Lilian Eden Guided Meditation – Full Moon Ritual – Soul’s Journey

Lilian Eden

Lilian B. Eden is an internationally recognized Intuitive/Medium, Hypnotherapist and Author.
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Note: Cd’s and Mp3’s are available on her site.

** This is a guided meditation/guided process** Headphones/earbuds highly recommended. Please do not listen while operating a vehicle/machinery. **

Guiding you under the powerful full moon’s rays, Lilian takes you into a realm of new ideas, perspectives and realities. Getting the power surge of the full moons energy, you can let go of all that doesn’t serve you this day onward. Be inspired and in awe as you set the energetic imprint on the day/night of the full moon. Use this energy with deliberation and a knowing that you are fully being supported in your visions. πŸ™‚

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