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Welcome to the Sound of Light Ascension Library


The information and audio recordings on this site are from Source, God or Universal Consciousness.


I call the words I speak ‘Light Language’, but really they are coding sequences of Sound and Light transmitted through mu voice, hands and eyes as the conduit. When you listen regularly to these energy words you will change physically, emotionally and on deep levels of soul.

You will feel better and your life will become easier. You will begin to create and magnetize your deepest desires. These energy transmissions are a gift from Spirit to us all as our real purpose in our Earthly lives is to be happy and well.

This site is also designed to prepare you for a spiritual, physical and consciousness upgrade, to begin to activate previously dormant human DNA potential. We are now at the beginning of a new Golden Age on Earth. It is time to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

All you need do is listen. Begin by clicking the ‘free’ link and experience the energy for yourself.

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With Blessings and Best Wishes,
Judy Satori