Astrologer David Palmer – Full Moon In Virgo – 3-15-14

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Salvador Russo, OM Times – Full Moon in Virgo – Purity Brought to Light – 3-15-14

Full Moon in Virgo – Purity Brought to Light


Within hours a powerful cosmic cycle will climax beneath a Full Moon in Virgo!  The lunar intensity will shine over a grand harvest where the fruit of former labors will be reaped with joy.  Divine light will shine upon the work that we do or have done that great fulfillments, resolutions, rewards, and awakenings may take place.  Measurements have been taken and the time has come for blessing to find all who pour their soul into their good works.

Idle hands can do no good and by Law they can earn no true wealth.  In many cases material poverty exists because of the lack of valued skills and services.  To receive we must first give. The greater our skills, the greater our service, and the greater our return.  This Full Moon in Virgo will cast light on what our work needs to thrive into the future.  Trust that Heaven sent things will nurture the evolutionary process.

Full Moons have always been wonderful times for deep contemplation and self-reflection.  This one is no different.  In Virgo we are wise to think on our health, schedules, skillsets, work ethic, methods, working relationships, lifestyle choices, and opportunities that can help us evolve into more valuable or noble forms of service.  Follow what inspires you to enhance these facets of your lives.  The heavens are ripe for it.

Virgo is the Kingdom of cleanliness, hygiene, and health.  Where necessary attention will be brought to stress and crisis points within these realms so that positive transformations can occur.  Hidden things will be brought into the light so understanding can be gained into the root causes of disease, imbalance, pain, shame, hopelessness, and poverty.  Harness the energy to permanently break patterns that bring toxicity into your bodies, families, work, or living spaces.