Open the Heart, receiving, ALL That you ARE BEING.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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